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The first part of Feng Shen released a new special to create a mythical epic with music.

1905 movie network news The film released a special music song and dance, and the director, music director/composer Meng Kezhuo Lan and others appeared in the film, sharing their creative experiences in exploring and presenting the music forms and music performance scenes in the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and taking the audience into the mythical epic world 3,000 years ago. The film is directed by Wu Ershan and starred by,,,, Chen Muchi, this sand, Wu Yafan,,, Hou Wenyuan, Huang Xiyan, and.


Presenting the theme of hero and emotion with music, building an epic temperament with Chinese traditional musical instruments.

The movie "Feng Shen I" opened the prologue, and the story was about the collusion between Shang Wang Yinshou and da ji, the fox demon, who was tyrannical and heartless, and caused the scourge. Jiang Ziya, the immortal of Kunlun Mountain, went down the mountain with the "list of gods" to find a common master in the world to save the whole people. Ji Fa, the son of Xibohou, gradually discovered the true colors of Yin Shou, and turned out the song … …

The newly released music song and dance special focuses on the music creation of "Feng Shen I". The main creative team presents the music form of the Yin and Shang Dynasties to the audience by creating role-specific theme music, multi-country and multi-cloud recording, and visually restoring ancient musical instruments, creating an auditory system of Feng Shen’s world.

In order to match the mythical epic type of the film, director Wu Ershan decided to use Wagner’s opera style, which is rare in China’s films, to make the characters have their own unique themes, and then tell the story through the development of theme music. Music director/composer Meng Kezhuo Lan said that around Ji Fa, the hero of the trilogy, the music team created heroic and emotional theme music. Among them, the hero-themed music is more focused on wind music. Based on the symphony, the horn of various types of traditional China folk music is used to simulate the sound of the ancient battlefield charge horn, which is full of heroic momentum and passionate passion. Emotional theme music uses the timbre of China traditional flute, which is melodious and simple, with a strong sense of quantity, reflecting the inner world of the characters.

This time, the music production of "Feng Shen Part I" adopted the way of cloud recording, and recorded the performance parts of traditional Chinese musical instruments such as drums, cymbals and sheng in several cities, which penetrated the Chinese classical music situation into the music creation and wrote the mythical epic temperament of the film from the auditory dimension. Director Wu Ershan said in the special edition: "There is the majestic power and delicate emotional expression of the symphony, and at the same time, there are some textures of Chinese musical instruments on the timbre." I hope to bring a different musical experience to the audience.

Creating the Music Situation of the Epic World with Visual Restoration and Sound Imagination

There are a lot of narrative music in the movie "The First Part of Gods", all of which are composed by music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan. She and other masters try to restore the musical form and performance scenes in the Yin and Shang Dynasties through the study of historical records, as well as the imitation and reproduction of ancient musical instruments such as Chi, Zhu and Bian. This special music song and dance series introduces three important song and dance scenes: enthronement ceremony, sacrificial dance, Lutai banquet, celebration banquet and proton war dance.

"The Ascension Ceremony Sacrificial Dance" is one of the big scenes in the film. In order to present the sacrificial ceremony of Yin Shang Dynasty, which only exists in written records, the music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan chose the traditional Sheng with ancient China characteristics, and found a rare traditional Sheng without reeds. Thirty performers performed an ensemble of the Sheng, which matched the lyrics in Ode to Shang Dynasty. Meng Kezhuo Lan said: "The bass group of male voices is particularly low in chanting, and the voice of Sheng is particularly high. The whole voice is a very three-dimensional feeling. It can give people a solemn sense of ceremony. "

In the scene of "Lutai Banquet", Yin Shou, the king of Shang Dynasty, struck the catfish drum and played Chi in Boyi, and an ensemble was hearty. Music director/composer Meng Kezhuolan hopes to express Shang Wang Yinshou’s "sense of oppression and strength" through intensive drumming. It is reported that ChristianRandPhillips, the actor of Yin Shou, practiced from scratch for three months to shoot this fast and difficult solo drumming. Boyikao’s works were made with reference to Chi unearthed in the tomb of Zeng Houyi. Wang Hua, a young flute player, played a flute in E flat minor to simulate the timbre of Chi, which sounded quaint and had the feeling of calling.

"Celebration Banquet Proton War Dance" is the first time that young actors of Proton Brigade have collectively completed a scene. In the special edition, Wu Fangmei, rehearsal director of Proton War Dance, explained the arrangement concept of this war dance: "The sense of ritual when going out to fight belongs to a variety of forms in arrangement, which reflects the heroic, handsome and tough side of Protons and their emotional explosive power." Therefore, the music of this play is played by ancient musical instruments with strong sound penetration, such as visual restoration, sound imagination, and construction. The crew replaced the timbre of the construction with guzheng. Meng Kezhuo Lan revealed: "In order to reflect its sense of strength, we basically use the method of sweeping strings for all stringed instruments." The innovation and ingenuity in music creation have created an auditory system to worship the world of gods, which made director Wu Ershan feel: "I think it is a great breakthrough to present our musical imagination of the classical world of China in the film." It is believed that the music of the movie "Feng Shen I" will also let the audience enjoy the mythical epic world 3,000 years ago.

The film "Feng Shen Part I" will be released nationwide on July 20th, so stay tuned.

Behind Xu Wen’s pineapple leaving the circle, Pinduoduo helps the new agricultural model.

