The 10,000th production car is off the assembly line. Why did Geely Galaxy L7 become a hit?

The 10,000th production car is off the assembly line. Why did Geely Galaxy L7 become a hit?

  In the new energy track, every brand aspires to become the market leader, although this road is a bit difficult. However, in recent years, with the unremitting efforts of its own brands, the ceiling is being pierced, and some high-quality models are gradually beginning to reap the fruits of success.

  The latest representative model is the Geely Galaxy L7.

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  On July 3, Geely Automobile announced that the 10,000th unit of Geely Galaxy L7, the first smart electric hybrid product of the "Geely Galaxy" series, was officially rolled off the production line at the Baoji factory. At present, the order of Geely Galaxy L7 has exceeded 10,000. Since the launch of Geely Galaxy L7 on May 31, it has quickly opened the market in 33 days, from "0" to "10,000". Geely Galaxy L7 represents the new force of Geely’s new energy transformation, and staged a new "Galaxy Speed" on the smart electric hybrid SUV track. It also fully demonstrates Geely’s world-leading intelligent manufacturing system, the technical strength of the whole system, and the ability to change channels that resonate with products.

  What makes Geely Galaxy L7 a hit?

  Geely Galaxy L7 is the first product after the launch of the Galaxy product series. Now the market order is very hot. In such a market, how can it become an instant hit?

  "Geely Galaxy L7 has won the hearts of users with higher value product experience + more sincere product prices." Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, said that Geely Galaxy L7 specializes in user pain points.

  The ultimate quality is Geely Galaxy’s practice of "only making high-value new energy vehicles". As an important symbol of Geely Automobile’s comprehensive new energy transformation and the most critical card to promote Geely Automobile’s rapid realization of new energy transformation, Geely adopted the strategy of technology ALL IN at the beginning of the birth of Geely Galaxy L7. Raytheon Hybrid 8848, SHIELD Battery Safety System, Xingrui Smart Computing Center, the new car operating system Galaxy N OS, e-CMA Global Modular Architecture and many other cutting-edge new energy technologies developed by Geely with huge R & D costs have all empowered Geely Galaxy L7. With the support of Geely’s entire system of technical strength, Geely Galaxy L7 has achieved the fastest 6.9s zero-hundred acceleration in the same class, the lowest 5.23L/100km power loss fuel consumption in the WLTC class (NEDC 4.4L/100km), the longest 1370km comprehensive battery life in the same class, and a series of industry-leading safety, technology and comfort standards, establishing a benchmark image in the market as "a new generation of technology electric hybrid SUV safety leader".

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  Geely Galaxy L7, which is committed to creating a new generation of quality travel experience, is allowing more people to enjoy the quality and strength of the new generation of electric hybrid SUVs. But this high value does not need users to look up to. Priced in the range of 138,700 yuan to 173,700 yuan, Geely Galaxy L7, with the sincerity of "high value popularizer", leads users into the era of electric hybrid that does not need to be settled.

  "Product + Channel" Resonance creates a new service experience

  In addition to product innovation, fully meeting the needs of users, and achieving one step in place, Geely also realized that the resonance between channels and products can accelerate the surge. In early June this year, Geely Galaxy opened 225 exclusive stores at the same time, bringing users a more textured and warmer car buying and use experience with a new channel ecosystem and new service standards. It is expected that this year, Geely Galaxy will achieve a channel scale of 650-700 exclusive stores nationwide. 

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  Every Geely Galaxy store is a "third living space" that brings together trendy technology and fun of life, making it more convenient for users to buy cars, the service experience exceeds expectations, and is smarter and more user-friendly.

  Users don’t have to go out of town or compare prices when looking at and buying a car. They can not only drive the new car home after eating and shopping, but also bring friends to the store for a break. From a geographical perspective, the new stores are fully close to the core business district and life circle of the user’s living radius, and the car buying experience has achieved a more transparent process and a more unified service standard.

  "In order to serve and support our users with real money, Geely Galaxy must make user satisfaction a standard." Lin Jie said that delivery is only the starting point, and user satisfaction throughout the whole cycle of car use is the ultimate goal of Geely Galaxy L7. At the first batch of car owners’ delivery conference in June, Geely released the "Geely Galaxy Five Service Commitments". Geely Galaxy will work with all Geely Galaxy authorized dealer partners across the country to achieve honest management, professional reception, price transparency, sincere service, and quality assurance, so that every user can get a service experience that exceeds expectations in Geely Galaxy stores.

  With the gradual implementation of Geely Galaxy’s new technologies, new products, new channels and new services, the new generation of quality travel experience led by Geely Galaxy will satisfy more users’ beautiful imagination about future travel. (Geely Galaxy, photo provided)


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