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The woman tells the story of "making friends" on the Internet: How did I get cheated of 200,000 yuan?

  The chat record between Ms. Jiang and the man

  Recharge again and again — Profit — Withdrawal and recharge — Profit — After the withdrawal, on September 8th, the 160,000 yuan that Jiang Morong, who lives in Chengdu, finally filled in, could not be withdrawn … …

  The customer service told her that she had to activate the account to withdraw cash, and the activated account had to deposit another 150 thousand. At that moment, she came to her senses: she was cheated! She immediately went to the police station to report the case!

  According to the police of the police station, in recent years, there have been a lot of telecom frauds to cheat single women by playing emotional cards. The police reminded the majority of women to be vigilant when logging in to the blind date platform and not to trust each other easily.

  Friends recommend logging on to dating sites, and strange men ask for help to buy "lottery tickets"

  Two months ago, 29-year-old Jiang Morong played an APP called "Iraq Team Dating Friends" under the recommendation of a friend. She said that this is a multi-party video dating platform, where you can make multi-person video calls with strangers. However, Jiang Morong said that she only logged in once and felt that it was not as fun as expected, so she uninstalled it. Later, a stranger named "Run old boys" added her WeChat and learned that she was a friend on the "Iraq Team" APP. She passed the WeChat. The man told her that his name is Wang Qichao, and he is 30 years old and works in Chengdu.

  Jiang Morong said that at first, everyone just chatted. After getting familiar with it, in early September, the man asked Jiang Morong to help him buy something similar to a welfare lottery on a website on the grounds that his ID abroad was limited and it was inconvenient to operate. Jiang Morong said that the man gave her a website address for her to log in to the account and directly help him place an order and buy a "lottery ticket".

  Earn money by earning the difference rate

  Seeing that netizens earn a lot of money has moved their hearts.

  The man told Jiang Mourong that this is a regular national welfare lottery to earn money by earning the loss rate, and told her that there is a loophole in the system now, as long as you buy it, you can make a steady profit.

  Jiang Morong told reporters that the man first asked her to help him rush 200,000, and then rushed 400,000, adding up to more than 2 million. "At the best of times, apart from the principal, he earned more than 100,000 yuan a day."

  Watching the man start making money, Jiang Morong also moved a little.

  Jiang Morong said that she also had doubts at first. First of all, the website’s URL was very strange. "It’s very short, unlike ordinary websites." Secondly, the website can only be opened with a specific browser, and after clicking into the website, it looks like a game interface, "a bit like gambling sites." However, the man said that this was formal, and Jiang Morong also considered that he only helped him buy it at that time. "I didn’t participate myself, so I didn’t think much."

  Start to pay for "money"

  The more you invest, the deeper you get.

  Therefore, she also registered two accounts to buy, and initially invested 20,000-30,000 yuan. At the end of the day, she still earned several thousand yuan, "and she can withdraw cash normally." After tasting the sweetness, she began to invest more and more, and the income was more and more. At most, she earned tens of thousands of yuan.

  But a few days later, on September 8, when she invested money again, the system prompted her not to withdraw cash. Ms. Jiang said: "The customer service said that she needed to invest 160,000 yuan to upgrade her membership." Ms. Jiang asked the man, and the man replied that she wanted to upgrade.

  After charging 160 thousand, the system still can’t withdraw cash. The reason given by customer service is that the first upgrade of members needs to be unlocked, and "we have to invest 150 thousand again." Here, Jiang Morong suddenly came to his senses: he was cheated. She immediately reported to the police station in front of the camp in jinniu district, Chengdu. After combing the transfer voucher, I was cheated of a total of 203,000 yuan.

  Reporter’s investigation:

  There is something fishy

  This is an illegal gambling website.

  The reporter saw from the screenshot of the transfer provided by Jiang Morong that the payee name of her transfer was a Beijing company named: Beijing Yiyang Tianxu Technology Co., Ltd. The reporter inquired from Tianyancha that the company was established on May 8, 2018 with a registered capital of 11 million and paid-in 11 million. Business scope includes: technical development, technical consultation, software consultation, computer system service, software development, sales of computers, clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities, metal ores, etc.

  The reporter also searched the APP called "Team Iraq" used by Ms. Jiang, which is a video dating APP. The download volume on the platform has reached 19.62 million times. When registering, you need to enter your age, education, etc.