Xuwen, Guangdong, the southernmost tip of Chinese mainland, is one of the first small cities in China to feel the spring. It has a history of pineapple cultivation for nearly 100 years, and is the largest pineapple producing area in China, known as the "pineapple sea". Before becoming popular, Xuwen pineapple, which relied too much on offline sales channels, was once blocked by the epidemic.
On February 19th, 2020, led by Pinduoduo, a special live broadcast to help farmers was launched in pineapple fields. At that time, the county magistrate personally walked into the live broadcast room to help farmers, cut and eat pineapples, and spoke for Xuwen pineapple, which attracted more than 300,000 netizens to watch and nearly 300,000 kilograms of pineapples were sold out. This live broadcast also opened up business ideas for local farmers, and live delivery and online circulation began to become one of the main sales models of Xuwen pineapple.
In the past four years, the "pineapple planting army" has gradually grown into a "pineapple selling army", and Xuwen pineapple has become one of the "top streams" of the fruit circle. Pinduoduo platform data shows that Xuwen pineapple sales increased by 60% in the past year. From the purchase area, Zhejiang surpassed Guangdong to become the largest pineapple consumption province in Xuwen, followed by Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shanghai, and entered the top five.
In late February, this year’s first Xuwen pineapple was listed first. It is understood that the planting area of Xuwen pineapple this year is about 350,000 mu, with an annual output of about 700,000 tons, accounting for nearly 15% of the listed pineapples. The price of fresh fruit is stable at 0.8-1 yuan/kg, and the purchase price of large pineapples can reach 1.2 yuan/kg.
The sales volume of fruit is also a demonstration barometer of the price of Lingnan Jiaguo. Luo Hongxia, secretary of the xuwen county County Party Committee, fully affirmed the live broadcast of helping farmers, which was promoted by the cooperation of the government, the platform and the media, at the recent 2024 "Call the World to Eat Xuwen Pineapple" activity and "The First Live Broadcast of Pinduoduo in 219, 2020". Whether in Guangdong or in the whole country, this live broadcast has a very obvious demonstration significance. "
Luo Hongxia pointed out that this action of finding a market for agricultural products online was also highly recognized and supported by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and then it set off a nationwide wave of live broadcast to help agriculture. The "Xuwen model" also became the most popular new model for agricultural e-commerce development in that year.
Luo Hongxia, secretary of xuwen county County Party Committee, summed up and reviewed "The first live broadcast of Tiantou in Pinduoduo on 219, 2020". Photography | Shen Zhao
"The county magistrate’s live broadcast is a beneficial practice for Xu Wen to lead fruit farmers to try a new path of agricultural goods on the Internet, and it is also the starting point for Pinduoduo to help farmers live broadcast. The successful landing of this’ experiment’ also benefited from the creation and establishment of a new model of Guangdong agricultural products’ 12221′ market system. " The person in charge of relevant business in Pinduoduo said that in the future, the company will continue the policy of benefiting farmers such as zero commission on agricultural products, and improve the ultra-short chain of agricultural products by tilting resources such as 10 billion subsidies, 10,000-person group and optimizing supply chain, so that consumers all over the country can eat fresh and affordable Guangdong agricultural products, and help farmers increase their income and get rich and revitalize rural industries.
From "unsalable fruit" to "rich fruit"
In February 2020, it was the harvest season of Xuwen pineapple, but it caught up with the epidemic. "From Beijing to Xuwen, the flow of people along the way is very small." Some buyers recalled at the symposium, "Especially when going to Xuwen by boat from Haikou, it seems that there are less than five people except the staff. There are fewer people on board, and I have a feeling of chartering a boat. "
The opening of the county magistrate’s live broadcast ignited Xu Wen’s vitality and vitality. In just half an hour, it attracted more than 300,000 netizens’ attention. During the two-hour online activity, 30,000 pieces of pineapples were originally sold out, and 20,000 pieces of goods were urgently transferred in the live broadcast room, which eventually drove the sales of pineapples to nearly 300,000 Jin. After the live broadcast, xuwen county local farmers’ Pinduoduo stores accumulated 30,000 fans overnight and sold 51,000 pieces of pineapples in the past 20 days.
This live broadcast is a beneficial practice for Xuwen local government to lead fruit farmers to try the new path of online agricultural goods. Local farmers have opened up their business ideas, learned to live broadcast goods and open stores online for sale. Xuwen pineapple has gradually become a regional public agricultural product brand recognized by consumers all over the country, and the network uplink experiment of Xuwen pineapple is called "Xuwen mode".
In order to increase the market influence of Xuwen pineapple and build it into a "city business card", the local government continued to promote digital marketing and cultivated a live broadcast force that could not be taken away. Nowadays, doing e-commerce no longer needs government promotion, and more locals are spontaneously doing agricultural e-commerce.
After 1995, Xu Wen, a local guy, Zou Ziying returned to his hometown from Guangzhou last year and tried to start an agricultural product e-commerce in Pinduoduo. "Because I found that many friends around me made money from this."
In April-June and August-November, the two peak seasons of pineapple sales, Zou sold Xuwen pineapple in Pinduoduo by himself, and in the rest of the time, he managed local specialties such as Sakyamuni, Apple Banana and Red Heart Papaya. Relying on the policy of benefiting farmers such as zero commission for agricultural products on the platform, in the eight months up to the end of 2023, the cumulative sales volume of stores exceeded 300,000, and the profits also reached expectations.
