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The story behind "Cloud Supervisor"! Let party flag fly in the front line of the war "epidemic"

  Upon receiving the call from the Party organization of China Construction and Installation Group, they immediately packed their bags and drove across the province to Wuhan — — The construction sites of two specialized hospitals, Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain.

  Wearing reflective vests and gloves, helmets and masks, they became the operators of "fork sauce", "vomit mud sauce" and "blue forget machine" in the eyes of "cloud supervisor" At this moment, let’s also enlarge the perspective of "cloud supervisor" — — In those dusty corners, every frontline builder who bravely goes retrograde and fights day and night is an "anti-epidemic star".

  Assemble! Party member commandos are the most beautiful retrograde.

  Blue power, condensed under party flag. On January 28th, the first batch of aid construction teams arrived at the construction site in Thunder God Mountain hospital, Wuhan, and fought all night for 12 hours to complete the work of cleaning the grass roots, laying "two cloths and one membrane" and installing drainage pipes. Then, they concentrated their forces to complete the installation of water and electricity in 14 wards and toilets. At present, we are fully cooperating with the mechanical and electrical installation work in the box-type board room. The second batch of construction support teams also arrived at the site on January 29th. After one night, by the morning of January 30th, 30 board houses were all painted and "formed in batches" at the Thunder God Mountain hospital construction site, and the tasks of prefabrication and installation of 14 wards, toilets, 7 buffer rooms and more than 200 meters of drainage pipes in the east area were all completed. Under the condition of ensuring the construction period of Raytheon Mountain, China Construction Installation dispatched more than 50 people to support the construction of Vulcan Mountain. On January 31, most of the prefabricated houses in Vulcan Mountain Hospital were built. Under the leadership of party member Commando of China Construction Installation, 2,600 sections of iron air ducts were transported, and 235 split air conditioners were unloaded one after another. The processing and manufacture of air ducts and the installation of PVC air ducts were planned to be completed in one day.

  The fighting time is only ten days. In order to build miracles and hopes for Wuhan, the "sea of people tactics" is essential. With the emergency of the epidemic and the return home during the Spring Festival, where do the workers come from?

  Su Hong is one of the assemblers of this campaign. On the second day of the beginning of the year, Su Hong, who lives in Taizhou, received the mobilization of China Construction and Installation, and went to Wuhan overnight without hesitation, regardless of the retention of his loved ones. "It is the responsibility of a Communist party member to respond to the call of the party organization and go to Wuhan to support the construction of epidemic prevention and control!"

  "Will ‘ Catch ’ Less than people? " Gu Jianbing, the commander-in-chief of China Construction’s installation of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder God Mountain hospital electromechanical engineering, was vaguely worried.

  "Send the troops to me!" Su Hong, the labor team leader of Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, lived up to his mission and quickly mobilized the resources at hand. In just one hour, he received "invitation letters" from three labor teams.

  In order to ensure efficiency, we decided to collect workers from around Wuhan. "Where is the most difficult place? It’s not that the workers are afraid of difficulties, but that there are too many people signing up. We have to open a certificate one by one to help them come to the construction site! " Su Hong is emotional.

  One side is in trouble, and all sides come to the rescue. After the city is closed, Wuhan is inconvenient to get in and out. To this end, Su Hong issued a construction site requisition certificate, and the workers took the certificate to the villages and towns to stamp, then went to the medical examination, and then went to the traffic police brigade to get a pass to reach the construction site.

  With such strict checks at all levels, 72 comrades-in-arms took the lead in arriving at the construction front line in Wuhan within half a day. Up to now, 123 installation and construction workers of China Construction have been assembled quickly at the construction sites of Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain, and the follow-up support force is increasing.

  Break! Fighting day and night, no rework.

  Race against the epidemic, to be fast, but also to "work quickly and do fine work."

  The two specialized hospitals have large areas, many functional areas, and the electromechanical installation technology is different from that of ordinary buildings. Diffusively laying cables and connecting water supply and drainage pipelines are all construction difficulties. Especially at night, the lighting is limited. In order to connect the water pipe under the box of the board room, the workers need to lie across the I-shaped steel bracket and concentrate on their work in the cramped space, which is extremely hard.

  Even so, the wisdom of flexibility is still common in the urgent construction process. For example, the construction workers skillfully wire the pipes in the extremely limited ceiling space, which not only delays the important ventilation function, but also raises the ceiling height to make the patients live more comfortably; Based on the construction experience of Huoshenshan Hospital, Thunder God Mountain hospital improved the original way of connecting steel plates with anchors, and connected PVC pipes with hot melt, which improved the construction efficiency of this link by more than 30%.

  Strictly control the quality and put an end to any mistakes. Every time a process is done well, the workers should check themselves first. Within one hour, the team leader and technicians will follow up and check the pass. Step by step is not only a baton, but also a spell.

  "Two shifts, 24-hour wheel rotation. However, since the high-intensity construction, there has not been a rework incident in the installation of China Construction! " Zhang Yongfeng, technical director of China Construction Installation Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, was full of bloodshot eyes after working all night. Tam Hao, who rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for emergency support, had a lunch break at noon, so that he had a little time to report his wife’s safety.

  Charge! Selfless persistence under the guidance of party flag.

  At the moment, party flag is shining in the front line of the epidemic prevention struggle. At 9: 00 on January 29th, Gu Jianbing, Party branch secretary and executive director of China Construction and Installation Beijing Company, and his party arrived in Thunder God Mountain hospital from Beijing. They quickly held a meeting to arrange the construction tasks until 2: 00 a.m., and then went to the site early in the morning to dock with many parties and implement the deployment construction plan. After eating lunch in a hurry, they rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for operational command. After many days of fighting, as a cadre in party member, Gu Jianbing’s eyes were red, and his mustache crept up the corner of his mouth. "This battle, must win! This is an important moment for party member cadres to practice their initial mission and show their responsibility! Also take care of everyone’s health! " Gu Jianbing still remembers the entrustment of Tian Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of CSCEC before he left.

  More than 300 calls a day, and two mobile phones are out of power for half a day with the help of charging treasure. More than 30,000 steps of exercise is the "Wuhan rhythm" of Gu Jianbing, a pioneer in party member.

  "The country is in danger and the people are in need. As party member, we must rush!" Zhao Bing, deputy secretary of the Party branch of China Construction Installation Beijing Company, also rushed to the front line to play the role of "coordinator" on the construction site. At this time, party member Commandos installed by China Construction Corporation are still growing. They are playing an exemplary and leading role in party member, shouldering heavy responsibilities and ensuring the efficient and high-quality completion of construction tasks.