  The reporter logged into the website provided by the man to Jiang Morong, which is a website called "Jinsha Entertainment City", and now it can be registered and logged in normally. The websites include sports events, lottery games, Mark Six Lottery, live entertainment and so on.

  There is no contact number on this website, so all of them can only contact the customer service staff. The reporter consulted the customer service as a user, and as of press time, no reply was received.

  Police tips:

  Single women use dating sites.

  Be vigilant

  Compared with the first discovery that she was cheated and reported to the police station that the whole person was shaking, Ms. Jiang’s mentality was better after a few days of rest. She told reporters that this deception is that she knows too little about social information. After graduating from junior high school, she usually doesn’t watch mobile phones or TV, and she knows too little about telecom fraud. "At the same time, she has no defensive psychology and is too easy to trust people."

  She now recalls that from the very beginning to add WeChat friends, to let her help, and then to spend money to buy, all this is a routine. The reporter saw that in her chat with the man, the man also kindly called her "dear".

  On the morning of the 16th, she had received a notice from the police for investigation. Next, she will actively cooperate with the police investigation, hoping to recover the defrauded funds as soon as possible.

  The police at Yingmenkou police station told reporters: First of all, gambling and gambling are prohibited in China, so any gambling website is illegal. "In recent years, there have been many telecom frauds targeting single women, accounting for the vast majority." The police reminded that when single women log in to a certain dating website or social APP, they will have a good-looking opposite sex to chat with them. They basically play emotional cards. Once they gain your trust, "single women think everything he says is right." And their purpose is only one, that is, to let you invest money and cheat.

  The police reminded the majority of women that when logging in to the dating platform, they should raise their awareness, have the ability to distinguish, and don’t trust each other easily. "Generally speaking, as long as money is involved, everyone should pay more attention." (Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Zhang Ling Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

The growth rate of national land sales revenue has accelerated, but third-and fourth-tier cities are still declining.

  The amount of land supply is related to the trend of the property market. According to the latest official data, the national land transfer income has turned from decline to increase, and the total supply of real estate land is approaching the same period last year, but the third-tier cities have fallen sharply.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources, from January to August this year, the national real estate land supply was 82,300 hectares, a slight decrease of 1.6% year-on-year. Judging from the data of real estate land supply in the last three months, although the supply of real estate and residential land in the country decreased year-on-year in the first eight months, the reduction rate narrowed month by month; Among key cities, the supply of real estate and residential land in first-tier cities maintained an increasing trend year-on-year, and the growth rate expanded month by month.

  In terms of cities, real estate and residential land in first-tier cities have increased year-on-year. From January to August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities provided 30,700 hectares of real estate land. The supply of real estate land in the first, second and third tier cities increased by 6.2%, 1.9% and 9.0% respectively, and the supply of residential land increased by 19.6%, 1.4% and 13.6% respectively.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the national land transfer income in the first eight months of this year has exceeded 3.7 trillion yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate is further accelerated than that in July.

  Ministries regulate the land market.

  Throughout the year to date, the domestic land market has gone through several stages from downturn to rapid warming and falling, and the current signs of land market cooling are more obvious.

  According to the data of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, in August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities in China (corresponding to 70 housing price cities announced by the National Bureau of Statistics) had a total of 1057 land transactions, with a land transaction amount of 250.1 billion yuan, and the land transaction premium rate was only 8%, which was significantly lower than that in previous months. Judging from the land market situation, the recent expectation of tightening financing in the real estate sector gradually affected the land market.

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, believes that, on the whole, the land markets in various places were relatively depressed in January and February this year. With the increase of credit market after the Spring Festival, the financing difficulty of housing enterprises has decreased. In April, the land markets in some cities showed signs of recovery, and the land markets in first-and second-tier cities continued to heat up, with the monthly land transaction amount of more than 300 billion yuan and the premium rate maintained at around 20%.

  Stabilizing land price is an important goal of real estate regulation and control in 2019. The rapid warming of the land market since the second quarter has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, and relevant ministries and commissions have successively taken action.

  In April this year, in order to achieve the goal of city-specific policy and classified regulation, maintain a stable supply of residential land, and guide market expectations, the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a notice requesting that the "five categories" of residential land regulation targets be formulated and implemented in 2019.

  The notice requires that land supply should be stopped in cities above prefecture level, counties (county-level cities) with a population of more than one million, and commodity housing inventory digestion cycle is more than 36 months; For 36 to 18 months, the land supply should be appropriately reduced; For 18~12 months, maintain a flat level of land supply; 12~6 months, to increase land supply; For those less than 6 months, the land supply should be significantly increased and accelerated.

