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Hammer Nalisa: GAG6 top debuts, plus-size girls are rebuilding their confidence.

Hammer Nalisa, the big V with more than 5 million fans in Tik Tok, once imitated Tengger singer’s singing of love circle, and became popular by imitating Mona Lisa’s jokes in the program.

In June this year, this chubby, big girl with a loud smile and a stalk all over her body participated in the variety talent show "Serious Gags".(Gaga is gagman’s transliteration, meaning variety creator, and the program aims to select talents for variety comedies.), and won the championship in the finals tonight. She has always been the most popular in the program. He Jiong Li Birthday Zhang Wei praised her for her special sense of comedy rhythm, and William Chan hand-picked her to marry her in the program.

"Former member of the women’s group" is a contrasting label on her. She laughed at herself for being at the peak of her weight, and when she appeared, she shocked the audience’s inherent impression.

Once, she was a standard thin girl of more than 90 kilograms. Treating depression made her weight soar by 100 kilograms.. After signing the company, she was assigned to the hip-hop brand, experienced the PUA in the workplace and learned how to survive in the workplace. Because she needs to be alone, she even made up the difference at her own expense to upgrade the standard room arranged by the program group to a luxurious single room.

Strange girl, who has zero bad reviews on this network, is challenging the public’s cognitive boundaries with himself and provoking a battle.Aesthetic revolution.


The reason for the skyrocketing weight of 100 Jin.

When I saw Hammer in Gaga Training Camp in Haimen, Nantong, Jiangsu, she was even fatter than the camera. The director said that she had insomnia recently because she was preparing for the finals. I fell asleep at 10 am and got up at 3 pm for training.

Unstable work and rest and the pressure from the competition have become one of the reasons why it is difficult for her to control her weight now. Most people don’t know that she used to be a standard thin girl weighing more than 90 kilograms.

Hammer Hammer is a native of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. During her college years, she was admitted to Nanjing Normal University as the first in her department to study vocal music. She often appeared in popular occasions such as street dance clubs and singing competitions, and was a campus idol in her college days.

According to the truth, hammer NaLisa should have a bright future. The change happened quietly on campus. Once very popular, she began to be isolated. Her boyfriend’s parents refused to accept her because of geographical discrimination, and even her best friend began to lie to her.

"Have you ever heard of it?Your best friend stole your ID card to borrow a loan.The plot? "Hammer hammer college living expenses is 200 yuan a week, my best friend took her ID card to borrow 20 thousand to buy a bag, and lied to her that someone in her family had cancer.

After cheating money, my girlfriend disappeared. Hammer didn’t dare to tell his family about his experience, and he felt humiliated. He had to use his pocket money earned by singing part-time in a bar to repay the loan for others. Hammer hammer really attaches great importance to the friendship with her senior. She can’t figure out: Is it because she is too indulgent with her friends that she will fall into such a situation today?

It is a great difficulty to owe a loan of 20 thousand when she was a student. What is important is that the grievances in her heart cannot be dispelled. Coupled with the broken interpersonal relationship around her, she fell into the extreme negative of self-isolation and began to cry incontinence all day.

Hammer described the mentality of that dark moment: "I just can’t feel happy, and I feel that I am not happy at all." When I go to class in the classroom, I must go to the top floor. Standing on a high place can make me feel better. I can’t help but want to jump down. " But the desire to survive maintained her reason.She took the initiative to seek medical treatment and was diagnosed with severe depression. In order to control her body, she had to take drugs containing hormones, and her body became fat out of control, and her weight rose from 100 Jin to 80 Jin at once.

Obesity used to be a problem that bothered Nalisa. She believes that there are three kinds of obesity: the first one is fat in the natural gene; The second is not to control diet, and human factors lead to obesity; The third one, like hers, is getting fat because of hormone drugs.

Being fat is neither a fault nor a sin. However, the public always likes to kidnap everyone with a unified aesthetic standard of "white, young and thin". Whether the idol’s legs are thick or not will be regarded as the focus of discussion. body shame is an invisible shackle that tightly binds the people in front of the camera. No matter what reason you get fat, in the face of others’ advice on your figure, the unified response of the hammer is:None of your business. Did you eat your rice?

I can still feel the hammer’s mind about getting fat. She dug up old photos and posted them on social networks to prove that she had lost weight.

Accepting being fat is a gradual process. “Of course, I will be a little unwilling at first, because getting fat is not my choice.And many organs of my body will be burdened. I slowly feel that I don’t mind so much.My facial features are beautiful, my personality is kind and interesting, then I am beautiful."

