A male customer and a female employee died in a fire at the sauna center in Shenzhen.

A male customer and a female employee died in a fire at the sauna center in Shenzhen.

At 10 o’clock the night before yesterday, a sauna center in Shenzhen caught fire, killing one man and one woman, namely customers and employees. According to reports, the fire in Shenzhen Sauna Center was caused by a short circuit of outdoor billboards. According to nearby witnesses, when the fire broke out in Shenzhen Sauna Center, there was a big fire and smoke, and customers fled in haste, and many people even ran away with their shoes. After the fire broke out in Shenzhen Sauna Center, the area began to conduct a comprehensive investigation of crowded places.

A male customer and a female employee died in a fire at the sauna center in Shenzhen.

Yesterday, when the reporter of New Express went to the scene of the incident, he saw that the location of the incident had been blackened by fire. According to the nearby shop owner, the fire was very big at the time of the incident, and a lot of smoke came out. Many fire engines were on the scene to put out the fire, but the fire was quickly controlled. Later, the reporter contacted the customers who were spending money in the sauna center at the time of the incident, claiming that many people had no time to check out at that time. "When I heard that there was a fire, I grabbed my bags and ran out no matter what clothes I was wearing. The corridor was full of smoke, and some people’s shoes ran away." It is understood that there were hundreds of people who fled hastily at that time.

According to the report of Shenzhen Luohu District Safety Management Committee, at 10: 04 the night before, the public security command center received a report that the outdoor signboard of Taipingyang Commercial Building, No.4028 Jiabin Road, Luohu District, caught fire, and 10 fire engines from 4 squadrons were dispatched for on-site rescue. At 10: 18, the fire was extinguished. After on-site search, two people who were unconscious due to inhaling smoke were found in Room 0560 on the fourth floor, and immediately handed over to the ambulance center staff who arrived at the scene for rescue, and died after being rescued.

After investigation, the two people who died were a man and a woman, and the male deceased Zhang Moumou was a customer of the place; Du Mou, a female deceased, is a staff member of the site. The cause of the fire was initially identified as the failure of the power line of the outdoor billboard. At present, the public security fire department is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the accident, and the related aftermath work is carried out in an orderly manner.

At 9: 00 am yesterday, the Luohu District Party Committee and the District Government of Shenzhen held an emergency meeting on fire safety, demanding that the cause of the accident be found out quickly, the accident investigation and aftermath should be done well, and special treatment should be carried out for lintel signs and outdoor billboards in an all-round way, especially for the electrical safety and building safety of similar advertising signs, and the safety of key places such as various professional markets such as cloth and clothing, three small places and crowded places should be comprehensively investigated and rectified.


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