The diversified consumer demand of Pinduoduo platform makes Xuwen pineapple find more possibilities. Take Zou’s own 100 mu of land as an example. "In the past, big fruits sold well in the offline market, but small and medium-sized fruits were often only sold to canneries or even rotted in the ground; Nowadays, with the help of the e-commerce platform, both Zhongguo and Daguo have a broader market, and the overall output value has increased by 10%. "
Zou, who tasted the "sweetness" of e-commerce business, was full of self-motivation. Just after the Spring Festival holiday, he arranged a new year’s work plan. "We have been stocking goods recently, and we expect to link up around Qingming." This year, he decided to increase investment in Pinduoduo platform, expanding the number of stores from more than 10 last year to 20-30, and strengthening the control of pineapple quality.
In addition to selling his own pineapples, Zou Ziying helped nearly 200 growers around to sell pineapples last year, and the purchase price was generally higher than that of offline stalls. "For every kilogram of pineapples we sell, farmers can earn 0.1-0.2 yuan more."
Xuwen pineapple ushered in a bumper harvest, and fruit farmers were very busy. Photography | Shen Zhao
In 2020-2022, Xuwen pineapple ushered in a high-light moment, and the field purchase price rose instead of falling. At the peak, it broke through 3 yuan/Jin, setting a sales record. The "slow-moving fruit" that once plagued local fruit farmers has turned into a "rich fruit".
At present, the "pineapple sea" industry is becoming more and more mature, and Xu Wen’s "pineapple planting army" has become a "pineapple selling army". Buyers and sellers from all over the country gathered here, and large trucks with license plates from different provinces stopped at the roadside, waiting for the pineapples to be loaded and shipped out.
Leverage big data and big live broadcast to hit the "world pineapple"
Xu Wen pineapple Jedi reborn, had to mention a set of digital passwords: "12221".
In 2019, in order to implement Xuwen pineapple brand building marketing, Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs set up a "12221" special working group and put forward a "12221" market system, namely, building "1" big data of agricultural products, forming "2" teams of buyers in sales areas and cultivating brokers in production areas, expanding "2" big markets in sales areas and production areas, and planning buyers to enter production areas and agricultural products to enter big markets.
In the past five years, the working group has always come to Xuwen in the spring to sum up the key points of the stage, bring thoughts and suggestions, and help fruit farmers sell their fruits. Winter goes and spring comes, and the pineapple harvest in the new season is coming. The blueprint of Xuwen pineapple development is gradually clear at the symposium: e-commerce, digitalization and internationalization will become the key words of the next stage.
This year’s newly released No.1 Document of the Central Committee clearly proposes to implement the high-quality development project of rural e-commerce, promote the construction of county-level e-commerce live broadcast bases, and develop the online sales of rural local products. Xuwen county is also vigorously promoting the live broadcast sales of e-commerce, holding thousands of people training, thousands of people live broadcast and other activities, and striving to become "the first county of live broadcast e-commerce in China".
In the spring of 2020, the first county magistrate live broadcast supported by Pinduoduo kicked off the "Xuwen Mode".
Xuwen county also followed the digital wave and launched AI Pineapple Jun, hoping to continue to deepen Xuwen Pineapple’s "12221 market system construction" under the background of data becoming new agricultural materials, mobile phones becoming new agricultural tools and live broadcast becoming new farm work, and help solve various problems such as pineapple planting, preservation, processing, logistics, publicity and marketing with AI technology, organically integrate data elements with the whole process of agriculture, vigorously develop new e-commerce formats such as live broadcast and short video, and explore.
It is reported that about 316 tons of pineapples have been exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea and other countries this year, of which North Korea is exporting for the first time. On February 29th, a batch of Xuwen pineapples from Zhongli Group was also about to be exported to North America. The appearance of AI Pineapple King provided a platform for Xuwen Pineapple to break through geographical restrictions and become a "world pineapple" from "China Pineapple".
To make Xuwen pineapple industry bigger and stronger, we must pay attention to both production and sales. While unblocking the sales link, the local government also actively promoted the diversification of production, and continued to explore industrialization, food and cleanliness, and launched new products such as pineapple grilled fish, fresh-cut small pineapples, pineapple moon cakes, pineapple rice cakes, and pineapple prefabricated dishes. At the forum on February 29th, the leaders also officially unveiled the "Xuwen Pineapple Prefabricated Vegetable Raw Material Direct Supply Base". This laid a foundation for Xuwen pineapple to improve its industrial chain and broaden its commercial channels.
With the popularity of Xuwen pineapple, "Xuwen Model" is gradually popularized in Guangdong Province. Previously, Pinduoduo signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to jointly help Guangdong’s featured agricultural products enter the city, and jointly incubate 50 brands of Guangdong’s featured agricultural products to fully help Guangdong’s digital agriculture "new infrastructure". From Kaiping duck egg, Suixi sweet potato and Lingnan litchi to Huilai abalone, Meizhou honey pomelo and Chaozhou tea, Pinduoduo can be seen behind the rise of these agricultural specialties.
According to the data, in 2020 alone, Pinduoduo launched a total of more than 240 live broadcasts to help farmers, covering 29 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions. A total of more than 430 city, county and district principals entered the live broadcast room to promote local agricultural (sub-) products, which generated a total of 670 million orders to help farmers, and sold more than 4.12 billion kilograms of agricultural (sub-) products, helping 1.13 million households.
In the future, Pinduoduo will continue to take measures such as resource inclination and supply chain optimization to accelerate Guangdong goods from villages to cities, and promote the standardization, branding and digitalization of Guangdong agricultural products.

