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"Football Commentary Conference" was launched to find different young people.

  I am afraid that only those who love football will understand and love football. What kind of ability do you need to be a football commentator? How can I become a football commentator? There are often such discussions on the internet, but it is limited to this. The public’s explanation of football still stays in the TV era.

  Nowadays, in the era of Internet, everyone is holding a commentary microphone, and everyone can explain the football match and make a sound for loving football. In the year of the 2018 World Cup, PP Sports made great efforts to create the Football Commentary Conference, and selected excellent football commentators through competitions. The birth of this program made these young people who love football commentary stand on the stage to realize their dreams, and also made the commentary break away from the football game for the first time and become the protagonist.

  Every era has its own cultural characteristics. The once neat and single mainstream youth culture has gradually disappeared, and diverse youth cultures with individuality and differences as the main features have sprung up, such as secondary culture and teasing culture, in which every young person can find his own recognized cultural values. It is precisely because of this that today’s young people are more willing to express themselves differently from others, so football commentary should also be diversified. Football Commentary Conference is a platform to show diverse youth cultures with variety shows as the carrier and football culture as the support.

  National "Hot Search" Looking for Different Youth

  "rustic youth", "Buddhist youth" and "empty nest youth" have been labeled with more and more different identities. In the Football Commentary Conference, these young people will appear in front of the camera as "loving football". They are practitioners from all walks of life, including anchors, hosts, students, doctors, and even crosstalk performers and storytellers.

  Players skillfully combine their own life experiences, cultural values and football commentary to form their own unique commentary style, which provides unlimited possibilities for the style of football commentary. The public may hear a teasing explanation through the program, a modern explanation of China’s traditional flavor, and a cute explanation of online celebrity’s anchor … Each explanation more or less represents a contemporary youth culture.

  These players, who have different styles but love unity, all come from the eight-month hard search of the program group of Football Interpretation Conference. The program group hopes that this is not only to select excellent football commentators, but also to let the public know the hard work and persistent love behind the football commentary industry through the program.

  In order to make the contestants’ explanations more free and true, the program fully respects the contestants’ wishes and will not interfere too much during the filming process. At the same time, the panoramic shooting method without dead ends is adopted to record the dribs and drabs of the players outside the stage. Many players are still preparing for the war in the early hours of the morning, and some players are still arguing about the content of the competition because of their explanations. And the stories behind these programs will also be presented to the audience.

  Compared with other sports variety shows, the link setting of Football Commentary Conference strives to provide more space for young players to play freely. For example, the first phase of the 150-to-60 competition, which will be broadcast on April 18th, has adopted a brand-new form. Players stand in the center of the stage and use a three-minute talk show to express their "joys and sorrows" about football. They don’t know who will decide whether they will be promoted, eliminated or yet to be determined, and they don’t know what the criteria are. Everything is unknown. In fact, a group of instructors composed of Huang Jianxiang, Han Qiaosheng and Dong Lu, who explain the golden coffee, has been sitting in a hidden box to observe the performance of the players through one-way glass.

  Mentors also admit that apart from the most basic professionalism, there will be no fixed standards, just hoping to see more styles of football commentary. During the recording process, some players are really amazing.

  Strong resources to build a broader platform

  The rapid iteration of media technology has greatly broadened the platform for people to show themselves. From the earliest square speech to radio broadcast, from TV broadcast to live webcast, the expansion of the platform means the expansion of audience and the enhancement of influence. At present, PP Sports behind the Football Commentary Conference has rich copyright resources and related self-made programs in five major leagues in Europe, such as the Champions League, the Super League and the AFC Champions League. Through the interactive experience of mobile, PC and OTT platforms, it provides users with the ultimate sports content and experience by using graphics and texts, short videos and live broadcasts.

  The champion of the Football Interpretation Conference will directly sign a contract with PP Sports. The powerful event resources of PP Sports mean a broader expression platform for the participating players. In fact, in the process of program production, it is also organically combined with these superior resources. For example, if there is a major football match during the recording of the program, the innovative mode of "live broadcast of top-level matches+real-time production" will be adopted, and players will walk into the live broadcast room of PP Sports for live commentary, which is also part of the competition of program players. This model changes the previous "propositional" routine and directly tests the professional skills of the players. This open link design not only increases the difficulty of the competition, but also gives players more space for self-expression.

  The new era has its own youth culture, so football commentary should also have its own culture. Football Commentary Conference has become the trend vane of youth culture by accurately grasping youth culture and taking football commentary as the carrier.

Amazing! Liaoning team’s new foreign aid performed well, and Yang Ming took action and partnered with Molander.

