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Hammer Nalisa: GAG6 top debuts, plus-size girls are rebuilding their confidence.

Hammer Nalisa, the big V with more than 5 million fans in Tik Tok, once imitated Tengger singer’s singing of love circle, and became popular by imitating Mona Lisa’s jokes in the program.

In June this year, this chubby, big girl with a loud smile and a stalk all over her body participated in the variety talent show "Serious Gags".(Gaga is gagman’s transliteration, meaning variety creator, and the program aims to select talents for variety comedies.), and won the championship in the finals tonight. She has always been the most popular in the program. He Jiong Li Birthday Zhang Wei praised her for her special sense of comedy rhythm, and William Chan hand-picked her to marry her in the program.

"Former member of the women’s group" is a contrasting label on her. She laughed at herself for being at the peak of her weight, and when she appeared, she shocked the audience’s inherent impression.

Once, she was a standard thin girl of more than 90 kilograms. Treating depression made her weight soar by 100 kilograms.. After signing the company, she was assigned to the hip-hop brand, experienced the PUA in the workplace and learned how to survive in the workplace. Because she needs to be alone, she even made up the difference at her own expense to upgrade the standard room arranged by the program group to a luxurious single room.

Strange girl, who has zero bad reviews on this network, is challenging the public’s cognitive boundaries with himself and provoking a battle.Aesthetic revolution.


The reason for the skyrocketing weight of 100 Jin.

When I saw Hammer in Gaga Training Camp in Haimen, Nantong, Jiangsu, she was even fatter than the camera. The director said that she had insomnia recently because she was preparing for the finals. I fell asleep at 10 am and got up at 3 pm for training.

Unstable work and rest and the pressure from the competition have become one of the reasons why it is difficult for her to control her weight now. Most people don’t know that she used to be a standard thin girl weighing more than 90 kilograms.

Hammer Hammer is a native of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. During her college years, she was admitted to Nanjing Normal University as the first in her department to study vocal music. She often appeared in popular occasions such as street dance clubs and singing competitions, and was a campus idol in her college days.

According to the truth, hammer NaLisa should have a bright future. The change happened quietly on campus. Once very popular, she began to be isolated. Her boyfriend’s parents refused to accept her because of geographical discrimination, and even her best friend began to lie to her.

"Have you ever heard of it?Your best friend stole your ID card to borrow a loan.The plot? "Hammer hammer college living expenses is 200 yuan a week, my best friend took her ID card to borrow 20 thousand to buy a bag, and lied to her that someone in her family had cancer.

After cheating money, my girlfriend disappeared. Hammer didn’t dare to tell his family about his experience, and he felt humiliated. He had to use his pocket money earned by singing part-time in a bar to repay the loan for others. Hammer hammer really attaches great importance to the friendship with her senior. She can’t figure out: Is it because she is too indulgent with her friends that she will fall into such a situation today?

It is a great difficulty to owe a loan of 20 thousand when she was a student. What is important is that the grievances in her heart cannot be dispelled. Coupled with the broken interpersonal relationship around her, she fell into the extreme negative of self-isolation and began to cry incontinence all day.

Hammer described the mentality of that dark moment: "I just can’t feel happy, and I feel that I am not happy at all." When I go to class in the classroom, I must go to the top floor. Standing on a high place can make me feel better. I can’t help but want to jump down. " But the desire to survive maintained her reason.She took the initiative to seek medical treatment and was diagnosed with severe depression. In order to control her body, she had to take drugs containing hormones, and her body became fat out of control, and her weight rose from 100 Jin to 80 Jin at once.

Obesity used to be a problem that bothered Nalisa. She believes that there are three kinds of obesity: the first one is fat in the natural gene; The second is not to control diet, and human factors lead to obesity; The third one, like hers, is getting fat because of hormone drugs.

Being fat is neither a fault nor a sin. However, the public always likes to kidnap everyone with a unified aesthetic standard of "white, young and thin". Whether the idol’s legs are thick or not will be regarded as the focus of discussion. body shame is an invisible shackle that tightly binds the people in front of the camera. No matter what reason you get fat, in the face of others’ advice on your figure, the unified response of the hammer is:None of your business. Did you eat your rice?

I can still feel the hammer’s mind about getting fat. She dug up old photos and posted them on social networks to prove that she had lost weight.

Accepting being fat is a gradual process. “Of course, I will be a little unwilling at first, because getting fat is not my choice.And many organs of my body will be burdened. I slowly feel that I don’t mind so much.My facial features are beautiful, my personality is kind and interesting, then I am beautiful."

Hammer found that after getting fat, everyone began to be less isolated from her, but more began to ridicule. Her roommate has been encouraging her even in the worst times. She can see the talent in the hammer and the "bright spot that can’t be given up". Hammer reflected, "Many times, it is not because you are incompetent that people isolate you, but because you shut yourself down first, people will stay away from you."

Hammer began to redeem herself. "Music is my antidote." She participated in more large-scale music competitions and won the national championship of the new campus songs of the national K songs. Like-minded people praised her talent, and the judges encouraged her at the competition. She slowly walked out of the darkness of autism.


Can’t be a women’s group and experience PUA in the workplace

Near graduation, she noticed that a company on the Internet was preparing a training camp plan to select female group trainees. Her weight is still a problem, and she joked that she was "with the mentality of losing weight" and signed up.

Even if she tries to lose weight, her figure is still far from the strict standards of women’s team members. Later, Lisa hammered this experience into the first episode of Serious Gags. She imitated the CEO of a company with a Hong Kong accent and said, "You are standing here like a wall. I didn’t know that there was someone behind you. I didn’t know that you were in solo."

When the women’s team failed, she still successfully signed a contract with the company by virtue of her talent and characteristics. Hammer recalled the heart of the fledgling eager to sign the contract, "I feel safe after signing the contract." After coming to the company, the hammer was first assigned to the hip-hop brand under the company’s planning, which experienced the second trough of life.

