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Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong, they are the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle.

Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel, Guan Xiaotong

1905 movie network news An actress’s lack of aura depends on whether her legs are beautiful or not. As an entertainment circle that never lacks beautiful women, there are not many actresses with beautiful legs. Just recently, Yang Mi, Nikki, Raquel and Guan Xiaotong were praised by netizens as the goddess of beautiful legs in the entertainment circle by virtue of their "beautiful legs".


Yang Mi is not afraid of severe cold and shows long legs.

Yang Mi legs

Every time Yang Mi attends an event, it can trigger a craze. Recently, Yang Mi attended a grand ceremony in a starlight dress. At that time, the weather was cold, and the temperature had reached below zero. However, Da Power was still wearing a metallic dress with sloping shoulders despite the cold, showing off snow-white shoulders and slender legs, and her good figure was revealed.


Nikki’s leg frequency hot search crushed the stars

Li Xi Yu mei tui

As a member of Yang Mi’s general, Nikki is the one whose beautiful legs are no less than or even more than the boss’s great power. Earlier, with the role of Xia Qiao in Beautiful Li Huizhen, Nikki’s long legs successfully captured netizens, and "Nikki’s legs" once boarded a hot search, as long as she was with her, she was crushed by her beautiful legs.


Raquel Weibo Xiumei legs attract netizens to watch.

Raquel legs

Recently, Raquel, the national eldest sister-in-law, showed off her beautiful legs in Weibo and wrote an essay: She was said that her legs were not good-looking since she was a child, but who knows … Now basking in the sun … I feel much more confident about my legs … Therefore, I have learned a truth: if others say that you are not good, you can bask in it. Maybe that’s what makes you different … Just like when I was growing up, I was always called hunchback … Now they only envy me. This article attracted countless netizens to watch, and her beautiful legs also became a hot topic among netizens.


Guan Xiaotong’s slender legs alone are one meter long.

Guan Xiaotong legs

Recently, Guan Xiaotong took part in an activity, singing and dancing at the scene. A pair of long legs were amazing, and her beautiful legs were full of talents. No wonder she succeeded in "capturing" Lu Han, and the news of Guan Xiaotong’s big dance also attracted the attention of many netizens. Guan Xiaotong, who was born as a child star, grew up in the spotlight. At 1.73 meters, she has a perfect figure, and her slender legs are one meter long. Can the goddess of beautiful legs do without her?

Poll: Jiang Jingguo’s contribution is far ahead of Chen Shui-bian and worse than Chiang Kai-shek.

    People’s Daily Online, December 11th, the issue of "going to Chiang Kai-shek" has been arguing endlessly on the island. According to a poll conducted by Taiwan Province’s United Daily News, people in Taiwan Province have different opinions on the historical orientation of the two Chiang Kai-shek. Twenty-nine percent think that Chiang Kai-shek has made greater contributions to Taiwan Province, while 30% think that he has made equal contributions. As for Jiang Jingguo, it has been unanimously affirmed by people from different parties, with a favorable comment of 65%. Recently, Chen Shui-bian, who has been trying to take advantage of Chiang Kai-shek, is not as sure as Chiang Kai-shek.

    Polls show that the two Chiang Kai-shek still have a high popularity, with 91% of Taiwan Province people knowing Chiang Kai-shek and 94% knowing Jiang Jingguo. Young people between the ages of 20 and 29 know about Chiang Kai-shek as much as 94%.

    Evaluating the merits and demerits of the two Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, people have different opinions on Chiang Kai-shek. Twenty-nine percent were sure that Chiang Kai-shek had done more to Taiwan Province, 30 percent felt that his merits were equal, and 9 percent thought that his merits were greater than his merits.

    Cross-analysis shows that more than 52% of people from other provinces and pan-blue supporters affirmed Chiang Kai-shek’s contribution to Taiwan Province. Most ethnic groups in southern Fujian think that Chiang Kai-shek’s merits and demerits are equal.

    Relatively speaking, people have affirmed the historical orientation of Jiang Jingguo. Sixty-five percent of the people think that Jiang Jingguo has made more contributions to Taiwan Province. Even the pan-green supporters are 48% sure that Jiang Jingguo has done more for Taiwan Province.

    As for Chen Shui-bian, only five percent of the people think that he has done more for Taiwan Province.

    Who has contributed the most to Taiwan Province by the leaders of Taiwan Province? 50% are sure that Jiang Jingguo made the greatest contribution to Taiwan Province, followed by Lee Teng-hui (11%), Chiang Kai-shek (6%) and Chen Shui-bian (5%). In the face of Democratic Progressive Party’s "de-Chiang Kai-shek" action, only 17% supported it and 60% opposed it.

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Editor: Wei Liangchun

Every piece of tea is a treasure! "Little Tea Man" opens the experience tour of "tea culture" in Jiangnan tea industry!

