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Baihe county, Shaanxi province: nightlife changes in a poor county

Night in Qiaoergou Scenic Area of Baihe County. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Hanshe
Xinhua News Agency, Xi ‘an, November 26th (Reporter Zhang Bin, Xu Han) At 90: 00 pm, a county town is often cut into completely different shapes. Wang Yinchun, who lives in Baihe County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, is deeply touched by this.
"Before this time, the noise of pedestrians on the street, the hawking in shops and the horn of cars will make it very lively. But after this point, people suddenly dispersed, and the county town suddenly calmed down and there was a sense of’ emptiness’. " Wang Yinchun grew up, worked and lived here.
There was no nightlife in the small town in the past, especially in Baihe County, deep in Qinba Mountain.
Baihe County, located in the depths of the mountains at the junction of Shaanxi and Hubei, is a typical mountainous county and a deep poverty-stricken county in China.
In the past, after dark, the local people’s night life was all in front of the TV, in the mahjong room and by the river bank. Cinemas, bookstores, stadiums … The "standard" in these cities was once a "scarce product" for a poor county. Watching a movie, Baihe people have to go across the province to Shiyan City, Hubei Province, and the round trip is nearly 200 kilometers.
From a piece of data, we can also see one or two reasons for the lack of nightlife in Baihe County: "The soil is not three inches thick and the land is not 100 acres flat", and the poor industrial base forces many people to go out to work, among which Baihe County, with a population of 210,000, once accounted for 60,000 people.
"People are out, how can we get busy?" Lu Chuanzhen, director of Baihe County Cultural Center, said that when it came to organizing cultural activities, the first difficulty was to find someone, and it was even more difficult to find the right person.
Change is happening quietly.
Since the launch of poverty alleviation, Baihe County has created employment opportunities for more and more fellow villagers based on the actual situation in the region, through ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation, development of characteristic industries and establishment of community factories.
In a toy factory not far from the county seat, workers are processing toy parts. They used to be "drifting in the north (Beijing)" and "drifting in the deep (Shenzhen)", but now these wanderers have become "returning geese".
This is a new latitude aesthetics bookstore in the county. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bin photo
Now, at 90 o’clock in the evening, in Qiaoergou, a local cultural and tourist scenic spot, red lanterns light up the silent ancient city along Qingshiban Road, which has become a preferred punching place for locals and tourists. In the "latitude aesthetics" book bar, the cultural complex composed of books, coffee and handicrafts makes the small town have an urban style; In the newly-built cinema, domestic and international blockbusters are released simultaneously.
"When we first opened, most of them were young people. Now more and more young people are bringing their parents. We have become a new place for family gatherings." Li Xing, the person in charge of Baihe Cinema, said, "In summer, some fellow villagers have to hurry to see a movie after finishing their work."
Gao Fuhong, director of the Propaganda Department of Baihe County Committee, said that in the past, industries were sluggish and cultural life was lacking. Counties and towns were unattractive, making it difficult to keep local people, let alone attract foreigners. Nowadays, the county has vigorously developed a variety of industries and created a variety of cultural places, giving fellow villagers a place to pursue spiritual and cultural life, and the county towns and villages are gradually full of vitality.
In Baihe cinema, two children are waiting for a movie. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Hanshe
This kind of scene not only appears in Baihe County, but also in many places in Qinba Mountain. Many places are constantly consolidating industries, providing employment, and constantly creating colorful entertainment methods to add vitality to the countryside and seek happiness for fellow villagers.
Soon, the celebration party starring local people in Baihe County will begin. Lu Chuanzhen said: "Now all kinds of cultural activities are doing very well. In the past, we had to rely on the cultural backbones of towns to ask for programs everywhere. Now there are many programs organized by fellow villagers themselves, and we have to cut some as appropriate. "

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, 800 per capita, easy to play, hurry to collect!

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, with a per capita income of less than 800, can be easily played. Here are the introduction of the Raiders, and collect them quickly!

It takes about 40 minutes to drive from downtown Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake. Starting from the bus station or railway station in the center of Hangzhou, you can take a long-distance bus or train to Qiandao Lake, which takes about 1 hour, and the fare is about 20-30 yuan.

Qiandao Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in Hangzhou, which consists of many islands and clear lakes. It is a paradise for photography and hiking, and there are also many outdoor activities such as rafting and rock climbing. The ticket price of Qiandao Lake is 90 yuan/person, including tickets for cruise ships and islands.

