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Does life lie in exercise or rest? Investigated 100,000 people, and the research gave the answer.

Lao Li is 65 years old this year. Since his retirement, his life has been very comfortable and his diet is healthy. But in his wife’s view, he has a very bad habit-that is, he doesn’t like sports.

Every time my wife wants to drag him to do morning exercises, she will be pushed off by him in every way. One minute, she says, "Life lies in rest. What if I get injured in sports?" Another minute, she says, "Look at the tortoise crawling so slowly, but its life span is so long." My wife is very helpless about this.

Is the exercise for the elderly good or not? Does life lie in exercise or rest?

A new study published by the School of Public Health of Harvard University in the United States in the American Heart Association analyzes two large-scale prospective studies, involving the mortality poems and medical records of 100,000 adults, and has been followed up for 30 years. The final result found that:

  • Do 2-4 times the recommended amount of exercise per week, with the lowest risk of death.;
  • 15-300 minutes of strenuous exercise every week can reduce the risk of death by 21%-23%;
  • 300-600 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week can reduce the risk of death by 26-31%.

Besides, persisting in exercise can not only reduce the risk of death and prolong life, but also play an anti-cancer role.

A study published in the National Journal of Cancer in 2022 found that when individuals persist in moderate-intensity aerobic exercise several times a week, more anticancer molecules can be released in the body, which can inhibit abnormal cells, promote DNA repair and have a positive effect on inhibiting the occurrence of cancer.

Recently, the video of an 80-year-old teacher on the Internet who is still playing basketball flexibly in colleges and universities was praised. Many netizens said that it would be nice if they were still so flexible when they were 80 …

When people are old, there is always a feeling that they are unable to do their job. Their athletic ability will weaken with age, and it may even be related to the speed of life decline.

A research team led by French scholar Benjamin Landray, published in the British Medical Journal, shows that,Once a person is over 65 years old, his athletic ability will get worse and worse.Subsequently, the risk of death has also increased, and from the first 10 years of death, there will be signs of decline in sports ability.

Judging whether a person is aging generally includes four sports indicators, namely:

Walking speedIf the walking speed of the elderly is lower than 0.6 m/s, the risk of death will increase;

Grip strengthThe risk of death from cardiovascular disease will increase by 17% for every 5 kg drop in grip strength;

Standing ability: The elderly have difficulty in standing, which indicates that the muscle decline is serious;

daily life: daily activities such as dressing, cooking and going to the toilet are limited, indicating that muscle mass is decreasing sharply.

Some middle-aged and elderly people may think that "rest is better than exercise" when they get old. Is this really the case? Many studies have found that after the age of 60, the elderly who insist on exercising can reap the following benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of dementia

A team of Ding Qian, a neurologist at Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, has conducted a study on the relationship between physical exercise and dementia risk in conjunction with multi-country and multi-research teams.

The results show that people who exercise for 3.1-6.0 hours/week have a 38% lower risk of dementia than those who don’t exercise.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

A large-scale study of more than 1 million people in South Korea found that with the increase of age, the risk of cardiovascular disease decreased by 11%. That is, maintaining moderate exercise can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Increase bone density

According to some surveys, elderly people who play Tai Chi for a long time have a lower risk of suffering from spinal osteoporosis than those who don’t exercise much.

Regular exercise can improve bone blood circulation, enhance substance metabolism, prevent muscle atrophy, and help the elderly to prevent arthritis.

4, improve the digestion and absorption function

The digestive function of the elderly is weakened, and if the exercise is insufficient, the appetite will become very little, leading to a vicious circle of difficulty in digestion and absorption.

Moderate exercise can consume excess calories, stimulate the body to "get hungry", and at the same time promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve digestion and absorption function.

The benefits of exercise are self-evident, but not all exercises are suitable for the elderly. Some excessive and intense exercises will damage the cardiovascular system or joints. So what kind of exercise is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people?

  • "The best sport in the world": walking

Academician Zhong Nanshan once said that walking is the best sport in the world. A set of data from the World Health Organization is also, that is,Walking for more than 4 hours a week for the elderly can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by 69%..

For the elderly, various functions of the body decline, and walking exercise is suitable for most people. China Dietary Guidelines also recommend that it is more appropriate to walk more than 6,000 steps a day.

