Highlights of the Super League finale: Shenzhen farewell battle, Dalian Nantong who was downgraded, Shenhua Zhejiang for the third place.

Highlights of the Super League finale: Shenzhen farewell battle, Dalian Nantong who was downgraded, Shenhua Zhejiang for the third place.

11moonfoursunhalf past three p.m.,2023The 2008 Super League is about to usher in a grand finale.eightThe Super League will kick off at the same time.16This team will play the last Super League match of this season. Advance at Shanghai seaportoneAfter winning the Super League championship, there are still several games worthy of attention in this round of Super League: First, the Shenzhen team, which has been demoted in advance, will face Beijing Guoan at home, which is not only a farewell battle for Shenzhen’s Super League, but also a farewell battle for football; Second, Dalian people.VSShanghai Harbor and Nantong ZhiyunVSThe results of these two games in Tianjin Jinmen Tiger will determine which team will be relegated; Third, Shanghai Shenhua will face Zhejiang at home, and the two teams will fight for the third place in the league to win the Asian League next season.2Qualifications for the competition.

ShenzhenVSBeijing Guoan.Shenzhen, which has been demoted in advance, will face Beijing Guoan at home, before Shenzhen.29Only won the last game.threeThe field is flat.threeField, come on.12Points, booked a demotion quota early, Beijing Guoan.48Super-ranked in sub-rankingssixA, the two sides this season’s first leg Beijing Guoan home.5:0Beat Shenzhen team. The result of this game has little influence on the ranking of both sides, but for the Shenzhen team, this is not only their last Super League game, but even the last battle of the team. According to relevant media reports, Shenzhen Football Club’s current unpaid wages (including tax) are approaching.10With the current situation, it is even difficult to pass the qualification examination of next season’s China A, and the possibility of dissolution is not ruled out. Even with the efforts of all parties, Shenzhen, which will play in China A next season, may be an all-China class like Guangzhou, and its return to the Super League will be in the foreseeable future. Therefore, there may be many Shenzhen fans going to the scene to watch the final game of Shenzhen’s Super League.

Dalian peopleVSShanghai seaport.Dalian people are currently20Super-ranked in sub-rankings15Name, lag behind the first14The famous Nantong branch cloud2Points, this round will be their relegation battle of life and death; Shanghai Seaport won the championship ahead of schedule in the last round, and this round has nothing to ask for, the first round between the two sides.1:1Draw. Dalian people are the first in the Super League.22wheel2:1After defeating Shenzhen, since thensevenThe super league only took it.2At present, the team, like the Shenzhen team, is in a crisis of survival. If relegation fails, it is likely to be abandoned by investors and become a "child without milk" next season. If Dalian people don’t win this game, they will definitely be relegated. If they win, it depends on the result of Nantong Zhiyun’s game. Therefore, for Dalian people, this game is not only a battle of relegation, but also a battle of life and death. If they win, they may not live, but if they lose, they will definitely die.

Nantong zhiyunVSTianjin Jinmen tiger.Another relegation battle was launched between Nantong Zhiyun and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger. Nantong Zhiyun is currently22Lead Dalian people in points2Rank first14Bit, as long as the final round wins, it will be relegated to success; If Nantong Zhiyun draws in the final round and Dalian wins, the two teams will score the same point, but because of their record relationship (Nantong Zhiyun plays Dalian)oneflatoneNegative), Nantong Zhiyun will be relegated, and Dalian people will be relegated successfully; If Dalian people don’t win, then Nantong Zhiyun can avoid relegation regardless of the outcome. Tianjin Jinmen tiger is currently accumulating.45Super-ranked in sub-rankingseight, both sides in the first round1:1Draw.

