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The starting price is about 120,000, and BYD Qin L officially appeared.

At the Beijing Auto Show, BYD’s brand-new model, Qin L, was officially unveiled. The car was positioned between Han and Han, and adopted a brand-new interior and exterior design language. It is reported that it will be equipped with a fifth-generation DM hybrid system.

Sports design

Yan value modeling is a highlight of Qin L. The interior of the large-size air intake grille is decorated with lattice chrome trim, which has a strong sense of movement. The black trim above connects the long and narrow headlight groups on both sides, which is similar to the model. There are ventilation slots on both sides of the grille, which adds a sense of layering.

However, the new car does not adopt the popular hidden door handle, but the traditional shape. The slip-back body is more dynamic, and the internal shape of the penetrating structure is somewhat similar to BYD Han’s "Chinese knot". In addition, the design of the airflow diffuser of the lower bumper has a good sense of movement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790 mm. A lap bigger than Qin PLUS, positioning a B-class sedan.

The interior design is more concise.

Entering the car, the biggest feeling of the new car is that it is more concise. The floating central control panel is adopted. According to different configurations, the high-equipped model is a 15.6-inch central control panel, and the low-equipped model is a 12.8-inch central control panel, and equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system.

In addition, Qin L adopts a newly designed three-spoke D-shaped steering wheel and an 8.8-inch embedded instrument panel, and the auxiliary instrument panel is equipped with a 15W mobile phone for wireless charging. The design of shift lever area is consistent with that of Song L and other models.

Brand-new insertion and mixing system

In terms of power, it is reported that Qin L will be equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid system. The power system consists of a 1.5-liter engine and a motor. According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the maximum power of the engine is 74kW, and the driving motor is available in two options: 120kW and 160kW.


If BYD uses Qin PLUS to seize the A-class car market, then Qin L, as a B-class car, will seize the mid-class car market with BYD Han. After all, the mid-class car market is still dominated by joint venture models such as Camry, Accord and Teana.

In addition, combined with the price of Qin PLUS and Han, the starting price of Qin L is expected to be around 120,000, and the price of the main model will be between 120,000 and 150,000, which is likely to become an explosive model.

Discount and big price! The 2023 Chenzhou Spring Auto Show opened today.

On April 14th, "Huidong Beihu Enjoy Life" 2023 Chenzhou Spring Auto Show (the 9th Car Buying Festival of China People’s Insurance Company and the 12th Southern Hunan Automobile Culture Festival) was grandly opened in Wuling Square.

The auto show will last for four days. Joint venture brands such as Guangqi Honda, FAW-Volkswagen, Buick, Changan Ford and FAW Toyota will all bring the latest models to the show. Independent brands such as Hongqi, BYD, Changan Automobile and Harvard will make a collective appearance. Dozens of mainstream auto brands and more than a thousand models can meet the needs of various people. Exhibitors have also introduced preferential measures such as straight drop, discount, full reduction and reduction, which have attracted many citizens to come to watch the exhibition and buy cars.

In front of Guangqi Honda booth, the slogan "0 yuan to open a new car" is particularly eye-catching. Citizens have zero pressure to buy a car. The down payment is as low as 20,000 yuan, and they can enjoy 12 installments of 0 interest at the highest. Stylish and cool models such as Stylish, Haoying, Binzhi and Zhizhai have attracted many citizens to take a test drive. "This car has a stylish appearance and a high quality interior. I like it very much." Mr. Liu, a citizen, took a fancy to a compact SUV of Honda Haoying at a glance.

There are many benefits and gifts at this auto show! Guangzhou Automobile Toyota snapped up the meeting in a limited time, and the purchase tax was up to 10,000 yuan; Zhongtian Ford benefited in a limited time, bought a car at the auto show and sent a 3,000-yuan boutique gift package, ordered a car to enjoy three maintenance times in three years, and participated in the golden egg winning prize. Guanghui Chenzhou Aofeng Audi Auto Show enjoys exclusive 10 surprise policy models, with a maximum subsidy of 8,000 yuan for car replacement and a red envelope gift of 888 yuan for car purchase. BYD Song car purchase to 88 yuan to pay 6888 yuan for car purchase, enjoy 1980 yuan car booking package, and deliver 3000 yuan car delivery package this month; Chevrolet courtesy of the whole city, limited time discount of 20,000 to 70,000 yuan …

In addition, the replacement of new energy vehicles can be applied for a subsidy of 5,000 yuan through the local area of China UnionPay "China Unionpay Quick Pass" App (according to the Implementation Rules for the Application of Replacement Subsidies for New Energy Vehicles with Purchase of Hunan Cars in 2023). The government has also issued a car purchase subsidy with a total amount of 176,500 yuan. If citizens book cars during the auto show and complete the payment before April 30, they can withdraw a maximum of 5,000 yuan in coupons.

In addition to the ultra-low preferential policies and exquisite gifts, there is also a beautiful online celebrity anchor at this auto show. These online celebrity anchors broadcast live auto shows on platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, and made "cloud recommendation" for auto shows from the perspectives of exhibition area tour, vehicle selection, live event and test drive experience.

The exhibition is still going on. People who want to buy a car or like a car in the near future can visit the site for a test drive, with rich benefits and limited time. Go and buy a favorite car!

Editor: Xie Lina

[US stocks in 2022 investment strategy]: Can the bull market of US stocks continue?

  Looking ahead at the end of 2021, the S&P 500 index has nearly doubled in the past three years, with an annualized rate of return of 27%. However, Deutsche Bank’s survey of more than 750 investors around the world shows that about 20% expect the S&P 500 index to have negative returns next year, with an average increase of only 4.2%.

  Can the bull market of US stocks continue, and what risks will it face? What kind of opportunities are there?

