The game rated as 18+ in Korea is now in the public beta, and the welfare is so good that foreign service players are jealous.

The game rated as 18+ in Korea is now in the public beta, and the welfare is so good that foreign service players are jealous.

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

National service players are always particularly humble, the game version is slower than that of foreign service, and the environment is worse than that of foreign service. Even if the reward is reduced, the difficulty is usually increased, which makes everyone go to sea collectively to expedition to foreign service whenever they have the opportunity.

Recently, a new game in China has finally treated the national service players as normal people.

Recently, it was developed by MX studio, a subsidiary of South Korea’s NEXON, and the "Blue File" represented by domestic Youxing was finally released in public beta after two and a half years slower than overseas!

The game takes place in the fictional federal city "Kivotos", where there are various societies established by JK girls. One day, the president of the federal Council suddenly disappears, and the players in charge of the investigation will work with the girls in Kivotos to find the truth behind it.

Nowadays, many secondary games take the bitter route and like to discuss the dark side of human nature. Although the world of "Blue Files" is not peaceful, for example, bullets can be bought in vending machines and a rifle is stuffed in shoe cabinets, they still choose the daily route of youth with sunshine.

Probably this style is more pleasing. As of January this year, its overseas revenue was about 1.7 billion RMB, and the number of people who made reservations for the national service was as high as 3.3 million.

At that time, this game was a disaster in South Korea, because it was rated as an 18+ game by the Korean Game Management Committee, which caused dissatisfaction among countless Korean players. Finally, a wave of large-scale petitions was launched to investigate the game management Committee. After an investigation, it was found that the game management Committee was corrupt by 700 million won (about 4 million RMB), and later the person in charge resigned.

Basically, as long as it is an agent’s game, the treatment of the national service is usually poor. Basically, the monster’s difficulty increases and the reward decreases. This time, Youxing is quite sensible. Let’s operate normally one by one, synchronize the 3% basic SSR shipment probability after the overseas version is upgraded, and get an extra guarantee mechanism for specific SSR when it is over 200.

This normal operation, but let the younger brother can’t help but want to shout "thank you for your kindness". What’s the matter?

Because of the above reasons, many national service players are basking in their own novices, many newcomers have easily drawn popular Samsung roles, and some European emperors have drawn three Samsung roles, which has caused some old international service players to think about it, so some players spit out the mentality of international service players, indicating that some people’s sense of superiority is too ugly.

However, it is really fragrant for this novice to draw Samsung characters. Many scalpers sell some Ou Huang accounts that draw Samsung characters on second-hand platforms, which are less than 200 yuan cheaper and 500 yuan more expensive.

Xiao di bi LV gongRecently, many new two-dimensional games have been launched, some of which were originally popular, but the operation of digging search led to the collapse of game reputation. In fact, the requirements of players are not high, just asking manufacturers to treat players as normal people with IQ. Why can’t some manufacturers do it?

A positive shock problem: Do you know any digging or atmospheric games?


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