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Requirements for studying in the United States for music majors, recommended by American Music Study University.

American universities are very famous. The United States has always been famous for its excellent traditional teaching, so many students will choose to study in the United States. So what are the requirements for studying in the United States for music majors? Let’s take a brief look.

1. Language requirements

For international students, they need to provide language scores of TOEFL or IELTS. Generally speaking, independent conservatories require TOEFL iBT80, and IELTS 6.5 is the standard for direct admission to universities. Some schools with substandard scores can provide double admission.

2. GRE scores

Generally speaking, GRE is required only for music majors with strong theoretical research when applying for graduate students. Most schools like instrumental performance, vocal music and jazz performance do not require GRE, but pay more attention to students’ performance ability and skills.

3. GPA scores

Excellent performance in school is also a necessary condition for competing for a good school. Generally, GPA is required to be 3.0 or above, and most of the average GPA in the United States is calculated by 4.0. Excellent GPA is very advantageous for applying for music schools in comprehensive universities.

4. Professional level

The professional level is the most important link in the process of applying to American Conservatory of Music for students majoring in music studying in the United States. Whether it’s mailing the video of the exam track requirements or attending the on-site interview at school, it’s best to choose the most mature track you play, instead of deliberately choosing the more difficult and uncommon track in order to win the favor of the examiner. In that case, a little negligence will expose your shortcomings and leave a bad impression on the examiner.

1. Juilliard School of Music

Located in new york, Juilliard Conservatory of Music is one of the most famous and outstanding conservatories in the world. Founded in 1905, it is famous for cultivating top musicians, singers and dancers. Juilliard offers a wide range of music courses, including orchestral music, vocal music, piano, composition and jazz. The school has a first-class team of teachers and advanced facilities to provide students with high-quality education and performance opportunities.

2. Berkeley Conservatory of Music

Berkeley Conservatory of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a modern and jazz music school. Founded in 1945, it is considered as one of the best modern conservatories in the world. Berkeley Conservatory of Music is famous for its innovative educational methods and rich and varied music courses. The teachers of the school come from all over the world, and students will have the opportunity to participate in various music projects and performances.

3. Cornell University Conservatory of Music

Cornell University Conservatory of Music, located in Ithaca, New York, is a college of Cornell University. Founded in 1868, it is one of the oldest conservatories in America. Cornell University Conservatory of Music offers a variety of music courses, including classical music, vocal music, composition, music technology and so on. The college has first-class facilities and teachers, providing students with rich academic and performance opportunities.

These are all the relevant contents about "Requirements for Studying in the United States for Music Majors". Students who want to study in the United States can make appropriate preparations for studying abroad to avoid unnecessary troubles in studying abroad.

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Spring full of mountains

  The scenery of Dahe Town in Tongzi County. Photo by Cheng Yong

  After a night of spring rain, Shan Ye, who had been sleeping for the whole winter, gradually stretched out. In the Dalou Mountain Range, spring is gradually sprouting in the mountains. On both sides of the road, there are peach blossoms, plum blossoms, camellia and rape blossoms … … The colors are intertwined with the green hills, just like a beautiful picture.

  We went to shi niu cun, Dahe Town, Tongzi County, Guizhou Province, to visit the 80-year-old afforestation model Weifafu. Starting from the county seat, the sky is already dawn. The car passed through the thick morning fog, passed the famous 72-way turn, and entered shi niu cun eastward. More than 300,000 Chinese fir trees planted by the Weifafu family grew on Daping Mountain at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. The sun gradually dispels the morning fog. In the distance, the vast forest of Daping Mountain is as clean and green as washed in the spring sunshine.

  Along the mountain road, we walked into a green ocean. In the forest, the air is particularly fresh and cool, and the smell of flowers, trees and soil is everywhere. On a hillside, the old man in Weifafu was seen leaning over to pick up garbage in the forest with a bamboo basket on his back. When the old man saw us, he stopped what he was doing and came to shake hands with us with a smile. The old man is in high spirits and energetic, with a faint dew on his gray hair and grass clippings on his rubber shoes. His palm is wide and rough, with thick calluses.

  The sun shines obliquely on the straight fir trees from high places through the dense forest. A few birds are jumping on clusters of new leaves, twittering the news of spring.