  US stocks as a whole: three elements or building a structural market

  1. Corporate profit growth slowed down.

  According to the Morgan Stanley report, in the first three quarters of this year, the earnings per share of S&P 500 companies increased by over 67%, far higher than the average of 6% from 2001 to 2020. UBS predicts that the profit growth rate of S&P 500 companies may significantly slow down to 10% in 2022.

  2. Tightening liquidity

  () It is believed that the most relaxed point of global liquidity has passed. With the beginning of Taper by the Federal Reserve and the marginal tightening by the central banks of other major overseas economies, global liquidity began to enter a tightening cycle.

  3. Valuation regression

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, after the completion of taper by the Federal Reserve, the dynamic PE of US stocks will gradually return from the current high of 21.4 times to the historical average of 18 times since 2015. It is expected that the US stock market will present a structural market next year.

  In the face of many challenges, we sorted out the views of investment banks and listed the US stock sector and its key words worthy of attention in 2022.

  New energy: the inflection point of new energy vehicles in the United States+the installed capacity of scenery has increased greatly

  On November 19th, the US House of Representatives passed the Biden administration’s $1.75 trillion stimulus bill, of which about $550 billion will be used in the new energy industry, and the tax credits in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic wind power and energy storage industries will be fully increased.

  CICC believes that the US new energy vehicle market has been in a "depression" in the global market for a long time due to the previous weak policies, few high-quality vehicles and weak industrial chain. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States from 1 to 1-3Q21 was only 3.7%, which was significantly lower than that in China and Europe (13.5% and 17.3%). However, with the continuous promotion and strengthening of the Biden administration’s new energy vehicle policy and the acceleration of the electrification transformation of local car companies, the development of new energy vehicles in the United States will usher in an inflection point.

  In terms of photovoltaic wind power, with the increasing momentum of energy transformation, the newly installed capacity of American scenery is expected to set a new record in 2022.

  According to the survey report of Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence Company, it is estimated that 44GW of utility-scale photovoltaic projects will be put into operation in the United States in 2022, nearly twice the estimated new installed capacity of 23GW in 2021. At the same time, it is estimated that the newly installed capacity of wind power in the United States will reach 27GW in 2022, significantly exceeding the highest annual record of 16GW set in 2020.

  BlackRock pointed out that the world is currently transforming into a more sustainable aspect, ahead of schedule. The investment in sustainability has undergone a structural change, and related assets will highlight the advantages of return on investment in the next few years.

  Energy, real estate and finance: safe-haven sectors under the strongest inflation in 40 years

  The CPI of the United States in November increased by 6.8% year-on-year, the highest since June 1982. Excluding food and energy prices, the so-called core CPI rose by 0.5% from the previous month and 4.9% from the same period of last year, the biggest increase since mid-1991.

  Bank of America strategists believe that under the influence of high inflation, the current real profit rate of the S&P 500 index is negative, which indicates the downside risk of the market. Taking history as a mirror, there have been bear markets in the first four times in history when the real profit rate of the S&P 500 is negative. Investors are advised to seek safety in anti-inflation sectors such as energy, finance and real estate.

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, under the background that the U.S. economic recovery continues in the first half of next year and inflation remains high, energy, raw materials and other sectors will benefit from the expansion of the scissors gap between PPI and CPI, and EPS (net profit per share) and gross profit margin of individual stocks are also expected to show an upward trend. In addition, after the Federal Reserve lifted the restrictions on bank stock repurchase and dividend distribution on June 30 this year, the repurchase amount of American financial companies has returned to the level of $16 billion per month before the epidemic, which will support the valuation and ROE (return on net assets) of the industry.

  Internet technology: liquidity tightening risk vs structural opportunities for technological innovation

  In December, the Federal Reserve will double the rate of bond purchase, and the bitmap shows that it will raise interest rates three times next year. Many analysts believe that tight monetary policy will pose a threat to the high valuation sector. The current P/E ratio of Nasdaq 100, a cluster of technology stocks, is about 30, which is 21.4 times higher than that of the broader S&P 500.

  The Deutsche Bank report pointed out that inflation may be the main reason for most interest rate hike cycles in the United States. There is a "strong and consistent" negative correlation between the P/E ratio of US stocks and inflation ―― that is, under the high inflation environment, the valuation (PE) of US stocks tends to decline.

  In view of the fact that the United States is under the worst inflationary pressure in 40 years, it may be comparable to the 1980s when the Federal Reserve was forced to raise interest rates due to the same inflationary pressure. During the two interest rate hike cycles in the 1980s, the P/E ratio of US stocks both fell ―― but it does not mean that the stock market fell across the board. In fact, the strong profit growth of US stock companies in these two periods made the S&P 500 index record a range increase of 8% and 23% respectively.

  It can be seen that even if the Fed raises interest rates under the pressure of high inflation, it does not mean "the end of the world" for US stocks. The key is whether individual companies can offset the negative impact of interest rate hike on valuation with strong performance growth. During this period, it is difficult to cash in the growth rate of performance, but companies with high valuations may face challenges.

  According to Bloomberg’s unanimous forecast, the overall expenditure scale of information technology companies in the S&P 500 stocks is expected to be 110.8 billion US dollars in 2022, with a year-on-year growth rate of 24.3%, which is the largest since the statistics in 2015. Whether it is soft technology or hard technology, capital expenditure is obviously positive.

  Industrial Securities pointed out that FAANGs and other technology leaders focused on the direction of capital expenditure, including new energy vehicles, Metauniverse, digital currency, self-driving cars, AR/VR, cloud services, digital media and so on. Next year, the slowdown of US economic growth will weaken the kinetic energy of the overall profit improvement of US stocks and restrict the performance of the index. However, the structural highlights of the American economy in 2022, especially scientific and technological innovation, deserve attention.

  Semiconductor: high valuation+supply and demand reversal risk accumulation

  The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX Index), which includes chip manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD, has increased by 36% this year, with an increase of more than 50% in the previous two years and a cumulative return of 250% in three years. The current dynamic PE of SOX index is 6.3 times, but its 10-year average is only 3.6 times.

