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Let online celebrity Highway Be Applauded and Seated —— Observation on the Opening of Duku Highway in Xinjiang

  Guangming Daily reporter Villi Shangjie

  In summer, Qiaoerma Castle Peak in Nileke County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, is like Dai, full of green. On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Duku Highway, known as "the most beautiful highway in China", was held here. More than a thousand self-driving cars from all over the country set out from all over the Duku Highway to visit this "most beautiful highway" and the beautiful scenery along the way.

  Duku Highway crosses Tianshan Mountain from dushanzi area, Karamay City to Kuqa City, with a total length of more than 560 kilometers.

  How can this road, which only runs for five months a year, attract tourists from all over the world? How to create a richer and more diverse travel experience for tourists? How does online celebrity Highway Keep Tourists’ Heart? The reporter interviewed this.

  The scenery along Duku Highway is pleasant. Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Hall

  1 Stimulate the effect of tourist business cards

  Viewed from the sky, Duku Highway runs through the middle section of Tianshan Mountain like a dragon, connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountain in series. The scenery along the highway is picturesque and dizzying.

  Walking on this road, you can "see the four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles". All the way, through the Red Gorge, the Dragon Pond, the forest and the meadow, the four seasons alternate, which is beautiful.

  At the opening ceremony, Deng Chunhua, a 61-year-old tourist from Hubei, could not hide his inner excitement. Since 2020, she has been driving with her husband "two people and one car" for three consecutive years. She said that she couldn’t get enough of the unique natural scenery along the Duku Highway. Last year, she didn’t go all the way because of the mudslide. This year, she made special arrangements early and waited for the official passage of this day.

  People often say that the most beautiful scenery is on the road. Xinjiang tourist business card — — This is especially true for Duku Highway.

  On the Duku road trip guide map, the beautiful scenery along the route is dotted: starting from dushanzi area, all the way through Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Baili Gallery — — Tamboura, air grassland — — Nalati grassland, nine bends and eighteen bends — — Bayinbuluke and the Pearl of Tianshan Mountains — — Large and small Longchi, Kuqa Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, one road allows tourists to enjoy most of the fine scenery in the north and south.

  Gobi, grassland, lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons … … The photos of various landscapes along the way have aroused the admiration of tourists and tourism practitioners. Song Bo, the person in charge of the enterprise engaged in tourism management, said that this "most beautiful highway", which spans more than 560 kilometers and runs through the northern and southern Xinjiang, "contracted" 80% of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang and brought a steady stream of passengers. His company has opened six RV camps in Xinjiang.

  Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, whether the Duku Highway can be opened to traffic as scheduled this year and whether foreign tourists can enter Xinjiang smoothly has become a problem that Song Bo has been worried about. You know, this highway is only open for five months a year, and there will be a lot of losses if it is delayed for one day.

  "We will create all convenient conditions for tourists entering Xinjiang, and help the development of tourism enterprises through various measures such as lowering, returning, slowing down, awarding and supplementing." The words of the relevant person in charge of the Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Office gave Song Bo a "reassurance".

  Five prefectures (cities) along the Duku Highway have also made great efforts to organize and arrange a series of colorful cultural feasts, such as Akon singing, grassland Nadam, Qiuci mural exhibition, dream lighting festival, tent camping festival, bonfire food festival, etc., so that tourists have more expectations for travel besides driving.

   2 linkage to do "corridor economy"

  Speaking of the changes that Duku Highway has brought to tourism and life, Nurguli Alabek, the head of Tekes County Zhaile Ecological B&B Park, seems to have endless words.

  "Today’s rural tourism has developed from a farmhouse to a high-end homestay. My homestay has invested more than 3 million yuan, focusing on ethnic customs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, I can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan every year, which is much better than doing other businesses. " Nurguli Alabek told reporters.

  In the eyes of local people, Duku Highway is not only a landscape road, but also a happy road. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of the traffic arteries in the northern and southern Xinjiang, but also looks like a winding river, which transports a steady stream of tourists along the route and makes people living here feel the vitality brought by the tourism economy. In the tourist season of 2019, this road carries a maximum of 20,000 self-driving cars per day.

  North village, Agger Township, Kuqa City is the first stop for Duku Highway to enter southern Xinjiang. Since last year, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, north village has invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the village’s tourism facilities, increased amusement projects, and formed a new rural tourism model of "village committee+company+farmer", which has become the punching point of online celebrity. Nowadays, the villagers have eaten tourist meals, and the collective income of the village has also increased from less than 50,000 yuan in 2020 to 350,000 yuan in 2021.

  Yan Naimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, various states (cities) along the Duku Highway have continuously improved supporting services such as sightseeing stops, signage systems, service areas and parking areas, accelerated the construction of self-driving camps and improved supporting facilities. Around Xinjiang, exquisite tourist scenic roads and go on road trip routes have been built around scenic roads such as G217, G219 and S101, which has promoted the construction of tourist node cities, tourist towns and characteristic tourist villages along the way, and the "corridor economy" linked by transportation and tourism has become increasingly popular.

  Only by constantly improving the infrastructure can online celebrity’s highways become more popular. In 2019, Xinjiang Transportation Department started the highway disease treatment and service quality improvement project in the Duku section of G217 line, and in 2020, it started the second phase of the Duku highway improvement project. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xinjiang will continue to build the cultural and tourist destination of the Silk Road in southern Xinjiang, the Tianshan tourism industrial belt and the rural tourism destination, and scenic roads such as Duku Highway will play a role in it.