Many fans have doubts about the level of foreign aid in NBL league, especially when Hudson can easily score more than 40 points per game. However, we should not ignore some players in this league that are worth looking forward to, such as Gyllenhaal of Shandong Men’s Basketball Team and others. In addition, the performance of the new foreign aid introduced by Liaoning team recently was also excellent. He contributed 18 rebounds, close to 40 points, which helped the team win at home and relieved Hudson’s huge burden.

Indeed, Hudson, as the top foreign aid in NBL league, has always been the scoring champion and offensive core of Liaoning team. However, it is very unhealthy to rely on one person for a long time, and no team should rely solely on one person’s scoring ability. Such dependence will bring great risks to the team, because the opponent can launch strict defense against this player and suppress his scoring efficiency.

MEK’s joining has brought new hopes and choices to Liaoning team. He showed excellent rebounding ability and scoring ability, which added powerful firepower to the team inside. The arrival of Mack made Liaoning team’s attack more diversified, and the opponent could no longer simply pay attention to Hudson, which also gave Hudson a chance to rest and reduced his pressure and burden.

In the daze of Liaoning men’s basketball team, fans began to look for the candidate who could fill the vacancy of inside strength. As a foreign aid of Fujian men’s basketball team, MEK has always left a deep impression on people. He has a height of 2.11 meters, which most fans know, but his flexibility makes people admire him. He can even pull out and shoot three-pointers, which is really remarkable.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this all-round performance that Yang Ming should not hesitate to inspect Meike. With Molander’s partner, the inside strength of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will be greatly strengthened. Once they really cooperate, their opponents will be at a loss. Holding high the banner of MEK, the inside of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will become strong and invincible.

However, at this critical moment, problems began to emerge. The biggest problem of Liaoning team in NBL league is that the inside strength is too poor, which is naturally a fact that can be seen by the naked eye. They tried every means, constantly changing foreign aid, hoping to find the right person to fill this vacancy.

They chose Meck, or more accurately, Makor Meck, which became their light of hope. He is the cousin of Fujian men’s basketball team’s foreign aid Meike, and this blood connection is really exciting. The two men are similar in style and figure, which undoubtedly brings more expectations to the fans.

On this stage of basketball playoff, the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team has become the focus of attention. Han Dejun and Li Xiaoxu, the veteran team, have gradually shown signs of fatigue under the erosion of years. Wu Changze’s leaving the team on loan cast a shadow over the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team. Molander’s injury problem also makes people worry. At this time, it seems that the sudden appearance of Meck gave the team a brand-new hope.

Meck’s height is remarkable. The height of 2.11 meters can almost sweep the audience, but it has unexpected flexibility. He can not only grab a strong rebound inside, but also pull it out to make a breakthrough. This combination of height and flexibility is like an unstoppable basketball giant.

In addition to his height and flexibility, Meck also has a fairly good three-point shooting percentage. In this game, he scored 2 out of 4, which is quite rare. This kind of performance has amazed the fans outside the stadium, and calling Meike directly is the third foreign aid that Liaoning men’s basketball team needs.

The new season is coming, and the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team will definitely decline. Veterans are getting older, and injuries often plague the team. Under such circumstances, as a cheap basketball player, MEK is undoubtedly a new supplement to the team’s inside strength.

Under the close relationship between Yang Ming and NBL Liaoning team, he naturally paid more and more attention to Meck’s performance. Once, Yang Ming was there to cheer for the Liaoning team, and this relationship also provided convenience for him to visit Meike. Therefore, in the face of MEK, Yang Ming must not hesitate. Otherwise, not surprisingly, other CBA teams will definitely take the lead and bring MEK into their ranks.

Top 100 Stars Selection | Harden’s overwhelming advantage leads Murray to the top 50, and Ayton only enters the top 100.

In the off-season of NBA, the TOP150 large-scale voting activities were held, and the second stage featured 150 players who appeared in service to vote for the ranking. In the first part, every three players are divided into 50 groups, and five groups of votes are held every day. The first place in each group is 1-50, the second place is 51-100, and the third place is 101-150. On the 4th day, in the five groups of voting, Jamal Murray, Fox, Morant, Harden and Sabonis Junior all entered the 1-50 places without any suspense. Except Fox, the other four stars all exceeded 90% of the votes, and Harden led the way with more than 95% of the votes. Aidan missed the top 50 in active service because of his poor performance in the playoffs, and Horford and Lori, two veteran all-star players, lost their performance due to their age, and also missed the top 50 in active service, so all three entered 51-100.

