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Office of the State Council Financial Stability and Development Committee: 11 financial reform measures will be introduced in the near future.

  Cctv newsThe Office of the State Council Financial Stability and Development Committee announced on the 27th that it will launch 11 financial reform measures in the near future.

  These 11 financial reform measures include:

  The Measures for Supervision and Evaluation of Financial Services for Small and Micro Enterprises in Commercial Banks were promulgated to improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for financial services for small and micro enterprises.

  The Work Plan for Deepening Reform and Replenishing Capital of Small and Medium-sized Banks was issued to further promote the deepening reform of small and medium-sized banks.

  The "Guidelines for Industry Performance Evaluation of Government Financing Guarantee and Re-guarantee Institutions" was issued to promote government financing guarantee institutions at all levels to focus on supporting agriculture, reduce guarantee rates, give full play to the role of risk sharing, and help enterprises to resume work and tide over difficulties.

  Four regulations, such as the Administrative Measures for the Registration of Initial Public Offerings of Growth Enterprise Market (Trial), and eight main rules, such as the Listing Rules of Growth Enterprise Market, were issued to promote the reform of Growth Enterprise Market and pilot the registration system.

  The "Guiding Opinions on the Listing of Listed Companies in the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System" was issued to accelerate the reform of the New Third Board.

  The Measures for the Administration of Standardized Bills was promulgated to standardize the financing mechanism of standardized bills.

  Issued the Rules for the Identification of Standardized Creditor’s Rights Assets, steadily promoted the transformation and development of asset management business, and enhanced the ability of financial services to the real economy.

  The "Guidelines on Bond Business of Foreign Government Institutions and International Development Institutions" was issued to encourage issuers with real demand for RMB funds to issue bonds and steadily promote the development of the panda bond market.

  Promote the credit rating industry to further open to the outside world, allow qualified international rating agencies and private rating agencies to carry out bond credit rating business in China, and encourage domestic rating agencies to actively expand their international business.

  Guide the standardized and orderly development of the CPA industry, introduce measures for the record management of accounting firms engaged in securities services, and cancel the qualification examination and approval of accounting firms engaged in securities services.

  The Opinions on Strengthening Administrative Penalties for Financial Violations was issued, which clarified the criteria for the punishment of financial institutions for illegal acts and the determination of illegal income, strictly investigated the responsibilities of financial institutions and intermediaries, and strictly investigated the personal responsibilities of those responsible for violations according to law, and intensified the crackdown on financial violations, effectively deterring offenders and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.

[Table Tennis] The ITTF announced the return of men’s and women’s singles World Cup, and the tournament will be held in Macau in April next year.

Following the success of the first ITTF mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023, the ITTF announced on December 11th that the men’s singles World Cup and the women’s singles World Cup will also return. These two traditional ITTF events will be held in April, 2024 in China and Macau, the largest indoor gymnasium-Macau Galaxy Variety Hall.

The Galaxy Variety Hall, which can accommodate as many as 16,000 spectators, is the top indoor venue in Asia at present, equipped with the first-class technology and entertainment facilities in Asia, which will bring unprecedented experience to the audience.

The ITTF World Cup is one of the "three major competitions" of table tennis (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it is an important part of table tennis players’ personal Grand Slam. In 1980, the first ITTF Men’s Singles World Cup was held in Hongkong, China, and Guo Yuehua of China won the championship. In 1996, the first ITTF Women’s Singles World Cup was also held in Hongkong, and China’s Deng Yaping won the championship. However, in 2020, the ITTF announced the cancellation of the World Cup, which also led to the player’s grand slam achievement missing an important event.