   3 improve the service extension chain

  With the rapid development of tourism industry and the promotion of information wave, tourists’ demand for personalized tourism is increasingly strong, especially with the change of tourism market structure and travel mode, tourists put forward higher requirements for intelligent customized services and the integration and sharing of public information in tourist destinations.

  In order to improve the tourist experience, Xinjiang insists on paying equal attention to sightseeing and leisure tourism products. The latest statistics show that there are 73 self-driving caravan camps under construction and planned in Xinjiang, and 48 camps are in operation; There are 3,217 travel agents operating self-driving travel products in Xinjiang on major online travel agency platforms in China, and there are more than 600 brands of self-driving travel products, among which 30% are self-driving travel products with the theme of hotel accommodation, travel photography service and discovering the countryside.

  In addition to enriching the tourism experience, how to improve the service and extend the chain in the development of online celebrity highway has also become a key issue for Xinjiang tourism departments to think about.

  "We should rely on the highway network, take key scenic spots and scenic spots with development potential as key nodes, and promote high standards, high levels and high quality ‘ Transportation+Tourism ’ Comprehensive development system. " Yan Naimin said that Duku Highway is a representative highway of Xinjiang landscape, and it is also a beautiful business card for Xinjiang tourism. Xinjiang will further build the most beautiful self-driving highway brand in China, integrate the tourism resources in the areas along the route, improve the regional tourism system, jointly promote the healthy development of go on road trip, a single-depot highway, and create a more attractive tourist landscape for tourists.

[US stocks in 2022 investment strategy]: Can the bull market of US stocks continue?

  Looking ahead at the end of 2021, the S&P 500 index has nearly doubled in the past three years, with an annualized rate of return of 27%. However, Deutsche Bank’s survey of more than 750 investors around the world shows that about 20% expect the S&P 500 index to have negative returns next year, with an average increase of only 4.2%.

  Can the bull market of US stocks continue, and what risks will it face? What kind of opportunities are there?

  US stocks as a whole: three elements or building a structural market

  1. Corporate profit growth slowed down.

  According to the Morgan Stanley report, in the first three quarters of this year, the earnings per share of S&P 500 companies increased by over 67%, far higher than the average of 6% from 2001 to 2020. UBS predicts that the profit growth rate of S&P 500 companies may significantly slow down to 10% in 2022.

  2. Tightening liquidity

  () It is believed that the most relaxed point of global liquidity has passed. With the beginning of Taper by the Federal Reserve and the marginal tightening by the central banks of other major overseas economies, global liquidity began to enter a tightening cycle.

  3. Valuation regression

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, after the completion of taper by the Federal Reserve, the dynamic PE of US stocks will gradually return from the current high of 21.4 times to the historical average of 18 times since 2015. It is expected that the US stock market will present a structural market next year.

  In the face of many challenges, we sorted out the views of investment banks and listed the US stock sector and its key words worthy of attention in 2022.

  New energy: the inflection point of new energy vehicles in the United States+the installed capacity of scenery has increased greatly

  On November 19th, the US House of Representatives passed the Biden administration’s $1.75 trillion stimulus bill, of which about $550 billion will be used in the new energy industry, and the tax credits in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic wind power and energy storage industries will be fully increased.

  CICC believes that the US new energy vehicle market has been in a "depression" in the global market for a long time due to the previous weak policies, few high-quality vehicles and weak industrial chain. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States from 1 to 1-3Q21 was only 3.7%, which was significantly lower than that in China and Europe (13.5% and 17.3%). However, with the continuous promotion and strengthening of the Biden administration’s new energy vehicle policy and the acceleration of the electrification transformation of local car companies, the development of new energy vehicles in the United States will usher in an inflection point.

  In terms of photovoltaic wind power, with the increasing momentum of energy transformation, the newly installed capacity of American scenery is expected to set a new record in 2022.

  According to the survey report of Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence Company, it is estimated that 44GW of utility-scale photovoltaic projects will be put into operation in the United States in 2022, nearly twice the estimated new installed capacity of 23GW in 2021. At the same time, it is estimated that the newly installed capacity of wind power in the United States will reach 27GW in 2022, significantly exceeding the highest annual record of 16GW set in 2020.

  BlackRock pointed out that the world is currently transforming into a more sustainable aspect, ahead of schedule. The investment in sustainability has undergone a structural change, and related assets will highlight the advantages of return on investment in the next few years.

  Energy, real estate and finance: safe-haven sectors under the strongest inflation in 40 years

  The CPI of the United States in November increased by 6.8% year-on-year, the highest since June 1982. Excluding food and energy prices, the so-called core CPI rose by 0.5% from the previous month and 4.9% from the same period of last year, the biggest increase since mid-1991.

  Bank of America strategists believe that under the influence of high inflation, the current real profit rate of the S&P 500 index is negative, which indicates the downside risk of the market. Taking history as a mirror, there have been bear markets in the first four times in history when the real profit rate of the S&P 500 is negative. Investors are advised to seek safety in anti-inflation sectors such as energy, finance and real estate.