Chao News Client Reporter Yang Yuan
As a special activity created by "Grateful 30 Years 2023 Famous Products Shopping Festival" with the theme of "Brand Quality Linping Intelligent Creation", the little reporter Linping Factory Study Tour was deeply loved by children and parents once it was launched. On the afternoon of January 6th, following the successful conclusion of the first stop of the boss’s electric appliance research tour, 15 reporters from Niu 1 o’clock, led by their teachers and parents, started the "Little Tea Man" experience tour in Yijiangnan Tea Industry, Linping District, Hangzhou.
Under the introduction of the tea culture instructor of Yi Jiangnan Tea Industry, the children learned about the historical origin, development and evolution of tea varieties, production technology, tasting methods and other aspects, and participated in the "tea knowledge contest" question and answer. "Where did the earliest tea trees originate?" "Yunnan!" "In addition to the most famous West Lake Longjing, do we have a representative of Zen tea in Hangzhou?" "Jingshan tea!" "What’s the name of Cha Sheng?" "Lu Yu!" Every tea culture-related question thrown by the tutor, the children firmly caught it and answered it correctly.
In the tasting session, the children become "little tea tasters", and their task is to identify substitute tea and original leaf tea. The tutor told them that substitute tea generally consists of one or more items in the two categories of "medicine and food homology" and "health care products" in the prescribed food classification. Tea products made from the roots, stems, leaves or fruits of these plants are common, such as persimmon leaf tea, rose, honeysuckle, barley tea, boat-fruited Sterculia and Siraitia grosvenorii.
Every piece of tea has become a treasure in the eyes of "little tea tasters"! They carefully observed the shape and color of tea, gently touched it with their fingers, and felt the texture and texture of tea. Children full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge did not forget to raise their hands and ask their tutors for advice. They absorbed in the aroma of tea, closed their eyes and took a deep breath, and their concentration made the tutor nod again and again. The parents present also joined the activities one after another, and together with the children, they carefully identified the shape of tea, felt the aroma of tea soup, tasted the taste of tea soup, and observed the freshness of the bottom of leaves.
Known as the "king of flavonoids", strawberry tea does not contain theophylline and caffeine, and will not get excited after drinking, which can improve and improve the quality of sleep, and is suitable for all ages. After the on-site tea artist taught the brewing skills and precautions in detail, the "little tea tasters" appeared! They personally brewed and tasted the unique flavor of strawberry tea.
Bi Jianwen, the second grade of Maiyuqiao Primary School, was absorbed in observing the tea soup. The eight-year-old girl’s favorite drink is tea! "The father’s hometown is in Jingde County, Anhui Province. There is a custom of making tea eggs in the New Year. Children love tea eggs and love the unique fragrance of tea in eggs, so they have the complex of drinking tea." Bi Jianwen’s mother drove for 40 minutes to take her children to participate in the activities, just because "tea" is good for children. "Adults at home have a hobby of drinking tea. This year, the child asked herself to make tea, and we also respected her hobby. She sometimes soaks a small cup of green tea when she does her homework. " Mom said with a smile, in tea tasting, children can learn concentration, self-discipline and etiquette, and feel beautiful and warm.
"I don’t have the opportunity to be with my mother in my usual activities. Today, I will learn tea culture together, and my mother can accompany me!" Sun Jinglou, a fifth-grade student at Hangzhou Tianhang Experimental School, told reporters. Tide journalists noticed that Sun Jinglou was always the first one to raise his hand and answer quickly and accurately, and he also took notes carefully. "I listened carefully to the teacher’s lecture on tea culture, and I was very interested." According to Sun Jinglou’s mother, tea culture, as an important part of China’s traditional culture, also contains profound humanistic feelings and life wisdom. By experiencing tea culture, children can learn to respect tradition, feel the richness of history and the charm of culture, cultivate their love and pride in traditional culture, and let them know how to get along with others and how to respect and care for others.
It is reported that on the morning of January 27th and 28th, New Hope Shuangfeng Dairy, a big-name factory in Linping Economic and Technological Development Zone, specially opened the future factory experience tour to the fans of Chaoxin News, and the registration is currently in full swing! Interested readers please leave a message in the background, the quota is limited, first come, first served!
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15 weather and climate scenic spots, the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the flowers and the snow, all beautiful, which one do you want to go to?

"Standing on the top of the mountain, talking to the sun, the moon and the stars, diving to the bottom of the sea to talk with rivers, lakes and seas, shaking hands with every tree and whispering to every grass, we can know that the universe is vast, natural and awesome, and life is respectable."

Today, we will introduce you to these 15 weather and climate scenic spots in China, seeing beautiful sunrises, sunsets, starry skies, rainbows, clouds and rimes. ……

The sea of clouds refers to the clouds formed under certain conditions, and the height of the cloud top is lower than that of the top of the mountain. When people bow down to the clouds at the top of the mountain, they see boundless clouds, which are magnificent, like being near the sea.


Poshan village yunhai

Poshan village, located in the south of Shexian County, Anhui Province, is surrounded by mountains and waters, with four distinct seasons.

After a rain, there will be a spectacular mountain sea of clouds in Poshan village. At that time, the whole village will be shrouded in clouds, just like people in the sky. There are more than 200 days of sea of clouds in 365 days here, so Poshan Village is also called "misty village, dreamy hillside".

Best viewing place: Longding observation deck.

Best viewing time: The sea of clouds is most abundant in spring and autumn, especially when it is sunny after rain and before sunrise in the morning.


Jiuxianshan Yunhai

Jiuxian Mountain, located in Dehua County, Fujian Province, is a national nature reserve.

Its scenery is beautiful, picturesque, and there are often flowing clouds between the peaks, and the layers of clouds are endless. The covered peaks are unreal and looming, which is quite spectacular. When Zhou Feng, a poet in Ming Dynasty, visited this place, he left a poem praising it as the land of Penglai:

"Why sail, China has Penglai. In the cave, the gods come and go every day. "

Best viewing time: November to May, especially after the cold air in winter.