Don’t walk too much for patients with obesity and arthritis and weak physical fitness.Keep proper walking exercise.

matters need attentionThe elderly should not exercise for more than one hour. Because of the weakening of body balance, it is best to avoid walking sideways, backwards and slopes during exercise.

  • "the most life-prolonging sport": playing ball

A study published by the National Cancer Institute in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity found that,The sport that can help middle-aged and elderly people live longer is playing ball..

When playing ball, it is not only a simple swing, but also mobilizes the muscles of the whole body; When chasing the ball, you need strength such as legs and cervical vertebrae; When watching the ball, you will also exercise your eyesight, and running and jumping will also help you lose fat, and whether it is singles or doubles, it will give people a sense of participation and enhance communication.

matters need attentionBefore playing ball, you should be prepared to exercise and stretch the heel, ankle and other easily injured parts. Playing ball for too little time is easy to cause arthritis. Therefore, pay attention to controlling time and stretching and relaxing joints after exercise.

No matter what kind of exercise, as long as you move, it is better than lying and sitting. For middle-aged and elderly people, it is necessary to pay more attention to weekly exercise and choose appropriate, moderate and timely exercise to prolong life.


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Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts.

China news agency, Shanghai, November 25 th: Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts

China News Service reporter Wang Wei Kang Yuzhan

The World Congress on China Studies and the Shanghai Forum were held at the Shanghai International Conference Center from 23rd to 24th. At a sub-forum held on 24th, Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China, presented a precious cultural relic in the museum-bronze rhinoceros statue with gold, silver and moire patterns in the Western Han Dynasty, from which he realized the unique charm of Chinese civilization.

This statue is in the shape of a rhinoceros, with its head held high and its eyes inlaid with black beads, which is the image of Sumen rhinoceros who lived in China in ancient times; The whole object is decorated with staggered gold and silver moire as thin as hairspring, which is exquisite and gorgeous, and it can be called a fine bronze ware in the Han Dynasty. The bronze statue made of animals shows the concept of harmony between man and nature and the nature of Taoism in ancient China.

"This precious cultural relic not only vividly narrates the past, but also profoundly affects the present and the future, enlightening us to respect history, respect our predecessors, respect nature and protect the environment." Wang Chunfa said that human knowledge is accumulated through exploration from generation to generation, and it should be passed down from generation to generation. Chinese and foreign scholars are welcome to the National Museum of China to feel the moving place of the bronze rhinoceros statue with wrong gold, silver and moire.

What are the China cultural relics that foreign scholars are interested in? In the face of a reporter’s question from China News Service, Han Yili, a former associate professor in the Literature Department of Moscow Humanities University, made a list on the spot-Oracle Bone Inscriptions, bronzes, silk books of Mawangdui … Some of them were related to the topic of Zhouyi he studied, and the other part was out of his personal interest.

In Han Yili’s view, the importance of ancient cultural relics and historical documents lies in helping people truly understand the ancient world outlook and living conditions. Compared with some subjectively recorded words, real artifacts can reflect a period of history more intuitively. "Many cities in China have their own museums, so that everyone can learn history and experience culture from ancient artifacts. How to better protect cultural relics and inherit culture is where we should learn from China. "

Yi Xin, an international student from Shanghai University in Mexico, immediately thought of blue and white porcelain. "I found that China’s blue and white porcelain is very similar to some artifacts I saw in Mexico. Later, I read the literature to know that these artifacts really came from China. Exploring how these artifacts arrived in Mexico from China and looking for connections between different cultures made me feel very interesting. "

Yi Xin told reporters that China has a long history and China culture has many "bright spots", which let her know the real China from different angles. "We will not stop exploring China, because there are many things worth studying here." (End)

An article about badminton

Playing badminton, as long as the ball falls in the opponent’s line or out of your line, you score. Therefore, let yourself catch the ball, hit it and stay out of bounds;

Let the opponent can’t catch, can’t fight or hit the line.

Step method

In any ball game, footwork is the foundation. Footwork can ensure that you appear where you want to appear in time. A large part of the reason for the "slowness" in badminton is that the footwork is not in place.

As long as the footwork is in place, at least you can catch the ball more easily.


▏ It’s more difficult for the opponent to miss the ball. But at least I guarantee that I can hit the ball and reach the opponent’s half without going out of bounds. Otherwise, there is no need for the other team to catch the ball. This involves a boundary problem. Boundaries are not only boundaries, but also bottom lines and sideline lines. You have to consider the net. Return it when serving.ConsiderService line.