  "You see, the tree, the bird came. When birds come, there are fewer insects. Bird droppings are rich in soil and trees are growing well. " The old man touched a stout fir tree and said happily.

  "Did you plant all these trees?"

  "More than that, there are more than 1,100 mu." The old man led us to a high place and pointed to the mountains in the distance: "These mountains are the farthest. If you walk, it will take a whole day to get there."

  I looked up and couldn’t see the farthest hill. It’s hard to imagine how hard it took Wei Fafu’s family to plant small saplings into today’s towering trees by shouldering their backs and walking dozens of miles of mountain roads.

  Speaking of afforestation, Wei Fafu has a lot to say. In 1950s and 1960s, due to excessive reclamation, the ecological environment of Daping Mountain was worrying. At that time, Wei Fafu often wandered alone on the mountain, looking at the barren mountain, listening to the mountain wind raging on the bare mountain, rolling up the dust all over the sky, and his heart seemed to be tightly pulled.

  In the spring of 1985, Wei Fafu, then the production team leader, decided to return the sloping farmland to plant trees. His decision was supported by his family. He applied to the village collective for contracting, signed a contract for greening barren hills, and received seedlings subsidized by the county forestry bureau.

  Since then, Wei Fafu’s family began to plant trees. In order to speed up the progress, Wei Fafu raced against time like clockwork. There is only one thought in his heart: "plant a variety of trees and turn the barren hills green as soon as possible."

  "Every day, at dawn, our family set off, and everyone was carrying hundreds of pounds of saplings. Two red marks were pulled out of the shoulders, and water bubbles were ground in a few days. The slope is steep and the road is far away. We only eat two meals a day, and the time saved is used to hurry. At the end of the day, the coat is often soaked with sweat, the pants are covered with dew, and the whole body is wet. " The old man still remembers the scene at that time.

  However, in the first spring, because of the serious soil erosion, low soil water storage capacity and lack of experience in planting trees, the planted trees only lived for a small part. Wei Fafu rallied and ran out of water, so they carried Mizukamiyama. He works in the forest for ten hours every day, and the action of planting trees is becoming more and more skillful. He scraped the soil with one hand and held the seedlings with the other, straightened the roots and carefully put the seedlings into the pit. Fir and pine seedlings are leafy and hard, and often prick their fingers, so he uses soft ant nest soil to stop bleeding and relieve pain. In summer and autumn, he went out early and went back to the forest to pull weeds. Even in the cold winter, he still patrols the mountain forest every now and then. After a year, he has worn out more than ten pairs of shoes. This year, the survival rate of saplings was as high as 90%.

  Speaking of the trick of planting trees, the old man smiled: "Planting trees is the same as being a man. The roots of saplings should be buried deeply and kept straight, so that they can easily take root in the earth."

  One minute, nine in charge. In order to afforest, he opened up a 10-mu nursery, and some seedlings were self-sufficient. He also set up a brick and tile factory to exchange all the bricks produced with villagers for working hours, so as to increase the labor input for planting trees. Winter goes and spring comes, year after year. Ten years later, with the efforts of Wei Fafu, the barren hills of Daping Mountain gradually became green, and the once-cut mountain spring water was restored, which solved the problem of drinking water and irrigation for local villagers.

  Someone once offered Wei Fafu a high price to transfer the forest, but Wei Fafu refused. He said: "for so many years, I have done it for green mountains and green rivers. Trees are my children. Trees are more important than money." In thirty-seven years, under his careful care, the mountain forest has never suffered a mountain fire. Today, the old man still insists on going to the Woods every season. The time with the tree became an indispensable part of his life.

  His contribution is gradually known to more people. He won back the honors of Guizhou moral model and Guizhou labor model. Now he still has a wish, and that is to join the Communist Party of China (CPC) as soon as possible. In May 2021, 79-year-old Wei Fafu submitted an application for joining the Party, which is the oldest applicant in shi niu cun’s history.

  In the distance, the breeze is Xu Lai, and the green waves are rippling in the forest. Listen, the branches and leaves rustle in the wind, as if the castle peak is greeting the old man.

