Taboos for playing badminton

Taboos for playing badminton

It’s best to serve in tandem, with the server as far as possible, and pay attention to the other side of your serve, because the opponent may return you a ball gently, but you may not be able to return it in time; Your opponent may also return a high and far ball to you, so your partner should take care of the back, echo from beginning to end, and take care of the front and back.

It’s best to defend with one left and one right, otherwise it’s hard for you to take care of both sides, especially when your opponent slams hard, and you don’t have time to react at all, especially your backhand direction. Generally, this place is a bit like a dead end.

Seize the opportunity and smash it vigorously. Don’t leave any room for the opponent to fight back and recover. The smash must be as fast and as low as possible. Otherwise, if your smash is unsuccessful, it will give the opponent a chance. Others can return it to you gently, and then the ball falls on the net, and you can’t catch it because of jumping.

Learn to make a diversion in tandem, and you can also make fake moves when playing badminton. When playing badminton, try to hit the dead corner, make a diversion as much as possible, and leave and right for a while, which is also consuming the opponent’s physical strength.

When you play doubles, you must cooperate well with your friends. Remember that this is teamwork, unity can win, and it is difficult for one person to win. Cooperation can also enhance the friendship between you and your friends and exercise team ability.

Badminton is more about exercise, including physical training and technical training, so you can run more and exercise more and exercise your reaction ability. In short, badminton is a sport that exercises your body, reaction and endurance, which is very suitable for everyone, especially those who are weak.


Don’t overdo it the first time, or your arms and body will feel sore the next day. Remember not to overdo it.


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