"Entering the hip-hop brand is completely coming to a strange field.I don’t know anything. Just let me write ten songs."Hammer said with a frown. As a newcomer with half a foot in the circle, she instinctively has fear and dare not disobey the brand leader, so she has to bite the bullet and write rhymes.

Hammer hammer ambition is not in hip-hop, she hopes to communicate upward, but the brand leader forbids her to report beyond her level, "Tell my assistant if you have any needs". There is no effective response, new ideas have been rejected, and leaders continue to threaten. "If you dare to provoke me, I will hide you.”。

Hammer described the psychological oppression brought to her by this strong workplace PUA. "That’s another degree of self-doubt, self-doubt about aesthetics and dreams. "The self-confidence that she finally ignited was stubbed out again.

Hammer learning will not please the leaders, and it will be targeted everywhere in the brand, which will be even deeper. She is very grateful to the company’s vocal music teacher, who always encourages her, shows her advanced aesthetic music and affirms her musical accomplishment. "Every time I fall into the abyss of depression, they pull me up and don’t give me a chance to cry at all."

Her desire for survival will always support her to break through the current limitations at critical moments. One day, she couldn’t hold it any longer. She rushed into the general manager’s office and shouted that she couldn’t stand it. Every day, she was going to jump off a building.

"I am impulsive and my heart is still very painful. After all, I have signed the contract, and there is no retreat after rushing in. It is also possible to be hidden in the snow. As a result, our general manager handed me a song and asked me if I could sing. "

Hammer is confident in singing,She laughed at herself. "When the company recruited me, it also had its own considerations. They needed some people who sang well to sing demo for free."

After recording this song, Hammer successfully transferred to another folk brand, including arrangement class, production class, body building class and dance class, all of which were her antidote.

After leaving the soil that doesn’t suit me, the hammer can breathe, but it has also entered another system of PUA. For example, the company often takes a song and tells her to sing it for you when it’s ready, and then turns to someone else’s album list. However, the hammer has formed an antibody to deal with this pressure."After you break through a certain system, you won’t be willing to be PUA, and you won’t be willing to be controlled."

Hammer is used to thinking things on the bright side. She is grateful to the company for cultivating her music. Singing demo is training, as long as there is input, it is a good thing.

She also learned two valuable experiences in the workplace in the company:First, resolutely resist PUA in the workplace.Speak to others with clear logic, give reasons higher than his moral kidnapping to counter repression, and don’t be easily shaken by others.Second, do your own thing.She doesn’t believe that others will meet her requirements and hopes that others will not get involved in her career.So later, when she decided to enter the field of short video to be online celebrity, she didn’t have a team, so she was a team.


From online celebrity, Tik Tok to Funny Artists

From underground to the ground

The Tik Tok account of "Hammer Nalisa" has been accumulated at present.5.57 millionFans, she has a short video of imitating teacher Tengger singer to sing the love cycle.More than 2 millionLike it. Before taking part in Serious Gags, she was also invited to take part in variety shows such as Qipa Shuo 6 and Hey Sing Turn Up, and her popularity came from Tik Tok.

Before preparing to be a Tik Tok, she consulted the company. The general manager thought that it was good for the company that the company artists could have a voice on the short video platform, so she was allowed to grow freely. While taking music lessons in the company, she made short videos to make money.

She has strong imitation ability, is good at observing life, takes photos casually when she meets interesting things, and edits them herself.It only takes 20 minutes for a set of procedures to come down.She will continue to sum up the experience of others’ failures, create reversals and pauses, and stop when it is good. On the stage of "Serious Gags", tutors Li Dan, He Jiong and Zhang Wei praised Hammer Nalisa.Good performance rhythm”。

Getting fat inadvertently made her funny career. If she is not fat, some jokes lose their appeal. Including her stage name, Hammer Nalisa, is also due to her chubby figure, which is very similar to the well-known painting Mona Lisa. In "Serious Gags", she repeatedly crushed her own characteristics into paragraphs, and the first skill of cos Mona Lisa also won the golden key of Li Birthday’s tutor and became the first gag6 member.

This output is not unidirectional. Tik Tok’s friends who are constantly suffering from depression leave messages to her, saying that she feels hopeful after watching her video.Hammer noticed that some fans’ heads changed from black to wonderful life photos., she said, this is the meaning of her happiness.

Lisa Hammer has always been ranked first in the "Serious Gagas" and has zero bad reviews on the Internet. In the words of Li Birthday’s tutor, "Hammer Hammer came to this program to seal the gods".This kind of encouragement, like a comprehensive protection for her, protects her sensitive heart and self-confidence that she has finally rebuilt.

Hammer said frankly that he would feel guilty in the face of such high-intensity praise, but he would not float.She knew that something would happen if people drifted away. The high ranking makes her feel nervous about walking on stilts. In order to be worthy of everyone’s support, she always suffers from insomnia.

The Gaga program group has prepared a standard room for two for the students.Hammer upgraded to a deluxe single room at its own expense.. When the pressure came, she used to close herself up and didn’t want to bring her negative energy to others. This respect for people increases the affinity of the hammer. She is not aggressive and will not cause you any sense of oppression.

She will deliberately avoid some industry taboos, such as keeping a distance from the rice circle, which is reflected in the program’s desire for survival for star fans.Once set in variety showWilliam Chan married Hammer.The plot, hammer hammer is very embarrassing,"It is simply going to be cyber-violent."She kept apologizing to her fans through the camera.

There are also people on the Internet who compare the once-thin photos of Nalisa Hammer with popular idols. When Hammer Hammer sees them, he will immediately reply to the comments: I am very happy that everyone says so, and I like her very much, but don’t say that we look alike.

