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What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football? What are the advantages of playing football?

What is football?

Rugby, a kind of ball games, is popular in Britain, America, Australia, Japan and other countries. Originated in rugby, England in 1823, it was originally named Rugby Football, or rugby for short. It is called rugby in China because it is spherical like an olive. Rugby is a city in the middle of England, where there is a Rugby School, which is the birthplace of rugby.

What are the advantages of playing football?

More effectively improve that function of the respiratory system.

Rugby is a combination of running and leg sports. In the process of running, passing the ball, shooting the ball, etc., the depth of breathing will be strengthened, so that more oxygen will be inhaled and more carbon dioxide will be discharged, so that the vital capacity will be increased and the lung function will be strengthened. This is because the main respiratory muscle groups (diaphragm, intercostal muscle, levator costalis muscle, upper and lower serratus muscle, etc.) and respiratory auxiliary muscle groups (scalene muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, pectoralis major muscle, etc.) strengthen contraction, and promote the development of these muscles, thoracic expansion, chest cavity volume increase, alveoli develop well, respiratory strength increase, vital capacity, lung ventilation and suction (photo) Studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly have strong physical adaptability, and their breathing appears stable, deep and even, and the frequency is also slow. When they are quiet, their breathing frequency is 7-11 times/minute, while those who do not exercise have a breathing frequency of 12-18 times/minute, and women are 2-3 times faster than men.

Prolong life more effectively.

A ten-year study shows that people who don’t exercise are 42% more likely to die young than those who often play football. 5%。 The reason is that if you don’t exercise, you will accelerate aging in many places, and even get old before you get old. And these people who don’t exercise have lower resistance to cancer, heart and so on than those who play football.

Strengthen the bones of the legs.

Rugby is the best exercise for training legs. In the process of continuous leg exercise, the blood supply of bone is improved due to the promotion of metabolism, and the morphological structure and function of bone have undergone good changes: the bone density is thickened, which makes the bone thicker, the arrangement of bone trabeculae is more orderly and regular according to different pressures and tensions, and the protrusions attached to muscles on the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bone stronger and stronger, thus improving the functions of bone in bending, bending, compression and torsion. Insisting on physical exercise can also enhance the strength around the joint, and the joint capsule and ligament are also thickened, thus increasing the stability of the joint; At the same time, physical exercise makes the joint capsule, ligament and muscles around the joint stretch, thus improving the flexibility of the joint.

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The fashion of "slowing down" is more advanced! 60+ Mom’s elegance is not lost, but her style is quite different.

I don’t know when the pace of the times has become faster and faster, especially for fashion. The style that was popular some time ago will soon be ignored, and the popularity will change. Even young people are tired of chasing it, not to mention mature women who love beauty. If they want to keep their fashionable image, they have to pay more attention.

Can you slow down the fashion? This question seems to contradict the concept of fashion, but as long as we observe it carefully, we can still find many elegant mature beauties, who seem to be independent of the fashion tide and gradually explore a kind of "slow fashion". Without being disturbed by the hurried style, they can not use fashionable items, but still make people feel advanced, such as fashion bloggers Miki and mom.

Compared with Miki’s exquisite elegance, the style of this fashion blogger to be introduced to you in this issue is more gentle, but also more pyrotechnic, simple and natural without losing advanced. Next, let’s take a look at what unique dressing cheats this 60+ fashionista has.

Step 1 choose a gentle and energetic color scheme

After entering the age of 50, many mature women will decorate themselves with colorful clothes, hoping to brighten themselves with bright colors, but the result often runs counter to our expectations, but it is easy to appear gaudy.

In order to show the sense of high class, we must first learn to choose the main color of clothes for ourselves.Mature and elegant women are more suitable for gentle and energetic colors.. For example, those with low saturationApricot pink, can be used as the main color of the coat, not noisy and not eye-catching.

For those colors with high saturation, there are also corresponding methods to deal with them. When you have a long ginger coat in your closet,If you don’t want to appear too ostentatious, remember to use dark colors to weaken the agitation caused by bright colors..

Because the coat is bright enough, the inner coat, hat and shoes will not look dim if they are all black. You can choose turtle neck and loafers with confidence, and you will be beautiful.

For colors that are already mature, such asDark brown, tea brown, cyan grayAnd other colors, more importantly, use collocation to add vitality and avoid appearing old-fashioned.

If the clothing is of the same color, then the accessories should not follow the rules. It is recommended to use a light-colored bag or hat to match it.