A complete collection of four common swimming styles

First, breaststroke formula

1, one of the breaststroke formula (total formula):

(1) Breaststroke kicks like frogs, pushing back and sliding forward. Close your legs and feet with your hips, and your knees are shoulder-width apart.
  Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and turn your toes to both sides. Push the water back hard and float your feet together for a while.
(2) The breaststroke arm strokes symmetrically, and the peach stroke strokes sideways. Bend your wrists with both hands to catch the water, and bend your arms and elbows back.
  Row under your shoulders, stop quickly, and clamp your elbows in hard. Stretch your hands forward in parallel, straighten and relax and move forward.
(3) Attention should be paid to breaststroke coordination, and the legs and arms should breathe properly. The two-arm paddling legs are relaxed, and the legs are closed at the same time.
  Stretch your legs forward and push the water, and slide your arms and legs straight for a while. Pull your head up slowly, slide your hand and exhale slowly.
(4) Two arms are paddling at the same time, and the head is raised and inhaled closely. Close your legs, turn your ankles to catch water, and exhale water with your nose.
  Close your hands and slowly retract your legs, and stretch your arms forward before kicking. This kind of cooperation should be kept in mind, and coordination should be learned.

2. The second formula of breaststroke (four-word key):

Break up and press the wrist, pull the fiber with double anchors, hold the water with high elbows, and turn your hands and shoulders. The stem neck comes out of the water, the snake waist drags the hip, the knees are lowered, and the feet are everted. Into the water, hide your head, gather your arms and hide your shoulders, turn your inner ankle backwards, and turn down the pedal clip. The front is low and the back is high, the sand slides and stretches, the legs are stretched and the abdomen is closed, and the water rises.

Interpretation of the four-word key of breaststroke;

Breaking up and pressing the wrist is the preparatory action to start paddling, and it is also the key to make paddling effective. You have to press your hands down into a dovetail shape before you can enter the drawing stage.

Different from the traditional wiper stroke, [double anchor drawing] tends to be similar to the butterfly stroke, emphasizing the stroke mode of resistance propulsion. When the hands are pressed down into a Y- shape, the hands are like two anchors stuck in the water, and they are pulling at an accelerated speed until the elbows are completely out of sight. The power of pulling makes the body jump out of the water under the guidance of the head.

When holding water with high elbows, the elbows should always be higher than the hands to pull water, so that the hands and forearms form a paddling surface together, and the body is pulled forward until the elbows are always in a state of tension.

[Stem neck water] is to say that water should not be held high, and the neck ridge should be kept in a straight line, rising and falling together.

[snake waist dragging hip] means that when pulling up, the waist and back must be arched, and then they can rush forward and rebound. The back bow should be erected like a cobra, ready to attack; The forward bounce is like a snake’s attack, and it is asserted. The former uses the waist, and the latter abdomen, falling together.

[Fold your knees]. When folding your legs, you just need to fold your knees and turn your legs into a [W] shape.

[Hip valgus] means that toes should point to both sides. Turn your feet from [the outer figure of eight] to [the inner figure of eight] and whip them backward and downward.

[Hidden head in water] means to hide your head after entering the water, and to be completely immersed in the water, preferably below the horizontal line of your body.

[Close your arms and hide your shoulders], keep your arms as close as possible, as if to squeeze your head from between your arms.

[medial malleolus backward], the medial malleolus should be facing the rear, which is the initial phase of kicking and the key to the success or failure of the kicking process.

[Pedal clamp downward rotation], the folding is upward rotation and the pedal clamp is downward rotation; Spin up until the toes point to both sides, and spin down until the soles of the feet are closed.

[The front is low and the back is high, and the sand slides and stretches] is a sliding phase when entering the water, until [breaking up and pressing the wrist], during which the feeling is as smooth as falling down from the sand mountain with head down; In the meantime, it seems that all the discs between cones have been released.

[Stretch your legs and abdomen, float to the surface], which means that in the second half of the slide, you should prepare for the initial position of the subsequent stroke [break up and press your wrist] and approach the surface of the water with inertia. If the body is still far from the water, [drawing fiber] will have to be replaced by pressing water, and the forward power will be halved. Therefore, when [sliding sand stretching], the body can neither bend back nor relax, but must [stretch the legs and abdomen] and still be streamlined, using the buoyancy of the chest to float to the surface at a small angle.

3. The third formula of breaststroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of breaststroke

The legs are curved to hold water, and the mouth and nose are used to exhale in the water.

Paddling combined with slow leg retraction, two arms stretched forward and then pedaled,

The breaststroke posture is like a frog, and the arms stroke symmetrically on the side.

Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and turn your feet outwards to aim at the water.

Push your legs back and hold the water, and slide your arms and legs straight for a while.

Push the water backwards in an arc, straighten and float together for a while.

(2) Leg movements

Bend your knees slowly close to your hips, and the distance between your knees is shoulder-wide.

The rower’s legs don’t move, and the legs are closed after the hand is closed.

Slowly retract your legs while retracting, and flip your feet to both sides.

Stretch your arms first, then kick, and straighten your arms and legs for a while.

Push the water back hard and float your legs together for a while.

(3) arm movements

Press the water with both hands to the outside, raise your elbow and bend your arm and row back.

The parting is slightly wider than the shoulder, and the elbow is turned inward and stretched forward.

Pull under the shoulder and stop. Pull and stop.

Draw your arms back from side to side, straighten and float together for a while.

(4) Breathing action

When holding water on your arms, raise your head slightly and suck the air.

Lower your head and stretch your arms and exhale slowly. Row your arms, raise your head, and breathe in.

When your arms slide forward, your nose and mouth slowly exhale.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements

Pull your arms apart, raise your head and inhale closely,

This method is called late breathing, which is perfect for reducing resistance.

(6) Complete coordination action

Two arms paddling without moving legs, closing hands and closing legs at the same time,

Stretch your hand halfway to pinch the water, stretch your arm and kick for a while,

Pull your head up and suck in half, and reach out and shout slowly.

Second, the freestyle formula

1. One of the freestyle formulas (general formula):

(1) freestyle body must be horizontal, with arms crossed forward. Put your fingers into the water before your shoulders, and stretch your shoulders and bend your wrists to catch the water.
  Bend your elbows and palms to the water, and do the "S" route correctly. Finish paddling to the hip, turn your shoulders and lift your elbows to get out of the water quickly.
(2) The body is prone and streamlined, and the water appears in the brain. Stroke with both hands, and alternately hit your legs six times.
  Exhale slowly under the shoulder, push the water, lift the elbow and turn to suck. The legs and arms are breathing well, and the freestyle speed is incredible.