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, under the background that the U.S. economic recovery continues in the first half of next year and inflation remains high, energy, raw materials and other sectors will benefit from the expansion of the scissors gap between PPI and CPI, and EPS (net profit per share) and gross profit margin of individual stocks are also expected to show an upward trend. In addition, after the Federal Reserve lifted the restrictions on bank stock repurchase and dividend distribution on June 30 this year, the repurchase amount of American financial companies has returned to the level of $16 billion per month before the epidemic, which will support the valuation and ROE (return on net assets) of the industry.

  Internet technology: liquidity tightening risk vs structural opportunities for technological innovation

  In December, the Federal Reserve will double the rate of bond purchase, and the bitmap shows that it will raise interest rates three times next year. Many analysts believe that tight monetary policy will pose a threat to the high valuation sector. The current P/E ratio of Nasdaq 100, a cluster of technology stocks, is about 30, which is 21.4 times higher than that of the broader S&P 500.

  The Deutsche Bank report pointed out that inflation may be the main reason for most interest rate hike cycles in the United States. There is a "strong and consistent" negative correlation between the P/E ratio of US stocks and inflation ―― that is, under the high inflation environment, the valuation (PE) of US stocks tends to decline.

  In view of the fact that the United States is under the worst inflationary pressure in 40 years, it may be comparable to the 1980s when the Federal Reserve was forced to raise interest rates due to the same inflationary pressure. During the two interest rate hike cycles in the 1980s, the P/E ratio of US stocks both fell ―― but it does not mean that the stock market fell across the board. In fact, the strong profit growth of US stock companies in these two periods made the S&P 500 index record a range increase of 8% and 23% respectively.

  It can be seen that even if the Fed raises interest rates under the pressure of high inflation, it does not mean "the end of the world" for US stocks. The key is whether individual companies can offset the negative impact of interest rate hike on valuation with strong performance growth. During this period, it is difficult to cash in the growth rate of performance, but companies with high valuations may face challenges.

  According to Bloomberg’s unanimous forecast, the overall expenditure scale of information technology companies in the S&P 500 stocks is expected to be 110.8 billion US dollars in 2022, with a year-on-year growth rate of 24.3%, which is the largest since the statistics in 2015. Whether it is soft technology or hard technology, capital expenditure is obviously positive.

  Industrial Securities pointed out that FAANGs and other technology leaders focused on the direction of capital expenditure, including new energy vehicles, Metauniverse, digital currency, self-driving cars, AR/VR, cloud services, digital media and so on. Next year, the slowdown of US economic growth will weaken the kinetic energy of the overall profit improvement of US stocks and restrict the performance of the index. However, the structural highlights of the American economy in 2022, especially scientific and technological innovation, deserve attention.

  Semiconductor: high valuation+supply and demand reversal risk accumulation

  The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX Index), which includes chip manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD, has increased by 36% this year, with an increase of more than 50% in the previous two years and a cumulative return of 250% in three years. The current dynamic PE of SOX index is 6.3 times, but its 10-year average is only 3.6 times.

  This year, the global wave of Internet of Things and car electrification, and the instability of the supply chain caused by repeated epidemics have caused an unprecedented shortage of chips in almost all industries. Although the shortage of automobile chips remains to be solved, the demand for semiconductors in other fields may have tended to weaken. According to industry data, the growth of global chip sales slowed down for the third consecutive month in October and has fallen back to the level of May this year.

  Hocktan, CEO of Broadcom, a chip maker, also said in the conference call in the fourth quarter that some areas of the semiconductor market were "a bit too hot".

  According to the assessment of CITIC Securities, as a typical cyclical industry, the global PC sales volume is expected to basically peak in 2021, and the data center hardware uplink cycle will peak in 2022Q2. Considering the marginal weakening of downstream demand (PC, server, smart phone, etc.) next year and the continuous release of new semiconductor production capacity, it is judged that the risk of supply and demand reversal in the industry is accumulating.

  Aviation: North American aviation industry is expected to turn losses+epidemic concerns ease

  According to the latest forecast given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in October, it is estimated that the expected loss of the whole industry in 2021 is 51.8 billion US dollars, which is 63% lower than the net loss of 137.7 billion US dollars in 2020. It is estimated that the loss will drop to 11.6 billion US dollars in 2022, and it is expected to turn losses into profits in 2023.

  In terms of regions, IATA expects airlines in North America to take the lead in restoring profitability in 2022. It is estimated that airlines in this region will achieve a profit of 9.9 billion US dollars in 2022, which is the only region in the world to turn losses into profits next year.

  Guoyuan International believes that the most difficult period of the global aviation industry has passed, and the passenger volume and profitability are on the track of recovery. The resilience of domestic aviation market demand is still strong, and the gradual relaxation of international routes in the future is a high probability event. It is suggested to reverse the layout of airlines, airports and aviation information targets.

  Strategists in JPMorgan Chase said that although COVID-19 variants (such as Delta and Omicron) have repeatedly caused epidemics in various countries, if people’s natural immunity, vaccine-acquired immunity, significantly reduced mortality and specific drugs are gradually emerging, the epidemic will not be the primary risk next year.

Home improvement 100 megabits broadband can’t open the webpage and play the game delay! The reason is actually …

  Cctv newsOn May 17th, with the statements of the three basic operators, Beijing began to enter the era of "100 Mbps broadband". However, some users are still using the old copper broadband, with a slow speed of 4 megabytes and 5 megabytes. However, some users who have installed 20 megabits, 50 megabits or even 100 megabits of fiber-optic broadband at home often have delays in playing online games, and sometimes even ordinary web pages are difficult to open. What stuck the "last mile" in fttp? What caused the "short weight" of broadband speed increase? Come to see the reporter’s investigation.