A number of new regulations will be implemented in July: full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  Zhongxin. com, July 1 ST, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies have been implemented, auto dealers are not allowed to increase the price of cars, and the acceptance of ID cards in different places has been fully implemented … … A number of new regulations will be implemented today, which will soon affect all aspects of people’s lives.

  A number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today.

  According to the decision of the the State Council executive meeting, a number of tax reduction and fee reduction policies will be implemented today. In terms of tax reduction, the value-added tax rate was reduced from four to three, and the 13% tax rate band was abolished, forming a three-band structure of 17%, 11% and 6%. The pilot policy of pre-tax deduction of personal income tax for commercial health insurance will be extended to the whole country, and the expenses of individuals purchasing qualified commercial health insurance products are allowed to be deducted before tax according to the maximum annual limit of 2,400 yuan.

  In terms of fee reduction, we will further clean up and standardize the deposit in the field of engineering construction, clean up and standardize the government’s non-tax revenue surcharge in the field of energy, temporarily exempt the two supervision fees of banking and insurance, and reduce the radio frequency occupation fee.

  Simplify the handling of tax administrative licensing matters

  The Announcement on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters will come into effect today. The "Announcement" clarifies five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents.

  81 airports opened the "military priority according to law" channel.

  The Civil Aviation Administration and the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a notice to open the "military priority according to law" channel at 81 civil aviation airports nationwide from now on, and encouraged other airports to open as appropriate according to their own conditions, so as to provide thoughtful and efficient services for military personnel in check-in, security inspection and boarding.

  All coal mine safety production work in China will implement the new standards.

  The State Administration of Work Safety and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Vigorously Promoting the Standardization of Coal Mine Safety Production. The "Notice" puts forward a number of requirements, including organizing new standards publicity training, creating an incentive mechanism for standardization work, and coordinating and promoting standardization construction.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places.

  From now on, the Ministry of Public Security has fully implemented the "three systems" of accepting resident identity cards in different places, reporting the loss and claiming them for loss. The Ministry of Public Security pointed out that public security organs should issue resident identity cards within 60 days from the date when citizens submit the Registration Form for Acceptance of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places. In areas with inconvenient transportation, the processing time may be appropriately extended, but the extension time shall not exceed 30 days; Where conditions permit, the period of making and issuing certificates can be shortened according to the actual situation.

  Handling ordinary passports and underpaying 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, which is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises and society by 2.6 billion yuan. The "Notice" stipulates that starting from today, the fees for citizens’ entry and exit documents, the cost of motor vehicle driving license, the cost of temporary entry motor vehicle number plate and driving license, the compensation fee for soil and water conservation, the actual (trial) inspection fee for pesticides, and the protection fee for integrated circuit layout design will be reduced. According to relevant standards, ordinary passports are reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan.

  Since July, the new regulations on automobile sales have been implemented, and it is clear that dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price. The picture shows the data map. Photo by Zhang Yun, a reporter from China News Service

  Car dealers are not allowed to sell cars at a higher price.

  The Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce will be implemented today. The measures have made clear provisions and requirements for increasing the price of automobile sales, providing three-guarantee certificates, and indicating the source of accessories. It stipulates that dealers are prohibited from raising the price of cars in all forms, and dealers must clearly indicate the prices of cars and accessories, and must attach certificates with the car when picking up the car.

  According to the "Measures", it is no longer necessary for automobile brands to authorize the sale of automobiles, and two modes of authorized sales and unauthorized sales are allowed to be parallel, and new automobile sales forms such as automobile supermarkets, automobile stores and automobile e-commerce will blossom.

  Travel tax increases

  The tax ceiling for various types of vehicles has generally increased since today. The annual tax standard for large buses will be adjusted from 480 yuan to 660 yuan, for medium buses from 420 yuan to 660 yuan, for small buses from 360 yuan to 660 yuan, and for ordinary cars from 180 yuan to 360 yuan. At the same time, the tax targets have also been adjusted, and all kinds of buses that were originally tax-free will also pay taxes at the same standard as private cars.