  Another Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which is responsible for the regulation of the real estate market, also began to warn some cities where land prices and house prices rose too fast in April and May.

  In July, the new policies on real estate trust and overseas financing were introduced continuously, which had a certain impact on the real estate land acquisition policy. Since then, the premium rate of hot land began to decrease. In August, the number of operating land in 70 major cities increased significantly, with a total of 72 cases being the highest in the year.

  "The land market, like the property market, is only allowed to appear in Xiaoyangchun, but not in summer. Once the land market is overheated, the possibility of upgrading the policy is not ruled out. " Zhang Dawei said that since August, the land market has entered a stage of rapid fever reduction.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate, the data of land acquisition by real estate enterprises also showed a significant decline. In August, the land acquisition by major real estate enterprises decreased significantly. Only eight domestic enterprises acquired more than 5 billion yuan, the highest of which was Vanke’s 15 billion yuan, followed by Poly’s 9.2 billion yuan, Jinmao’s 6.8 billion yuan, Sun Hung Kai’s 6.6 billion yuan and China Resources’ 6.4 billion yuan.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, also believes that in the second quarter of this year, the central government paid great attention to the overheating of land prices in some cities, and the policy fundamentals were tightened again, especially the tightening characteristics of the financing market were the most obvious, which made it more rational for real estate enterprises to purchase land in the third quarter.

  Third-and fourth-tier cities have obviously cooled down.

  In recent years, the regional characteristics of China property market have become more and more obvious, the trend of the real estate market has been divided, and the pricing of non-quality land by housing enterprises has been lowered. But the competition for high-quality cities and high-quality land is still fierce. Although the regulation policies of first-and second-tier cities are strict, for housing enterprises, in order to increase sales, they will still concentrate on land acquisition.

  While the first-and second-tier land markets maintain a high degree of heat, the land markets in third-and fourth-tier cities show signs of falling back. According to some statistics, since 2019, the land market in third-and fourth-tier cities has not performed as well as last year due to the tightening of shed reform scale and the early overdraft of some demand.

  According to the data of the aforementioned Ministry of Natural Resources, the supply of real estate land in third-tier cities decreased by 9.0% from January to August this year, and the supply of residential land decreased by 13.6%.

  Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute’s latest issue of "China Baicheng Homestead Transaction Report" shows that from January to September 2019, the transaction area of residential land in 64 third-and fourth-tier cities was 144.88 million square meters, down 7.1% year-on-year. Compared with the trend of first-and second-tier cities, the cooling characteristics of the homestead market in third-and fourth-tier cities are obvious. At the beginning of the past two months, the cumulative homestead transaction area has continued to expand year-on-year, further reflecting the characteristics of market cooling.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said that from January to August, due to the influence of policy control and market expectations, the growth curve of related land purchases declined slightly, which fully reflected the cooling trend of the homestead transaction market. From the structural point of view, the cooling trend of third-and fourth-tier cities is more obvious, which is related to the problem that such cities are facing inventory backlog again.

  "From the reason, the current residential transaction market in third-and fourth-tier cities has cooled down and is facing the pressure of destocking again, which will dampen the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to replenish homesteads; At the same time, it also affected the capital withdrawal of housing enterprises and continued land purchase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  The growth rate of land sales revenue accelerated.

  The stabilization of real estate land supply at the national level has also affected the change of land transfer income.

  Since April this year, the Ministry of Finance has no longer disclosed the specific amount of revenue from the transfer of state-owned land use rights in the monthly financial revenue and expenditure, but only released the year-on-year changes. Judging from the data of the past few months, the land transfer income has achieved year-on-year growth in July after experiencing a decline at the beginning of the year, and it showed an accelerated growth trend in August.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, from January to August this year, the national land transfer income increased by 4.2% year-on-year. From January to July this year, it was a year-on-year increase of 3.1%.

  In the first eight months of 2018, the income from the transfer of state-owned land use rights was 3.7 trillion yuan. In 2018, it reached 6,509.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the total amount reached a record high.

  At the beginning of this year, due to the "worry" that the land market started in the second half of 2018 was cold and the phenomenon of land auction increased, many places also lowered their land transfer income expectations this year when preparing the government fund income budget for 2019.