2. The second formula of freestyle (four-word key):

Wipe the head on the water, the neck ridge is flat, the chin converges, and breathe. The whole body should be rigid, the waist and abdomen should be tense, the logs should roll, and the umbilicus should look at both sides. Put your arm into the sleeve, turn your shoulder into the frame, draw straight close to your body, pull soft and push hard. The thigh is clamped, the calf is like a spring, and the ankle is relaxed, with relaxation and tension.

Interpretation of four key words of freestyle;

[Wipe your head on the water]. When swimming in, try to immerse your head in the water as much as possible, and the part exposed on the water should not exceed 1/4 of your head, so that your head can slightly brush the water.

[The neck and spine are horizontal]. The cervical spine and spine should be pulled into a straight line and kept horizontal.

[chin convergence], look at the bottom of the pool, the chin should be retracted and squeezed into a double chin.

[Breathe Moang], when breathing, the head should roll with the extension line of the neck ridge as the axis, and it is forbidden to breathe with the head held high.

[Perfect], imagine the whole body, especially the trunk, like a hard and full torpedo.

[Tension in the waist and abdomen], the waist and abdomen should be tightened, and the abdomen should be lifted.

[Log Rolling] means that the body should be like a torpedo and a log, and it should roll on the long axis as a whole with rhythm.

[Look at both sides of the navel], the rolling angle is just right for the navel to see both sides, or the audience on both sides can just see the swimmer’s navel.

[Put your arm into the sleeve]. When you enter the water, you should put your hand forward as far as possible, as if it were in a slender and soft silk sleeve.

[Turn your shoulders into the frame]. Imagine that your body is going through a narrow frame in the front, so the lateral amplitude of the action should be as small as possible.

[Close-body straight stroke], the stroke hand should be under the long axis of the body, close to the body and walk in a straight line.

[Pull soft and push hard], start accurately, grasp the water steadily, and gradually accelerate the stroke, pushing the water under your feet, but don’t bump into your thighs.

[Legs clamped], when kicking, the thighs can’t be separated, and it plays the role of connecting the preceding with the following, that is, transmitting the strength of the hip to the toe.

[The calf is like a spring], the calf should be elastic, and the range of kicking up and down should be controlled at about one foot.

[Relax your ankles]. Your ankles should follow the pressure of water and move with the trend, just like the tail of a fish, so don’t be stiff. Legs from hip to toe should be loose and unremitting, tight and not stiff, and the water should be strong and well-controlled.

3. The third formula of freestyle (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of crawl (freestyle)

Crawl, such as crawling in water, alternately paddling with both arms,

Keep your body steady and lie prone in the water, crossing your arms and rowing in turn.

Keep your body level, and your legs are whipped up and down.

Whip your legs up and down, breathe slowly and suck quickly and row forward.

(2) Leg movements

The thigh forces the calf, and the legs alternately whip the water.

The thigh is forced to bring the calf, and the legs alternate to fetch water.

Draw water shallowly and quickly, and relax your ankles slightly and turn inward.
(3) arm movements

The palm enters the water first before the shoulder, and the arm slides down to hold the water.

Move the arm, relax the shoulder and insert it forward, and aim the palm of the forearm at the water.

The power of bending the arm and paddling is great, and turning the shoulder and lifting the elbow can get out of the water quickly.

Speed up along the center line, and alternate strokes with both arms.

The two arms cooperate with each other to paddle hard, and the thrust is gradually increased after holding forward.

(4) Breathing action

Row to the shoulder and exhale slowly, push the water, lift the elbow and suck up.

Breathe out slowly with your head in the water, turn your head and open your mouth to inhale quickly.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements.

Paddle with both hands, and hit the legs at will.

Hit two, hit four or hit six, or suck left or right once.

(6) Body position

The body is prone and streamlined, and the chest is slightly shoulders high.

The water is flush with the forehead and the brain is exposed, and the hips and abdomen should be flat and eyes open.

(7) Stroke arm type

There are three types of arm strokes, namely, front crossing, middle crossing and rear crossing.

It is old and long to travel before making friends, and the effect of making friends after making friends in China is good.

Third, backstroke formula

1. One of the backstroke formulas (general formula):

(1) Put your hand into the water on the shoulder extension line, and stretch your arms to hold the water. The palm bends to the water, and the stroke route should be kept in mind.
  Push the water behind the palm and forearm, and push the thumb out first. Turn your shoulders and lift your arm straps, and relax your arm movement in the air.
(2) Backstroke coordination is easy, with six kicks and two arms. Breathe two strokes at a time, and breathe in with your mouth.
  Push the water and exhale quickly, turn your shoulders and move your arms to hold your chest. Suck your legs three times, kick them three times and exhale.

2. The second formula of backstroke (four-word key):
The water overflows the cheeks, the nose refers to the blue sky, the breath sinks and floats, and the side slip does not turn.
Shoulder-lifting and hand-pulling, double-spoke rotation, sharp blade to cut water, arm extension to send hips.
With water in the palm of your hand, bend your elbow and collapse your shoulders, push the front line, caress your legs and stick to the edge.
Straighten your ankles, bend your feet inward, kick up and press down, and wave your toes.

Interpretation of the four-word backstroke;

[Water overflows your cheeks]. When swimming backstroke, you should straighten your head, neither accept your chin nor lean back, so it is advisable to let the water flow through your cheeks.

[Nose refers to the sky], although the body rolls, the head should not rotate with it, and always face upwards.

[Breathe, sink, suck and float], because the front of the body will be a little ups and downs after the hand enters the water, so breathing should be carried out rhythmically to avoid choking.