Lao jun shan yun hai

Laojun Mountain, located in Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, was named "Laojun Mountain" by Emperor Taizong because the ancestor of Taoism, Lao Zi Li Er, once went here to practice in seclusion, and was also known as "the sacred land of chinese odyssey and the first fairy mountain in the world".

Laojun Mountain is 2217 meters above sea level. When the sea of clouds appears, when you look around, the clouds cover thousands of miles and the fog locks the peaks. Especially when the sea of clouds appears in sunny days and overcast days, it shows the magnificent landscape of "the sea reaches the horizon as the shore, and the mountains reach the extreme and the peaks are artificial".

Best viewing places: Jinding and Yunjingtian Road.

Best viewing time: in winter and spring, when the rain clears or the snow clears.


Lushan yunhai

Lushan Mountain, located in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, has been "the land of the world’s eyebrows" since ancient times, attracting literati to compete and leaving countless poems that have been passed down through the ages.

Its backing is covered with water, smoking, and under Lushan Mountain, you can see the heights, between Shan Ye, and the clouds are iterative, such as the waves in the sea, smart and beautiful, just like a fairy cruising.

The best viewing places: Guniuling, Tianchi Lake, Hanpokou and Wulaofeng.

Best viewing time: it can be seen all year round, and winter is the best.


Ju feng yun hai

Giant Peak, also known as "Laoding", is the main peak of Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and the highest peak on China’s coastline.

Looking at the mountains on the sea, the peaks are gathering; Climbing mountains and watching the sea, the smoke is vast. The giant peak is huge, solemn and rough, with fog coming from the sea and clouds sprouting from the mountains. For a while, the mountains and winding bays are shadowy, like an illusory fairyland.

The best viewing time: it is considerable all year round, but it appears more frequently before and after the rain in spring and summer.


Yunhe terraced sea of clouds

Yunhe Terrace, located in Chongtou Town, Yunhe County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is the largest terrace group in East China. It is known as the "thousand-layer terrace, thousand-meter gap and thousand-year history" and is also known as "the most beautiful terrace in China".

Clouds and terraces are high in altitude and influenced by airflow, so there are often white clouds around here. One of the highlights of "Wonder of Clouds, World of Clouds".

Best viewing time: March to July every year, between 5 am and 9 am.

Refers to the seasonal variation phenomenon of various plants, animals, hydrology and meteorology or the landscape formed by it.


Autumn colors in Tachuan (phenological landscape of red leaves)

Tachuan is located in yi county, Anhui Province. When the autumn wind is cool, the autumn colors in Tachuan begin to dye all the layers of forest. From a distance, the red leaves of Yishui bloom enchanting in the mountains, which is fascinating.

A closer look reveals that autumn leaves with similar colors are actually magical colors of red, green, yellow and orange, and the poetic feeling reaches the bottom of my heart in an instant.

Best viewing time: from late October to late November every year.


Populus euphratica forest in Ejina banner (yellow leaf phenological landscape)

In autumn, clouds, wind, trees, water and desert in Ejina are scrambling to paint their makeup, just like they are going to participate in a beauty contest.

First, the wind was clear and the clouds talked, and then the cold dew dyed 450,000 mu of Populus euphratica forest golden overnight. The gorgeous and dazzling colors made the desolate desert generate show a powerful energy and jointly performed a song of life.

Best viewing time: According to statistics, from 2013 to 2020, the average date for Ejina Populus euphratica forest to enter the better viewing period is September 28th, October 5th, October 18th after defoliation, and the average date for the end of the viewing period is October 22nd, and the average number of days for the better viewing period is 24 and 14.


Blue tears in Pingtan (phenological landscape of marine life)

Pingtan, Fujian has obvious maritime climate characteristics, mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. Whenever the cold and warm air meet in the season, the more hazy the night is, the beach in Pingtan is strolled, and the sea is sparkling and blue when you look from a distance. This special landscape is called "blue tears" by many people.

According to the data, "blue tears" have been proved to be formed by two kinds of plankton, one is the firefly with a curved throat, and the other is noctiluca. In Pingtan, the most common "blue tears" luminous organism is Nocturnal algae.

Best viewing time: April to May every year.

Refers to an optical phenomenon in meteorology. When sunlight hits water droplets in mid-air, the light is refracted and reflected, forming an arched colorful spectrum in the sky, which is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple from the outer ring to the inner ring. In fact, there are countless colors in the rainbow, but for the sake of simplicity, only seven colors are used as the difference.


Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall in Dabie Mountain, located in Huangwei Village, Huangwei Town, at the junction of Yuexi and Huoshan counties in Anhui Province, integrates canyons, waterfalls, Lishui and culture.

Rainbow Waterfall is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Monkey River, with a height of 80 meters and a width of 30 meters, with an average flow of 2.0 to 5.0 cubic meters per second. The water flows down from the Monkey Cliff with great momentum.

Sunlight presents a gorgeous rainbow through the water mist, and visitors are immersive and dreamlike. Because of the large amount of water coming from the Monkey River, the four seasons do not dry up, so no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can see the rainbow wonders whenever there is the sun.

Best viewing places: rainbow arch bridge, glass viewing platform, etc.

Best viewing time: except winter, the best viewing time in other seasons is from 8: 00 to 13: 00.