  Strengthen the "seller’s responsibility" for securities operating institutions

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors will be implemented from now on. The core requirement of the Measures is to strengthen the requirement of "the seller is responsible" for securities, funds and futures operating institutions, so that the operating institutions must bear the obligations stipulated by law while obtaining operating income, ensure the equality and unity of rights and obligations, effectively prevent one-sided pursuit of economic interests, and promote high-risk securities and futures products to investors with insufficient risk tolerance, resulting in damage and influence on the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  The "People’s Republic of China (PRC) Chinese Medicine Law" has been implemented today, with five highlights: (1) the important position and development policy of Chinese medicine are clarified; Establish a management system that conforms to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; Increase support for the cause of Chinese medicine; Adhere to both support and standardization, and strengthen the supervision of Chinese medicine; Increase penalties for illegal acts of traditional Chinese medicine.

  50,000 domestic cash transactions need to be reported.

  The Measures for the Administration of Reports on Large-value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions of Financial Institutions issued by the Central Bank will be implemented today. The Administrative Measures adjusted the RMB reporting standard for large cash transactions from "200,000 yuan" to "50,000 yuan", and the reporting standard for large cross-border transactions denominated in RMB was "200,000 yuan", and for the first time, non-bank payment institutions were included in the scope of responsibility.

  New invoice regulations: only the name of the enterprise can be filled in for office invoicing, and it cannot be reimbursed.

  According to the announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, starting from today, the purchaser must provide the corporate taxpayer identification number (i.e. "tax number") or the unified social credit code when issuing corporate invoices, otherwise it will not be used as a tax voucher to handle tax-related business. The announcement also requires that when the seller issues an invoice, it should truthfully issue an invoice that is consistent with the actual business; When the buyer obtains the invoice, it shall not request to change the name and amount.

  Mobile phone pre-installed software must be uninstalled.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Application Software for Mobile Intelligent Terminals will be implemented today. According to the regulations, production enterprises should restrict the sales channels, and should not install application software in mobile intelligent terminals without the consent of users, and all software except basic functions can be uninstalled. The application software of mobile intelligent terminal involved in charging shall strictly abide by the relevant provisions such as clearly marked price, express the charging standard and charging method, and express that the content is true, accurate and eye-catching, and the fee can be deducted only after being confirmed by the user.

  Encourage and support the provision of disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled.

  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons will come into effect today. The regulations clearly stipulate that the state shall take measures to provide basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and support and help them integrate into society; Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability; The state encourages and supports organizations and individuals to provide disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled, donate to the cause of disability prevention and rehabilitation for the disabled, and build relevant public welfare facilities; The provision of rehabilitation services for the disabled shall protect the privacy of the disabled and shall not discriminate against or insult them.

  The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

  The Measures for the Management of Soil Environment in Polluted Plots (Trial) will be implemented today. The method points out that according to the principle of "whoever pollutes will treat it", the unit or individual that caused soil pollution should bear the main responsibility for treatment and restoration. In principle, the treatment and restoration project should be carried out at the original site. During the treatment and restoration, measures should be taken to prevent secondary pollution to the plot and its surrounding environment. The lifelong responsibility system is implemented for soil pollution control and remediation.

What is culture and how to understand the word culture?

What is culture and how to understand the word culture?

What is culture? Let’s start with what is literature and what is culture.


"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Wen, wrong painting also. Xiang Jiaowen. " (Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s writing "

",with" people "above and" hey "below. "Man" and "Wa" are wrongly drawn and like essays. )

People: from the family, from the family.Hey.

Shuo Wen Jie Zi: "Hey, right. Like the shape of a left lead. All the genus is from the genus.”。

It is the paradigm of the word "Nuo" that the right is violent and the shape like the left is more like the shape of the male root.

"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Hey, left-handed. From reverse to reverse. Reading is the same as reading. " . It bends from left to right, so it is the paradigm of the word "Zi" that its character image is drawn from the right and is still like the shape of yin flowing out.

The two paradigms are superimposed. Youyin affects yang.Blind dateLovers are the paradigm of herringbone.

Because Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s "person" and "entry" are easily confused. Oracle Bone Inscriptions’s "human" writing (


"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Man, the nature of heaven and earth is the most expensive. This essay is like the shape of an arm and a shin. " . Its Oracle Bone Inscriptions shape is like the shape of a person saluting from the side. The form of the adult crown ceremony of the Jewish man is the essay (or Oracle Bone Inscriptions)

") The paradigm of the word" human ".

"Shuo Wen Jie Zi": "Hey, hey. From you, from you, intersect. " .

