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Going north and going south-the exchange between Hong Kong and mainland youth has narrowed their spiritual distance

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 21st (Reporter Chen Ji Zhan Yan) Since he went to Beijing to work in Internet advertising in 2000, Zhang Longhua, a Hong Kong native, has experienced several entrepreneurial stories spanning Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

  His latest entrepreneurial project is the mobile Internet video teaching platform "Xiumiao". This platform was released in Hong Kong at the end of 2015 and landed in the mainland at the beginning of the following year. Zhang Longhua set up the company in Hong Kong Science Park and the mainland branch in Shenzhen Qianhai Youth DreamWorks, and went back and forth to the two places once a week as usual.

  Xiu Miaoduo invited a Hong Kong tutor to teach the course, covering life skills such as speech skills, social etiquette, love and marriage. "Not only the first-tier cities in the mainland have demand for these courses, but many second-and third-tier cities have wine tasting classes, etiquette classes, etc., and there are many people attending classes." Zhang Longhua said, "Because people are striving for progress, and they are constantly pursuing the enrichment of social skills and the improvement of their self-cultivation."

  At the end of 2014, Qianhai Administration, Shenzhen Youth Federation and Hong Kong Youth Federation initiated the establishment of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks, and so far 77 Hong Kong entrepreneurial teams including Xiumiao have been hatched. Qianhai also provided 666 internship positions for young people in Hong Kong, received 8,000 students from Hong Kong colleges and universities for study and exchange, and attracted more than 100 Hong Kong youth entrepreneurial teams to participate in the first Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  Going north to start a business is behind the enthusiastic struggle of young people in Hong Kong and the help of government departments. It is understood that in the past three academic years, more than 170,000 Hong Kong students participated in the mainland exchange program. In April 2014, the Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Youth Internship and Exchange Funding Scheme in the Mainland, which further promoted Hong Kong young people’s understanding of the job market and development opportunities in the Mainland.

  Close to the water tower, Qianhai has opened a channel for the flow of talents between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition to promoting more than 10 kinds of Hong Kong professionals such as certified tax agents, certified accountants and housing managers to practice directly in Qianhai, it also levies personal income tax on overseas talents including high-end talents from Hong Kong at a rate of only 15%.

  After starting a business, Zhang Longhua is still infatuated with the strong historical and humanistic atmosphere in the north, which is also one of the reasons why the vast mainland attracts him. "I like history very much. At that time, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I would go to the Great Wall every month and visit Shichahai every week or two." He said.

  Multi-culture, international vision and open concept … … A "Pearl of the Orient", which blends East and West, has also attracted many young people from the mainland to show their great ambitions during the 20 years since returning to the motherland.

  Unlike Zhang Longhua, Zhao Xiaoshuang, a mainland exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, prefers to go into nature and "see the sea through the mountains". "Hong Kong’s natural environment is well protected. It’s not very troublesome to go to an island by boat. The scenery is beautiful and natural. This is a particularly good place in Hong Kong. " She said.

  The year after Hong Kong’s return, Hong Kong universities began to recruit mainland students by entrusting 10 mainland universities. In 2003, the Ministry of Education officially agreed that Hong Kong universities should recruit self-funded undergraduates in six provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian. Over the past decade or so, the scope of enrollment has gradually expanded.

  In 2009, after graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhao Xiaoshuang was admitted to the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, worked in Hong Kong for more than four years, returned from studying abroad for one year, and worked as an exchange student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Zhao Xiaoshuang, who originally went south, claimed to be "led by curiosity". She said that there are many advanced things in social work and charity in Hong Kong, and I want to learn about them myself.

  Mr. Wang, from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, chose the multimedia major of the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to further study and improve himself after graduating from a creative cartoon in Hong Kong.

  After living in Hong Kong for more than five years, Mr. Wang has been able to skillfully hear Cantonese and got married here. In cafes in Hong Kong, he has taught Mandarin one-on-one with Hong Kong friends for countless times. "More and more Hong Kong people have this will because their business is related to the mainland and they have to speak Mandarin." Mr. Wang said.

  In 2011, as a financial consultant, Chen Zhihao, a Hong Kong resident, was still fluent in Mandarin when he came to meet his first mainland client in Longgang, Shenzhen. This mainland customer is a primary school teacher with a monthly income of 5,000 yuan. Although the business was not concluded, she became good friends with Chen Zhihao.

  During the past six years, Chen Zhihao’s clients were mainly mainland youths, who were distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places. His life was like a pendulum, and he frequently traveled between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He met his girlfriend in Shenzhen, a Guiyang girl who graduated from Hong Kong University.

  "The biggest feeling of working and living in the mainland is that people have a positive attitude towards work and life and work hard. I learned a lot from my girlfriend. " Chen Zhihao said.