Xiapu Sansha Sunrise and Sunset (Sunrise and Sunset Landscape at Sea)

Xiapu has a coastline of more than 480 kilometers, which is a tidal flat on the bedrock coast, with the largest tidal flat area in China. In the long river of years, it has formed its own unique tidal flat sunrise landscape.

When the light broke through the night, a large area of tidal flat was covered with bright ripples. When the gorgeous glow poured down the sea, the nearby tidal flat began to show different colors, such as blue, orange, red and purple, which were unpredictable and dizzying.

When the sun sets, the beach and laver shed are red, and an excellent light and shadow painting is made for fishermen with nets on the beach!

Best viewing place: Dongbi Village is a small fishing village facing the sea in Sansha Town, Xiapu. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and has a wide view. It is the best place to shoot the sunset at sea among many scenic spots in Xiapu.

The best viewing time: the sunset is good in spring and summer, and the sunrise is good in autumn and winter.


The starry sky (starry landscape)

Damao Pubei, which is nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, is located in Anmin Township, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province. It is far away from urban light pollution and has excellent conditions in nightglow. It is the first batch of starry sky landscapes in China.

The back of Maoxian, which is located on the ridge, is flat and open, and the sky is getting late. The moon and stars have replaced the sun as the protagonists. The stars in the sky, terraced fields and blue tile cottages set each other off, forming a beautiful night sky, which instantly sticks to your sight.

Best viewing time: the starry sky can be seen in sunny days all year round.


Lotus Lake Ice Bubble (Ice Bubble Landscape)

When the temperature drops sharply, the lake will freeze. "Ice bubble lake" is actually an image. Not all frozen lakes will have ice bubble landscape. Only when the speed of freezing is faster than the speed of bubbles rushing to the water surface at the bottom of the lake will the bubbles be "locked" in the ice. In other words, there are two basic conditions: one is to have a source that can release gas in the water, and the other is that the local temperature of the lake drops below freezing point rapidly.

Lotus Lake in Mohe, Heilongjiang Province is the only ice bubble lake in the northernmost part of China. At the beginning of November every year, the surface of Lotus Lake in Mohe has been completely frozen and crystal clear, and very unique bubbles can be seen distributed in the ice through the ice.

Best viewing time: from November to March.


Snow tongue in snow country (ice and snow landscape)

There are two basic conditions for the formation of snow tongue: one is sufficient snowfall, and the other is stable snowflake shape.

Xuexiang, located in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and with an altitude of about 1500 meters, it has a unique snow tongue landscape. It hangs down from the eaves like syrup, and it does not break or fall without external support. It is amazing, and some even reach 1 meter!

Best viewing time: November to March of the following year.


Great platform rime (rime landscape) in Xunke County

Rime, the wonder of winter. When everything is below the freezing point, the water vapor below zero meets the branches below the freezing temperature, and it crystallizes with a kiss. From a distance, it looks like a small white flower falling on the branches. This is rime.

Speaking of rime, there are not only the Songhua River rime, but also the platform rime in Xunke County, Heilongjiang Province. Every January, it is the most beautiful time of rime in Xunke County. The Kurbin River water flowing through Xunke County carries the huge heat energy of the hydraulic turbine of Kurbin Hydropower Station, and the river flows for dozens of miles without freezing, forming a piece of rime wonders on the shore.

In the early morning of the deep winter, the rime blooms like flowers, with trees and pieces lining the azure sky, and there is no one watching.

Best viewing time: from December to February.

These beautiful weather and climate landscapes,

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Ten Heavy New Cars in 2023

The year 2023 is coming to an end, with less than a month left in the blink of an eye. Looking back on this year, using one word to describe the automobile industry is the flying of rolls and rolls. There are endless new products on the new energy track, and the field of fuel vehicles has also started price wars one after another. Car manufacturers have finished rolling up the price of products. For consumers, this year is indeed a year suitable for buying cars.

Today, let’s take a look at the products that surprised you in 2023 and are worth starting with. Here are 10 models, which are very heavy.

Byd seagull

It has been listed for more than 7 months, but it has won the championship for more than 6 months. This is BYD Seagull. From the appearance of BYD Seagull in April to October, it is the champion of this level of car sales every month, and even has a sales volume of more than 40,000, making it a popular candidate for the champion of car sales.

Recently, the 200,000th seagull officially rolled off the assembly line. Up to now, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 180,000, and the results are not dazzling. This success, in addition to the blessing of BYD brand aura, is also indispensable to the outstanding strength of the model itself. The lower threshold, the better car cost performance, the upper-middle level seating space of the same class and the relatively sporty and fashionable appearance make Seagull very suitable for consumers who pay attention to economic applicability such as commuting.

Deep blue S7

The dark blue S7, known as the "King of Volume" of the 7-character generation, has only been listed for half a year. From the latest sales data, for example, in October, Deep Blue S7 also had data of over 8,000 vehicles, which was considered as a best-selling camp.

The advantage of Deep Blue S7 can roll lies in its price. It is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, and its price is less than 150,000. Its cost performance is outstanding, and its face value, space and configuration are online. The first car owner also enjoys the lifetime warranty policy of the battery pack. Under the premise of low car purchase threshold and low car use threshold, the maintenance cost is also invisibly lowered, which is just right for the modern young people’s psychology of "saving the flowers". The product strength is icing on the cake, and the price advantage is the last word.