However, some people still misunderstand the hammer. In June this year, Hammer entered Gaga Training Camp, and Tik Tok’s update frequency decreased. On the day of the interview, she uploaded a set of interactive singing videos of "popcorn singing Dark Horse" which was very popular in Tik Tok, and the videos quickly accumulated 1.655 million likes. Some people know that she participated in the program, and the comment area asked her why she didn’t start singing funny. Others said that she became angry and began to show off her skills. Some people even got weird: "Hammer doesn’t have to be so restrained."

Hammer is dissatisfied with this. “Let everyone know you first, and then know that you have musical strength."She this is her way of saving the country curve. Through Serious Gags, everyone understood her humor, but began to question her pursuit of music."My jokes are always related to music."

Indeed, Hammer never gave up showing her musical talent, especially after she came to the ground from underground. Cue was invited to speak in the program, and she often sang while talking. On the impromptu stage, she also showed the singing and dancing abilities of five kinds of dances.It can be said that she wants to be red just to have a chance to sing.

Hammer said that being a gagman and a musical dream are not contradictory, but achieve each other. A gagman (variety creator and performer) should not only amuse the audience, but also be the glue of variety shows, not only to show himself, but also to leave room for other guests.

"Serious Gagas" is a big family with fireworks. The eliminated partners stay and unconditionally help the rest to think about jokes. He Laoshi, like a parent, added the WeChat of 56 students in the program group to encourage them one by one. Accustomed to the autistic hammer, she also opened herself and invited her friends to chat in her luxurious single room.

Immersed in real life, experienced the dark side of life, and willing to bring happiness to everyone, this is the preciousness of gagman. Hammer hammer thanked the program group for providing a stage for this group of unnoticed variety artists, and winning the championship was a new beginning.

In 2020, women’s issues have become a hot topic in the field of value. However, there is little female perspective in Hammer’s works. She said that she had a phobia of straight men’s cancer before, and people who could not stand the tendency of male chauvinism would take the initiative to avoid it. When she entered Gaga training camp, she found that all the men around her respected women, and then she realized that the circle could screen people. She said:The fact that my image is liked is a revolution in itself. So I don’t represent anyone, I represent myself.

Hammer rubbed his hand and looked into the distance with blurred eyes. “Although I am not particularly sure about myself, there are not many people who attack you because of your appearance and figure. I feel real love, and the world is really starting to get better."

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Great spring scenery, you might as well follow the footsteps of the ancients.

Stepping in the spring has existed since ancient times. This spring, many people had to cancel their outing because of the epidemic.

If you stay at home, you might as well have a "spring outing". Those "flowers" in the history of art may give you more beautiful feelings this spring.

In ancient times, spring outing was an outdoor activity that people liked in spring. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, spring outing was an open social custom in the Tang Dynasty, which flourished on the third day of March every year. This activity was recorded in Zhang Xuan’s famous "You Chuntu, the wife of the State of Guo" in the Tang Dynasty. The genius of the painter lies in the fact that the title of the picture is You Chuntu, but there is no grass or tree directly related to spring in the picture. Instead, people feel the breath of spring through the gentle gesture of the fine horse and the thin and gorgeous spring shirt of the characters.

The silk edition of You Chuntu, the wife of the State of Guo, by Tang Zhang Xuan (Song Mo) is 51.8 cm in length and 148 cm in width. It is now in the Liaoning Provincial Museum.

You Chuntu by Zhan Ziqian, a painter of Sui Dynasty, is the only work handed down from generation to generation by Zhan Ziqian, and it is also the oldest picture scroll so far, with the words "Zhan Ziqian You Chuntu" inscribed by Song Huizong. In the painting, the water meets the sky. There are green mountains and lush lakes, scholars riding horse trails or stopping by the lake, and beautiful ladies boating on the water. The wind is warm, the water is microwave-lit, the peaches and apricots on the shore are blooming, and the grass is lush.

Painters attach importance to the mountains and rivers with turquoise, depict the foothills with clay gold, fill and dye the trunks with ochre, take a panoramic view from a distance, and arrange the figures properly, which is the first of its kind in the Tang Dynasty and is very representative in early landscape painting.

You Chuntu by Zhan Ziqian in Sui Dynasty is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

The color of the silk book is 43 cm vertical and 80.5 cm horizontal, and it is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Ming Chou Ying’s "Spring Dawn in the Han Palace" is collected in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

The Spring Dawn of the Han Palace is known as one of the "Top Ten Famous Paintings in China". The picture describes the daily chores in the palace in early spring by hand-rolling: dressing up, watering, cutting branches, arranging flowers, raising, singing and dancing, playing, playing around the stove, playing chess, reading, fighting grass, looking at the mirror, watching pictures, playing with babies, sending food, waving fans, painting empresses, palace moths, princes, eunuchs and painters. The characters were all clothes since the Tang Dynasty, and they were named Han Palace, which was a general term for the palace at that time.

Affected by the epidemic, the "The Truth-Chou Ying Special Exhibition" held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the United States for ten years had to be stopped.

Chou Ying’s You Chuntu in the Suburb in Ming Dynasty

In the Qing Dynasty, Zou Yigui painted the Hundred Flowers Map, which was collected in the National Museum of China.

In spring, spring flowers are blooming. To enjoy the flowers, you can see the Hundred Flowers Picture painted by Zou Yigui, a court painter in the Qing Dynasty.

There are more than 100 kinds of plants and flowers in the four seasons in the picture of Hundred Flowers. The first painting is red plum, narcissus and orchid, interspersed with peach blossom, plum blossom, apricot blossom, winter jasmine, begonia, magnolia, clove, peony, hydrangea, rattan, pomegranate, dandelion, lingxiao, broad bean, rose, poppy, hibiscus, lily, lotus flower, lentil, impatiens, gardenia, oleander flower and petunia. Flowers are arranged in the order of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and according to the time of flowering. Painting techniques combine work and writing, such as chrysanthemums outlined with lines, and flowers such as lotus flowers and magnolia flowers are directly rendered. Dotting flowers with chalk dipped in color, dyed the heart, and rendered with water, making the flowers full of three-dimensional sense.