  Yan Yuejin said that the current control of stable land prices is very strict. Recently, some hot cities have also actively carried out major inspections of the banking system. One of the contents is to check whether there are illegal funds entering the land purchase market.

  "It is expected that the residential land market will be characterized by cooling in September, especially considering that the current financial pressure of housing enterprises has begun to increase, so it is expected that housing enterprises will be conservative and tend to be rational. Of course, we need to look at September ‘ General drop+targeted cuts to required reserve ratios ’ The effect of policy. If the activity of residential transactions increases significantly, the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to subscribe for residential land in the fourth quarter may increase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  From 2011 to 2018, the national land transfer income was 3,316.6 billion yuan, 2,842.2 billion yuan, 4,125 billion yuan, 4,294 billion yuan, 3,254.7 billion yuan, 3,745.7 billion yuan, 5,205.9 billion yuan and 6,509.6 billion yuan respectively.

  There are still four months before the end of the year. If the current situation can be maintained, the income from land sales in 2019 is expected to exceed 6 trillion yuan again.

On the first day of New Year’s Day holiday, Sichuan A-level scenic spot received 2,650,200 tourists, and the literature and art were renewed in Vientiane.

Chuan Guan journalist Wu Menglin
On December 30th, the first day of the New Year’s Day holiday, the reporter learned from the Office of the Leading Group for Culture and Tourism Industry of Sichuan Province that by 15: 00 that day, 832 A-level tourist attractions included in the statistics in the province had received 2,650,200 tourists, and the ticket income was 22,113,800 yuan, which was 81.83% and 103.23% higher than that of the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023.
Five-year-level tourist attractions in the province (16 parks opened normally) received 152,500 tourists and realized ticket income of 5,103,900 yuan, which increased by 88.78% and 113.6% respectively compared with the same caliber of New Year’s Day holiday in 2023. Libraries, cultural centers and museums in the province received 712,000 people.
The holiday travel market continues to heat up. With the launch of the "Winter Tour to Sichuan Consumption Season" activity, the cultural tourism market in all parts of the province showed a "hot trend" on the first day of the New Year holiday. The number of visitors and ticket income of A-level scenic spots in Luzhou, Aba, Nanchong, Ganzi, Suining, Chengdu, Yibin and Mianyang more than doubled compared with the New Year holiday in 2023. Compared with the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023, the reception volume of cultural and sports venues in the province has tripled.
Nanchong Jialing River Marathon starts. Photo courtesy of Nanchong Wenguang Tourism Bureau
The New Year’s cultural tourism activities are splendid. Many cultural tourism activities, such as New Year’s Concert, Electronic Music Party, Immersive Carnival, Spring Festival Garden, Art Calligraphy Exhibition, Non-legacy into scenic spots, and issuing coupons for Huimin, have been launched in many places in the province. In Nanchong, the opening of the Jialing River Marathon and the Nanchong Station of "Running All over Sichuan" started with a gunshot, and 15,000 people gathered along the Jialing River, which started the pace of welcoming the new year together. There were also the 2024 New Year’s Eve concert and the New Year’s National Concert, which allowed tourists to experience the beauty of music. Emei Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha, as popular scenic spots, attract a large number of citizens and tourists to climb the mountain to pray and make wishes for the New Year.
Jiuhuangshan playing with snow was provided by Mianyang Wenguang Tourism Bureau at that time.
There is a strong demand for snow and sunshine tourism. Focusing on the theme of "enjoying the snow in Shushan and enjoying the warm sunshine in Panxi", Ganzi Prefecture, Aba Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture, Panzhihua and Chengdu Metropolitan Area and other key snow and sunshine tourist destinations have launched a number of boutique tourist routes, such as snow and ice sightseeing, snow and ice sports, sunshine recreation and rural holidays, and held festivals such as Panzhihua Happy Sunshine Festival, Emei Mountain Ice and Snow Hot Spring Festival and Xiling Snow Mountain South China Ice and Snow Festival, and tourists from Emei Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, Bashan Grand Canyon, Zengjiashan and other scenic spots on New Year’s Day. The Jiuhuang Mountain Scenic Area in Beichuan, Mianyang combines the winter ice and snow tourism resources with the unique culture of the Qiang people, and specially launches the welcome ceremony of the Qiang people, the unique IP Chen Zhan of the Qiang people, and of course, there are also a series of interesting activities such as snowman contest, pony running, cool ice and snow show, as well as children’s favorite ski cars and pony ice carts … Visitors can also play with the monkey in the ski resort and enjoy the fun of playing with snow.
The popularity of cultural tourism has not diminished. Many museums in our province bring new experiences to tourists by means of "immersion+personalization". On the first day of New Year’s Day, Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum received 19,800 tourists, an increase of 339.8% compared with the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023. Sansu Temple Museum held Dongpo Poetry Competition, Guangyuan Museum held a series of traditional cultural experience activities of "National Style and Elegant Rhyme", and ziyang Museum was fully opened on December 29th, becoming a new punching point for citizens.