  "This Spring Festival, although I can’t go back to my hometown in Jiangsu, I still receive the warmth of my hometown in Wuhan." Gu Jianbing said that the timely entry of materials and materials is one of the key guarantees for the construction progress, and the logistics during the Spring Festival is really inconvenient. At the critical moment, a Jiangsu enterprise that has cooperated for many years expressed its willingness to donate a batch of rubber and plastic insulation materials in time.

  "My feelings for Wuhan are unusual." Today, Gu Jianbing is calm and sophisticated in the command of two specialized hospitals. He recalled that in 1998, when he was young, he just walked out of the university gate and joined China Construction Group, which coincided with the flood control in Wuhan. "It was raining cats and dogs, and we all put the rainproof striped cloth under our bodies and lay on the Yangtze River dam to fight the river. That kind of hard work and concerted efforts is unforgettable. The initial intention does not change, and today our fighting spirit to overcome the epidemic is still high! "

  Gathered under the party flag, charge in the first line. The horn of the battle has sounded, and everyone feels no fear at all. They wait for no time and wait for no one, and they are full of enthusiasm. In the cold winter, the frontline of the fight against the "epidemic" shines with the responsibility of the central enterprises, the forceful oath of party member and the heart of all the front-line strugglers. (Wei Wei Hong Yan)

How did the National Open University exam come?

The undergraduate course of National Open University is recognized by the state. The undergraduate course of the National Open University is the undergraduate course of the Open University, including the undergraduate course of the National Open University and the undergraduate course of the open universities in various provinces and regions. It is an open education and a series of national education. So how did the National Open University exam come? If you have any doubts about this aspect of the National Open University, you can take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Written test

Some courses in the Open University may arrange traditional written tests, and candidates need to take the tests at the designated time and place, and complete multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and short-answer questions on the test paper.

2. Online examination

With the development of technology, more and more open universities switch their examination methods to online examination. Candidates can log in to the online examination system within a specified period of time and complete the examination of the corresponding subjects. Online exams may take the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answers, etc., which are subject to the provisions of the Open University.

3. Practical assessment

Some professional open university courses may also involve practical assessment, such as experimental operation, demonstration, field trip and so on.

4. Paper report/homework

Some courses may require students to submit reports or assignments to assess students’ ability to understand, analyze and apply the course content.

1. Have People’s Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have good conduct and professional ethics.

2. Persons with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school) and above.

3. At least 18 years old, in good health, with the basic learning ability needed to complete their studies.

4. Meet the requirements for applying for majors offered by the National Open University.

The above is related to the National Open University, and candidates can take it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about China Open University, such as registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the China Education Online Channel of China Open University.

Aauto Quicker Fashion Annual Festival ended 23 years ago, and the number of creators wearing content increased by 65% year on year.

On the evening of January 23rd, the annual Aauto Quicker Fashion Festival came to a successful conclusion next to Fuxian Lake in Yuxi, Yunnan. With the theme of "Flowers in Flowers", the event invited high-quality creators from Aauto Quicker in many fields, such as face value, music, dance, campus, fashion, beauty, parent-child and so on, to gather in the south of Caiyun to review the growth process of fashion in 2023, and to create a youth entertainment and fashion party belonging to Aauto Quicker Laotie, so that ordinary people can define fashion and let every fashion and beauty be seen.

Fashion, dance, beauty, music, facial features, parents and children, and campus dignitaries gathered together.

Multi-domain creators walk together to see every kind of beauty.

Advocated by Aauto Quicker’s values of equality, inclusiveness, truth and goodness, Aauto Quicker’s trendy videos have both a shining pace in the spotlight and an ordinary and simple fashion attitude. This year’s annual fashion festival will turn the traditional red carpet catwalk into a unique "beautifully dressed conference".

Fashion daren fashion grandma Tuan

Colorful flowers make up a beautiful "road of flowers". In addition to @ Shida Beauty, @ Xu Shan, @ Fashion Grandma Group and other head creators, they stepped onto the "busy road" catwalk, and @ Wu Xiaobei, @ 160kg Liuqi and other chubby girls and plus-size girls with little experience on the runway also boldly dressed up their own images and stepped out of different "flowers and flowers".

Beauty cosmetics daren Pangayu

In addition to Aauto Quicker’s fashion, beauty, and parent-child fields, @ Sang Na _, @ Wheat Color _, @ Su Xiaoxiao M, @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun, and others who represent Aauto Quicker’s youth entertainment, are also well-versed, showing the "fashion" and "beauty" belonging to every ordinary Aauto Quicker.

Musicians @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun

Aauto Quicker Annual Awards Promulgated to Show the Achievements of High-quality Creators

As an important part of this grand ceremony, the promulgation of "Aauto Quicker Award of the Year" can also be described as "letting a hundred flowers blossom". In addition to various wonderful performances such as singing, dancing and musical instruments, outstanding creators from different fields shared their creative experiences in 2023 on the stage, and more than 50 high-quality creators won 16 annual awards for Aauto Quicker Fashion.

Among the media organizations, China International Fashion Week, Fashion Media Group, Ruili Clothing Beauty, Watermelon Beauty, Front Teeth Video, Dayu, Meida Culture, Chengyi Media and other organizations won the "Partner of the Year" award, while other teams won the "Outstanding Beauty Brand of the Year" award, and @ Moshamaner won the "Popular Brand of the Year" award.

Personally, among them, @ 丞京京京京 won the "Fashion Pioneer of the Year" award; @ Lu Xianren won the "Fashion Person of the Year"; @ Xu Shan won the "Most Influential Fashion Person of the Year" award; @ Fashion Grandma Group won the "Silver Age Fashion Award of the Year" award; In the field of youth entertainment, @ Steel Bar Crab won the "Pink Saxophone Full Star" award; @ Xiao Li and @ Datousi won the "Campus Red Man Award of the Year" award; Five high-quality creators, such as @ Su Xiaoxiao and @ Wheat Skin, won the annual influence award; @ Beauty is not the same. Qi Nv, @ Wei Pin Gou ~ Da Mei Li, @ Tu Tu Mama, @ Bin Ge, @ Skin Future, @ Angela and @ Maiteyou won the "Breakthrough Award of the Year".

The content of dozens of award-winning high-quality creators is just like the theme of this grand ceremony, which is colorful and varied, including professional fashion sharing and humorous parent-child interaction; There are both the frozen goddess group and the dream-chasing uncle. It has truly influenced and promoted the aesthetic concepts of more users from the show to the field in a more grounded form.

Wu Rina (left), head of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, presented awards to the winners.

