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An article about badminton

Playing badminton, as long as the ball falls in the opponent’s line or out of your line, you score. Therefore, let yourself catch the ball, hit it and stay out of bounds;

Let the opponent can’t catch, can’t fight or hit the line.

Step method

In any ball game, footwork is the foundation. Footwork can ensure that you appear where you want to appear in time. A large part of the reason for the "slowness" in badminton is that the footwork is not in place.

As long as the footwork is in place, at least you can catch the ball more easily.


▏ It’s more difficult for the opponent to miss the ball. But at least I guarantee that I can hit the ball and reach the opponent’s half without going out of bounds. Otherwise, there is no need for the other team to catch the ball. This involves a boundary problem. Boundaries are not only boundaries, but also bottom lines and sideline lines. You have to consider the net. Return it when serving.ConsiderService line.

At the same time, the boundary is not fixed, and the angle relationship between the hitting point and the net, that is, the relationship between the flying trajectory of the ball and the height of the net, also seriously affects the spatial scope of the boundary, such as the flat ball and the high ball, and the effect of hitting out is very different. It is not easy to elaborate, and the golfers will understand it according to this idea.

Gravitational mass

The level of playing badminton, in the amateur circle, an important indicator is the quality of returning the ball. The quality is not high, not only the opponent can’t be killed, but also the opponent can easily catch the ball and find the murder.

Four dimensions should be considered in returning the ball: height (height), distance (length), left and right (angle) and speed (speed). When the four factors combine with each other, they conjure up endless choices.

How to choose the hitting route and landing point needs to be decided according to the specific situation on the court.

For example, the opponent’s position, the opponent’s return habit, the opponent’s level and so on …

General experience: the baseline ball should be as high as possible and press the baseline; Midcourt ball, low, big angle or chasing, fast;

The ball in the frontcourt should fall rapidly just after crossing the net.


Playing badminton, absolute strength is not everything. In the same way, not making brute force does not mean that the ball is weak. The backcourt ball, backhand ball line is not deep enough, or the ball is weak, which is the problem of power.

I believe you have read many introductions about the issue of exerting force, which emphasizes one point.

Whip-body consistency force-refuse arm tension force.


▏ Whether the return line is sudden and unpredictable, whether the landing point is just right, and whether the fake action is deceptive … This is a typical skill! The key to skill is "wrist action at the moment of hitting the ball"!

The importance of flexible wrist, everyone has this awareness first, and the specific use, please understand in practice!


Apart from strength and skill, the difference between a wise man and a headstrong man in badminton lies in consciousness. In short, it is whether you can "play with your brain".

Finding the opponent’s gaps and flaws should be the core performance of badminton.


▏ The wonderful appreciation of playing badminton lies in taking more shots, and the contradiction between control and anti-control is vividly reflected.

Whoever can mobilize the other side can take the initiative.

The person who mobilizes the other side is getting easier and easier, and the person who is mobilized is exhausted, but he is full of energy and ambition but can’t make it.

Amazing! Liaoning team’s new foreign aid performed well, and Yang Ming took action and partnered with Molander.

Many fans have doubts about the level of foreign aid in NBL league, especially when Hudson can easily score more than 40 points per game. However, we should not ignore some players in this league that are worth looking forward to, such as Gyllenhaal of Shandong Men’s Basketball Team and others. In addition, the performance of the new foreign aid introduced by Liaoning team recently was also excellent. He contributed 18 rebounds, close to 40 points, which helped the team win at home and relieved Hudson’s huge burden.

Indeed, Hudson, as the top foreign aid in NBL league, has always been the scoring champion and offensive core of Liaoning team. However, it is very unhealthy to rely on one person for a long time, and no team should rely solely on one person’s scoring ability. Such dependence will bring great risks to the team, because the opponent can launch strict defense against this player and suppress his scoring efficiency.

MEK’s joining has brought new hopes and choices to Liaoning team. He showed excellent rebounding ability and scoring ability, which added powerful firepower to the team inside. The arrival of Mack made Liaoning team’s attack more diversified, and the opponent could no longer simply pay attention to Hudson, which also gave Hudson a chance to rest and reduced his pressure and burden.

In the daze of Liaoning men’s basketball team, fans began to look for the candidate who could fill the vacancy of inside strength. As a foreign aid of Fujian men’s basketball team, MEK has always left a deep impression on people. He has a height of 2.11 meters, which most fans know, but his flexibility makes people admire him. He can even pull out and shoot three-pointers, which is really remarkable.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this all-round performance that Yang Ming should not hesitate to inspect Meike. With Molander’s partner, the inside strength of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will be greatly strengthened. Once they really cooperate, their opponents will be at a loss. Holding high the banner of MEK, the inside of Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team will become strong and invincible.

However, at this critical moment, problems began to emerge. The biggest problem of Liaoning team in NBL league is that the inside strength is too poor, which is naturally a fact that can be seen by the naked eye. They tried every means, constantly changing foreign aid, hoping to find the right person to fill this vacancy.

They chose Meck, or more accurately, Makor Meck, which became their light of hope. He is the cousin of Fujian men’s basketball team’s foreign aid Meike, and this blood connection is really exciting. The two men are similar in style and figure, which undoubtedly brings more expectations to the fans.

On this stage of basketball playoff, the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team has become the focus of attention. Han Dejun and Li Xiaoxu, the veteran team, have gradually shown signs of fatigue under the erosion of years. Wu Changze’s leaving the team on loan cast a shadow over the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team. Molander’s injury problem also makes people worry. At this time, it seems that the sudden appearance of Meck gave the team a brand-new hope.

