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What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football?

Rugby, a kind of ball games, is popular in Britain, America, Australia, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. It is called rugby in China because it is spherical like an olive. Rugby is a city in the middle of England, where there is a Rugby School, which is the birthplace of rugby.

What are the advantages of playing football?

More effectively improve that function of the respiratory system.

Rugby is a combination of running and leg sports. In the process of running, passing the ball, shooting the ball, etc., the depth of breathing will be strengthened, so that more oxygen will be inhaled and more carbon dioxide will be discharged, so that the vital capacity will be increased and the lung function will be strengthened. This is because the main respiratory muscle groups (diaphragm, intercostal muscle, levator costalis muscle, upper and lower serratus muscle, etc.) and respiratory auxiliary muscle groups (scalene muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, pectoralis major muscle, etc.) strengthen contraction, and promote the development of these muscles, thoracic expansion, chest cavity volume increase, alveoli develop well, respiratory strength increase, vital capacity, lung ventilation and suction (photo) Studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly have strong physical adaptability, and their breathing appears stable, deep and even, and the frequency is also slow. When they are quiet, their breathing frequency is 7-11 times/minute, while those who do not exercise have a breathing frequency of 12-18 times/minute, and women are 2-3 times faster than men.

Prolong life more effectively.

A ten-year study shows that people who don’t exercise are 42% more likely to die young than those who often play football. 5%。 The reason is that if you don’t exercise, you will accelerate aging in many places, and even get old before you get old. And these people who don’t exercise have lower resistance to cancer, heart and so on than those who play football.

Strengthen the bones of the legs.

Rugby is the best exercise for training legs. In the process of continuous leg exercise, the blood supply of bone is improved due to the promotion of metabolism, and the morphological structure and function of bone have undergone good changes: the bone density is thickened, which makes the bone thicker, the arrangement of bone trabeculae is more orderly and regular according to different pressures and tensions, and the protrusions attached to muscles on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone stronger and stronger, thus improving the functions of bone in bending, bending, compression and torsion. Insisting on physical exercise can also enhance the strength around the joint, and the joint capsule and ligament are also thickened, thus increasing the stability of the joint; At the same time, physical exercise makes the joint capsule, ligament and muscles around the joint stretch, thus improving the flexibility of the joint.

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When does winter start?

Beijing Evening News Five Colors | Author Zong Chunqi
Winter is the coldest season of the year. In winter, "water begins to freeze, and the ground begins to freeze". Or ask: When does winter begin?
According to the climate theory, it is winter when the average temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days.
Photo by Bai Jikai of Tanzhe Temple
According to the lunar calendar, October is winter. Lu You’s "Making Winter Work": "It’s time to give clothes to the moon, and it’s time to start autumn." September is called the month of giving clothes, and the Book of Songs says, "July is full of fire, and clothes are given in September." On the first day of October, the ancients called it "the first autumn day", and the son of heaven began to wear fur coats from this day. Emperors of past dynasties often gave ministers and soldiers golden clothes to keep out the cold on this day. On the first day of October, Chinese people celebrate the "Cold Clothes Festival", giving "cold clothes" and burning "cold clothes paper" to their deceased relatives. This is also the third festival in a year to remember our ancestors after Qingming and Zhongyuan.
According to the solar terms, winter begins in beginning of winter. This year’s solar term in beginning of winter is November 7th, and October 14th of the lunar calendar.
The ancients attached great importance to the solar term of beginning of winter. According to the Book of Rites, Zhou Tianzi began to fast three days before the beginning of winter. On this day in beginning of winter, the son of heaven personally led all the doctors to the northern suburb of the capital to welcome the arrival of winter. After you come back, you can "reward the dead, sympathize with the widowed"-reward the martyrs who died for the country and pay for their families. There are also a series of sacrificial activities: "La Ancestor, Five Sacrifices". There are different explanations about the Five Sacrifices. One explanation is to worship the five-color emperor in the palace; One explanation is to worship the gods of the five senses: door, door, well, stove and zhongliu; Another explanation is to worship the officials of Jin Mu’s five elements of fire, water and earth: Ru Shou, the golden god, Ju Mang, Xuan Ming, the water god, Zhu Rong, the earth god and thick earth. In short, all the "gods" that can be thought of and used in production and life should be sacrificed.
After beginning of winter, the Emperor of Heaven wanted to let the peasants rest, let the army generals train and practice martial arts, and let the civilian officials collect taxes-"It is the life of the water, and the fishermen collect the water from the spring." Shuiyu is in charge of Chuanze, and the fisherman is in charge of fishermen. The son of heaven warned these officials in advance: "Don’t or dare to encroach on the common people, thinking that the son of heaven takes the blame from the next"-don’t exploit the people and cause them to resent the son of heaven; "if there is such a person, there is no sin!" This is probably the earliest warning to officials that "corruption is not allowed".
Northern agricultural proverb: "If beginning of winter doesn’t cut vegetables, it will definitely suffer from frost." The critical value of Chinese cabbage freezing is-5℃. At this time, if Chinese cabbage is allowed to grow in the ground, it will be frozen.
According to "China Meteorological Disaster Ceremony: Beijing Volume", on November 7, 1968, the temperature dropped by 12.6℃ in 48 hours in beginning of winter, and the daily minimum temperature was-7.8℃. Chinese cabbage in the suburbs of Beijing suffered severe freezing damage, with a loss of more than 100 million kilograms.

