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China men’s basketball team is different.

Last night, the China men’s basketball team played a warm-up match in Italy and Cape Verde. Probably many people have never heard of Cape Verde, a tiny country in Africa with a population of less than 600,000, but it is a serious World Cup team, and there are also former NBA players like tavares (Cavaliers fans should have heard of it).

The men’s basketball team attached great importance to this game and warmed up on the sidelines very early. After the opponent hit 14-2 at the beginning and fell into a passive position, the men’s basketball team quickly adjusted and gave the opponent a wave of 15-1 to get back the advantage on the field, and kept it to the end.

This team in Cape Verde is similar to South Sudan, our opponent in the group stage. It relies on physical talent and three-point accuracy, and its tactical accomplishment is in a mess. We might have been afraid of such a team a few years ago, but now if we want to compete for physical advantage, we are not empty.

There are young new forces like Zhang Zhenlin and Cui Yongxi who can run and jump in our team. In the first half, Zhang Zhenlin’s breakthrough attempt broke the ground and almost succeeded. In the second half, it was Cui Yongxi’s turn to perform. First, he received Zhao Jiwei’s accurate pass and missed the dunk.

Then came a very amazing bottom line pull rod, turned around and took off against the defense, which was really confident and dared to do the action. The last quarter completely became Xiao Cui’s personal show, and the inside and outside flowers scored 10 points, and the men’s basketball team finally beat the opponent by 20 points.

In the whole game, Xiao Cui scored 18 points on 8-for-9 shooting and 2-for-3 shooting, with everything. Fans who stay up late to watch the ball should have such a feeling that everyone was sleepy in the second half, and Xiao Cui directly woke up a few goals in the second half. This boy is really fierce!

We have the physical talent. The biggest change of Old Joe’s men’s basketball team is the active sports ability and physical talent, at least in terms of hardware.Of course, the most amazing thing about the men’s basketball team last night was two words, fluency.

What was the most common picture we saw in the previous men’s basketball team? The defender dribbled the ball to wait for qi zhou to fall, shifted the ball to the front line at a 45-degree angle, then the front line dropped the ball to qi zhou, and then let qi zhou chisel hard. Is there a picture in his mind?

Of course, qi zhou and the defender will pick and roll, and finally qi zhou will handle the ball, lacking enough movement without the ball, and the attack will come to a standstill. Our previous inertia thinking was to rely on the inside height to revitalize the team. In fact, it has fallen far behind.

Old Joe’s national team, the biggest change is that more guards hold the ball and attack on the line, reducing the pressure of qi zhou’s holding the ball and letting qi zhou and other insiders eat cakes or score points in the second attack. The front line looks for opportunities to enter empty-cut, give full play to the physical qualities of people like Zhang Zhenlin and Xiao Cui, and play more on the basket.

In the past, we didn’t know what to do after the attack stopped. Now, once we stop the ball, someone will go up to cover it and look for opportunities in the other defense through some simple hand-to-hand cooperation.

The first goal in the opening game was qi zhou, whose inside line was empty when Zhao Rui passed the ball, and the latter scored easily. Of course, Zhao Rui didn’t play very well today. Today, he started, and the series was almost boring. Then in the second half, Old Joe let Zhao Jiwei start with Zhao Rui, which was much better.

Zhao Jiwei scored only 4 points today, but he had 9 assists at the same time. The positive and negative values were the highest +30. The reason why the men’s basketball team can play so smoothly is that Zhao Jiwei takes the lead, and his passing is the most comfortable. You can see that the empty catch for Xiao Cui is full of tacit understanding.

The men’s basketball team sent out 21 assists. Surprisingly, Fang Shuo had 4 assists. While serving as a nerve knife shooter, Fang Shuo could also pass some good balls, which was a pleasant surprise. Maybe Fang Chaoju will finally make the big list.

Old Joe, after all, is a famous European coach. He has brought a player of Jokic’s level and must have several brushes. We didn’t expect qi zhou to be a skinny version of Jokic, but we can expect Old Joe to bring more advanced basketball concepts to the men’s basketball team and make it more modern and smoother.

This is still the men’s basketball team without Li Kaier, and the next game will face Italy. Not surprisingly, Li Kaier will welcome his first show in the China men’s basketball team. If the reference value against Cape Verde is not great, then we can always see something against Italy in the next game.

Super league in school? Shandong men’s basketball team fined 10 yuan, and the result was a fine of 50,000 by CBA.

Sometimes it pays to be smart, such as the Shandong men’s basketball team. A few days ago, Shandong and Xinjiang played a summer league. Shandong captain Gao Shiyan, veteran player Jia Cheng and Xinjiang Yu Dehao clashed, and then Gao Shiyan made inappropriate remarks. As a result, he was fined by CBA company, Yu Dehao was suspended for one game and fined 20,000, Jia Cheng fined 20,000 for one game, and Gao Shiyan fined 10,000.

After the ticket was issued, the Shandong men’s basketball team shook its wits and issued an internal penalty, directly punishing Gao Shiyan and Jia Cheng for 10 yuan. This is obviously a joke, but as an official announcement, it is obviously not rigorous enough and the topic is very big. Immediately, the Internet is discussing this 10 yuan fine.

There were similar incidents in the three towns of Wuhan in the Super League before. The three towns of Wuhan punished Aziz for violent behavior in the game, resulting in a fine of $1. Is the Shandong men’s basketball team in line with the three towns of Wuhan in the Super League?