(See a picture "Hey")

(Hey: See a painting "Hey”)

The superposition of two paradigms: Yin and Yang.HeyIt is the paradigm of the word "Wa" to intersect with Yin and Yang and make friends with Thailand.

The two paradigms of "human" and "wa" are superimposed: the staggered painting still shows that the person who sends out the information of love and mating is the paradigm of "Wen"

(Person: See "Person" in one of the two paintings)


), the superposition of the two paradigms of human beings: Judaism teaches the exercise of human rebirth. If the person born is the paradigm of Chinese characters. Life is full of one head and one foot. From the fall of people, it means that what they are born into).

"Wen" is a message sent by interlaced paintings that still show love and seek mating.

change"Judaism teaches people to be born again if they are born.

"Culture" is the change caused by information orientation.

The Biography of Ben Gua in Zhouyi: "Rigid and soft are intertwined, and astronomy is also; Civilization stops, so does humanity. Observe astronomy, observe time changes, observe humanity, and turn it into the world. " .

The message of yin and yang is astronomy, and the message of civilization is humanity. Observing the information of yin and yang can tell the changes of the times. Observing the information sent by civilization and participating in it can make a world you like.

What people love now, then what the future world of mankind will be. This is the oldest and deepest understanding of "culture"

The definition of culture on the internet: culture is all human spiritual activities and their products relative to politics and economy. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong. Say the important things three times.

"Culture" is the change caused by information orientation. It is not only human beings who have "culture". Everything in the world has "culture". For example, "fossils", from the information left in "fossils", we can refer to and study the changing process of paleontology. It’s just that we usually study the "culture" of human beings. Studying "culture" can let us know the past and the future. The Book of Changes was the earliest study of "culture". Unfortunately, our modern books classify it as a superstition of fortune telling.

"Text" is the information we get, or the information we send.

Information can deduce its predecessor source, what is happening now and its future development.

The "transformation" here refers to the changes after we accept the information. And the changes caused by the information we send.

The simplest and most practical understanding of "culture" is that what we love now will determine what our future will be. And everything we are suffering now is caused by our past kindness. Learning "culture" can help us to move forward towards the beauty in our hearts in the future. High-level "culture" can shape a world that one yearns for.

The "cultural" war is to confuse the beauty and ideals of the rival nation. Let its nation have no cohesion and combat effectiveness. So as to conquer the nation by using the deviant elements of the nation. Poison textbooks are an example, and the other party has already started. And we? ? ? ? ? ?


CIA’s Ten Commandments against China Youth

First, try to seduce and corrupt their youth with material things, encourage them to despise, despise and further openly oppose their original ideological education, especially communist dogma. Create interest and opportunities for them to be unrestrained in pornography, and then encourage them to have sexual promiscuity. Let them not be ashamed of shallowness and vanity. We must destroy the hard-working spirit they have emphasized.

Second, we must do everything possible to do a good job in communication, including movies, books, television, radio waves … and new religious communication. Making them yearn for our ways of clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment and education is half the battle.

Third, we must draw the attention of their youth away from the tradition of government-centered. Let their minds focus on sports performances, pornographic books, pleasures, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.

Fourth, they often create things that have nothing to do and let their people discuss them openly. This planted the seeds of division in their subconscious. In particular, it is necessary to find good opportunities among their ethnic minorities, split their regions, split their nationalities, split their feelings, and create new hatred and old hatred among them. This is a strategy that cannot be ignored at all.

5. We should constantly create news and vilify their leaders. Our reporters should find opportunities to interview them and then organize their own words to attack themselves.

6. Democracy should be promoted under all circumstances. Whenever there is an opportunity, whether it is large or small, tangible or intangible, we must seize the opportunity to launch a democratic movement. No matter on what occasions and under what circumstances, we must constantly demand democracy and human rights from them (the government). As long as each of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will surely believe that we are telling the truth. We catch a person is a person, we occupy a site is a site.

Seven, we should try to encourage them (the government) to spend and encourage them to borrow from us. In this way, we have full confidence to destroy their credit, devalue their currency and inflate it. As long as they lose control of prices, they will completely collapse in the people’s minds.

