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Show you the Chery Tiggo 8 PRO: the appearance is very fashionable, medium-sized SUV, three sets of power.

Chery has a variety of SUVs on sale, among which the Tiggo 8 series has a high popularity. A few days ago, we learned that Chery Tiggo 8 series will add a new car-Tiggo 8 PRO, which will be officially listed on May 18th. The design style of the new car has changed, the interior style is more simple, and the power provides three options: 1.6T, 2.0T and Kunpeng DHT hybrid. It is understood that it will focus on young consumers. So, is this new car worth starting with? Let’s take a look at it together.

In terms of appearance and style, the whole vehicle continues to adopt the 8 family-style design of Tiggo, but some adjustments have been made in the front face. The front face adopts an air intake grille resembling the X shape, and the internal style is dot matrix with a little gradual effect, which will have a certain visual impact from a distance. Headlights are connected with chrome-plated decorations on both sides of the logo, and fog lamp areas on both sides of the grille are recessed inward, and black decorations are added.

The body shape still retains the overall style of Tiggo 8, and chrome-plated decorative strips are added in many places of the body. With the embellishment of the waistline, the whole body looks more layered. The wheel hub is available in R18 and R19 sizes, and the latter looks more harmonious with the larger body.

At the rear of the car, the popular through taillight group design is adopted, and the light source style is solid line and dot matrix collocation design. The light source is simple, but the recognition is high. The bottom adopts a bilateral four-outlet exhaust layout, and the lower enclosure is decorated with silver, which is thicker in style.

The interior of Chery Tiggo 8 PRO adopts a simple design, and the full LCD instrument and the central control panel are integrated, both of which are 12.3 inches in size. There is a touch button under the air outlet, but whether the light display will reflect light remains to be measured later. The three-position multi-function steering wheel also adopts a flat-bottom design. There are many function buttons and knobs on both sides of the low gear handle, and the car is also equipped with ambient lights.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 4745/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710 mm. Next, let’s take a look at the spatial performance of the new car. The height of the experiencer is 178cm. When the front seat is adjusted to the minimum, there is still 1 punch and 3 fingers in the head space, which is relatively rich. Here in the back row, there is still about 1 punch in the head space, mainly because the top of the back row is hollowed out, so the head space is more abundant, and there are 2 punches left in the legs. Although this car is a medium-sized SUV, the head space performance is relatively good, but the leg space is slightly insufficient.

The new Tiggo 8 PRO fuel version is equipped with 1.6T and 2.0T turbocharged engines respectively, with a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290n m.. The latter has a maximum power of 187kW and a maximum torque of 390 N m.. The high-profile models also provide a four-wheel drive system. The gearbox is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the new car will also provide a choice of hybrid models, which are equipped with Kunpeng DHT hybrid.

The overall design of Tiggo 8 PRO is mainly young and fashionable, and the main consumer groups it faces after listing are young people. However, although the car is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, from the overall performance, it is more inclined to a compact SUV. The competition at this level is also fierce, so the new car of Tiggo 8 PRO will undoubtedly face a lot of competitive pressure. How the follow-up performance is still to be tested by the market.

Behind Xu Wen’s pineapple leaving the circle, Pinduoduo helps the new agricultural model.