Hammer found that after getting fat, everyone began to be less isolated from her, but more began to ridicule. Her roommate has been encouraging her even in the worst times. She can see the talent in the hammer and the "bright spot that can’t be given up". Hammer reflected, "Many times, it is not because you are incompetent that people isolate you, but because you shut yourself down first, people will stay away from you."

Hammer began to redeem herself. "Music is my antidote." She participated in more large-scale music competitions and won the national championship of the new campus songs of the national K songs. Like-minded people praised her talent, and the judges encouraged her at the competition. She slowly walked out of the darkness of autism.


Can’t be a women’s group and experience PUA in the workplace

Near graduation, she noticed that a company on the Internet was preparing a training camp plan to select female group trainees. Her weight is still a problem, and she joked that she was "with the mentality of losing weight" and signed up.

Even if she tries to lose weight, her figure is still far from the strict standards of women’s team members. Later, Lisa hammered this experience into the first episode of Serious Gags. She imitated the CEO of a company with a Hong Kong accent and said, "You are standing here like a wall. I didn’t know that there was someone behind you. I didn’t know that you were in solo."

When the women’s team failed, she still successfully signed a contract with the company by virtue of her talent and characteristics. Hammer recalled the heart of the fledgling eager to sign the contract, "I feel safe after signing the contract." After coming to the company, the hammer was first assigned to the hip-hop brand under the company’s planning, which experienced the second trough of life.

"Entering the hip-hop brand is completely coming to a strange field.I don’t know anything. Just let me write ten songs."Hammer said with a frown. As a newcomer with half a foot in the circle, she instinctively has fear and dare not disobey the brand leader, so she has to bite the bullet and write rhymes.

Hammer hammer ambition is not in hip-hop, she hopes to communicate upward, but the brand leader forbids her to report beyond her level, "Tell my assistant if you have any needs". There is no effective response, new ideas have been rejected, and leaders continue to threaten. "If you dare to provoke me, I will hide you.”。

Hammer described the psychological oppression brought to her by this strong workplace PUA. "That’s another degree of self-doubt, self-doubt about aesthetics and dreams. "The self-confidence that she finally ignited was stubbed out again.

Hammer learning will not please the leaders, and it will be targeted everywhere in the brand, which will be even deeper. She is very grateful to the company’s vocal music teacher, who always encourages her, shows her advanced aesthetic music and affirms her musical accomplishment. "Every time I fall into the abyss of depression, they pull me up and don’t give me a chance to cry at all."

Her desire for survival will always support her to break through the current limitations at critical moments. One day, she couldn’t hold it any longer. She rushed into the general manager’s office and shouted that she couldn’t stand it. Every day, she was going to jump off a building.

"I am impulsive and my heart is still very painful. After all, I have signed the contract, and there is no retreat after rushing in. It is also possible to be hidden in the snow. As a result, our general manager handed me a song and asked me if I could sing. "

Hammer is confident in singing,She laughed at herself. "When the company recruited me, it also had its own considerations. They needed some people who sang well to sing demo for free."

After recording this song, Hammer successfully transferred to another folk brand, including arrangement class, production class, body building class and dance class, all of which were her antidote.

After leaving the soil that doesn’t suit me, the hammer can breathe, but it has also entered another system of PUA. For example, the company often takes a song and tells her to sing it for you when it’s ready, and then turns to someone else’s album list. However, the hammer has formed an antibody to deal with this pressure."After you break through a certain system, you won’t be willing to be PUA, and you won’t be willing to be controlled."

Hammer is used to thinking things on the bright side. She is grateful to the company for cultivating her music. Singing demo is training, as long as there is input, it is a good thing.

She also learned two valuable experiences in the workplace in the company:First, resolutely resist PUA in the workplace.Speak to others with clear logic, give reasons higher than his moral kidnapping to counter repression, and don’t be easily shaken by others.Second, do your own thing.She doesn’t believe that others will meet her requirements and hopes that others will not get involved in her career.So later, when she decided to enter the field of short video to be online celebrity, she didn’t have a team, so she was a team.


From online celebrity, Tik Tok to Funny Artists

From underground to the ground

The Tik Tok account of "Hammer Nalisa" has been accumulated at present.5.57 millionFans, she has a short video of imitating teacher Tengger singer to sing the love cycle.More than 2 millionLike it. Before taking part in Serious Gags, she was also invited to take part in variety shows such as Qipa Shuo 6 and Hey Sing Turn Up, and her popularity came from Tik Tok.