Rina, a fashion magazine expert, was amazed: at the age of 43, she dressed elegantly and intellectually, which made people unforgettable.

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In the fashion world, there are always some people who stand out with their unique tastes and elegant clothes. Today, we will introduce a fashion magazine expert, Rina. Rina, a graphic model, is a high-profile Japanese fashion figure. Friends who have read fashion magazines may be familiar with this model. Her dress style makes people linger, and her elegant and decent temperament left a deep impression.

Rina was born in Brazil Rina1980. She is 172cm tall and her real name is Carina Fujita. At the age of seventeen, Rina moved to Japan with her family. Her father is a Brazilian of Japanese descent, while her mother is a Brazilian beauty of Italian descent. After winning a Japanese-Brazilian beauty contest, Rina became the exclusive model of the high-profile fashion magazine JJ.

Since her debut at the age of 19, she has appeared in various fashion magazines many times. Her sunny smile and perfect figure ratio have quickly become popular in Japanese fashion circles. Coupled with her passionate Latin American personality, she can easily control any style of clothing. In the past 23 years, rina has changed from a young girl to a mature woman. We have witnessed her growth and changes together, and everyone’s love for her has become the biggest driving force for her progress. Now 43 years old, she is unforgettable with her elegant and intellectual style.

Rina’s wearing skills

"Color matching:

"Color is the key to fashion. If you know how to use color, you can create amazing clothes." -Karl Lagerfeld

Rina uses colors freely and is good at creating them through color matching.Elegant atmosphere. She prefers to useNeutral colorAnd soft colors such asBeige, gray, white and light pinkAnd so on, these colors can not only highlight hertemperament, also appearsElegant and intellectual.

Rina’s color worldIt’s like a delicate picture, and she usesNeutral colors and soft colorsFor the drawing board, describe your own uniqueFashion style. These colors seem to have a kind ofcharm, can show her inner temperament perfectly, emitting a kind ofElegant and intellectualThe light.

She is good at using it.Contrast and collocation of colorsTINT, which seems unremarkable, is unique.Fashion sense.For example, she often chooses a beige one.Long skirt or gray plaid overskirt., with a gray or black belt and yellow high heels, and then with a black handbag, through the colorClever use,Make the overall shape look bothbriefandFull of details.

This keen sense of color andClever useLet Rina be in the fashion world.hoist one’s own unique banner―develop a school of one’s own. Her dressing skills not only filled her with herself.Confidence and charm,It also provides fans withLearn and use for referenceThe opportunity.

If you want to improve your ownColor matchingSkills, you might as well pay more attention to Rina’s wearing and learn from it.inspiration. You will find that the right color matching can not only improve youroutward appearanceCan better show your inner self.Temperament and unique charm.

"Style selection:

Rina wears more clothes.Simple-orientedShe is good at showing in simplicity.Taste and temperament.For example, she often chooses long skirts with simple lines and slim ones.Suit jacketAnd fitDressAnd so on, these styles not only appearDecentIt can also highlight her body advantage.

Rina’s way of wearing is fully demonstrated.Simple but not simpleofStyle charm. She knows that fashion is not blindly pursuing grandiosity and trends, but showing individuals in simplicity.Taste and temperament.

Simple linesLong skirts, slim suits and fitted dresses, these seemingly ordinary items have a different sense of fashion in Rina’s skillful hands. She is good at passing delicateTailoring and uniquenessofDesign,Make these styles different, not only showDecentTemperament, and cleverly highlights her.Body advantage.

"Fashion is constantly changing, but simplicity will never go out of fashion."Rina’sWear philosophyTell us that simplicity does not mean simplicity. In simplicity, we can show our uniqueness.Taste and temperament. no matter whatSimple linesLong skirt, or cultivate one’s moralitySuit jacketOr a fitted dress, as long as it is properly matched, it can emit.Charming charm.