Xuwen, Guangdong, the southernmost tip of Chinese mainland, is one of the first small cities in China to feel the spring. It has a history of pineapple cultivation for nearly 100 years, and is the largest pineapple producing area in China, known as the "pineapple sea". Before becoming popular, Xuwen pineapple, which relied too much on offline sales channels, was once blocked by the epidemic.
On February 19th, 2020, led by Pinduoduo, a special live broadcast to help farmers was launched in pineapple fields. At that time, the county magistrate personally walked into the live broadcast room to help farmers, cut and eat pineapples, and spoke for Xuwen pineapple, which attracted more than 300,000 netizens to watch and nearly 300,000 kilograms of pineapples were sold out. This live broadcast also opened up business ideas for local farmers, and live delivery and online circulation began to become one of the main sales models of Xuwen pineapple.
In the past four years, the "pineapple planting army" has gradually grown into a "pineapple selling army", and Xuwen pineapple has become one of the "top streams" of the fruit circle. Pinduoduo platform data shows that Xuwen pineapple sales increased by 60% in the past year. From the purchase area, Zhejiang surpassed Guangdong to become the largest pineapple consumption province in Xuwen, followed by Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shanghai, and entered the top five.
In late February, this year’s first Xuwen pineapple was listed first. It is understood that the planting area of Xuwen pineapple this year is about 350,000 mu, with an annual output of about 700,000 tons, accounting for nearly 15% of the listed pineapples. The price of fresh fruit is stable at 0.8-1 yuan/kg, and the purchase price of large pineapples can reach 1.2 yuan/kg.
The sales volume of fruit is also a demonstration barometer of the price of Lingnan Jiaguo. Luo Hongxia, secretary of the xuwen county County Party Committee, fully affirmed the live broadcast of helping farmers, which was promoted by the cooperation of the government, the platform and the media, at the recent 2024 "Call the World to Eat Xuwen Pineapple" activity and "The First Live Broadcast of Pinduoduo in 219, 2020". Whether in Guangdong or in the whole country, this live broadcast has a very obvious demonstration significance. "
Luo Hongxia pointed out that this action of finding a market for agricultural products online was also highly recognized and supported by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and then it set off a nationwide wave of live broadcast to help agriculture. The "Xuwen model" also became the most popular new model for agricultural e-commerce development in that year.
Luo Hongxia, secretary of xuwen county County Party Committee, summed up and reviewed "The first live broadcast of Tiantou in Pinduoduo on 219, 2020". Photography | Shen Zhao
"The county magistrate’s live broadcast is a beneficial practice for Xu Wen to lead fruit farmers to try a new path of agricultural goods on the Internet, and it is also the starting point for Pinduoduo to help farmers live broadcast. The successful landing of this’ experiment’ also benefited from the creation and establishment of a new model of Guangdong agricultural products’ 12221′ market system. " The person in charge of relevant business in Pinduoduo said that in the future, the company will continue the policy of benefiting farmers such as zero commission on agricultural products, and improve the ultra-short chain of agricultural products by tilting resources such as 10 billion subsidies, 10,000-person group and optimizing supply chain, so that consumers all over the country can eat fresh and affordable Guangdong agricultural products, and help farmers increase their income and get rich and revitalize rural industries.
From "unsalable fruit" to "rich fruit"
In February 2020, it was the harvest season of Xuwen pineapple, but it caught up with the epidemic. "From Beijing to Xuwen, the flow of people along the way is very small." Some buyers recalled at the symposium, "Especially when going to Xuwen by boat from Haikou, it seems that there are less than five people except the staff. There are fewer people on board, and I have a feeling of chartering a boat. "
The opening of the county magistrate’s live broadcast ignited Xu Wen’s vitality and vitality. In just half an hour, it attracted more than 300,000 netizens’ attention. During the two-hour online activity, 30,000 pieces of pineapples were originally sold out, and 20,000 pieces of goods were urgently transferred in the live broadcast room, which eventually drove the sales of pineapples to nearly 300,000 Jin. After the live broadcast, xuwen county local farmers’ Pinduoduo stores accumulated 30,000 fans overnight and sold 51,000 pieces of pineapples in the past 20 days.
This live broadcast is a beneficial practice for Xuwen local government to lead fruit farmers to try the new path of online agricultural goods. Local farmers have opened up their business ideas, learned to live broadcast goods and open stores online for sale. Xuwen pineapple has gradually become a regional public agricultural product brand recognized by consumers all over the country, and the network uplink experiment of Xuwen pineapple is called "Xuwen mode".
In order to increase the market influence of Xuwen pineapple and build it into a "city business card", the local government continued to promote digital marketing and cultivated a live broadcast force that could not be taken away. Nowadays, doing e-commerce no longer needs government promotion, and more locals are spontaneously doing agricultural e-commerce.
After 1995, Xu Wen, a local guy, Zou Ziying returned to his hometown from Guangzhou last year and tried to start an agricultural product e-commerce in Pinduoduo. "Because I found that many friends around me made money from this."
In April-June and August-November, the two peak seasons of pineapple sales, Zou sold Xuwen pineapple in Pinduoduo by himself, and in the rest of the time, he managed local specialties such as Sakyamuni, Apple Banana and Red Heart Papaya. Relying on the policy of benefiting farmers such as zero commission for agricultural products on the platform, in the eight months up to the end of 2023, the cumulative sales volume of stores exceeded 300,000, and the profits also reached expectations.