Before preparing to be a Tik Tok, she consulted the company. The general manager thought that it was good for the company that the company artists could have a voice on the short video platform, so she was allowed to grow freely. While taking music lessons in the company, she made short videos to make money.

She has strong imitation ability, is good at observing life, takes photos casually when she meets interesting things, and edits them herself.It only takes 20 minutes for a set of procedures to come down.She will continue to sum up the experience of others’ failures, create reversals and pauses, and stop when it is good. On the stage of "Serious Gags", tutors Li Dan, He Jiong and Zhang Wei praised Hammer Nalisa.Good performance rhythm”。

Getting fat inadvertently made her funny career. If she is not fat, some jokes lose their appeal. Including her stage name, Hammer Nalisa, is also due to her chubby figure, which is very similar to the well-known painting Mona Lisa. In "Serious Gags", she repeatedly crushed her own characteristics into paragraphs, and the first skill of cos Mona Lisa also won the golden key of Li Birthday’s tutor and became the first gag6 member.

This output is not unidirectional. Tik Tok’s friends who are constantly suffering from depression leave messages to her, saying that she feels hopeful after watching her video.Hammer noticed that some fans’ heads changed from black to wonderful life photos., she said, this is the meaning of her happiness.

Lisa Hammer has always been ranked first in the "Serious Gagas" and has zero bad reviews on the Internet. In the words of Li Birthday’s tutor, "Hammer Hammer came to this program to seal the gods".This kind of encouragement, like a comprehensive protection for her, protects her sensitive heart and self-confidence that she has finally rebuilt.

Hammer said frankly that he would feel guilty in the face of such high-intensity praise, but he would not float.She knew that something would happen if people drifted away. The high ranking makes her feel nervous about walking on stilts. In order to be worthy of everyone’s support, she always suffers from insomnia.

The Gaga program group has prepared a standard room for two for the students.Hammer upgraded to a deluxe single room at its own expense.. When the pressure came, she used to close herself up and didn’t want to bring her negative energy to others. This respect for people increases the affinity of the hammer. She is not aggressive and will not cause you any sense of oppression.

She will deliberately avoid some industry taboos, such as keeping a distance from the rice circle, which is reflected in the program’s desire for survival for star fans.Once set in variety showWilliam Chan married Hammer.The plot, hammer hammer is very embarrassing,"It is simply going to be cyber-violent."She kept apologizing to her fans through the camera.

There are also people on the Internet who compare the once-thin photos of Nalisa Hammer with popular idols. When Hammer Hammer sees them, he will immediately reply to the comments: I am very happy that everyone says so, and I like her very much, but don’t say that we look alike.

However, some people still misunderstand the hammer. In June this year, Hammer entered Gaga Training Camp, and Tik Tok’s update frequency decreased. On the day of the interview, she uploaded a set of interactive singing videos of "popcorn singing Dark Horse" which was very popular in Tik Tok, and the videos quickly accumulated 1.655 million likes. Some people know that she participated in the program, and the comment area asked her why she didn’t start singing funny. Others said that she became angry and began to show off her skills. Some people even got weird: "Hammer doesn’t have to be so restrained."

Hammer is dissatisfied with this. “Let everyone know you first, and then know that you have musical strength."She this is her way of saving the country curve. Through Serious Gags, everyone understood her humor, but began to question her pursuit of music."My jokes are always related to music."

Indeed, Hammer never gave up showing her musical talent, especially after she came to the ground from underground. Cue was invited to speak in the program, and she often sang while talking. On the impromptu stage, she also showed the singing and dancing abilities of five kinds of dances.It can be said that she wants to be red just to have a chance to sing.

Hammer said that being a gagman and a musical dream are not contradictory, but achieve each other. A gagman (variety creator and performer) should not only amuse the audience, but also be the glue of variety shows, not only to show himself, but also to leave room for other guests.

"Serious Gagas" is a big family with fireworks. The eliminated partners stay and unconditionally help the rest to think about jokes. He Laoshi, like a parent, added the WeChat of 56 students in the program group to encourage them one by one. Accustomed to the autistic hammer, she also opened herself and invited her friends to chat in her luxurious single room.

Immersed in real life, experienced the dark side of life, and willing to bring happiness to everyone, this is the preciousness of gagman. Hammer hammer thanked the program group for providing a stage for this group of unnoticed variety artists, and winning the championship was a new beginning.