In Qiandao Lake, visitors can visit various natural and cultural landscapes. For example, the beautiful mountain scenery of Range Rover in Mei Feng, the white wall tiles of Longshan Island, the romantic atmosphere of Moonlight Island, the fishermen’s culture of Yule Island, the ascent of Huangshan Peak and the karst landform of Xianshan Peninsula.

In the process of playing, tourists can also experience various tourism activities. Among them, rafting and cable cars are the most popular. Drifting usually takes from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, and cable car sightseeing may take from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. These prices may also change according to seasons and travel companies.

In addition, hangingbridgeOutdoor activities such as rock climbing are also popular, allowing tourists to challenge themselves and release pressure while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains.

While enjoying the beautiful scenery and activities, tourists can also taste all kinds of delicious food. Due to the excellent water quality of Qiandao Lake, the local area is rich in all kinds of fresh aquatic products, so the food is mainly fish flavor. Whether steamed, braised or made into soup, the fish in Qiandao Lake are memorable.

In addition, the local chickens, ducks and various green vegetables here are also delicious foods that can’t be missed. Visitors can taste these delicious dishes in local restaurants or night markets.

Shaxi ancient town: Free, located in Jianchuan County, near Dali City. The environment here is comfortable and suitable for experiencing a slow-paced life. The infrastructure in the ancient town is relatively complete, including a book bar, a pub, a coffee shop, etc. You can feel the life of the aborigines.

DaliFree of charge, with a strong historical and cultural background, you can feel the local lively morning market in Nanmen vegetable market or the local people’s life in Beimen vegetable market. There are many food stalls in the ancient city, where you can taste all kinds of special foods.

YunheyiFree, this is the best place to eat, walk and have afternoon tea in Dali in the past year, with green grass, children’s play area and so on, and you can play with your children all day.

ErhaiFree, well worth visiting. You can try cycling or carpooling around Erhai Lake to enjoy the natural scenery along the way. You can also go for a walk in Haishu Park and feel the beauty of nature.

Silent Zhao’ anFree, a beautiful fleshy temple with a beautiful environment. You can experience the quiet environment and beautiful succulents here.

GyejoksanAdult 50 yuan/person, parking fee is 5 yuan/car; If you like to be close to nature, you can go to Jizu Mountain, a famous Buddhist mountain, where you can experience the charm of Buddhist culture in natural scenery.

Emei Mountain is one of the famous Buddhist mountains in China, which is famous for its steep mountain, long history and rich cultural background. Many Buddhist buildings and cultural relics are preserved here, which is a good place for worship and sightseeing.

The ticket price of Emei Mountain is 185 yuan/person, including Jinding, Wannian Temple, Xixiangchi Scenic Resort and other scenic spots. If you choose to take the ropeway, you have to pay the ropeway fee.

SheshenyaThis place is very suitable for encountering the wonders of Buddha’s light. Buddha’s light has existed in Emei Mountain for more than 1900 years. When people stand on the Jinding with their backs to the sun, and there are clouds in front of them, sometimes they will see a colorful halo with red outside and purple inside on the front and bottom canopy, which is very magical.

Jiu Lao Xian Fu: This is the collective name of Xianfeng Temple and Jiulao Cavern. The cave is 4 meters high and 1,500 meters long, and it is a karst cave. Bats are swarming in the cave, and the swarms of swallows are noisy. You can enjoy the natural carved karst shapes on the cave wall and ceiling, dazzling stalagmites, stone pillars and stone flowers, etc. It is one of the ideal destinations for tourists to explore.

HongchunpingHongchunping is located at the foot of Tianfengchi, with an altitude of 1,120 meters. It is named after three ancient trees of Toona sinensis outside the temple.

Emei monkey areaHere, you can take photos with the monkey.

These tourist destinations are rich in natural and cultural landscapes, and are good places for photography, hiking, worship, study and sightseeing. With a budget of 800, you can find your favorite travel methods and activities here. Collect it quickly and arrange a relaxing trip!

The game rated as 18+ in Korea is now in the public beta, and the welfare is so good that foreign service players are jealous.

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

National service players are always particularly humble, the game version is slower than that of foreign service, and the environment is worse than that of foreign service. Even if the reward is reduced, the difficulty is usually increased, which makes everyone go to sea collectively to expedition to foreign service whenever they have the opportunity.

Recently, a new game in China has finally treated the national service players as normal people.

Recently, it was developed by MX studio, a subsidiary of South Korea’s NEXON, and the "Blue File" represented by domestic Youxing was finally released in public beta after two and a half years slower than overseas!

