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Guangdong team news: The team will be renamed, Zhao Rui’s contract renewal is controversial, and Zhang Haojia will be reimbursed in the playoffs.

It is reported that the Guangdong team will change its name, Zhao Rui’s contract renewal is controversial, and Zhang Haojia will be reimbursed in the playoffs. We also know that whether qi zhou will join the CBA team now is always a topic worthy of people’s attention.

Zhou Qi can now say that his trading matters are a topic of concern, and even Chris Paul, a former teammate in the NBA, told him, brother, in fact, you can also consider coming to the Warriors. Our team system is also very suitable for you. After all, the Warriors are absent from players like qi zhou now.

Even after he returned to CBA, he also wanted to play basketball well. Now he has learned a lot in overseas leagues, and I heard that when he returned to the team, other players asked him for advice. He also didn’t have any shelf at all. He also wanted to play for other teams and learn something new. Guangdong Hongyuan Team in CBA also came to a new topic.

According to relevant sources, the Guangdong team will change the name of its own team, and the specific name is still unknown. In addition, Zhao Rui may also leave Guangdong Hongyuan team and join Xinjiang with high probability. What do you think of this?

Chongning Institute successfully completed the security work of the 2023 Chongning Town Rural Mini Marathon.

On April 16th, the first Chongning Town "Inheriting Red Genes and Cohesing Endeavour" 2023 Chongning Village Mini Marathon was held in Chongning Street, Chongning Town, Linwei District, Weinan City. More than 600 professional athletes and runners from all over the world participated in the competition. This marathon is the first grand event in the history of Chongning Town. In order to complete the security work with high standards and high quality, under the overall arrangement of the public security brigade, Chongning of Linwei Public Security Bureau, in close cooperation with the patrol special police brigade and Linwei traffic police brigade, carefully explored the scene, scientifically distributed police force, adhered to the whole process of the event, and made every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

On the day before the competition, the police of Chongning Institute carefully surveyed the site, actively communicated with the heads of various departments, studied the traffic situation of the site and surrounding roads in detail, scientifically set up posts along the route and surrounding intersections, distributed police forces, and tried their best to eliminate all kinds of unsafe hidden factors. During the competition, all the police officers on duty in the institute arrived at their posts at 7: 00 a.m. to maintain the order at the event site and around the track, guide the crowd in time, patiently answer the questions about road control during the competition, and actively publicize the knowledge of public security prevention to the people around the venue and along the road, urging the people to do a good job of self-prevention to avoid property losses and prevent various accidents.

During the security period, the auxiliary police officers of the whole institute were full of energy, strict in police appearance, obedient to orders and standardized in duty. With the strong cooperation of the volunteers, they gave full play to the spirit of dedication and courage to take responsibility, adhered to civilized duty and enthusiastic service, and provided real-time guidance, guidance and diversion to the masses. The stadium was orderly, effectively ensuring the safety of the event site and the personal and property safety of the masses, fully demonstrating the good mental outlook and team image of the public security organs, and successfully completing the security of the marathon.

11 am! C Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend has a baby on the street, and her figure is super Qiao Mei, dressed like a matrix.

On March 11th, Beijing time, many media reported that Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Elena-Schaick appeared on the streets of new york after attending the fashion show.Elena used to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and they were praised by fans as golden couple and the new Beckham and Spice Girl (Victoria).Now, the two go their separate ways. Elena is now taking her daughter out. The younger daughter is not only tall, but also has a good face value. And Elena’s dress, like the matrix.Trinity.

Elena was born in 1986Zherinsk, Ye Man, Russian supermodel. She had been in contact with Cristiano Ronaldo for many years, and once it was time to talk about marriage. However, at this time, Chilean beauty Daniela Chavez appeared. The media kept speculating about the affair between Cristiano Ronaldo and South American girls, which eventually led to the breakup between Elena and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elena today has moved to North America. The winter temperature in new york is a little low, but it is very kind to Elena. She is used to living in such a low temperature, but the humidity and high temperature in Spain are not suitable. At this time, Elena has stopped watching football matches, and there is no team with a higher level than Real Madrid in North America anyway. In other competitions, she is not interested.

Elena’s daughter is 6 years old this year. My little girl showed a beautiful embryo very early. She is tall enough to be comparable to the children of many NBA players. At the same time, the daughter’s face value is outstanding, even higher than Beckham’s youngest daughter. C Ronaldo also had many children, but his twin son with Qiao Mei died last year. To this end, the whole family is very unhappy. But this year, online celebrity deliberately mentioned this matter, and also revealed that Qiao Mei had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo during her pregnancy.

