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Can you call nearly a thousand robots every day to promote innovation or harassment?

  "Sir, buy a house?" "Sister, is there a need to learn English recently?" … … In the era of mobile communication, being harassed by sales calls has become an annoyance that many people have experienced. Recently, many readers who have suffered from harassing phone calls have found that various sales companies seem to have updated their technology, and it seems that the "harassing phone calls" they receive are not from real people.

  A survey by Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that at present, there have been softwares that use artificial intelligence to replace real-life customer service for telemarketing. According to the software developer, using AI to make sales calls can not only make the sound no different from real people, but also greatly improve the efficiency. "You can dial 800 to 1000 calls every day, which is 4 to 5 times that of traditional labor." Many netizens therefore expressed concern: if the cost is low and the efficiency is high, will the frequency of receiving "harassing calls" be higher and higher?


  The "robot" called to sell the phone.

  Many people worry about being harassed.

  At the end of November, Mr. Su received a "special" sales call. He introduced that there was nothing special about this real estate sales call at the beginning. "I just asked me if I had a need to buy a house when I came up. After being rejected, I still insisted on knowing it first." But soon, Mr. Su found that something was wrong with the caller. "Whatever I say, he is ‘ You don’t have to answer so quickly. There must be a house suitable for you here ’ This sentence feels like a robot. "

  Similar to Mr. Su, Zhang Lin (a pseudonym), a college student internship in Beijing, has often received sales calls from robots in recent days. "Yes ‘ Male ’ Yes ‘ Female ’ I couldn’t hear the difference from the real person in the voice. After I asked a few questions, the other party didn’t reply at all. I just kept talking on my own and made me realize: Hey, it seems that I have received a phone call from a robot. " Zhang Lin said that he felt a little fresh when he received a call from the robot at first, but later he felt a little annoyed. "Unlike a real person, he will hang up after being rejected. The robot will always say that it is not easy to politely refuse, and it can only hang up directly. " In addition, Zhang Lin is also worried that telemarketing will be more efficient after using "robots". Will the frequency of receiving "harassing calls" increase? "In recent days, at least three times a day, there are people who sell houses, learn English, and ask if they want loans. I feel that the frequency is much higher than before, and it is too late to rely on blackening."

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there are not a few netizens who recently broke the news on social networks that they received sales calls from "robots". Some netizens joked, "Now even harassing calls can’t be received by real people." However, more people are still worried and dissatisfied with this phenomenon: "There is no sincerity at all, and there is nowhere to say it, and the number of harassment is increasing."






  According to the customer service staff, at present, an AI-controlled telephone line can make 800 to 1000 calls every day, which is 4 to 5 times as efficient as traditional manpower. In terms of cost, each line costs 2,500 yuan per quarter, 4,000 yuan per half year and 6,800 yuan per year, including supporting services such as assisting voice optimization and recording, a dedicated customer service and two technical engineers to follow up at any time. According to him, AI is only responsible for making phone calls, making initial communication with customers, selecting customers with purchase intentions and making records. As for which numbers to dial, users need to enter them in advance, and the R&D party does not provide relevant data. "AI will rank customers, and interested guests need the user to arrange staff to follow up." The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that in the telephone recording model provided by the other party, how AI replies is actually based on the keyword triggering mechanism. As long as a specific keyword is recognized, AI will reply to the voice that has been recorded in advance. Where is the intelligence? In this regard, the customer service staff said that the system has its own learning function.


  AI for selling telephone calls

  Technological progress or the source of trouble?

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there are not a few AI automatic dialing systems that have been launched on the market. Most systems focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency. The customer service staff of an AI automatic dialing system said that compared with the operation mode of the traditional telephone sales industry, the use of AI can make up for the common problems of real-life sales, such as "difficulty in follow-up, high training cost, quick employee turnover, and emotional instability caused by repetitive monotonous work". He said that in addition to telemarketing, the AI system is also suitable for questionnaire survey, customer care, identity authentication and after-sales service. However, he also admits that the industries that use the system the most at present are real estate, financial institutions, education and training institutions and other areas where telephone sales are relatively concentrated.

  Some practitioners have suggested that the cost of making a phone call by AI is about 20 cents, which is greatly reduced compared with manpower, so it may bring about great changes in the field of telephone sales. However, there are also voices that sales calls have become the main source of harassment that plagues contemporary people, and rashly using AI can only aggravate troubles.