  The Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said that apart from politics and economy, the mainland and Hong Kong are also closely related to social and livelihood issues. Cultural exchanges between the two places are becoming more and more frequent. At present, there are more than 520,000 Hong Kong people living, working and studying in Guangdong Province for a long time.

  Many customers at work have become friends in Chen Zhihao’s life. "Basically, they eat together, watch movies together and chat together. I often recommend them to watch some good movies in Hong Kong." Chen Zhihao said, "I am doing myself well, in fact, I am promoting Hong Kong well."

Vote "War or Peace" in 2024? Lai Qingde’s "independence" pit is bottomless, which is the biggest source of war in the Taiwan Strait!

Once the Taiwan Province Strait is confronted with each other because of "Taiwan independence" or external interference and intervention, Taiwan Province, the treasure island, will become a battlefield of war, and the people living in this land will be trapped and turned into "cannon fodder". This is the basic logical judgment of public opinion on the influence of "Taiwan independence" on the trend of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The results of many polls on the island also show that the mainstream public opinion agrees with this judgment more than 50%.
On January 13th next year, Taiwan Province will vote for a new leader. Facing the retrogression and countercurrent of cross-strait relations under the DPP’s ruling for many years, the Taiwan Province Strait has been shrouded in a green haze. The election in early 2024 will determine whether the future of Taiwan Province people can shine under the sunshine of peace.
Is it war or peace? The mainland has repeatedly called for the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots to make correct choices at critical moments. There are still about 30 days left before the election. Despite all the old routines and tricks, such as smearing rival candidates and spreading rumors about the mainland’s "intervention" in the Taiwan election, the poll of Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, the "independent combination" launched by the Democratic Progressive Party, has continued to decline, and the gap with Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang of the Kuomintang of China has been within the error range.
It is shameless to cling to "Taiwan independence" and "going to China"! (Painter: Nuowan)
Digging the "independence" pit is too deep to arouse doubts, and the United States advises to rely on "freezing independence"
Since entering the election, Lai Qingde, who calls himself a "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", has tried to downplay his label of "Taiwan independence", tried to get close to Tsai Ing-Wen’s vague line on cross-strait policy, and used a set of untenable logic of "preparing for war to avoid war" to muddle through.
However, since entering politics, Lai has dug himself a bottomless "independence" pit, and suddenly and deliberately changed. Obviously, smart non-green voters in Taiwan Province will not be fooled. According to the island polls of different institutions and different periods, Lai’s support can only be circled on the basic disk of green camp, which is firmly suppressed by this ceiling.
An out-and-out "Taiwan independence worker" and an out-and-out "troublemaker." Lai Qingde has been named by the Taiwan Affairs Office many times. It is said that three American scholars who have deep ties with the DPP recently jointly wrote an article urging Lai Qingde, who is also the party chairman, to consider freezing the so-called "Taiwan independence party program". The United States released unusual signals at a delicate moment before the election, which aroused public concern on the island, indicating that Biden’s government was worried that the ingrained "Taiwan independence" ideology would become the most uncontrollable time bomb in the Taiwan Strait.
Lai Qingde, on the other hand, avoided talking about freezing the "Taiwan independence party program", but continued to advocate the rotten stalk of "the United States supports Taiwan Province". US President Biden has made it clear more than once that he does not support "Taiwan Province independence". At the recent regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson, also pointed out that Lai Qingde dared not mention that the United States clearly indicated that it did not support "Taiwan independence", and could only do something out of context to deceive people and defraud votes.
"Root-searching, soul-breaking" and "cultural Taiwan independence" become "cultural orphans"
Recently, a video of a Chinese teacher from a well-known girls’ school in Taiwan Province denouncing the "shamelessness" of the "China-oriented" curriculum on the island became popular, and Taiwan Province therefore set off another round of public opinion "counterattack" against the DPP for years. There is criticism from public opinion that this female teacher has hit a sore point with the "Taiwan independence" DPP government. "Shameless" means "de-China" and "Taiwan independence".
The DPP’s so-called "Taiwan independence" argument is based on the "cultural Taiwan independence" route of "de-China" on the island. Cutting off cross-strait cultural ties and shaping a so-called "Taiwan Province’s main culture" are the evil ways of "digging into the roots", "pulling out the bones" and "breaking the soul", which has plunged young people in Taiwan Province into cultural confusion and pushed Taiwan Province to the edge of the so-called "cultural orphan" and "historical orphan".
Zhu Fenglian also said at the above-mentioned press conference that it must be pointed out that any act of "de-China" cannot change the Chinese cultural identity and the Chinese national identity deeply rooted in Taiwan Province society, and cannot separate the historical ties between the two sides of the strait and the blood ties between compatriots on both sides of the strait. The DPP authorities’ forgetting their ancestors will surely meet with stronger opposition from compatriots on both sides of the strait.
Make the right choice and use votes to sweep away the source of peace in the Taiwan Strait.
Both the "Taiwan independence party program" and the "Taiwan independence curriculum program" derived from it are the bane to change the status quo that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China and lead the Taiwan Strait to a dangerous war. Choosing Lai Qingde means choosing a blind alley of "Taiwan independence". The mainland has repeatedly called for "I hope that the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots will understand the general trend and make a correct choice at a critical moment", that is, they do not want the election results next year to run counter to the track of peaceful development of cross-strait relations.
Peace is in the best interests of the people of Taiwan Province. It is the right choice to sweep away the scourge of peace in the Taiwan Strait, let the "peace saboteurs" step down and create a vast space for compatriots on both sides of the strait to seek, protect and share peace. (Text/Yan Xintai, this article does not represent the view of China Taiwan Province Network)