[Don’t turn when sideslip], when rolling sideslip, the head can’t rotate left and right.

[Lift the shoulder and draw the hand], after the hand strokes, it is necessary to lift the shoulder to complete the water; From shoulder-elbow-wrist-finger, out of the water in turn, use the big joint to drive the small joint, and pull the arm out of the water.

[Double spoke rotation], the arms are like spokes of a wheel, alternating at an angle of 180 degrees. The outer side of the little finger is called the [blade], and [cutting the water with a sharp blade] means that the little finger leads into the water, so that the upper arm is close to the cheek, and the arm is extended with the hip. Follow up when the little finger enters the water.

[reaching out to send hips], that is, something that seems to stand on tiptoe to reach high enough; And the [torque] of turning the hip comes from the downward leg press on the other side.

[Horizontal palm with water] is the first phase after the hand enters the water, that is, the palm is horizontal in the forward direction; Otherwise, if you don’t bring water with you, paddling will have no effect.

[Elbow down and shoulder collapse], start paddling, especially when paddling to the shoulder line, the elbow tip should be vertical to the bottom of the pool, and the shoulder should sink into the water, so that the paddling route is closer to the vertical plane of the longitudinal axis of the body.

[Push the first line], push the water all the way back. When the rower crosses the shoulder line, turn his palm to the bottom of the pool to press the water.

[Touching the leg and sticking the edge], after pressing the water, the arm should be close to the body, and the tiger’s mouth should slightly wipe the thigh.

[Ankle Straightened], both supine and prone kicking require ankle straightening, which is the key to effective water fetching.

[Feet are flexed inward], because the hips should roll about 45 degrees, in order to prevent the feet from crossing too wide when fetching water, each other can meet the water flow driven by kicking on the other side, so as to obtain greater propulsion power, so it is necessary to bend inward slightly.

[Kick up and press down], because the upper kick is limited by the knee joint, the lower press has a wide degree of freedom, so it is necessary to limit the amplitude. It is better for the waves to roll at the toe, and it is subject to no splash, that is, [Wave rolls the toe].

3. The third formula of backstroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of backstroke

There are two kinds of backstroke postures, both of which are backstroke.

Lying on your back in the water naturally, your abdomen is slightly contracted and your chest is slightly expanded.

The reverse frog backstroke has been eliminated, and the reverse crawl backstroke has the upper hand.

Kick the water with your legs up and down, and paddle with your arms in turn.

(2) Leg movements

The thigh is forced to take the hip as the axis, and the downward pressure and upward kick are alternately played.

Exert your strength with your thighs and kick hard with your calves.

Knees and toes don’t get out of the water, and the movements should be consistent and natural.

The toes are inclined inward, and the whips alternate.

(3) arm movements

The shoulder extension line is cut in by the outside hand, and the arm is extended to hold the water and the palm is facing the water.

Water enters the side of the air moving arm. Bend your arms and sink your elbows at the water,

The curved arm paddles to the waist, and the forearm palm pushes and presses.

Accelerate backward and push the water quickly, and take turns paddling with both arms.

Pull and push the body to row sideways, press first and then lift the water quickly,

Lift the shoulder to drive the upper forearm, move forward in the air and extend the arm forward.

(4) Breathing action

It’s easier to breathe in backstroke. Breathe in through your mouth instead of your nose.

Push underwater and exhale quickly, lift your shoulders and move your arms to hold your chest,

Take a breath after kicking three times, and exhale after kicking three times.

(5) Coordination of breathing with leg and arm movements

Six kicks, two arms, one breath and two strokes,

Three kicks, one arm, and so on.

Four, butterfly stroke formula

1, one of the butterfly formula (total formula):

(1) Butterfly kicks like a dolphin, whipping water with his belt and legs. Draw water with your legs together and remember your hips.
  Turn your ankles inside your legs to relax, close your legs, lift your hips and straighten your waist and abdomen.
(2) The butterfly moves its arm like a butterfly, lowering its head and sending its shoulder arm forward. Reach into the water, spread your shoulders and grab the water, with your high elbow paddling and your arm bending inward.
  Aim your hands at the water at the same time, and push the water hard with both arms. Lift your elbows quickly after pushing the water, and spread your wings with your arms out of the water.
(3) Push the water head with both arms to lift, and inhale quickly and lower the head. Push the water and hit your legs at the same time, and put your feet together to exert your strength.
  Go into the water and whip your legs twice. Don’t forget to rotate your feet internally. Breathe out slowly with your arms in the water, and move forward like waves.

2. The second formula of butterfly stroke (four-word key):

Chest and armpit pressure, elbow tips apart, abdomen and buttocks, iron law of entering water. Side pressure stroke, internal sweep force, tiger’s back rising, back swing arm. Shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbows are high and low. Legs rise and fall, originating from the back of the waist, snake-shaped, and the first item is the flag.

Interpretation of the key words of butterfly stroke;

[Chest and armpit pressure] is the first step to start the body wave state in butterfly stroke, and its amplitude depends on the flexibility of the shoulder blade. If the chest and armpits are not pressed down, it is difficult to get up with elbows, and it is impossible to hold water with high elbows.

The purpose of [elbow tip separation] is to ensure that the water is cut under the thumb, the water is held with the elbow high, and the side pressure is connected. When the front half of the body is pressed down, it will inevitably lead to the core part lifting up, showing the trend of [abdomen and buttocks], which is a counterweight to the kicking of the back half. This is the law of chain transmission of the body, so it is called [iron law of entering the water].

[Side pressure stroke] is the initial phase of stroke, which is the same as [breaking up and pressing the wrist] in breaststroke.