  This year, the global wave of Internet of Things and car electrification, and the instability of the supply chain caused by repeated epidemics have caused an unprecedented shortage of chips in almost all industries. Although the shortage of automobile chips remains to be solved, the demand for semiconductors in other fields may have tended to weaken. According to industry data, the growth of global chip sales slowed down for the third consecutive month in October and has fallen back to the level of May this year.

  Hocktan, CEO of Broadcom, a chip maker, also said in the conference call in the fourth quarter that some areas of the semiconductor market were "a bit too hot".

  According to the assessment of CITIC Securities, as a typical cyclical industry, the global PC sales volume is expected to basically peak in 2021, and the data center hardware uplink cycle will peak in 2022Q2. Considering the marginal weakening of downstream demand (PC, server, smart phone, etc.) next year and the continuous release of new semiconductor production capacity, it is judged that the risk of supply and demand reversal in the industry is accumulating.

  Aviation: North American aviation industry is expected to turn losses+epidemic concerns ease

  According to the latest forecast given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in October, it is estimated that the expected loss of the whole industry in 2021 is 51.8 billion US dollars, which is 63% lower than the net loss of 137.7 billion US dollars in 2020. It is estimated that the loss will drop to 11.6 billion US dollars in 2022, and it is expected to turn losses into profits in 2023.

  In terms of regions, IATA expects airlines in North America to take the lead in restoring profitability in 2022. It is estimated that airlines in this region will achieve a profit of 9.9 billion US dollars in 2022, which is the only region in the world to turn losses into profits next year.

  Guoyuan International believes that the most difficult period of the global aviation industry has passed, and the passenger volume and profitability are on the track of recovery. The resilience of domestic aviation market demand is still strong, and the gradual relaxation of international routes in the future is a high probability event. It is suggested to reverse the layout of airlines, airports and aviation information targets.

  Strategists in JPMorgan Chase said that although COVID-19 variants (such as Delta and Omicron) have repeatedly caused epidemics in various countries, if people’s natural immunity, vaccine-acquired immunity, significantly reduced mortality and specific drugs are gradually emerging, the epidemic will not be the primary risk next year.

New quality productivity in China, talent+computing power+big model … Beijing builds the highland of artificial intelligence industry.

  In the just-concluded two sessions of the National People’s Congress, new quality productivity has become a hot word of concern to everyone. So what exactly is new quality productivity?

  Generally speaking, the new quality productivity is an advanced productivity that innovation plays a leading role, gets rid of the traditional economic growth mode and productivity development path, has the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and conforms to the new development concept. The characteristic is innovation, the key is high quality, and the essence is advanced productivity.

  Scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new quality productivity. What is the ecology and development path of China’s new quality productivity at present? How to make the new quality productivity develop vigorously according to local conditions? Let’s see how the six science and technology innovation centers distributed in China’s east, west, north and south gather innovation resources, build service platforms, and break through industrial barriers, and become the source and incubator of new quality productivity in China.

  The layout of China’s "3+3" Science and Technology Innovation Center has basically taken shape.

  Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed: promoting the construction of international and regional science and technology innovation centers as a whole.

  How to understand the science and technology innovation center? To sum up, it is a city or urban agglomeration that occupies a leading and dominant position in scientific research, technological development and industrial innovation in the world or within a certain country. Their innovative resources are intensive and their innovative achievements are rich. Scientific and technological elements can play a key role in strategic emerging industries or future industrial development, and they are the integration of scientific centers, technological centers and industrial centers.

  From 2016 to 2022, the state has successively approved the construction plans of six science and technology innovation centers, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu-Chongqing, Wuhan and Xi ‘an. Up to now, the overall layout of China’s "3+3" science and technology innovation centers has basically taken shape, and the space has been fully deployed from the developed eastern regions to the central and western regions. The construction of three international science and technology innovation centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and three nationally influential science and technology innovation centers in Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan and Xi ‘an is progressing steadily.

  Beijing: Building the Highland of Artificial Intelligence Industry

  Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center has many national laboratories, national scientific research institutions, high-level research universities and leading scientific and technological enterprises, ranking first in the country in terms of R&D investment and scientific and technological innovation achievements in quantity and quality. It has continuously produced international leading achievements in the fields of brain science research, quantum technology and artificial intelligence model development, and won some major international awards in theoretical physics, life sciences and mathematics. At present, in Beijing, the construction of three new national laboratories, Zhongguancun, Changping and Huairou, is accelerating.

  This is Beijing, and an international science and technology innovation center is being built. The artificial intelligence industry is one of the leading industries in Beijing. In 2023, the core output value of Beijing’s artificial intelligence industry is expected to exceed 250 billion yuan, and the scale of radiation output value will exceed one trillion yuan, making it a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in China. Beijing has six national key laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence, and three national engineering research centers in video and visual technology, deep learning technology and application, forming a high-level scientific research base integrating basic research, personnel training and high-level academic exchanges. The number of artificial intelligence-related enterprises in Beijing is about 2,200, and 40% of the artificial intelligence enterprises in China gather here. In 2023, the total amount of financing in the field of artificial intelligence was about 22.3 billion yuan, accounting for about a quarter of the country.

  Visiting large model research institutions and entering Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute

  From ChatGPT, a big language model that became popular in the field of artificial intelligence in 2022, to Sora, a big video generation model that appeared at the beginning of this year, "big model" has undoubtedly become a hot word in the current technology industry. How is Beijing’s research and development work in the field of large models progressing? In 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Beijing Municipality, Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established as a new research institution jointly established by several superior units in the field of artificial intelligence in Beijing. What achievements have they made in recent years, what projects are they studying, and what are their plans for the future?

