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Sales break 100,000! Ask the new M7 intelligent safety double leading, set a new benchmark in the industry

In the field of smart cars, the Wenjie new M7 has set a model of intelligent driving in the new era with its innovative technology and cutting-edge design. At the end of 2023, this Huawei-empowered model not only became the focus of the market for its excellent 100,000 sales, but also won wide recognition from consumers for its advanced intelligent driving system and comprehensive safety protection. The launch of the Wenjie new M7 not only marks a new milestone in new energy vehicle technology, but also indicates the infinite possibilities for the future development of smart cars.

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Shuangzhi "ceiling", M7 helps smart travel

In the field of intelligent driving, the new M7 has many highlights, and its HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system adds a unique advantage to it. This system, which does not rely on high-precision maps, can provide intelligent driving services nationwide, which means that whether it is on busy streets in cities or on country roads, the new M7 can provide an excellent driving experience.

The heart of the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 system lies in its excellent sensing capabilities, integrating a variety of sensors such as lidar and multi-dimensional cameras. It realizes full-scene and full-speed domain accurate recognition of various targets through the BEV + GOD 2.0 network and the RCR2.0 network. Whether it is urban traffic or highways, the Wenjiexin M7 can automatically follow cars, change lanes, and even handle complex intersections with ease. On highways, it can automatically maintain a safe distance and choose the best lane according to navigation, providing a relaxed long-distance driving experience.

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In terms of smart cockpit, the addition of Hongmeng Smart Cockpit 3.0 has made Wenjie New M7 an industry leader. The super desktop function provides a wealth of audio and video entertainment options, and the all-round adaptive adjustment function adjusts the seat, volume, etc. according to personal needs to improve comfort. The one-click car reservation function allows to preset the in-car environment through the mobile phone, while Xiaoyi smart assistant provides real-time voice interaction services to conveniently handle daily needs.

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The HUAWEI MagLink smart car screen system of the new M7 is a major highlight, enabling instant connection of the tablet, and bringing the driver a home-like intelligent experience through multi-device collaborative linkage. In addition, the NCA intelligent driving function of the new M7 provides more peace of mind and relaxation during long-distance driving.

Smart and safe, the new M7 leads the future of driving

In the new era of smart cars, safety performance is always an important indicator to measure a model. The new M7 has shown its outstanding strength in this regard. This model is equipped with a lidar multi-sensor fusion sensing system and a HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which realizes functions such as omnidirectional active collision prevention and automatic emergency braking, ensuring comprehensive safety whether in smart driving or human driving.

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The lidar system on the M7 is like the "third eye" of the vehicle, monitoring small changes in the surrounding environment in real time to ensure the safety of the vehicle in various complex road conditions. The HUAWEI ADS 2.0 system acts as the intelligent "brain" of the vehicle, capable of making quick decisions to adapt to the changing driving environment and provide a more stable and safe driving experience.

In an emergency, the M7 responds quickly by activating automatic emergency braking, effectively avoiding or mitigating the possibility of a collision. This perfect combination of active and passive safety provides unprecedented safety for both drivers and passengers, making every trip full of peace of mind and comfort.

In order to enable more consumers to experience the smart driving charm of Wenjie’s new M7, the manufacturer has launched a limited-time promotion. As of December 31, 2023, consumers can enjoy the limited-time promotion price of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Urban Smart Driving Premium Package of 18,000 yuan, which is much lower than the original price of 36,000 yuan. For owners who enjoy the deduction benefit of 15,000 yuan premium package, the two can be used at the same time, providing an unprecedented preferential opportunity.

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The launch of the new M7 is not only a manifestation of technological innovation, but also a microcosm of the future development of intelligent driving. It not only provides a forward-looking intelligent driving experience, but also ensures the safety of every trip, truly realizing the perfect combination of intelligence and safety. The launch of this model heralds a new era of smarter and safer smart cars.


Unveiling the mystery of the Easy Team, Hollywood’s top entertainment companies participated.

  From Yi Jianlian’s participation in the draft, to the signing of the contract by the United Arab Emirates and his landing in Milwaukee in early October, he started his career as a rookie season. There is always a China man standing beside the United Arab Emirates who is in great contrast with his height.

  After a period of study, Yi Jianlian’s English has basically passed the test, and his listening and speaking skills are very strong. Only in some formal occasions, he still needs to translate for emergency. As a member of his agent team, Lu Yu temporarily took on the role of translator, but his duties are far greater than translation. He must work closely with Bucks, arrange food, clothing, housing and training for the United Arab League, and keep close contact with Guangdong Hongyuan Club. More importantly, he and the company he represents are responsible for the commercial development of Yi Jianlian.

  Just like Yao Ming has a powerful "Yao Team" behind him, Yi Jianlian, who has just entered the NBA, also has a huge team of brokers behind him. Team Yi consists of two main parts. One is basketball affairs, and the person in charge is Dan Fagan, the fourth agent in NBA. Besides the United Arab League, Fagan’s NBA stars are Marion, Richardson, Terry and Alston. Fagan is an independent agent in NBA, and he owns a company.

  In the Yi Team, Fagan and his company are mainly responsible for the basketball affairs of the United Arab League, and the United Arab League also has a Chinese agent, Zhao Gang. In the last 15 years, Fagan is one of the strongest agents in the NBA. Fagan, who graduated from Yale Law School, personally negotiated a player contract worth 750 million dollars in the last five years. He is the pioneer of "one-year player selection" contract and "sign first and then change" in NBA. Fagan and his agent team once suffered great pressure on Yi Jianlian’s rookie contract signing, but as a result, the Bucks paid unprecedented attention to Yi Jianlian.

