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Are highly educated front-line workers a waste of academic qualifications? What does delivery have to do with academic qualifications?

  "Fate has knocked me down, but it can never defeat me. So what about you, young man, are you going to stop here?" The text is from a short video posted by Mo Mingyong, a doctoral student at Tsinghua University. In the video, Mo Mingyong, wearing a takeaway suit and holding a student ID, stands at the gate of Qinghua Garden, his face brimming with youth.

  After the video was released, it received more than 1.85 million of likes in a short period of time. Some netizens praised him for using his actions to interpret "self-improvement and good virtue". However, some people accused him of earning traffic in sad-fishing.

  Mo Mingyong had to respond to this, and a period of ups and downs in his life was revealed. It turned out that the delivery of food took place before he was admitted to the doctorate. Due to the millions of yuan in debt after the failure of his business, Mo Mingyong registered as a delivery rider at the end of 2021 to collect tuition fees and ease financial difficulties.

  "It wasn’t the people from Tsinghua who went to deliver food, but the people who delivered food went to Tsinghua." As Mo Mingyong repeatedly emphasized, the focus of this story should be why he delivered food, not the label of academic qualifications. Most people didn’t have time to understand the truth, and based on the combination of "academic qualifications + takeaway", they sensitively questioned or even accused him of wasting academic qualifications and making a sad-fishing show. This is not a distinction between three, six and nine in their hearts.

  In fact, Mo Mingyong not only has a PhD from Tsinghua University, but also graduated from the London School of Economics. During difficult times, he not only delivered food, but also sold English classes online.

  It should be seen that food delivery is a way for this young man who failed to start a business to get through the low point of life. When encountering difficulties, he was not discouraged or evaded. With his ability and perseverance, he tried his best to fulfill the contract and repay the debt, but still did not give up improving his education. What shines in this story is Mo Mingyong’s inspirational attitude towards life.

  This attitude is not uncommon among young people.

  Zhengzhou, Henan, 26-year-old Gao Shuaiqi encountered his family’s illness during the postgraduate entrance examination. In order to support his family’s burden and his own dreams, he reviewed while delivering takeout, and finally received the postgraduate admission letter; Lishui, Zhejiang, 18-year-old girl Xu Zhuoyu took the part-time delivery after the college entrance examination. She realized the hard work of making money, and bluntly said that she had become "stingy" when she became black…

  For the protagonists in these "education + takeaway" stories, in addition to earning financial income, takeaway delivery also has more personal color: some people use it as a spiritual support, some use it as a "life-saving straw", and some use it as a labor experience… Their goals and starting points may be different, but it should be noted that this does not mean that they have no other options, let alone that they are wasting their academic qualifications in this position.

  Delivering food is nothing more than a job. To be able to do this job well, to be recognized by others, and to experience the happiness and solidity brought by labor, is it not a kind of harvest? Even if you switch to other industries in the future, is the past experience not a kind of precipitation of life and spiritual nourishment? In this sense, education is not a limiting shackle or a dazzling label, but a key to help them open their horizons and experience life.

  Those who blame highly educated front-line workers for wasting their academic qualifications and making a sad-fishing show can rest easy.

Show you the Chery Tiggo 8 PRO: the appearance is very fashionable, medium-sized SUV, three sets of power.

Chery has a variety of SUVs on sale, among which the Tiggo 8 series has a high popularity. A few days ago, we learned that Chery Tiggo 8 series will add a new car-Tiggo 8 PRO, which will be officially listed on May 18th. The design style of the new car has changed, the interior style is more simple, and the power provides three options: 1.6T, 2.0T and Kunpeng DHT hybrid. It is understood that it will focus on young consumers. So, is this new car worth starting with? Let’s take a look at it together.

In terms of appearance and style, the whole vehicle continues to adopt the 8 family-style design of Tiggo, but some adjustments have been made in the front face. The front face adopts an air intake grille resembling the X shape, and the internal style is dot matrix with a little gradual effect, which will have a certain visual impact from a distance. Headlights are connected with chrome-plated decorations on both sides of the logo, and fog lamp areas on both sides of the grille are recessed inward, and black decorations are added.