  On December 7th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted the customer service of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom about whether harassing calls can be intercepted in advance, and learned that at present, except for the "white list" service that can be opened by China Mobile, other operators can’t block harassing calls in advance. According to the customer service staff of China Unicom and China Telecom, if users encounter harassing calls, they can use the blackening function of the mobile phone system to avoid being harassed again. The "white list" service provided by mobile means that except for the phone in the "white list" of users, other phones need to be authenticated before they can be dialed, so as to avoid receiving harassing calls from the machine. In addition, regarding whether a telephone line can make unlimited external calls every day, all three operators said that there is no limit to the number of calls to the line every day. In other words, as long as AI can dial in time, it can use a phone number to dial out indefinitely.


  "harassing phone calls" are suspected of violating personal privacy

  It is the user who infringes, not AI.

  On December 7, the reporter of Beiqing Daily interviewed Judge Roman of Chaoyang Court on the question of whether netizens will aggravate the proliferation of "harassing calls" when AI enters the telemarketing field. Judge Roman said that for "harassing phone calls", there is bound to be an infringement of personal privacy. "If the phone call is offered by myself, there will definitely be no harassment. But the current situation is that many times people have received various sales calls without knowing how their phones were leaked. " Judge Roman said that according to the relevant laws, the contact information provided by users to businesses should be limited to specific services. However, in real life, many businesses will use users’ phones for other purposes in order to promote them later, and their behavior has been suspected of infringing on personal privacy.

  As for the role of AI in it, Judge Roman said: "It is people, not technology. Before AI, there were a lot of harassing calls, and AI just provided another way to achieve it. " She suggested that users can choose to call the police after frequent telephone harassment, and the police will investigate the source of harassing calls. "Personally, it may be difficult to trace the source of harassing calls."

  Text/reporter Kong Lingqi

Mad Max 5 will be launched in 2021 without digital age reduction technology.

1905 movie network news As a sequel in 2015, Mad Max: Freosa is actually a prequel movie. According to the plan, Anja Taylor-Joy, an actress who has successfully appeared in The Witch, The Witch and The Witch, is expected to play the heroine in the film. And this role is Charlize Theron’s role in Furious Road.

When talking about the reasons for changing actors, george miller, director of the whole series, said, "All along, we have been considering whether to use digital age-reducing technology to age Cylons. However, I don’t think this is a good idea. Because of this film, it still makes people feel uncomfortable. After all, the horror valley theory still applies. Everyone is trying to solve this problem, including some Japanese game designers, but I think it will still make people feel uncomfortable. " 

What george miller said is true. Although the digital age reduction in The Irishman has reached the peak of technology, it still has a strong sense of CG. Earlier, in an interview, director george miller said: "The story is not over yet, and I believe the follow-up will continue. We are preparing the film. "

Mad Max 4: The Road to Fury tells the story that Max, a former highway patrolman, becomes the driver of a chariot in Ferriosa and takes five women across the desert. Mad Max is a series of films with apocalyptic and dystopian characteristics initiated by george miller. The film originated in the late 1970s. The first episode focused on revenge, the second episode focused on hope, and the subsequent film production was even more grand.

In the film, Max resists the violence and suspicion in the uncivilized world by himself, and gives people love and confidence like a savior. The film depicts the world in the post-nuclear war era in a realistic way. The director does not exaggerate violence, but he does not mince it. The miserable world and human beings who are fighting for the right to exist like animals have also become the "reserved elements" in this kind of movies. It can be said that all the post-nuclear war literary works of later generations have been influenced by this film.

At present, the film is tentatively scheduled to start shooting in 2021.

Why is the weather complicated and changeable in spring?