No net, no liver, no krypton, take stock of those super-killing and super-interesting games.

Many of them can’t be found, but they are off the shelf.

The magic tower series

  1. Magic tower 24 th floor
  2. Classic magic tower 50 floors
  3. Xinxin magic tower
  4. The new magic tower 2 (updated on 20230628, but not played yet)

Gold miner Classic Miner

Monopoly (off the shelf)

Tribe and machete: steam transplant version, mod available, conscience stand-alone

Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes X (off the shelf)

Legends of Heroes in Jianghu 1, 2 (once a web flash game, formerly known as "Legend of Heroes of Jin Yong")

Legend of Xuanyuan Jiansan and Xuanyuan Jiansan (pc Transplant Edition)

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man (pc Transplanted Edition)

Heroes and Heroes Biography 1, 2, 3 (personal production, also available on pc-side steam (paid), mobile phones are free; Personal comparison recommendation series 2)

The legend of chivalrous man (pc transplant version)

[Weak networking martial arts rpg] single machine is the main one, and pvp exists, which does not affect the normal game)

Yanyu Jianghu

Hanjia Jianghu

My knight-errant

Call me Royal Guards.

Orange light games (there are quite a few games in the app, and the text options are mainly plot/numerical development, and there are many in love women and some in men).

Rusty Lake series.

The Room series

Lost island series

Doctor’s home series

Mr pumpkin adventure series

The house of Leonardo da Vinci

Agent A(Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise)

Mystery series of ship-snatching

Lost Garden Series

The chamber of secrets escape from despair series

If you can go home earlier.

Prison break series (four-part, good painting style)

Kingdom Rush Series (Kingdom Rush)

Tale of Happiness Apartment (one of Cairo games, Pixel Wind, like this kind of direct search Cairo games, super many)

Delicious pizza, delicious pizza (off the shelf)

Mini subway (educational leisure class)

Sims (weak networking)

Simulated city (weak networking)

fallout shelter

Plague Inc

Rebel Inc

Village of hope (weak networking, similar to famine)

Crown of the gods

Sniper (sniper)

Full moon night (puzzle, it’s not difficult to get started, single card game, good painting style)

Doodle God

Exception (if you want to know the programmer’s work, let’s feel the charm of logic)

Sword-telling (ink martial arts style, similar to fruit ninja, and chivalrous plot)

Blade of the Shadow 3 (action martial arts, very good painting style)

Flash customers and fight quickly (childhood memories series)

The original god (still into the pit, it is still very good to play alone, and there are many subplots ~ (unfortunately, it is a two-dimensional style, spit out when the martial arts can also have this level)

Lost in life (drawing and stamping xp, the character story is full)

Going against the cold hand tour (just out of the game, at present, it is still very good to play as a single player! Don’t force Krypton, the subplots are rich, and the degree of freedom is high. After playing this, you will lose the original god.)

2023 PS Game Collection: List of Must-Play Games, it’s not too late to collect now!

The year 2023 is drawing to a close. In this year, the PS game industry ushered in many wonderful game works. In order to make friends who love games not miss any games worth trying, I have specially compiled a list of PS games that must be played in 2023 for everyone. Collect this list now, this list will provide you with rich choices!


Tchia is a fascinating open-world game. When it was first launched, it joined the PS second-class library game. Its core mechanism is to let players manipulate biological and abiotic entities, so as to achieve temporary control of the target. This design skillfully provides a wealth of freedom, enabling players to explore and take risks in a more personalized way. The exploration elements in the game have been strengthened, and players are encouraged to experience the world from multiple perspectives, thus discovering hidden secrets and treasures. Players will interact with various biological and abiotic entities by playing Tchia. By manipulating these entities, players can experience real freedom and power.

