1℃→22℃! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday. ……

1℃→22℃! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday. ……

The weather in Zhejiang is good for two days on weekends.

All kinds of flowers are in bloom.

Travel to enjoy flowers and wash clothes to dry.

Everything can be arranged ~

But the sun shines

The temperature at 11 o’clock will reach above 10℃ in the whole province.

The cold and rainy weather some time ago

It’s completely over.

Temperature difference between morning and evening increases

Friends can use "onion dressing method"

Beware of catching a cold


The temperature rose steadily and reached its peak this day!

But the good weather only lasts until ……

Because Yu Yujun is going to work with us on Monday, it turned to rain in western Zhejiang this evening and spread to the whole province in the middle of the night. On Monday (11th), the whole province will be soaked in rain during the day. Remember to wear rain gear on Monday and go out early in the morning.

The rain will rest temporarily on the 12th-13th, and the temperature in some areas of our province will be above 20℃ on the 12th! The pace of spring is getting closer and closer, the weather changes are more unpredictable, and the rain will come to stay on the 14th to 17th. Friends cherish the sunshine these days.

Zhejiang weather forecast

Today: the western part of Zhejiang is cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part in the evening; Other areas are sunny to cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part after midnight.

Tomorrow: There will be light rain and some moderate rain in the whole province.

The lowest temperature this morning:

Northern Zhejiang: 1-3 degrees, with frost;

Other areas: 4-6 degrees.

Maximum temperature during the day today:

Coastal areas: 13-15 degrees;

Other areas: 16-18 degrees.

Warm and humid airflow entrains rainwater.

Be careful when you go out next Monday ……

Specific to the weather in Hangzhou, warm and humid air flows have quietly joined the battle. Under the influence of high-level wet areas, there are more clouds over Hangzhou, and the weather will be slightly cooler than yesterday.

March is also the season for the expansion and development of warm and humid air currents.

Although Hangzhou has not yet entered the meteorological spring, don’t worry, spring will always come, and maybe you will hear good news next Monday.

And you see, the charm of spring has gradually emerged, and the next weather process will focus on "short, flat and fast". Warm and humid air currents will bring rain in and out in a hurry, and frequently "send spring waves in secret" to the south of China, and the weather will also quietly bid farewell to winter under the constant attack of warm and humid air currents.

It is expected that there will be a light rain from tonight to tomorrow morning. Although the rainfall duration is not long and the rainfall is not large, it may collide with Monday morning peak.

Monday+morning rush hour+rainy day, friends who have a long commute may have to shake their heads again. Please continue to pay attention to the weather changes and get ready to go out early.

On the afternoon of the 11th, the weather will gradually improve, and it will be sunny again in the afternoon, and the temperature will obviously rise, reaching above 20℃ on the 12th. The next 13-14 days will be dominated by fine weather, and there will be a short shower around the 15th.

Generally speaking, the next week will be sunny and rainy, and the temperature will rise, which is conducive to spring ploughing, spring sowing and spring vegetable picking.

Hangzhou weather forecast

10th (Sunday): cloudy during the day, cloudy with light rain at night, 4 ~ 16℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

11th (Monday): It was cloudy with light rain in the morning, and it stopped raining in the afternoon, with 8 ~ 14℃ and southerly winds of 3 ~ 4;

12th (Tuesday): sunny to cloudy, 7 ~ 21℃, northerly winds 3 ~ 4 and gusts 5;

13th (Wednesday): cloudy, 6 ~ 17℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

14th (Thursday): cloudy to cloudy, 8 ~ 16℃, with a level 3 easterly wind;

15th (Friday): Cloudy to cloudy with occasional showers, 8 ~ 18℃, easterly winds of 3 ~ 4.

Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory released at 11: 00 on March 9.

It is said that "the face of a child in March" changes when it changes. In fact, a major feature of the weather in March is that the pace of weather change has obviously accelerated. After entering the spring in the meteorological sense, the characteristics will be more distinct.

Mao Yanjun, a senior engineer at Zhejiang Climate Center, said that spring is the transitional season between winter and summer. Especially in early spring, winter has just passed, and the cold air force is still very strong, and it erupts southward every few days. In spring, the influence of warm air in the south is increasing day by day. As long as the cold air is slightly weakened, warm air will take advantage of it and the weather will get warmer. This frequent intersection of cold and warm air often makes the weather show the characteristics of hot and cold, rainy and sunny.

The changeable weather is often easy to cause colds. In this season, everyone should add or subtract clothes according to the weather forecast in time.

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