Strong winds in the north, severe cooling, rain and snow weather, regional heavy rain and strong convective weather in the south … The forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory shows that from April 1, China has ushered in the largest range of heavy rain and snow weather this year, and a large-scale precipitation process has occurred in the central and eastern regions. On April 2, the Central Meteorological Observatory successively issued a blue rainstorm warning and a blue severe convective weather warning. Why is the weather complicated and changeable in spring? Meteorologists interpreted it.
Fang Yi, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that the heavy rain and snow weather process mainly has two characteristics: wide range of precipitation, high intensity and superposition of various disastrous weather. "From April 1 to 5, the land area with accumulated precipitation above 100 mm will reach 230,000 square kilometers, which is the largest heavy rain and snow weather process this year."
Sun Jun, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that April 2-4 is the main period of precipitation and strong winds. In terms of precipitation, from April 2 to 5, there were moderate to heavy snow or sleet in eastern Gansu, Ningxia, northern Hebei and central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and there were blizzards or heavy blizzards in central Inner Mongolia. The main snowfall period was April 2 to 3; There are moderate to heavy rains in the southeastern part of Northwest China, the eastern part of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China, Huanghuai and the southern part of Northeast China. There are heavy rains in parts of Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian, and there are local heavy rains. The main rainfall period is from April 2 to 4.
In terms of gale cooling, on April 2, cold air mainly affects northwest China and Inner Mongolia, on April 3, it affects the western part of Northeast China, northern North China, Huanghuai and Jianghan, and on April 4-5, it affects the central and eastern parts of Northeast China, North China, Jianghuai and the south. There will be 4 to 6 winds in the central and eastern regions, with gusts of 7 to 9; From April 2 to 5, the temperature in most parts of the north dropped by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the south dropped by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.
"The land area with a temperature drop of more than 10 degrees Celsius is 940,000 square kilometers." Sun Jun said.
Sun Jun analyzed the causes of this weather process, which was mainly influenced by two weather systems, one was the cold air in the north, and the other was the Jianghuai cyclone from the south. The northern region is mainly affected by cold air. On the morning of April 2, cold air has reached the Hetao area to the eastern part of Gansu, and there are strong winds and cooling weather in Xinjiang, most of Gansu, western Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. Next, the cold air will continue to move eastward and southward, bringing strong winds and cool weather to most parts of the central and eastern regions. However, many places in the south are mainly affected by the Jianghuai cyclone, resulting in a regional rainstorm process.
Sun Jun said that as of April 2, the cold air and the Jianghuai cyclone had not met. Around April 4, the cold air moving eastward and southward will meet the growing Jianghuai cyclone. At that time, the confrontation between cold and warm air will lead to mixed strong convective weather including short-term heavy precipitation, strong wind and local hail, which will affect Henan, Hubei, Anhui and Hunan.
Recently, the weather in some areas has been cold and hot, and this time there has been a sharp drop in temperature. Is it a "cold spring"?
Fang Yi said that in meteorology, "cold in late spring" refers to a weather process in which the temperature drops rapidly in spring due to the influence of strong cold air, and a large range of crops are frozen due to warm before and cold after. "Late spring cold" usually appears from mid-March to April, which generally means that the average daily temperature in Jiangnan area is lower than 12 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days, or lower than 14 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days. As far as this process is concerned, because the temperature drop in the south of the Yangtze River is not severe, the temperature after cooling is close to the same period of the year, and it is unlikely that crops will be damaged by freezing in a large area, so it is unlikely to reach the standard of "late spring cold".
"Spring is the season when cold and warm air meet. The cold and warm air changes. When the cold air is strengthened, the temperature will decrease, but it is still in the process of gradually warming up. Therefore, it is normal for the weather to be cold and hot. The public needs to pay attention to the early warning information issued by the local meteorological department and adjust the dress in time according to the temperature change. " Fang said.
Our reporter Li Hongmei.
Source: People’s Daily

The 11-year-old boy accidentally injured his face when he set off fireworks, which happened frequently during the Spring Festival! Parents pay attention to these points.

As the Spring Festival approaches, many children play with fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful, but if they are not set off safely, they are likely to cause harm to children. Chang Jing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Hunan Children’s Hospital, reminded parents to strengthen safety education for their children and set off fireworks under the premise of safety.

Recently, Lele (a pseudonym), an 11-year-old boy from Changsha, went to Hunan Children’s Hospital under the leadership of his father. Lele’s father said that the child died an hour ago.In the process of setting off fireworks and firecrackersAccidentally injured face,lead torightThere was an open wound on the face,At that time, all the clothes burned a small hole.,in a momentchildrightSkin flushing with peeling appeared on the face.So finally,Take the children to the hospital.

