Looking back on the first part of the NBA draft, 08 is comparable to the golden generation in 03, 96 and 84.

Looking back on the first part of the NBA draft, 08 is comparable to the golden generation in 03, 96 and 84.

The NBA draft injects fresh blood into the team and ensures the sustainable development of the NBA. In the past 15 years, many talented players have emerged, such as the leader of the small ball era, the baby-faced assassin Curry, the three pairs of crazy turtles Wei Shao, the god of death Durant, and the streaky Jokic … Among them, the quality of the draft in 2008, 2009 and 14 was high, which set off the NBA small ball era and changed our understanding of the past basketball.

Back in 2007, it was a draft that attracted the attention of fans all over China, because there were two China players in the 2007 NBA draft, Yi Jianlian was selected by the Nets with the 6th overall pick, and Sun Yue was selected by the Lakers with the 40th overall pick.

Today, Durant has the highest achievement, but it is definitely not the one with the highest talent. Durant was only selected in the second place. In front of him was Auden the Great, a favored son of James at that time. Even if you choose the No.1 scholar 10,000 times, it will be Auden, not Durant. Unfortunately, injuries destroyed Auden and made Auden a passer-by in the NBA. However, this draft still produces four all-star players, one mvp player and two best defensive players, and five players still play in the NBA.

Even in the past 16 years, there are still 6 rookie players in the NBA in 2007.

All-Star Players: MVP, FMVP Kevin Durant (2), Al Horford (3), Best Defensive Player Joaquin Noah (10), Best Defensive Player Mark Gasol (46).

Active NBA players: Mike Conley (4), Jeff Green (5), Thaddeus Young (12), Kevin Durant (2), Al Horford (3), and Allen Tucker (29).

China players Yi Jianlian (6) and Sun Yue (40)

the year of 2008

In 2008, no matter the quality and quantity of players, the rookie was comparable to the golden generation in 2003, 1996 and 1984. This year, two mvp players were produced, among which Ross played the MVP level in the rookie season and became the youngest MVP player, while Wei Shao even averaged three pairs in three seasons to keep himself on the honor list in NBA history.

All-star players: MVP Derek Ross (1), MVP Russell Westbrook (4), Kevin Love (5), Brooke Lopez (10), Roy hibbert (17), Sergey Ibaka (24) and De Andrew Jordan (35).

Active NBA players: Derek Ross (1), Russell Westbrook (4), Kevin Love (5), Brooke Lopez (10), De Andrew Jordan (35), Danilo Gallinari (6), Eric Gordon (7) and Robin Lopez (15).

In 2009

From the current point of view, the success rate and quality of the draft in 2009 are not worse than that in 2008. Two MVP stars Harden and Curry were born, as well as the all-round inside champion Griffin, who is proficient in offensive means. Together with all-star players such as demar derozan, Horodi and Jeff Teague, Evans, Lu Biao, Lawson, Jennings, Beverly, Gibson and Darning are important players who have contributed to various teams.

All-star players: Blake Griffin (1), MVP James Harden (3), MVP,FMVP Stephen Curry (7), Demar demar derozan (9), Zhu Holliday (17) and Jeff Teague (19).

Active NBA players: Blake Griffin (1), James Harden (3), Stephen Curry (7), Demar demar derozan (9), Zhu Holliday (17), Ricky Lu Biao (5), James Johnson (16) and Ty Gibson (26).

2010 years

Compared with the talents in 2008 and 2009, looking at the whole NBA history, the 10 rookie can be described as a draft year. Injuries haunt the current players, and most of them quit the NBA stage early.


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