Eight, we should use our economic and technological advantages, tangible and intangible blow to their industries. As long as their industry is paralyzed unconsciously, we can encourage social unrest However, we must help and assist them very lovingly on the surface, so that they (the government) will appear weak. A weak government will bring greater turmoil.

Nine, to use all the resources, even gestures, a word and a smile, are enough to destroy their traditional values. We should use everything to destroy their moral hearts. The key to destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence is to hit their hard-working spirit as much as possible.

10. secretly transport all kinds of weapons and equip all their enemies and people who may become their enemies.

The game rated as 18+ in Korea is now in the public beta, and the welfare is so good that foreign service players are jealous.

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

National service players are always particularly humble, the game version is slower than that of foreign service, and the environment is worse than that of foreign service. Even if the reward is reduced, the difficulty is usually increased, which makes everyone go to sea collectively to expedition to foreign service whenever they have the opportunity.

Recently, a new game in China has finally treated the national service players as normal people.

Recently, it was developed by MX studio, a subsidiary of South Korea’s NEXON, and the "Blue File" represented by domestic Youxing was finally released in public beta after two and a half years slower than overseas!

The game takes place in the fictional federal city "Kivotos", where there are various societies established by JK girls. One day, the president of the federal Council suddenly disappears, and the players in charge of the investigation will work with the girls in Kivotos to find the truth behind it.

Nowadays, many secondary games take the bitter route and like to discuss the dark side of human nature. Although the world of "Blue Files" is not peaceful, for example, bullets can be bought in vending machines and a rifle is stuffed in shoe cabinets, they still choose the daily route of youth with sunshine.

Probably this style is more pleasing. As of January this year, its overseas revenue was about 1.7 billion RMB, and the number of people who made reservations for the national service was as high as 3.3 million.

At that time, this game was a disaster in South Korea, because it was rated as an 18+ game by the Korean Game Management Committee, which caused dissatisfaction among countless Korean players. Finally, a wave of large-scale petitions was launched to investigate the game management Committee. After an investigation, it was found that the game management Committee was corrupt by 700 million won (about 4 million RMB), and later the person in charge resigned.

Basically, as long as it is an agent’s game, the treatment of the national service is usually poor. Basically, the monster’s difficulty increases and the reward decreases. This time, Youxing is quite sensible. Let’s operate normally one by one, synchronize the 3% basic SSR shipment probability after the overseas version is upgraded, and get an extra guarantee mechanism for specific SSR when it is over 200.

This normal operation, but let the younger brother can’t help but want to shout "thank you for your kindness". What’s the matter?

Because of the above reasons, many national service players are basking in their own novices, many newcomers have easily drawn popular Samsung roles, and some European emperors have drawn three Samsung roles, which has caused some old international service players to think about it, so some players spit out the mentality of international service players, indicating that some people’s sense of superiority is too ugly.

However, it is really fragrant for this novice to draw Samsung characters. Many scalpers sell some Ou Huang accounts that draw Samsung characters on second-hand platforms, which are less than 200 yuan cheaper and 500 yuan more expensive.

Xiao di bi LV gongRecently, many new two-dimensional games have been launched, some of which were originally popular, but the operation of digging search led to the collapse of game reputation. In fact, the requirements of players are not high, just asking manufacturers to treat players as normal people with IQ. Why can’t some manufacturers do it?

A positive shock problem: Do you know any digging or atmospheric games?

The presiding judge talks about the Beijing case in the work report of the Supreme Court.

Our reporter Feng Li reports from Beijing.

On the afternoon of March 7, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held its second plenary session in the Great Hall of the People, and Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court made a report on the Supreme People’s Court’s work to the General Assembly.

According to the reporter of China Business News, the report mentioned seven cases tried by the Beijing court, namely, the trademark right case of Wuchang Rice, the high-speed rail monopoly case, the pirated World Cup case, the bankruptcy reorganization case of Founder and Ziguang Group of Peking University, the case of collecting user information privately by social software, and the case of infringement of personality rights by AI companion software.

On the eve of the World Cup finals, the court ruled in time to stop the live broadcast of illegal matches.

The reporter of China Business News noted that the report mentioned that the healthy development of digital economy should be promoted according to law. The courts in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai banned the piracy of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the World Cup in time to promote the optimization of the digital culture market environment.