The diversified consumer demand of Pinduoduo platform makes Xuwen pineapple find more possibilities. Take Zou’s own 100 mu of land as an example. "In the past, big fruits sold well in the offline market, but small and medium-sized fruits were often only sold to canneries or even rotted in the ground; Nowadays, with the help of the e-commerce platform, both Zhongguo and Daguo have a broader market, and the overall output value has increased by 10%. "
Zou, who tasted the "sweetness" of e-commerce business, was full of self-motivation. Just after the Spring Festival holiday, he arranged a new year’s work plan. "We have been stocking goods recently, and we expect to link up around Qingming." This year, he decided to increase investment in Pinduoduo platform, expanding the number of stores from more than 10 last year to 20-30, and strengthening the control of pineapple quality.
In addition to selling his own pineapples, Zou Ziying helped nearly 200 growers around to sell pineapples last year, and the purchase price was generally higher than that of offline stalls. "For every kilogram of pineapples we sell, farmers can earn 0.1-0.2 yuan more."
Xuwen pineapple ushered in a bumper harvest, and fruit farmers were very busy. Photography | Shen Zhao
In 2020-2022, Xuwen pineapple ushered in a high-light moment, and the field purchase price rose instead of falling. At the peak, it broke through 3 yuan/Jin, setting a sales record. The "slow-moving fruit" that once plagued local fruit farmers has turned into a "rich fruit".
At present, the "pineapple sea" industry is becoming more and more mature, and Xu Wen’s "pineapple planting army" has become a "pineapple selling army". Buyers and sellers from all over the country gathered here, and large trucks with license plates from different provinces stopped at the roadside, waiting for the pineapples to be loaded and shipped out.
Leverage big data and big live broadcast to hit the "world pineapple"
Xu Wen pineapple Jedi reborn, had to mention a set of digital passwords: "12221".
In 2019, in order to implement Xuwen pineapple brand building marketing, Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs set up a "12221" special working group and put forward a "12221" market system, namely, building "1" big data of agricultural products, forming "2" teams of buyers in sales areas and cultivating brokers in production areas, expanding "2" big markets in sales areas and production areas, and planning buyers to enter production areas and agricultural products to enter big markets.
In the past five years, the working group has always come to Xuwen in the spring to sum up the key points of the stage, bring thoughts and suggestions, and help fruit farmers sell their fruits. Winter goes and spring comes, and the pineapple harvest in the new season is coming. The blueprint of Xuwen pineapple development is gradually clear at the symposium: e-commerce, digitalization and internationalization will become the key words of the next stage.
This year’s newly released No.1 Document of the Central Committee clearly proposes to implement the high-quality development project of rural e-commerce, promote the construction of county-level e-commerce live broadcast bases, and develop the online sales of rural local products. Xuwen county is also vigorously promoting the live broadcast sales of e-commerce, holding thousands of people training, thousands of people live broadcast and other activities, and striving to become "the first county of live broadcast e-commerce in China".
In the spring of 2020, the first county magistrate live broadcast supported by Pinduoduo kicked off the "Xuwen Mode".
Xuwen county also followed the digital wave and launched AI Pineapple Jun, hoping to continue to deepen Xuwen Pineapple’s "12221 market system construction" under the background of data becoming new agricultural materials, mobile phones becoming new agricultural tools and live broadcast becoming new farm work, and help solve various problems such as pineapple planting, preservation, processing, logistics, publicity and marketing with AI technology, organically integrate data elements with the whole process of agriculture, vigorously develop new e-commerce formats such as live broadcast and short video, and explore.
It is reported that about 316 tons of pineapples have been exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea and other countries this year, of which North Korea is exporting for the first time. On February 29th, a batch of Xuwen pineapples from Zhongli Group was also about to be exported to North America. The appearance of AI Pineapple King provided a platform for Xuwen Pineapple to break through geographical restrictions and become a "world pineapple" from "China Pineapple".
To make Xuwen pineapple industry bigger and stronger, we must pay attention to both production and sales. While unblocking the sales link, the local government also actively promoted the diversification of production, and continued to explore industrialization, food and cleanliness, and launched new products such as pineapple grilled fish, fresh-cut small pineapples, pineapple moon cakes, pineapple rice cakes, and pineapple prefabricated dishes. At the forum on February 29th, the leaders also officially unveiled the "Xuwen Pineapple Prefabricated Vegetable Raw Material Direct Supply Base". This laid a foundation for Xuwen pineapple to improve its industrial chain and broaden its commercial channels.
With the popularity of Xuwen pineapple, "Xuwen Model" is gradually popularized in Guangdong Province. Previously, Pinduoduo signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to jointly help Guangdong’s featured agricultural products enter the city, and jointly incubate 50 brands of Guangdong’s featured agricultural products to fully help Guangdong’s digital agriculture "new infrastructure". From Kaiping duck egg, Suixi sweet potato and Lingnan litchi to Huilai abalone, Meizhou honey pomelo and Chaozhou tea, Pinduoduo can be seen behind the rise of these agricultural specialties.
According to the data, in 2020 alone, Pinduoduo launched a total of more than 240 live broadcasts to help farmers, covering 29 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions. A total of more than 430 city, county and district principals entered the live broadcast room to promote local agricultural (sub-) products, which generated a total of 670 million orders to help farmers, and sold more than 4.12 billion kilograms of agricultural (sub-) products, helping 1.13 million households.
In the future, Pinduoduo will continue to take measures such as resource inclination and supply chain optimization to accelerate Guangdong goods from villages to cities, and promote the standardization, branding and digitalization of Guangdong agricultural products.