"Accessories embellishment:

Rina pays great attention to itaccessoryThe choice and collocation of. She often uses somedelicateNecklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are used to embellish the overall shape, making it more attractive to wear.Sense of hierarchy and fashion.At the same time, she is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts to enhance the details of the overall shape.

"Accessories are the soul of fashion. They can make your clothes more personalized and attractive." Rina knows the importance of accessories in wearing, and she is good at improving the overall shape through clever accessories collocation.Fashion sense and details.

Exquisite accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the finishing touch of Rina’s wearing. She is good at choosing accessories that complement each other with clothing and skillfully integrating them into the overall shape, which is neither too cumbersome nor unique.Taste and temperament.

At the same time, Rina is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts.Promote the overall modelingThe details. She often chooses one.elegantThe silk scarf is tied around the neck or wrist, or the belt is skillfully integrated into trousers or skirts. Through the embellishment of these small accessories, the overall shape is made.More exquisite and unique.

From Rina’s accessories, we can learn how to wear them.Clever use of accessories.Choosing the right accessories can not only improve the overall shapeFashion sense, can show more personal.Taste and temperament.Let’s learn Rina’s accessories matching skills together and embellish our own fashion style with details!

"temperament display:

Rina’s wearing is not just superficial.Style and color matchingIn fact, pay more attention to the display of temperament. She always keeps it.elegantHer posture and confident smile make people feel her.Charm from the inside out.

Rina’s way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes charm.charm. She not only pays attention to the choice of styles and the collocation of colors, but also pays attention to the display of temperament.

Whenever she appears in public, she always keeps it.Elegant posture and confident smile. Her steps are calm and firm, and every movement shows.Elegant temperament. Her smile is as warm as sunshine, which makes people feel her charm from the inside out.

Her dress is not only the collocation of clothes and accessories, but also the right one.Self emotionThe expression of. Every single item is like a note, and a song is composed on her body.A moving melody. What she wears is not justfashionThe choice, but also the attitude and personality of life.

"Fashion is fleeting, but temperament lasts forever."Rina’s wearing philosophy tells us that fashion is not only an external pursuit, but also an internal one.temperamentThe display of. Elegant posture and confident smile make her stand in the crowd.Stand out.Her way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes.Charming charm.Let’s learn from Rina and show our own with elegant temperament.Unique charm!

Cultivate your own aesthetics:

Have it like RinaUnique taste, we need to constantlyCultivate one’s own aesthetics. Pay more attentionFashion informationWatch the fashion show andFashion magazineDraw inspiration from it and cultivate your ownAesthetics.

"Aesthetics needs to be cultivated. Only by constantly learning and trying can we find our own unique taste."To have a unique taste like Rina, we need to constantly cultivate our own aesthetics.

Fashion information, fashion shows and fashion magazines are about fashion.Important way.By reading fashion information, we can know the latest.Fashion trends and fashion elements, so as to broaden their horizons, improve the fashionSensitivity.Watching the fashion show allows us to appreciate the creativity and unique perspectives of designers and inspire our own.Creative inspiration. And fashion magazines provide us with a wealth of.Fashion knowledge and collocation skills,Help us cultivate our ownTaste and aestheticsView

In the process of cultivating aesthetics, we should also pay attention toInner cultivation. Reading, travel, artAppreciation and other activities can help us.Broaden one’s horizons, broaden one’s thinking,So as to better understandFashion and art, improve their own.Aesthetic level.

From Rina, we can see her love and pursuit of fashion. She constantly draws inspiration and cultivates her ownAesthetics,Eventually formed its own unique style. Like Rina, let’s constantly cultivate our own aesthetics and find our own by paying attention to fashion information, watching fashion shows and fashion magazines.Unique taste!

Rina’s wearing style, like a fashion textbook, shows us how to integrate elegance and intellectuality into everyday clothes through clever collocation and mastery of details. Her dress not only makes us feel the charm of fashion, but also inspires our yearning and pursuit for a better life.

Let’s learn from Rina’s wisdom, study and practice constantly, and strive to improve our aesthetics and clothing. Let’s become elegant and intellectual people like her, decorate our lives with fashion, and express our feelings and attitudes with clothes. In this process, we will find that the original elegant and intellectual dress is not an unreachable dream, but a reality within reach.

Welcome to leave a message to discuss all the questions about wearing.