The game takes place in the fictional federal city "Kivotos", where there are various societies established by JK girls. One day, the president of the federal Council suddenly disappears, and the players in charge of the investigation will work with the girls in Kivotos to find the truth behind it.

Nowadays, many secondary games take the bitter route and like to discuss the dark side of human nature. Although the world of "Blue Files" is not peaceful, for example, bullets can be bought in vending machines and a rifle is stuffed in shoe cabinets, they still choose the daily route of youth with sunshine.

Probably this style is more pleasing. As of January this year, its overseas revenue was about 1.7 billion RMB, and the number of people who made reservations for the national service was as high as 3.3 million.

At that time, this game was a disaster in South Korea, because it was rated as an 18+ game by the Korean Game Management Committee, which caused dissatisfaction among countless Korean players. Finally, a wave of large-scale petitions was launched to investigate the game management Committee. After an investigation, it was found that the game management Committee was corrupt by 700 million won (about 4 million RMB), and later the person in charge resigned.

Basically, as long as it is an agent’s game, the treatment of the national service is usually poor. Basically, the monster’s difficulty increases and the reward decreases. This time, Youxing is quite sensible. Let’s operate normally one by one, synchronize the 3% basic SSR shipment probability after the overseas version is upgraded, and get an extra guarantee mechanism for specific SSR when it is over 200.

This normal operation, but let the younger brother can’t help but want to shout "thank you for your kindness". What’s the matter?

Because of the above reasons, many national service players are basking in their own novices, many newcomers have easily drawn popular Samsung roles, and some European emperors have drawn three Samsung roles, which has caused some old international service players to think about it, so some players spit out the mentality of international service players, indicating that some people’s sense of superiority is too ugly.

However, it is really fragrant for this novice to draw Samsung characters. Many scalpers sell some Ou Huang accounts that draw Samsung characters on second-hand platforms, which are less than 200 yuan cheaper and 500 yuan more expensive.

Xiao di bi LV gongRecently, many new two-dimensional games have been launched, some of which were originally popular, but the operation of digging search led to the collapse of game reputation. In fact, the requirements of players are not high, just asking manufacturers to treat players as normal people with IQ. Why can’t some manufacturers do it?

A positive shock problem: Do you know any digging or atmospheric games?

5: 00 a. m. The domestic media made a controversial decision: China football became the winner, and the fans screamed.

At 5: 00 am on October 31st, Beijing time, the latest news came from China Football. According to the domestic media "Football Daily", Titipan, the main midfielder of Thailand team, was seriously injured, and it was difficult for Dangda to play in China. This report also caused great controversy and discussion.

"Football Daily" wrote: "In the third round of the AFC Champions League in Bangkok, Titipan, the main midfielder of the Thai team, suffered tears in the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament of his knee, and he will face a long recovery period of at least 8 months after the operation.

In addition to Titipan, 35-year-old striker Dangda also missed at least four weeks due to injury, making it difficult to catch up with Thailand’s home game against China on November 16th. Dangda is the third shooter in the history of Thailand. "

It can be seen from the report in Football News that China football has become the winner, and Thailand’s main players were injured before the preliminaries started. Although the media did not disclose more information, China now needs to rely on the injured opponents to win, which still attracted a lot of fans’ condemnation.

Some fans said: "They have all fallen to hope that others will get hurt and even be sent off. It is still Thailand. You can imagine what the level of football in China is. " Some fans also said: "It’s useless, the men’s football team still can’t win."

Of course, some fans said: "All the benefits are vulnerable in front of a stable national football team. The Japanese team and the European powers have played back and forth. We are still here to discuss with Thailand and Vietnam how we can not lose. It is really a laugh. "

After the Premier League Manchester United lost to Seville, Tenghahe planned to streamline the lineup, and many people were afraid to leave the team in the summer window.

Will Manchester United start a big purge after losing to Seville?

The Athletic: Tenghahe plans to streamline the lineup and increase the transfer budget of Summer Window.

Mirror: Tenghahe became ruthless in this summer window, allowing 13 players from Manchester United’s first team to leave.

Mailonline: Manchester United’s summer window will become ruthless, allowing 17 players to leave, including Maguire, Fred and Marchal.

The so-called big cleaning, is it more than the players who left last summer window? Last summer, Manchester United left six players, including Bogba, Ma Diqi, Lingard, Mata, Pereira and cavani, and rented three players, including Bailly, Telles and Henderson, which means that the first team of Manchester United was downsized by nine players. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the team before the World Cup, Manchester United left ten players.

