The story behind "Cloud Supervisor"! Let party flag fly in the front line of the war "epidemic"

The story behind "Cloud Supervisor"! Let party flag fly in the front line of the war "epidemic"

  Upon receiving the call from the Party organization of China Construction and Installation Group, they immediately packed their bags and drove across the province to Wuhan — — The construction sites of two specialized hospitals, Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain.

  Wearing reflective vests and gloves, helmets and masks, they became the operators of "fork sauce", "vomit mud sauce" and "blue forget machine" in the eyes of "cloud supervisor" At this moment, let’s also enlarge the perspective of "cloud supervisor" — — In those dusty corners, every frontline builder who bravely goes retrograde and fights day and night is an "anti-epidemic star".

  Assemble! Party member commandos are the most beautiful retrograde.

  Blue power, condensed under party flag. On January 28th, the first batch of aid construction teams arrived at the construction site in Thunder God Mountain hospital, Wuhan, and fought all night for 12 hours to complete the work of cleaning the grass roots, laying "two cloths and one membrane" and installing drainage pipes. Then, they concentrated their forces to complete the installation of water and electricity in 14 wards and toilets. At present, we are fully cooperating with the mechanical and electrical installation work in the box-type board room. The second batch of construction support teams also arrived at the site on January 29th. After one night, by the morning of January 30th, 30 board houses were all painted and "formed in batches" at the Thunder God Mountain hospital construction site, and the tasks of prefabrication and installation of 14 wards, toilets, 7 buffer rooms and more than 200 meters of drainage pipes in the east area were all completed. Under the condition of ensuring the construction period of Raytheon Mountain, China Construction Installation dispatched more than 50 people to support the construction of Vulcan Mountain. On January 31, most of the prefabricated houses in Vulcan Mountain Hospital were built. Under the leadership of party member Commando of China Construction Installation, 2,600 sections of iron air ducts were transported, and 235 split air conditioners were unloaded one after another. The processing and manufacture of air ducts and the installation of PVC air ducts were planned to be completed in one day.

  The fighting time is only ten days. In order to build miracles and hopes for Wuhan, the "sea of people tactics" is essential. With the emergency of the epidemic and the return home during the Spring Festival, where do the workers come from?

  Su Hong is one of the assemblers of this campaign. On the second day of the beginning of the year, Su Hong, who lives in Taizhou, received the mobilization of China Construction and Installation, and went to Wuhan overnight without hesitation, regardless of the retention of his loved ones. "It is the responsibility of a Communist party member to respond to the call of the party organization and go to Wuhan to support the construction of epidemic prevention and control!"

  "Will ‘ Catch ’ Less than people? " Gu Jianbing, the commander-in-chief of China Construction’s installation of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder God Mountain hospital electromechanical engineering, was vaguely worried.

  "Send the troops to me!" Su Hong, the labor team leader of Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, lived up to his mission and quickly mobilized the resources at hand. In just one hour, he received "invitation letters" from three labor teams.

  In order to ensure efficiency, we decided to collect workers from around Wuhan. "Where is the most difficult place? It’s not that the workers are afraid of difficulties, but that there are too many people signing up. We have to open a certificate one by one to help them come to the construction site! " Su Hong is emotional.

  One side is in trouble, and all sides come to the rescue. After the city is closed, Wuhan is inconvenient to get in and out. To this end, Su Hong issued a construction site requisition certificate, and the workers took the certificate to the villages and towns to stamp, then went to the medical examination, and then went to the traffic police brigade to get a pass to reach the construction site.

  With such strict checks at all levels, 72 comrades-in-arms took the lead in arriving at the construction front line in Wuhan within half a day. Up to now, 123 installation and construction workers of China Construction have been assembled quickly at the construction sites of Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain, and the follow-up support force is increasing.

  Break! Fighting day and night, no rework.

  Race against the epidemic, to be fast, but also to "work quickly and do fine work."