  In addition, the Easy Team also has an important component, the commercial development team, and an important force leading the commercial development of the United Arab League is Curtain Company, which is one of the three major film and television entertainment brokerage companies in Hollywood, with a history of 109 years in film, television and other media. Curtain company gathers the elites of the business broker team, and its strength involves sports, television, movies, music and other aspects. Yi Jianlian came to Los Angeles in early April. In three months, he attended the premieres of Pirates of the Caribbean III and Shrek II, and made his appearance in front of mainstream American media and audiences, thanks to the powerful influence of Curtain Company in the film and television industry. Lu Yu, a member of Yizhi Team, is the representative of Curtain Company in charge of Yi Jianlian’s market and business development. He graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, worked for the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the British BBC and Channel 4. He holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and won the New America Media Award in the United States.

  "Yi Jianlian has great market value. He joined the NBA in the crucial year of preparing for the Olympic Games in China, and his growth has received great attention. Bucks attach great importance to him and will also focus on developing the China market. " A senior sports brand expert said, "As long as he can perform well in the NBA and develop well, his commercial value can even refer to Yao Ming."

  Yizhi team has been discussing the signing of Yi Jianlian with many famous brands, and Yi Jianlian will also use his performance on the court to win the future for himself. (Zhang Yi)


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Every piece of tea is a treasure! "Little Tea Man" opens the experience tour of "tea culture" in Jiangnan tea industry!

Chao News Client Reporter Yang Yuan
As a special activity created by "Grateful 30 Years 2023 Famous Products Shopping Festival" with the theme of "Brand Quality Linping Intelligent Creation", the little reporter Linping Factory Study Tour was deeply loved by children and parents once it was launched. On the afternoon of January 6th, following the successful conclusion of the first stop of the boss’s electric appliance research tour, 15 reporters from Niu 1 o’clock, led by their teachers and parents, started the "Little Tea Man" experience tour in Yijiangnan Tea Industry, Linping District, Hangzhou.
Under the introduction of the tea culture instructor of Yi Jiangnan Tea Industry, the children learned about the historical origin, development and evolution of tea varieties, production technology, tasting methods and other aspects, and participated in the "tea knowledge contest" question and answer. "Where did the earliest tea trees originate?" "Yunnan!" "In addition to the most famous West Lake Longjing, do we have a representative of Zen tea in Hangzhou?" "Jingshan tea!" "What’s the name of Cha Sheng?" "Lu Yu!" Every tea culture-related question thrown by the tutor, the children firmly caught it and answered it correctly.
In the tasting session, the children become "little tea tasters", and their task is to identify substitute tea and original leaf tea. The tutor told them that substitute tea generally consists of one or more items in the two categories of "medicine and food homology" and "health care products" in the prescribed food classification. Tea products made from the roots, stems, leaves or fruits of these plants are common, such as persimmon leaf tea, rose, honeysuckle, barley tea, boat-fruited Sterculia and Siraitia grosvenorii.
Every piece of tea has become a treasure in the eyes of "little tea tasters"! They carefully observed the shape and color of tea, gently touched it with their fingers, and felt the texture and texture of tea. Children full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge did not forget to raise their hands and ask their tutors for advice. They absorbed in the aroma of tea, closed their eyes and took a deep breath, and their concentration made the tutor nod again and again. The parents present also joined the activities one after another, and together with the children, they carefully identified the shape of tea, felt the aroma of tea soup, tasted the taste of tea soup, and observed the freshness of the bottom of leaves.
Known as the "king of flavonoids", strawberry tea does not contain theophylline and caffeine, and will not get excited after drinking, which can improve and improve the quality of sleep, and is suitable for all ages. After the on-site tea artist taught the brewing skills and precautions in detail, the "little tea tasters" appeared! They personally brewed and tasted the unique flavor of strawberry tea.
Bi Jianwen, the second grade of Maiyuqiao Primary School, was absorbed in observing the tea soup. The eight-year-old girl’s favorite drink is tea! "The father’s hometown is in Jingde County, Anhui Province. There is a custom of making tea eggs in the New Year. Children love tea eggs and love the unique fragrance of tea in eggs, so they have the complex of drinking tea." Bi Jianwen’s mother drove for 40 minutes to take her children to participate in the activities, just because "tea" is good for children. "Adults at home have a hobby of drinking tea. This year, the child asked herself to make tea, and we also respected her hobby. She sometimes soaks a small cup of green tea when she does her homework. " Mom said with a smile, in tea tasting, children can learn concentration, self-discipline and etiquette, and feel beautiful and warm.
"I don’t have the opportunity to be with my mother in my usual activities. Today, I will learn tea culture together, and my mother can accompany me!" Sun Jinglou, a fifth-grade student at Hangzhou Tianhang Experimental School, told reporters. Tide journalists noticed that Sun Jinglou was always the first one to raise his hand and answer quickly and accurately, and he also took notes carefully. "I listened carefully to the teacher’s lecture on tea culture, and I was very interested." According to Sun Jinglou’s mother, tea culture, as an important part of China’s traditional culture, also contains profound humanistic feelings and life wisdom. By experiencing tea culture, children can learn to respect tradition, feel the richness of history and the charm of culture, cultivate their love and pride in traditional culture, and let them know how to get along with others and how to respect and care for others.
It is reported that on the morning of January 27th and 28th, New Hope Shuangfeng Dairy, a big-name factory in Linping Economic and Technological Development Zone, specially opened the future factory experience tour to the fans of Chaoxin News, and the registration is currently in full swing! Interested readers please leave a message in the background, the quota is limited, first come, first served!
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