The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, 800 per capita, easy to play, hurry to collect!

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, 800 per capita, easy to play, hurry to collect!

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, with a per capita income of less than 800, can be easily played. Here are the introduction of the Raiders, and collect them quickly!

It takes about 40 minutes to drive from downtown Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake. Starting from the bus station or railway station in the center of Hangzhou, you can take a long-distance bus or train to Qiandao Lake, which takes about 1 hour, and the fare is about 20-30 yuan.

Qiandao Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in Hangzhou, which consists of many islands and clear lakes. It is a paradise for photography and hiking, and there are also many outdoor activities such as rafting and rock climbing. The ticket price of Qiandao Lake is 90 yuan/person, including tickets for cruise ships and islands.

In Qiandao Lake, visitors can visit various natural and cultural landscapes. For example, the beautiful mountain scenery of Range Rover in Mei Feng, the white wall tiles of Longshan Island, the romantic atmosphere of Moonlight Island, the fishermen’s culture of Yule Island, the ascent of Huangshan Peak and the karst landform of Xianshan Peninsula.

In the process of playing, tourists can also experience various tourism activities. Among them, rafting and cable cars are the most popular. Drifting usually takes from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, and cable car sightseeing may take from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. These prices may also change according to seasons and travel companies.

In addition, hangingbridgeOutdoor activities such as rock climbing are also popular, allowing tourists to challenge themselves and release pressure while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains.

While enjoying the beautiful scenery and activities, tourists can also taste all kinds of delicious food. Due to the excellent water quality of Qiandao Lake, the local area is rich in all kinds of fresh aquatic products, so the food is mainly fish flavor. Whether steamed, braised or made into soup, the fish in Qiandao Lake are memorable.

In addition, the local chickens, ducks and various green vegetables here are also delicious foods that can’t be missed. Visitors can taste these delicious dishes in local restaurants or night markets.

Shaxi ancient town: Free, located in Jianchuan County, near Dali City. The environment here is comfortable and suitable for experiencing a slow-paced life. The infrastructure in the ancient town is relatively complete, including a book bar, a pub, a coffee shop, etc. You can feel the life of the aborigines.

DaliFree of charge, with a strong historical and cultural background, you can feel the local lively morning market in Nanmen vegetable market or the local people’s life in Beimen vegetable market. There are many food stalls in the ancient city, where you can taste all kinds of special foods.

YunheyiFree, this is the best place to eat, walk and have afternoon tea in Dali in the past year, with green grass, children’s play area and so on, and you can play with your children all day.

ErhaiFree, well worth visiting. You can try cycling or carpooling around Erhai Lake to enjoy the natural scenery along the way. You can also go for a walk in Haishu Park and feel the beauty of nature.

Silent Zhao’ anFree, a beautiful fleshy temple with a beautiful environment. You can experience the quiet environment and beautiful succulents here.

GyejoksanAdult 50 yuan/person, parking fee is 5 yuan/car; If you like to be close to nature, you can go to Jizu Mountain, a famous Buddhist mountain, where you can experience the charm of Buddhist culture in natural scenery.

Emei Mountain is one of the famous Buddhist mountains in China, which is famous for its steep mountain, long history and rich cultural background. Many Buddhist buildings and cultural relics are preserved here, which is a good place for worship and sightseeing.

The ticket price of Emei Mountain is 185 yuan/person, including Jinding, Wannian Temple, Xixiangchi Scenic Resort and other scenic spots. If you choose to take the ropeway, you have to pay the ropeway fee.

SheshenyaThis place is very suitable for encountering the wonders of Buddha’s light. Buddha’s light has existed in Emei Mountain for more than 1900 years. When people stand on the Jinding with their backs to the sun, and there are clouds in front of them, sometimes they will see a colorful halo with red outside and purple inside on the front and bottom canopy, which is very magical.

Jiu Lao Xian Fu: This is the collective name of Xianfeng Temple and Jiulao Cavern. The cave is 4 meters high and 1,500 meters long, and it is a karst cave. Bats are swarming in the cave, and the swarms of swallows are noisy. You can enjoy the natural carved karst shapes on the cave wall and ceiling, dazzling stalagmites, stone pillars and stone flowers, etc. It is one of the ideal destinations for tourists to explore.

HongchunpingHongchunping is located at the foot of Tianfengchi, with an altitude of 1,120 meters. It is named after three ancient trees of Toona sinensis outside the temple.

Emei monkey areaHere, you can take photos with the monkey.

These tourist destinations are rich in natural and cultural landscapes, and are good places for photography, hiking, worship, study and sightseeing. With a budget of 800, you can find your favorite travel methods and activities here. Collect it quickly and arrange a relaxing trip!


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