2023 Chengdu International Auto Show: large-scale, high-standard, popular and effective.

2023 Chengdu International Auto Show: large-scale, high-standard, popular and effective.

The 2023 Chengdu International Auto Show is not only a hearty car buying feast, but also a diverse festival carnival, and it is also a dedication performance of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market". ……
Guests bring rain, and rainy days bring wealth.
August 25th, 2023. Western China International Expo City. The 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition was grandly opened in the intermittent autumn rain.

After three years of epidemic and the growing voice of "consumption degradation", the automobile market urgently needs a "happy rain" to boost market confidence, promote automobile consumption and release industrial vitality.
As the largest auto show in the west, Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition has long been not only a platform for major manufacturers to display new cars and new technologies, but also a weather vane and compass for automobile consumption in the west.
Therefore, at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, we not only saw the gathering of 129 world-renowned automobile brands including German, American, legal, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, but also saw the influx of senior executives of major automobile brands. The importance of Chengdu Auto Show can be seen.

The figures are undoubtedly the best explanation: on the first day of the opening ceremony, Chengdu Auto Show held 66 new car conferences, and unveiled 68 first-time models, including 26 world-first models, 31 national first-time models and 11 regional first-time models; More than 3,400 media and 9,900 journalists were present.
"This is the Chengdu Auto Show with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the largest number of participating brands I have ever seen. The status and value of Chengdu Auto Show are becoming more and more prominent. " At the "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" on the opening day of the auto show, Liu Xiaoyong, president of Auto Watch magazine, one of the organizers of the forum, said with deep feelings.

The "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" with the theme of "Hot AI" has been widely participated and praised by people from all walks of life in government, manufacturers, industry and media. The forum conducted in-depth discussions on how the new technological revolution represented by AI will reshape the ecology of the automobile industry and how to empower automobile marketing, leaving a colorful color for the 26th Chengdu International Auto Show with a cross-disciplinary ideological confrontation and wisdom collision.
There are many new cars, media like clouds, pioneer forums and high-level gatherings ….. It cannot be said that this year’s Chengdu Auto Show is very "international". But you think this is all the highlights of this year’s auto show, and you are wrong.
In addition to the exhibition hall of nearly 200,000 square meters in the West International Expo City, the Chengdu Auto Show has already extended the "booth" to a broader space in the city.
This is a scene that can only be seen at Chengdu Auto Show: on the opening day, many classic cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley took "Running through Rongcheng" as the theme, and from Sanhe Classic Car Museum to Xibo City via Tianfu Avenue, passers-by all stopped to watch and share their passion.

Not only that, this year’s auto show also brought an auto show aesthetic party in conjunction with Wangfujing Department Store, and built a small red book Cheyouhui chengdu railway station in conjunction with Xiaohongshu. The fashion aesthetics kept playing, and the car was modified to the end.
In addition, the online promotion of the auto show is also synchronized, creating a wonderful night-to-night live broadcast of the auto show, deeply combining with Sichuan observation and leading a large number of talented anchors to broadcast the grand event of the auto show in real time, and showing the charm of the auto show in all directions. There is also a car model billboard on the Tik Tok platform, which can call your favorite car model with one click, and fully ignite the public’s enthusiasm for watching and playing cars.
In fact, this is not the most exciting. It has always been a habit of Chengdu people to buy a car at the auto show, because cars are more polite and affordable. This year, in order to maximize the sales of participating brands, the organizing Committee of the auto show is even more "unprecedented ‘ Money ’ For example, the activity of "the highest cash prize of 49,999 yuan for car purchase" was launched, one per day. At the same time, there are also five cash gifts of 4999 yuan and many trendy digital gifts of hundreds to thousands of yuan every day.

There is a real boldness in the big hand. This means that the ten-day auto show, just a lottery, the auto show organizing Committee will send more than one million.
In the conspicuous position of this year’s investment promotion manual of Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition, a sentence is written: "Enjoy Rongcheng, promote industry, strengthen economy and control the future". The seemingly simple 12 words mean the mission of Chengdu Auto Show for many years.
Ms. Yang Huilan, general manager of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Center, said: "This year, in addition to upgrading the auto show, we also shoulder the heavy responsibility of boosting market confidence and driving the recovery of industrial kinetic energy. How to attract more consumers to the scene and help exhibitors sell cars is the top priority of our work. "
This year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will not disappoint car buyers. In addition to the car purchase gift prepared by the organizing Committee of the auto show, the organizing Committee also specially joined forces with major automobile manufacturers to jointly bring the biggest discount for car buyers to buy cars at the reserve price. At the same time, in order to reassure consumers, the organizing Committee also selected nearly 100 popular models in conjunction with more than 20 mainstream brands to provide in-depth test drive services for car buyers at the auto show.

Not only that, in addition to striving for more and greater benefits for car buyers, this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show has also made great efforts to benefit the people and facilitate the people: the auto show site has not only added a number of consulting services, maternal and child lounges, large luggage storage, infirmary and other humanized services, but also equipped with free drinking points, mobile phone charging piles and other infrastructure; In the parking area and outdoor square outside the exhibition hall, there are "free bus shuttle bus" and "free battery car ferry" for seamless connection, which can be described as the service to consumers’ hearts.
Large scale, high specification, popular and good effect. This is undoubtedly the emerging advantage and charm of this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, which is both international and full of fireworks. The two complement each other, just like a window opened to the world. Through this window, the world will not only see a hearty car-buying feast and a multi-faceted festival carnival, but also a show of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market".
From now until September 3rd, the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition will continue to be staged in the West China International Expo City. If you want to feel how "enjoying Rongcheng intelligently and seeing the future" works, you may wish to check in. (Qin Tongzi)


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