However, there was nothing wrong with the announcement of a fine of $1 issued by three towns in Wuhan, but the Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team was directly fined. The official penalty announcement of CBA said that publishing improper information on the official social platform had a bad influence on CBA league, and it was directly deducted from the league funds by 50,000, which was because of the announcement of 10 yuan money.

However, 10 yuan’s fine for the Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team was also deleted, but the impact was also caused.

I don’t know what fans and friends think about this 50 thousand penalty, but it’s really interesting. It seems that the official number really needs to be cautious.

Essential for runners: the secret of preventing cramps in marathon.

Cramp is a sudden muscle pain, which is usually caused by muscle fatigue, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and other factors. Here are some suggestions to prevent cramps:

Well-trained: Before taking part in the marathon, you should be fully trained and prepared to enhance your muscle strength and endurance and avoid muscle fatigue.

Proper warm-up: Carry out proper warm-up exercises before the competition, including easy stretching and jogging, to help muscles gradually adapt to the intensity of exercise.

Replenish water: It takes a lot of water to participate in a long marathon. Replenishing water in time can prevent dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, thus avoiding cramps.

Replenish electrolyte: electrolyte is an important component to help muscles contract and relax normally. Before, during and after the competition, properly supplementing electrolytes (such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) can prevent cramps.

Pay attention to rest: long-term exercise makes muscles tired and needs proper rest to recover. During the competition, if you feel muscle fatigue or discomfort, you should rest or slow down properly to avoid cramps.

In a word, the key to avoid cramps is adequate preparation, proper warm-up, supplementing water and electrolyte, and paying attention to rest, so as to help muscles adapt to exercise intensity and reduce the occurrence of fatigue and injury.

"Three Mews Enlightenment Story"-Jess Park

I grew up in a place called Brough, just outside Hull, where I have many good memories.

Although I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first played football, I do remember that I started playing football with my best friend, in the park or at his house.

His father’s name was Conleth Campbell, who was the coach of a newly established men’s football team. He must have seen my good points because he asked me if I could come down and train with them.

This team is called Elloughton Blackburn Swifts. Although it is a child under 7 years old, I was about 5 or 6 years old when I went there. Conleth was very kind to me. He made me fall in love with football, even though I was a girl and played for a boy’s team. He always plays football with me. Just tell me to have fun there.

He broke into the first team in England at the end of 2022 when he was with WU23 and Everton on loan to BWSL.

I went to their first training and I enjoyed it very much. This is all I want to do-just play football with the children, but when you reach a certain age, you can’t play football with the children anymore, which is a bit difficult for me.

This is all I know. I just don’t want to leave my boys’ team and join the women’s football team, because there is no real team in the local area. An unprecedented situation, so I don’t know what it will be like.

But I remember my father, who always supported me, saying, just try training once and see if I like it. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. We will find other ways.

I still hesitated, and then he said, if I go, I can get a new football training suit. I thought,’ Oh, my own training suit? Okay, okay, then I’ll go!

He actually persuaded me through this, because I used to like to wear my team uniform at that time.

Jesse Parker scored on the first touch of the ball. In the match against Japan in November, Jess scored her first goal for the lioness only a few seconds after coming off the bench.

He persuaded me, which is a good thing, because I went and had the first training with them, and I liked it very much.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I decided to join a women’s team, which is the youth training center of Hull College. I stayed there for about two years, and then transferred to the North Yorkshire Youth Training Center. At that time, different women’s football systems were being improved, and that center later became York RTC.

At that time, I began to learn more about the position of the game and more tactics. We don’t have a fixed position, but that’s where I started to learn the position and the different requirements when you control the ball and don’t control it.

I remember they paid great attention to teaching these things before letting us play in the game, but I just want to play football, and then I will ask why I want to learn these things. Looking back now, I’m glad I learned that knowledge, because you really needed it when you grew up.

I first heard that Manchester City was interested in me when I was 14 years old. At that time, I was still playing football with my friends and had a good time, so I didn’t believe it at first.

I enjoyed my football very much. I was in the English youth team and just focused on what I was doing. But a year or so later, just before I turned 16, they wanted me to take the next step and make more progress. Everything is arranged, let me go there to play for Manchester City’s youth team. I could have stayed at RTC for another year, but when I knew I was going to join the development alliance, I knew I had to do it. This is a very competitive league and a big leap, but it is really the best decision. In the first half of the season, I will go to Manchester for training after school, either by train or with my father.

When that season ended, they wanted me to train with the first team at the beginning of next season, so I had to leave my hometown and come to Manchester at that time. I have to go to college and live in a host family so that I can train with them all day. I will train in the morning, go to school in the afternoon, or study during training.

This is something that someone told me when I was still in the youth training (joining Manchester City). I knew it might happen, but when it happened, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to start working. Leaving home at such a young age is a big event, which is crazy in retrospect, because it is a big event and you have to bear independent responsibilities.

I still chat with the boys when I started playing football, and my best friend’s father. We still chat from time to time, and I always receive information from the coaches when I was growing up.

That’s good. Keep in touch with them and let them know my recent situation. In any case, I will not change my initial intention and expectation for the future.

Written by:Jess Park

Reprinted from englandfootball.com

Link:Jess Park’s grassroots story | England Football

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