1℃→22℃! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday. ……

The weather in Zhejiang is good for two days on weekends.

All kinds of flowers are in bloom.

Travel to enjoy flowers and wash clothes to dry.

Everything can be arranged ~

But the sun shines

The temperature at 11 o’clock will reach above 10℃ in the whole province.

The cold and rainy weather some time ago

It’s completely over.

Temperature difference between morning and evening increases

Friends can use "onion dressing method"

Beware of catching a cold


The temperature rose steadily and reached its peak this day!

But the good weather only lasts until ……

Because Yu Yujun is going to work with us on Monday, it turned to rain in western Zhejiang this evening and spread to the whole province in the middle of the night. On Monday (11th), the whole province will be soaked in rain during the day. Remember to wear rain gear on Monday and go out early in the morning.

The rain will rest temporarily on the 12th-13th, and the temperature in some areas of our province will be above 20℃ on the 12th! The pace of spring is getting closer and closer, the weather changes are more unpredictable, and the rain will come to stay on the 14th to 17th. Friends cherish the sunshine these days.

Zhejiang weather forecast

Today: the western part of Zhejiang is cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part in the evening; Other areas are sunny to cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part after midnight.

Tomorrow: There will be light rain and some moderate rain in the whole province.

The lowest temperature this morning:

Northern Zhejiang: 1-3 degrees, with frost;

Other areas: 4-6 degrees.

Maximum temperature during the day today:

Coastal areas: 13-15 degrees;

Other areas: 16-18 degrees.

Warm and humid airflow entrains rainwater.

Be careful when you go out next Monday ……

Specific to the weather in Hangzhou, warm and humid air flows have quietly joined the battle. Under the influence of high-level wet areas, there are more clouds over Hangzhou, and the weather will be slightly cooler than yesterday.

March is also the season for the expansion and development of warm and humid air currents.

Although Hangzhou has not yet entered the meteorological spring, don’t worry, spring will always come, and maybe you will hear good news next Monday.

And you see, the charm of spring has gradually emerged, and the next weather process will focus on "short, flat and fast". Warm and humid air currents will bring rain in and out in a hurry, and frequently "send spring waves in secret" to the south of China, and the weather will also quietly bid farewell to winter under the constant attack of warm and humid air currents.

It is expected that there will be a light rain from tonight to tomorrow morning. Although the rainfall duration is not long and the rainfall is not large, it may collide with Monday morning peak.

Monday+morning rush hour+rainy day, friends who have a long commute may have to shake their heads again. Please continue to pay attention to the weather changes and get ready to go out early.

On the afternoon of the 11th, the weather will gradually improve, and it will be sunny again in the afternoon, and the temperature will obviously rise, reaching above 20℃ on the 12th. The next 13-14 days will be dominated by fine weather, and there will be a short shower around the 15th.

Generally speaking, the next week will be sunny and rainy, and the temperature will rise, which is conducive to spring ploughing, spring sowing and spring vegetable picking.

Hangzhou weather forecast

10th (Sunday): cloudy during the day, cloudy with light rain at night, 4 ~ 16℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

11th (Monday): It was cloudy with light rain in the morning, and it stopped raining in the afternoon, with 8 ~ 14℃ and southerly winds of 3 ~ 4;

12th (Tuesday): sunny to cloudy, 7 ~ 21℃, northerly winds 3 ~ 4 and gusts 5;

13th (Wednesday): cloudy, 6 ~ 17℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

14th (Thursday): cloudy to cloudy, 8 ~ 16℃, with a level 3 easterly wind;

15th (Friday): Cloudy to cloudy with occasional showers, 8 ~ 18℃, easterly winds of 3 ~ 4.

Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory released at 11: 00 on March 9.

It is said that "the face of a child in March" changes when it changes. In fact, a major feature of the weather in March is that the pace of weather change has obviously accelerated. After entering the spring in the meteorological sense, the characteristics will be more distinct.

Mao Yanjun, a senior engineer at Zhejiang Climate Center, said that spring is the transitional season between winter and summer. Especially in early spring, winter has just passed, and the cold air force is still very strong, and it erupts southward every few days. In spring, the influence of warm air in the south is increasing day by day. As long as the cold air is slightly weakened, warm air will take advantage of it and the weather will get warmer. This frequent intersection of cold and warm air often makes the weather show the characteristics of hot and cold, rainy and sunny.

The changeable weather is often easy to cause colds. In this season, everyone should add or subtract clothes according to the weather forecast in time.

Original title: "1 C → 22 C! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday … "

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Baseball, the first carrier of American dream spirit | column

Sports Industry Ecosphere www.ecosports.cn

Basketball, ice hockey and rugby are all very hot. Why is baseball the only American national sport?

Why is it that MLB, which seems to have a slow pace, is deeply loved by American audiences today?

Behind this series of questions, Chen Shengyin, a columnist of the ecological circle and a senior reporter of five-star sports, brought us a story about American baseball culture and told us about the greatness of baseball.

Column | Chen Shengyin

Chen Shengyin, a columnist of Ecosphere, is a senior reporter of five-star sports. He started his career in 2002, and has reported many top-level events such as European Cup, Asian Games, NFL Super Bowl, NBA Finals and MLB World Series.

What is baseball culture like? Start with this story

Brother Quan invited me to tell you about American baseball culture. So, let’s start with the story of an 8-year-old girl.