  Once "insulated" optical fiber in high-grade residential areas

  Mr. Pan in Beijing lives in a relatively high-end residential area in the North Fourth Ring Road. The apartment building has its own independent system, and electricity, tap water, gas and communication are all self-contained and provided by the property management. Therefore, the annual fee of broadband used by Mr. Pan is more expensive than that of basic operators, but the broadband rate is only 5 trillion.

  "I want to open the website and watch a video news." Mr. Pan, who hopes to have a faster network speed, went to the business halls of China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile to apply for registration, but was told that the residential area was not covered with optical fiber because the apartment was not allowed to enter.

  A similar situation is not uncommon in other communities. In some communities, there is only one broadband service provider to choose from, and even the advertisements of other broadband companies are hard to see. However, the only broadband service provider is often slow and expensive. Mr. Pan wondered that the optical fiber had been laid at the bottom of the residential building, but it was stuck because of this "last mile". Who will protect the rights of the residents?

  100 Mbps broadband WeChat voice chat will be dropped.

  "When we register our children online, we are particularly anxious. A fairly simple webpage can’t be opened." Mr. Hong, a citizen, uses the 50-megabit-rate fiber-optic broadband annual service handled by Great Wall Broadband at home. However, after using it for one year, Mr. Hong felt that this 50-megabyte bandwidth was more like an "embroidered pillow".

  Mr. Jiang has just moved to a new home this year. Last month, he installed 20 megabits of "Dr. Peng" broadband, and the annual subscription fee was 1180 yuan. He said that he originally wanted to install the broadband of a big telecom operator, but the reply he got was that the community was not covered yet, so he could not go to fttp. "The network speed is very unstable. Now our community has only occupied about 40% of users, and playing an online game will get stuck. What if everyone moves in? " Mr. Jiang is deeply anxious about this.

  Mr. Wang, who lives in Yizhuang, said that the 100-megabit fiber-optic broadband in his own community would suddenly fail to open ordinary web pages, or be inexplicably disconnected while playing games, and there have also been cases where voice chat on WeChat suddenly broke. Mr. Wang showed several times the value of online speed measurement. In the case of using the telecom speed measurement web page, the fastest time, the tested bandwidth was only 26 megabits, which was only a quarter of the 100 megabits rate.

  remove a doubt

  Obstruct operators from entering the market for the benefit of property.

  According to Beijing’s informatization development plan, the free transformation of "light entering copper retreating" has been started in the whole city since 2011. Up to now, most of Beijing’s urban residential areas and rural areas have realized optical fiber to the building or fttp. However, there are still a few residential areas that can’t go home for "optical reform" for various reasons.

  According to an operator, some residents are unwilling to carry out optical fiber transformation in the residential areas that cannot be "light-reformed" at present, but more because property companies or property rights units obstruct operators from entering the market. "Of course, the reason for obstruction is for the benefit." According to a person familiar with the matter, in addition to admission fees, some property companies are not satisfied with collecting money at one time, and put forward new requirements such as broadband revenue sharing and collecting maintenance fees every year.

  In this regard, in 2016, the three departments of Beijing jointly issued the Notice on Promoting the Implementation of residential broadband Access for Property Management. It stipulates that real estate development enterprises or property service enterprises shall not sign monopoly or exclusive broadband operation agreements with others. On the premise that the infrastructure such as the equipment room has multiple accesses, the realty service enterprise shall try its best to meet the needs of the owners, at least ensure that more than three broadband operators have equal access, and disclose the relevant information of broadband access to the owners in a prominent position in the community.

  Too many users will lead to insufficient bandwidth.

  "The bandwidth mentioned by telecom operators is all theoretical values." A telecom expert said that in actual use, the download speed is lower than the theoretical value. Generally speaking, fluctuations in the range of 75% to 90% of the theoretical value can be regarded as normal. There are two main reasons why home users often feel that the network speed is not up to standard: the hardware facilities are not matched, or there are too many sharing users.

  Experts explained that in order to make full use of broadband resources, increase broadband revenue and reduce costs, operators will calculate an online ratio and choose how many users to configure on this basis. "In order to seize more business, small operators often attract customers at very low prices, and then configure more users regardless of the online ratio, resulting in insufficient broadband."

  Lack of authoritative third-party speed measuring mechanism

  How do you know how much "moisture" is mixed in the rate of home broadband? Just like Mr. Wang, a citizen, in practice, many users will choose to use speed measuring software to measure speed. However, the third-party speed measuring software on the network, not only the speed measured by each speed measuring software is different, but also the same software often measures different speeds.

   The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has said that the local communication administrations will cooperate with third parties to measure the speed of "fixed broadband access rate" and release it to the public. But up to now, there is no authoritative third-party broadband speed measuring agency in China.

7 am! Good news came from China football: Shandong Taishan made an important decision, and fans praised it in unison.

At 7: 00 a.m. Beijing time on November 3rd, the latest news came from China Football. According to the domestic media Jinan Times, next year, Taishan U21 team will participate in the 2024 League B in the name of Shandong Taishan B team, and this situation has also attracted the attention and discussion of many fans.

"Jinan Times" wrote: "Yesterday, the final stage of U21 League ushered in the penultimate round of competition. The top two U21 players in Taishan, Shandong Province had a direct dialogue with U21 in Shanghai Harbour.