On the eve of the final in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, an online company filed an application for behavior preservation, claiming that it was the copyright owner of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in China, and had the exclusive right to broadcast the programs involved in the case through the information network in the form of live broadcast, delayed broadcast and on-demand, and had the right to permit or prohibit others from exercising the above rights in whole or in part.

Since the opening of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a network company has continuously found that the mobile phone APP operated by a company in Beijing provides live viewing service of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 football match in the competition area, and users can watch the live broadcast of the World Cup match by clicking the live video. The Beijing Internet Court made a ruling according to law on the day it received the APPlication for behavior preservation in this case, and delivered it on the spot on the same day. After receiving the ruling, the respondent automatically fulfilled the obligations specified in the ruling and stopped the live broadcast of the World Cup on the mobile app it operated.

Zhu Ge, vice president of the First Court of Comprehensive Trial of Beijing Internet Court, told the reporter of China Business News that in recent years, the economy of sports events in China has shown a trend of rapid development, and the number of cases in which sports event-related rights holders applied for behavior preservation before or during litigation has been increasing. This case upholds a positive and prudent judicial attitude, promptly handles the application for behavior preservation put forward by the right holders of World Cup events, and makes a decisive ruling on behavior preservation according to law, strictly protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the right holders of sports events. In this case, the specific factors that should be considered in the application review of behavior preservation involving sports programs are deeply analyzed, hoping to provide reference for the trial of behavior preservation cases involving sports events.

Seven companies, including Ziguang Group, merged and reorganized in substance to help enterprises regenerate with the power of law.

As mentioned in the work report of the Supreme Law, 2,801 bankruptcy and reorganization cases were concluded, 3.4 trillion yuan of assets were revitalized, 3,285 enterprises were helped out of difficulties, and 923,000 employees were stabilized. A number of valuable and promising enterprises such as Founder of Peking University and Ziguang Group have been reborn through bankruptcy reorganization.

Ziguang Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, is a leading enterprise in China’s "core cloud" industry with cloud network industry and integrated circuit industry as its main business. In November 2020, due to business losses and deterioration of financial indicators, a serious debt crisis broke out. In order to promote debt resolution through marketization and rule of law, on July 16, 2021, Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court ruled to accept the reorganization case of Ziguang Group. On August 27th of the same year, it was ruled that seven companies, including Ziguang Group, were substantially merged and reorganized.

On December 29th, 2021, at the second creditors’ meeting, each voting group passed the draft reorganization plan by a high vote. On January 14, 2022, Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court ruled to approve the reorganization plan. Thereafter, during the implementation of the reorganization plan, the reorganization implementation period is 6 months. On July 12th, the administrator submitted the Supervision Report on the Implementation of Reorganization Plan to the court. On July 13, Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court ruled that the reorganization plan of substantive merger and reorganization of seven companies including Ziguang Group was completed, and the reorganization procedures of seven companies including Ziguang Group were terminated.

Through this judicial reorganization, 60 billion yuan of investment was introduced for Ziguang Group, more than 150 billion debts were smoothly resolved according to law, 298 enterprises in the group system were maintained for continuous operation, and more than 50,000 employees were stabilized, thus achieving the dual effectiveness of relieving difficulties and empowering rebirth.

Wang Lingfang, the presiding judge of this case and a judge of the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court, said in an interview with the reporter of China Business News that law advocates justice and law also helps the needy. The substantive merger and reorganization of seven companies of Ziguang Group is a typical example of applying the bankruptcy reorganization system to help China’s 100 billion-level high-tech enterprise groups with great industry influence to achieve rebirth, optimizing the business environment and effectively resolving the debt crisis. Large enterprise groups need creditors, investors and investors to seek common interests, the government and all walks of life to help each other, and the people’s courts need to uphold justice with the power of law, accept supervision openly and promote win-win with goodwill! Let us continue to escort the development of enterprises by law and jointly help the business environment to have a "temperature".

APP forcibly collects user portrait information, and the court determines infringement.

It is mentioned in the report that the prohibition of infringement of personality rights and the order of personal safety protection should be improved in the judicial policy to make personality rights more secure. The judicial interpretation of face recognition was introduced, and cases such as visual doorbell infringing on neighborhood privacy, scanning code to order food infringing on personal information, and social software collecting user information privately were tried to build a "firewall" for privacy and personal information protection.