Resident Evil 4

The remastered version of Resident Evil 4 is an almost perfect masterpiece. It not only keeps the essence of the original, but also makes subtle but significant improvements in game control, shooting experience and story, making the overall game experience even better. In this game, Leon’s adventure is full of exciting surprises, combining the elements of terror with high-intensity movements, bringing an unforgettable journey of terror to the players. This game shows Capcom’s outstanding strength in remaking products, and perfectly presents this classic work with the most platform login times in the history of games.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not only a high-quality Star Wars game, but also an immersive Star Wars experience. In the game, players will play a Jedi knight, facing the edge of despair, waving lightsabers to launch a fierce battle. At the same time, there are many kinds of enemies in the game, from ordinary soldiers to powerful robots and Force users. Each enemy has its own unique fighting mode and attack mode. The scene design in the game is also excellent, from the barren planet to the bustling city, each scene presents the unique charm and customs of this galaxy in an unprecedented way.

I wonder if you have experienced some of these popular PS games? These games not only perform well in entertainment, but also provide players with multi-level plots and rich connotations, so that people can feel the wonderful degree of the game itself while enjoying the fun of the game. Similarly, there are many classic works worth playing in the mobile game market, among which Mobile Games in Magic Domain is undoubtedly the best.

"Mobile Games in Magic Domain" not only inherits the classic gameplay and features of the end-game in Magic Domain, but also makes a lot of innovations and improvements to make it more suitable for the operation and display of mobile phone platforms. In the game, players can experience the original Atlantis continent, and at the same time enjoy more convenient operation and richer content. The plot level in the game is rich, and the story line is ups and downs, so that players can not only experience exciting battles and adventures, but also feel rich sense of eroticism and worldview background.

In addition, the gameplay and activities in the game have always been innovative and updated. Recently, a brand-new activity-"Heroes’ Club" was launched in "Magic Field Mobile Games", which attracted the attention of many players. This grand event with full participation allows players to freely challenge opponents who rank higher than themselves and get rich rewards instead. This unique gameplay design not only increases the fun of the game, but also enables players to feel a different kind of competitive fun while enjoying the game.

Finally, I hope this list can help you enjoy the game in 2023! Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, you can find a game that suits you in this list and start an unforgettable game journey. Have a great time!

Missed the Olympic Games, China Women’s Football Team 2023 got three sap.

Reporter Wang Wei reports On the evening of November 1st, China women’s football team ushered in the second stage of the Paris Olympic preliminaries in Xiamen. The 1-1 result resulted in neither China nor South Korea qualifying. This is also the second time that China women’s football team missed the final stage of the Olympic Games after missing the 2012 London Olympic Games. After the game, China women’s football team Wang Shanshan, Dou Jiaxing and other players shed tears on the court. Without the Paris Olympic Games, China women’s football team failed to achieve their goals in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Hangzhou Asian Games and Paris Olympic preliminaries.

Before the battle of life and death, the AFC held the 2022 annual award ceremony, and Shui Qingxia won the title of the best women’s football coach in 2022-in recognition of her leading the team to win the 2022 women’s Asian Cup. But this honor is more like an invisible pressure for the women’s football team in China, last stand in the final round of the group stage. In addition, before the match, the Filipino women’s football team ranked second in Group A had already scored 6 points. On the evening of November 1st, the confrontation between Chinese and Korean women’s football teams became a "life-and-death battle". No matter whether it was the China women’s football team with 3 points or the Korean women’s football team with 4 points, only the winner had a chance to advance.

In this game, Shui Qingxia used Liu Yanqiu as the right avant-garde in the starting lineup, which is a big change. However, Yan Jinjin, who scored in both games before the Olympic preliminaries, was put on the bench. Obviously, Shui Qingxia still wanted to leave the back hand at the end.

In the first half, there were not many opportunities for the two teams. Uyghur Gumula once scored a goal for the China women’s football team, but Wu Chengshu’s offside goal was invalid. On the other hand, South Korean women’s football relies more on the 16-year-old mixed-race teenager Cathy Fair to make a killing in the frontcourt. Her breakthrough in the first half of stoppage time created a killing for veteran Chi Xiaoran, who surprised the China women’s football team with a cold sweat when she hit the post.

In the second half, it was still the Korean women’s football team that took the lead in rewriting the score. In the 61st minute, they took advantage of the free kick and Chi Xiaoran assisted Shen Yi to grab the header and then broke the deadlock. China women’s football team was forced to die. It wasn’t until the 70th minute that Shui Qingxia finally took a chance and put on Wang Linlin, the central defender, and pushed the captain Wang Shanshan to the front line. The change was immediate. In the 78th minute, China women’s football team used a free kick to equalize the score. Yan Jinjin passed the ball into the penalty area and Wang Shanshan headed the ball to score a beautiful goal.

However, the score of 1-1 was not enough for both China and South China. In the 84th minute, the women’s football team made a beautiful left-wing counterattack, and Yan Jinjin received a pass from her teammates on the right to form a single-handed trend. Unfortunately, her final shot missed the post. In the end, after five minutes of stoppage time, the China women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team drew 1-1, and both teams missed the third stage of the Paris Olympic preliminaries. Japan, Australia, North Korea and Uzbekistan (the best group is second) entered the third stage of the competition, and they will compete for the last two tickets to the Paris Olympic Games.