If Manchester United really want to carry out a big cleaning in the summer window, the premise is that the transfer budget is sufficient, otherwise there are not many people in the first team of Manchester United, and of course it is not excluded to promote youth players. Manchester United summer window will not leave so many people. The so-called permission for some people to leave should include Bailly, Telles, Henderson and other rented players, plus players whose contracts have expired, such as Touanzebe, Phil Jones and Munji. There may not be too many players for the first team to sell.

11 am! C Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend has a baby on the street, and her figure is super Qiao Mei, dressed like a matrix.

On March 11th, Beijing time, many media reported that Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Elena-Schaick appeared on the streets of new york after attending the fashion show.Elena used to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and they were praised by fans as golden couple and the new Beckham and Spice Girl (Victoria).Now, the two go their separate ways. Elena is now taking her daughter out. The younger daughter is not only tall, but also has a good face value. And Elena’s dress, like the matrix.Trinity.

Elena was born in 1986Zherinsk, Ye Man, Russian supermodel. She had been in contact with Cristiano Ronaldo for many years, and once it was time to talk about marriage. However, at this time, Chilean beauty Daniela Chavez appeared. The media kept speculating about the affair between Cristiano Ronaldo and South American girls, which eventually led to the breakup between Elena and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elena today has moved to North America. The winter temperature in new york is a little low, but it is very kind to Elena. She is used to living in such a low temperature, but the humidity and high temperature in Spain are not suitable. At this time, Elena has stopped watching football matches, and there is no team with a higher level than Real Madrid in North America anyway. In other competitions, she is not interested.

Elena’s daughter is 6 years old this year. My little girl showed a beautiful embryo very early. She is tall enough to be comparable to the children of many NBA players. At the same time, the daughter’s face value is outstanding, even higher than Beckham’s youngest daughter. C Ronaldo also had many children, but his twin son with Qiao Mei died last year. To this end, the whole family is very unhappy. But this year, online celebrity deliberately mentioned this matter, and also revealed that Qiao Mei had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo during her pregnancy.

Although she is 37 years old this year, Elena’s figure has not changed at all. Instead, it was Georgina in 1995, and her figure was in the direction of the Kardashian sisters.It is said that Russian beauty becomes an aunt as soon as she is over 30, but this rule does not appear in Elena. On the contrary, she is getting younger and younger. In the past few days, she has participated in Versace’s catwalk. Standing on the runway with a beautiful woman who is 10 years younger than herself, Elena is still confident and arrogant, and her face value and temperament are not lost to young people.

It is reported that Elena did not end up with Cristiano Ronaldo, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother opposed it. At that time, the difference between them was that Elena didn’t like children and wouldn’t take care of them. There are also rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple girlfriends at the same time, but he denies them all.Most of the gossip girls who jumped out now happened after Cristiano Ronaldo and Elena broke up.Now, these are all wrong statements. Elena is not only good at taking care of her daughter, but also able to balance work and children. Qiao Mei is a good mother at home, but she lacks Elena’s domineering spirit.

Elena is a career woman, and she wants to get ahead in the show business. Many years ago, she and Cristiano Ronaldo were hailed as the new version of Beckham and Victoria. However, Ronaldo didn’t think too much about things after retirement, but scored enough goals before retirement. It is undoubtedly wise to choose the Saudi League. The competition here is much lower than in Europe, and it can also bring a lot of wages and bonuses to Cristiano Ronaldo. C Ronaldo has experienced too much suffering in his career. It is understandable to earn enough pension before retiring.

PS: It is not easy for old fans in Hubei to write articles. Please pay attention to old fans in Hubei and praise their works if it is convenient.

Sassuolo executives: Will Fratesi join Rome? We will try our best to meet the requirements of the players.

Live broadcast: On March 11th, when interviewed by the reporter of Corriere dello Sport, Carnevali, CEO of Sassuolo, talked about the rumors of Fratesi and Rome.

Carnevali said: "We should have a correct attitude. Sassuolo should be regarded as a springboard for players to join the giants. Fratesi has all the strength to make a leap forward, and now we must try to reach an agreement that can satisfy our three parties. We will find the best solution. In addition to economic factors, we will also try our best to meet the requirements of the players themselves. "

"We have been investigating Bovi and volpato in Rome. Before that, Rome sent many high-potential teenagers to us for training, giving us a high split, such as Politano and Lorenzo pellegrini."

According to the whole market, besides Roma, Juventus are also paying attention to Fratesi.

(real steel fist)