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Burn! Strong military cup basketball final


  Recently, the final of the third "Strong Military Cup" in the Eastern Division of the Navy came to a successful conclusion in the indoor basketball hall of a naval detachment in the theater. This is not only a "trump card confrontation" between the needle tip and Maimang, but also a "deep exchange" to enhance the friendship between comrades. Inside and outside the stadium, the officers and men honed their skills in the game by making friends and helping each other, and enhanced their feelings in exchanges. (Chang Le, Li Kai, Chen Zesheng
, Li Henghui)


As the times require, it is obvious that you can make a circle by being cute, but Liu Yutong, the "big baby", has to rely on strength.

Liu Yutong’s great welcome reflects the new aesthetics of fans in the internet plus era. People pay more attention to the real-time interaction on and off the field, and pay more attention to the performance of sports stars "both inside and outside"

In the women’s basketball competition of Chengdu Universiade, Liu Yutong of China team was so angry that she had no friends.

With a height of 201cm and a weight of 200 kg, she helped the China team win all the way with the absolute pressure from inside.

On the court, Liu Yutong, a big man, often bounces his opponent with a slight force in physical confrontation, which is vividly compared by netizens as "bouncing music".

There are many players in the sports world who have the ability to "kill the game", and most of them are "terrorist". However, Liu Yutong on and off the court is cute, and his gestures are cute. In the face of the interview, she will tell you without affectation that the title of "Big Baby" was given by a little brother. Should be the old saying-clearly can rely on cute out of the circle, but depends on strength. Some people call her "female O ‘Neill", but she is her and our big baby.

Liu Yutong is reminiscent of Zheng Haixia. Choosing "tower" players is a direct way to increase the right to speak on the court. Yao Ming and Zheng Haixia in those days gave us many wonderful memories. It is quite rare to play well and be cute. Liu Yutong’s great welcome reflects the new aesthetics of fans in the internet plus era. People pay more attention to the real-time interaction on and off the field, and pay more attention to the performance of sports stars "both inside and outside". When the whole network shouted Liu Yutong’s "big baby", Liu Yutong readily responded, saying that anything can be shouted. This shows that the new sports forces in China also know the Internet language very well.

On the field, there are "blue prince", "smiling angel", "Dr. Dunk" and "Li Mochou" butcher. The existence of diversified roles makes the game exciting and exciting.

An athlete is given a well-known nickname by the whole network, which is not only the embodiment of his strength, but also the embodiment of the progress of sports culture.

It’s different from sitting in a tight seat and watching the game nervously. It’s different from looking at the faces on the field like the printed names on the table. When we shouted out "Big Devil" and "Big Baby", we felt unprecedented happiness.

Wu Lichuan, Special Commentator of Red Star News

Editor Zhao Yu

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Frank! Thick eyebrows renewed the Lakers’ contract with 186 million yuan in advance for three years, and the average salary beat Brown to set a record.

In the early hours of the morning, according to ESPN’s famous story Wo Shen, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Anthony Davis and the Lakers reached a three-year, $186 million contract extension in advance.

The average salary of this contract reached $62 million, which is the highest average salary renewal contract in NBA. At present, there are two years left in the existing contract of Thick Eyebrow, and with the new contract, his total salary will exceed $270 million in the next five seasons. Among them, it was $40.6 million in 23-24 season, $43.2 million in 24-25 season, $57.6 million in 25-26 season, $62.2 million in 26-27 season and $66.8 million in 27-28 season.

Subsequently, Wo Shen disclosed the specific details of the signing of the contract between the two parties. He said that at 3: 30 Eastern Time, Pelinka, the general manager of the Lakers, telephoned Ricky Paul, the agent of Thick Eyebrow, and offered the Lakers an offer of $186 million for three years. Thick Eyebrow immediately agreed to the news.

In the 22-23 season, Thick Eyebrows played 56 times in the regular season, averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 breaks and 2 hats. In the playoffs, thick eyebrows played in 16 games, averaging 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.4 breaks and 3.1 hats.

Healthy thick eyebrows are definitely worth it, but throughout his career, injuries are his lingering shadow. The Lakers handed in a three-year maximum salary contract in the hope of grasping the peak period of Thick Eyebrows and continuing to compete for the championship. If James chooses to retire early, the Lakers can also build a team around Thick Eyebrows and take 10,000 steps back. In the era of big contracts flying all over the sky, the price-performance ratio of Thick Eyebrows contract will be very high.

On an unpopular night in Europe, the three giants collectively fell, Manchester City received a big gift, and the Bundesliga suspense revived.

After the semi-finals of the Champions League and the European Union ended, the five major leagues continued to play. In several games last night, the major European giants played one after another, some fought for the league title, while others struggled for their higher rankings. At present, the La Liga champions and Serie A champions have been released one after another. Although the Ligue 1 league is pending, Paris Saint-Germain has a huge lead, and the league champion has long been in the bag. In this round of competitions, the biggest attraction is the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

At 0: 30am on May 21st, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Arsenal, ranked second in the standings, took the lead in playing against the relegation team Nottingham Forest. Since the last fiasco in Brighton, Arsenal, which once held a huge lead, basically bid farewell to the Premier League title. Originally, everyone thought that the Premier League title would not be won until Manchester City beat Chelsea. However, this morning, Arsenal unexpectedly lost to Nottingham Forest away from home and watched Manchester City win the championship ahead of schedule.

During the match, Arsenal players completely lost their enthusiasm at the beginning of the season. It can be seen that in the last month, the team has been unable to win for a long time, and there is a huge gap in the mentality of the players. The on-the-spot performance can be described as a disaster. The most typical manifestation is Odegard’s return error, and the other side accepted the gift and scored the only goal in the whole game. For Manchester City, winning the Premier League title three rounds ahead of schedule can help the players relax for the time being, which is too important for preparing for the Champions League final. At the same time, Manchester City is getting closer and closer to the triple crown.

In the other match, Bayern Munich played against Leipzig Red Bull, the German Bundesliga rival. In the two remaining leagues, Bayern can only win the Bundesliga championship with a total victory, while Leipzig Red Bull ranks third in the league and has strong strength, which is a rather difficult bone to chew. Facts have proved that Leipzig is really strong, and Dortmund’s close pursuit behind him also created a lot of pressure on Bayern. Gnabry scored a goal first, but Leipzig broke out suddenly in the second half, and scored three goals in 25 minutes, directly beating Bayern.

Now, the biggest pressure is tuchel. Since he took office, Bayern has successively lost from the German Cup and the Champions League. Now there is only one Bundesliga champion to compete for. However, after losing this round, Bayern is only one point ahead of Dortmund in the case of one more game, and Dortmund’s next two opponents are Mainz and augsburg. From the paper strength, Dortmund won the last two. It seems that this season’s Bundesliga champion should be in the last place.

The last loser was Barcelona. Although it won the La Liga championship, before the start of this game, Barcelona held a short championship celebration ceremony. Veteran busquets gave a farewell speech in front of tens of thousands of home fans, and the main striker lewandowski started to play. I thought that Barcelona would pay special attention to this game so that busquets’s farewell battle could come to a successful conclusion. However, after winning the championship in advance, the players obviously didn’t want to do their best, and eventually lost to the royal society 1-2.