Wen Jie M7

It is said that a M7 that is far ahead has revitalized the world, making the products with low sales suddenly come back to life. Less than 50 days after listing, the sales volume of Dading exceeded 80,000, which is dazzling in the whole high-end new energy field, and it really makes the ideal feel the pressure.

There is no doubt about Huawei’s brand power, and HarmonyOS’s intelligent ecosystem is also a bright spot. However, the success of the M7 is also inseparable from the model itself. For example, the improvement of the overall mechanical quality and configuration level is obvious for the enhancement of handling and comfort. Moreover, the price adjustment and positioning are more reasonable, and the opponent is reduced from L8 to L7. Relying on the price advantage, the brand influence and its own strength, it is not all the credit of being far ahead.

Feifan F7

In terms of sales volume, Feifan F7 did not achieve the expected popularity. However, judging from the model itself, Feifan F7 can still rank among the annual models.

At the beginning of the year, when Feifan F7 appeared to announce the selling price, there was also a real wave of enthusiasm. Some people feel sincere because of the low price threshold of the model, some people complain because of the unreasonable scheme of renting batteries and buying out batteries in Feifan F7 battery exchange mode, and some people are surprised because of the NVH of this car …

Nowadays, according to the data that the monthly sales volume is just over 2,000 vehicles, the purchasing power of heat conversion is limited. Moreover, SAIC, which is backed by Feifan, is not only betting on Feifan, but also the D7 model of Zhiji and Roewe itself. Although the overall price-performance ratio of Feifan F7 is excellent, now the 200,000+market segment is completely established as an explosion, and there are still some characteristics with higher recognition. Therefore, Feifan F7 will inevitably be listed less than one year. Under the impact of new products, the terminal will give a drop of about 20,000, and the price-performance ratio of the whole vehicle will be improved by price advantage.

Zhiji LS6

At the beginning of the year, Zhiji LS7 just made its debut. Near the end of the year, the sister model Zhiji LS6 made a strong attack.

Obviously, in order to start the brand of Zhiji, SAIC has also made great efforts, and the price has dropped again and again. From Zhiji L7 to Zhiji LS7 to Zhiji LS6, the terminal has given a limited-time discount of 15,000, and the threshold has been lowered to the early 210,000. Compared with Zhiji LS7, the performance-price ratio has been significantly improved. After all, in terms of size, Zhiji LS6 is only a little smaller, but it is a whole level lower in price.

Moreover, Zhiji LS6 quasi-900V dual silicon carbide platform not only ensures zero acceleration within 3.5S, but also pays more attention to the intelligent car experience of vehicles. For example, the elevated NOA capability comes standard with NVIDIA Orin-X chip and lidar to ensure convenient, comfortable and intelligent travel.

Zhijie S7

What sparks can Chery and Huawei collide? Just look at the intellectual S7.

At the end of November, Zhijie S7 officially debuted, with a price of 249,800 yuan. It is aimed at medium and large-sized cars, 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform is standard, and Huawei empowers Turing intelligent chassis and other new technologies. It only takes 3.3S to accelerate 100 kilometers, and CLTC’s comprehensive cruising range can reach 855km, and it can last 215km in five minutes.

Judging from the current data, the reservation has exceeded 20,000 units. It is good news for Chery’s road to electrification transformation. The design of the front face of Zhijie S7, especially the headlights, is very Huawei’s style. From the perspective of positioning, the price of this car is actually not dominant in the auto market of 200,000+,and the so-called outstanding selling points are not clear. The so-called intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and fast charging are basically standard in this market segment. The product characteristics of Zhijie S7 are not clear. Perhaps Huawei’s brand power and Chery’s influence can play a certain role, but if you want to win the first place, and

Haobo HT

In contrast, the niche attribute of Haobo HT is relatively clear.

Throughout the field of new energy, the explosion mode is nothing more than niche configuration and mass production positioning. In this mode, it is often the easiest to give birth to explosions, such as ideals and Tesla. Nowadays, Haobo HT has also grasped the key point, relying on popular positioning and niche configuration, and wants to stand out in the 200,000+camp.

Standard European wing door, with Dolby panoramic sound, has a memory point in terms of car experience and visual effects. Combined with the price of 213,900, the threshold is not high, and the performance in relatively balanced products can still occupy a place in the middle and large pure electric SUV camp. Judging from the current data, there are orders for more than 20,000 vehicles in less than one month of pre-sale, which is a great success for this new brand with a total of three models listed soon.

Lan tu Zhu guang

The 200,000+market has never lacked good cars. Under the shackles of classic benchmarks such as BYD Han and Tesla Model 3, if you want to gain a firm foothold quickly, you must rely on outstanding characteristics to attract potential and fixed audiences, that is to say, the labeling should be clear, and it should arouse the resonance and recognition of the audience, so that it can be truly transformed into purchasing power.

The pursuit of light like Lantu has set its sights on groups with business car needs. From the price point of view, the threshold of chasing light from 266,900 is not low in the same class, but it comes standard with electric four-wheel drive, with a million-level magic carpet chassis, air suspension and CDC blessing, which can be adjusted in advance to reduce the bumpy feeling. The rear row also has administrative push-off, the four-seat mode comes standard with massage ventilation and heating functions, and the intelligent auxiliary driving system of L2.9 level, and the driving quality is even better.