The body shape still retains the overall style of Tiggo 8, and chrome-plated decorative strips are added in many places of the body. With the embellishment of the waistline, the whole body looks more layered. The wheel hub is available in R18 and R19 sizes, and the latter looks more harmonious with the larger body.

At the rear of the car, the popular through taillight group design is adopted, and the light source style is solid line and dot matrix collocation design. The light source is simple, but the recognition is high. The bottom adopts a bilateral four-outlet exhaust layout, and the lower enclosure is decorated with silver, which is thicker in style.

The interior of Chery Tiggo 8 PRO adopts a simple design, and the full LCD instrument and the central control panel are integrated, both of which are 12.3 inches in size. There is a touch button under the air outlet, but whether the light display will reflect light remains to be measured later. The three-position multi-function steering wheel also adopts a flat-bottom design. There are many function buttons and knobs on both sides of the low gear handle, and the car is also equipped with ambient lights.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 4745/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710 mm. Next, let’s take a look at the spatial performance of the new car. The height of the experiencer is 178cm. When the front seat is adjusted to the minimum, there is still 1 punch and 3 fingers in the head space, which is relatively rich. Here in the back row, there is still about 1 punch in the head space, mainly because the top of the back row is hollowed out, so the head space is more abundant, and there are 2 punches left in the legs. Although this car is a medium-sized SUV, the head space performance is relatively good, but the leg space is slightly insufficient.

The new Tiggo 8 PRO fuel version is equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T turbocharged engines respectively, with a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290n m.. The latter has a maximum power of 187kW and a maximum torque of 390 N m.. The high-profile models also provide a four-wheel drive system. The gearbox is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the new car will also provide a choice of hybrid models, which are equipped with Kunpeng DHT hybrid.

The overall design of Tiggo 8 PRO is mainly young and fashionable, and the main consumer groups it faces after listing are young people. However, although the car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, from the overall performance, it is more inclined to a compact SUV. The competition at this level is also fierce, so the new car of Tiggo 8 PRO will undoubtedly face a lot of competitive pressure. How the follow-up performance is still to be tested by the market.

42 airlines announced flight delay compensation standards, and some low-cost airlines did not compensate.

  The Civil Aviation Administration of China recently issued a notice on the implementation of the Regulations on Normal Flight Management by domestic airlines and airports. The circular summarizes the general transportation conditions announced by domestic airlines, the service content and compensation scheme after flight delay in the emergency plan for on-board delay.

  According to the circular, 42 domestic airlines announced the flight delay compensation standards. For flight delays caused by airlines, most airlines will give the highest 400 yuan economic compensation; The flight delay compensation schemes of Air China, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines are similar. Some airlines bluntly said: "No matter what causes flight delays or cancellations, no economic compensation will be provided."

  Passengers with flight delays caused by airline companies receive the highest compensation from 400 yuan.

  According to the latest data from the Civil Aviation Administration, the normal flight rate reached 76.46% from January to November 2016, up 9.16 percentage points year-on-year. Among the various factors that constitute flight delays, the weather factor rose from 29.5% in 2015 to 56.8% at present, which has become the main reason affecting the normal flight.

  According to the delay compensation standards of 42 airlines recently issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, passengers have to take care of their own accommodation and meals for flight delays caused by "uncontrollable" reasons such as weather and emergencies, and will not be compensated. That is to say, 42 airlines have adopted the general transportation condition of "assisting in the arrangement and not bearing the expenses" for the delay disposal due to non-airline reasons.

  In contrast, for flight delays caused by airlines, the disposal methods and compensation standards of airlines are slightly different. The reporter found out that the flight delay compensation standards announced by many airlines such as Air China are basically the same: the delay is more than 4 hours (inclusive) and not more than 8 hours, and each passenger compensates RMB 200 yuan; If the delay is more than 8 hours (inclusive), each passenger shall compensate RMB 400 yuan. Air China said that if the flight is delayed or cancelled at the stop, or the domestic flight is alternated, "whatever the reason, we will provide you with meals or accommodation services."

  In terms of flight delay compensation standards, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Dalian Airlines, Air China Inner Mongolia Company, Chongqing Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Grand China Airlines, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Jixiang Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Donghai Airlines, Tibet Airlines, Qingdao Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines, etc. also have the highest compensation amount for passengers not exceeding 400 yuan.