Hailey Dawson was born in Henderson, Nevada in 2010. Xiao Haili is an unfortunate girl. She was born.Suffer fromPollan syndrome. PollanSyndromeIt is one of the most difficult diseases in the medical field at present. Up to now, its cause is still unclear. The main symptom is deformity of breast, chest wall and upper limbs. Xiao Haili lost three fingers in her right hand from the moment she was born, and the only thumb and little finger left were not fully developed.

Thanks to modern technology, with the help of engineering experts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Xiao Haili finally got her own right hand at the age of 5! Experts finally made a new type of prosthesis by using 3D printing technology. This 3D prosthesis, which has been precisely printed and made, is more perfect than traditional products. Xiao Haili wears it not as a decoration, but as a normal person.

When she first started training artificial limbs, Xiao Haili’s parents let her throw baseball. There are two reasons: first, baseball pitching can have a good training for the accuracy, strength and control of opponents, and second, because of the influence of Xiao Haili’s father Greg. Greg Dawson is from Maryland. The love of his life is not only his family, but also his hometown team Baltimore Orioles. In a subtle way, the whole Dawson family has now become an Orioles fan. Xiao Haili and her brother Zach usually like watching and playing baseball.

In the garden at home, when Xiao Haili threw the ball hard with her "mechanical right hand", Greg later recalled, "Yes, we all cried the moment the ball fell into my glove."

"Mom, I still want to pitch in Orioles Park!" That night, Xiao Haili made a wish before going to bed. At that time, she probably didn’t even think of it. In the next three years, she not only fulfilled this wish, but also created history.

Xiao Haili’s mother sent an email to the Baltimore Orioles, and she got a quick response. On August 17, 2015, she flew as far as Sleepless in Seattle, and the Dawsons came to the Orioles Park Stadium. Before the start of the game that day, more than 30,000 fans of the whole audience drummed together.ZhangjiaOil, Xiao Haili walked onto the pitcher’s hill and threw the first ball for the Orioles.

Because the 3D printed prosthesis is assembled from more than 30 parts and can be replaced at will, Xiao Haili changed all her "manipulator" into orange (oriole logo color) on that day. After the game that day, the reporter asked Xiao Haili, "What do you want to do next?" Xiao Haili replied timidly, "I want to be able to pitch at all courts."

From that day on, for three years and 30 days, on September 16th, 2018, when Xiao Haili threw the first ball of the competition in los angeles angels Stadium, history was written as follows: she became the first person on the planet to complete the kick-off ceremony in 30 MLB30 stadiums.

Derek kittel, the legendary captain of the new york Yankees and now the owner of Miami Marlins, blessed Little Haili: "Today, you are our angel, and you have inspired everyone, including me."

Sports bring us too much positive energy like Xiao Haili, but as far as Xiao Haili’s story is concerned, only baseball can write a script like her. Because in the United States, even though American football is the largest sport and basketball is the best in globalization, baseball will always be the first carrier of the American dream spirit.

Baseball is an important part of American culture-no, this statement is not accurate. It should be said that baseball has been completely integrated into American culture and into all aspects of Americans.

FIRST PITCH, the beginning of everything

From a fan’s point of view, there are many ways to let her participate in professional competitions in person. But in the United States, there is no way to go beyond the kick-off. There are KICK-OFF in American football, TIP-OFF in basketball and FIRST-PUCK in ice hockey, all of which are the signs of the official start of the game.

But none of them can match FIRST PITCH.

In fact, it is not difficult for fans who know the four major sports to imagine that American football, basketball and ice hockey are all coherent sports. If someone outside the game participates in the opening ceremony of the above games, the game can only be separated. Baseball, which is relatively static, will not have this problem. Although FIRST PITCH has nothing to do with the official game, fans prefer to regard this sacred ceremony as a signal to tell everyone that the game has started!

For Americans, especially in the northeast, this signal can even be regarded as the beginning of a year. Among the four major leagues, only baseball is a single-year event, and the season usually starts from the end of March to the beginning of April.

At this time, the northern cities are generally just in the spring. For Americans, on the Opening Day of MLB, the stadium is full of green eyes and the smell of soil in the nose. With the first ball thrown, this not only means the beginning of the baseball season, but also means: spring is here! The new year has really begun!

Of course, the kick-off ceremony can have such a high status in the minds of fans today, and thanks to Ronald Reagan, the most people-friendly president in American history. Before him, the guests who kicked off the ball were usually arranged in the first row of the stands behind home plate, and then stood up in their seats and threw the first ball. On the opening day of MLB in 1984, Mr. Reagan, then president of the United States, appeared at the Memorial Stadium, the home of Baltimore Orioles, without informing anyone.

Reagan’s excitement made the security guards at the scene have a headache. Because there was no preparation at home, Reagan’s seat was finally above the third base. This position is obviously not suitable for tee-off, and the action is relatively large when tee-off, and the surrounding environment looks unsafe. But since the president has arrived at the scene and it is the opening day, it is really unreasonable not to come to FIRST PITCH.

Finally, Reagan gave the solution. He finally walked onto the pitcher’s hill and threw the first ball of the 1984 season-at that moment, everyone found that the kick-off looked more integrated with the game in this position. Since then, the FIRST PITCH on the pitcher’s mound has formed a new practice.

The most symbolic of FIRST PITCH is undoubtedly October 30, 2001. New york Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks played against each other in the World Series. In the third game, George W. Bush came to the scene. The significance of this game is that it is the first game of the highest level baseball decisive battle in new york City after the "911" incident. When George W. Bush threw the first ball in NYPD uniform, the whole Yankee Stadium stands shouted "U-S-A". All American media admit that only baseball can unite the whole of new york, no, the whole of America.

But this time FIRST PITCH has a lot of interesting tidbits.