[Internal scanning force] is the later stage of pulling water phase, and it is also the stage of starting to exert force. In the process of pulling water, with the surge of water flow and the balance of legs, the body leaps up and forward, and the water comes out with the shoulder as the highest point of rising, that is, [the tiger’s back rises].

In order to push the water phase, the [swing arm] must accelerate the whole process, in which [swing arm] refers to the sudden return when the momentum reaches the maximum, that is, the arm returns at the original speed before pushing the water to the crotch; This not only pushes the water into place, but also allows the arm to bounce out of the water by pushing.

When moving your arms, you should [shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, and move your wings leisurely], and throw your arms forward as far as possible, as far as possible from the water entry point, so as to fully drive your body. [Shrugging your shoulders, swinging your wrists and moving your wings leisurely] starts with [swinging your arms back], and the depth of your kung fu can be seen from the whole process of [moving your arms]. The butterfly stroke is the only stroke named after the feature of [moving the arm], so four sentences are used in the formula to describe the whole process of moving the arm: [shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbow is superior and low], among which [taking and putting down gently] is particularly difficult, and [taking] and [putting] can reflect the control ability of your waist and abdomen when leaping.

[Legs rise and fall from the waist], the main power source of butterfly swimming is the chest, followed by the waist, and then the legs. Therefore, when playing butterfly leg, you need to forget the leg, so that the vibration of the chest can be naturally transmitted to the toe. When the chest is pressed down, the forehead is forward and the top of the head is close to the water; When the shoulders are lifted, the forehead is still forward and the hips are close to the water.

[Snake-shaped wave, the first item is the flag], which means that the butterfly looks like a dolphin and a snake eel from side to side. From beginning to end, all joints of the trunk and legs participate in the jitter. Bow your head when you come out of the water, lift it slightly when you enter the water, and always rush to the other side with your head, guiding the whole body forward like a flagship, that is, [the first item is the flag].

3. The third formula of butterfly stroke (detailed formula):

(1) Introduction of butterfly stroke

Butterfly swimming is like flying in butterfly water, whipping the water with your legs together,

Lie on your stomach horizontally to streamline, lower your head and move your arms forward.

Both arms are paddling at the same time, imitating dolphins flying in waves.

Waves draw water, push hands to suck, stretch your chest, lift your hips and waist to exert strength.

(2) Trunk and leg movements

Hips sink to straighten the waist and abdomen, legs move up and legs bend,
Retract your legs, lift your hips and waist, and your thighs drive your calves to kick.

(3) arm movements

Bow your head and send your shoulders forward, stretch your shoulders and hook your hands to catch the water.

The arms are wider than the shoulders when entering the water, and the shoulders should be extended when entering the water.

Bend your arms inward and paddle hard, push the water and lift your elbows to get out of the water quickly.

Do not separate your arms from each other when holding water, and row with the front wide and the back wide to accelerate the row.

(4) Breathing action

Breathe slowly with your arms in the water, push the water, stretch your neck and look up.

(5) Breathing is coordinated with leg and arm movements.

The butterfly position is not fixed, and the trunk waves move forward.

Kick your arm into the water for the first time, and then kick it under your chest.

The legs are combined like whipping, and the waist, abdomen and legs vibrate in turn.

Lower your head and stretch your arms to exhale slowly, accelerate the push of water and raise your head to suck.

Five, four common swimming methods of four-word tips summary

1. Breaststroke: break up and press the wrist, pull the fiber with double anchors, hold the water with high elbows, and turn your hands and shoulders. The stem neck comes out of the water, the snake waist drags the hip, the knees are lowered, and the feet are everted. Into the water, hide your head, gather your arms and hide your shoulders, turn your inner ankle backwards, and turn down the pedal clip. The front is low and the back is high, the sand slides and stretches, the legs are stretched and the abdomen is closed, and the water rises.

2, crawl: the head rubs the water, the neck ridge is flat and long, the chin converges, and the air is ventilated. The whole body should be rigid, the waist and abdomen should be tense, the logs should roll, and the umbilicus should look at both sides. Put your arm into the sleeve, turn your shoulder into the frame, draw straight close to your body, pull soft and push hard. The thigh is clamped, the calf is like a spring, and the ankle is relaxed, with relaxation and tension.

3, backstroke: the water overflows the cheeks, the nose refers to the blue sky, the breath sinks and floats, and the side slips. Shoulder-lifting and hand-pulling, double-spoke rotation, sharp blade to cut water, arm extension to send hips. With water in the palm of your hand, bend your elbow and collapse your shoulders, push the front line, caress your legs and stick to the edge. Straighten your ankles, bend your feet inward, kick up and press down, and wave your toes.

4, butterfly stroke: chest and armpit pressure, elbow tips apart, abdomen and hips, into the water iron law. Side pressure stroke, internal sweep force, tiger’s back rising, back swing arm. Shrug your shoulders and swing your wrists, move your wings leisurely, take and put down gently, and your elbows are high and low. Legs rise and fall, originating from the back of the waist, snake-shaped, and the first item is the flag.

The game version number was released in May! Can’t wait to play right away? These games can be played now!

The May edition number is coming! According to the approval information of domestic online games published in May, 2023, a total of 86 games, such as Netease Seven Days World, Tencent Ace Warrior 2, Lilith’s Party of the Gods, and Netelement Temple’s Dream of the Heart, have been approved. Some of these games have been launched overseas or on Steam, and they can be played now. If you want to try something early, you can try it first!

Dream of the deep heart

"Dream in the Heart" is a new work by Shanghai Candle dragon, who has developed the swords of legends series. The game has landed on PC, NS, PS and Xbox platforms, and the Steam standard version of 78 yuan, the deluxe version is 108 yuan.