In the end, Shandong Taishan U21 defeated its opponent with a score of 2-1, winning the U21 League championship this season one round ahead of schedule, and at the same time locking in the qualification for next season’s Chinese B League. "

According to the report of Jinan Times, Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province decided to let U21 team play in League B in the new season. Although the media did not disclose more information, the echelon of Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province was able to play in League B, which was not only good news for China football, but also attracted many fans’ praise in unison.

Some fans said: "Yes, we can continue to develop the U series league. The exposure of young players will increase and the development will be better." Some fans also said: "The youth training is well done. If there are 10 Luneng in China, it will not be so. At least Luneng has trained a large number of players such as Wang Yongpo, Han Peng, Liu Binbin, Zheng Zheng, Zhou Haibin, Wei Shihao, Xinghan Wu, Wang Tong, Fang Hao and Liu Yang. Only the Genbao base can compete with it. "

Of course, some fans said: "This is the real contribution to the national football. Some people in the comment area will say that Luneng has trained a few winners. Before asking this question, ask how many winners your home team has trained for the country. If you often pay attention to the leagues at all levels in China, you will find that there are countless players who have gone out of Luneng Football School. At least Luneng has done it and persisted for so many years, which is worthy of recognition! "

Paris Olympic volleyball qualifying group: China women’s volleyball team is in the same group as seven teams including Serbia.

According to CCTV sports news, on March 17, Beijing time, the results of the group lottery for the volleyball qualifying match of the Paris Olympic Games were released. China women’s volleyball team is in the same group as seven teams including Serbia and Dominica. The specific grouping situation is as follows:
China Men’s Volleyball Team is in the same group with seven teams including Poland and Argentina. The specific grouping situation is as follows:
According to the qualification allocation scheme of volleyball in Paris Olympic Games, there are 12 teams in women’s and men’s indoor volleyball. France, the host country, will automatically qualify for the competition, and the remaining teams will be selected through Olympic qualifiers and world rankings.
There are 24 teams in men’s and women’s volleyball teams participating in the Olympic qualifiers. Women’s Volleyball Qualifying Tournaments will be held in China, Japan and Poland from September 16th to 24th. Twenty-four teams will be divided into three groups, with 8 teams in each group playing single round robin, and the top two teams will qualify for the Olympic Games. Six Olympic seats will be produced at this stage.
The other five Olympic seats will be distributed according to the ranking after the 2024 World Women’s Volleyball League. If there is a continent that fails to qualify for the Olympic Games in the first stage, the team with the highest ranking on that continent will get a seat first; The remaining seats will be distributed according to the world rankings.
The competition system of men’s volleyball is the same as that of women’s volleyball. The competition will be held in China, Japan and Brazil from September 30th to October 8th.
Editor Li Jiarong