In 2020, women’s issues have become a hot topic in the field of value. However, there is little female perspective in Hammer’s works. She said that she had a phobia of straight men’s cancer before, and people who could not stand the tendency of male chauvinism would take the initiative to avoid it. When she entered Gaga training camp, she found that all the men around her respected women, and then she realized that the circle could screen people. She said:The fact that my image is liked is a revolution in itself. So I don’t represent anyone, I represent myself.

Hammer rubbed his hand and looked into the distance with blurred eyes. “Although I am not particularly sure about myself, there are not many people who attack you because of your appearance and figure. I feel real love, and the world is really starting to get better."

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[2018 Online Media Ningxia Tour] Rice and Fishery Space Eco-tourism Park: the "online celebrity" of leisure tourism in Yinchuan Metropolitan Area

  At 22: 00 on August 14th, Hualong. com (special correspondent Luo Hao) On August 14th, more than 50 online media reporters from the northern line of Ningxia, a national online media, came to Ningxia Rice and Fishery Space Ecological Leisure Sightseeing Park in Sishilidian Village, Changxin Township, Helan County, Yinchuan City after finishing the interview in Shizuishan City.

  When I got off the bus, a neat piece of rice fields came into view, followed the steps to the observation tower in the garden, climbed high and looked far, and the pastoral scenery of full of green was panoramic. Different varieties of colored rice also made the online media reporter shout, "No wonder Yinchuan has ‘ Plug in the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River ’ The reputation of ".

  In 2016, Shilidian Village, Changxin Township, Helan County established Guangyin Rice Industry, Rice and Fishery Ecological Industry Sightseeing Park. In 2017, a rice fishing space was established, covering a total area of more than 3,600 mu.

  The rice and fishing space makes full use of agricultural and environmental resources, and builds a Yellow River Jin ‘an leisure agriculture industry demonstration base which integrates organic rice characteristic ecological agricultural production, fishery breeding, catering and fishing, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, wedding photography, organic agricultural product processing, e-commerce sales and farmers’ training.

  "It’s not that I boast, we are really a leisure tour in Yinchuan metropolitan area ‘ Online celebrity ’ Point, it became a fire as soon as it was established last year, and a large number of tourists flocked to this piece of land with paper and rice and grass as pigments ‘ Painting ’ An idyllic complex. " Zhao Jianwen, the person in charge of the rice and fish space, said, "This place is not only suitable for gathering relatives and friends, but also suitable for bringing children to play. Children like to touch fish and pick up duck eggs in rice fields very much. According to statistics, in 2017, the rice fishing space received a total of 190,000 tourists, and it reached 150,000 in the first half of this year.

  Rice and Fishing Space has also conducted all-round training for leisure and organic agriculture practitioners, and radiation has driven 500 farmers to become rich.

  The innovation of the spatial pattern of rice and fishery is not only a beneficial exploration of the pilot work of the integration of the three industries in Helan County in recent years, but also provides important technical support and demonstration for the economic development of "agriculture+tourism" in the whole region. In recent years, leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Ningxia have developed rapidly, with nearly 900 related business entities, benefiting 170,000 farmers.

Liu Xiaolan, Vice President of TCL Huaxing: Panel demand recovery continues to lay out folding screens and car screens.

China Securities Network News (Reporter Wan Yu) Liu Xiaolan, vice president of TCL Huaxing, a subsidiary of TCL Technology, said in an interview with china securities journal recently that on the whole, the panel industry will continue to recover in demand this year, and TCL Huaxing will need to fix production, maintain healthy inventory and optimize the supply chain system to ensure delivery when the market changes. At the same time, TCL Huaxing will continue to lay out and maintain a high growth rate in the fields of fast-growing folding screens and car screens.    

Since the fourth quarter of last year, panel prices have continued to rise, and the panel industry has attracted the attention of investors. According to the research report of Huaxi Securities, the price of TV panels in early March is close to the high price in September last year. Due to the better downstream demand expectation and the early stocking of the whole machine factory, the current supply and demand are still tight. Huaxi Securities expects that the price of TV panels will still rise in the second quarter, and the price of TV panels is expected to break through the high level last year.    