Byd song l

The price has not been officially announced, but it is not surprising that BYD Song L will also be an explosive product.

The positioning should be between Song PLUS and Tang Dynasty, which is considered as a B-class SUV product. Its shape is also different from that of Song PLUS and Tang Dynasty, and it is more sporty and fashionable, and its personality is towering. Hunting coupe SUV positioning, strong cross-border style, and more aggressive modeling, strong sports atmosphere, distinctive features, more like young audiences. Many people call it "the most beautiful BYD" in the SUV field.

The highlight of BYD Song L lies not only in the car itself, but also in the blessing of brand influence. With the endorsement of BYD, Song L has more outstanding advantages in terms of technology, word-of-mouth and stability and reliability. Thanks to BYD’s highly vertically integrated industry consolidation ability, Song L also has room for price reduction. No matter how the market changes, compared with the new power products, Song L has stronger pressure resistance.

Ideality MEGA

While the most beautiful BYD is on the scene, the ugliest ideal is about to go online.

This product with a strong sense of technology and futurity, which looks like a concept car, will be a formal production car. It is the ideal MEGA, and according to the official data, the number of orders has exceeded 10,000, and there are many people who spit it out, but obviously there are as many people who recognize it.

The price will be around 500,000-600,000. The new car will be unveiled in December and delivered in January of the following year. Although the appearance has changed to the ideal calm and atmospheric style, the interior still retains a lot of the same design, and the big screen is still very eye-catching. The unique design also brings excellent performance of wind resistance coefficient, which is only 0.215Cd. Although it is a 7-seat layout, the space utilization is reasonable, and various modes can be switched. Two rows of independent seats also ensure comfort. The 800V platform is built, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 5.5S, and the travel quality and control are guaranteed.

The new president of the Football Association must be responsible! The first goal was finished, and China football took the Korean team to the end.

On November 1st, Beijing time, China drew 1-1 with Korean women’s football team in the third round of Group B of the Asian Women’s Football Qualifiers for the Paris Olympic Games, and finally ranked third in the group, and missed the Paris Olympic Games! This is the failure of China football, and it is also the failure of Song Kai, the new president of the Football Association!

It can be said that China women’s football team and South Korean women’s football team didn’t win. Both sides died together and went out together, and they didn’t wait for a miracle. This is the second time in the history of China women’s football team that they missed the Olympic Games! Moreover, all the competition tasks of China Women’s Football Team have ended this year, which is a great loss of face for the players, and many people don’t even have a chance to make up for it!

After the game, many women’s football players in China shed tears. In the Xie Chang session of the whole team, Dou Jiaxing cried very sadly in Shui Qingxia’s arms. Wang Shanshan, the eldest sister, choked up several times after the interview, and finally she couldn’t help crying. It can be seen that women football girls are very unwilling to lose, but what’s the use? After all, even if the China women’s football team wins the Korean women’s football team, it will still miss the best second place! As early as losing to the Korean women’s football team, the ending has been decided!

In another group match, Uzbekistan beat the Indian women’s football team 3-0, and became the second best team with 6 points and 2 goal difference, and advanced to the next stage together with the first Australian women’s football team, the Korean women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team! It can be said that after Uzbekistan men’s soccer team let China men’s soccer team see their weight, their women’s soccer team let China women’s soccer team despair in the end!

The most embarrassing thing is that Song Kai just took office as the president of the China Football Association. The first goal he shouted was to ensure that the China women’s football team advanced to the Paris Olympic Games, and he also strengthened the leadership team for this purpose! Now, China’s women’s football team dreams of breaking the Paris Olympics, and Song Kai is humiliated. He was finished as soon as he took office. Will his leading bodies be responsible for this?

Ten world-class classic TV dramas that you can’t stop watching, but unfortunately they are all made abroad.

Because we started late in the field of film and television, compared with our production level in Europe and America, we may still have some shortcomings, but we have been making progress.

I believe that in the near future, we can also produce world-class classic TV dramas.

The following small series recommends 10 world-class classic TV dramas, all of which are world-class classics. Once you can’t stop watching them, you can even watch them over and over again.

Especially in the last two movies, it makes people forget about tea and rice.

one、《The Walking Dead》

Chinese name "The Walking Dead", this film can be said to be the pinnacle of "Walking Dead" movies.

The film started in 2010 and ended in 2022, lasting 12 years, with a total of 117 episodes.

It tells the story of a world full of zombies. Survivors are intrigued with each other for survival and resources. The protagonist Rick insists on his own principles, but when faced with life and death, he has to fight back with a gun.

This film is very classic, which not only reflects the goodness of human nature, but also exposes the evil of human nature.

Friends who like watching doomsday movies, this drama must not be missed.

Two、《House of Cards》

Chinese "House of Cards", a political drama series produced by Netflix, is adapted from michael dobbs’s novel of the same name.

Directed by James Frey and david fincher, adapted by Beau Willimon, starring kevinspacey fowler, robin wright, michael kelly, Lars Micol Sen, kate mara and Christine Connolly.

The play mainly describes the story of a cold-blooded American congressman and his equally ambitious wife "operating power" among the top in Washington.

Frank Underwood, the hero, is the whip of the majority party in the US House of Representatives and a wily professional politicians. He firmly believes that the newly elected President of the United States and his aides betrayed him, so he vowed to oust this president, and he launched a series of arrangements by hook or by crook.

