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Burn! Strong military cup basketball final


  Recently, the final of the third "Strong Military Cup" in the Eastern Division of the Navy came to a successful conclusion in the indoor basketball hall of a naval detachment in the theater. This is not only a "trump card confrontation" between the needle tip and Maimang, but also a "deep exchange" to enhance the friendship between comrades. Inside and outside the stadium, the officers and men honed their skills in the game by making friends and helping each other, and enhanced their feelings in exchanges. (Chang Le, Li Kai, Chen Zesheng
, Li Henghui)


Official announcement! Lakers Pelican Exposed 3-for-1 Earthquake Trade, and Lillard’s second in charge assisted James to win the championship!

Last season, the Lakers stopped the Western Conference. Many fans said that the main reason for the failure was that the team didn’t have a suitable starting outside point guard. In most cases, the Lakers relied on James to organize the attack, but it was a bit difficult for a 38-year-old man to attack and defend. Therefore, the Lakers hope to get a high-quality perimeter player in the offseason trade, and Pelican mccollum has always been the target player that the Lakers want to trade.

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From the beginning of the offseason, Lakers fans have been paying attention to the King’s Hill. But in fact, mccollum is a better player than Hilde, who can attack with the ball on his own and has excellent ability without the ball. As a starting point of tactics, it can lighten James’ burden, and as a pitcher, it can adapt to the space lineup. Of course, mccollum also has shortcomings. His shortcoming is that his choice is sometimes bad and he feels bad. However, he usually has CIC when he is not allowed to score three points, and every year, three points in the regular season will explode. In particular, the open three-pointer is very accurate, and there are too many strong shots in the Trailblazers. It is definitely more sure that there is an open space in the Lakers.

CJ mccollum entered the NBA through the draft in 2013, and played for Portland Trailblazers and New Orleans Pelicans successively, and was elected as the fastest-growing player in 2015-16. For mccollum, being traded to the Pelican was the worst choice he made. Last season was the season of mccollum’s overall decline, and both ends of the offensive and defensive responsibilities were beyond their capabilities. The middle-distance hit rate is at a new low, and the ability to handle the ball is seriously insufficient.

Anyone who has watched the game knows that mccollum is the second-in-command in the practical sense on the Pelican Stadium this season. It is too difficult for this old man to serve his two eldest brothers. He has suffered shoulder injuries and hand injuries, and played 75 games more than Yingge and Zion combined. Shoulder injury and hand injury are fatal to the players who mainly shoot, especially for mccollum, who has an average talent. Personally, I am not critical of cj’s performance on the court, but also optimistic about Big Brother’s shooting callback next season, and both ends of the offense and defense should reduce the burden on cj.

This is also the main reason why mccollum applied for trading. He did the dirtiest and most tiring job in Pelican, but he got far less than others. More importantly, there was not so much attention and competition here, and it seemed that he had completely missed the championship. So it may be the best choice for him to leave now.

According to sources, if Pelican chooses to trade mccollum, the team that Pelican wants to join most is the Los Angeles Lakers, because he wants to attack the championship at the last moment of his career. The bargaining chip that the Lakers can provide is Russell +2 second rounds.

After getting mccollum, the Lakers will officially welcome the "Big Three" team again. Although the previous Big Three all ended in failure, mccollum’s play is perfectly adapted to James and Davis, and it can also help the team more favorably. On the offensive end, there is mccollum’s organization. I believe the team’s attack will be smoother, and mccollum himself is a dual-capable defender who can organize and score points. Isn’t this the kind of player that James wants and the Lakers want? If Russell was replaced by mccollum last season, do you think the Lakers can still regret being out?

The number of champions in England’s top leagues ranked by the head coach: Ferguson is far ahead with 13 times and Gua Shuai with 5 times.

Live on May 21st, Manchester City won the Premier League title ahead of schedule after the defeat of Arsenal in the current Premier League.

According to statistics, Guardiola became the sixth coach to win the top league championship in England at least five times. The specific number of times the coach won the championship is as follows:

1. Ferguson 13 times

2. Bob Paisley 6 times

=George Ramsey 6 times

4. Tom Watson 5 times

=Matt Busby 5 times

=Guardiola 5 times

(Chenpi is not orange)

No matter whether Liaoning plays Guangdong or Guangsha in the CBA semi-final, it will be the focus of the battle.

The CBA playoffs are still in progress. The four teams that entered the semi-finals have confirmed three seats, namely Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shenzhen. Among them, Zhejiang beat Guangzhou 2-0, Liaoning beat Beijing 2-0, and Shenzhen won by lying down. Because Shanghai was deprived of its ranking and competition qualification, Shenzhen became the first team to advance to the semi-finals. Now, there is only one last place to be decided, that is, the group of Guangdong team and Guangsha team, with a big score of 1-1 draw. The final game will decide who can advance and then play against Liaoning team.

By the time of the semi-final, the opponent of Zhejiang team is Shenzhen team. Although both teams are strong teams, it seems that there are not many things to watch, and it gives people the feeling that there is little suspense. In terms of popularity of the two teams, although Zhejiang is the top team, it is not as good as Shenzhen, which ranks fourth. The basketball atmosphere in Zhejiang is not as good as that in Guangdong, and the fan base is less. Moreover, Zhejiang team and Guangsha team have long been competing in the same city. In Hangzhou, more fans regard Guangsha as the home team, but the real Zhejiang team is still slightly inferior. Therefore, this group of matchups will not attract particularly high attention, and there is not much topic heat between the two teams.

The other group is between Liaoning team and Guangdong team/Guangsha team, which is more interesting. If the opponent of Liaoning team is Guangdong team, the heat will be full directly, because the two teams have the largest fan base in CBA, far exceeding other teams, which can be seen from the annual All-Star voting. Moreover, Liaoning and Guangdong, as the traditional strong teams of CBA, have attracted much attention in every previous duel, and fans will also argue with each other to cheer for their respective home teams.

If Guangsha team reached the semi-finals, it would be a continuation of the frontier. Last year’s finals were between Liaoning team and Guangsha team. Although Guangsha team, which was short of major generals, lost, the fighting spirit of fighting for the last bullet moved all the fans. This season, Hu Jinqiu returned, although the luck was unlucky, Cummings, a small foreign aid, was injured again, and Zhu Junlong also played in doubt. However, the strength of the team is obviously higher than that of last year’s finals, and the team will definitely give everything and aim at revenge. The goal of the Liaoning team is to protect its glory and strive to defend its title. From the match between the two teams this season, we can know how intense the game is. It is completely hand-to-hand combat. No matter whether you win or lose, you will lose your skin.

As for the final list of the semi-finals, we still need to wait until the end of the game tomorrow night. However, judging from the strength of the team and the situation at home and away, Guangdong team is more likely to advance, and it is not difficult for Guangsha team to win the game. Let’s wait and see.