At the same time, the boundary is not fixed, and the angle relationship between the hitting point and the net, that is, the relationship between the flying trajectory of the ball and the height of the net, also seriously affects the spatial scope of the boundary, such as the flat ball and the high ball, and the effect of hitting out is very different. It is not easy to elaborate, and the golfers will understand it according to this idea.

Gravitational mass

The level of playing badminton, in the amateur circle, an important indicator is the quality of returning the ball. The quality is not high, not only the opponent can’t be killed, but also the opponent can easily catch the ball and find the murder.

Four dimensions should be considered in returning the ball: height (height), distance (length), left and right (angle) and speed (speed). When the four factors combine with each other, they conjure up endless choices.

How to choose the hitting route and landing point needs to be decided according to the specific situation on the court.

For example, the opponent’s position, the opponent’s return habit, the opponent’s level and so on …

General experience: the baseline ball should be as high as possible and press the baseline; Midcourt ball, low, big angle or chasing, fast;

The ball in the frontcourt should fall rapidly just after crossing the net.


Playing badminton, absolute strength is not everything. In the same way, not making brute force does not mean that the ball is weak. The backcourt ball, backhand ball line is not deep enough, or the ball is weak, which is the problem of power.

I believe you have read many introductions about the issue of exerting force, which emphasizes one point.

Whip-body consistency force-refuse arm tension force.


▏ Whether the return line is sudden and unpredictable, whether the landing point is just right, and whether the fake action is deceptive … This is a typical skill! The key to skill is "wrist action at the moment of hitting the ball"!

The importance of flexible wrist, everyone has this awareness first, and the specific use, please understand in practice!


Apart from strength and skill, the difference between a wise man and a headstrong man in badminton lies in consciousness. In short, it is whether you can "play with your brain".

Finding the opponent’s gaps and flaws should be the core performance of badminton.


▏ The wonderful appreciation of playing badminton lies in taking more shots, and the contradiction between control and anti-control is vividly reflected.

Whoever can mobilize the other side can take the initiative.

The person who mobilizes the other side is getting easier and easier, and the person who is mobilized is exhausted, but he is full of energy and ambition but can’t make it.

Missed the Olympic Games, China Women’s Football Team 2023 got three sap.

Reporter Wang Wei reports On the evening of November 1st, China women’s football team ushered in the second stage of the Paris Olympic preliminaries in Xiamen. The 1-1 result resulted in neither China nor South Korea qualifying. This is also the second time that China women’s football team missed the final stage of the Olympic Games after missing the 2012 London Olympic Games. After the game, China women’s football team Wang Shanshan, Dou Jiaxing and other players shed tears on the court. Without the Paris Olympic Games, China women’s football team failed to achieve their goals in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Hangzhou Asian Games and Paris Olympic preliminaries.

Before the battle of life and death, the AFC held the 2022 annual award ceremony, and Shui Qingxia won the title of the best women’s football coach in 2022-in recognition of her leading the team to win the 2022 women’s Asian Cup. But this honor is more like an invisible pressure for the women’s football team in China, last stand in the final round of the group stage. In addition, before the match, the Filipino women’s football team ranked second in Group A had already scored 6 points. On the evening of November 1st, the confrontation between Chinese and Korean women’s football teams became a "life-and-death battle". No matter whether it was the China women’s football team with 3 points or the Korean women’s football team with 4 points, only the winner had a chance to advance.

In this game, Shui Qingxia used Liu Yanqiu as the right avant-garde in the starting lineup, which is a big change. However, Yan Jinjin, who scored in both games before the Olympic preliminaries, was put on the bench. Obviously, Shui Qingxia still wanted to leave the back hand at the end.

In the first half, there were not many opportunities for the two teams. Uyghur Gumula once scored a goal for the China women’s football team, but Wu Chengshu’s offside goal was invalid. On the other hand, South Korean women’s football relies more on the 16-year-old mixed-race teenager Cathy Fair to make a killing in the frontcourt. Her breakthrough in the first half of stoppage time created a killing for veteran Chi Xiaoran, who surprised the China women’s football team with a cold sweat when she hit the post.