  In a laboratory, researchers are using large model technology to concentrate multimodal tasks such as semantic analysis, visual recognition and motion capture on a robot dog platform for testing and training. In another laboratory, researchers use large models to train and generate pictures and videos.

  Wang Xinlong, a researcher at Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute:Multi-modal big model is to hope that it can be exposed to various modes like us, and at the same time, it can create new texts, new images, new videos and audio.

  From ChatGPT, a big language model that became popular in the field of artificial intelligence in 2022, to Sora, a big video generation model that appeared at the beginning of this year, "big model" has undoubtedly become a hot word in the technology industry. The origin of this technological innovation comes from a paper called BERT published by Google in 2018. BERT model has set 11 records for natural language processing. It can learn from massive unlabeled data of multiple tasks and perform various language tasks such as knowledge answering, context filling, text understanding, etc. This technology has opened a new artificial intelligence paradigm and brought brand-new inspiration to the founding team of Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute, which was just established at that time.

  After careful analysis and preparation, in October 2020, Zhiyuan Research Institute identified the research direction as a new opportunity for artificial intelligence-big model, and soon gathered 100 top scientific research forces composed mainly of professors, doctors and graduate students from various disciplines. It took only five months to train and release the first big model of Chinese language in China, named "Enlightenment". In the following three months, Enlightenment 2.0 was released with 1.75 trillion parameters, which was the largest artificial intelligence model in the world at that time.

  At the same time that Zhiyuan Research Institute invested in large-scale model research, OpenAI of the United States released a large-scale model ChatGPT with larger parameters. In a larger-scale training, the large-scale model showed a more powerful emergence of intelligence, which further confirmed the arrival of a new intelligent era. As a new R&D institution, Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute, with its early layout and early investment, has enabled China to rapidly iterate in the era of large models and accumulated a large number of technical and industrial talents. In 2021, they began to take the lead in the research and development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, aiming to build an open and open artificial intelligence model system.

  Huang Tiejun, Chairman of Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute:Our new mission is whether we, as an institution, can provide an open-source technology system for the development of this industry and bring everyone’s innovative power into play under such a rapid development state. This system is that all codes are completely open, and our mission is to promote the development of this field.

  How is the new R&D institution new? Visiting Beijing Tongyan Institute

  Up to now, seven or eight large model industry transformation projects have been developed from the early team of Zhiyuan Institute, and related companies have been established, and the project transformation has been initially completed.

  The exploration of cutting-edge technology is uncertain, and the explosion of large-scale model is also an accident in technical iteration. In order to stay in the first echelon of global artificial intelligence research, Beijing gives full play to the advantages of scientific research resources and talents, and actively arranges new R&D institutions in the field of artificial intelligence around different paths such as large model, general agent and scientific intelligence. So how new are the new R&D institutions in this field? What is being developed now?

  Walking into Beijing Institute of General Intelligence is like walking into an artificial intelligence training base. They are building a general agent that is "value driven" rather than "data driven". Its name is "Tongtong", which can exist in the virtual world or be combined with robots to give them the ability to judge value. In the background, we can adjust the value dimension of "Tongtong", for example, let her be a clean child.

  Chen Hao, Deputy Director of Advanced Technology Center of Beijing General Institute of Artificial Intelligence:It can learn some new knowledge and value incrementally through multi-modal interaction, through its own exploration and interaction between people, so its difficulty first needs to have very strong abilities of vision, language, understanding, reasoning, induction and summary. On the basis of these abilities, it is possible for her to develop a higher level of real-time online learning ability.

  Although the large-scale model technology can emerge intelligence, it also consumes a huge amount of computing power. The technical team of the Institute hopes to explore a general agent driven by value, which can consume as little computing power as possible and realize intelligence.

  The technical route is unique, and the form of scientific research organization is also explored across borders. This is a robot named "very happy". To achieve such a technical effect, the team has crossed the boundaries of multimedia, machine learning, psychology and other disciplines.

  Director, Frontier Research Center, Beijing General Institute of Artificial Intelligence a surnamesongrandRobot includes cognition, reasoning, and then psychology, etc., which is a very cross-disciplinary talent. Then our entire research center has seven laboratories, including computer vision, natural language robots, etc., which is a very complex talent training system.

  In 2023, Beijing, the top scientific and technological innovation cluster in the world, ranked fourth.

  The foundation of innovation is talent. The data shows that there are more than 40,000 core technical talents in the field of artificial intelligence in Beijing, accounting for 60% of the country. A total of nine universities in Beijing have set up artificial intelligence colleges or research institutes, accounting for 20% of the country. Beijing is building a highland of artificial intelligence industry and plans to form a complete industrial ecology.

  From two perspectives, in terms of computing power, Beijing has deployed more than 10,000 P of intelligent computing power, effectively supporting the iteration of large-scale model development. You may not have a concept of this. Experts told us that the computing power of 1000P is equivalent to 500,000 PC computers. For example, for the data exploration of 200,000 stars, it would take an experienced scientist 169 days to complete it in the traditional way, but now it only takes 10.02 seconds.

  In terms of data, the first batch of "Chinese Internet Corpus" will be opened to build the first national data basic system pioneer area in China.

  In addition, in the Global Innovation Index 2023 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Beijing ranks fourth in the world in the ranking of the world’s top scientific and technological innovation clusters. In this ranking system, the concept of science and technology cluster is interpreted as "science and technology hub", which refers to the region with the largest number of inventors and scientific authors in the world. It can be said that the strength of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center can also be felt from this ranking.

  Expert analysis: What are the advantages and characteristics of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center?

  The Regulations on the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center came into effect in March.

  On March 1 this year, the Regulations on the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center came into effect, which clarified the leadership system for the construction of international science and technology innovation centers, gave full play to the advantages of Beijing’s science and technology resources, and formed a strong joint effort. Clarify the strategic planning and construction layout of the international science and technology innovation center, and provide important guidance for future construction and development. We also look forward to Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center contributing more innovative R&D achievements to China and the world.