Although she is 37 years old this year, Elena’s figure has not changed at all. Instead, it was Georgina in 1995, and her figure was in the direction of the Kardashian sisters.It is said that Russian beauty becomes an aunt as soon as she is over 30, but this rule does not appear in Elena. On the contrary, she is getting younger and younger. In the past few days, she has participated in Versace’s catwalk. Standing on the runway with a beautiful woman who is 10 years younger than herself, Elena is still confident and arrogant, and her face value and temperament are not lost to young people.

It is reported that Elena did not end up with Cristiano Ronaldo, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother opposed it. At that time, the difference between them was that Elena didn’t like children and wouldn’t take care of them. There are also rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple girlfriends at the same time, but he denies them all.Most of the gossip girls who jumped out now happened after Cristiano Ronaldo and Elena broke up.Now, these are all wrong statements. Elena is not only good at taking care of her daughter, but also able to balance work and children. Qiao Mei is a good mother at home, but she lacks Elena’s domineering spirit.

Elena is a career woman, and she wants to get ahead in the show business. Many years ago, she and Cristiano Ronaldo were hailed as the new version of Beckham and Victoria. However, Ronaldo didn’t think too much about things after retirement, but scored enough goals before retirement. It is undoubtedly wise to choose the Saudi League. The competition here is much lower than in Europe, and it can also bring a lot of wages and bonuses to Cristiano Ronaldo. C Ronaldo has experienced too much suffering in his career. It is understandable to earn enough pension before retiring.

PS: It is not easy for old fans in Hubei to write articles. Please pay attention to old fans in Hubei and praise their works if it is convenient.

Refuse to make the same mistake as Ronaldo! Messi or "forced" to renew his contract with Paris: 3 reasons for rushing to the Champions League+America’s Cup

On March 11th, Beijing time, according to Ole newspaper, Messi has decided to renew his contract with Grand Paris and continue to play for the French giants next season. So, why is Mei Qiu Wang willing to stay?

Messi’s contract with Greater Paris expired this summer, and the two sides started contract renewal negotiations after the World Cup, but they were once deadlocked. However, according to the Argentine media, he has only negotiated with Grand Paris at present, and Dali is also the only club that offers Messi, so the two sides are expected to continue to work together.

"The only quotation" reminds people of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United, and Mendes looked around for a big family, but he was repeatedly rejected. No Champions League team was willing to make an offer for him. Until the break with Manchester United last November, Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation was the same, and he could only leave Europe and go far to Saudi Arabia.

For Messi, it seems that no other team wants him. With his age and high salary, the Premier League may not be able to adapt. Serie A and Bundesliga can’t afford it. In La Liga, the only way is to return to Barcelona, but laporta is only speculating and has not made an offer.

However, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi has at least not fallen out with the club, so he can choose to stay in Paris and continue to play in the five major leagues in Europe. This is the first point.

Secondly, Messi still hopes to play in the Champions League and win the fifth Champions League title to tie the historical record maintained by Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. The last time he won the championship, it was already in 2015. This is the biggest regret left by Mei Qiuwang’s career, and he will try his best to complete it before leaving Europe.

Although Greater Paris has stopped in the top 16 for two consecutive seasons, Qataris are reluctant to let Mbappé go, and Neymar, who has a longer contract, may stay. If we continue to introduce reinforcements and strengthen the lineup this summer, it will undoubtedly be an important stage for the Champions League, and at least the French champion will be guaranteed, won’t it?

Third, Messi also hopes to participate in the 2024 America’s Cup and strive to lead Argentina to successfully defend its title. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a substitute in the World Cup, and his position and importance in the Portuguese national team have declined. The Five Shield Corps has changed its coach, so he can go to Saudi Arabia to "self-destruct" after winning the 2016 European Cup.

Messi is different. He is still the number one core in Argentina. Without him, the strength of the Pampas Eagle will be greatly reduced, and Scalogni will be there. Therefore, in the last competition of the national team’s career, we must go all out, and only by staying in Europe and staying in the giants can we maintain our current excellent state.

Therefore, in the absence of other better options, Messi is likely to be "forced" to renew his contract with Greater Paris, play at the Prince Park Stadium for at least another year, and then follow Cristiano Ronaldo and go to the United States, Saudi Arabia or other places to support the elderly.