For China women’s football team, there are three major events this year, among which the first event failed to qualify for the Women’s World Cup group match, setting the worst result in the history of China women’s football team participating in the World Cup; Hangzhou Asian Games only won the bronze medal when Japanese women’s football team and Korean women’s football team didn’t send the strongest team to participate, which didn’t meet the expectations of the outside world. This time, the exit from the Paris Olympic preliminaries failed to extend the hope to the third stage-three sap notes, which means that China women’s football team failed to achieve the expected goals in all three major competitions this year.

The elimination of the Paris Olympic preliminaries means that the China women’s football team will have no major competition to play in the next year or two. Shui Qingxia took over as the head coach of China women’s football team after the Tokyo Olympic Games, but now she has missed the Paris Olympic Games, and a complete cycle of leading this coaching team has ended.

In this Olympic preliminaries, China women’s football team did encounter many difficulties, including Shoupeng Wang’s injury and Tang Jiali’s failure to return to the team, and Zhang Linyan’s state failed to reach the best because of some injuries. Another player studying abroad, Wu Chengshu, missed the match against Thailand because of a fever, and Li Mengwen failed to register for the match against South Korea because of injury. Because of her poor record, some tactical arrangements and personnel arrangements of Shui Qingxia have naturally been questioned by some outside voices.

After the game, some media asked Shui Qingxia whether she would continue to lead the women’s football team in China. Shui Qingxia responded: "We didn’t achieve the original goal in terms of results alone, but more young people can get exercise through the game, and we can really see that China women’s football team can do better in terms of skills and tactics besides spirit, and we can find the right way in the process of failure in the future. This is ok. As for the future, I’m not sure now. In any case, I hope that the women’s football team in China will get better and better. I hope that these girls will really enjoy the happiness brought by football on the football field and hope that they will get better and better in the future. "

After the game, Shui Qingxia talked about the preparation of the team and the topic of players studying abroad. "After training in Xiamen, I learned that overseas players came back late. I am still worried about their physical fitness, including recovery and jet lag. I will play the game two days after returning. There must be many people asking, since you have so many worries, why did you call them back? China Football Association has been encouraging more young players to go out, not just to go out, hoping that more players will gain experience and serve the motherland in the future. Personally, I am very supportive from the beginning to the present. I hope that our players will go out and see the outside world, what advantages and shortcomings they have, and see how football is played in European countries. " Shui Qingxia said.

Shui Qingxia also took the initiative to talk about Tang Jiali, who was not selected for the national team this time. "I have always supported studying abroad. Maybe many people care about Tang Jiali’s problem. She is also one of the overseas players. She is a good player. We have been communicating before, including her trip from Shanghai to Spain, including her performance in the league. She is a very powerful player. I hope she can maintain a good competitive level through the Spanish league and have the opportunity to serve her motherland and return to the team."

China women’s football team failed in the World Cup, the Asian Games and the Paris Olympic preliminaries, which made the women’s football girls very sad. After the game, Shui Qingxia hugged each team member. Wang Shanshan, captain of the China women’s football team, shed tears on the field. "In fact, we played very well in today’s game. In the future, I hope more young people can get up and carry forward the spirit of women’s football in China and never give up."

"I’m sorry that I didn’t win today’s game, which means that I can’t enter the Olympic Games in the following games. The players performed very well in today’s game, including the fighting style. The players really tried their best in this game, and I am especially grateful to the players. " Shui Qingxia apologized after the Olympic preliminaries.

At the same time, she said: "From the heart, I am quite sad. I feel sorry for these girls, because everyone has been struggling since the beginning of this year, and the women’s football team in China has its highlights. We have also seen many technical and tactical gaps and deficiencies. In fact, we are trying to adjust and change every day. From now on, the change is not good enough or fast enough. Our team members also tried their best, and I am very grateful to my team members and thank my team. "

Throughout 2023, women’s football competitions in China have been held one after another. It can’t be said that the team doesn’t work hard, but the dilemma of weak foundation and unclear direction can’t be changed in a day or two. Regarding the future of China women’s football team, Shui Qingxia said after the game: "Everyone has seen the World Cup, the Asian Games and the Olympic preliminaries. In fact, there is a big gap between us, especially in youth training, which is an important direction for future development. We don’t have any big competitions in the next two years, but if we are soberly aware of the gaps and shortcomings and calm down to deal with some details, I think the China women’s football team will go in the right direction. "

Top 100 Stars Selection | Harden’s overwhelming advantage leads Murray to the top 50, and Ayton only enters the top 100.

