170 million in 3 years! Davis refused to renew his contract because he was dissatisfied with the team and the team’s shortcomings in the new season were exposed.

170 million in 3 years! Davis refused to renew his contract because he was dissatisfied with the team and the team’s shortcomings in the new season were exposed.

Pelinka, the Lakers’ manager who has been questioned for several seasons, finally became a recognized manager through the operation of last season and this summer.

The Lakers added a lot of new recruits this summer, such as Vincent, Prince, Reddish and Hayes, and successfully retained the backbones of Russell, Reeves and Bacamura. The most important thing is that Pelinka managed to keep the Lakers’ total salary within the luxury tax line by signing contracts or signing signings. I have to admire his actions.

After the lineup was confirmed, the Lakers management began to think about the future. It has been reported that the Lakers began to contact Davis to discuss the renewal of the contract. Davis currently has two years left in his contract with the Lakers, which is $40.6 million and $43.22 million respectively. Now Davis is eligible to sign a contract renewal with the Lakers for up to three years and $170 million.

Brian Windhorst, a famous ESPN player, revealed that the contact between the Lakers and Davis was not smooth. Davis said that he was not in a hurry to discuss the contract renewal with the Lakers and refused the current negotiation request with the Lakers. The reason is that Davis needs to seriously consider whether to stay with the Lakers all the time.

Brian Windhorst said that the source revealed that Davis was dissatisfied with his status in the Lakers last season. At the critical time of many games, Davis thought that he was not respected on the court, had no sense of participation and could not get the ball. And the coach Hamm has been flaunting Davis as the leader of the team, which is just a sentence, and it has not been implemented in daily life and competition.

However, Davis still has two years left on his contract, and there is still a lot of time left for the Lakers. They can use one season next season to get rid of Davis.

It’s a bit surprising that the Lakers signed Vincent this summer. Although Pelinka’s operation has been evaluated very well by the outside world, Vincent’s position in the team is rather awkward under the circumstances of vigorously cultivating Reeves and the team renewed Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current Lakers lineup, the inside line is slightly weak. Judging from Hamm’s coaching style last season, it is debatable whether Hayes can take on the heavy responsibility of rotating the center, even though Davis has been playing the center. In fact, the Lakers can keep castleton, who performed very well in the summer league, and a small version of Jokic may surprise the Lakers. Castleton has a soft shooting feel, good organization and rebounding ability.

Judging from the Lakers’ previous games, many games are easy to fall into scoring drought. Although they once led by a big score, they can all be caught up or even overtaken by the other side, and their ability to score continuously is not strong. Many times, they are easy to fall into scoring drought. Nowadays, the lineup has not been greatly improved compared with last season. In the past, James was able to undertake this ice-breaking task, but now James is not as good as before in both physical strength and explosive power. Last season, Reeves stood up for many times, which made this teenager.

From this point of view, the Lakers need Davis and Russell to stand up and take on more responsibilities in the new season, and Reeves, Bacamura and Vincent also need to have stable performance. Only by uniting, the Lakers will achieve better results in the new season.


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