Regarding the trend of the panel industry, Liu Xiaolan thinks that with the moderate economic recovery in China and the downward inflation in Europe and America, the overall purchasing power of consumers is rising, and the sales of TV, notebook computers, monitors and other products will be driven by the superposition of domestic "618" and summer holidays. On the demand side of the panel, she predicts that this year will be more optimistic than last year. On the supply side, panel enterprises have generally changed their business philosophy, from pursuing full production and full sales to fixing production according to demand. As a whole, the inventory of the panel industry is relatively healthy, and the panel price is relatively stable, so there is no more ups and downs.  

She introduced that TCL Huaxing will pay close attention to the changes in demand and ensure the flexibility of factory production, so that it can timely respond to the adjustment of production brought about by changes in the market. As a head enterprise, TCL Huaxing has built its own moat in the upstream supply chain. The company will also give full play to this advantage, continue to strengthen cooperation with the upstream supply chain, especially the strategic partners of key materials, establish strong links, share information, optimize the supply chain system, and ensure that TCL Huaxing’s factory can respond to uncertain situations in time and ensure the delivery of the whole supply chain.    

TCL Huaxing is also actively deploying in the fast-growing sub-categories such as folding screens and car screens. Liu Xiaolan said that folding screen mobile phones have become a fast-growing segment of mobile phone products in recent years. TCL Huaxing has launched a number of folding screen products, and has industry-leading technologies such as LTPO and PLP. On the one hand, the company will continue to make breakthroughs in folding screen technology in the future, reducing the weight and thickness of the screen, extending the battery life and service life. On the other hand, it will start with materials and design, reduce the cost of folding screens, and make folding screens more widely used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other products.    

TCL Huaxing’s shipments of in-vehicle screens also maintained a high growth trend. TCL Huaxing did not enter the in-vehicle field for a long time. Last year, the shipments were about 5 million pieces. Although the shipments were not large, the growth rate was large, which doubled and reached the first place in the industry. "In the past, we only made efforts on high-end car screens. At that time, we didn’t have a production line of amorphous silicon," Liu Xiaolan said. "After the mass production of t9 production line last year, we developed a lot of amorphous silicon car displays, and we will catch up with them at a very fast speed."    

The woman tells the story of "making friends" on the Internet: How did I get cheated of 200,000 yuan?

  The chat record between Ms. Jiang and the man

  Recharge again and again — Profit — Withdrawal and recharge — Profit — After the withdrawal, on September 8th, the 160,000 yuan that Jiang Morong, who lives in Chengdu, finally filled in, could not be withdrawn … …

  The customer service told her that she had to activate the account to withdraw cash, and the activated account had to deposit another 150 thousand. At that moment, she came to her senses: she was cheated! She immediately went to the police station to report the case!

  According to the police of the police station, in recent years, there have been a lot of telecom frauds to cheat single women by playing emotional cards. The police reminded the majority of women to be vigilant when logging in to the blind date platform and not to trust each other easily.

  Friends recommend logging on to dating sites, and strange men ask for help to buy "lottery tickets"

  Two months ago, 29-year-old Jiang Morong played an APP called "Iraq Team Dating Friends" under the recommendation of a friend. She said that this is a multi-party video dating platform, where you can make multi-person video calls with strangers. However, Jiang Morong said that she only logged in once and felt that it was not as fun as expected, so she uninstalled it. Later, a stranger named "Run old boys" added her WeChat and learned that she was a friend on the "Iraq Team" APP. She passed the WeChat. The man told her that his name is Wang Qichao, and he is 30 years old and works in Chengdu.

  Jiang Morong said that at first, everyone just chatted. After getting familiar with it, in early September, the man asked Jiang Morong to help him buy something similar to a welfare lottery on a website on the grounds that his ID abroad was limited and it was inconvenient to operate. Jiang Morong said that the man gave her a website address for her to log in to the account and directly help him place an order and buy a "lottery ticket".

  Earn money by earning the difference rate

  Seeing that netizens earn a lot of money has moved their hearts.

  The man told Jiang Mourong that this is a regular national welfare lottery to earn money by earning the loss rate, and told her that there is a loophole in the system now, as long as you buy it, you can make a steady profit.

  Jiang Morong told reporters that the man first asked her to help him rush 200,000, and then rushed 400,000, adding up to more than 2 million. "At the best of times, apart from the principal, he earned more than 100,000 yuan a day."

  Watching the man start making money, Jiang Morong also moved a little.

  Jiang Morong said that she also had doubts at first. First of all, the website’s URL was very strange. "It’s very short, unlike ordinary websites." Secondly, the website can only be opened with a specific browser, and after clicking into the website, it looks like a game interface, "a bit like gambling sites." However, the man said that this was formal, and Jiang Morong also considered that he only helped him buy it at that time. "I didn’t participate myself, so I didn’t think much."