The voting results of each group are ranked as follows:

The first group of votes: 1 Jamal Murray, 2 Ayton, 3 Potis.

The second group of votes: 1 Fox, 2 Horford, 3 Grimes.

The third group of votes: 1 Morant, 2 Bogdahn-Bogdanovic and 3 White.

The fourth group of votes: 1 Harden, 2 Lori and 3 Giddy.

The fifth group of votes: 1 Sabonis Jr., 2 Lowe, 3 Trey Murphy.

Enter 1-50 places: Jamal Murray, Fox, Morant, Harden, Little Sabonis.

Jamal Murray, Morant, Harden and Sabonis Jr. all won more than 90% of the votes in their respective groups, and Harden won an overwhelming majority of more than 95% of the votes, leading the way, thus successfully ranking first in the group and entering the 1-50 active duty range. Jamal Murray was the No.2 winner of the Nuggets’ championship last season. He staged a perfect "redemption" script after returning from a serious injury and won the ESPY Best Comeback Award. Morant’s personal performance is one of the representative stars of the new generation, although the off-court "gun door" incident has been criticized. Sabonis Jr. performed well last season, helping Kings return to the playoffs after 17 years, and won a contract renewal with the highest salary this summer.

Harden won more than 95% of the votes and became the player with the highest number of votes, which shows that he still has a huge fan base in China. Harden averaged 21 points, 6.1 rebounds, 10.7 assists and 1.2 steals in the regular court last season, and was crowned the league’s assistant king successfully. Even though the playoffs failed to stop the 76ers from stopping in the second round, he once scored 40+ in two games. As for Fox, although he only got over 80% of the votes, he still ranked first in the group, and also successfully advanced to the 1-50 active duty range.

Enter 51-100: Ayton, Horford, Bogdahn Bogdanovic, Lori and Lowe.

As the core of the Sun’s insider, Aidan missed the top 50 in active service. He averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds in the regular field last season, but the playoff data shrank to 13.4 points and 9.7 rebounds, which was naturally criticized by Jokic. Horford and Lori, two veteran All-Star players, have greatly reduced their competitive ability due to factors such as age and injuries. However, they helped the Green Army to advance to the East Finals and the Heat to advance to the finals respectively, and they also entered the active service range of 51-100.

Bogdahn Bogdanovic and Lowe also entered the 51-100 active duty range. Bogdahn Bogdanovic averaged 14 points, 3 rebounds and 2.8 assists in the regular field last season, making him a top scorer in the league. As for Luo Wei, who contributed 8 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in the regular field last season, he is an important substitute for the Celtics’ inside, and with Horford continuing to get old, Luo Wei’s data and team status are expected to continue to improve next season.

Enter 101-150: Potis, Grimes, White, Giddy, Trey Murphy.

The five players who enter the range of 101-150 are basically important role players of their respective teams. Potis averaged 14.1 points, 9.6 rebounds and 1.5 assists on the regular court last season, and was an efficient bench substitute for Bucks. Grimes averaged 11.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists on the regular court last season, and was the bench gangster of the Knicks. Giddy averaged 16.8 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists in the regular field last season, becoming one of the main cores of Thunder. Trey Murphy averaged 14.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.1 steals in the regular court last season, becoming an important player in the pelican.

White averaged 12.4 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists in the regular field last season, and further improved his performance in the playoffs. With the Celtics sending Smart to the Grizzlies in the offseason, White is expected to be righted and become the new starting point guard of the Green Army in the new season.

Notice of voting for the star on August 5

In the second stage of the TOP150 large-scale voting activity in NBA offseason, 150 players were selected for voting ranking. The list of players participating today is 21-25 groups of players, as follows:

21. Adebayor, Smart, Monk

22. Jay Brown, Norman Powell, Fultz

23. Trey Young, Chrt, Vanderbilt

24. Edwards, Hero, Herbert Jones

25. George, macdaniels and Tommy Tam

Marca: Milan have told Real Madrid that they want to buy Diaz for about 30 million euros.

According to Marca, Milan have informed Real Madrid that they hope to buy out Brahim Diaz for about 30 million euros.

Brahim Diaz has been on loan in Milan since the summer of 2021, and the lease will end in June this year.

It is reported that Real Madrid will solve the future problem of Brahim Diaz in the next few weeks. All parties are optimistic about the future of the Spanish striker in Real Madrid, but on the other hand, Milan will try to buy Diaz at a price of about 30 million euros instead of 25 million euros.

In fact, Paolo Maldini told Real Madrid a few weeks ago that they want to buy out Diaz, and whether Diaz stays in Real Madrid depends on the player’s own wishes.