What is the best life of the zodiac? I feel my accuracy! Look at yours quickly

"Source of this article: Happy Old Man"
pay close attention
The ancestors of China people were very wise, and they used the twelve branches of the earth to assign twelve kinds of animals to mark the year, which is called the Zodiac Chronology.
Every person born in one year has a corresponding animal sign, and after twelve years, he will be reincarnated. From ancient times to the present, no one does not know what he belongs to, whether it is ordinary people or emperors and dignitaries.
Everyone in the zodiac has their own temper and personality, and people in different zodiac signs have different fates.
Rats are smart, have strong insight, always pay attention to details overlooked by others, are good at understanding people’s hearts and seizing opportunities, and have strong environmental adaptability and adaptability.
There is a mortar on the head of the word "mouse", which means "hit repeatedly, but never broken, never exhausted". Although people who belong to the mouse are hit, they can improvise and have tenacious vitality, and one day they will turn over and come through thick and thin.
If rats can know how to be contented, overcome greed, and learn to be tolerant of people and things, the road of life will be smooth.
People who belong to the ox are honest and steady, and never believe in getting something for nothing. No matter how hard it is, they always do things step by step, taking no risks and taking no chances. The career established slowly and steadily when you are young will be smooth sailing and promoted step by step after middle age.
"Look at a thousand fingers coldly, bow down and be a willing ox". People who belong to the ox have a strong sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, and are keen to resist injustice. They hate people who are shrewd, thoughtful and hypocritical, and attach great importance to feelings and righteousness. As long as they are recognized friends, they will be devoted to them.
If people who belong to cattle know how to be flexible, listen to other people’s opinions, and don’t get bogged down, their career development will be more handy.
Tiger people are tenacious, ambitious, have very strong self-confidence, like to take risks and challenges, never bow their heads when they encounter great difficulties, and never give up until they reach their goals.
The tiger is the king of the mountain forest. People who belong to the tiger are born with their own leader’s aura, have the domineering spirit of the king, have a chivalrous heart, love to hoe the strong and help the weak, support the weak, but pretend to be strong when they are injured, and hide in an unmanned place to heal alone.
If a tiger learns to communicate and cooperate with others, consult with others when something happens, and avoid making enemies, his career will be in by going up one flight of stairs, and he will win the support of all.
People who belong to rabbits have keen intuition, have a keen insight into people’s hearts and have a good eye for people and things. Elegant, gentle and kind, with a simple heart, always treats people around you kindly.
In China mythology, the rabbit is an elf in the middle of the moon, accompanying Chang ‘e, and pounding the elixir of life under the osmanthus tree on a full moon night, so the rabbit is also a symbol of longevity. People who belong to rabbits know romance very well, and they yearn for a peaceful and quiet life.
If rabbit people can stick to their initial intentions, be kind to others, accumulate good deeds and become virtuous, good luck will continue, and their lives will be leisurely and elegant.
Dragon people have lofty ideals and strong enterprising spirit, high vision, boldness and boldness than ordinary people, and they don’t like pestering over trivial matters, let alone gossiping, being frank and sincere, and hating despicable and hypocritical acts.
The dragon is the favored son of heaven, and it is blessed by heaven. People who belong to the dragon are blessed with good fortune, and they will come through thick and thin and be happy.
If people who belong to the dragon can have a kind heart, be generous and measure others, life will step into a glorious road, and the rest of their lives will be safe and prosperous.
People who belong to snakes are naturally mysterious. They hide their joys and sorrows in their hearts. Their likes and dislikes are beyond words. Their emotions are invisible, calm and steady, and they can cope with all kinds of situations calmly.
Snakes are also known as "Little Dragons" among the people. People who belong to snakes are naturally intelligent, profound in thought, unwilling to be mediocre, and slowly accumulate strength. Once the time is ripe, "Little Dragons" will turn into "real dragons", which means that "Jin Lin is a thing in the pool, and he will turn into a dragon when he meets a storm".
If people who belong to snakes can be less suspicious, be frank and relative in everything, and be generous and generous in dealing with others, they will be less affected by many storms and good luck will continue.
People who belong to the horse are full of blood, free and easy, have a compassionate heart, always think of others, like to help others, bear everything by themselves, and yearn for a free and unrestrained life.
As the saying goes, "Lyu3 bu4 among people, a red rabbit in a horse", and the ancients called outstanding talents "a swift horse". People who belong to a horse combine talent and courage. If they can persist in their ideals, Do not forget your initiative mind will surely meet Bole, and "the seven stars are hanging high outside the Milky Way, and the heaven and the earth will gallop".
If people who belong to the horse can guard against arrogance and rashness, act calmly, be modest and low-key, not only will they have the help of nobles, but their fortune will be smooth and smooth, and everything will be solved.
People who belong to the sheep are pure and kind, gentle and considerate, do not like to show off, are soft outside and rigid inside, and have a strong vitality and willpower inside.
Oracle Bone Inscriptions with the word "sheep" has two horns on it, which means "everyone" and is beneficial to everyone. In China culture, sheep is the most harmonious and beautiful animal, which benefits people.
People who belong to the sheep have a gentle personality, and have a self-sacrificing mind. They are blessed by God and have no great disasters in their lives.
"You can’t hurt others, and you can’t prevent others." People who belong to the sheep should learn to protect themselves, know others with their eyes, and not be used by malicious people.
Monkeys are lively and versatile, quick-witted, witty, chivalrous, caring for others, and have a good popularity.
"Monkey" and "Hou" are homonyms. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the monkey has been a symbol of auspiciousness and nobility. In New Year pictures, a little monkey is often painted riding on a big monkey, which means "Hou will be sealed for generations". A monkey’s life is full of gold, and his life is full of good luck and extravagance.
If people who belong to monkeys can get rid of their impatient temper, endure in adversity, converge in prosperity, look down on gains and losses, and follow the fate wholeheartedly, they will live a happy and prosperous life.
Source: vision china
People who are chickens are frank and straightforward, say what they think in their hearts, have flexible minds, delicate minds, are hardworking and kind, have a sense of responsibility and care for their families very much.
Chickens are the animals of Sichen. "The cock crows all over the world." Chickens will crow at dawn, so the ancients thought that chickens had the ability to foresee. People born in the Year of the Rooster often have foresight and can seize the opportunity and win the initiative.
If people who are chickens can cultivate their patience and take every step of life in a down-to-earth manner, the future will be infinitely bright.
People who belong to dogs have sensitive insight, value human feelings and morality, have a sense of justice, are magnanimous and careless, generous and generous, have a strong sense of responsibility, and treat relatives and friends with affection and righteousness.
In ancient times, when night came, dogs kept watch at home and were the most loyal and reliable friends of people. People born in the year of the dog are sensitive and loyal, and can get the appreciation of the nobles and rise to the top.
If people who belong to dogs can not stick to the rules, learn to be flexible and not blindly persistent, life will be prosperous and smooth.
People who belong to the pig are simple and kind, easy-going, informal, optimistic and open-minded, sincere to friends and caring for their families in every possible way.
The word "home" covers a pig. In the eyes of the ancients, a pig at home can only be called a "home" if it has a certain living guarantee, so the pig also means wealth and happiness. People born in the year of the pig are blessed and well-fed.
If people who belong to pigs can have their own opinions, learn to refuse, don’t covet ease and enjoyment, and do more good deeds, they will be blessed with profound blessings and enjoy endless blessings throughout their lives.