  Start to pay for "money"

  The more you invest, the deeper you get.

  Therefore, she also registered two accounts to buy, and initially invested 20,000-30,000 yuan. At the end of the day, she still earned several thousand yuan, "and she can withdraw cash normally." After tasting the sweetness, she began to invest more and more, and the income was more and more. At most, she earned tens of thousands of yuan.

  But a few days later, on September 8, when she invested money again, the system prompted her not to withdraw cash. Ms. Jiang said: "The customer service said that she needed to invest 160,000 yuan to upgrade her membership." Ms. Jiang asked the man, and the man replied that she wanted to upgrade.

  After charging 160 thousand, the system still can’t withdraw cash. The reason given by customer service is that the first upgrade of members needs to be unlocked, and "we have to invest 150 thousand again." Here, Jiang Morong suddenly came to his senses: he was cheated. She immediately reported to the police station in front of the camp in jinniu district, Chengdu. After combing the transfer voucher, I was cheated of a total of 203,000 yuan.

  Reporter’s investigation:

  There is something fishy

  This is an illegal gambling website.

  The reporter saw from the screenshot of the transfer provided by Jiang Morong that the payee name of her transfer was a Beijing company named: Beijing Yiyang Tianxu Technology Co., Ltd. The reporter inquired from Tianyancha that the company was established on May 8, 2018 with a registered capital of 11 million and paid-in 11 million. Business scope includes: technical development, technical consultation, software consultation, computer system service, software development, sales of computers, clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities, metal ores, etc.

  The reporter also searched the APP called "Team Iraq" used by Ms. Jiang, which is a video dating APP. The download volume on the platform has reached 19.62 million times. When registering, you need to enter your age, education, etc.

  The reporter logged into the website provided by the man to Jiang Morong, which is a website called "Jinsha Entertainment City", and now it can be registered and logged in normally. The websites include sports events, lottery games, Mark Six Lottery, live entertainment and so on.

  There is no contact number on this website, so all of them can only contact the customer service staff. The reporter consulted the customer service as a user, and as of press time, no reply was received.

  Police tips:

  Single women use dating sites.

  Be vigilant

  Compared with the first discovery that she was cheated and reported to the police station that the whole person was shaking, Ms. Jiang’s mentality was better after a few days of rest. She told reporters that this deception is that she knows too little about social information. After graduating from junior high school, she usually doesn’t watch mobile phones or TV, and she knows too little about telecom fraud. "At the same time, she has no defensive psychology and is too easy to trust people."

  She now recalls that from the very beginning to add WeChat friends, to let her help, and then to spend money to buy, all this is a routine. The reporter saw that in her chat with the man, the man also kindly called her "dear".

  On the morning of the 16th, she had received a notice from the police for investigation. Next, she will actively cooperate with the police investigation, hoping to recover the defrauded funds as soon as possible.

  The police at Yingmenkou police station told reporters: First of all, gambling and gambling are prohibited in China, so any gambling website is illegal. "In recent years, there have been many telecom frauds targeting single women, accounting for the vast majority." The police reminded that when single women log in to a certain dating website or social APP, they will have a good-looking opposite sex to chat with them. They basically play emotional cards. Once they gain your trust, "single women think everything he says is right." And their purpose is only one, that is, to let you invest money and cheat.

  The police reminded the majority of women that when logging in to the dating platform, they should raise their awareness, have the ability to distinguish, and don’t trust each other easily. "Generally speaking, as long as money is involved, everyone should pay more attention." (Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Zhang Ling Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

How did the National Open University exam come?

The undergraduate course of National Open University is recognized by the state. The undergraduate course of the National Open University is the undergraduate course of the Open University, including the undergraduate course of the National Open University and the undergraduate course of the open universities in various provinces and regions. It is an open education and a series of national education. So how did the National Open University exam come? If you have any doubts about this aspect of the National Open University, you can take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Written test

Some courses in the Open University may arrange traditional written tests, and candidates need to take the tests at the designated time and place, and complete multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and short-answer questions on the test paper.

2. Online examination

With the development of technology, more and more open universities switch their examination methods to online examination. Candidates can log in to the online examination system within a specified period of time and complete the examination of the corresponding subjects. Online exams may take the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answers, etc., which are subject to the provisions of the Open University.

3. Practical assessment

Some professional open university courses may also involve practical assessment, such as experimental operation, demonstration, field trip and so on.