The consumption environment has changed dramatically, and beauty cosmetics will usher in these trends in 2024.

More than half of 2023 has passed, and the research and development of new products in 2024 is being started. So what is the trend of the beauty industry in the coming year? In which direction will the industry develop?

On August 18th, the 2023 Top 100 Cosmetics Conference, jointly organized by CBO and China Department Store Business Association, was grandly opened in Hangzhou Bodi Liyun Hotel. At the "2023 Cosmetics Department Store Retail Conference", Meng Shuping, the trend director of authoritative forecasting agency WGSN in China, shared the report "Beauty and Skin Care Trends in Spring and Summer of 2024".

△ Meng Shuping, Trend Director of △WGSN China District

"In the era of dynamic changes in consumers, if you want to understand the trend of the beauty industry, you must first understand the beauty consumers." Meng Shuping stressed.

According to the results of WGSN’s multi-dimensional investigation, it is believed that in 2024, driven by macro factors such as economic recovery, scientific and technological development and post-epidemic reconstruction, there will be six categories of consumer ideas, namely, mindfulness care, mobility, building into a state, mass power, multi-personality and breaking away from convention.

WGSN said that 2024 was a very special year after the epidemic. Because people need to rebuild psychologically and physically after the epidemic, there will be a relationship of embracing and interacting between people, that is, from individual to individual and then to subject. In this process, there has been a gathering of groups such as mindfulness, multiple personalities and breaking the routine, so this trend has emerged.

Among them, "flowing state" and "building into Tuobang" are relatively new consumption concepts at present. "Flowing state" means that consumers are constantly changing under the influence of the big environment such as economy, so the industry should constantly understand consumers to adapt to consumption changes. "Building into a Tuobang" means that consumers are becoming more and more personalized, and there will be a beautiful vision of "taking practical actions to make society enter a utopian state". For example, more and more KOC help their favorite brands to enter the public eye.

After the concept of consumption, different portraits of consumers are hidden. If we evaluate the seven dimensions of beauty consumption motivation, such as sensitivity to big brands, environmental ethics, price awareness, efficacy, convenience, social media evaluation, personalized customization and so on, they will present the following seven kinds of consumer portraits: skincare slacker, factual activist, progressive, digital expert, sensitive romantic and universalist.

The first is "streamlining skin care lazy people", who are equivalent to the wisdom of the personal care industry. They show the new moment of beauty, use intelligent beauty technology and pay attention to all forms of mindfulness care. At the same time, they also admire big brands and like fixed products with good reputation; The value of environmental ethics is very high, and the price awareness is relatively weak. "Because they know that higher prices will have better quality."

The "Factual Action School" pays more attention to efficacy and personalized customization. Their environmental moral values are relatively high, and they are generally sensitive to big names, but they pay more attention to social media evaluation. "So, you can see why there are so many young people now. When buying a brand, they will first make an inquiry on the little red book." Meng Shuping explained. In addition, the group also strives to break the old norms of the beauty industry and eliminate potential prejudice. For example, this group not only pays attention to the expectation of the younger generation of beauty products such as generation Z, but also cares about the new product trends of generation X (people in the 1970s).

The value of environmental protection morality of "Tuobangists" has reached the peak, and they advocate nature, but this group has a moderate trust in big brands and a relatively high sensitivity to social media and efficacy. The group of "digital experts" pursues the brand effect, but also the direction of imitation makeup, digital virtualization and emotional communication. They can seamlessly change between the digital world and offline life, and reshape beauty with physical digital behavior and virtual character aesthetics.

"Sensitive romantics and universalists" also pay more attention to big names and environmental awareness, as well as social and personalized customization. At the same time, I also love emotional expression, and there will be some rebellious psychology such as "I want to be younger". They attach importance to co-creation and experimental products and brands that integrate art, science and nature.

Although "universalists" are more popular, they still pay attention to environmental protection and will pay attention to convenience and effectiveness. They need to redefine the crowd. This also explains why more and more neutral makeup and transgender makeup are becoming more and more popular. This group of people pursue the democratization of beauty, reject perfection, advocate high authenticity, and think that everyone should feel beautiful, popular, cared for and concerned.

In response to these consumer portraits, WGSN predicted three directions of beauty in spring and summer of 2024.

On the basis of exploring the integration of new and old, nature and man-made, WGSN believes that one of the trend themes of the beauty industry in the coming year is "blurred". These include meta-cosmic inclusiveness, space beauty, biotechnology, DNA skin care, healing beauty, healthy journey, from seeds to skin and many other development directions.

"If you want to impress consumers with the concept of" flowing state "and" digital talent ",you can combine it with beauty cosmetics in the direction of meta-universe and space beauty, such as skin care brand Youshiyan, and use consumers’ interest in space-related product design and interstellar aesthetics to cooperate with China Aerospace Culture Bureau to design its anti-wrinkle eye cream product 2.0, which presents a very space-like packaging."

Meng Shuping said that as the real and virtual fields become more interchangeable and people don’t care much about the differences between them, in this era background, the blurred theme highlights the dazzling design, immersive world and illusory solutions. At a deeper level, the confusing theme is rooted in the reality that the world is facing unprecedented challenges and how to deal with these challenges in an alternative or even speculative way. Here, science and science fiction are in perfect harmony, because creative people and scholars explore how to use the virtual world and enter Tuobang (a more active and pragmatic utopia) to explore new solutions for the real world.

"Chengfang" is the second trend direction of the beauty industry. Through freedom of expression and passion for cross-category innovation, this theme embraces multiple personalities, breaks away from convention and challenges the beauty narrative of the past. The main development directions are: a new generation of expressionism, hangover remedy, remodeling basic models, Gothic aesthetics, meaningless age beauty, new masculinity, embarrassing beauty needs and so on.