2. Add age-reducing elements

Women always want to look younger than their actual age, and the most important thing to reduce age is not to wear the same style as young people, but to fully express the beauty of this age with appropriate clothes.

Add classic decorative patterns to clothes.Can help us do this.Checked grainIt is a design that never tires of seeing. Nowadays, young people often wear plaid shirts, but the style of plaid is also exquisite. For women with gentle temperament,Large plaid is more suitable than small plaid, and light plaid is more suitable than dark plaid..

in additionWave pointIt is also a design that is very suitable for elegant women to reduce their age. Wearing a polka-dot shirt as an interior can wear a playful feeling even if the whole body is black.

When matching inside, let the exposed part keep the edge neat on the first day, so as not to destroy the overall dressing texture.

It is safer and more versatile to apply design induction to the bottom dress than the top, and the half-length polka-dot dress is a very versatile item. Among them, the key point to pay attention to is the size of the wave point.

In regular printing,Wavelet points look more dynamic.When matching shirts, you can use a doll collar as a backdrop, andLarge wave points have wider applicability.The gas field is more stable. Remember to outline the waistline when wearing it, and easily create a youthful state.

Irregular printing, with the jumping of wavelet points and the elegance of large wave points, should not forget to echo through the version of doll collar or the gas field of black and white color matching.

3. The layering of the upper and lower two-piece suit

In autumn and winter, it is the time for women with good clothes to play, and they can make amazing effects by overlapping and matching. Among them, the clever use of the long skirt can make the simple upper and lower two-piece suit wear a layered feeling.

The layering comes from the silhouette. If you have a pleated long skirt, remember to match the top according to the pleated style.The pleated skirt has a great sense of volume, and the top version should be designed with gorgeous outward expansion., such as bat sleeves and lantern sleeves, you can choose a solid color style.

If the pleated skirt is patterned, it will look fancy if it is exposed too much, so it is suitable for long coats., and use plain and clean colors to combine. The figure below follows this matching idea, and through appropriate proportion adjustment, the color of the skirt and the plain color inside form a natural sense of harmony.

When matching long coats and long skirts, it is suggested that they should be of the same color.As shown in the picture below, it is gray and black. If it is a color system, you can use a combination of light blue and purplish blue, light coffee color and dark coffee color, so as not to destroy the vertical lines of modeling, visually postpone the line of sight, and achieve a high decorative effect.

Ok, that’s it for this issue about 60+ fashion mom’s dressing sharing. Do you like her style? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your opinion. See you next time ~Elise

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Saudi Arabia has no competitors, and the World Cup bid has completely become a decoration?

Reporter Han Bing reports For the 2034 World Cup, FIFA set the deadline of October 31st for bidding intention. Almost the whole world knows that Saudi Arabia has no competitors. Australia, which was originally considering a joint bid with New Zealand or Indonesia, announced its abandonment on the deadline and turned to bid for the 2029 World Club Cup. There is only one bid for the 2034 World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Although the right to host the World Cup will not be decided until the end of next year, there is no suspense now. Saudi Arabia became a "single bidder" for the 2034 World Cup.

FIFA President infantino issued a statement on November 1st, announcing that the 2034 World Cup would be held in Saudi Arabia, just as he had previously confirmed that the six countries would host the 2030 World Cup. Saudi Arabia announced its comprehensive plan to bid for the 2034 World Cup just 65 minutes after the official announcement of FIFA. Infantino’s operation this time is exactly the same as Blatter’s bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Even, infantino is more out of line than Blatter: Blatter had to go through the voting process of multi-party bidding at least that year, and infantino directly persuaded other bidders through behind-the-scenes mediation, turning the bidding into a mere formality.

The behind-the-scenes operation of the right to host two consecutive World Cups began on October 4th. Most of the 211 presidents of FIFA’s football associations who originally had the right to vote did not know that someone had made a decision for them. The World Cup bidding process, which should have been voted at the end of next year, has been artificially accelerated, and it is entirely through the mediation of FIFA executives with the bidding parties. According to an anonymous executive, this is only a "quite elegant solution", but it is an undisguised behind-the-scenes transaction. Like FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA executives "presented" the World Cup to the most generous countries to FIFA.