On New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou’s household registration window opened normally! Click to view more office arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

The reporter learned from the Press Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau that according to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the Spring Festival holiday will be closed from February 10th to February 17th, 2024 (from the first day of the lunar calendar to the eighth day of the lunar calendar), and the city’s household registration window will be closed to the outside world, during which only the "urgent business" account cancellation business will be accepted (appointment-free).
Among them, on February 3 (Saturday), February 4 (Sunday), February 9 (New Year’s Eve) and February 18 (Sunday), the public can make an appointment to attend the household administration business (office hours are 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00).
Guangzhou police reminded that during the holiday period, the online household registration room of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau normally accepts the online household registration and resident ID card business. Eligible citizens can log on to the WeChat WeChat official account of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and enter the household registration service interface through the menu of "Government Service"-"Household Administration"-"More", in which the relevant information can be found in the "Service Matters" column. Citizens who meet the conditions for self-service of resident identity cards can also choose to go to the nearest self-service card machine for resident identity cards.
Text | Reporter Min Min Correspondent Gong Xinwen

Five suggestions for buying a car in 2024

There are 33 days left in 2023, and in the coming year of 2024, many friends should have the demand of buying a car for the first time, changing it and increasing it. The picture shows that the car has summed up five suggestions for buying a car in 2024 based on the current development trend of the automobile industry and personal judgment.

First, new energy sources are preferred, and pure fuel vehicles are not recommended.

Many people may be reluctant to accept the fact that pure fuel vehicles are declining, but the fact is that fuel vehicles are accelerating to withdraw from the historical stage, at least in China. According to the monthly report of the Association, the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 38% in October 2023, and in January this year, the market penetration rate of new energy was still 25.7%. Compared with the same period of last year, the penetration rate of new energy market increased by 7.8% in October.

In terms of sales volume, of the 2.03 million new cars sold in October 2023, 770,000 were new energy vehicles, and the remaining 1.26 million were pure fuel vehicles. This comparison really shows that fuel vehicles are still difficult to hide the king’s demeanor, but if we compare the growth rate in the same period, it means that pure fuel vehicles are showing signs of decline-in November, the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 38% year-on-year, while the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by -2.1%. In January, which was hit hardest by new energy, the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by an astonishing -44.5% year-on-year.

It is not difficult to see that the pure fuel vehicle is going downhill as a whole, and there is no possibility of any return to life. In 2024, pure fuel vehicles, especially those below 200,000, will disappear faster. The newly listed consumer-grade vehicles are basically plug-in, extended-range or pure electric vehicles, and new pure fuel vehicles will be limited to joint venture brands and a few performance vehicles. For most consumers, accepting new energy sources may become the norm, because there are really not many pure fuel new cars to choose from.

In addition, it is still about wallets. 2024 is the penultimate year of new energy purchase tax exemption, and by 2026, new energy purchase tax will not be completely exempted. So, get on the bus when you get on, don’t hesitate, the later the fuel car changes, the greater the loss. You may not believe me, but the second-hand car association will give you lessons.

Second, program extension and multi-gear plug-in hybrid priority program extension

It is not yet clear who can laugh at the end between the extended program and the plug-in hybrid, but in the coming and foreseeable year of 2024, the extended program is undoubtedly the better solution.