After all, FIRST PITCH is a ceremony. Usually, the pitching guests are not professional players, so they will pitch at the front of the mound, but George W. Bush stood at the standard position of the pitching line that night and sent the pitch. For this reason, ESPN also specially produced a small feature, starting from Reagan, comparing the pitching actions of presidents, and Bush was indeed the best pitcher-after all, he used to be the owner of the MLB team Texas Rangers.

Despite his high level, Bush was criticized that night. After the aftermath of the terrorist incident, his preparations for this FIRST PITCH were a bit overdone. Except that the security in the stadium was upgraded to the highest level that day, NYPD’s coat was actually wearing a thick bulletproof vest, so it looked particularly bloated. In order to show his courage, Bush walked on the court alone, but in fact, a bodyguard followed him all the time, but no one noticed-because the bodyguard was wearing a referee’s uniform.

So this time FIRST PITCH is still quite controversial: no one wants this pitch, which represents American strength and unity, to be so timid.

Because FIRST PITCH is sacred and pure for Americans. As Hailey Dawson brought us: Every time I throw a ball, she tells the world that I don’t bow to fate, and my life really begins!

Baseball, everyone’s sport.

The inspiring thing about Xiao Haili is that she overcame physical obstacles and achieved the same things as ordinary people.

This is the hope that baseball has always brought. For Americans, the biggest special feature of baseball is that everyone, even if you have nothing special, can make achievements in baseball.

Needless to say, ice hockey is a sport that mainly belongs to its neighbors in the north and further north, even in the United States.

American football, which is "the sport of the strongest person in the world", must reach the peak of human beings in strength and speed in order to stand out from it.

Basketball, height is an insurmountable topic. Even if small ball tactics are popular nowadays, you should at least have a height of 1.8 meters-well, the average height of adult men in the United States today is 1.76 meters.

But baseball is different. Just like the United States as a melting pot of the world, this sport can accommodate everyone.

First of all, it doesn’t care about your physical fitness. You can have no speed, so practice your own blows and bring points to the team; You can have no strength, so improve your hitting accuracy and make yourself a guy with a high base rate; You may lack batting talent, but you may have a good sense of the ball and be an excellent defender …


In short, as long as you look for your talents and work hard to improve them, you will eventually be useful in baseball games. In 2008, when Dustin-Pedro, a second baseman with 75,80 kilograms of 1 meter, won the American League MVP, ESPN famous baseball commentator Buster Olney once pointed out in his column:

"When you watch a major league game, basically, you can always find a guy in the game who is very similar to you. You can’t be Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady, but you can see yourself in Pedro. He is too ordinary, not tall or strong. His parents run a tire shop in a small town in northern California. He was born there and grew up leisurely. As a child, Pedro played American football and baseball, as well as tennis. He kept practicing his hitting, and he didn’t strike out once for a whole season in high school. Then he was selected by the Red Sox and improved himself in the minor league until today. "

Baseball gives every boy the possibility to realize his heroic dream. Today, the tolerance of baseball is not only for Americans, but also for every immigrant. In American history, baseball has taken the most important step towards racial integration. Whenever you mention Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, there is another name you can’t forget.

Jackie Robinson, a black boy from southern Georgia, signed a contract with Brooklyn Dodge (now Los Angeles Dodge) in 1947. When he made his major league debut on April 15 that year, it also represented that the colored barrier of baseball for more than 60 years was broken in one fell swoop.

At that time, even in Dodge’s locker room, there was racial discrimination, but the great Jackie was very calm: "I don’t care whether you like me or not. All I need is that you must give me respect for human beings."

Today, the whole MLB has also given Jackie Robinson the highest praise: in 2004, his number retired in the whole league, which of course does not mean that No.42 disappeared on the court. On April 15th every year, the day Jackie first stepped onto the major league stage, every player will wear number 42 in all the games that day. This day is Jackie Robinson Day. On this day every year, you will find that Jackie’s influence is not only in baseball.

Nowadays, on April 15th every year, on social networks, from Obama to JAY-Z to Jamie Foxx to LeBron, almost everyone pays tribute to this baseball player-without his efforts to break down barriers, the status of ethnic minorities in American society may not exist today. It is this step taken in the most traditional baseball game in the United States that the black civil rights movement has reached a new level.

Fifty years after Jackie Robinson entered MLB, a young man from Panama appeared. When he first arrived in new york at the age of 21, he didn’t even speak a word of English, but he clearly knew Jackie’s story.

So he also chose No.42, hoping to realize the same dream as his predecessors in this strange land. Later, this young Panamanian, Mariano Rivera, became the greatest finisher in history.

Rivera is Jackie Robinson of this era and the epitome of all Latin American descendants. In his 19-year career, he ended the game 652 times. Every American knows: "When Mariano walks onto the mound, it means the end of the game."

In 2004, the league retired No.42 as a whole, but it still made an opening: players who were still wearing No.42 jerseys at that time could keep their numbers. As a result, Rivera became the last player in the major leagues to use number 42. It is also gratifying that this number with special significance to baseball can have such a great ending.

Like Rivera, whether in Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela … or Cuba, many people rely on baseball to gain recognition and finally gain a foothold in the United States. On the opening day of the 2018 season, 236 of the 877 players from 30 teams were born in Latin America, accounting for 27% of the total.

Alex Cora, the coach of this year’s World Series champion Boston Red Sox, is a Puerto Rican. In order to appreciate his great contribution and achievements this season, the Red Sox specially let Cora return to his hometown of Caguas with the World Series championship trophy in these days.

Champion, waiting for every city

As a Baltimore Orioles fan, when Xiao Haili was asked what her next wish was, she replied, "I hope the Orioles can win the championship, so my father will be very happy."

Indeed, after the great success from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, the Baltimore Orioles have not won the World Series for 35 years. Among the four major American leagues, MLB is probably the most difficult to win the championship.