In an interview with the media, Wu Rina, the director of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, pointed out that the creator who won the annual honor not only grew up with Aauto Quicker, but also had his own unique characteristics, which recorded the real life of ordinary people, and was therefore deeply loved by the old irons. Aauto Quicker is willing to embrace those creators who are not limited by age and geographical factors and have their own characteristics. In the future, it will continue to pay attention to creators with Aauto Quicker community characteristics, create a more perfect service system for creators, and launch more activities with Aauto Quicker community mentality to help creators grow and develop better in Aauto Quicker.

In 2023, the search volume of "military coats" increased by 768% year-on-year

At this fashion festival, Aauto Quicker released the 2023 Aauto Quicker Fashion Beauty White Paper. According to the white paper, in 2023, there were more than 500,000 creators under the category of fashion+beauty in Aauto Quicker, among which the number of fashion wear content creators increased by 65% year-on-year, and the number of e-commerce live broadcasts broke through 10 million was as high as 800+; "Body tolerance, the rise of national tide, nostalgic fashion, durability and charm explosion" have become the five major trends of fashion wear in Aauto Quicker in 2023. Among them, the search volume of "plus size girl" increased by 79% year-on-year. Aauto Quicker creators and users bravely refused anxiety and became "girls who are not defined by size" and found that "self-confidence is beauty"; The search volume of "new Chinese style" increased by 142% year-on-year, and the search volume of "domestic products" increased by 138% year-on-year. Through the integration and innovation of tradition and modernity, Aauto Quicker creators planted flowers and made domestic products. The search volume of "military coat" increased by 76.8% year-on-year, and more classics and fireworks were presented on the platform of Aauto Quicker. The classic sense of the era such as military coat and northeast big flower was once again popular, redefining fashion; The search volume of "cost-effectiveness" increased by 88% and the search volume of "contrast" increased by 246% year-on-year, which means that the content creation in the field of fashion and beauty in Aauto Quicker has become more "rolled", not only rolling techniques and skills, but also rolling creativity, focusing on contrast, variety and high cost-effectiveness.

2024 traffic realization policy continues to escort outstanding creators.

"Thanks to each other’s two-way trip this year, we have this splendid gathering." Zhang Lanlan, the head of Aauto Quicker Author’s Business and Liquidation Center, said at the ceremony that Aauto Quicker Fashion has always been committed to let every ordinary person use his own voice to interpret diverse fashion concepts and see the beauty of fashion in different fields and different possibilities.

Zhang Lanlan also focused on commercial realization in 2024. She believes that Aauto Quicker Fashion’s first service user is Aauto Quicker Laotie, and at the same time, it will tilt more resources to the authors who are willing to take the initiative to operate in Aauto Quicker, encourage creators to interact more and create better original content, and Aauto Quicker will continue to provide rich and sustainable ways for high-quality creators to realize their cash.

Yin Chao, the head of Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment Business, shared the status and prospect of youth entertainment business from three aspects: content ecology, creators and activities. According to him, at present, the youth entertainment business covering dance, music, face value and campus has 3 million+creators, of which 50% are young creators aged 18-30, with a daily publishing volume of 2 million+and an average daily consumption of more than 15 billion, which has become the backbone of Aauto Quicker’s creative ecology, and also reflects the positive yearning of the old iron people for a better life. In terms of activities, Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment launched a number of special IP activities in 2023, such as Aauto Quicker Country Super Bowl, Campus Short Video Creation Competition, and Dialect Mai Ba Competition, which provided more stages for Aauto Quicker creators to show themselves.

Looking forward to 2024, Yin Chao mentioned that the existing rights and interests will be focused and integrated, and a more targeted and greater creator support plan will be carried out for key content tracks such as campuses, regional cities and featured content, providing creators with tens of billions of flows and recording Lao Tie’s most real interest content with the creators.

15 weather and climate scenic spots, the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the flowers and the snow, all beautiful, which one do you want to go to?

"Standing on the top of the mountain, talking to the sun, the moon and the stars, diving to the bottom of the sea to talk with rivers, lakes and seas, shaking hands with every tree and whispering to every grass, we can know that the universe is vast, natural and awesome, and life is respectable."

Today, we will introduce you to these 15 weather and climate scenic spots in China, seeing beautiful sunrises, sunsets, starry skies, rainbows, clouds and rimes. ……

The sea of clouds refers to the clouds formed under certain conditions, and the height of the cloud top is lower than that of the top of the mountain. When people bow down to the clouds at the top of the mountain, they see boundless clouds, which are magnificent, like being near the sea.


Poshan village yunhai

Poshan village, located in the south of Shexian County, Anhui Province, is surrounded by mountains and waters, with four distinct seasons.

After a rain, there will be a spectacular mountain sea of clouds in Poshan village. At that time, the whole village will be shrouded in clouds, just like people in the sky. There are more than 200 days of sea of clouds in 365 days here, so Poshan Village is also called "misty village, dreamy hillside".

Best viewing place: Longding observation deck.

Best viewing time: The sea of clouds is most abundant in spring and autumn, especially when it is sunny after rain and before sunrise in the morning.


Jiuxianshan Yunhai

Jiuxian Mountain, located in Dehua County, Fujian Province, is a national nature reserve.

Its scenery is beautiful, picturesque, and there are often flowing clouds between the peaks, and the layers of clouds are endless. The covered peaks are unreal and looming, which is quite spectacular. When Zhou Feng, a poet in Ming Dynasty, visited this place, he left a poem praising it as the land of Penglai:

"Why sail, China has Penglai. In the cave, the gods come and go every day. "

Best viewing time: November to May, especially after the cold air in winter.


Lao jun shan yun hai

Laojun Mountain, located in Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, was named "Laojun Mountain" by Emperor Taizong because the ancestor of Taoism, Lao Zi Li Er, once went here to practice in seclusion, and was also known as "the sacred land of chinese odyssey and the first fairy mountain in the world".

Laojun Mountain is 2217 meters above sea level. When the sea of clouds appears, when you look around, the clouds cover thousands of miles and the fog locks the peaks. Especially when the sea of clouds appears in sunny days and overcast days, it shows the magnificent landscape of "the sea reaches the horizon as the shore, and the mountains reach the extreme and the peaks are artificial".

Best viewing places: Jinding and Yunjingtian Road.

Best viewing time: in winter and spring, when the rain clears or the snow clears.


Lushan yunhai

Lushan Mountain, located in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, has been "the land of the world’s eyebrows" since ancient times, attracting literati to compete and leaving countless poems that have been passed down through the ages.