On October 4th, FIFA suddenly announced that October 31st was the last deadline to put forward the intention to bid for the 2034 World Cup. Because the time is too short, the possibility of other bidders being shortlisted is almost ruled out. When Australia hesitated to bid with which country, infantino also tried to persuade Australia to give up. He made a speech to the presidents of AFC’s associations, hoping that AFC would "unite to prepare for the 2034 World Cup", and the implication was clear at a glance. The FIFA Council, composed of 37 football associations, decided in advance the host countries of the 2030 and 2034 World Cups, and the latter should have been submitted to the FIFA General Assembly at the end of next year for voting by 211 football associations.

FIFA violated its own rules of the game, making the FIFA General Assembly’s vote on the right to host the World Cup a decoration. After Blatter’s corruption scandal, infantino made a more transparent and open commitment, and the voting for the right to host the World Cup was expanded from the Executive Committee (24 members) to all members (211 members). However, in June 2023, when many bidders were ready, FIFA suddenly postponed the bidding process for the 2030 World Cup. Infantino used this time to complete behind-the-scenes mediation: the Centennial World Cup merged with two bidders to host in six countries, and the 2034 World Cup was locked in Saudi Arabia.

How the bidders for two consecutive World Cups compromised, who participated in the negotiations, and why the bidding process for the 2034 World Cup suddenly accelerated are unknown. Negotiations have been carried out in a small scope since this summer, and even the Chilean Football Association, one of the South American joint bidders for the 2030 World Cup, has been excluded from the negotiations. It was not until FIFA officials announced that South America would host three World Cup group matches that the Chilean Football Association realized that it had been "abandoned".

However, the bid for the 2026 World Cup strictly abides by the bidding and voting process established by FIFA. Including the initial screening, it is determined that at most three bidders will enter the final bidding process, and all FIFA Football Associations will vote to decide the organizers. Behind-the-scenes mediation in the bid for the 2030 and 2034 World Cups is exactly the same as the host selection model of the summer Olympic Games in recent years. The International Olympic Committee has turned the competitors who bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games into a win-win situation: Paris and Los Angeles won the right to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games respectively, so as to avoid making the bid a high elimination rate bid that "produces more losers and wastes more and more bidding funds".

Infantino, president of FIFA, also said that the early determination of the organizers can ensure the internal harmony and rotation principle of continental FIFA, and also provide a more controllable and strategic choice in business and operation. The media will question the close relationship between infantino and Saudi Arabia, which may lead to injustice and corruption. However, in addition to rigid political criticism, many sports observers also believe that the 48-team World Cup has caused the host country’s hosting cost to surge, and behind-the-scenes mediation has locked in bidders with more willingness to host and economic strength, which is a more efficient way for FIFA and countries with bidding intentions to generate higher commercial returns. In short, today’s World Cup bid is basically a process, completely behind-the-scenes negotiations.

The 2027 and 2031 Women’s World Cups may also produce the host country in this way. South Africa, Brazil and the United States/Mexico will bid for the 2027 Women’s World Cup, and the United States/Mexico will be awarded the right to host the 2031 Women’s World Cup, so as to reduce the failure cost of the bidders and improve the commercial return. It is likely that the World Cup will no longer be a bid, but the host country will be decided through "negotiation".

Harden completely missed the Clippers, and Ballmer decided to give up the deal and pack George Mann for a new core.

According to a number of experienced NBA trading experts and reporters in Los Angeles, Clippers owner Ballmer has completely given up Harden. He has clearly told the rest of the management that the team will not be obsessed with chasing him. On the one hand, he does not want to see Harden put pressure on himself in renewing his contract, and on the other hand, he seems to change his mind and stay in Philadelphia, and then send out the plan after Philadelphia and the new team discuss the deal.

There is no doubt that the beard can’t be sent away by Philadelphia, and his agent has begun to push him back to the team training and make sure that Philadelphia will find a new team for him at this time. The Clippers are unwilling to bear the pressure of renewing their contracts, and they must definitely disconnect from George Cam, which is very clear to Deng Ge’s agent.

After completely missing James Harden, the Los Angeles Clippers will have to look for a new All-Star player. Judging from the suggestion report of some directors, it seems that everyone has an idea about Zion, and if he really gets him, the contract renewal problem of Cam can be solved, matching his annual salary of more than 50 million and adding Pang Hu to build a dual-core, which is absolutely strong. The league has stipulated a new policy and there should be restrictions on the rotation. Therefore, Tyrone has to be limited.