Official announcement! Lakers Pelican Exposed 3-for-1 Earthquake Trade, and Lillard’s second in charge assisted James to win the championship!

Last season, the Lakers stopped the Western Conference. Many fans said that the main reason for the failure was that the team didn’t have a suitable starting outside point guard. In most cases, the Lakers relied on James to organize the attack, but it was a bit difficult for a 38-year-old man to attack and defend. Therefore, the Lakers hope to get a high-quality perimeter player in the offseason trade, and Pelican mccollum has always been the target player that the Lakers want to trade.

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From the beginning of the offseason, Lakers fans have been paying attention to the King’s Hill. But in fact, mccollum is a better player than Hilde, who can attack with the ball on his own and has excellent ability without the ball. As a starting point of tactics, it can lighten James’ burden, and as a pitcher, it can adapt to the space lineup. Of course, mccollum also has shortcomings. His shortcoming is that his choice is sometimes bad and he feels bad. However, he usually has CIC when he is not allowed to score three points, and every year, three points in the regular season will explode. In particular, the open three-pointer is very accurate, and there are too many strong shots in the Trailblazers. It is definitely more sure that there is an open space in the Lakers.

CJ mccollum entered the NBA through the draft in 2013, and played for Portland Trailblazers and New Orleans Pelicans successively, and was elected as the fastest-growing player in 2015-16. For mccollum, being traded to the Pelican was the worst choice he made. Last season was the season of mccollum’s overall decline, and both ends of the offensive and defensive responsibilities were beyond their capabilities. The middle-distance hit rate is at a new low, and the ability to handle the ball is seriously insufficient.

Anyone who has watched the game knows that mccollum is the second-in-command in the practical sense on the Pelican Stadium this season. It is too difficult for this old man to serve his two eldest brothers. He has suffered shoulder injuries and hand injuries, and played 75 games more than Yingge and Zion combined. Shoulder injury and hand injury are fatal to the players who mainly shoot, especially for mccollum, who has an average talent. Personally, I am not critical of cj’s performance on the court, but also optimistic about Big Brother’s shooting callback next season, and both ends of the offense and defense should reduce the burden on cj.

This is also the main reason why mccollum applied for trading. He did the dirtiest and most tiring job in Pelican, but he got far less than others. More importantly, there was not so much attention and competition here, and it seemed that he had completely missed the championship. So it may be the best choice for him to leave now.

According to sources, if Pelican chooses to trade mccollum, the team that Pelican wants to join most is the Los Angeles Lakers, because he wants to attack the championship at the last moment of his career. The bargaining chip that the Lakers can provide is Russell +2 second rounds.

After getting mccollum, the Lakers will officially welcome the "Big Three" team again. Although the previous Big Three all ended in failure, mccollum’s play is perfectly adapted to James and Davis, and it can also help the team more favorably. On the offensive end, there is mccollum’s organization. I believe the team’s attack will be smoother, and mccollum himself is a dual-capable defender who can organize and score points. Isn’t this the kind of player that James wants and the Lakers want? If Russell was replaced by mccollum last season, do you think the Lakers can still regret being out?