4. Paper report/homework

Some courses may require students to submit reports or assignments to assess students’ ability to understand, analyze and apply the course content.

1. Have People’s Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have good conduct and professional ethics.

2. Persons with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school) and above.

3. At least 18 years old, in good health, with the basic learning ability needed to complete their studies.

4. Meet the requirements for applying for majors offered by the National Open University.

The above is related to the National Open University, and candidates can take it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about China Open University, such as registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the China Education Online Channel of China Open University.

Fans will invite you to watch the dark reality revenge movie "Rage" for free, scan the code and read the mobile version.

  The film Angry Tide tells the story of the mysterious killer Chen An.Revenge for love and stir up the black police gangMulti-forces thus expand.A full-time scuffle, the whole process of high-burning, vigorous stimulation, hormone off the charts.

  film"Angry Tide" focuses on the overseas dark crime industry chain.Pay attention to social security. Mysterious killerChen An stirred up many forces, and the black police gang was caught in the whirlpool of revenge, which made the fate of the characters and the direction of the story full of suspense.,And through the extreme violence aesthetics, it brings the audience the emotional release of the end of the year. besides,The film passedplot of a playReversal, surprise giftLeave suspense and puzzles to the end of the film.At the same time lead to crimeHuman nature, etc.Discussion of problems, watching movies with high energy in the whole process.While experiencing the adrenaline rush,It also brings emotional resonance and realistic thinking to the audience..

  Jinyun North Network Fans Association will invite netizens to the cinema to watch the movie.raging tide》。

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Return to the origin of life, fashion need not be deliberate | Shanghai Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2024

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

Yearly Plan Spring/Summer 2024 series "Walking by Heart" depicts the diverse faces of contemporary women’s rich inner world through simple and exquisite modernist design. This season continues the brand’s neat and bright style, and at the same time achieves a high degree of unity in color, fabric and tailoring, and outlines a coherent and dynamic outline like flowing water.

Choose natural and elegant low saturation colors, such as soft fog gray, turquoise, and moonlight white, which are fresh and quiet. The seemingly fuzzy and soft-focus tone sets off the simplicity and neatness in the cutting language. The casual combination of denim trousers and T-shirts interprets pragmatic aesthetics in a simple and elegant style. Signboard items such as vests, long skirts and windbreakers can be stacked and matched, or they can be presented alone, creating a rich sense of hierarchy.

This season, a large number of environmentally friendly natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk and linen, wool, etc., are used to balance practicality and shaping style. Through the comfort of fabric touch, we can create a confident and stretched wearing experience and promote a more independent clothing consciousness. YEARLY PLAN always pursues the concept of "year-round wardrobe" and provides consumers with lasting and effective choices with high-quality production.

Simple but rich, consistent and firm, YEARLY PLAN provides modern women with the possibility of finding themselves with an inclusive attitude. This is a journey of thinking, and it is also a practice towards more free and independent fashion expression.

Tommy Zhong’s spring/summer 2024 series reconstructs the subconscious prototype-the image of a free woman running in the summer jungle. Designers draw inspiration from Yuan Ye where flowers are blooming, and capture the moment when the sun pours down and the colors flow with the running figure. Lightweight and comfortable fabric texture and flowing and graceful tailoring release women’s vitality and self-confidence.

This season, a large number of natural fabrics, such as silk organza, are used, showing a comfortable feel as smooth as gypsum and as refreshing as a breeze. The exclusive development of woven fabric and three-dimensional printing endows clothing with unique texture and level like oil painting: just like the jumping green in Monet’s works, and like the smart white with hazy water vapor. Pure and hazy colors and flowing picture aesthetics naturally arouse the emotional resonance of the viewer.

This series provides a free and free portrayal for women. See through the collocation of tulle and corset, the movement of slit long skirt, unrestrained silhouette, soft waist collapse and asymmetric design can all improve comfort. TOMMY ZHONG uses the running of Yuan Ye in summer to show the confidence and autonomy of contemporary women. She can stride forward, stop and watch, and have a free dialogue with herself and the world. Through the clever use of colors, fabrics and tailoring, designers outline a vibrant and tense fashion portrayal, showing the true self of women from the inside out.

The designer brand Jiasheng’s latest spring/summer 2024 collection, with the theme of "Not old enough", interprets the beauty of old age from a unique perspective and discusses the relationship between clothing and age. Inspired by the old people living in the city, Jiasheng used a playful technique to integrate their time traces and life details into the design.