Its backing is covered with water, smoking, and under Lushan Mountain, you can see the heights, between Shan Ye, and the clouds are iterative, such as the waves in the sea, smart and beautiful, just like a fairy cruising.

The best viewing places: Guniuling, Tianchi Lake, Hanpokou and Wulaofeng.

Best viewing time: it can be seen all year round, and winter is the best.


Ju feng yun hai

Giant Peak, also known as "Laoding", is the main peak of Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and the highest peak on China’s coastline.

Looking at the mountains on the sea, the peaks are gathering; Climbing mountains and watching the sea, the smoke is vast. The giant peak is huge, solemn and rough, with fog coming from the sea and clouds sprouting from the mountains. For a while, the mountains and winding bays are shadowy, like an illusory fairyland.

The best viewing time: it is considerable all year round, but it appears more frequently before and after the rain in spring and summer.


Yunhe terraced sea of clouds

Yunhe Terrace, located in Chongtou Town, Yunhe County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is the largest terrace group in East China. It is known as the "thousand-layer terrace, thousand-meter gap and thousand-year history" and is also known as "the most beautiful terrace in China".

Clouds and terraces are high in altitude and influenced by airflow, so there are often white clouds around here. One of the highlights of "Wonder of Clouds, World of Clouds".

Best viewing time: March to July every year, between 5 am and 9 am.

Refers to the seasonal variation phenomenon of various plants, animals, hydrology and meteorology or the landscape formed by it.


Autumn colors in Tachuan (phenological landscape of red leaves)

Tachuan is located in yi county, Anhui Province. When the autumn wind is cool, the autumn colors in Tachuan begin to dye all the layers of forest. From a distance, the red leaves of Yishui bloom enchanting in the mountains, which is fascinating.

A closer look reveals that autumn leaves with similar colors are actually magical colors of red, green, yellow and orange, and the poetic feeling reaches the bottom of my heart in an instant.

Best viewing time: from late October to late November every year.


Populus euphratica forest in Ejina banner (yellow leaf phenological landscape)

In autumn, clouds, wind, trees, water and desert in Ejina are scrambling to paint their makeup, just like they are going to participate in a beauty contest.

First, the wind was clear and the clouds talked, and then the cold dew dyed 450,000 mu of Populus euphratica forest golden overnight. The gorgeous and dazzling colors made the desolate desert generate show a powerful energy and jointly performed a song of life.

Best viewing time: According to statistics, from 2013 to 2020, the average date for Ejina Populus euphratica forest to enter the better viewing period is September 28th, October 5th, October 18th after defoliation, and the average date for the end of the viewing period is October 22nd, and the average number of days for the better viewing period is 24 and 14.


Blue tears in Pingtan (phenological landscape of marine life)

Pingtan, Fujian has obvious maritime climate characteristics, mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. Whenever the cold and warm air meet in the season, the more hazy the night is, the beach in Pingtan is strolled, and the sea is sparkling and blue when you look from a distance. This special landscape is called "blue tears" by many people.

According to the data, "blue tears" have been proved to be formed by two kinds of plankton, one is the firefly with a curved throat, and the other is noctiluca. In Pingtan, the most common "blue tears" luminous organism is Nocturnal algae.

Best viewing time: April to May every year.

Refers to an optical phenomenon in meteorology. When sunlight hits water droplets in mid-air, the light is refracted and reflected, forming an arched colorful spectrum in the sky, which is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple from the outer ring to the inner ring. In fact, there are countless colors in the rainbow, but for the sake of simplicity, only seven colors are used as the difference.


Dabieshan Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall in Dabie Mountain, located in Huangwei Village, Huangwei Town, at the junction of Yuexi and Huoshan counties in Anhui Province, integrates canyons, waterfalls, Lishui and culture.

Rainbow Waterfall is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Monkey River, with a height of 80 meters and a width of 30 meters, with an average flow of 2.0 to 5.0 cubic meters per second. The water flows down from the Monkey Cliff with great momentum.

Sunlight presents a gorgeous rainbow through the water mist, and visitors are immersive and dreamlike. Because of the large amount of water coming from the Monkey River, the four seasons do not dry up, so no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can see the rainbow wonders whenever there is the sun.

Best viewing places: rainbow arch bridge, glass viewing platform, etc.

Best viewing time: except winter, the best viewing time in other seasons is from 8: 00 to 13: 00.


Xiapu Sansha Sunrise and Sunset (Sunrise and Sunset Landscape at Sea)

Xiapu has a coastline of more than 480 kilometers, which is a tidal flat on the bedrock coast, with the largest tidal flat area in China. In the long river of years, it has formed its own unique tidal flat sunrise landscape.

When the light broke through the night, a large area of tidal flat was covered with bright ripples. When the gorgeous glow poured down the sea, the nearby tidal flat began to show different colors, such as blue, orange, red and purple, which were unpredictable and dizzying.

When the sun sets, the beach and laver shed are red, and an excellent light and shadow painting is made for fishermen with nets on the beach!

Best viewing place: Dongbi Village is a small fishing village facing the sea in Sansha Town, Xiapu. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and has a wide view. It is the best place to shoot the sunset at sea among many scenic spots in Xiapu.

The best viewing time: the sunset is good in spring and summer, and the sunrise is good in autumn and winter.


The starry sky (starry landscape)

Damao Pubei, which is nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, is located in Anmin Township, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province. It is far away from urban light pollution and has excellent conditions in nightglow. It is the first batch of starry sky landscapes in China.

The back of Maoxian, which is located on the ridge, is flat and open, and the sky is getting late. The moon and stars have replaced the sun as the protagonists. The stars in the sky, terraced fields and blue tile cottages set each other off, forming a beautiful night sky, which instantly sticks to your sight.

Best viewing time: the starry sky can be seen in sunny days all year round.


Lotus Lake Ice Bubble (Ice Bubble Landscape)

When the temperature drops sharply, the lake will freeze. "Ice bubble lake" is actually an image. Not all frozen lakes will have ice bubble landscape. Only when the speed of freezing is faster than the speed of bubbles rushing to the water surface at the bottom of the lake will the bubbles be "locked" in the ice. In other words, there are two basic conditions: one is to have a source that can release gas in the water, and the other is that the local temperature of the lake drops below freezing point rapidly.

Lotus Lake in Mohe, Heilongjiang Province is the only ice bubble lake in the northernmost part of China. At the beginning of November every year, the surface of Lotus Lake in Mohe has been completely frozen and crystal clear, and very unique bubbles can be seen distributed in the ice through the ice.

Best viewing time: from November to March.


Snow tongue in snow country (ice and snow landscape)

There are two basic conditions for the formation of snow tongue: one is sufficient snowfall, and the other is stable snowflake shape.