At the press conference on the 11th, Petra Sorin, president of ITTF and member of the International Olympic Committee, said: "The mixed team World Cup in Chengdu in 2023 has achieved remarkable success, which also laid the foundation for the future. On this basis, we are pleased to announce that the men’s singles and women’s singles World Cup held in Macau, China in April 2024 will return, and the mixed team competition will be held in Chengdu next November. I believe that we will once again witness unforgettable events, which will further enrich the legacy of the ITTF World Cup. "

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Return to the origin of life, fashion need not be deliberate | Shanghai Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2024

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

Yearly Plan Spring/Summer 2024 series "Walking by Heart" depicts the diverse faces of contemporary women’s rich inner world through simple and exquisite modernist design. This season continues the brand’s neat and bright style, and at the same time achieves a high degree of unity in color, fabric and tailoring, and outlines a coherent and dynamic outline like flowing water.

Choose natural and elegant low saturation colors, such as soft fog gray, turquoise, and moonlight white, which are fresh and quiet. The seemingly fuzzy and soft-focus tone sets off the simplicity and neatness in the cutting language. The casual combination of denim trousers and T-shirts interprets pragmatic aesthetics in a simple and elegant style. Signboard items such as vests, long skirts and windbreakers can be stacked and matched, or they can be presented alone, creating a rich sense of hierarchy.

This season, a large number of environmentally friendly natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk and linen, wool, etc., are used to balance practicality and shaping style. Through the comfort of fabric touch, we can create a confident and stretched wearing experience and promote a more independent clothing consciousness. YEARLY PLAN always pursues the concept of "year-round wardrobe" and provides consumers with lasting and effective choices with high-quality production.

Simple but rich, consistent and firm, YEARLY PLAN provides modern women with the possibility of finding themselves with an inclusive attitude. This is a journey of thinking, and it is also a practice towards more free and independent fashion expression.

Tommy Zhong’s spring/summer 2024 series reconstructs the subconscious prototype-the image of a free woman running in the summer jungle. Designers draw inspiration from Yuan Ye where flowers are blooming, and capture the moment when the sun pours down and the colors flow with the running figure. Lightweight and comfortable fabric texture and flowing and graceful tailoring release women’s vitality and self-confidence.

This season, a large number of natural fabrics, such as silk organza, are used, showing a comfortable feel as smooth as gypsum and as refreshing as a breeze. The exclusive development of woven fabric and three-dimensional printing endows clothing with unique texture and level like oil painting: just like the jumping green in Monet’s works, and like the smart white with hazy water vapor. Pure and hazy colors and flowing picture aesthetics naturally arouse the emotional resonance of the viewer.

This series provides a free and free portrayal for women. See through the collocation of tulle and corset, the movement of slit long skirt, unrestrained silhouette, soft waist collapse and asymmetric design can all improve comfort. TOMMY ZHONG uses the running of Yuan Ye in summer to show the confidence and autonomy of contemporary women. She can stride forward, stop and watch, and have a free dialogue with herself and the world. Through the clever use of colors, fabrics and tailoring, designers outline a vibrant and tense fashion portrayal, showing the true self of women from the inside out.

The designer brand Jiasheng’s latest spring/summer 2024 collection, with the theme of "Not old enough", interprets the beauty of old age from a unique perspective and discusses the relationship between clothing and age. Inspired by the old people living in the city, Jiasheng used a playful technique to integrate their time traces and life details into the design.

This series uses faded colors and worn prints to show the texture of articles fading and aging over time. Elements in the life of the elderly, such as keychains, reading glasses and bags, have also become fashion embellishments. The sense of relaxation of fabric comes down in one continuous line with oriental aesthetics, and bamboo mat printing and simple silhouette set off each other. Inspired by the overlapping layers of the elderly, the designer tried to splice the double neckline with the fabric to create a sense of humor.

Bright yellow-green and light blue, with retro stripes and plaid, the collision of colors has enhanced the vitality of this mix. Stage installations and performances are also accompanied by "Lao", and the audience can interact with the sand hammer performance.

Students pay attention to the beauty of old age from the perspective of students, hoping to bring more comfortable and relaxed experience through design. This is an attempt to interpret Chinese aesthetics with contemporary artistic techniques, which makes people embrace old age with a broader mind.