Extended programs are often ridiculed as backward technology, but the answer given by the market is not the case. The sales volume of new energy terminals in October 2023 showed that the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles in October was 159,000, and the sales volume of extended-range vehicles in the same period was 72,200, with a year-on-year increase of 211%. No matter what industry it is, "joining if you can’t beat it" is an eternal road. At first, you only wanted to extend your journey. Now Deep Blue, Wenjie, Zero Run, Lantu and even BYD have all joined the ranks of extending your journey. Only Tucki and Weilai are the independent new energy brands that firmly adhere to the pure circuit line, and the sales of the latter have reached the "not very good" range.

At the same time, the self-owned brands that adhere to the multi-gear plug-in hybrid technology route are also uncomfortable. How many of the 159,000 plug-in new cars are BYD’s single-gear plug-in, I think you have a good idea.

Undoubtedly, in the coming year of 2024, with the continuous decline in the price of raw materials for batteries, there will be more and more extended-range models for large batteries. A very simple question, when the extended pure electric mileage comes to about 350 kilometers, what are the advantages of plug-in hybrid models with 55 kilometers and 120 kilometers of pure electric battery life? Not to mention the multi-speed plug-in hybrid vehicle with complex technology and easy failure.

Third, the conditions allow priority to choose the smart driving version.

Nowadays, the development speed of new cars is really fast, and electrification is accompanied by intelligence. Of course, the intelligence here is not a disappearing gear handle and an increasingly large central control screen, but an increasingly advanced auxiliary driving function. When quite a few people are not used to giving the throttle to the adaptive cruise system, the tram has entered the stage of giving the steering wheel to the auxiliary driving system.

Then the two-day video of Smart World S7 and Ideal Unmanned parking service shows us to some extent the normal state of parking in the basements of first-and second-tier cities after two or three years-the basements of big shopping malls are full of cars with drivers who have no one to find their own parking spaces, and in most cases, they may be better and more courteous than human drivers.

Intelligent driving is not limited to unmanned parking service, but also point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, most car companies’ intelligent driving schemes are still in semi-closed road environment such as expressway/urban expressway, which is only the initial stage of pilot assistance. The higher level is the navigation assistance of complex urban roads, and the foreseeable ultimate goal is the point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, the intelligent driving technology of some car companies has actually reached the point-to-point level of navigation assistance, but the policies, regulations and road environmental conditions have not yet reached the practical level. In the future, with the improvement of regulations and urban infrastructure, point-to-point navigation assistance will no longer be a scene unique to science fiction films.

In the coming year of 2024, most trams with a price of more than 150,000 yuan should provide a smart driving version, which usually uses the suffix of MAX or I, and the price is usually about 20,000 yuan more expensive than the ordinary version. At the same time, there may be a new trend that all new cars have the redundancy of intelligent driving hardware. If you want to open the intelligent driving function in the future, you only need to purchase the service and push the intelligent driving function through OTA.

Therefore, considering the change cycle of 5-6 years, if you buy a tram next year, it is recommended to give priority to the intelligent driving version. If conditions do not permit, try to choose a model with intelligent driving hardware redundancy that can be upgraded through OTA, so that you can upgrade to the intelligent driving version at any time when future conditions permit. The intelligent driving era will not be too far away.

Fourth, independent brand new energy gives priority to big manufacturers and their sub-brands.

Needless to say, in recent years, new energy sources of independent brands have emerged in an endless stream, and many of them are short-lived. The latter are basically "new forces" without endorsement from big manufacturers. Other things aside, just by fighting the price war, the big manufacturers will persist longer than the new forces, and the after-sales and supply chain of the big manufacturers will be more complete, at least there will be no crisis in the car machine.

At the same time, the self-owned brand new energy sub-brands are actually doing very well, and the level of adjustment is inevitable, but at least the hardware is full, and more than 200,000 double wishbone air suspensions are arranged for you. The same price can be given priority.

Fifth, buy early and enjoy the discount for buying late.

This is applicable at any time, because the development of science and technology is a process of continuous innovation and progress, and everyone may be backstab. For example, when you are still immersed in the expectation and joy of waiting for your car to be transported to the delivery center, the APP highlights the push of the smart driving version of the same model.

At this time, you should learn to comfort yourself that "buy early and enjoy the discount when you buy late". In the new energy era, new cars come out faster than mobile phones. No matter when you buy a car, there are always better and more advanced models on the market, and the models that can afford and meet your needs are the most suitable. In short, the best scenery is always in the distance, and it is wonderful to learn to enjoy the present.

Ten Heavy New Cars in 2023

The year 2023 is coming to an end, with less than a month left in the blink of an eye. Looking back on this year, using one word to describe the automobile industry is the flying of rolls and rolls. There are endless new products on the new energy track, and the field of fuel vehicles has also started price wars one after another. Car manufacturers have finished rolling up the price of products. For consumers, this year is indeed a year suitable for buying cars.

Today, let’s take a look at the products that surprised you in 2023 and are worth starting with. Here are 10 models, which are very heavy.

Byd seagull

It has been listed for more than 7 months, but it has won the championship for more than 6 months. This is BYD Seagull. From the appearance of BYD Seagull in April to October, it is the champion of this level of car sales every month, and even has a sales volume of more than 40,000, making it a popular candidate for the champion of car sales.