In the off-season of NBA, the TOP150 large-scale voting activities were held, and the second stage featured 150 players who appeared in service to vote for the ranking. In the first part, every three players are divided into 50 groups, and five groups of votes are held every day. The first place in each group is 1-50, the second place is 51-100, and the third place is 101-150. On the 4th day, in the five groups of voting, Jamal Murray, Fox, Morant, Harden and Sabonis Junior all entered the 1-50 places without any suspense. Except Fox, the other four stars all exceeded 90% of the votes, and Harden led the way with more than 95% of the votes. Aidan missed the top 50 in active service because of his poor performance in the playoffs, and Horford and Lori, two veteran all-star players, lost their performance due to their age, and also missed the top 50 in active service, so all three entered 51-100.

The voting results of each group are ranked as follows:

The first group of votes: 1 Jamal Murray, 2 Ayton, 3 Potis.

The second group of votes: 1 Fox, 2 Horford, 3 Grimes.

The third group of votes: 1 Morant, 2 Bogdahn-Bogdanovic and 3 White.

The fourth group of votes: 1 Harden, 2 Lori and 3 Giddy.

The fifth group of votes: 1 Sabonis Jr., 2 Lowe, 3 Trey Murphy.

Enter 1-50 places: Jamal Murray, Fox, Morant, Harden, Little Sabonis.

Jamal Murray, Morant, Harden and Sabonis Jr. all won more than 90% of the votes in their respective groups, and Harden won an overwhelming majority of more than 95% of the votes, leading the way, thus successfully ranking first in the group and entering the 1-50 active duty range. Jamal Murray was the No.2 winner of the Nuggets’ championship last season. He staged a perfect "redemption" script after returning from a serious injury and won the ESPY Best Comeback Award. Morant’s personal performance is one of the representative stars of the new generation, although the off-court "gun door" incident has been criticized. Sabonis Jr. performed well last season, helping Kings return to the playoffs after 17 years, and won a contract renewal with the highest salary this summer.

Harden won more than 95% of the votes and became the player with the highest number of votes, which shows that he still has a huge fan base in China. Harden averaged 21 points, 6.1 rebounds, 10.7 assists and 1.2 steals in the regular court last season, and was crowned the league’s assistant king successfully. Even though the playoffs failed to stop the 76ers from stopping in the second round, he once scored 40+ in two games. As for Fox, although he only got over 80% of the votes, he still ranked first in the group, and also successfully advanced to the 1-50 active duty range.

Enter 51-100: Ayton, Horford, Bogdahn Bogdanovic, Lori and Lowe.

As the core of the Sun’s insider, Aidan missed the top 50 in active service. He averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds in the regular field last season, but the playoff data shrank to 13.4 points and 9.7 rebounds, which was naturally criticized by Jokic. Horford and Lori, two veteran All-Star players, have greatly reduced their competitive ability due to factors such as age and injuries. However, they helped the Green Army to advance to the East Finals and the Heat to advance to the finals respectively, and they also entered the active service range of 51-100.

Bogdahn Bogdanovic and Lowe also entered the 51-100 active duty range. Bogdahn Bogdanovic averaged 14 points, 3 rebounds and 2.8 assists in the regular field last season, making him a top scorer in the league. As for Luo Wei, who contributed 8 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in the regular field last season, he is an important substitute for the Celtics’ inside, and with Horford continuing to get old, Luo Wei’s data and team status are expected to continue to improve next season.

Enter 101-150: Potis, Grimes, White, Giddy, Trey Murphy.

The five players who enter the range of 101-150 are basically important role players of their respective teams. Potis averaged 14.1 points, 9.6 rebounds and 1.5 assists on the regular court last season, and was an efficient bench substitute for Bucks. Grimes averaged 11.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists on the regular court last season, and was the bench gangster of the Knicks. Giddy averaged 16.8 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists in the regular field last season, becoming one of the main cores of Thunder. Trey Murphy averaged 14.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1.1 steals in the regular court last season, becoming an important player in the pelican.

White averaged 12.4 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists in the regular field last season, and further improved his performance in the playoffs. With the Celtics sending Smart to the Grizzlies in the offseason, White is expected to be righted and become the new starting point guard of the Green Army in the new season.

Notice of voting for the star on August 5

In the second stage of the TOP150 large-scale voting activity in NBA offseason, 150 players were selected for voting ranking. The list of players participating today is 21-25 groups of players, as follows:

21. Adebayor, Smart, Monk

22. Jay Brown, Norman Powell, Fultz

23. Trey Young, Chrt, Vanderbilt

24. Edwards, Hero, Herbert Jones

25. George, macdaniels and Tommy Tam

The strongest surface is 178! It’s only three points+18 points per game but it’s worth 46 million. Is the Spurs wrong?