First of all, in the happy, naughty and innovative expressionism, bold, bright and flamboyant colors are the key. Global Google trends show that in the past 12 months, the search volume of "rave makeup" has increased by 250%, among which the search volume of "glitter eye shadow" has increased by 250%.

"hangover remedy" is combined with the rich nightlife of modern young people. The products focus on quick repair and makeup to meet the needs of young consumers’ living conditions; "Remodeling basic models" is to reshape basic products such as masks and mascara according to the preferences of young consumers. "Gothic aesthetics" is based on the return of punk culture, adding a large number of personalized metals and irregular metals to products, making products more cool.

"Unnecessary Age Makeup" will break away from convention, attract millennials and Generation X, and seek expressive makeup. The data shows that by 2025, cosmetics for people over 40 will become a growth area, because older millennials and Generation X will continue to use makeup as a source of happiness and a tool for self-expression, regardless of age restrictions.

With the increase of life expectancy of the global population, people no longer regard cosmetics as the patent of young people, and older people will continue to use cosmetics. It is estimated that by 2025, the global population over 60 will double to 2.1 billion (data from WHO).

"Anju" is the third trend direction of the beauty industry.

WGSN believes that with the readjustment of values, consumers advocate the value of interdependence and the power of adaptation and recovery.

On the functional level, this direction focuses on products that satisfy our sense of happiness and security. This can be expressed in the form of healing design and health design. It can also be expressed in the form of ultra-practical items with great adaptability by using the power of color, light and emotion. Considering the portable and packable design, it can provide preparation and protection in an unpredictable world, which is not only suitable for traveling and nomadic lifestyles, but also able to cope with changing weather. Such as balanced beauty, fermented beauty, more convenient perfect dosage, quiet fragrance therapy and so on.

"Football Commentary Conference" was launched to find different young people.

  I am afraid that only those who love football will understand and love football. What kind of ability do you need to be a football commentator? How can I become a football commentator? There are often such discussions on the internet, but it is limited to this. The public’s explanation of football still stays in the TV era.

  Nowadays, in the era of Internet, everyone is holding a commentary microphone, and everyone can explain the football match and make a sound for loving football. In the year of the 2018 World Cup, PP Sports made great efforts to create the Football Commentary Conference, and selected excellent football commentators through competitions. The birth of this program made these young people who love football commentary stand on the stage to realize their dreams, and also made the commentary break away from the football game for the first time and become the protagonist.

  Every era has its own cultural characteristics. The once neat and single mainstream youth culture has gradually disappeared, and diverse youth cultures with individuality and differences as the main features have sprung up, such as secondary culture and teasing culture, in which every young person can find his own recognized cultural values. It is precisely because of this that today’s young people are more willing to express themselves differently from others, so football commentary should also be diversified. Football Commentary Conference is a platform to show diverse youth cultures with variety shows as the carrier and football culture as the support.

  National "Hot Search" Looking for Different Youth

  "rustic youth", "Buddhist youth" and "empty nest youth" have been labeled with more and more different identities. In the Football Commentary Conference, these young people will appear in front of the camera as "loving football". They are practitioners from all walks of life, including anchors, hosts, students, doctors, and even crosstalk performers and storytellers.

  Players skillfully combine their own life experiences, cultural values and football commentary to form their own unique commentary style, which provides unlimited possibilities for the style of football commentary. The public may hear a teasing explanation through the program, a modern explanation of China’s traditional flavor, and a cute explanation of online celebrity’s anchor … Each explanation more or less represents a contemporary youth culture.

  These players, who have different styles but love unity, all come from the eight-month hard search of the program group of Football Interpretation Conference. The program group hopes that this is not only to select excellent football commentators, but also to let the public know the hard work and persistent love behind the football commentary industry through the program.

  In order to make the contestants’ explanations more free and true, the program fully respects the contestants’ wishes and will not interfere too much during the filming process. At the same time, the panoramic shooting method without dead ends is adopted to record the dribs and drabs of the players outside the stage. Many players are still preparing for the war in the early hours of the morning, and some players are still arguing about the content of the competition because of their explanations. And the stories behind these programs will also be presented to the audience.

  Compared with other sports variety shows, the link setting of Football Commentary Conference strives to provide more space for young players to play freely. For example, the first phase of the 150-to-60 competition, which will be broadcast on April 18th, has adopted a brand-new form. Players stand in the center of the stage and use a three-minute talk show to express their "joys and sorrows" about football. They don’t know who will decide whether they will be promoted, eliminated or yet to be determined, and they don’t know what the criteria are. Everything is unknown. In fact, a group of instructors composed of Huang Jianxiang, Han Qiaosheng and Dong Lu, who explain the golden coffee, has been sitting in a hidden box to observe the performance of the players through one-way glass.

  Mentors also admit that apart from the most basic professionalism, there will be no fixed standards, just hoping to see more styles of football commentary. During the recording process, some players are really amazing.

  Strong resources to build a broader platform

  The rapid iteration of media technology has greatly broadened the platform for people to show themselves. From the earliest square speech to radio broadcast, from TV broadcast to live webcast, the expansion of the platform means the expansion of audience and the enhancement of influence. At present, PP Sports behind the Football Commentary Conference has rich copyright resources and related self-made programs in five major leagues in Europe, such as the Champions League, the Super League and the AFC Champions League. Through the interactive experience of mobile, PC and OTT platforms, it provides users with the ultimate sports content and experience by using graphics and texts, short videos and live broadcasts.

  The champion of the Football Interpretation Conference will directly sign a contract with PP Sports. The powerful event resources of PP Sports mean a broader expression platform for the participating players. In fact, in the process of program production, it is also organically combined with these superior resources. For example, if there is a major football match during the recording of the program, the innovative mode of "live broadcast of top-level matches+real-time production" will be adopted, and players will walk into the live broadcast room of PP Sports for live commentary, which is also part of the competition of program players. This model changes the previous "propositional" routine and directly tests the professional skills of the players. This open link design not only increases the difficulty of the competition, but also gives players more space for self-expression.