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5: 00 a. m. The domestic media made a controversial decision: China football became the winner, and the fans screamed.

At 5: 00 am on October 31st, Beijing time, the latest news came from China Football. According to the domestic media "Football Daily", Titipan, the main midfielder of Thailand team, was seriously injured, and it was difficult for Dangda to play in China. This report also caused great controversy and discussion.

"Football Daily" wrote: "In the third round of the AFC Champions League in Bangkok, Titipan, the main midfielder of the Thai team, suffered tears in the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of his knee, and he will face a long recovery period of at least 8 months after the operation.

In addition to Titipan, 35-year-old striker Dangda also missed at least four weeks due to injury, making it difficult to catch up with Thailand’s home game against China on November 16th. Dangda is the third shooter in the history of Thailand. "

It can be seen from the report in Football News that China football has become the winner, and Thailand’s main players were injured before the preliminaries started. Although the media did not disclose more information, China now needs to rely on the injured opponents to win, which still attracted a lot of fans’ condemnation.

Some fans said: "They have all fallen to hope that others will get hurt and even be sent off. It is still Thailand. You can imagine what the level of football in China is. " Some fans also said: "It’s useless, the men’s football team still can’t win."

Of course, some fans said: "All the benefits are vulnerable in front of a stable national football team. The Japanese team and the European powers have played back and forth. We are still here to discuss with Thailand and Vietnam how we can not lose. It is really a laugh. "

0-1! Arsenal stop fighting! Manchester City, which aims to win the triple crown, will win the Premier League championship in advance.

At 0: 30am on May 21st, Beijing time, the 37th round of the Premier League in 2022-23 ushered in a focus war: theoretically, Arsenal, who still has the hope of winning the championship, fought against Nottingham Forest, a newly promoted horse.

In the Premier League standings before the game, Arsenal ranked second with 81 points in 36 games and 4 points behind Manchester City in one round. If the last two rounds win, Arsenal will eventually accumulate 87 points, and Manchester City will win the championship as long as it gets 3 points or even 2 points in the remaining three rounds. After all, the goal difference is much more than Arsenal. If Manchester City only gets 1 point or 3 consecutive defeats, then Arsenal will win the championship, but this possibility is too small.

Will Arsenal fight for theoretical hope? If you don’t fight, it will be for nothing to send Manchester City to win the championship trophy in advance.

As a matter of fact, it is normal for Arsenal, the second place in the Premier League standings, to beat Nottingham Forest, which has been fighting for relegation for a long time.

Nottingham Forest scored 34 points in 36 matches, ranking 16th in the Premier League standings, 3 points ahead of Leeds United in the relegation zone and 1 point more than the 17th Everton (37 matches), and has not been relegated successfully.

Let’s take a look at the starting lineup of both sides in this game.

Arsenal started in the 4-3-3 formation, with Jesus, Trossat and Saka forming a trident, with Zaka, jorginho and Odegard as midfielders, viol, Gabriel, Ben Wright and Thomas as four defenders and Ramsdale as goalkeeper. The total value of the first eleven people is 550 million euros.

Basically, it is all the main attack. From the starting lineup, Arsenal have no intention of "releasing water", but they still have to fight.

Nottingham Forest starts the 3421 formation, with center Awoniyi, two sides Danilo and White, midfielders Lodi, ohrel, Yates and hollier, three central defenders Nyahart, Felipe and voller, and goalkeeper navas. The total value of the first eleven people is 160 million euros.

After the game started, Arsenal took the lead in launching the offensive. The 11th minute, Trossat DeZhiSai, Jesus shot, navas attacked and blocked the ball. In the 17th minute, from Arsenal’s right corner, Saka drove to the restricted area and Jesus headed the ball to the top.

In the 20th minute, Odegard made a mistake in returning, and was countered by Nottingham Forest. Ramsdale attacked and Gabriel chased after him, but he still failed to destroy the attack. Awoniyi hit the door and succeeded. Arsenal are 0-1 behind.

Behind the score, Arsenal continued to strengthen their attack, but it didn’t work. In the 30th minute, Jesus shot high. The 61st minute, Ben Wright assists to the frontcourt, Saka hits the door and is saved by the goalkeeper.

In the end, Arsenal lost 0-1, and still scored 81 points in 37 games, sending Manchester City to lock the Premier League title three rounds ahead of schedule. Guardiola’s team can fully prepare for the Champions League final and the FA Cup final.