The finished version of the first season of House of Cards premiered globally on Netflix on February 1, 2013, and now it has been broadcast to the fifth season.

The excellent production and compact plot of this play make it enjoy high reputation and attention all over the world. These TV dramas are all classics, with excellent plots and actors’ performances, which are worth staying up late to watch.

3、《Breaking Bad》

Breaking Bad: It tells the story of an ordinary high school chemistry teacher who, after discovering that he has cancer, began to use his knowledge to make drugs, and then gradually became a drug tycoon.

His purpose of making drugs is actually very simple, just to earn more money for his family. He is actually a very loving person.

However, he ignored the love of others!

four、《The Big Bang Theory》

"The Big Bang Theory" This is a CBS comedy, which is very classic. It mainly tells some happy stories that a group of theoretical physicists and their friends met in their lives.

The script and actors of the play are excellent, especially Jim Parsons and Johnny Garic.

5、《The Wire》

FireWire, a HBO political drama, takes Baltimore as the background and discusses the relationship among drugs, politics, media and community. The script of the play is excellent, and there are many excellent actors, including Dominic West, Ian McShane and Wendell Pierce.


Lost is an ABC sci-fi TV series, which tells the story of survivors living on a desert island after a plane crash. The plot of the play is very complicated, and there are many amazing reversals.

This TV series is very popular in China. When I was studying English at school, the teacher took this gathering as an example.

seven、《The West World》:

"westworld" is a sci-fi series released by HBO in 2016. The idea originated from the 1973 film of the same name, with jonathan nolan as the general director, michael crichton as the chief screenwriter and Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins and ed harris as the main actors.

The play tells the story of a giant high-tech adult paradise with westworld as its theme, which provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire. With the receptionists’ independent consciousness and thinking, they begin to doubt the nature of the world, and then wake up and resist human beings.

This TV series is very classic, but because it is a restricted TV series, it may not be watched in China.

8、《Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.》

S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, this TV series is very well-known in China.

It is a real-life sci-fi action series produced by Marvel TV, and it is also a part of Marvel movie universe.
The series is adapted from the Marvel comic organization SHIELD, but the protagonist is a human agent, not superheroes such as Iron Man and Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a special force of the International Security Council dedicated to dealing with all kinds of strange events.
In addition, in Marvel Comics movies, the former director of SHIELD is Nick Fury, and the former commander is Maria Hill. In the drama, the main opponent is the evil organization Hydra founded and continued by Red Skull …

9、《Game of Thrones》

Chinese name "Game of Thrones", I believe many people have seen this drama.

Quan You is almost the ceiling of TV series, and no TV series can compare with it in terms of popularity.

This is a fantastic drama set in the overhead world of Westeros, which is loved by audiences all over the world with its wonderful plot and high-level cast. It includes a large number of violent and pornographic scenes, as well as complex character relationships and reversed plots, which makes it difficult for the audience to extricate themselves.

In particular, "Dragon Mother" Amelia, with her beautiful face, reaped waves of audiences.

Once the play is on, you can’t spare time for dinner!

Ten"Prison Break"

Why put Prison Break at the last finale? Because it is the most classic TV series in my heart.

Before I met my girlfriend when I first went to college, I met her first. In order to catch up with her, I suffered for a week (one episode a week), and then downloaded it by software and saved it on the hard disk. During the holiday, I watched it with my classmates, and I really didn’t think about tea and rice.

Prison Break is a story about saving lives. The protagonist Michael is an architect, and his brother was framed, which happened to be in the prison he designed.

In order to save his brother, Michael was deliberately arrested and then began his escape plan from prison. The process of his escape from prison, his successful escape, his re-imprisonment in his escape career, and his final collection of evidence in order to get rid of the crime …

Michael is a genius here, he is proficient in the application of mechanics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. The most important thing is that he is also a thief and handsome!

Wentworth Miller’s wonderful performance also won him the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

This is a TV series not to be missed, super classic and personal favorite!

The Clippers officially gave up the deal, Harden! American media analyzes bearded reality: reconciliation with 76ers is the most feasible.

On September 18, Beijing time, the famous Windhost said that it was the Clippers who proposed to end Harden’s trading negotiations. Earlier, it was reported that the 76ers insisted on asking for a high price, and the teams including the Clippers were unable or unwilling to meet it. In the end, Harden’s trading negotiations broke down. Then the question is coming. It seems that joining the Clippers is hopeless. What should Harden do next?

The US media said that Harden had too few choices. "The disgruntled defender strongly urged to leave the 76ers, but his choices were obviously limited due to a series of related factors."

An important constraint is the new labor agreement, which may have a great impact on Harden’s career. If he chooses to refuse to report to the 76ers training camp, he will be severely punished, which will cast a shadow over his future career and even pay a high price.

It is understood that refusing to play for the 76ers for a long time will deprive him of the right to sign and negotiate with any team unless the 76ers approve it. In essence, 76 people have the absolute initiative.

So what should Harden do next? The US media said that the most feasible way for Harden at present is to reach a settlement with the 76ers, fulfill the contract, and strive to achieve mutual respect and understanding. Considering the high asking price of the 76ers and the limited number of teams interested in Harden, the deal seems unlikely. At the same time, any persistent resistance will lead to an unfavorable situation, which will not only damage his financial prospects, but also affect Harden’s reputation and future career.