This series uses faded colors and worn prints to show the texture of articles fading and aging over time. Elements in the life of the elderly, such as keychains, reading glasses and bags, have also become fashion embellishments. The sense of relaxation of fabric comes down in one continuous line with oriental aesthetics, and bamboo mat printing and simple silhouette set off each other. Inspired by the overlapping layers of the elderly, the designer tried to splice the double neckline with the fabric to create a sense of humor.

Bright yellow-green and light blue, with retro stripes and plaid, the collision of colors has enhanced the vitality of this mix. Stage installations and performances are also accompanied by "Lao", and the audience can interact with the sand hammer performance.

Students pay attention to the beauty of old age from the perspective of students, hoping to bring more comfortable and relaxed experience through design. This is an attempt to interpret Chinese aesthetics with contemporary artistic techniques, which makes people embrace old age with a broader mind.

Japan’s soccer basketball aims to win the world championship and establish a youth training model with low utility.

Live broadcast: On September 18th, today, Jin Xing, the founder and president of Oriental Qixing, who has been deeply involved in youth training for many years in titan sports, wrote in detail what he saw and heard during his field trip to Japanese basketball youth training. The original text is as follows:

I was shocked by the performance of the Japanese men’s basketball team in the World Cup, and the previous trip to Japan was really fruitful for me.

After several days of field trips, one of the simplest conclusions is that,The development of Japanese basketball and Japanese football comes down in one continuous line. They both aim to win the world championship, hoping to bring happiness to Chinese people.Make plans around this goal, implement it at a specific time, and implement it to specific people and things. Therefore, the development of Japanese basketball keeps pace no matter where and at what age.

Under the big goal,Japan has established a training system of double pyramid model, that is, the two development directions of mass and elite.. The mass direction is to cultivate lifelong sports hobbies, while the elite direction is to select and cultivate national talents. But the most important thing is the foundation of the double pyramid: youth training based on stimulating interest and cultivating socialization ability.

Although the double pyramid culture system has different purposes, it is connected with each other. Nowadays, these Japanese national players, who are all-powerful in the World Cup, began to receive basketball training from the perspective of cultivating interest, and later gradually showed their interest and talent in basketball.

The training of Japanese basketball is not so utilitarian. Their idea is that basketball needs to bring happiness to children and cultivate good personality.When watching Japanese youth training, we observed that in addition to cultivating children’s basketball ability, coaches also paid great attention to children.Etiquette and courtesy, cooperation ability, leadership, self-management ability and problem-solving ability.The cultivation of these five aspects.

Of course, this is also related to Japan’s positioning and high requirements for coaches.In the Japanese basketball system, the coach’s duty is to "send the players where they want to go and reach their destination." In other words, the coach’s position is "supporter"They don’t define children by their own likes and dislikes, respect their individuality and encourage their creativity. In such a free environment, they can stimulate their self-confidence and leadership, and dare to take responsibility and fight at critical moments. It is the coach’s mission to encourage children to enjoy happy games and improve themselves from setbacks.

Japan is currently in the process of youth training.Denied the concept of "victory first". You can pursue victory, but you should also enrich your life and learn the necessary value of life. This is the real victory.

After teenagers gradually formed good interests and basketball habits, the pyramid system for elites began to select materials. Japan’s selection priority is different from China’s. In the past few years, China’s selection was based on height, speed, technology and ball dealer, while Japan’s selection was based on technology first, then ball dealer, and then height and speed.

After the selection is confirmed, the Japan Basketball Association will organize the best players of all ages in the country for training. Every long holiday of more than three days, the best children of U14, U16 and U18′ s age will get together and get to know each other, laying a foundation for fighting side by side in the future.

In the past few years, the road for Japanese children to develop overseas in high school and university has also been completely opened, and more and more Japanese players have gone to the United States and Australia to receive higher-level training.

The double pyramid model makes Japanese basketball youth training systematic and can be implemented in every stage. Combined with the campus, it is natural to continuously transport talents for Japanese basketball. On the other hand, in the youth training of basketball in China today, we have players with better static talent and more extensive attention and participation in basketball, but there are still many unsatisfactory places in terms of goal consensus and systematization. In addition,The most fundamental point is that our youth training is too utilitarian.. I hope we can make it clear in the youth training that interest and victory are not contradictory, but should be combined with each other. On the one hand, the mission of youth training is to help China basketball expand the basketball population base, and at the same time to train basketball talents for the country.