What is the best life of the zodiac? I feel my accuracy! Look at yours quickly

"Source of this article: Happy Old Man"
pay close attention
The ancestors of China people were very wise, and they used the twelve branches of the earth to assign twelve kinds of animals to mark the year, which is called the Zodiac Chronology.
Every person born in one year has a corresponding animal sign, and after twelve years, he will be reincarnated. From ancient times to the present, no one does not know what he belongs to, whether it is ordinary people or emperors and dignitaries.
Everyone in the zodiac has their own temper and personality, and people in different zodiac signs have different fates.
Rats are smart, have strong insight, always pay attention to details overlooked by others, are good at understanding people’s hearts and seizing opportunities, and have strong environmental adaptability and adaptability.
There is a mortar on the head of the word "mouse", which means "hit repeatedly, but never broken, never exhausted". Although people who belong to the mouse are hit, they can improvise and have tenacious vitality, and one day they will turn over and come through thick and thin.
If rats can know how to be contented, overcome greed, and learn to be tolerant of people and things, the road of life will be smooth.
People who belong to the ox are honest and steady, and never believe in getting something for nothing. No matter how hard it is, they always do things step by step, taking no risks and taking no chances. The career established slowly and steadily when you are young will be smooth sailing and promoted step by step after middle age.
"Look at a thousand fingers coldly, bow down and be a willing ox". People who belong to the ox have a strong sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, and are keen to resist injustice. They hate people who are shrewd, thoughtful and hypocritical, and attach great importance to feelings and righteousness. As long as they are recognized friends, they will be devoted to them.
If people who belong to cattle know how to be flexible, listen to other people’s opinions, and don’t get bogged down, their career development will be more handy.
Tiger people are tenacious, ambitious, have very strong self-confidence, like to take risks and challenges, never bow their heads when they encounter great difficulties, and never give up until they reach their goals.
The tiger is the king of the mountain forest. People who belong to the tiger are born with their own leader’s aura, have the domineering spirit of the king, have a chivalrous heart, love to hoe the strong and help the weak, support the weak, but pretend to be strong when they are injured, and hide in an unmanned place to heal alone.
If a tiger learns to communicate and cooperate with others, consult with others when something happens, and avoid making enemies, his career will be in by going up one flight of stairs, and he will win the support of all.
People who belong to rabbits have keen intuition, have a keen insight into people’s hearts and have a good eye for people and things. Elegant, gentle and kind, with a simple heart, always treats people around you kindly.
In China mythology, the rabbit is an elf in the middle of the moon, accompanying Chang ‘e, and pounding the elixir of life under the osmanthus tree on a full moon night, so the rabbit is also a symbol of longevity. People who belong to rabbits know romance very well, and they yearn for a peaceful and quiet life.
If rabbit people can stick to their initial intentions, be kind to others, accumulate good deeds and become virtuous, good luck will continue, and their lives will be leisurely and elegant.
Dragon people have lofty ideals and strong enterprising spirit, high vision, boldness and boldness than ordinary people, and they don’t like pestering over trivial matters, let alone gossiping, being frank and sincere, and hating despicable and hypocritical acts.
The dragon is the favored son of heaven, and it is blessed by heaven. People who belong to the dragon are blessed with good fortune, and they will come through thick and thin and be happy.
If people who belong to the dragon can have a kind heart, be generous and measure others, life will step into a glorious road, and the rest of their lives will be safe and prosperous.
People who belong to snakes are naturally mysterious. They hide their joys and sorrows in their hearts. Their likes and dislikes are beyond words. Their emotions are invisible, calm and steady, and they can cope with all kinds of situations calmly.
Snakes are also known as "Little Dragons" among the people. People who belong to snakes are naturally intelligent, profound in thought, unwilling to be mediocre, and slowly accumulate strength. Once the time is ripe, "Little Dragons" will turn into "real dragons", which means that "Jin Lin is a thing in the pool, and he will turn into a dragon when he meets a storm".
If people who belong to snakes can be less suspicious, be frank and relative in everything, and be generous and generous in dealing with others, they will be less affected by many storms and good luck will continue.
People who belong to the horse are full of blood, free and easy, have a compassionate heart, always think of others, like to help others, bear everything by themselves, and yearn for a free and unrestrained life.
As the saying goes, "Lyu3 bu4 among people, a red rabbit in a horse", and the ancients called outstanding talents "a swift horse". People who belong to a horse combine talent and courage. If they can persist in their ideals, Do not forget your initiative mind will surely meet Bole, and "the seven stars are hanging high outside the Milky Way, and the heaven and the earth will gallop".
If people who belong to the horse can guard against arrogance and rashness, act calmly, be modest and low-key, not only will they have the help of nobles, but their fortune will be smooth and smooth, and everything will be solved.
People who belong to the sheep are pure and kind, gentle and considerate, do not like to show off, are soft outside and rigid inside, and have a strong vitality and willpower inside.
Oracle Bone Inscriptions with the word "sheep" has two horns on it, which means "everyone" and is beneficial to everyone. In China culture, sheep is the most harmonious and beautiful animal, which benefits people.
People who belong to the sheep have a gentle personality, and have a self-sacrificing mind. They are blessed by God and have no great disasters in their lives.
"You can’t hurt others, and you can’t prevent others." People who belong to the sheep should learn to protect themselves, know others with their eyes, and not be used by malicious people.
Monkeys are lively and versatile, quick-witted, witty, chivalrous, caring for others, and have a good popularity.
"Monkey" and "Hou" are homonyms. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, the monkey has been a symbol of auspiciousness and nobility. In New Year pictures, a little monkey is often painted riding on a big monkey, which means "Hou will be sealed for generations". A monkey’s life is full of gold, and his life is full of good luck and extravagance.
If people who belong to monkeys can get rid of their impatient temper, endure in adversity, converge in prosperity, look down on gains and losses, and follow the fate wholeheartedly, they will live a happy and prosperous life.
Source: vision china
People who are chickens are frank and straightforward, say what they think in their hearts, have flexible minds, delicate minds, are hardworking and kind, have a sense of responsibility and care for their families very much.
Chickens are the animals of Sichen. "The cock crows all over the world." Chickens will crow at dawn, so the ancients thought that chickens had the ability to foresee. People born in the Year of the Rooster often have foresight and can seize the opportunity and win the initiative.
If people who are chickens can cultivate their patience and take every step of life in a down-to-earth manner, the future will be infinitely bright.
People who belong to dogs have sensitive insight, value human feelings and morality, have a sense of justice, are magnanimous and careless, generous and generous, have a strong sense of responsibility, and treat relatives and friends with affection and righteousness.
In ancient times, when night came, dogs kept watch at home and were the most loyal and reliable friends of people. People born in the year of the dog are sensitive and loyal, and can get the appreciation of the nobles and rise to the top.
If people who belong to dogs can not stick to the rules, learn to be flexible and not blindly persistent, life will be prosperous and smooth.
People who belong to the pig are simple and kind, easy-going, informal, optimistic and open-minded, sincere to friends and caring for their families in every possible way.
The word "home" covers a pig. In the eyes of the ancients, a pig at home can only be called a "home" if it has a certain living guarantee, so the pig also means wealth and happiness. People born in the year of the pig are blessed and well-fed.
If people who belong to pigs can have their own opinions, learn to refuse, don’t covet ease and enjoyment, and do more good deeds, they will be blessed with profound blessings and enjoy endless blessings throughout their lives.

On the first day of New Year’s Day holiday, Sichuan A-level scenic spot received 2,650,200 tourists, and the literature and art were renewed in Vientiane.