Meck’s height is remarkable. The height of 2.11 meters can almost sweep the audience, but it has unexpected flexibility. He can not only grab a strong rebound inside, but also pull it out to make a breakthrough. This combination of height and flexibility is like an unstoppable basketball giant.

In addition to his height and flexibility, Meck also has a fairly good three-point shooting percentage. In this game, he scored 2 out of 4, which is quite rare. This kind of performance has amazed the fans outside the stadium, and calling Meike directly is the third foreign aid that Liaoning men’s basketball team needs.

The new season is coming, and the inside strength of Liaoning men’s basketball team will definitely decline. Veterans are getting older, and injuries often plague the team. Under such circumstances, as a cheap basketball player, MEK is undoubtedly a new supplement to the team’s inside strength.

Under the close relationship between Yang Ming and NBL Liaoning team, he naturally paid more and more attention to Meck’s performance. Once, Yang Ming was there to cheer for the Liaoning team, and this relationship also provided convenience for him to visit Meike. Therefore, in the face of MEK, Yang Ming must not hesitate. Otherwise, not surprisingly, other CBA teams will definitely take the lead and bring MEK into their ranks.

US media: Without Damian Lillard, the Heat would be fine!

Will star guard Damian Lillard finally join the Heat? This is his first choice to leave Portland. Although this situation has been delayed for two months, it is still possible to reach this deal sometime this summer.

However, although it seems only a matter of time, all expectations and rumors are to send him to Miami, there is still reason to doubt what the defending Eastern Conference champion Heat will look like if Lillard unfortunately goes elsewhere at the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

First of all, I want to ask what the players who have been rumored to be involved as chips, such as Tyler Herro and Kyle Lowry, will think when the trade comes out all summer. (It is widely reported that a tripartite transaction is almost certainly needed to facilitate the Lillard transaction between Miami and Portland. ) Lori performed well in the playoffs, and the Heat ranked eighth all the way to the NBA Finals. But apart from starting the new season at the age of 37, Lori’s efficiency in the regular season is his worst since the 2014-15 season. As for Hiro, he can explode occasionally, and of course he can score by himself. But no one will doubt his value to the team. Miami was a tough defensive team at its best. Even after the first game of the first round of the playoffs, they reached the finals as a weak team.

We should expect Eric Spoelstra’s team to maintain a tough defense, as they have always done, using defense tactics much more than other teams. However, it is obviously worth pointing out that some key players in the Miami system, such as Max Strus and Gabe Vincent, are now members of the Cavaliers and the Lakers respectively, and they are both important rotation players. Except that they fully understand and adapt to the Heat’s system, they are all 3D players and never question their resilience and defense. Miami has received endless praise for its internal player development-the Heat have seven players on their NBA Finals list who have not been selected-but it is doubtful whether Josh Richardson or Jamie hax Jr. can replace these two players. Having said that, at least Miami is familiar with Richardson, whose career started with this team. )

If the Heat don’t sign Lillard, perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that it may mean that they will still have to rely on Jimmy Butler next season. He will be 34 years old next month. He went to the Eastern Conference semifinals in the playoffs. After spraining his ankle against the Knicks, his speed slowed down obviously. If the lineup stays the same for six weeks, Hiro and Lori will have a lot of ball control responsibilities. If Adebayor makes greater progress on the offensive end, the team will be happy. (Small forward Caleb Martin made a leap forward last season, and his future self-creation ability may become a factor to change the game. ) But if Lillard didn’t come to Miami, Butler would have to shoulder the responsibility of the best scoring organizer again. To some extent, this is not ideal, because if he has a superstar teammate with scoring and organizational talent, his physical strength may at least be preserved.

It’s hard to imagine that the Heat won’t complete the Lillard deal, considering the fact that the All-Star guard openly asked to go there. Despite being the eighth seed, Miami just won the Eastern Conference championship! Most of the core members of this team remain unchanged. Therefore, the club will almost think that they are trading for Lillard, or not, the team still has a lot of good chips. All these circumstances, but it is still worth considering, if the team does not make a large-scale transaction after this transaction, but continues to fight with the existing lineup.

Manchester City won the Premier League three times in a row! The club took a group photo to celebrate, expressing Guashuai: You can always trust this man, and people will send a message to celebrate:

On May 21st, Beijing time, Arsenal lost away to Nottingham Forest, and Manchester City won the league championship three games ahead of schedule. At this point, Blue Moon has won the Premier League three times in a row. In the past six seasons, Manchester City won five Premier League titles, creating the Blue Moon Dynasty in the English arena. In addition, Manchester City won the 9th top English league title in team history and the 7th Premier League title in team history.

After winning the championship, Manchester City Club officially exposed the family photo of winning the championship and shared the joy with the fans.

He also made a number of post-match celebration videos and deeply expressed Guardiola, "Yes, you can always trust this man!"

Manchester City people also updated social media to celebrate the championship moment.

Gundogan: Champion! ! ! ! It’s incredible to win the Premier League championship for three consecutive cities and five times in six years. I’m proud to be the captain of this world-class team!

De Braune: Champion!

Walker: Premier League champion!

Rubendias: Well done, brothers!

Ak: Champion! I am proud that everyone involved has made amazing achievements!

Mahrez: There is a trophy won through hard work! Congratulations to everyone who fought for it.