  The new era has its own youth culture, so football commentary should also have its own culture. Football Commentary Conference has become the trend vane of youth culture by accurately grasping youth culture and taking football commentary as the carrier.

Premier League-Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest and sent Manchester City to win the championship without a fight+completed three consecutive championships.

At 0: 30am on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of the Premier League in 2022-23, the second-ranked Arsenal away to Nottingham Forest. In the first half, Odegard made a pass mistake and Awoniyi scored to break the deadlock. In the second half, the gunman countered but failed to score. In the end, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest. With only one round left in the league, the Gunners were 4 points behind Manchester City, sending their opponents to win the Premier League title ahead of schedule, and the Blue Moon also won the Premier League title for three consecutive times.

Before this round, Arsenal were four points behind Manchester City, which topped the list, and still had a glimmer of hope of winning the championship. In the last round, Arsenal lost 3-0 to Brighton at home, which made it even more difficult for the team to win the championship. Nottingham Forest scored 34 points, only 3 points higher than the relegation zone.

In the 11th minute, Odegard made a cross on the right in the frontcourt. Trossat caught the ball and plugged it directly into the right of the restricted area. Jesus kept up with the catch and shot at a small angle. The goalkeeper had sealed the angle and confiscated the ball. In the 17th minute, Saka drove the right corner to the restricted area, and hollier headed the ball back, and Jesus headed the ball back slightly higher than the crossbar.

In the 20th minute, Odegard made a mistake in passing the ball back in the frontcourt. He passed it directly to Gibbs White, who pushed the ball from his own half and sent a straight plug to the restricted area. Avonii, who followed him, succeeded in pushing a long shot before attacking Ramsdale, and Forest led Arsenal 1-0.

In the 22nd minute, Thomas sent a ground ball to the right rib in the frontcourt. Jesus on the right side of the restricted area caught the ball and turned low. navas fell to the ground and saved the ball. In the 27th minute, Saka took the right corner kick to the top of the arc, and Trossat’s unguarded left foot volley missed.

In the 29th minute, Thomas went straight to the right of the frontcourt, and Jesus and Odegard hit the wall to cooperate. After that, they made a long-range shot with their right feet in front of the restricted area, and the ball went to the stands. In the 35th minute, the road on the left side of the forest frontcourt was blocked, and Awoniyi was cut off by the attacking Ramsdale after receiving the ball, and the former was offside first.

In the 45th+5th minute, Saka took the penalty and the right corner kicked to the top of the arc again. Trossat had to catch volley, and the ball was higher than the crossbar. At the end of the first half, Arsenal were temporarily behind.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 48th minute, a free kick from forest’s frontcourt was hoisted into the gunners’ restricted area, causing chaos, and Felipe’s push was saved by Ramsdale. In the 54th minute, Ben White made a cross from the right in the frontcourt. Jesus in the penalty area tried to grab the point but was pulled down by his opponent. The referee didn’t award a penalty. The Brazilian complained about the referee’s penalty and got a yellow card.

In the 61st minute, Ben White sent a cross on the right, and Saka, who was inserted into the restricted area, shot at a small angle with his right foot. navas blocked the near corner and saved the ball from the baseline. Then Saka kicked the right corner, and the forest player was not far from the clearance. jorginho pushed and missed at the top of the arc.

In the 67th minute, the forest backcourt made a long pass to the left of the frontcourt. Thomas broke the ball and returned it to Ben White, who made a mistake in stopping the ball in the restricted area. After Gibbs White stole the ball, he pushed it from a small angle and hit the side net. In the 72nd minute, the forest fought back, and Lodi received Danilo’s wonderful pass in front of the restricted area, and the former pushed the far corner and missed.

In the 87th minute, Saka and Jesus hit the wall in the opponent’s restricted area. The former fell to the ground after contacting the opponent’s defender with the ball, and the referee did not award a penalty.

In the 90th minute, Gibbs-White passed in front of Arsenal’s restricted area like a Hua Hudie. After entering the restricted area, he shot low with his right foot, and Ramsdale saved the ball. In the 97th minute, navas, the forest goalkeeper, jumped up to catch the ball and was injured. Hennessy replaced him.

In the end, at the end of the game, Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest and sent Manchester City to win the championship in advance.

200 million euros! It was revealed that Manchester United wanted to sign Mbappé against Harland, and Real Madrid+Guardiola panicked.

Mbappé is still the focus of international football, and this French star will be the target of many giants in the transfer market this summer. However, according to the latest report quoted by Daily Goal and Daily Express, Manchester United, the premier league giant, is eyeing Mbappé and eager to bring in the French star worth 180 million euros, but seriously, without 200 million euros, it is impossible to complete such a deal of the century. Manchester United’s competitor is still Real Madrid, and of course the two giants have to compete with Paris, because the French giants will not be willing to let go of a world-class striker like Mbappé easily.

After Manchester United released Cristiano Ronaldo, Rachford became the first thigh of the team’s front line. This season, Rachford scored 29 goals, which was very good. However, Manchester United needs a stronger striker to help the team regain its glory. Considering that Manchester City has Harland and Manchester United signed Mbappé, it is the best answer. In this case, Manchester United’s lineup can compete with Manchester City. At least in the front line, the two teams will be equal. Similarly, Manchester United.

In the eyes of Paris, they still don’t want to let Mbappé go. After all, it is difficult for Messi to renew his contract with the club. If Mbappé is lost again, the striker line in Paris will be devastated. However, in the transfer market, the bitter melon is not sweet, and Paris has forced Mbappé to stay for many times. If the French star wants to leave, but Paris deliberately sets obstacles, the two sides will be torn, and then it will be difficult to end.