You must play these 22 games.

For many people, games are not only entertainment, but also a cultural and emotional sustenance. An excellent game can make you immerse yourself in its world and resonate. The following games are recognized as outstanding works in the industry, and are worth every gamer’s experience.

This is a first-person shooting game with the background of World War II. Players will play the role of the Soviet Red Army, and fight the Nazi Germans in Stalingrad. The extremely realistic battlefield picture and the incisive violent aesthetics make people feel like they are on the battlefield. The game does not beautify the war, but shows its cruelty and meaninglessness.

This is a landmark one-person shooter game. Players will fight against mysterious allied forces and alien creatures in the ruins of the city. Wander among various abandoned facilities to find weapons and fight with the enemy. This simple game has become a classic in FPS history through well-designed shooting experience and environmental exploration.

This is a super popular football simulation game. With the permission of nearly 10 thousand players and hundreds of teams around the world, players can choose their favorite teams to participate in various events. The super-high level of sports physics simulation makes this game a hot item in e-sports, and also allows fans to enjoy high-level football match fun.

This is also a popular sports video game in reality. All officially authorized NBA teams and stars, and a realistic five-to-five basketball experience, make this game super popular. Players can participate in all kinds of basketball games, experience the life of professional stars, and create their own legendary stories through career mode.

This is a battle game where Nintendo’s star characters get together to participate in the inter-act game. From Mario to Link, from Pikachu to Dr. Crow, the popular characters that appear in Nintendo’s works are here. Rich and interesting operation methods and scene design make this game suitable for all ages absolutely enjoyable.

This is an online card game produced by Blizzard. Players will set up decks from hundreds of cards that can be collected and use them to play against other players. The card effect is rich and the deck combination is varied, which makes this seemingly simple game full of great breakthroughs. High-level art design and classic Warcraft theme also make this game win the hearts of countless players.

This is a unique first-person puzzle game. Game scenes are all fantastic spatial puzzles, and players need to use physics knowledge to decrypt and move forward by portal. The sci-fi atmosphere with strict logic design brings fresh and exciting exploration fun. The end of the game story is also full of philosophical metaphors, which makes people unforgettable for a long time.

This is a dark action RPG game. Players need to choose a magic profession, fight demons all over the world, and finally fight the devil from hell. Rich equipment and skill trees, randomly generated map patterns and challenging and difficult settings make this game have endless repeated play value.

This third-person shooter depicts the doomsday scene after the collapse of human civilization. The player will play a middle-aged man who sends a special girl to a research institution. In the journey that contains the light and darkness of human nature, the fate of the two will be intertwined. This is an unforgettable adventure.

This is a very popular first-person shooter game. Players will choose one of dozens of heroes and cooperate with their teammates to fight against the enemy. Rich hero design and strict competition balance make this game a major attraction of e-sports. The game itself is also very suitable for more casual players, bringing compact and refreshing shooting fun.

2023 PS Game Collection: List of Must-Play Games, it’s not too late to collect now!

The year 2023 is drawing to a close. In this year, the PS game industry ushered in many wonderful game works. In order to make friends who love games not miss any games worth trying, I have specially compiled a list of PS games that must be played in 2023 for everyone. Collect this list now, this list will provide you with rich choices!


Tchia is a fascinating open-world game. When it was first launched, it joined the PS second-class library game. Its core mechanism is to let players manipulate biological and abiotic entities, so as to achieve temporary control of the target. This design skillfully provides a wealth of freedom, enabling players to explore and take risks in a more personalized way. The exploration elements in the game have been strengthened, and players are encouraged to experience the world from multiple perspectives, thus discovering hidden secrets and treasures. Players will interact with various biological and abiotic entities by playing Tchia. By manipulating these entities, players can experience real freedom and power.