Xuexiang, located in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and with an altitude of about 1500 meters, it has a unique snow tongue landscape. It hangs down from the eaves like syrup, and it does not break or fall without external support. It is amazing, and some even reach 1 meter!

Best viewing time: November to March of the following year.


Great platform rime (rime landscape) in Xunke County

Rime, the wonder of winter. When everything is below the freezing point, the water vapor below zero meets the branches below the freezing temperature, and it crystallizes with a kiss. From a distance, it looks like a small white flower falling on the branches. This is rime.

Speaking of rime, there are not only the Songhua River rime, but also the platform rime in Xunke County, Heilongjiang Province. Every January, it is the most beautiful time of rime in Xunke County. The Kurbin River water flowing through Xunke County carries the huge heat energy of the hydraulic turbine of Kurbin Hydropower Station, and the river flows for dozens of miles without freezing, forming a piece of rime wonders on the shore.

In the early morning of the deep winter, the rime blooms like flowers, with trees and pieces lining the azure sky, and there is no one watching.

Best viewing time: from December to February.

These beautiful weather and climate landscapes,

How many have you met?

Where do you want to see it most?

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What is emotion and how to understand it correctly

What is emotion?

Emotion is the emotional resonance of people’s emotional behavior. For example, I saw a young mother crouching down to tidy her children’s clothes and trousers. What happened between the mother and the children was an emotion, but it turned into an emotion in my cognition. The influence of emotion on people is mainly value judgment. Generally speaking, one’s emotional cognition determines one’s values. When people have emotional resonance with something, they will have value recognition with it. Things that make people identify with value are things that make people feel beautiful, and the opposite is ugly and disagreeable. People are always pursuing what they think is beautiful and rejecting what they think is ugly and disagreeable. Everyone has different growing environment, and different growing environment will shape different sense of identity, and the difference of sense of identity will shape strange values, and the conflict of values will lead to various social contradictions between people.

In order to reconcile the social contradictions created by people, universal values with a wider coverage have been built, and a moral system has been built on the basis of universal values. Social rules have been established on the moral system, and a judicial system has been established to punish individuals who do not abide by the rules. This is the basic structural principle of establishing a modern society, and the starting point of everything lies in what individuals will have emotional resonance with. By adjusting and strengthening universal values, we can change and unify each individual’s cognitive environment to the maximum extent, and eliminate social contradictions caused by differences in values from the root. This is the basic principle of building a harmonious society in the country. How to maintain correct and objective values in society requires individuals to adjust their own values, and the starting point is to correctly understand their emotional cognition.

People will have spiritual dependence on things that arouse emotional resonance, and the value orientation produced by this spiritual dependence determines people’s behavior orientation. The richer the spiritual world, the more flexible and broad the cognitive range, and the simple spiritual world, the more stubborn and intolerant. The process of emotional cognition self-correction is to arouse emotional resonance as much as possible, and a simple understanding is to actively improve one’s aesthetic ability. The stronger the aesthetic ability, the more angles you look at things, and the more perspectives you have, the more complete and profound your understanding of things will be. Everyone yearns for beauty and hates ugliness. When making a choice, they all take the beauty in their hearts as a reference. That is to say, a person who thinks something is beautiful will use it as a standard to measure the value of people, things and things around him.

For example, if a person thinks money is beautiful, he will use money as a standard to measure the value of things around him. Those who think that power is beautiful will measure people and things by whether they can show power, those who think that knowledge is beautiful will measure people and things by the amount of knowledge, those who think that morality is beautiful will measure everything around them by moral standards, and those who think that fairness and justice are beautiful will measure things by whether they are fair or not. The values established by emotional resonance are like a scale to measure everything. Everyone uses the scale in his heart to mark everything he meets with different values. Then define self-pursuit with these values as the guidance, and people’s goals and ideals are the visualized results of self-pursuit.

It is precisely because of the differences in emotional demands that various life goals have been created, and the differences in goals have caused conflicts in values. The moral system based on universal values is an important tool to adjust the conflict of ideas, in which individuals should actively realize their self-worth in addition to passive adaptation and acceptance, which is also the normal state of people in social activities. With the development of society, modern society pays more attention to individual power and value. As a result, a more complex and changeable value system has emerged. With the popularization of education and the information explosion, it will have a greater impact on modern people, and most people have been exposed to information beyond their own understanding. Therefore, a clearer emotional cognition can better adapt to and understand the value conflict brought about by the information explosion.

In personal cognition, emotions bring more emotional outbursts, and people and things that can trigger personal emotions are the embodiment of personal values. When an individual makes a value judgment, there are two kinds of performances, one is that people have no me, and the other is that people have no me. People who have no self are judged by what they have, while people who have no self are judged by what they don’t have. They are all the same in essence and will have differences in performance. Different objects of value identification will produce completely different performances. When a person thinks that a person’s social status is very important, he will use the status as a value reference.

When making reference, take yourself as the coordinate to compare up and down, and when you meet people whose status is not as good as your own, your values will enter a state where people have nothing. The external performance will be different because of different emotional cognition, and the internal state is to think that you are higher than others. When you meet someone with a higher status than yourself, your values will enter a state in which people have me without me, and the external performance is also different. The internal state is that you are lower than others. People who are not much different from themselves will enter a competitive state, and their internal demands are to surpass each other, but their external performances are also different.

The emergence of values lies in what a person thinks a person’s status is determined by, and what a person’s emotional cognition resonates with will make him think that what a person has is valuable. Take the wealth with universal value as an example. A person who thinks wealth is a yardstick to measure personal value will equate everything in his cognition with money. When judging other people’s social status and value, they will convert everything they have into money, then value it with everything they own and measure each other’s value. In this process, the valuation of others and yourself is a free evaluation, and the accuracy of valuation depends entirely on personal cognition. As a result, if you think that your value is higher than others, you will enter a state of being without me, and if you think that your value is lower than others, you will enter a state of being without me. On the outside, you will show different thinking characteristics because of different emotional cognitive deviations.

Under the influence of universal values, introverted resentment will be extremely stingy in a state where people have nothing, and they will always prevent people with lower values from taking advantage of themselves, which makes them appear bitter and indifferent. When dealing with people of equal value, we will maintain a superficial fairness, but after taking advantage, we would rather turn our faces than give up our vested interests. When dealing with people whose value is higher than their own, they will fall into a state where people have nothing to do with themselves. They always put themselves on the weak side and are afraid that they are useless. They often use small favors to maintain relationships, and then find opportunities to take advantage of each other. They are very good at using emotional kidnapping to make profits for themselves. If they can’t find benefits, they will blame each other for their disregard for human feelings.