  China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines set the above standards as the "minimum" standards. According to China Eastern Airlines, if the flight is delayed for more than 8 hours (inclusive), the minimum compensation standard is RMB 400 yuan. In other words, the compensation actually received by passengers may be higher than this figure. Other airlines have increased the compensation gear for delays of 4 hours to 6 hours; Or the amount of compensation will be lowered to 100 yuan.

  Some airlines express that flight delays will not be compensated.

  For the compensation of flight delay, airlines such as China United Airlines, Changan Airlines, Western Airlines, Urumqi Airlines, Jiuyuan Airlines, Spring Airlines, Guilin Airlines, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines, etc. said that no matter what causes flight delay or cancellation, they will not provide economic compensation.

  The reporter noted that more than half of the airlines without economic compensation are low-cost airlines. "Based on the differences in business models, it is difficult for low-cost airlines to provide economic compensation to passengers when flights are delayed. Like the terms of not providing meals, this information will be clearly publicized on the ticket purchase page of official website or the cooperative website. " A person in charge of Spring Airlines said.

  Not making economic compensation for flight delays does not mean lowering the service level. Due to the delay or cancellation of flights due to airline reasons, Changan Airlines said that it will provide free return and change services, meals and accommodation services and assist passengers to complete the follow-up itinerary; Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines also said that it can provide services such as meals and accommodation to passengers; Jiuyuan Airlines promised to inform passengers of the delay or cancellation information in time; Spring Airlines also said that it will provide passengers with follow-up refund and change service in time, whether it is free or not, and how to charge depends on the type of ticket purchased by passengers.

  An emergency plan should be announced for flight delays.

  Passengers are not allowed to disrupt facilities and order.

  Major airlines also make regulations on information announcement, catering service provision time, disembarkation conditions and restrictions. At the same time, the Notice also disclosed the websites, complaint telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of major airlines.

  The Regulations on the Normal Administration of Flights clearly stipulates that the carrier shall formulate and announce the emergency plan for delay to the public after the on-board delay occurs. If the delay on board exceeds 2 hours (inclusive), the carrier shall provide drinking water and food for the passengers on board; If it takes more than 3 hours (inclusive) and there is no clear departure time, passengers should be arranged to get off the plane and wait without violating aviation safety and security regulations. During this period, the normal use of toilet equipment should be guaranteed. During the large-scale flight delay at night, the airport management agency should coordinate the relevant units to extend the airport bus operation time.

  In addition, the "Regulations" clarify that passengers should take the opportunity in a civilized manner and legally safeguard their rights, and must not engage in acts that disrupt the production order of civil aviation transportation, such as destroying facilities and equipment, otherwise they will be dealt with by the public security organs according to law.


  Aviation delay insurance can be purchased to prevent loss.

  After the airline’s flight delay compensation policy is revised, in what way can passengers prevent the financial loss caused by flight delay in the future? Some insiders suggest that passengers can purchase flight delay insurance by themselves. Flight delay insurance is an additional service of aviation, with a wide range of compensation. Usually, insurance products will also set a step-by-step payment standard according to the length of delay.

  In addition, you can also get compensation by swiping a credit card with the function of air delay insurance to purchase air tickets. Comprehensive photo courtesy of Xinhua News Agency such as Yangguang

Zuckerberg talks about Tik Tok’s overseas version: It is doing very well and will push independent apps to compete with it.

  On October 1st, The Verge, an American technology news website, published the recorded manuscripts of two internal meetings of Facebook in July. Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, talked deeply about the difficulties and challenges faced by the company. Notably, in the Q&A session with employees, Zuckerberg mentioned TikTok, a competitor from China. Zuckerberg said that he was developing a product called Lasso to compete with TikTok.

  TikTok is the overseas version of ByteDance’s popular short video App Tik Tok. In the past, China’s Internet products were often concentrated in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, but TikTok successfully swept the mature markets including the United States and Japan.