Resident Evil 4

The remastered version of Resident Evil 4 is an almost perfect masterpiece. It not only keeps the essence of the original, but also makes subtle but significant improvements in game control, shooting experience and story, making the overall game experience even better. In this game, Leon’s adventure is full of exciting surprises, combining the elements of terror with high-intensity movements, bringing an unforgettable journey of terror to the players. This game shows Capcom’s outstanding strength in remaking products, and perfectly presents this classic work with the most platform login times in the history of games.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not only a high-quality Star Wars game, but also an immersive Star Wars experience. In the game, players will play a Jedi knight, facing the edge of despair, waving lightsabers to launch a fierce battle. At the same time, there are many kinds of enemies in the game, from ordinary soldiers to powerful robots and Force users. Each enemy has its own unique fighting mode and attack mode. The scene design in the game is also excellent, from the barren planet to the bustling city, each scene presents the unique charm and customs of this galaxy in an unprecedented way.

I wonder if you have experienced some of these popular PS games? These games not only perform well in entertainment, but also provide players with multi-level plots and rich connotations, so that people can feel the wonderful degree of the game itself while enjoying the fun of the game. Similarly, there are many classic works worth playing in the mobile game market, among which Mobile Games in Magic Domain is undoubtedly the best.

"Mobile Games in Magic Domain" not only inherits the classic gameplay and features of the end-game in Magic Domain, but also makes a lot of innovations and improvements to make it more suitable for the operation and display of mobile phone platforms. In the game, players can experience the original Atlantis continent, and at the same time enjoy more convenient operation and richer content. The plot level in the game is rich, and the story line is ups and downs, so that players can not only experience exciting battles and adventures, but also feel rich sense of eroticism and worldview background.

In addition, the gameplay and activities in the game have always been innovative and updated. Recently, a brand-new activity-"Heroes’ Club" was launched in "Magic Field Mobile Games", which attracted the attention of many players. This grand event with full participation allows players to freely challenge opponents who rank higher than themselves and get rich rewards instead. This unique gameplay design not only increases the fun of the game, but also enables players to feel a different kind of competitive fun while enjoying the game.

Finally, I hope this list can help you enjoy the game in 2023! Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, you can find a game that suits you in this list and start an unforgettable game journey. Have a great time!

Another old rocket general! A CBA team is contacting this Russian super scorer?

According to Russian basketball journalist Artem Komarov, Alexey Shved, a former NBA player, talked about his possible future in an interview with teammate Viktor Pavlenko. Sheved said that he is on the verge of leaving CSKA Moscow, and he has received some offers from teams in the European Basketball League and China, including the Greek giant Olympiakos, who performed well in the European Basketball League last season.

Born in December 1988, Sheved is 34 years old, with a height of 198cm and a weight of 85kg. He is a draft loser in the 2010 NBA Draft. However, with his outstanding performance in CSKA Moscow in the 2011-12 season, he got a contract from Minnesota Timberwolves in the summer of 2012. Sheved’s performance in the Timberwolves in the first season was actually not bad, but in the second season, with the decrease of playing time, his performance also declined to some extent. The Timberwolves also sent Sheved to the Philadelphia 76ers in the summer of 2014. Shortly after the start of the regular season, Sheved was sent to the Houston Rockets by the 76ers and then sent to the new york Knicks by the rockets.

In the summer of 2015, after the contract with the Knicks expired, Sheved did not get a contract from other NBA teams, and he had to return to Europe to play. However, in Europe, he has become a top scorer. He has won the scoring champion of the European League twice, the scoring champion of the European Basketball League once and the scoring champion of the VTB League twice. He is one of the best pitchers in Europe and has excellent scoring ability.

However, after all, Sheved is a veteran who will be 35 years old in a few months, and with his status and position in the European arena, he also needs to pay a lot of wages to sign him. Then the question comes, will there really be a CBA team to offer a big contract for this Russian veteran and sign him?

The latest news of CBA! Wang Shouqiang became the coach of Fujian, Huo Nan became the coach, and the veteran of Guangdong returned.

