Yao Ming is a good man! Try every means to get qi zhou back to CBA, but the illegal operation is doomed to be a waste.

Yao Ming is a good man! Try every means to get qi zhou back to CBA, but the illegal operation is doomed to be a waste.

On August 4th, Beijing time, according to the domestic media, the specific chips were exposed in the tripartite negotiations between Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, qi zhou, Beijing or Shanghai, namely, Shanghai 70 million+Yuan Tangwen, Xinjiang 35 million+Yuan Tangwen, Zhou Qifang 35 million, Beijing 80 million+Fan Ziming, Xinjiang Fan Ziming+40 million and Zhou Qifang 40 million.

However, due to the Basketball Association’s refusal to act as a guarantee, or its refusal to acknowledge the issue of Zhou Qifang’s signature fee, these are all at risk of illegal operation. In this regard, Shanghai and Beijing successively came down from the negotiating table, and qi zhou once again fell into the rumor that there was no definite next home.

In order to let qi zhou return to the CBA league, the Basketball Association almost tried its best. From the original heavy punishment of Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, qi zhou was tried to restore his status as a free agent. However, due to the insertion of a more powerful department, the Basketball Association finally cancelled the punishment of Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, and Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team promised to actively solve the transfer problem of qi zhou.

From June to July this summer, qi zhou is undoubtedly the most concerned player in domestic basketball, and all kinds of gossip are circulating in major social media, among which, the entry of Beijing and Shanghai into the negotiating table brings him infinitely close to returning to CBA league. It is reported that every formal negotiation has basketball association related personnel to join, hoping to achieve a seamless connection to solve the problem.

However, Zhou Qifang’s request for the signing fee has become the key to the negotiation. Both Shanghai and Beijing are state-owned clubs, and they may be willing to pay a high transfer fee, but the signing fee paid to Zhou Qifang is not in compliance, which makes the negotiation unable to continue. However, if the qi zhou team is unwilling to let go or make further compromises, as long as the signing fee is involved, it is difficult for other clubs to pass the Basketball Association’s rules review.

Therefore, to solve the problem of qi zhou according to the rules, if both sides are in a unified category, perhaps Shanghai, the first negotiation club, can reach a state of easy solution. However, since there is no signing fee in the current rules and the qi zhou team insists on it, the Basketball Association may be a good man. From punishing the Xinjiang men’s basketball team to actively creating conditions for qi zhou to return to play in CBA, the work behind it cannot be underestimated, but no agreement can be reached on the signing fee, and the Basketball Association may be busy in vain this summer.


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