When Luo used a software, he found that the software required users to fill in the contents such as "name", "occupation" and "English level" before logging in. He thought that his personal information rights and interests were infringed, so he sued the software operator to the court to stop the infringement and compensate for the losses. Software operators argue that collecting relevant labels is necessary to recommend appropriate service content for different users’ needs.

The Beijing Internet Court held that the scope necessary to perform the contract should be limited to the basic service functions provided by the software or network operators or the additional functions added by users on a selective basis. The software collection involved is not necessary to perform the contract, and the user’s consent should be obtained. The software involved requires the user to submit portrait information in the user’s first login interface, and there are no ways such as "skip" and "reject", which leads to the user having to check "agree" or submit corresponding information for the purpose of using the software. Such consent or the provision of personal information is forced or forced in disguised form when the subject of information is not free or voluntary, and cannot be regarded as valid consent. The defendant’s act of collecting user portrait information is not "necessary to fulfill the contract" and does not obtain the effective consent of the user, so it constitutes infringement. In the end, the court ruled that the defendant stopped the infringement and compensated for the losses.

Yan Jun, vice president of the Third Comprehensive Trial Court of Beijing Internet Court, told the reporter of China Business News that with the intelligent upgrade of network applications, collecting user portraits for personalized information push has become a common form of personal information processing, and it has also had a wide impact on people’s online life. This case applies the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, explores the specific standards for the collection of personal information, and makes it clear that the "consent" for the collection of personal information needs to be made freely and voluntarily by users, so as to fully guarantee the users’ right to make their own decisions on personal information. As a judge, I hope to establish rules through case adjudication, strengthen the protection of citizens’ legitimate rights and interests of personal information, guide enterprises to standardize personal information processing behavior, and escort the healthy development of digital economy.

The case of "AI Companion" software infringing on personality rights, and the unauthorized use of other people’s images to create virtual characters constitutes infringement.

The report mentioned: comprehensively strengthen the protection of personality rights. 875,000 cases of disputes over personality rights were concluded. Hearing the case of "AI companion" software infringing on personality rights, it was found that unauthorized use of other people’s images to create virtual characters constituted infringement.

The defendant runs a mobile APP, and users can create or add "AI chaperones" by themselves, set their names, avatars, relationships with users, titles, and interactive content with users, which is called "training" by the system. Plaintiff He Mou is a public figure. Without his knowledge, an "AI Companion" marked by the plaintiff’s name and portrait appeared in the software. At the same time, the defendant allowed users to upload a large number of plaintiff’s "expression packs" through the application of algorithms, and made interactive graphic content to realize the function of "training" the "AI Companion" to chat with users. The plaintiff believed that the defendant had infringed the plaintiff’s right to name, portrait and general personality, and appealed to the court, demanding an apology and compensation for economic losses and mental damages.

After trial, the Beijing Internet Court held that the AI character formed the virtual image of the plaintiff, and the defendant’s behavior belonged to the use of the plaintiff’s overall personality image. At the same time, users can set the identity relationship with the AI character, set any title, and make materials to "train" the character to chat, thus forming a real interaction experience with the plaintiff. These functions infringe on the personal freedom and dignity of natural persons. The defendant’s product design and application of the algorithm directly determine the realization of the core functions of the software, and he is no longer just a neutral technical service provider, but should directly bear the tort liability. Therefore, the defendant constitutes an infringement on the plaintiff’s right to name, portrait and general personality, and should bear the responsibilities of apologizing and compensating for losses.

Sun Mingxi, president of the Third Court of Comprehensive Trial of Beijing Internet Court, told the reporter of China Business News that in the era of "Meta-Universe", the virtual and reality will be further integrated, and technology will be deeply involved in the provision of content services, so we will certainly face more legal protection problems of "virtual personality". In this case, in the name of providing technical services, the defendant organized users to participate in the production and distribution of content through software rules and algorithm design, which directly determined the pattern of infringement in software. The principle of "technology neutrality" should not be applied, but should bear the responsibility as a direct infringer. This case reflects the attitude of judicial judgment to actively regulate the application of algorithms, and also actively explores the protection of personality rights in the era of artificial intelligence.