We all know that the strongest 175 on the surface is Thomas Jr. After all, he averaged 28 points when he played for the Celtics. You know, in the NBA, there are many people, and even some stars can’t do it. "I can’t even get 28 points per game, not to mention being only 1.75 meters tall. Editors believe that after Thomas Jr., there are 178 other strongest players on earth. He is Graham who is currently playing for the Spurs.

Many people may not be familiar with Graham, but he is one of the three young players of the Hornets (Washington, Graham and bridges), and the current three young players are a bit mediocre. Washington will stay in the team, but the core position will be Gibb. "The road to three goals. Bridges was suspended for domestic violence last season and needs to be suspended for 10 games before coming back next season. Graham left the Pelicans first, and then the Spurs. It was traded. "

Recently, Graham was asked about his current contract status on Pinson’s podcast. "46 million dollars in four years (2021 agreement)," Graham said. In this regard, Pingsen’s response is: "What’s wrong with me? I cried, you are only 5 feet 10 inches (1m 78, Graham’s nominal height is 1m 85), oh, I can’t shoot three points. " ——pointers Nothing ! "

Graham’s official height is 1.85 meters, but his actual barefoot height may be only 1.78 meters. As a rookie, he averaged 18.2 points, 3.4 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 1 steal, making him one of the best 178 players on the planet. His shooting success rate is 38.2.%+37.3%. Besides his inefficiency, many people think that he can at least be the leader of the weak team. However, this was later proved to be a mistake, because Graham’s career was not efficient.

Graham’s salary now is by no means high, but after all, compared with the superstar’s salary of 40 million to 50 million, Graham’s annual salary now is only the middle class level, and it was barely considered when he played for Tottenham last season. There. "He can contribute 13 points, 2.6 rebounds and 4 assists per game, but his shooting percentage is only 38%+35.8%. As Pinson said, Graham’s career three-point shooting percentage is 35.6%, and he is undoubtedly an excellent three-point shooter. "

But I can’t say anything else. His career shooting percentage is only 37.2%, less than 40%. Because of his short stature and poor ability to face opponents, his defensive data is poor. But such a player died over the age of 30 and eventually quit the NBA. You got a contract with three-pointer ability and 10 million yuan because of him, but your next contract may come from the basic salary. What do you think? We welcome your comments.

La Liga-Barcelona lost 1-2 to Huangshe, and the three-game winning streak was ended. Lewan broke the goal and was unbeaten in the top four in six rounds.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time at 3: 00 am on May 21 ST, the 35th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season started to compete at Camp Nou, and Barcelona played at home against the Royal Society. In the first half, merino scored the first goal. In the second half, Cerro expanded the score, and Lewan headed back a city. In the end, Barcelona lost 1-2 to the Royal Society at home, and the three-game winning streak of the Barcelona League was ended. The Royal Society was unbeaten for six consecutive rounds. In terms of standings, Barcelona scored 85 points and locked in the championship. Huang Sheji ranked fourth with 65 points, 5 points ahead of Huang Qian, the fifth place.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 5th minute, Comte’s possession in the midfield was broken, Thurot advanced and made a cross, and merino followed the low shot into the net, making Barcelona 0-1 Royal Society! ↓

In the 71st minute, Derong’s frontcourt dribbling was broken, and the imperial club’s counterattack opportunity, Zubimendi’s horizontal knocking, Cerro succeeded in calmly pushing against Ter stegen, Barcelona 0-2 Royal Society! ↓

In the 89th minute, Phelan broke through the cross on the right, and lewandowski grabbed the header to score a goal, making Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

The 15th minute, Rafinha steals the ball in the frontcourt, Lewan picks it up and passes it to the goal. Dembele’s header is blocked by Remiro. ↓

In the 26th minute, Rafinha made a cross from the bottom, and Levan headed the ball slightly higher. ↓

In the 31st minute, Cerro made a low cross, Ali Shaw shot low in the restricted area, and Ter stegen saved the danger with his legs. ↓

The 36th minute, Dembele’s wonderful performance. ↓

In the 65th minute, Kubo Jianying took a free kick and Thurot headed the ball from close range. ↓

In the 80th minute, Kubo Jianying’s shot in the restricted area was blocked, and Rico’s periphery shelled the door again, and Ter stegen bravely resolved it. ↓

After the game, Harvey comforted the Barcelona players. ↓

[Starting and substitution information of both parties]

Barcelona starters: 1- Ter stegen, 28- Bald, 15- Christensen, 23- Conde (45’17- Marcos Alonso), 18- Alba, 5- busquets (83’24- Eric Garcia), 19- Casey (62’10- Faty).

Substitutes did not play: 13- Pe? a, 20- Robertot, 31- Astraga.

Royal Social Starts: 1- Remiro, 15- Rico, 5- Luis Zubeldia (80’20- Pacheco), 24- Lenomande, 6- Elustondo, 8- merino, 3- Zubimendi, 4- Illarramendi (57’18- Groosa Bell), 11- Ali Shaw.

