You must play these 22 games.

You must play these 22 games.

For many people, games are not only entertainment, but also a cultural and emotional sustenance. An excellent game can make you immerse yourself in its world and resonate. The following games are recognized as outstanding works in the industry, and are worth every gamer’s experience.

This is a first-person shooting game with the background of World War II. Players will play the role of the Soviet Red Army, and fight the Nazi Germans in Stalingrad. The extremely realistic battlefield picture and the incisive violent aesthetics make people feel like they are on the battlefield. The game does not beautify the war, but shows its cruelty and meaninglessness.

This is a landmark one-person shooter game. Players will fight against mysterious allied forces and alien creatures in the ruins of the city. Wander among various abandoned facilities to find weapons and fight with the enemy. This simple game has become a classic in FPS history through well-designed shooting experience and environmental exploration.

This is a super popular football simulation game. With the permission of nearly 10 thousand players and hundreds of teams around the world, players can choose their favorite teams to participate in various events. The super-high level of sports physics simulation makes this game a hot item in e-sports, and also allows fans to enjoy high-level football match fun.

This is also a popular sports video game in reality. All officially authorized NBA teams and stars, and a realistic five-to-five basketball experience, make this game super popular. Players can participate in all kinds of basketball games, experience the life of professional stars, and create their own legendary stories through career mode.

This is a battle game where Nintendo’s star characters get together to participate in the inter-act game. From Mario to Link, from Pikachu to Dr. Crow, the popular characters that appear in Nintendo’s works are here. Rich and interesting operation methods and scene design make this game suitable for all ages absolutely enjoyable.

This is an online card game produced by Blizzard. Players will set up decks from hundreds of cards that can be collected and use them to play against other players. The card effect is rich and the deck combination is varied, which makes this seemingly simple game full of great breakthroughs. High-level art design and classic Warcraft theme also make this game win the hearts of countless players.

This is a unique first-person puzzle game. Game scenes are all fantastic spatial puzzles, and players need to use physics knowledge to decrypt and move forward by portal. The sci-fi atmosphere with strict logic design brings fresh and exciting exploration fun. The end of the game story is also full of philosophical metaphors, which makes people unforgettable for a long time.

This is a dark action RPG game. Players need to choose a magic profession, fight demons all over the world, and finally fight the devil from hell. Rich equipment and skill trees, randomly generated map patterns and challenging and difficult settings make this game have endless repeated play value.

This third-person shooter depicts the doomsday scene after the collapse of human civilization. The player will play a middle-aged man who sends a special girl to a research institution. In the journey that contains the light and darkness of human nature, the fate of the two will be intertwined. This is an unforgettable adventure.

This is a very popular first-person shooter game. Players will choose one of dozens of heroes and cooperate with their teammates to fight against the enemy. Rich hero design and strict competition balance make this game a major attraction of e-sports. The game itself is also very suitable for more casual players, bringing compact and refreshing shooting fun.


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