  The two specialized hospitals have large areas, many functional areas, and the electromechanical installation technology is different from that of ordinary buildings. Diffusively laying cables and connecting water supply and drainage pipelines are all construction difficulties. Especially at night, the lighting is limited. In order to connect the water pipe under the box of the board room, the workers need to lie across the I-shaped steel bracket and concentrate on their work in the cramped space, which is extremely hard.

  Even so, the wisdom of flexibility is still common in the urgent construction process. For example, the construction workers skillfully wire the pipes in the extremely limited ceiling space, which not only delays the important ventilation function, but also raises the ceiling height to make the patients live more comfortably; Based on the construction experience of Huoshenshan Hospital, Thunder God Mountain hospital improved the original way of connecting steel plates with anchors, and connected PVC pipes with hot melt, which improved the construction efficiency of this link by more than 30%.

  Strictly control the quality and put an end to any mistakes. Every time a process is done well, the workers should check themselves first. Within one hour, the team leader and technicians will follow up and check the pass. Step by step is not only a baton, but also a spell.

  "Two shifts, 24-hour wheel rotation. However, since the high-intensity construction, there has not been a rework incident in the installation of China Construction! " Zhang Yongfeng, technical director of China Construction Installation Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, was full of bloodshot eyes after working all night. Tam Hao, who rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for emergency support, had a lunch break at noon, so that he had a little time to report his wife’s safety.

  Charge! Selfless persistence under the guidance of party flag.

  At the moment, party flag is shining in the front line of the epidemic prevention struggle. At 9: 00 on January 29th, Gu Jianbing, Party branch secretary and executive director of China Construction and Installation Beijing Company, and his party arrived in Thunder God Mountain hospital from Beijing. They quickly held a meeting to arrange the construction tasks until 2: 00 a.m., and then went to the site early in the morning to dock with many parties and implement the deployment construction plan. After eating lunch in a hurry, they rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for operational command. After many days of fighting, as a cadre in party member, Gu Jianbing’s eyes were red, and his mustache crept up the corner of his mouth. "This battle, must win! This is an important moment for party member cadres to practice their initial mission and show their responsibility! Also take care of everyone’s health! " Gu Jianbing still remembers the entrustment of Tian Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of CSCEC before he left.

  More than 300 calls a day, and two mobile phones are out of power for half a day with the help of charging treasure. More than 30,000 steps of exercise is the "Wuhan rhythm" of Gu Jianbing, a pioneer in party member.

  "The country is in danger and the people are in need. As party member, we must rush!" Zhao Bing, deputy secretary of the Party branch of China Construction Installation Beijing Company, also rushed to the front line to play the role of "coordinator" on the construction site. At this time, party member Commandos installed by China Construction Corporation are still growing. They are playing an exemplary and leading role in party member, shouldering heavy responsibilities and ensuring the efficient and high-quality completion of construction tasks.

  "This Spring Festival, although I can’t go back to my hometown in Jiangsu, I still receive the warmth of my hometown in Wuhan." Gu Jianbing said that the timely entry of materials and materials is one of the key guarantees for the construction progress, and the logistics during the Spring Festival is really inconvenient. At the critical moment, a Jiangsu enterprise that has cooperated for many years expressed its willingness to donate a batch of rubber and plastic insulation materials in time.

  "My feelings for Wuhan are unusual." Today, Gu Jianbing is calm and sophisticated in the command of two specialized hospitals. He recalled that in 1998, when he was young, he just walked out of the university gate and joined China Construction Group, which coincided with the flood control in Wuhan. "It was raining cats and dogs, and we all put the rainproof striped cloth under our bodies and lay on the Yangtze River dam to fight the river. That kind of hard work and concerted efforts is unforgettable. The initial intention does not change, and today our fighting spirit to overcome the epidemic is still high! "

  Gathered under the party flag, charge in the first line. The horn of the battle has sounded, and everyone feels no fear at all. They wait for no time and wait for no one, and they are full of enthusiasm. In the cold winter, the frontline of the fight against the "epidemic" shines with the responsibility of the central enterprises, the forceful oath of party member and the heart of all the front-line strugglers. (Wei Wei Hong Yan)


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