TikTok IC diagram

  The employee’s question is: "Are we worried about the growing cultural influence of TikTok among young people and Generation Z (people born between the mid-1990s and 2000)? What is our blocking plan for this? "

  Zuckerberg said, "TikTok has done a very good job. One thing that deserves special attention is that in the past, the picture of the Internet world was that American companies mainly provided various services, while China companies mainly provided similar services in China. For example, Tencent is trying to bring some products to Southeast Asia, and Alibaba is also expanding payment services in Southeast Asia, but overall, this global expansion is very limited. "

  "TikTok, founded by ByteDance, is really the first consumer Internet product launched by a China technology giant that can achieve worldwide success. And it began to get good results in America, especially among young people. It has also grown very fast in India, and in terms of scale, Instagram is a thing of the past in India. So this is a very interesting phenomenon. " Zuckerberg said.

  "We think so: TikTok is a combination of short, immersive short videos and browsing. Just like the Explore Tab we use on Instagram, this function is mainly about displaying and highlighting different feed posts. TikTok is like exploring a story, which is the whole application. Then there are creators who are committed to creating content. "

  Zuckerberg revealed, "Therefore, we have many measures to develop in this area. We are developing an App product called Lasso, hoping to adapt to the markets of Mexico and other countries. This is the earliest one. Next, we will see if it can be launched in countries and regions where TikTok is not particularly influential (referring to Lasso), and then compete with it in countries and regions where TikTok has a large market. "

  Comprehensive report by The Paper reporter Chen Yuxi

How to learn English? This article is thorough.

