I knew it a week ago

I knew it a week ago

 6 February

  Cold air ends "fake spring"

  After beginning of spring, most parts of the country are warm, as if spring has arrived, and many places are warmer than normal. However, from the 6th, affected by a strong cold air, there will be a wide range of rain, snow and cooling weather in the central and eastern regions, among which the temperatures in Inner Mongolia, Hunan and Jiangxi will reach 10℃. There is heavy snow in Hubei, Shaanxi and Anhui provinces. It is predicted that with the eastward expansion of the precipitation area, the range of rain and snow will reach the widest tomorrow, and the central and eastern regions will be generally covered by rain and snow. The public should beware of the possible adverse effects of rain, snow and cooling weather on Spring Festival travel rush’s return trip.

  South Korean government may announce Samsung Note7 explosion investigation report

  The Korean regulatory authorities will announce the independent investigation report of the Galaxy Note7 fire incident on the 6th. South Korean regulators will also announce new regulations on mobile phone safety, requiring smartphone manufacturers to report immediately when their mobile phones explode or catch fire.

 February 7th.

  60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sri Lanka

  China and Sri Lanka have a long history of friendly exchanges. Sri Lanka is known as the country of the lion or Sinhalese in China’s ancient books. In 410 A.D., Fa Xian, a monk of the Jin Dynasty, went to Sri Lanka to study, retrieved Buddhist classics and wrote a book "The Story of the Buddha Country". Zheng He, a navigator in the Ming Dynasty, visited Sri Lanka many times during his voyage to the West. In the 15th century, Prince Si Yi visited China and settled in Quanzhou, Fujian on his way home. He was given the surname by the Ming emperor, and his descendants still live in Quanzhou and Taiwan Province. After Sri Lanka became a western colony, Sino-Sri Lankan relations were once interrupted. In 1950, Sri Lanka recognized New China. On February 7, 1957, the two countries established diplomatic relations. China and Sri Lanka have always maintained friendly relations with frequent high-level exchanges.

  China Foreign Minister Wang Yi paid an official visit to Australia and New Zealand.

  At the invitation of Australian Foreign Minister Bishop and New Zealand Foreign Minister McCully, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay an official visit to Australia and New Zealand from July 7 to 10. During the visit, Wang Yi will hold the fourth round of China-Australia diplomatic and strategic dialogue with Bishop, hold talks with McCully and meet with the leaders of Australia and New Zealand.

  Haiti’s elected president, Fanel moise, was sworn in.

  If Fanel moise, candidate of Haiti’s ruling Tekal Party, is elected president in November 2016, he will be sworn in on February 7th. Moise, 48, is a banana businessman with little political experience. In 2015, he entered the political arena and was elected as the presidential candidate by former President Martelli. Local media quoted political analysts as saying that moise will continue Martelli’s ruling policy.

 February 8 th

  The Korean inspection team will interrogate park geun-hye face to face this week.

  According to sources, the independent inspection team in charge of investigating the scandal of South Korean President park geun-hye’s best friend’s meddling in politics is negotiating with Cheongwadae, the presidential palace of South Korea, with a view to interrogating park geun-hye face to face one day from the 8th to 10th of this month (this Wednesday to Friday) to investigate the core part of the scandal of best friend’s meddling in politics. Earlier, park geun-hye was impeached by Congress because of his girlfriend’s political scandal.

  Somali presidential election held.

  The Somali presidential election, which has been postponed several times, will be held on February 8. In August last year, the Somali Federal Indirect Election Implementation Team announced that the presidential election would be held on October 30, but it was postponed several times later. According to reports, the repeated postponement of the election is related to the harassment of the extremist organization Somali "Youth Party" and the contradictions between various tribes and regions.

 February 9th.

  Some passenger trains of Guangzhou Railway were temporarily suspended from February 9 to February 11.

  1. On February 9, 2017, Hengyang-Guangzhou East K6625 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 2. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, Changsha-Guangzhou K6621 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 3. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, the Leiyang-Guangzhou East K6647 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 4. On February 9 and February 10, 2017, it became increasingly sunny-Guangzhou East K6589 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 5. On February 10th and 11th, 2017, Huaihua-Shenzhen West K6580/77 passenger train was temporarily suspended; 6. On February 10th and 11th, 2017, the Loudi-Zhaoqing K 6528/5th passenger train was temporarily suspended.

 February 10th.

  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the United States

  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit the United States on the 10th. A number of Japanese and American media reported that Abe will send a "big gift package" to US President Donald Trump, including investing 150 billion US dollars in infrastructure construction in the United States in the next 10 years, creating 700,000 jobs and an infrastructure market with a market value of 450 billion US dollars.

  Communist party, the largest anti-government force in the Philippines, terminated the unilateral ceasefire announced in August last year.

  The Philippine communist party, the largest anti-government force in the Philippines, issued a statement on the 1st of this month, saying that the Communist Party of the Philippines would terminate the unilateral ceasefire because Philippine President Duterte did not agree to release about 200 detainees. Jorge Madeiros, a spokesman for the Philippine Communist Party, said that the government forces also used the ceasefire period to occupy its "territory", and the Philippine Communist Party will terminate the unilateral ceasefire announced in August last year on February 10.

  Uber suspended its service in Taiwan.

  Taiwan’s transportation authorities recently issued a huge fine to Uber, a well-known online car platform company that has been operating in Taiwan for three and a half years, and ordered it to close down. Uber immediately announced that it would suspend its service in Taiwan from February 10. This news caused controversy in Taiwan Province, and many people said that startups should compete fairly; Others think that sharing economy is an irresistible world trend, and existing regulations should not be an obstacle to innovation.

 February 11th

  the Lantern Festival

  After the Spring Festival, it is the Lantern Festival. This Saturday (February 11th) is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. Lantern Festival, also known as "Shangyuan Festival", is one of the traditional festivals of Han nationality and some brotherly nationalities in China, which existed in the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty ordered the 15th day of the first month to be the Lantern Festival. Buddhism was introduced in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In order to expand its influence in the local area, the traditional culture was attached to the Lantern Festival as an auspicious day to participate in Buddhism.

 February 12

  Turkmenistan’s presidential election was officially held.

??? Turkmenistan’s presidential election will be officially held on February 12th, and nine candidates, including current President Berdymukhamedov, will stand for election. According to the new Constitution of Turkmenistan adopted in September 2016, the term of office of each president has been extended from five years to seven years, and the restriction that presidential candidates should not be over 70 years old has also been lifted. Presidential candidates must meet the conditions of being born in Turkey, being at least 40 years old, mastering Turkmen, and living and working in Turkey for the past 15 years.

  The 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony was held

??? On February 12th, US time, the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony will be held in Los Angeles. Beyonce, Adele and Justin Bieber were shortlisted for the annual production, annual album and other heavyweight awards for their new works. (Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, China News Network, Guangzhou Daily, etc.)


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