The scarcity of playoff places and the changeable sports characteristics have led to the tragedy of many teams with a long tradition and a long history. Only in this background, the persistence of the fans is even more valuable. In many cities in the United States, it is the greatest wish of fans to live to see the baseball team in their region reach the top. We only look at the history of this century:

In 2002, Anaheim (now renamed Los Angeles) Angels won the championship. In 1994, Disney made a film "Angels in the Outfield".

The story tells a little boy named Roger. He lives in a single-parent family, his father is a truck driver, and he has to run long distances. Roger hoped that his father could spend more time with him, but the answer he waited for was: "Let’s wait until the Angels win the World Series."

Yes, it is precisely because the Angels are a traditional bad team in the history, so this sentence in the film represents: This is simply impossible.

In the film, the real angel came in Roger’s prayer, and he helped the angels win the championship miraculously. Two years after the film was released, Disney bought the Angel Team, and finally, 42 years after the Angel Team was founded, the fairy tale became a reality.

Incidentally, baseball and Hollywood are inextricably linked. Every year, the official documentary of MLB World Series will invite famous artists as narrators. In 1989, Matt Damon and his good friend Ben Affleck first appeared together in the movie Neverland, when they played baseball fans in Fenway Park. In 2007 and 2013, when the Red Sox won the championship, they were proud of being the narrators of the official documentaries in those two years.

In 2005, the Chicago White Sox not only won the championship, but also completed an 88-year persistence. In 1919, eight players of the Chicago White Sox were suspended for allegedly taking bribes and deliberately losing the game, so the White Sox were satirized by the world as "black socks" and never recovered. It was not until the championship in 2005 that the whole team was really proud.

Chicago white socks

In 2008, Philadelphia won MLB, and won it again after 38 years. Because of the team name, Philadelphia people can also beat the 76 ers, eagles and trapezes in the whole city and become a symbol of the city. The "P" in their team emblem tells the world: I am from Philadelphia-you will find that Iverson’s favorite hat is Philadelphia, indicating his identity as a "son of Philadelphia".

In 2010, the San Francisco Giants made the whole Bay Area proud. Giants were originally in new york, and moved to the west in 1957, which was their first championship since they came to San Francisco!

In 2015, Kansas City Royal showed the world what a "diaosi counterattack" was. As a small market team, Royal is really struggling in the professional league. In 1985, they won the world series championship, but from 1986 to 2013, they didn’t make the playoffs for 28 years. The champion after 30 years makes this city completely crazy.

In 2017, it was the turn of the Houston astronauts. Four years ago, they were still a bad team that lost 111 games and lost 100+ in the regular season for three consecutive seasons. This professional team with the longest history in Houston has finally tasted the championship for the first time after its 56th season.

Of course, all of the above are inferior to the Boston Red Sox breaking the "curse of the baby" in 2004. The Red Sox staged the greatest reversal in the history of American professional sports when they were 3-0 behind their arch-rival Yankees in the American League final, and finally ended the 86-year wait for the championship in the whole "Red Sox country".

But to say that the most touching thing for fans in this century is the 2016 World Series. The two teams that fought on the highest stage that year-Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians-have been together for 174 years (107 years for Cubs and 67 years for Indians).

After seven battles, the bear finally ended the "goat curse". On the night of winning the championship, many Chicagoans put a broadcast in the cemetery to let their deceased relatives witness the moment they have been looking forward to all their lives.

The joy of the bear’s championship marks that people in Cleveland will continue to wait. Although LeBron has comforted the city, I’m afraid it will be until the Indians win the championship.

So 35 years in Baltimore is really not too long, but it may be far more difficult for the Orioles to wait for the next championship than for Xiao Haili to finish pitching on 30 courses.

Ok, now, do you understand why baseball has such a lofty position in the eyes of the American people?

Behind what we see is a sports story related to baseball culture.

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The latest Bundesliga standings: Bayern’s losing champion may not be guaranteed, Hertha Berlin relegated one round ahead of schedule!

Last night this morning, the Bundesliga was the firstthreethreeRound of fierce battles,Bayern home court1-3Reversed by Leipzig, it still ranks first in the league, but it has lost the initiative to win the championship, and Leipzig has locked in the Champions League qualification;Berlin United away gameTwo-4Lost to Hoffenheim, still ranked first in the league.4, Hoffenheim basically completed relegation; Hertha Berlin home 1-1It was completely flat and relegated one round ahead of schedule, becoming the first team in the Bundesliga to be relegated.

Bayern home court1-3Losing to Leipzig, the top position is in jeopardy. First halfTwenty-fiveMinutes later, Muller sent a straight plug, and Gnabry blasted the goal to help Bayern take the lead; sequenceSixty-fourMinutes later, Leipzig made a counterattack, Nkunku passed the ball in an inverted triangle, and Lemer scored a goal to equalize the score. sequenceSeventy-fourMinutes later, Nkunku took the ball into the penalty area and was put down by pawar to win the penalty. He personally took the penalty and overtook the score. sequenceEighty-fourMinutes, Mazravi sent the handball to the spot, and Szoboszlai hit the penalty to help Leipzig complete the reversal away from home and ensure the first place in the league in advance.three,Get the champions league qualification.

Berlin United away gameTwo-4Lost to Hoffenheim, still ranked first in the league.Four people. Second in the first halfTwoMinutes later, the visiting team made a mistake in defense, and Bibo slipped past the goalkeeper and scored an empty goal. sequencethreethreeMinutes later, Hoffenheim got a penalty and Kramaric hit the penalty. In half-time stoppage time, Berlin United pulled back a point by Dokshi; sequenceeightnineMinutes, Kramaric outflanked and scored twice; Then both sides scored a goal in stoppage time, and finally Hoffenheim won at home, basically completing relegation.