In CBA, Wang Shouqiang is regarded as a legendary player. After all, there is little news since he retired. However, Fujian Men’s Basketball Team officially announced that Wang Shouqiang officially joined the team as a coach to assist Zhu Shilong. For the Liaoning men’s basketball player in the future, it is really unexpected to return to CBA as a coach after many years.

As a former manager of Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan had poor performance in the team period, and he also left the CBA last summer. According to the latest news, Huo Nan became the coach of Guizhou Team in Super League Three, and his first show also led the team to victory.

Guangdong Hongyuan’s coaching team has been adjusted a lot in recent seasons, but the veteran Taylor has never given up. Although he has received invitations from other teams, the veteran has decided to return in the new season and give Du Feng the greatest help.

Most of the first CBA players in Liaoning men’s basketball team have become coaches. In recent seasons, Wu Qinglong, Li Xiaoyong, Wu Naiqun, Zheng Yonggang, Jie Jun and others have all worked in CBA teams, but as an important player in Liaoning men’s basketball team at that time, Wang Shouqiang has disappeared from fans’ sight for a long time.

However, in the new season, Wang Shouqiang also returned to CBA as the coach of Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, which surprised many media people. After all, Wang Shouqiang has left China basketball for many years and only coached in the echelon before.

Huo Nan can be said to be an all-round talent in basketball in China. He has been a coach, a boss and a popular commentator. After leaving Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan’s exposure was not high, and he often commented on the competition. However, he now has a new identity, that is, the coach of the Guizhou team in the Super Three League.

In the latest Super Triathlon, Huo Nan made his debut and led the team to win the game. For Huo Nan, he expressed his hope to help promote Guizhou basketball and cultivate more three-person basketball talents.

In this offseason, Guangdong Hongyuan continued to adjust the coaching team. Former CBA referee Wei Guoliang joined as an assistant coach, and veteran Taylor also completed the contract renewal and officially returned to the team.

As the technical coach of Guangdong Hongyuan during the championship period, Taylor was recognized by Zhu Fangyu and Du Feng. After last season, the contract between the two sides expired. It is understood that several CBA teams sent invitations to Taylor, but Taylor finally chose to return to Guangdong Hongyuan!

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Run-up bounce 90 cm! How fierce is Curry, who claims to be a floor runner, to participate in the NBA physical examination?

Warriors guard Curry recently participated in a program to answer his question about vertical bounce. Curry said that he didn’t know the answer either. Before the joint trial in 2009, he probably jumped 70 or 80 centimeters, but it doesn’t matter now, because he has long been playing on the floor.

"That’s a good question, but I don’t even know the answer myself. I think when I participated in the joint trial before the draft in 2009, I jumped about 28 inches (71 cm), maybe 32 inches (81 cm). But it doesn’t matter now, I play floor flow. " Curry said.

It seems that Curry really doesn’t know the vertical bounce at his peak. Perhaps, as a shooter, Curry knew from the beginning that athletic ability was not his advantage, and he didn’t care.

But in fact, Curry’s athletic ability is not bad.

According to the statistics of NBA official website, when Curry participated in the joint trial training before the NBA draft in 2009, the maximum vertical bounce in situ was 75cm.

What is this concept? In contrast, Harden’s in-situ vertical bounce at that time was 80 cm, Holliday.

And Terry Evans are both 72.4 cm.

At that time, Curry’s run-up vertical bounce was up to 90 cm, which was the same as Griffin’s. Harden is 94 cm, and Holliday and Terry Evans are 86 cm.

Although Terry Evans and Holliday are not outstanding defenders, their athletic abilities are at least impressive. But at least at the time of physical measurement, Curry was better than Evans and Holliday in vertical bouncing.

Now, the athletic ability is really insignificant to Curry. With so many years of playing, the stability and speed of the hand and the ability of physical confrontation are what Curry values most.