Recently, a video of a speech by Zheng Qiang, a professor at Zhejiang University, became popular on the Internet. In the speech, Professor Zheng Qiang pointed out: "In the past 20 years, we have over-exaggerated the weight of English in children’s growth education, and the wrong learning method has consumed a lot of valuable time of outstanding students, which is a manifestation of cultural self-confidence." This remark triggered a discussion among netizens, and many netizens said that "English is useless" and "English should withdraw from the college entrance examination".
From primary school to university, English has been with children in China, but few can really learn English well. Therefore, the discussion about whether English is useful or not and whether English should quit the college entrance examination has never been interrupted.
Returning to Professor Zheng Qiang’s point of view, it is not difficult to find that what he attacked was not English learning, but the wrong English learning method. He thinks that the wrong English learning method has delayed a large number of excellent students’ precious time.
This is what really needs reflection: how to learn English?
Why do you want to learn English
First of all, let’s think about the purpose of learning English: why should we learn English?
It is to use English for cross-border and cross-cultural communication, and to easily use English to read and absorb rich achievements and nutrients of human humanities, history and culture.
Starting from this goal, it is not difficult to find that if we set a standard for learning English well, the most direct thing is whether we can communicate with foreigners without barriers and whether we can read original English books and information without barriers.
English "Cowboy" succeeds in The Secret Behind.
In 2014, China Education Radio broadcasted such an exclusive interview: an ordinary 8-year-old boy spent four years writing 200,000 words of English novels at the age of 12, with almost zero starting point in English. His experience of English transformation and growth attracted the attention of the whole English teaching community.
The child’s name is Xiao Bowen, and his mother is Professor Cao Wen from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Professor Cao Wen said:
"His English enlightenment began when he was eight years old. He likes the feeling of snuggling up to me and listening to me tell him stories. I told him a story in English for three months, and then he could slowly start reading independently. With the combination of massive listening and reading, he has a very good starting point. "
"He is so happy, so without design, so unconsciously, he never remembers words, never recites texts, has no grammatical concepts, and has no real learning, but he has achieved positive results."
"And I’m still teaching a group of English majors over the age of 18 intensive reading and grammar. I hope they can write a 4,000-word English undergraduate thesis in four years!"
This incident made Professor Cao Wen very emotional: "Children’s English is not taught, it subverts my understanding of English learning, from just staring at textbooks to believing in the power of massive listening and interesting reading."
Coincidentally, in 2016, Anhui Business Daily reported that a 9-year-old boy from a township had been exposed to English since he was 6 years old. In just three years, he was familiar with college English textbooks, and his oral communication was very fluent. He could translate while speaking, and English teachers were afraid to ask him questions in class.
His experience has subverted many people’s cognition of English learning.
The 9-year-old child named Chen Shengjie comes from Baitafan Primary School in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province. It is understood that Chen Shengjie was exposed to English by his father, Mr. Chen, around the age of 6.
Mr. Chen said that the reason why his son Chen Shengjie reached the present English level was entirely accumulated by reading, listening and speaking more.
Mr. Chen mentioned that reading more is the key to improving English. When reading, you don’t have to pick words and grammar. The difficulty of reading can be improved little by little according to your child’s level. While reading, try to let your child express himself in English as much as possible. When the child can accumulate "barrier-free reading" and "barrier-free listening and speaking", he will naturally understand grammar.
Through the above two stories, it is not difficult to find that there are two key points for two children to become English "cattle" children: listening more and reading more.
Many people also know the benefits of listening and reading a lot to English, but they face many obstacles in real implementation:
Where can I find such a large amount of original English materials?
How to choose the original English materials suitable for your own level?
What is the appropriate amount of materials?
How to realize seamless docking of materials and systematic natural listening and reading?
What if parents don’t have the energy or ability to coach their children for bandu?
What if a single family can’t afford to buy English original materials because of the lack of channels and huge cost?
In the face of these problems, although everyone realizes the importance of listening and reading, it is difficult to implement, and finally it becomes a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water, which is beyond reach.
iEnglishPut forward the overall solution to master English simply and efficiently.
IEnglish class mother tongue English learning and training system, aiming at the obstacles faced by massive English listening and reading, puts forward the overall solution of English learning.
The iEnglish native English learning and training system selects nearly 20,000 original English books, massive pictures, audio and video, etc., and guides children to carry out massive comprehensible input and output training, so as to easily acquire English unconsciously.
The native English learning and training system of iEnglish can be regarded as a mobile electronic library. The system selects a large number of high-quality original English materials, all of which are classic contents used by students in English-speaking countries, including picture books, stories, novels, pictures, audio and video, etc., to restore the complex scenes of real English environment and meet the learning needs of children of different ages.
Solve the problem of difficulty level through intelligent push
Just like learning to play basketball and calligraphy, the level needs to be gradually improved in stages. According to the needs of non-native English students for listening, reading and learning English, the iEnglish native English learning and training system sets a grading system of 150 levels from easy to difficult. By evaluating learners’ English foundation, accurately matching the difficulty level, and intelligently pushing the content with suitable difficulty according to factors such as the mastery level, 80% of the content can be effectively understood, and new content can be supplemented, and at the same time, it is smoother and smoother when upgrading, realizing the personalized learning of each student and ensuring the learning effect.
Hundreds of foreign teachers solve listening and pronunciation problems.
In the mother tongue environment, due to age, region, gender and other factors, everyone’s pronunciation is different. In order to better simulate the real English listening environment, the system has hundreds of English native speakers, male and female, old and young, to avoid children’s dependence on a single accent and better train their listening.
Through hundreds of foreign teachers’ bandu and pronunciation correction, the problems that parents are not allowed to speak and can’t coach their children are solved, thus naturally cultivating a pure English accent.
Learning reports keep parents informed of their learning situation at any time.
Compared with training courses and one-on-one foreign teachers, it is impossible to know the progress and effect of children’s learning in time. In order to help parents better understand and master the progress and effect of children’s learning, the iEnglish mother tongue English learning and training system is equipped with a mobile phone parent terminal, so that children’s learning data and status can be synchronized in real time, and the system automatically analyzes learning records and forms reports, so that parents can easily help students.
iEnglishThe effect has been widely verified, and the English learning problem has been really solved.
Since 2016, the learning effect of iEnglish has been widely verified: four-year-old children have achieved synchronization with American seven-year-old children’s reading ability in three years; Seven-year-old children with zero foundation passed the Cambridge PET exam in three years (similar to the difficulty of Chinese college entrance examination); 10-year-old children with a certain foundation passed the FCE level (equivalent to IELTS 6.0) in two years; Students in Grade Two got more than 130 points in the college entrance examination after more than 400 days of study. Officially, because iEnglish far exceeds parents’ expectations, it has become an "artifact" in English learning. More and more parents realize that solving English learning problems requires changing traditional English learning methods. Now hundreds of thousands of children are using iEnglish to solve English learning problems.
IEnglish makes English learning return to the essence, so as to achieve the goal of barrier-free communication with foreigners and obstacles to reading original English books and information.
So that every child can use English for cross-border and cross-cultural communication, and can easily use English to read and absorb rich achievements and nutrients of human humanities, history and culture.
For children’s English learning, we can’t take the old road and waste their precious time on mechanically rigid memorizing words and learning grammar. We need to let go of our inherent thinking, give up the fixed mode of learning only textbooks and start a new method of English learning.
The overall solution proposed by iEnglish-like mother tongue English learning and training system is such a brand-new, simple and efficient new English learning method. It starts from the underlying logic of language learning, and directly attacks the problems in China children’s English learning and parents’ pain points, and finally completely solves the English learning problems.
I believe that in the near future, there will be fewer and fewer seminars on English learning, because more and more students are using iEnglish to overcome English learning problems!