If you want to get him, the team is expected to send Paul George Gammann or Powell, and analyze the matching of transaction value and maintaining the fighting force lineup. I estimate that Ballmer will also ask for CJ mccollum. If so, it is enough for the team to send them both, plus the draft pick, Powell and Covington. If you want alvarado, you can also send a round and add some cash.

The Clippers have created a starting combination of Wei Shao, CJ mccollum, Zion, Leonard and Zubac, and with the assistance of batum and others, they definitely have a chance to enter the top four in the West. If there are no injuries, I think this combination can go further. Of course, it is important to improve the reserve strength.

After George and others go to Pelican, they will face the problem of renewing their contracts. Pelican can take this opportunity to ask for as many first rounds as possible in this transaction, and Clippers can also give them. Of course, the most important thing is that with Mann, the team can still guarantee its combat power in the future. Hylander is a good player, and the Pelican can take it. In the final analysis, if you want to ask for the opponent’s draft pick and young players as much as possible, your own young cornerstones will not work. If you can, I think it is king to exchange Varanciunas for the opponent’s Zubac.

On the whole, this trading scheme is very good. Pelican can solve the problem and meet the Clippers’ challenge. However, I think both teams need to hire coaches who can arrange defense reasonably now. The Clippers have many players who can defend, but they just can’t do it well. Telunlu has not changed this problem for so many years. If Pelican defends well, it won’t matter.

Harden’s situation is more complicated, so we don’t have to pay attention to it all the time. He will not be traded for a while, and the Clippers are not willing to spend more with him. Let’s look forward to the development of each team after the start of the season!

Why did Wang Chuqin enter the final 4-0 unexpectedly? Deng Yaping said the truth, and Zhang Benzhi was desperate.

On April 23rd, Beijing time, the men’s singles final of WTT Macau Championship will be held among table tennis players. Veteran Malone defeated lebrun in the semi-final to help Fan Zhendong complete revenge, while Wang Chuqin swept Zhang Benzhi and reached the final 4-0 in the semi-final. This semi-final was somewhat unexpected. Wang Chuqin once again beat Zhang Benzhi and perhaps thought of the result of defeating his opponent, but it was really unexpected that Wang Chuqin swept his opponent with a score of 4-0, because Wang Chuqin had previously focused on doubles.

In the past year, Wang Chuqin began to exert his strength in singles, so Wang Chuqin began to soar in the world rankings, and now he has risen to the second place in the world. Wang Chuqin gradually showed his talent and ability in men’s singles. With Sean Xiao becoming the head coach of Wang Chuqin, Wang Chuqin’s strength in fighting tough battles became stronger, and he showed a more stable state and mentality on the court, thus ensuring that he swept Zhang Benzhihe and did not leave any chance for his opponents to fight back.

The biggest competitor of the national table tennis men’s team in the new Olympic cycle is Zhang Benzhihe. We need to find a second singles player who can hold Zhang Benzhihe outside Fan Zhendong. Facts have proved that Liang Jingkun and Lin Gaoyuan do not have this ability and stability, so Wang Chuqin has become the key training target, and Wang Chuqin is also a post-00 generation. If Wang Chuqin can shoulder the heavy burden, there is no need to worry about Zhang Benzhihe creating too much threat to national table tennis in the next five years. Therefore,

Compared with Lin Gaoyuan and Liang Jingkun, why can Wang Chuqin resist the pressure and sweep his opponent 4-0 in this battle with Zhang Benzhi? After all, even Fan Zhendong, the first brother of Guoping, can’t beat Zhang Benzhihe 4-0. Why does Wang Chuqin have such strength? In fact, Deng Yaping praised Wang Chuqin’s character and technical characteristics before, saying:Wang Chuqin’s gas field is excellent, he has a good temperament in the game, dares to show his sword, is not soft in hard battles, and has a firm belief in the game.

Therefore, seeing Deng Yaping’s praise and comments on Wang Chuqin implies that Wang Chuqin has the strength and potential to help the China table tennis team win more honors in the future. With the sweeping of Zhang Benzhihe, the Japanese table tennis brother is completely desperate, not only in the next Durban World Table Tennis Championships, but also in the Paris Olympic Games.

Because Wang Chuqin became more and more competitive in singles after continuous high-intensity training in Sean Xiao, Zhang Benzhi and Wang Chuqin completely opened the gap, Wang Chuqin and Fan Zhendong could form the men’s singles double insurance in the new cycle of national table tennis, and Zhang Benzhi’s dream of hitting the men’s singles champion in the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships was completely shattered.