In the second half, it was still the Korean women’s football team that took the lead in rewriting the score. In the 61st minute, they took advantage of the free kick and Chi Xiaoran assisted Shen Yi to grab the header and then broke the deadlock. China women’s football team was forced to die. It wasn’t until the 70th minute that Shui Qingxia finally took a chance and put on Wang Linlin, the central defender, and pushed the captain Wang Shanshan to the front line. The change was immediate. In the 78th minute, China women’s football team used a free kick to equalize the score. Yan Jinjin passed the ball into the penalty area and Wang Shanshan headed the ball to score a beautiful goal.

However, the score of 1-1 was not enough for both China and South China. In the 84th minute, the women’s football team made a beautiful left-wing counterattack, and Yan Jinjin received a pass from her teammates on the right to form a single-handed trend. Unfortunately, her final shot missed the post. In the end, after five minutes of stoppage time, the China women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team drew 1-1, and both teams missed the third stage of the Paris Olympic preliminaries. Japan, Australia, North Korea and Uzbekistan (the best group is second) entered the third stage of the competition, and they will compete for the last two tickets to the Paris Olympic Games.

For China women’s football team, there are three major events this year, among which the first event failed to qualify for the Women’s World Cup group match, setting the worst result in the history of China women’s football team participating in the World Cup; Hangzhou Asian Games only won the bronze medal when Japanese women’s football team and Korean women’s football team didn’t send the strongest team to participate, which didn’t meet the expectations of the outside world. This time, the exit from the Paris Olympic preliminaries failed to extend the hope to the third stage-three sap notes, which means that China women’s football team failed to achieve the expected goals in all three major competitions this year.

The elimination of the Paris Olympic preliminaries means that the China women’s football team will have no major competition to play in the next year or two. Shui Qingxia took over as the head coach of China women’s football team after the Tokyo Olympic Games, but now she has missed the Paris Olympic Games, and a complete cycle of leading this coaching team has ended.

In this Olympic preliminaries, China women’s football team did encounter many difficulties, including Shoupeng Wang’s injury and Tang Jiali’s failure to return to the team, and Zhang Linyan’s state failed to reach the best because of some injuries. Another player studying abroad, Wu Chengshu, missed the match against Thailand because of a fever, and Li Mengwen failed to register for the match against South Korea because of injury. Because of her poor record, some tactical arrangements and personnel arrangements of Shui Qingxia have naturally been questioned by some outside voices.

After the game, some media asked Shui Qingxia whether she would continue to lead the women’s football team in China. Shui Qingxia responded: "We didn’t achieve the original goal in terms of results alone, but more young people can get exercise through the game, and we can really see that China women’s football team can do better in terms of skills and tactics besides spirit, and we can find the right way in the process of failure in the future. This is ok. As for the future, I’m not sure now. In any case, I hope that the women’s football team in China will get better and better. I hope that these girls will really enjoy the happiness brought by football on the football field and hope that they will get better and better in the future. "

After the game, Shui Qingxia talked about the preparation of the team and the topic of players studying abroad. "After training in Xiamen, I learned that overseas players came back late. I am still worried about their physical fitness, including recovery and jet lag. I will play the game two days after returning. There must be many people asking, since you have so many worries, why did you call them back? China Football Association has been encouraging more young players to go out, not just to go out, hoping that more players will gain experience and serve the motherland in the future. Personally, I am very supportive from the beginning to the present. I hope that our players will go out and see the outside world, what advantages and shortcomings they have, and see how football is played in European countries. " Shui Qingxia said.

Shui Qingxia also took the initiative to talk about Tang Jiali, who was not selected for the national team this time. "I have always supported studying abroad. Maybe many people care about Tang Jiali’s problem. She is also one of the overseas players. She is a good player. We have been communicating before, including her trip from Shanghai to Spain, including her performance in the league. She is a very powerful player. I hope she can maintain a good competitive level through the Spanish league and have the opportunity to serve her motherland and return to the team."

China women’s football team failed in the World Cup, the Asian Games and the Paris Olympic preliminaries, which made the women’s football girls very sad. After the game, Shui Qingxia hugged each team member. Wang Shanshan, captain of the China women’s football team, shed tears on the field. "In fact, we played very well in today’s game. In the future, I hope more young people can get up and carry forward the spirit of women’s football in China and never give up."

"I’m sorry that I didn’t win today’s game, which means that I can’t enter the Olympic Games in the following games. The players performed very well in today’s game, including the fighting style. The players really tried their best in this game, and I am especially grateful to the players. " Shui Qingxia apologized after the Olympic preliminaries.