Substitutes did not appear: 16- Guevara, 2- Sola, 13- zubiaurre, 22- Turrientes, 17- Navarro, 12- Mu? oz, 10- Oyarzabal.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

In the men’s singles quarter-final of WTT Macau Championship, China table tennis player Wang Chuqin confronted Han Ping-pong expert Zhang Yuzhen, which was a great contest. Both of them are tough players, and this duel is definitely a wonderful duel.

At first, they didn’t meet any formidable opponents. Carlson and Carlberg were both defeated by Zhang Yuzhen. Wang Chuqin defeated Gacini and falk successively.

The two men have played four times before, three of which were won by Wang Chuqin, so he kept pressing the other side to fight.

The two men met again and the battle was fierce. This will be the most exciting event after the opening of WTT Macau Championship. Both of them performed well. Wang Chuqin finally turned the tables with 3:2. However, Zhang Yuzhen performed well, and many difficult serves were solved by him. Although at a disadvantage, Zhang Yuzhen did not stop there, but persevered in catching up. In one game, Zhang Yuzhen won, and in the other, it was a pity to lose. Zhang Yuzhen’s indomitable fighting spirit is a model for athletes to never give up.

In the first set, Zhang Yuzhen quickly found her place, leading by 6:2. Wang Chuqin scored three times in a row in the game to narrow the score. Zhang Yuzhen also scored four times in a row, and finally won a game at 10:5. Wang Chuqin was very tenacious, scoring four points in a row in the game, which narrowed the score gap. Zhang Yuzhen’s first line was successful. He won the first set 11-9. Wang Chuqin lost in the first game, but he also put great pressure on the other side.

In the second game, Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was like dreaming. His serve rate and catch rate were very low. With a score of nine to zero, Wang Chuqin is nowhere in sight. Zhang Yuzhen finally found her state and won three points, which narrowed the gap. Such a huge gap, where Wang Chuqin will let him have any chance of winning. Wang Chuqin fought to the death, got two heads in a row and won the game 11-3.

In the third game, Wang Chuqin continued to play well and won 3-0. But at 6:3, Zhang Yuzhen pulled back a city with five goals. Wang Chuqin also scored in succession and finally won a game with 10:8. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Wang Chuqin relaxed a little and was pulled back by Zhang Yuzhen twice in a row. The two played inextricably. After several draws, Zhang Yuzhen won the set at 15:13 and defeated Wang Chuqin with a big score of 2:1.

In the fourth game, Wang Chuqin opened with a beautiful 4-0. Zhang Yuzhen tied the score gap with 8:4. This time, Wang Chuqin didn’t let his advantage slip away in vain, and won the game directly by 11 to 8. 2:2。

In the fifth game, the two men tied one to one. The two teams played against each other between more than ten boards. Wang Chuqin scored a beautiful goal. That goal had a great impact on Zhang Yuzhen’s self-esteem. Wang Chuqin scored goals in succession, expanding the score to seven to one. Under the score of 9:2, Zhang Yuzhen persistently scored four points in a row. Wang Chuqin scored the final blow and won the game at 10:6. Zhang Yuzhen must catch up with four more points to have a chance of winning. This is a very difficult thing, and there is no room for any mistakes. Just one point, Zhang Yuzhen lost her confidence. Wang Chuqin won the fifth set with a score of 11:7.

Finally, Wang Chuqin defeated Zhang Yuzhen with a 3:2 victory and advanced to the semi-finals. This is a really exciting competition. Wang Chuqin’s victory was amazing, and Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was also excellent. Zhang Yuzhen’s body is extremely flexible. Some very difficult goals, he can turn them into victory. Zhang Yuzhen’s performance is undoubtedly the peak.

In an interview after the game, Wang Chuqin also spoke highly of Zhang Yuzhen. In his view, Zhang Yuzhen is a strong contestant, and there have been fights between them. This time, although Wang Chuqin was in a hurry, he won by luck.

The next game is the confrontation between Wang Chuqin and Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe. Wang Chuqin believes it will be a tough battle, and Zhang Benzhihe has made rapid progress in the last two years. He won’t carry his own burden on his shoulders and fight this semi-final battle well.

The match between Fan Zhendong and lebrun, and the match between Malone and Holguet. These two projects are great and interesting.

The benefits of sauna

The benefits of sauna: 1. In a high temperature environment, the capillaries of the whole body can be expanded. Second, it can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, which is beneficial to the elimination of diseases.

3. It can effectively enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. 4. It has a certain weight loss effect and can be appropriately used for people who are obese. Fifth, it has a certain effect of beauty and beauty, and has a whitening effect. 6. It can properly eliminate fatigue, and also has certain curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis. Disadvantage: It may lead to an increased incidence of male infertility.