Outward-looking resentment will show all kinds of self-packaging and show off wealth in a state where people have nothing, so as to prove the inevitability of their success. People who treat people whose value is lower than their own will use all kinds of rhetoric to promise others to pay for themselves, and finally only honor part of them or not, and then pass the buck to others to find various reasons for not honoring their promises. When treating people of equal value, they will play all kinds of tricks to embarrass others, and they are also very concerned about whether they have won the respect of others. They often make trouble on the grounds that others don’t respect themselves, and they are petty but eloquent, and they will excuse themselves. Treating people whose value is higher than their own will fall into the dilemma of people with and without, blindly recognizing everything of high-value people, and doing their best to cater to and borrow the value of others to raise themselves.

Introverted begging will show condescending conceit in a state where people don’t have what they have. In this state, they think that everything they have is earned by their own efforts, so people who treat people with lower value than themselves only see each other’s shortcomings and treat others harshly and mercilessly. When dealing with people of equal value, there is a degree of humility but toughness everywhere. Even if you suffer losses, you will find it back in other directions without holding on to the dead bar. When you treat people with higher value than yourself, you will fall into a state where people have me and have nothing. In this state, you will quickly improve and enrich yourself, and your high demands will last until you can do nothing. Externally, you will not be too grateful to those who promote and take care of yourself, and you will be more sure of your efforts and efforts.

Extroverted begging will show moral superiority in the state that people have nothing. Driven by this superiority, people who are less valuable than themselves are often self-righteous, accusing others of their mistakes with their own one-sided cognition, and they will be very concerned about the way others treat themselves externally. Pay great attention to the display of self-achievement when dealing with people whose value is equivalent to their own, and only maintain respect for those they recognize and formal courtesy for those they don’t recognize. When dealing with people whose value is higher than their own, they will fall into a state where people have me. In this state, they will imagine what would happen if they had these, and then turn these imaginations into expectations for high-value people. These expectations will become moral requirements in most cases and cynical reasons in a few cases.

Introverted love separation will have a sense of mission when people are without me. Driven by the sense of mission, it will show a natural and unquestionable arrogance to treat people whose value is lower than their own. Under this arrogant mentality, whether it is worthy of redemption is often used to judge the value of others. When treating people with equal value, they often put their ideas first. Those who don’t agree with their own ideas will have all kinds of paranoid denials, while those who agree with their own ideas will have no bottom line support. When dealing with people whose value is higher than their own, they will fall into the state that people have me without, irrationally pursue others’ existence, and excessively deny their own absence, which is manifested in various idolatries.

The extroverted love separation will produce a sense of aloofness in the state that people have nothing. Under the influence of this sense of aloofness, people who are less valuable than themselves will have a contemptuous attitude, and they will behave in their own way but never explain anything. When treating people of equal value, they will show both respect and recognition, while keeping their distance from each other and never taking the initiative to develop intimate relationships. When dealing with people whose value is higher than their own, they will be trapped in a state where people have me, respect and seek advice to improve themselves, and at the same time, they will find fault with each other for proving themselves.

Whether people have me or have no me, it is the beginning of self-cognition being disturbed by their own emotions, which is also the basic principle of the existence and non-existence of the Reed Classics of Tao Te Ching. If wealth and goods are not beautiful, they will not raise the status of people with wealth and goods in their hearts, nor will they think that poor people are worthless; If you don’t take power as beauty, you won’t be humble in front of powerful people, and you won’t laugh at people without power; If you don’t take knowledge as beauty, you won’t be afraid to show your ignorance in front of knowledgeable people, nor will you show off your knowledge in front of ignorant people. If you don’t think you have it, you won’t despise others’ lack because you have it; If you don’t think you have nothing, you won’t feel humble because others have it. If we get rid of the awareness of the presence or absence, we will not be disturbed by the presence or absence, and everything we see is original; Without the love of beauty, we can correctly understand the so-called ugliness, and we will not deny anything because of ugliness. Most people in the world are trapped between the existence and non-existence, because they are happy because they have it, and they are sad because they have nothing. It is difficult to understand what virtue is unless they get rid of what they think they have.

In Buddhist thought, people’s self-thought is interpreted as "phase", and they are obsessed with longevity and think that longevity is beautiful, and they can enjoy the fortune. Wisdom is the phase of those who have entered the longevity; Obsessed with saving the world, let the world live according to a certain method, and let all beings enjoy the blessings, that is, they have entered the phase of all beings; The heart of wealth, power, wisdom and compassion will all enter my phase, and my heart will be trapped between the existence and the absence, and it will rise and die because of the cause. Most people who practice Buddhism are obsessed with their hearts, and people’s hearts have no wealth, tactics, wisdom and compassion; If you are obsessed with something, you will stick to it, and if you stick to it, you will think it is true. If you are in line with what you hold, you will think it is, and if you are not in line with what you hold, you will think it is not. Correct others’ wrongs with self-righteousness, no matter what the heart is, it is hard to get good results in the end.

People who are obsessed with Buddhism think that all beings can cross, but they don’t know that all beings can only cross by themselves. All Buddhism and Taoism are just roads for the world to cross the river by themselves. No matter which road is taken by the world itself, many people kneel on the road and kowtow in the hope that this road will become an elevator to take them forward. Therefore, all beings can cross because they have a way to go, and all beings can’t cross because they can only walk by themselves. If you don’t get obsessed with your heart and don’t stick to your phase, you will naturally see the nature of all beings. When you see all beings, you will know that your heart is the same as all beings, and your heart is one and you know the cause and effect.

In China’s traditional thought, emotional cognition is interpreted as "feeling", and all emotions are born of feeling qi. Seeing beautiful things, I feel that this kind of beauty is called "emotion", and what I think I don’t have and want to have after my own measurement is called "desire". Everyone has feelings and desires, so how can I balance myself, neither being partial to feelings nor desires, which requires me to adjust my subjective position. The internal principle is very simple. Is it people who decide the value? Or is value determining people? It is the core part of Confucianism that people themselves determine the value of everything. The gentleman advocated by Confucius is to take people as the king, and any value should serve people, and no value can be used to deny the role of people. Confucius said that the villain is to determine people by value. Once people are defined by value, they will be divided into different grades, and the grade difference caused by value will trigger various emotions.