Shanghai ShenhuaVSZhejiang.This will be the most close match in this round, and the two teams are currently tied.fifty-twoPoints, Shenhua because of mutual record (Shenhua away in the first round1:0Won) ranked third, Zhejiang ranked fourth. After this round, there may be several results: if Shanghai Shenhua wins, it will rank third, and the Zhejiang team will determine the ranking with Chengdu; If Shenhua draws Zhejiang and Chengdu Rongcheng wins, then the three teams will be tied.53Points, compare the small cycle record between the three teams to determine the ranking, Chengdu Rongcheng2winoneflatoneThe best negative record ranked third, Shanghai Shenhua.onewin2flatoneNegative ranking fourth, Zhejiangonewinoneflat2Negative ranking fifth; If Shenhua loses to Zhejiang, then Zhejiang will rank third and Shanghai will rank fourth or fifth. The third team in the league can play in the AFC Champions League next season.2(After the restructuring, the second-level club competition of AFC is called AFC Champions League.2)。

Shanghai Shenhua has also entered the semi-final of the FA Cup. Their opponent is Qingdao Manatee. If they beat Qingdao Manatee, they will face Taishan in Shandong in the final. The FA Cup champion will participate in the AFC Champions League Classic next season together with the Super League champion (the first-level club competition of the AFC after the restructuring). By the way, the status of the cup champion is the same as that of the league champion, higher than that of the runner-up, which is extremely rare in leagues all over the world.

Shandong TaishanVSHenan.Shandong Taishan failed to win the Shanghai seaport in the last round, and has missed the Super League championship in advance. Currently,55Leading Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang teams.threePoints, due to the mutual advantage with Shanghai Shenhua and the same record with Zhejiang, and the total goal difference far exceeds that of Zhejiang team, Shandong Taishan has ensured the first place in the league regardless of the outcome of the final round.2First name. In addition, Shandong Taishan has entered the FA Cup final, and the opponent will be the winner between Shanghai Shenhua and Qingdao Manatee. If Shandong Taishan wins the FA Cup, then Shandong Taishan will play in the AFC Champions League next season with Shanghai Harbour. If Shandong Taishan loses in the FA Cup, it will be ranked first in the league.2Play in the AFC Champions League play-offs next season.

Therefore, for Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province, the final match of the Super League is not important, what is important is the FA Cup final. Henan team is currently36Super-ranked in sub-rankings10Bit, has been relegated ahead of schedule, the first round at home.0:1Losing to Shandong, the result of this league is not important for both sides, friendship comes first, and the game comes second.

Chengdu RongchengVSMeizhou Hakka.Chengdu Rongcheng is here.29Rear product of wheel50Super-ranked in sub-rankingsfiveName, if Chengdu Rongcheng wins this round and Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang draw, then Chengdu Rongcheng will rank first with the small round record between the three teams.threeName; Or Shanghai Shenhua beat Zhejiang this round and Shandong Taishan or Shanghai Shenhua won the FA Cup this season, then the Super League won the first place.fourA team will also have the opportunity to participate in the AFC Champions League next season.2Therefore, the final round of Chengdu Rongcheng is still motivated. However, for Chengdu Rongcheng fans, the most regrettable thing is that Miami International canceled coming to China and missed the opportunity to watch Messi’s game at home. Meizhou Hakka at present34Super-ranked in sub-rankings11Bit, relegation success in advance, has no desire. The first leg of the league between the two sides is Meizhou Hakka home.3:1Defeat Chengdu Rongcheng.

Cangzhou xiongshiVSQingdao manatee.Because of the relationship between Miami International and Messi, Qingdao Manatee is the hottest Super League team in recent years, and its popularity even exceeds that of Shanghai Harbour. Unfortunately, like Chengdu Rongcheng, it finally missed the opportunity to play against Messi. Cangzhou Xiongshi is currently30Super-ranked in sub-rankings12Qingdao manatee27Super-ranked in sub-rankings13Bit, both teams have been relegated ahead of schedule. By the way, Cangzhou Lions have already surpassed the Super League.eightIt’s not how well the Cangzhou lions played in the early stage, but that there are too many bad teams in the Super League, and the first round between the two sides.1:1Draw.

Changchun YataiVSThree towns in Wuhan.Changchun Yatai is currently39Super-ranked in sub-rankingsnineThree towns in Wuhan.48Super-ranked in sub-rankingssevenThree towns in Wuhan are at home in the first round of the two sides.2:1Beating Changchun Yatai, the result of this game will not have a big impact on the ranking of the two teams in the Super League this season. Considering that the three towns in Wuhan will have the AFC Champions Group match next, this game may give more opportunities to substitute players and young players.

No matter how many problems there are in the Super League, after all, this is our own league. I hope more fans can support the Super League.

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