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Warriors guard Curry recently participated in a program to answer his question about vertical bounce. Curry said that he didn’t know the answer either. Before the joint trial in 2009, he probably jumped 70 or 80 centimeters, but it doesn’t matter now, because he has long been playing on the floor.

"That’s a good question, but I don’t even know the answer myself. I think when I participated in the joint trial before the draft in 2009, I jumped about 28 inches (71 cm), maybe 32 inches (81 cm). But it doesn’t matter now, I play floor flow. " Curry said.

It seems that Curry really doesn’t know the vertical bounce at his peak. Perhaps, as a shooter, Curry knew from the beginning that athletic ability was not his advantage, and he didn’t care.

But in fact, Curry’s athletic ability is not bad.

According to the statistics of NBA official website, when Curry participated in the joint trial training before the NBA draft in 2009, the maximum vertical bounce in situ was 75cm.

What is this concept? In contrast, Harden’s in-situ vertical bounce at that time was 80 cm, Holliday.

And Terry Evans are both 72.4 cm.

At that time, Curry’s run-up vertical bounce was up to 90 cm, which was the same as Griffin’s. Harden is 94 cm, and Holliday and Terry Evans are 86 cm.

Although Terry Evans and Holliday are not outstanding defenders, their athletic abilities are at least impressive. But at least at the time of physical measurement, Curry was better than Evans and Holliday in vertical bouncing.

Now, the athletic ability is really insignificant to Curry. With so many years of playing, the stability and speed of the hand and the ability of physical confrontation are what Curry values most.

Diaz passionately kissed the AC Milan team emblem after scoring, eager to stay in the team in the future.

AC Milan beat Sampdoria, the vice squad leader who had been demoted in advance, with a score of 5-1 at home in the Serie A at the end of this round. Spanish attacker Diaz not only scored a goal himself, but also sent two wonderful assists to teammates Rafael Leo and Gill respectively. After the game, he was rated as one of the best players in this game by many media.
Diaz also kissed the AC Milan team emblem warmly after the goal, releasing his strong signal to the outside world, and also expressed his strong desire and good feeling to play at the San Siro Stadium in an interview. Although he has only played for AC Milan for three seasons on loan, Diaz has developed a strong sense of belonging to the club and fans, playing more than 120 games and handing over 17 goals and 12 assists.
In fact, the Rossoneri management also hopes to keep this player by buyout, and coach Pioli also thinks that he can play an important role for the team on the offensive end. According to Italian media, Maldini and Ma Sala have planned to meet with Real Madrid executives in the next few days to discuss Diaz’s future. They hope to reduce the buyout clause in the player’s contract, which was originally worth 22 million euros.
However, Diaz, who played well in this game, was also troubled by injuries. In the 70th minute of the second half, he couldn’t persist because of groin discomfort, so he was replaced by Decatur. Players are about to undergo a comprehensive and detailed examination to determine the severity of the injury.
If the situation is not ideal, he may miss the test of AC Milan against Juventus and Verona in the remaining two games of the season, which will also be the key test to determine whether the team can successfully qualify for the Champions League next season. If the Rossoneri do not negotiate with Real Madrid, the match against Sampdoria may be his farewell performance at the San Siro Stadium.

Marca: Milan have told Real Madrid that they want to buy Diaz for about 30 million euros.

According to Marca, Milan have informed Real Madrid that they hope to buy out Brahim Diaz for about 30 million euros.

Brahim Diaz has been on loan in Milan since the summer of 2021, and the lease will end in June this year.

It is reported that Real Madrid will solve the future problem of Brahim Diaz in the next few weeks. All parties are optimistic about the future of the Spanish striker in Real Madrid, but on the other hand, Milan will try to buy Diaz at a price of about 30 million euros instead of 25 million euros.

In fact, Paolo Maldini told Real Madrid a few weeks ago that they want to buy out Diaz, and whether Diaz stays in Real Madrid depends on the player’s own wishes.