Because your value is denied by others, you will get angry. For example, others don’t act according to their own wishes, you don’t get the respect you deserve, and your contribution is not recognized. If you feel that you are valuable and can’t get recognition, you will have resentment. For example, your efforts have not been rewarded, your dignity has not been guaranteed, and what you should have has not been obtained. Excessive self-recognition and feeling that you are more valuable than others will lead to arrogance. For example, thinking that you have higher status will lead to arrogance in status, thinking that you have higher knowledge will lead to arrogance in cognition, and thinking that you have greater social value will lead to arrogance in power.

When anger, resentment and pride are mixed together, it will produce hostility, which is explained by modern psychology as anti-social tendency. On the contrary, it is righteousness. The principle of righteousness is not to define people by value, but to define all values by people. How to maintain a correct cognition in daily life and social activities? In Confucianism, there is a book that specifically explains how to nourish qi called The Doctrine of the Mean. The basic principle of The Doctrine of the Mean is the principle of righteousness, and its main function is to correct itself when making daily judgments and decisions. You can’t deviate from the gentleman’s way and can’t afford the villain’s heart.

People’s hearts are true, but only when they are disturbed by miscellaneous gas can they be divided into gentlemen and villains. The so-called villains are not born small, but have made themselves small. When a person thinks that something is more valuable than others, then he is small in front of something. Once I am young, I will fall into the dilemma of "people have me without me, and people have me without me". I am proud of what I have and feel inferior because I have nothing. People don’t need any value, but all values need people. This is the right way. No matter who pursues the right path in the end, the most unforgettable thing in feelings is not those who come because we have nothing, but those who are still kind to us without caring what we have or what we have. When judging whether others are sincere to themselves, they are always worried about whether they are coming for themselves. This is the essential need of people for the right path.

. What this demand reflects is that human nature refuses to be bound by value and longs for inner freedom. What can get rid of the bound by value and meet this essential demand is feelings. The easiest thing to get in feelings is to treat parents’ feelings, regardless of whether parents can be themselves. As children, it is difficult to define their parents by value. What parents should do regardless of their value is the initial foundation of being born as a human being, which is also the core of China’s filial piety culture for thousands of years. The reason to advocate and carry forward filial piety is to tell everyone to the greatest extent that all values in the world serve people. In front of filial piety, people should do something and not do everything for external values. This is the important core of Confucian benevolence. How to keep this core in the complicated world is the significance of the Confucian theory of nourishing qi, and it is also the reason why The Doctrine of the Mean can become an important Confucian classic.

Correcting one’s own emotional cognition can help to understand how values affect people to the greatest extent, and also correctly understand the significance of the existence of the value system. A correct understanding of value does not prevent people from pursuing value. A person who does not regard wealth as a personal pursuit does not prevent him from making money. On the contrary, after making money, he can better play the value of money. Not treating power as a personal pursuit does not prevent him from becoming an official. On the contrary, he can serve the people better after becoming an official. Not defining people by value does not prevent value from playing its due role. The only difference lies in the individual’s perspective and attitude towards value and people. For modern people, there are too many things that need to be judged. Maintaining correct emotional cognition can avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and trouble.

Saudi Arabia has no competitors, and the World Cup bid has completely become a decoration?

Reporter Han Bing reports For the 2034 World Cup, FIFA set the deadline of October 31st for bidding intention. Almost the whole world knows that Saudi Arabia has no competitors. Australia, which was originally considering a joint bid with New Zealand or Indonesia, announced its abandonment on the deadline and turned to bid for the 2029 World Club Cup. There is only one bid for the 2034 World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Although the right to host the World Cup will not be decided until the end of next year, there is no suspense now. Saudi Arabia became a "single bidder" for the 2034 World Cup.

FIFA President infantino issued a statement on November 1st, announcing that the 2034 World Cup would be held in Saudi Arabia, just as he had previously confirmed that the six countries would host the 2030 World Cup. Saudi Arabia announced its comprehensive plan to bid for the 2034 World Cup just 65 minutes after the official announcement of FIFA. Infantino’s operation this time is exactly the same as Blatter’s bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Even, infantino is more out of line than Blatter: Blatter had to go through the voting process of multi-party bidding at least that year, and infantino directly persuaded other bidders through behind-the-scenes mediation, turning the bidding into a mere formality.

The behind-the-scenes operation of the right to host two consecutive World Cups began on October 4th. Most of the 211 presidents of FIFA’s football associations who originally had the right to vote did not know that someone had made a decision for them. The World Cup bidding process, which should have been voted at the end of next year, has been artificially accelerated, and it is entirely through the mediation of FIFA executives with the bidding parties. According to an anonymous executive, this is only a "quite elegant solution", but it is an undisguised behind-the-scenes transaction. Like FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA executives "presented" the World Cup to the most generous countries to FIFA.

On October 4th, FIFA suddenly announced that October 31st was the last deadline to put forward the intention to bid for the 2034 World Cup. Because the time is too short, the possibility of other bidders being shortlisted is almost ruled out. When Australia hesitated to bid with which country, infantino also tried to persuade Australia to give up. He made a speech to the presidents of AFC’s associations, hoping that AFC would "unite to prepare for the 2034 World Cup", and the implication was clear at a glance. The FIFA Council, composed of 37 football associations, decided in advance the host countries of the 2030 and 2034 World Cups, and the latter should have been submitted to the FIFA General Assembly at the end of next year for voting by 211 football associations.

FIFA violated its own rules of the game, making the FIFA General Assembly’s vote on the right to host the World Cup a decoration. After Blatter’s corruption scandal, infantino made a more transparent and open commitment, and the voting for the right to host the World Cup was expanded from the Executive Committee (24 members) to all members (211 members). However, in June 2023, when many bidders were ready, FIFA suddenly postponed the bidding process for the 2030 World Cup. Infantino used this time to complete behind-the-scenes mediation: the Centennial World Cup merged with two bidders to host in six countries, and the 2034 World Cup was locked in Saudi Arabia.

How the bidders for two consecutive World Cups compromised, who participated in the negotiations, and why the bidding process for the 2034 World Cup suddenly accelerated are unknown. Negotiations have been carried out in a small scope since this summer, and even the Chilean Football Association, one of the South American joint bidders for the 2030 World Cup, has been excluded from the negotiations. It was not until FIFA officials announced that South America would host three World Cup group matches that the Chilean Football Association realized that it had been "abandoned".

However, the bid for the 2026 World Cup strictly abides by the bidding and voting process established by FIFA. Including the initial screening, it is determined that at most three bidders will enter the final bidding process, and all FIFA Football Associations will vote to decide the organizers. Behind-the-scenes mediation in the bid for the 2030 and 2034 World Cups is exactly the same as the host selection model of the summer Olympic Games in recent years. The International Olympic Committee has turned the competitors who bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games into a win-win situation: Paris and Los Angeles won the right to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games respectively, so as to avoid making the bid a high elimination rate bid that "produces more losers and wastes more and more bidding funds".