Recently, the 200,000th seagull officially rolled off the assembly line. Up to now, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 180,000, and the results are not dazzling. This success, in addition to the blessing of BYD brand aura, is also indispensable to the outstanding strength of the model itself. The lower threshold, the better car cost performance, the upper-middle level seating space of the same class and the relatively sporty and fashionable appearance make Seagull very suitable for consumers who pay attention to economic applicability such as commuting.

Deep blue S7

The dark blue S7, known as the "King of Volume" of the 7-character generation, has only been listed for half a year. From the latest sales data, for example, in October, Deep Blue S7 also had data of over 8,000 vehicles, which was considered as a best-selling camp.

The advantage of Deep Blue S7 can roll lies in its price. It is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, and its price is less than 150,000. Its cost performance is outstanding, and its face value, space and configuration are online. The first car owner also enjoys the lifetime warranty policy of the battery pack. Under the premise of low car purchase threshold and low car use threshold, the maintenance cost is also invisibly lowered, which is just right for the modern young people’s psychology of "saving the flowers". The product strength is icing on the cake, and the price advantage is the last word.

Wen Jie M7

It is said that a M7 that is far ahead has revitalized the world, making the products with low sales suddenly come back to life. Less than 50 days after listing, the sales volume of Dading exceeded 80,000, which is dazzling in the whole high-end new energy field, and it really makes the ideal feel the pressure.

There is no doubt about Huawei’s brand power, and HarmonyOS’s intelligent ecosystem is also a bright spot. However, the success of the M7 is also inseparable from the model itself. For example, the improvement of the overall mechanical quality and configuration level is obvious for the enhancement of handling and comfort. Moreover, the price adjustment and positioning are more reasonable, and the opponent is reduced from L8 to L7. Relying on the price advantage, the brand influence and its own strength, it is not all the credit of being far ahead.

Feifan F7

In terms of sales volume, Feifan F7 did not achieve the expected popularity. However, judging from the model itself, Feifan F7 can still rank among the annual models.

At the beginning of the year, when Feifan F7 appeared to announce the selling price, there was also a real wave of enthusiasm. Some people feel sincere because of the low price threshold of the model, some people complain because of the unreasonable scheme of renting batteries and buying out batteries in Feifan F7 battery exchange mode, and some people are surprised because of the NVH of this car …

Nowadays, according to the data that the monthly sales volume is just over 2,000 vehicles, the purchasing power of heat conversion is limited. Moreover, SAIC, which is backed by Feifan, is not only betting on Feifan, but also the D7 model of Zhiji and Roewe itself. Although the overall price-performance ratio of Feifan F7 is excellent, now the 200,000+market segment is completely established as an explosion, and there are still some characteristics with higher recognition. Therefore, Feifan F7 will inevitably be listed less than one year. Under the impact of new products, the terminal will give a drop of about 20,000, and the price-performance ratio of the whole vehicle will be improved by price advantage.

Zhiji LS6

At the beginning of the year, Zhiji LS7 just made its debut. Near the end of the year, the sister model Zhiji LS6 made a strong attack.

Obviously, in order to start the brand of Zhiji, SAIC has also made great efforts, and the price has dropped again and again. From Zhiji L7 to Zhiji LS7 to Zhiji LS6, the terminal has given a limited-time discount of 15,000, and the threshold has been lowered to the early 210,000. Compared with Zhiji LS7, the performance-price ratio has been significantly improved. After all, in terms of size, Zhiji LS6 is only a little smaller, but it is a whole level lower in price.

Moreover, Zhiji LS6 quasi-900V dual silicon carbide platform not only ensures zero acceleration within 3.5S, but also pays more attention to the intelligent car experience of vehicles. For example, the elevated NOA capability comes standard with NVIDIA Orin-X chip and lidar to ensure convenient, comfortable and intelligent travel.

Zhijie S7

What sparks can Chery and Huawei collide? Just look at the intellectual S7.

At the end of November, Zhijie S7 officially debuted, with a price of 249,800 yuan. It is aimed at medium and large-sized cars, 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform is standard, and Huawei empowers Turing intelligent chassis and other new technologies. It only takes 3.3S to accelerate 100 kilometers, and CLTC’s comprehensive cruising range can reach 855km, and it can last 215km in five minutes.

Judging from the current data, the reservation has exceeded 20,000 units. It is good news for Chery’s road to electrification transformation. The design of the front face of Zhijie S7, especially the headlights, is very Huawei’s style. From the perspective of positioning, the price of this car is actually not dominant in the auto market of 200,000+,and the so-called outstanding selling points are not clear. The so-called intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and fast charging are basically standard in this market segment. The product characteristics of Zhijie S7 are not clear. Perhaps Huawei’s brand power and Chery’s influence can play a certain role, but if you want to win the first place, and

Haobo HT

In contrast, the niche attribute of Haobo HT is relatively clear.