This is an action game similar to "Galaxy Warrior" and "Demon City". The background of the game is western magic, and players will meet scary giants and lovely elves in the game. The biggest selling point of the game is exquisite hand-painted pictures. Moreover, the amount of games is large, and more than 20 maps with ten endings are not covered.

According to the official introduction, players will accompany Renee, a girl with amnesia, on a journey of fate to uncover the hidden secrets of the fantasy world. Explore the natural scenery and ruins of the imperial city, and meet mysterious beasts and lovely elves. Use all kinds of weapons and skills to confront corrupt monsters, break through crises and so on.

Yi xian pai

Yixian Card is a card game that plays chess by itself. A single game supports up to eight players to play against each other. Players need to place the drawn cards in the fighting area and automatically fight with other players in random order. During the interval of each round of fighting, players need to judge the opponent’s thinking, adjust the card order or add the newly drawn cards to the deck to beat the opponent according to the situation on the field.

The game of "Yixian Card" is the same as the pub chess game. To put it bluntly, it is "the card version moves by itself". At the beginning of the game, players will randomly draw several cards from the library. These cards can be directly used in battle, can also be synthesized with another same card, and can also be sold to improve their own realm-commonly known as "upgrading their capital" and greatly improve their construction limit. Of course, players can also exchange cards with other cards randomly when they encounter cards that are really unnecessary, so as to replace the refresh function in self-walking chess.

Although "Yi Xian Pai" adopts the battle mode of self-propelled chess, it is still slightly different from self-propelled chess in essence. Players still need to collect and build their own cards to participate in the battle, but this "process" of construction is quite a bit of a DBG game.

Compared with the traditional TCG, we only need to pay attention to three things when building a deck of cards: role, sect and deputy. Among them, the sect and the deputy will carry a fixed number and types of cards, and players can’t operate the cards, so they can only combine the deputy and the sect to form a complete set of cards. The character must belong to a sect, but every time he ascends the realm, he will unlock an exclusive talent and play an extra role in the game.

Party of the gods

The Gods Party is a mythical punk strategy RPG produced by Lilith, which has cool artistic style and diversified and aesthetic role design.

Related links:I was shocked to try it out: the legendary art uncle started a two-dimensional street card game, which was blown up by American primary school students.

The Party of the Gods tells the story that in the future world, some scientists died and released monsters that destroyed the world, and then some people mutated to have divine power and became diviners.

The game makes a hodgepodge of gods in fairy tales such as China, Egyptian, Nordic, Greek, etc. In "The Party of the Gods", it is common for the Monkey King to beat Zeus violently, and Anubis and Nuwa fought for 300 rounds.

The painting style in "The Party of the Gods" is all-encompassing, which can not only see the dark sister with real jitter, but also the cheongsam sister who is more in line with the oriental aesthetic. It is true that XP of players all over the world is grasped.

Digging into the background of the game, I finally found that the art director of "The Gods Party" had joined Tencent in the early years, and he was actually focusing on games such as Legendary World and Legend of Xuanyuan. This sense of contrast is really exciting.

Eluhill: Star Dawn

"Elohill: Xing Xiao" is a 3D real-time strategy card hand tour that presents the fantasy of the world of [Magic X Technology] through a light retro art style. It is characterized by the immersive combat experience of dynamic command operation, and it is presented with the 3D drama performance of the real opera, creating an Iluhir world with full details and strong immersion.

In this game, the player will be the acting head of the Gefeier Troupe, and take a flying boat to travel between Xinghai and the narrow land, guiding the degraded people to shuttle between the "present world" and the "dream paradise" to fight against the sudden paradise arrival events in various places, save the people who are asleep, and regain the real future from the ostentatious dream.

In the battle experience of core fun, the game not only retains the immersive sensory experience of ACT play, but also lowers the operating threshold for players to get started quickly. At the same time, it also adds a wealth of card instruction strategies in battle. Before the start of the battle, players can arrange their own character positions. In some difficult levels, there are random attribute bonus positions.

The game international service was launched on April 6, and the related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Explanation of light gap

"Light Gap Interpretation" is a different world strategy offensive and defensive mobile phone game developed by Cong Yun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed by the exclusive agent of the game. Mengmei yujie has all of them! All live2d!

In the game, players will be the guardians of lantern seals, join the strategic offensive and defensive battle field in the other world "Nuon Continent", and take risks with "interpreters" with various creative abilities to fight against the raging beasts and prevent the darkness from coming again!

A large number of "Interpreters" are freely combined, and diverse Live2D is within reach, with Yokoyama Masaru’s love and music! The ever-changing battlefields and powerful enemies, the "arrival technique" big move to reverse the war situation, and the strategic offensive and defensive gameplay of the operation are tested … In the endless night, the lamp of hope is incarnated, and together with the interpreter, the shackles of fate are broken!

Taifu was launched in October 2022, and related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Indy’s lies

Indy’s Lies is a stand-alone game with roguelike elements and card construction as the core gameplay. The game has been put on Steam, and the current favorable rate is 76%.

Randomly generate the content of the level, exquisite plot content, rich and changeable talent system, cleverly designed partner system, surprise and unexpected rune system, combined with hundreds of carefully designed professional cards, so that players can experience completely different fun every time they enter the level.

There are currently 12 heroes in the game, and each hero has a unique professional card, exclusive card and personal mechanism. The hero chosen at the beginning determines the general trend of the genre. After defeating each boss, you can invite new heroes to join the team to supplement your strategic choice-to brush the enemy with debuff, to realize infinite flow, or to add healers to the team?

More than 700 cards can collide with runes, randomly generated talent trees (more than 160 talents) and 50 props to maximize synergy-cleverly combine strategies and defeat more than 90 enemies! Every time you get a new card, you can also replace the old card to realize dynamic and flexible card set construction.