In other competitions, Hertha Berlin is at home.one-1Draw with Bochum and demote one round ahead of schedule; SchalkeZerofourgome courtTwo-2The draw with Frankfurt has not yet got rid of the relegation zone; Bremen home courtone-1Draw with cologne.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

In the men’s singles quarter-final of WTT Macau Championship, China table tennis player Wang Chuqin confronted Han Ping-pong expert Zhang Yuzhen, which was a great contest. Both of them are tough players, and this duel is definitely a wonderful duel.

At first, they didn’t meet any formidable opponents. Carlson and Carlberg were both defeated by Zhang Yuzhen. Wang Chuqin defeated Gacini and falk successively.

The two men have played four times before, three of which were won by Wang Chuqin, so he kept pressing the other side to fight.

The two men met again and the battle was fierce. This will be the most exciting event after the opening of WTT Macau Championship. Both of them performed well. Wang Chuqin finally turned the tables with 3:2. However, Zhang Yuzhen performed well, and many difficult serves were solved by him. Although at a disadvantage, Zhang Yuzhen did not stop there, but persevered in catching up. In one game, Zhang Yuzhen won, and in the other, it was a pity to lose. Zhang Yuzhen’s indomitable fighting spirit is a model for athletes to never give up.

In the first set, Zhang Yuzhen quickly found her place, leading by 6:2. Wang Chuqin scored three times in a row in the game to narrow the score. Zhang Yuzhen also scored four times in a row, and finally won a game at 10:5. Wang Chuqin was very tenacious, scoring four points in a row in the game, which narrowed the score gap. Zhang Yuzhen’s first line was successful. He won the first set 11-9. Wang Chuqin lost in the first game, but he also put great pressure on the other side.

In the second game, Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was like dreaming. His serve rate and catch rate were very low. With a score of nine to zero, Wang Chuqin is nowhere in sight. Zhang Yuzhen finally found her state and won three points, which narrowed the gap. Such a huge gap, where Wang Chuqin will let him have any chance of winning. Wang Chuqin fought to the death, got two heads in a row and won the game 11-3.

In the third game, Wang Chuqin continued to play well and won 3-0. But at 6:3, Zhang Yuzhen pulled back a city with five goals. Wang Chuqin also scored in succession and finally won a game with 10:8. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Wang Chuqin relaxed a little and was pulled back by Zhang Yuzhen twice in a row. The two played inextricably. After several draws, Zhang Yuzhen won the set at 15:13 and defeated Wang Chuqin with a big score of 2:1.

In the fourth game, Wang Chuqin opened with a beautiful 4-0. Zhang Yuzhen tied the score gap with 8:4. This time, Wang Chuqin didn’t let his advantage slip away in vain, and won the game directly by 11 to 8. 2:2。

In the fifth game, the two men tied one to one. The two teams played against each other between more than ten boards. Wang Chuqin scored a beautiful goal. That goal had a great impact on Zhang Yuzhen’s self-esteem. Wang Chuqin scored goals in succession, expanding the score to seven to one. Under the score of 9:2, Zhang Yuzhen persistently scored four points in a row. Wang Chuqin scored the final blow and won the game at 10:6. Zhang Yuzhen must catch up with four more points to have a chance of winning. This is a very difficult thing, and there is no room for any mistakes. Just one point, Zhang Yuzhen lost her confidence. Wang Chuqin won the fifth set with a score of 11:7.

Finally, Wang Chuqin defeated Zhang Yuzhen with a 3:2 victory and advanced to the semi-finals. This is a really exciting competition. Wang Chuqin’s victory was amazing, and Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was also excellent. Zhang Yuzhen’s body is extremely flexible. Some very difficult goals, he can turn them into victory. Zhang Yuzhen’s performance is undoubtedly the peak.

In an interview after the game, Wang Chuqin also spoke highly of Zhang Yuzhen. In his view, Zhang Yuzhen is a strong contestant, and there have been fights between them. This time, although Wang Chuqin was in a hurry, he won by luck.

The next game is the confrontation between Wang Chuqin and Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe. Wang Chuqin believes it will be a tough battle, and Zhang Benzhihe has made rapid progress in the last two years. He won’t carry his own burden on his shoulders and fight this semi-final battle well.

The match between Fan Zhendong and lebrun, and the match between Malone and Holguet. These two projects are great and interesting.

Fifa World Cup 2022: Lionel Messi beats an egg to become most liked post on Instagram

Lionel Messi set yet another record after his Instagram post celebrating Argentina’s World Cup win became the most-liked on the platform, breaking a nearly four-year-old record held by a photo of an egg.

Having led Argentina to their first World Cup in 36 years with victory over France, Messi proceeded to make more history off the pitch with his photo gallery on Instagram, which racked up more than 65 million likes at the time of writing.

The previous record was famously held by a stock image of an egg on a white background with 55.7 million likes, posted by the account @world_record_egg in January 2019 in an intentional bid to become the most-liked Instagram post of all time.

Messi, 35, scored twice before converting in the penalty shoot-out in a pulsating final described as one of the greatest ever, with the team greeted by scenes of wild jubilation on their return home.

“Champions of the world! So many times I dreamed it, so much I wanted it that I still don’t fall, I can’t believe it,” Messi wrote alongside the post that included 10 photos of him hoisting the trophy aloft and celebrating with his teammates.

“Thank you so much to my family, to all who support me and also to all who believed in us. We prove once again that Argentinians when we fight together and united we are able to achieve what we aim.

“The merit is of this group, which is above individuals, is the strength of all fighting for the same dream that was also the one of all Argentinians … We did it!”

Guinness World Records shared a series of records broken by Messi after the final, noting that he had surpassed Germany’s Lothar Matthaus for the record of most World Cup matches played, with 26.

The World Cup trophy had been the one piece of silverware missing from Messi’s extraordinary career, during which he has been voted the world’s best player a record seven times and won the Copa America, 11 league titles and four Champions League titles among other major honours.