2023 PS Game Collection: List of Must-Play Games, it’s not too late to collect now!

The year 2023 is drawing to a close. In this year, the PS game industry ushered in many wonderful game works. In order to make friends who love games not miss any games worth trying, I have specially compiled a list of PS games that must be played in 2023 for everyone. Collect this list now, this list will provide you with rich choices!


Tchia is a fascinating open-world game. When it was first launched, it joined the PS second-class library game. Its core mechanism is to let players manipulate biological and abiotic entities, so as to achieve temporary control of the target. This design skillfully provides a wealth of freedom, enabling players to explore and take risks in a more personalized way. The exploration elements in the game have been strengthened, and players are encouraged to experience the world from multiple perspectives, thus discovering hidden secrets and treasures. Players will interact with various biological and abiotic entities by playing Tchia. By manipulating these entities, players can experience real freedom and power.

Resident Evil 4

The remastered version of Resident Evil 4 is an almost perfect masterpiece. It not only keeps the essence of the original, but also makes subtle but significant improvements in game control, shooting experience and story, making the overall game experience even better. In this game, Leon’s adventure is full of exciting surprises, combining the elements of terror with high-intensity movements, bringing an unforgettable journey of terror to the players. This game shows Capcom’s outstanding strength in remaking products, and perfectly presents this classic work with the most platform login times in the history of games.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not only a high-quality Star Wars game, but also an immersive Star Wars experience. In the game, players will play a Jedi knight, facing the edge of despair, waving lightsabers to launch a fierce battle. At the same time, there are many kinds of enemies in the game, from ordinary soldiers to powerful robots and Force users. Each enemy has its own unique fighting mode and attack mode. The scene design in the game is also excellent, from the barren planet to the bustling city, each scene presents the unique charm and customs of this galaxy in an unprecedented way.

I wonder if you have experienced some of these popular PS games? These games not only perform well in entertainment, but also provide players with multi-level plots and rich connotations, so that people can feel the wonderful degree of the game itself while enjoying the fun of the game. Similarly, there are many classic works worth playing in the mobile game market, among which Mobile Games in Magic Domain is undoubtedly the best.

"Mobile Games in Magic Domain" not only inherits the classic gameplay and features of the end-game in Magic Domain, but also makes a lot of innovations and improvements to make it more suitable for the operation and display of mobile phone platforms. In the game, players can experience the original Atlantis continent, and at the same time enjoy more convenient operation and richer content. The plot level in the game is rich, and the story line is ups and downs, so that players can not only experience exciting battles and adventures, but also feel rich sense of eroticism and worldview background.

In addition, the gameplay and activities in the game have always been innovative and updated. Recently, a brand-new activity-"Heroes’ Club" was launched in "Magic Field Mobile Games", which attracted the attention of many players. This grand event with full participation allows players to freely challenge opponents who rank higher than themselves and get rich rewards instead. This unique gameplay design not only increases the fun of the game, but also enables players to feel a different kind of competitive fun while enjoying the game.

Finally, I hope this list can help you enjoy the game in 2023! Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, you can find a game that suits you in this list and start an unforgettable game journey. Have a great time!

5: 00 a. m. The domestic media made a controversial decision: China football became the winner, and the fans screamed.

At 5: 00 am on October 31st, Beijing time, the latest news came from China Football. According to the domestic media "Football Daily", Titipan, the main midfielder of Thailand team, was seriously injured, and it was difficult for Dangda to play in China. This report also caused great controversy and discussion.