At the same time, she said: "From the heart, I am quite sad. I feel sorry for these girls, because everyone has been struggling since the beginning of this year, and the women’s football team in China has its highlights. We have also seen many technical and tactical gaps and deficiencies. In fact, we are trying to adjust and change every day. From now on, the change is not good enough or fast enough. Our team members also tried their best, and I am very grateful to my team members and thank my team. "

Throughout 2023, women’s football competitions in China have been held one after another. It can’t be said that the team doesn’t work hard, but the dilemma of weak foundation and unclear direction can’t be changed in a day or two. Regarding the future of China women’s football team, Shui Qingxia said after the game: "Everyone has seen the World Cup, the Asian Games and the Olympic preliminaries. In fact, there is a big gap between us, especially in youth training, which is an important direction for future development. We don’t have any big competitions in the next two years, but if we are soberly aware of the gaps and shortcomings and calm down to deal with some details, I think the China women’s football team will go in the right direction. "

Diaz passionately kissed the AC Milan team emblem after scoring, eager to stay in the team in the future.

AC Milan beat Sampdoria, the vice squad leader who had been demoted in advance, with a score of 5-1 at home in the Serie A at the end of this round. Spanish attacker Diaz not only scored a goal himself, but also sent two wonderful assists to teammates Rafael Leo and Gill respectively. After the game, he was rated as one of the best players in this game by many media.
Diaz also kissed the AC Milan team emblem warmly after the goal, releasing his strong signal to the outside world, and also expressed his strong desire and good feeling to play at the San Siro Stadium in an interview. Although he has only played for AC Milan for three seasons on loan, Diaz has developed a strong sense of belonging to the club and fans, playing more than 120 games and handing over 17 goals and 12 assists.
In fact, the Rossoneri management also hopes to keep this player by buyout, and coach Pioli also thinks that he can play an important role for the team on the offensive end. According to Italian media, Maldini and Ma Sala have planned to meet with Real Madrid executives in the next few days to discuss Diaz’s future. They hope to reduce the buyout clause in the player’s contract, which was originally worth 22 million euros.
However, Diaz, who played well in this game, was also troubled by injuries. In the 70th minute of the second half, he couldn’t persist because of groin discomfort, so he was replaced by Decatur. Players are about to undergo a comprehensive and detailed examination to determine the severity of the injury.
If the situation is not ideal, he may miss the test of AC Milan against Juventus and Verona in the remaining two games of the season, which will also be the key test to determine whether the team can successfully qualify for the Champions League next season. If the Rossoneri do not negotiate with Real Madrid, the match against Sampdoria may be his farewell performance at the San Siro Stadium.

Cancelo sent a farewell message.

On the morning of March 11th, Beijing time, Bayern player Cancelo posted a farewell message on his personal social media to his Song Shiquan pet.

Cancelo wrote: "Your time here is short, but it is enough to make the story between us eternal! You in my heart forever, my loyal friend. Rest in peace in the starry sky, and we will meet again one day … "

Cancelo sent a farewell message to Song Shiquan, and his sentimentality at this time was related to his recent bad mood because he couldn’t play football.

Cancelo’s recent situation in Bayern Munich is not good. Since Manchester City joined Bayern on loan, Cancelo has won the starting opportunity in the first few games. In recent games, he has mostly sat on the bench, sometimes sitting on the whole game. This situation makes Cancelo, who has a high heart, a little depressed. On the training ground, he sometimes works alone and seems to have a bad relationship with his teammates. This has greatly reduced his expectation of a complete transfer to Bayern next season.

Originally, before the deadline of the international transfer window, Cancelo joined expect the unexpected on loan. Sources pointed out that due to personality reasons, he had conflicts with the coach and teammates in Manchester City, which led to Guardiola finally losing patience with him and determined to clean Cancelo. Bayern Munich immediately expressed their interest in Cancelo when they learned about it, and the two sides quickly reached an agreement, which made Cancelo rent Bayern like lightning.

It is reported that, in view of Cancelo’s personality, Bayern has decided not to buy him out after the loan, and Guardiola will not let him return to Manchester City. In this case, Barcelona expressed interest in him. It’s just that Barcelona is also very strange. How can such an excellent player, who was selected as the best team in the Premier League season, not start in Manchester City and Bayern? This makes Barcelona cautious about introducing him.