Manchester United hope to sign Mbappé with a large sum of money. Considering that the player’s actual value is already 180 million euros, if the Premier League giants want to succeed, they need to prepare a transfer fee of at least 200 million euros. British media revealed that Saudi local tyrants are preparing to spend 6 billion pounds to buy Manchester United. If the deal is completed, then the Red Devils will not be short of money, and it is really promising to complete the deal in Mbappé.

However, in the transfer market, Manchester United also has a strong rival, that is Real Madrid. In the Champions League, Real Madrid was swept by Manchester City, which made florentino realize that the team can’t continue to live on its laurels. Although Benzema is still strong, it is not at its peak. It is imperative to sign Mbappé, so Real Madrid will also join the competition.

The advantage of Manchester United is that they have a good relationship with Paris. As for Real Madrid, La Liga giants have tried to poach Mbappé many times, which makes Nasser very disgusted. Therefore, the possibility of Manchester United fishermen benefiting is not ruled out.

Guoping needs attention! Malone was so worried that he was lucky to win, praising the 19-year-old dark horse for his great progress.

Guoping needs attention! Malone had a lingering fear, calling it lucky to win, and praised the 19-year-old dark horse for its great progress. In the WTT Macau Championship in 2023, Wang Chuqin and Malone successively defeated their opponents in the semi-finals, successfully joined the men’s singles finals, and Guoping locked the championship and runner-up. After the game, Malone was full of praise for French 19-year-old Alex in an interview, calling himself lucky.

In the men’s singles semi-final, Wang Chuqin took the lead in playing against Japan’s core Zhang Benzhihe. Originally, everyone thought that the game would be fierce, but the actual situation was that Wang Chuqin easily defeated Zhang Benzhihe 4-0 and took the lead in advancing to the final.

Then Malone, the winner of the Grand Slam of Table Tennis, came out at the finale and played against Alex, a 19-year-old French teenager. This was their first match. Alex beat top seed Fan Zhendong in the previous match, so this match attracted a lot of attention. After the start of the game, Malone took the lead in 4-1, but then Alex tied 5-5, but Malone quickly stabilized the situation and won the first game with 11-8. In the second game, the competition between the two men in the first half was still fierce. When the score was 7-7, Malone made a mistake, and Alex scored 4 points and pulled back the game with 11-7. Alex led by 8-4, then Malone fired all the way, scored 7 points in a row, and won the game by 11-8. In the fifth game, Malone finished the reversal in the backward situation, and finally sealed the victory by 11-8, thus winning by 4-1.

After the game, Malone summed up the game in an interview. Malone’s first remark was that he was a little scared. Later, Malone said that Alex had made great progress in the past two years and his world ranking had also improved greatly. This was the first time to play against him, and I felt particularly great pressure, especially in the last two games, which were very difficult to win and finally won by luck. From Malone’s statement, it is not difficult to see that he was surprised by Alex’s performance. Perhaps he didn’t think that Alex could play like this before the game. Fortunately, Malone had rich experience in the competition and withstood the impact of Alex. Before Fan Zhendong was out of the game, he was probably not prepared. I hope the table tennis coaching staff can pay attention to Alex. In addition, Malone also talked about the final against Wang Chuqin. Malone said that he lost to Wang Chuqin several times last year, and this time he hoped that he could prepare in the best state.

Many fans also expressed their views on this: "Alex and Malone lost in experience!" Malone is the most experienced player in active service, no one! Fan Zhendong lost to Alex and relaxed after leading, giving Alex a chance and the last luck. " "I see it this way. Fan Zhendong is a master of attack, but he may lose when his physical strength drops and his attack is not smooth. Malone is both offensive and defensive. When his attack is blocked, he can use defense to limit his opponent’s play to win." "Malone’s experience makes Alex unable to exert his own backhand advantage, which is the key to Malone’s victory. On the other hand, Fan Zhendong doesn’t understand the change of placement, and his tactics are simple and his strength is insufficient. This is the difference between the two!" "The French rising star served strangely and played fiercely. Fortunately, Malone was experienced, played steadily and beat him 4-1 with excellent skills." This article was originally written by Xiao Lizi. Please don’t copy or carry it. # Hundreds of teams #

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Text/Jiang Shihua

At present, there is no definite time when the Super League will kick off in the new season, but the anti-corruption wave in China football triggered by Li Tie’s investigation shows no sign of abating. In particular, the news of match-fixing and gambling involved in the Xinghan Wu incident may not be an individual phenomenon. According to a well-known domestic football media source, as many as eight Chinese Super Clubs have begun to be investigated by relevant departments, among which the Shanghai Harbour in Taishan, Shandong Province is one.

Recently, a football media person surnamed M posted a message on social media that investigators had gone to Guangzhou and Jiaying to investigate the local gambling situation in the last two years. As we all know, there used to be four Super League teams in Guangdong, and the clubs in Guangzhou are Guangzhou City and Guangzhou Team. It is inevitable that one of these two teams will be investigated by the relevant departments this time. The Shenzhen team has been mentioned many times before. The most typical case is: in the 2019 season, the Shenzhen team drew 4-4 with Wuhan Zall at home, and the head coach of Wuhan team at that time was Li Tie, who is now in prison.

After Chen Xiaoyuan was investigated, because of his relationship with Chen Xiaoyuan, the Harbour Club is likely to be investigated by relevant departments. During Chen Xiaoyuan’s tenure as chairman of the Harbour Club, some accounts and other issues were the focus of investigation by relevant departments. Previously, the news of match-fixing involved in the Xinghan Wu incident made Shandong Taishan deeply involved. If nothing else, in the final stage of last season, Shandong Taishan team beat Shenzhen 8-0 at home, and this game was questioned by many fans. If it’s not a match-fixing, it’s at least a tacit match.

Mr. Mo Yan’s writing style is magical realism, so is China football?