"Football Daily" wrote: "In the third round of the AFC Champions League in Bangkok, Titipan, the main midfielder of the Thai team, suffered tears in the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of his knee, and he will face a long recovery period of at least 8 months after the operation.

In addition to Titipan, 35-year-old striker Dangda also missed at least four weeks due to injury, making it difficult to catch up with Thailand’s home game against China on November 16th. Dangda is the third shooter in the history of Thailand. "

It can be seen from the report in Football News that China football has become the winner, and Thailand’s main players were injured before the preliminaries started. Although the media did not disclose more information, China now needs to rely on the injured opponents to win, which still attracted a lot of fans’ condemnation.

Some fans said: "They have all fallen to hope that others will get hurt and even be sent off. It is still Thailand. You can imagine what the level of football in China is. " Some fans also said: "It’s useless, the men’s football team still can’t win."

Of course, some fans said: "All the benefits are vulnerable in front of a stable national football team. The Japanese team and the European powers have played back and forth. We are still here to discuss with Thailand and Vietnam how we can not lose. It is really a laugh. "

Japan’s soccer basketball aims to win the world championship and establish a youth training model with low utility.

Live broadcast: On September 18th, today, Jin Xing, the founder and president of Oriental Qixing, who has been deeply involved in youth training for many years in titan sports, wrote in detail what he saw and heard during his field trip to Japanese basketball youth training. The original text is as follows:

I was shocked by the performance of the Japanese men’s basketball team in the World Cup, and the previous trip to Japan was really fruitful for me.

After several days of field trips, one of the simplest conclusions is that,The development of Japanese basketball and Japanese football comes down in one continuous line. They both aim to win the world championship, hoping to bring happiness to Chinese people.Make plans around this goal, implement it at a specific time, and implement it to specific people and things. Therefore, the development of Japanese basketball keeps pace no matter where and at what age.

Under the big goal,Japan has established a training system of double pyramid model, that is, the two development directions of mass and elite.. The mass direction is to cultivate lifelong sports hobbies, while the elite direction is to select and cultivate national talents. But the most important thing is the foundation of the double pyramid: youth training based on stimulating interest and cultivating socialization ability.

Although the double pyramid culture system has different purposes, it is connected with each other. Nowadays, these Japanese national players, who are all-powerful in the World Cup, began to receive basketball training from the perspective of cultivating interest, and later gradually showed their interest and talent in basketball.

The training of Japanese basketball is not so utilitarian. Their idea is that basketball needs to bring happiness to children and cultivate good personality.When watching Japanese youth training, we observed that in addition to cultivating children’s basketball ability, coaches also paid great attention to children.Etiquette and courtesy, cooperation ability, leadership, self-management ability and problem-solving ability.The cultivation of these five aspects.

Of course, this is also related to Japan’s positioning and high requirements for coaches.In the Japanese basketball system, the coach’s duty is to "send the players where they want to go and reach their destination." In other words, the coach’s position is "supporter"They don’t define children by their own likes and dislikes, respect their individuality and encourage their creativity. In such a free environment, they can stimulate their self-confidence and leadership, and dare to take responsibility and fight at critical moments. It is the coach’s mission to encourage children to enjoy happy games and improve themselves from setbacks.

Japan is currently in the process of youth training.Denied the concept of "victory first". You can pursue victory, but you should also enrich your life and learn the necessary value of life. This is the real victory.

After teenagers gradually formed good interests and basketball habits, the pyramid system for elites began to select materials. Japan’s selection priority is different from China’s. In the past few years, China’s selection was based on height, speed, technology and ball dealer, while Japan’s selection was based on technology first, then ball dealer, and then height and speed.

After the selection is confirmed, the Japan Basketball Association will organize the best players of all ages in the country for training. Every long holiday of more than three days, the best children of U14, U16 and U18′ s age will get together and get to know each other, laying a foundation for fighting side by side in the future.

In the past few years, the road for Japanese children to develop overseas in high school and university has also been completely opened, and more and more Japanese players have gone to the United States and Australia to receive higher-level training.