Chuan Guan journalist Wu Menglin
On December 30th, the first day of the New Year’s Day holiday, the reporter learned from the Office of the Leading Group for Culture and Tourism Industry of Sichuan Province that by 15: 00 that day, 832 A-level tourist attractions included in the statistics in the province had received 2,650,200 tourists, and the ticket income was 22,113,800 yuan, which was 81.83% and 103.23% higher than that of the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023.
Five-year-level tourist attractions in the province (16 parks opened normally) received 152,500 tourists and realized ticket income of 5,103,900 yuan, which increased by 88.78% and 113.6% respectively compared with the same caliber of New Year’s Day holiday in 2023. Libraries, cultural centers and museums in the province received 712,000 people.
The holiday travel market continues to heat up. With the launch of the "Winter Tour to Sichuan Consumption Season" activity, the cultural tourism market in all parts of the province showed a "hot trend" on the first day of the New Year holiday. The number of visitors and ticket income of A-level scenic spots in Luzhou, Aba, Nanchong, Ganzi, Suining, Chengdu, Yibin and Mianyang more than doubled compared with the New Year holiday in 2023. Compared with the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023, the reception volume of cultural and sports venues in the province has tripled.
Nanchong Jialing River Marathon starts. Photo courtesy of Nanchong Wenguang Tourism Bureau
The New Year’s cultural tourism activities are splendid. Many cultural tourism activities, such as New Year’s Concert, Electronic Music Party, Immersive Carnival, Spring Festival Garden, Art Calligraphy Exhibition, Non-legacy into scenic spots, and issuing coupons for Huimin, have been launched in many places in the province. In Nanchong, the opening of the Jialing River Marathon and the Nanchong Station of "Running All over Sichuan" started with a gunshot, and 15,000 people gathered along the Jialing River, which started the pace of welcoming the new year together. There were also the 2024 New Year’s Eve concert and the New Year’s National Concert, which allowed tourists to experience the beauty of music. Emei Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha, as popular scenic spots, attract a large number of citizens and tourists to climb the mountain to pray and make wishes for the New Year.
Jiuhuangshan playing with snow was provided by Mianyang Wenguang Tourism Bureau at that time.
There is a strong demand for snow and sunshine tourism. Focusing on the theme of "enjoying the snow in Shushan and enjoying the warm sunshine in Panxi", Ganzi Prefecture, Aba Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture, Panzhihua and Chengdu Metropolitan Area and other key snow and sunshine tourist destinations have launched a number of boutique tourist routes, such as snow and ice sightseeing, snow and ice sports, sunshine recreation and rural holidays, and held festivals such as Panzhihua Happy Sunshine Festival, Emei Mountain Ice and Snow Hot Spring Festival and Xiling Snow Mountain South China Ice and Snow Festival, and tourists from Emei Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, Bashan Grand Canyon, Zengjiashan and other scenic spots on New Year’s Day. The Jiuhuang Mountain Scenic Area in Beichuan, Mianyang combines the winter ice and snow tourism resources with the unique culture of the Qiang people, and specially launches the welcome ceremony of the Qiang people, the unique IP Chen Zhan of the Qiang people, and of course, there are also a series of interesting activities such as snowman contest, pony running, cool ice and snow show, as well as children’s favorite ski cars and pony ice carts … Visitors can also play with the monkey in the ski resort and enjoy the fun of playing with snow.
The popularity of cultural tourism has not diminished. Many museums in our province bring new experiences to tourists by means of "immersion+personalization". On the first day of New Year’s Day, Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum received 19,800 tourists, an increase of 339.8% compared with the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023. Sansu Temple Museum held Dongpo Poetry Competition, Guangyuan Museum held a series of traditional cultural experience activities of "National Style and Elegant Rhyme", and ziyang Museum was fully opened on December 29th, becoming a new punching point for citizens.

Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts.

China news agency, Shanghai, November 25 th: Chinese and foreign scholars say cultural relics: capturing the "bright spot" of China culture in artifacts

China News Service reporter Wang Wei Kang Yuzhan

The World Congress on China Studies and the Shanghai Forum were held at the Shanghai International Conference Center from 23rd to 24th. At a sub-forum held on 24th, Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China, presented a precious cultural relic in the museum-bronze rhinoceros statue with gold, silver and moire patterns in the Western Han Dynasty, from which he realized the unique charm of Chinese civilization.

This statue is in the shape of a rhinoceros, with its head held high and its eyes inlaid with black beads, which is the image of Sumen rhinoceros who lived in China in ancient times; The whole object is decorated with staggered gold and silver moire as thin as hairspring, which is exquisite and gorgeous, and it can be called a fine bronze ware in the Han Dynasty. The bronze statue made of animals shows the concept of harmony between man and nature and the nature of Taoism in ancient China.

"This precious cultural relic not only vividly narrates the past, but also profoundly affects the present and the future, enlightening us to respect history, respect our predecessors, respect nature and protect the environment." Wang Chunfa said that human knowledge is accumulated through exploration from generation to generation, and it should be passed down from generation to generation. Chinese and foreign scholars are welcome to the National Museum of China to feel the moving place of the bronze rhinoceros statue with wrong gold, silver and moire.

What are the China cultural relics that foreign scholars are interested in? In the face of a reporter’s question from China News Service, Han Yili, a former associate professor in the Literature Department of Moscow Humanities University, made a list on the spot-Oracle Bone Inscriptions, bronzes, silk books of Mawangdui … Some of them were related to the topic of Zhouyi he studied, and the other part was out of his personal interest.