Infantino, president of FIFA, also said that the early determination of the organizers can ensure the internal harmony and rotation principle of continental FIFA, and also provide a more controllable and strategic choice in business and operation. The media will question the close relationship between infantino and Saudi Arabia, which may lead to injustice and corruption. However, in addition to rigid political criticism, many sports observers also believe that the 48-team World Cup has caused the host country’s hosting cost to surge, and behind-the-scenes mediation has locked in bidders with more willingness to host and economic strength, which is a more efficient way for FIFA and countries with bidding intentions to generate higher commercial returns. In short, today’s World Cup bid is basically a process, completely behind-the-scenes negotiations.

The 2027 and 2031 Women’s World Cups may also produce the host country in this way. South Africa, Brazil and the United States/Mexico will bid for the 2027 Women’s World Cup, and the United States/Mexico will be awarded the right to host the 2031 Women’s World Cup, so as to reduce the failure cost of the bidders and improve the commercial return. It is likely that the World Cup will no longer be a bid, but the host country will be decided through "negotiation".

La Liga-Barcelona lost 1-2 to Huangshe, and the three-game winning streak was ended. Lewan broke the goal and was unbeaten in the top four in six rounds.

Live on May 21 ST, Beijing time at 3: 00 am on May 21 ST, the 35th round of La Liga in the 2022-23 season started to compete at Camp Nou, and Barcelona played at home against the Royal Society. In the first half, merino scored the first goal. In the second half, Cerro expanded the score, and Lewan headed back a city. In the end, Barcelona lost 1-2 to the Royal Society at home, and the three-game winning streak of the Barcelona League was ended. The Royal Society was unbeaten for six consecutive rounds. In terms of standings, Barcelona scored 85 points and locked in the championship. Huang Sheji ranked fourth with 65 points, 5 points ahead of Huang Qian, the fifth place.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 5th minute, Comte’s possession in the midfield was broken, Thurot advanced and made a cross, and merino followed the low shot into the net, making Barcelona 0-1 Royal Society! ↓

In the 71st minute, Derong’s frontcourt dribbling was broken, and the imperial club’s counterattack opportunity, Zubimendi’s horizontal knocking, Cerro succeeded in calmly pushing against Ter stegen, Barcelona 0-2 Royal Society! ↓

In the 89th minute, Phelan broke through the cross on the right, and lewandowski grabbed the header to score a goal, making Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

The 15th minute, Rafinha steals the ball in the frontcourt, Lewan picks it up and passes it to the goal. Dembele’s header is blocked by Remiro. ↓

In the 26th minute, Rafinha made a cross from the bottom, and Levan headed the ball slightly higher. ↓

In the 31st minute, Cerro made a low cross, Ali Shaw shot low in the restricted area, and Ter stegen saved the danger with his legs. ↓

The 36th minute, Dembele’s wonderful performance. ↓

In the 65th minute, Kubo Jianying took a free kick and Thurot headed the ball from close range. ↓

In the 80th minute, Kubo Jianying’s shot in the restricted area was blocked, and Rico’s periphery shelled the door again, and Ter stegen bravely resolved it. ↓

After the game, Harvey comforted the Barcelona players. ↓

[Starting and substitution information of both parties]

Barcelona starters: 1- Ter stegen, 28- Bald, 15- Christensen, 23- Conde (45’17- Marcos Alonso), 18- Alba, 5- busquets (83’24- Eric Garcia), 19- Casey (62’10- Faty).

Substitutes did not play: 13- Pe? a, 20- Robertot, 31- Astraga.

Royal Social Starts: 1- Remiro, 15- Rico, 5- Luis Zubeldia (80’20- Pacheco), 24- Lenomande, 6- Elustondo, 8- merino, 3- Zubimendi, 4- Illarramendi (57’18- Groosa Bell), 11- Ali Shaw.

Substitutes did not appear: 16- Guevara, 2- Sola, 13- zubiaurre, 22- Turrientes, 17- Navarro, 12- Mu? oz, 10- Oyarzabal.

Interview with Morgan! C Ronaldo: Messi is the best player I have ever played against! But the strongest in history is someone else.

Just last week, world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo played in the preliminaries against Ireland on behalf of the Portuguese national team. He reversed the lore game with a double pressure whistle, and at the same time, the number of goals scored by his national team was officially raised to 111, which directly broke the world football record of 109 goals scored by the legendary Iranian striker ali daei, and Cristiano Ronaldo also successfully ranked first in the men’s football adult national team.

Statistics after the game show that Cristiano Ronaldo scored only 37 goals when he reached the 100 milestones in the Portuguese national team. However, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly stepped into gear to speed up. In the next 80 games, the Portuguese superstar bombarded 74 goals, which opened the process of refreshing the world record.

It is worth mentioning that among the 111 goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, 64 goals were scored in the World Cup preliminaries or the European Cup qualifiers, while in the European Cup finals and the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 21 goals, in addition, five goals were scored in the Europa League, two goals were scored in the Confederations Cup, and only 19 goals were scored in the friendly match of Portugal.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, who broke the record and made history, returned to Britain, the famous British journalist piers morgan made an exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. Among the British journalists, perhaps only Morgan could make Cristiano Ronaldo forget his fatigue and go to the appointment happily. In this interview, the Portuguese superstar also spoke his mind, but he thought he was stronger than Messi.

Piers morgan asked: Who is the best player you have played against? C Ronaldo answered directly without hesitation: Messi! Morgan was a little surprised and then asked, Really? Cristiano Ronaldo smiled again and answered affirmatively: Messi is definitely the best player I have ever played against. But Pierre, you’re asking a little wrong question. Morgan: Well, to be correct, how should I ask? I see, I should ask you, who do you think is the best player in history? C Ronaldo replied seriously: I think I know the answer. Later, after the interview, piers morgan revealed: "Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he is the best player in the history of football, and I agree with him very much." Want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to the football express

Executives: The Lakers will pursue Trey Young in the offseason, and they have been paying attention to him.

Recently, an NBA executive was interviewed by a reporter.

The executive believes that the Lakers will pursue Trey Young.

"The Lakers shot and got some puzzles that can be used for trading. If the Hawks don’t take action in the summer, the Lakers will be Trey Young’s next home next season …… I don’t believe that every player who signed with Klutch will go to the Lakers, which is obviously not true. But Yang is one of the goals that the Lakers have been paying attention to. "

Note: Trey Young shot 31.7% and shot 17.5% from three points in the past eight games.

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.