The double pyramid model makes Japanese basketball youth training systematic and can be implemented in every stage. Combined with the campus, it is natural to continuously transport talents for Japanese basketball. On the other hand, in the youth training of basketball in China today, we have players with better static talent and more extensive attention and participation in basketball, but there are still many unsatisfactory places in terms of goal consensus and systematization. In addition,The most fundamental point is that our youth training is too utilitarian.. I hope we can make it clear in the youth training that interest and victory are not contradictory, but should be combined with each other. On the one hand, the mission of youth training is to help China basketball expand the basketball population base, and at the same time to train basketball talents for the country.


Super league in school? Shandong men’s basketball team fined 10 yuan, and the result was a fine of 50,000 by CBA.

Sometimes it pays to be smart, such as the Shandong men’s basketball team. A few days ago, Shandong and Xinjiang played a summer league. Shandong captain Gao Shiyan, veteran player Jia Cheng and Xinjiang Yu Dehao clashed, and then Gao Shiyan made inappropriate remarks. As a result, he was fined by CBA company, Yu Dehao was suspended for one game and fined 20,000, Jia Cheng fined 20,000 for one game, and Gao Shiyan fined 10,000.

After the ticket was issued, the Shandong men’s basketball team shook its wits and issued an internal penalty, directly punishing Gao Shiyan and Jia Cheng for 10 yuan. This is obviously a joke, but as an official announcement, it is obviously not rigorous enough and the topic is very big. Immediately, the Internet is discussing this 10 yuan fine.

There were similar incidents in the three towns of Wuhan in the Super League before. The three towns of Wuhan punished Aziz for violent behavior in the game, resulting in a fine of $1. Is the Shandong men’s basketball team in line with the three towns of Wuhan in the Super League?

However, there was nothing wrong with the announcement of a fine of $1 issued by three towns in Wuhan, but the Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team was directly fined. The official penalty announcement of CBA said that publishing improper information on the official social platform had a bad influence on CBA league, and it was directly deducted from the league funds by 50,000, which was because of the announcement of 10 yuan money.

However, 10 yuan’s fine for the Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team was also deleted, but the impact was also caused.

I don’t know what fans and friends think about this 50 thousand penalty, but it’s really interesting. It seems that the official number really needs to be cautious.

Tommy Tam refused to interview! Following James’s attack on the crotch, the golden sentence: the jewel in the crown.

The series G3 between the Lakers and the Grizzlies ended, and the Lakers withstood the crazy impact of the last quarter of the Grizzlies and won. In this campaign, Morant of Grizzlies came back with 45 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists, and at the last moment, he was injured again. James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, with his hands buttoned and his back buckled. The 38-year-old James still played like a peak. At the same time, James was attacked by his old enemy Dillon Brooks in the second half. Fortunately, the problem was not serious, and the latter was expelled by a direct second-class malicious foul.

After the game, Tommy Tam, as one of the parties, refused to be interviewed. He was asked by a reporter and replied:"I won’t talk to you."

Grizzlies coach Jenkins said:"The referee made a penalty."

Tommy Tam didn’t give an interview. After the game, James talked about his opponent’s expulsion and his attack on the crotch, and then made a golden sentence, throwing out the jewel in the crown, saying:"Just try to stand up, protect the jewel in my crown and move on to the next round."

James’ remarks also sparked heated discussion. Obviously, Tommy Tam hit the sensitive part of James’ crotch, and after the game, James compared it to "the jewel in the crown", which was really interesting. There are also many fans poking fun at James, who can smash anywhere, but not "the jewel in the crown".

In this case, Tommy Tam’s behavior is really dirty, which is different from Harden’s unconscious hitting his opponent and being expelled. This time, Tommy Tam’s action was too big when defending, which directly made James fall to the ground in pain. After he got up, he was sweating, and the action was really big. In addition, Tommy Tam was the player that Lakers fans didn’t like the most, so after Tommy Tam was expelled, Lakers fans cheered one after another.

Tommy Tam is also a famous villain in NBA. He has been expelled six times in his career, including twice in the playoffs. He is the first player in the history of Grizzlies to be expelled many times in the playoffs. He makes a lot of small moves in defense and likes to provoke opponents, which is really not liked by more people.