In Han Yili’s view, the importance of ancient cultural relics and historical documents lies in helping people truly understand the ancient world outlook and living conditions. Compared with some subjectively recorded words, real artifacts can reflect a period of history more intuitively. "Many cities in China have their own museums, so that everyone can learn history and experience culture from ancient artifacts. How to better protect cultural relics and inherit culture is where we should learn from China. "

Yi Xin, an international student from Shanghai University in Mexico, immediately thought of blue and white porcelain. "I found that China’s blue and white porcelain is very similar to some artifacts I saw in Mexico. Later, I read the literature to know that these artifacts really came from China. Exploring how these artifacts arrived in Mexico from China and looking for connections between different cultures made me feel very interesting. "

Yi Xin told reporters that China has a long history and China culture has many "bright spots", which let her know the real China from different angles. "We will not stop exploring China, because there are many things worth studying here." (End)

# Education

It is difficult for modern people to work, and it is becoming more and more difficult to work in modern society.

Fierce competition, changing economy, environment and increasing cost of living all bring great pressure to modern people’s working life. For many people, finding a satisfactory job has become an arduous task, which requires not only sufficient professional skills and knowledge, but also fierce competition.

In addition, the ever-changing economic environment also brings uncertainty to employment. Even if they find a job, modern people are facing great work pressure.

Long working hours, high-intensity labor and increasing work tasks all bring great burdens to the body and mind.

In addition, some bad work habits, such as not working overtime and lack of exercise, will also have a negative impact on health.

Faced with these challenges, modern people need to take active measures to deal with them.

→ First of all, we should constantly improve our professional skills and knowledge to enhance our competitiveness.

Secondly, we should pay attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as moderate exercise and reasonable diet.

Finally, we should learn to manage time and stress effectively to improve work efficiency and quality of life.

In a word, it is a common problem for modern people to work hard, but as long as they take positive measures and constantly improve their abilities and qualities, they can meet the challenges and realize their career and life goals.

Japan’s soccer basketball aims to win the world championship and establish a youth training model with low utility.

Live broadcast: On September 18th, today, Jin Xing, the founder and president of Oriental Qixing, who has been deeply involved in youth training for many years in titan sports, wrote in detail what he saw and heard during his field trip to Japanese basketball youth training. The original text is as follows:

I was shocked by the performance of the Japanese men’s basketball team in the World Cup, and the previous trip to Japan was really fruitful for me.

After several days of field trips, one of the simplest conclusions is that,The development of Japanese basketball and Japanese football comes down in one continuous line. They both aim to win the world championship, hoping to bring happiness to Chinese people.Make plans around this goal, implement it at a specific time, and implement it to specific people and things. Therefore, the development of Japanese basketball keeps pace no matter where and at what age.

Under the big goal,Japan has established a training system of double pyramid model, that is, the two development directions of mass and elite.. The mass direction is to cultivate lifelong sports hobbies, while the elite direction is to select and cultivate national talents. But the most important thing is the foundation of the double pyramid: youth training based on stimulating interest and cultivating socialization ability.

Although the double pyramid culture system has different purposes, it is connected with each other. Nowadays, these Japanese national players, who are all-powerful in the World Cup, began to receive basketball training from the perspective of cultivating interest, and later gradually showed their interest and talent in basketball.

The training of Japanese basketball is not so utilitarian. Their idea is that basketball needs to bring happiness to children and cultivate good personality.When watching Japanese youth training, we observed that in addition to cultivating children’s basketball ability, coaches also paid great attention to children.Etiquette and courtesy, cooperation ability, leadership, self-management ability and problem-solving ability.The cultivation of these five aspects.

Of course, this is also related to Japan’s positioning and high requirements for coaches.In the Japanese basketball system, the coach’s duty is to "send the players where they want to go and reach their destination." In other words, the coach’s position is "supporter"They don’t define children by their own likes and dislikes, respect their individuality and encourage their creativity. In such a free environment, they can stimulate their self-confidence and leadership, and dare to take responsibility and fight at critical moments. It is the coach’s mission to encourage children to enjoy happy games and improve themselves from setbacks.

Japan is currently in the process of youth training.Denied the concept of "victory first". You can pursue victory, but you should also enrich your life and learn the necessary value of life. This is the real victory.

After teenagers gradually formed good interests and basketball habits, the pyramid system for elites began to select materials. Japan’s selection priority is different from China’s. In the past few years, China’s selection was based on height, speed, technology and ball dealer, while Japan’s selection was based on technology first, then ball dealer, and then height and speed.

After the selection is confirmed, the Japan Basketball Association will organize the best players of all ages in the country for training. Every long holiday of more than three days, the best children of U14, U16 and U18′ s age will get together and get to know each other, laying a foundation for fighting side by side in the future.

In the past few years, the road for Japanese children to develop overseas in high school and university has also been completely opened, and more and more Japanese players have gone to the United States and Australia to receive higher-level training.

The double pyramid model makes Japanese basketball youth training systematic and can be implemented in every stage. Combined with the campus, it is natural to continuously transport talents for Japanese basketball. On the other hand, in the youth training of basketball in China today, we have players with better static talent and more extensive attention and participation in basketball, but there are still many unsatisfactory places in terms of goal consensus and systematization. In addition,The most fundamental point is that our youth training is too utilitarian.. I hope we can make it clear in the youth training that interest and victory are not contradictory, but should be combined with each other. On the one hand, the mission of youth training is to help China basketball expand the basketball population base, and at the same time to train basketball talents for the country.