Throughout the field of new energy, the explosion mode is nothing more than niche configuration and mass production positioning. In this mode, it is often the easiest to give birth to explosions, such as ideals and Tesla. Nowadays, Haobo HT has also grasped the key point, relying on popular positioning and niche configuration, and wants to stand out in the 200,000+camp.

Standard European wing door, with Dolby panoramic sound, has a memory point in terms of car experience and visual effects. Combined with the price of 213,900, the threshold is not high, and the performance in relatively balanced products can still occupy a place in the middle and large pure electric SUV camp. Judging from the current data, there are orders for more than 20,000 vehicles in less than one month of pre-sale, which is a great success for this new brand with a total of three models listed soon.

Lan tu Zhu guang

The 200,000+market has never lacked good cars. Under the shackles of classic benchmarks such as BYD Han and Tesla Model 3, if you want to gain a firm foothold quickly, you must rely on outstanding characteristics to attract potential and fixed audiences, that is to say, the labeling should be clear, and it should arouse the resonance and recognition of the audience, so that it can be truly transformed into purchasing power.

The pursuit of light like Lantu has set its sights on groups with business car needs. From the price point of view, the threshold of chasing light from 266,900 is not low in the same class, but it comes standard with electric four-wheel drive, with a million-level magic carpet chassis, air suspension and CDC blessing, which can be adjusted in advance to reduce the bumpy feeling. The rear row also has administrative push-off, the four-seat mode comes standard with massage ventilation and heating functions, and the intelligent auxiliary driving system of L2.9 level, and the driving quality is even better.

Byd song l

The price has not been officially announced, but it is not surprising that BYD Song L will also be an explosive product.

The positioning should be between Song PLUS and Tang Dynasty, which is considered as a B-class SUV product. Its shape is also different from that of Song PLUS and Tang Dynasty, and it is more sporty and fashionable, and its personality is towering. Hunting coupe SUV positioning, strong cross-border style, and more aggressive modeling, strong sports atmosphere, distinctive features, more like young audiences. Many people call it "the most beautiful BYD" in the SUV field.

The highlight of BYD Song L lies not only in the car itself, but also in the blessing of brand influence. With the endorsement of BYD, Song L has more outstanding advantages in terms of technology, word-of-mouth and stability and reliability. Thanks to BYD’s highly vertically integrated industry consolidation ability, Song L also has room for price reduction. No matter how the market changes, compared with the new power products, Song L has stronger pressure resistance.

Ideality MEGA

While the most beautiful BYD is on the scene, the ugliest ideal is about to go online.

This product with a strong sense of technology and futurity, which looks like a concept car, will be a formal production car. It is the ideal MEGA, and according to the official data, the number of orders has exceeded 10,000, and there are many people who spit it out, but obviously there are as many people who recognize it.

The price will be around 500,000-600,000. The new car will be unveiled in December and delivered in January of the following year. Although the appearance has changed to the ideal calm and atmospheric style, the interior still retains a lot of the same design, and the big screen is still very eye-catching. The unique design also brings excellent performance of wind resistance coefficient, which is only 0.215Cd. Although it is a 7-seat layout, the space utilization is reasonable, and various modes can be switched. Two rows of independent seats also ensure comfort. The 800V platform is built, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 5.5S, and the travel quality and control are guaranteed.

Interview with Morgan! C Ronaldo: Messi is the best player I have ever played against! But the strongest in history is someone else.

Just last week, world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo played in the preliminaries against Ireland on behalf of the Portuguese national team. He reversed the lore game with a double pressure whistle, and at the same time, the number of goals scored by his national team was officially raised to 111, which directly broke the world football record of 109 goals scored by the legendary Iranian striker ali daei, and Cristiano Ronaldo also successfully ranked first in the men’s football adult national team.

Statistics after the game show that Cristiano Ronaldo scored only 37 goals when he reached the 100 milestones in the Portuguese national team. However, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly stepped into gear to speed up. In the next 80 games, the Portuguese superstar bombarded 74 goals, which opened the process of refreshing the world record.

It is worth mentioning that among the 111 goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, 64 goals were scored in the World Cup preliminaries or the European Cup qualifiers, while in the European Cup finals and the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 21 goals, in addition, five goals were scored in the Europa League, two goals were scored in the Confederations Cup, and only 19 goals were scored in the friendly match of Portugal.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, who broke the record and made history, returned to Britain, the famous British journalist piers morgan made an exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. Among the British journalists, perhaps only Morgan could make Cristiano Ronaldo forget his fatigue and go to the appointment happily. In this interview, the Portuguese superstar also spoke his mind, but he thought he was stronger than Messi.

Piers morgan asked: Who is the best player you have played against? C Ronaldo answered directly without hesitation: Messi! Morgan was a little surprised and then asked, Really? Cristiano Ronaldo smiled again and answered affirmatively: Messi is definitely the best player I have ever played against. But Pierre, you’re asking a little wrong question. Morgan: Well, to be correct, how should I ask? I see, I should ask you, who do you think is the best player in history? C Ronaldo replied seriously: I think I know the answer. Later, after the interview, piers morgan revealed: "Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he is the best player in the history of football, and I agree with him very much." Want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to the football express