Spring at 30℃! Will it be very hot this summer? Expert response

Spring at 30℃! Will it be very hot this summer? Expert response

Recently, the weather has heated up violently, and many places have "run into the spring". On March 6, more than 20 national meteorological observatories broke through the historical extreme value of the highest temperature in early March. The National Climate Center predicts that this spring, compared with previous years, the temperature in most parts of China is generally higher and the precipitation is less, with the temperature in most parts of the north being 1 ~ 2℃ higher.

It’s so warm and hot in March, does it mean that this summer will encounter extreme high temperature as long as last year?

Screenshot source: The temperature of China Weather Network will soar to a recent high point, and the rare warm and hot weather in many places or in the central and eastern regions is continuing. On March 7, the temperature of 102 weather stations has exceeded the record in early March.

Today and tomorrow (March 9-10), the temperature in most parts of central and eastern China will rise to the recent high point, especially in the northeast to the south of the Yangtze River. Changchun, Shenyang, Hohhot, Jinan, Hefei and other cities may record the warmest in the same period in early March.

Before this, warm heat has already appeared. Since February, the average temperature in many parts of the country has been higher than normal. Recently, from March 1 to 7, the temperature in Northeast China, Northeast Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Henan and other places was also very high. Chengdu’s "heat rises to a new height"

On March 8, at 14: 30, the average temperature in Chengdu was 25.5℃. At 16: 00, the highest temperature in the city appeared at 28℃ in Qingbaijiang, a record high this year. From 9℃ in the morning to 28℃ in the afternoon, Chengdu ushered in the day of disorderly dressing.

Not only in Chengdu, at 14: 00 on March 8, the temperatures in Leshan, Ya ‘an, Ziyang, Guangyuan and Deyang all exceeded 25℃.

It’s so hot now, does it mean it will be very hot in summer? Last summer, it cast a shadow on many people. At the beginning of March this year, China experienced a rare warm heat. Looking at the current situation, some friends are worried that this means that this summer will also encounter extreme high temperatures for a long time.

"The current warmth and coldness are not necessarily directly related to the temperature in summer." Hu Xiao, chief meteorologist of China Weather Network, said. Simply put, we can’t judge the heat and cool in the longer summer by the abnormal hot and cold wave process now. Moreover, in summer, there will be high temperature in the area affected by subtropical high, and the edge of subtropical high is usually full of rain. For such a huge weather system as subtropical high, it is difficult for us to predict whether it will affect a place for a long time or whether it will swing, which is the difficulty of climate prediction.

However, we can also see from the recent abnormal warm heat that extreme weather and climate events are increasing under the background of climate warming, and this trend is irreversible. Take the La Ni? a event, which is the most important event affecting our climate, even though the "triple La Ni? a" appeared in the past three years, its impact fluctuated greatly. For example, last year, the Yangtze River basin suffered from extremely high temperature and little rain, but in 2020, the Yangtze River basin suffered from floods. This year is destined to be a year of change. According to the forecast of the World Meteorological Organization, La Nina will end in early spring, and it may even turn from neutral to El Ni? o event in May and June. "For this summer, we may encounter uneven distribution of droughts and floods, and extreme weather will still occur frequently." Everyone should pay attention to the latest news released by the National Climate Center. At the beginning of this year, the National Climate Center just organized a group of experts to make an annual forecast. According to the preliminary results, there may still be some persistent high temperature phenomena in the southern region this year, so the "hot" phenomenon will definitely exist. However, the specific intensity, scope and influence need to wait until the end of March and the beginning of April, and a group of experts will be specially organized to predict, analyze and judge the summer climate. The temperature in most areas such as Sichuan Basin will drop by 6~10℃. Whether there will be extreme high temperature this summer is unknown, but it is true that it will cool down this weekend! According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from 10th to 12th, strong cold air will continue to move eastward, affecting most parts of China. There are 4~6 grades and 7~9 grades of northerly winds in the eastern part of northwest China and most parts of central and eastern China.There will be dust in the northwest and parts of North China; There is little to moderate rain and snow in northeastern Inner Mongolia, eastern and northern parts of Northeast China, small to moderate rain in Sichuan Basin, Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, northern South China, Guizhou and eastern Yunnan, and there is heavy rain or rainstorm in the local area; The temperature in most of the above areas will drop by 6~10℃, and the local temperature will drop by 12~16℃.

Trend of temperature in Sichuan in the next 7 days:

Rainfall in Sichuan in the next 3 days:

Tips: The cooling rain is coming, so please increase or decrease your clothes in time according to the actual weather conditions.

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