Harden has already torn his face with the 76ers executives, but if the deal can’t be reached, he can only reconcile with the other party, which is also the most pragmatic solution. How Harden should deal with this situation, let us wait and see. The opening day of the 76ers training camp is getting closer and closer. Will Harden show up on time?

As the times require, it is obvious that you can make a circle by being cute, but Liu Yutong, the "big baby", has to rely on strength.

Liu Yutong’s great welcome reflects the new aesthetics of fans in the internet plus era. People pay more attention to the real-time interaction on and off the field, and pay more attention to the performance of sports stars "both inside and outside"

In the women’s basketball competition of Chengdu Universiade, Liu Yutong of China team was so angry that she had no friends.

With a height of 201cm and a weight of 200 kg, she helped the China team win all the way with the absolute pressure from inside.

On the court, Liu Yutong, a big man, often bounces his opponent with a slight force in physical confrontation, which is vividly compared by netizens as "bouncing music".

There are many players in the sports world who have the ability to "kill the game", and most of them are "terrorist". However, Liu Yutong on and off the court is cute, and his gestures are cute. In the face of the interview, she will tell you without affectation that the title of "Big Baby" was given by a little brother. Should be the old saying-clearly can rely on cute out of the circle, but depends on strength. Some people call her "female O ‘Neill", but she is her and our big baby.

Liu Yutong is reminiscent of Zheng Haixia. Choosing "tower" players is a direct way to increase the right to speak on the court. Yao Ming and Zheng Haixia in those days gave us many wonderful memories. It is quite rare to play well and be cute. Liu Yutong’s great welcome reflects the new aesthetics of fans in the internet plus era. People pay more attention to the real-time interaction on and off the field, and pay more attention to the performance of sports stars "both inside and outside". When the whole network shouted Liu Yutong’s "big baby", Liu Yutong readily responded, saying that anything can be shouted. This shows that the new sports forces in China also know the Internet language very well.

On the field, there are "blue prince", "smiling angel", "Dr. Dunk" and "Li Mochou" butcher. The existence of diversified roles makes the game exciting and exciting.

An athlete is given a well-known nickname by the whole network, which is not only the embodiment of his strength, but also the embodiment of the progress of sports culture.

It’s different from sitting in a tight seat and watching the game nervously. It’s different from looking at the faces on the field like the printed names on the table. When we shouted out "Big Devil" and "Big Baby", we felt unprecedented happiness.

Wu Lichuan, Special Commentator of Red Star News

Editor Zhao Yu

Red Star Review Submission Email: hxpl2020@qq.com

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170 million in 3 years! Davis refused to renew his contract because he was dissatisfied with the team and the team’s shortcomings in the new season were exposed.

Pelinka, the Lakers’ manager who has been questioned for several seasons, finally became a recognized manager through the operation of last season and this summer.

The Lakers added a lot of new recruits this summer, such as Vincent, Prince, Reddish and Hayes, and successfully retained the backbones of Russell, Reeves and Bacamura. The most important thing is that Pelinka managed to keep the Lakers’ total salary within the luxury tax line by signing contracts or signing signings. I have to admire his actions.

After the lineup was confirmed, the Lakers management began to think about the future. It has been reported that the Lakers began to contact Davis to discuss the renewal of the contract. Davis currently has two years left in his contract with the Lakers, which is $40.6 million and $43.22 million respectively. Now Davis is eligible to sign a contract renewal with the Lakers for up to three years and $170 million.

Brian Windhorst, a famous ESPN player, revealed that the contact between the Lakers and Davis was not smooth. Davis said that he was not in a hurry to discuss the contract renewal with the Lakers and refused the current negotiation request with the Lakers. The reason is that Davis needs to seriously consider whether to stay with the Lakers all the time.

Brian Windhorst said that the source revealed that Davis was dissatisfied with his status in the Lakers last season. At the critical time of many games, Davis thought that he was not respected on the court, had no sense of participation and could not get the ball. And the coach Hamm has been flaunting Davis as the leader of the team, which is just a sentence, and it has not been implemented in daily life and competition.

However, Davis still has two years left on his contract, and there is still a lot of time left for the Lakers. They can use one season next season to get rid of Davis.

It’s a bit surprising that the Lakers signed Vincent this summer. Although Pelinka’s operation has been evaluated very well by the outside world, Vincent’s position in the team is rather awkward under the circumstances of vigorously cultivating Reeves and the team renewed Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current Lakers lineup, the inside line is slightly weak. Judging from Hamm’s coaching style last season, it is debatable whether Hayes can take on the heavy responsibility of rotating the center, even though Davis has been playing the center. In fact, the Lakers can keep castleton, who performed very well in the summer league, and a small version of Jokic may surprise the Lakers. Castleton has a soft shooting feel, good organization and rebounding ability.

Judging from the Lakers’ previous games, many games are easy to fall into scoring drought. Although they once led by a big score, they can all be caught up or even overtaken by the other side, and their ability to score continuously is not strong. Many times, they are easy to fall into scoring drought. Nowadays, the lineup has not been greatly improved compared with last season. In the past, James was able to undertake this ice-breaking task, but now James is not as good as before in both physical strength and explosive power. Last season, Reeves stood up for many times, which made this teenager.

From this point of view, the Lakers need Davis and Russell to stand up and take on more responsibilities in the new season, and Reeves, Bacamura and Vincent also need to have stable performance. Only by uniting, the Lakers will achieve better results in the new season.