After detailed diagnosis and treatment, the facial wound condition improved slightly. Second daysIn the morning,There are a few blisters on the child’s face with bursting.Lele’s father takes care of the children.Came to Hunan Children’s Hospital.Chang Jing, deputy chief physician of dermatology, visited the doctor. After a detailed understanding of the incident process and diagnosis and treatment process, the wound ostomy clinic of Dermatology United Hospital was treated with ozone hydrotherapy and wound dressing change.A few days laterThe child’s facial condition has obviously improved.

Chang Jing said,Every year, the number of patients injured by setting off fireworks and firecrackers will increase during the Spring Festival. Most of them are children,Kids, becauseThe ability to predict the danger is low, and it is more likely to be injured when setting off fireworks. The injured parts are mainly concentrated in the vulnerable parts such as hands, face and eyeballs.

Chang Jing reminded,fireworks and crackersThere are many potential dangers hidden, and it is easy to be careless.Lead to childrenWound or burn,stillMay cause a fire.Prevention is the key to avoid fireworks injuries.,hopeEveryone keeps it at all times.Be alert,Pay attention to safety,avoidChildren accidentally injuredHappen.The following points can be noted when setting off fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival:

1、Purchase qualified and good quality.Safety specification generationFireworks and firecrackers,Before dischargeCareful and detailedRead the discharge instructions.

2、Children must be accompanied by their parents when setting off fireworks. Don’t set off fireworks with your hands. Choose.Spacious and safePlace, at the same time avoid to the crowd gathering place, away from flammable.explosiveArticles.

3, it is strictly prohibitedGo and pick up the "blind gun" immediately、“dud".

4、childrenTry notLight firecrackers yourself,Set off fireworks and firecrackers to keep a safe distance,Prevent firecrackers and sparks from splashing and hurting people.

5, the discharge process is strictly prohibited.Play with each other to avoid accidental injuryanother person.

Children’s safety awareness is relatively weak, for the sake of children’sSafety andHealth, please.Everyone mustSafe discharge.alsoRemind parents to strengthen safety education for their children, especially during the Spring Festival, and strictly supervise the behavior of children setting off fireworks and firecrackers.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Ren Wanwan

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No net, no liver, no krypton, take stock of those super-killing and super-interesting games.

Many of them can’t be found, but they are off the shelf.

The magic tower series

  1. Magic tower 24 th floor
  2. Classic magic tower 50 floors
  3. Xinxin magic tower
  4. The new magic tower 2 (updated on 20230628, but not played yet)

Gold miner Classic Miner

Monopoly (off the shelf)

Tribe and machete: steam transplant version, mod available, conscience stand-alone

Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes X (off the shelf)

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Heroes and Heroes Biography 1, 2, 3 (personal production, also available on pc-side steam (paid), mobile phones are free; Personal comparison recommendation series 2)

The legend of chivalrous man (pc transplant version)

[Weak networking martial arts rpg] single machine is the main one, and pvp exists, which does not affect the normal game)

Yanyu Jianghu

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My knight-errant

Call me Royal Guards.

Orange light games (there are quite a few games in the app, and the text options are mainly plot/numerical development, and there are many in love women and some in men).

Rusty Lake series.

The Room series

Lost island series

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Agent A(Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise)

Mystery series of ship-snatching

Lost Garden Series

The chamber of secrets escape from despair series

If you can go home earlier.

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Full moon night (puzzle, it’s not difficult to get started, single card game, good painting style)

Doodle God

Exception (if you want to know the programmer’s work, let’s feel the charm of logic)

Sword-telling (ink martial arts style, similar to fruit ninja, and chivalrous plot)

Blade of the Shadow 3 (action martial arts, very good painting style)

Flash customers and fight quickly (childhood memories series)

The original god (still into the pit, it is still very good to play alone, and there are many subplots ~ (unfortunately, it is a two-dimensional style, spit out when the martial arts can also have this level)

Lost in life (drawing and stamping xp, the character story is full)

Going against the cold hand tour (just out of the game, at present, it is still very good to play as a single player! Don’t force Krypton, the subplots are rich, and the degree of freedom is high. After playing this, you will lose the original god.)

Saudi Arabia has no competitors, and the World Cup bid has completely become a decoration?

Reporter Han Bing reports For the 2034 World Cup, FIFA set the deadline of October 31st for bidding intention. Almost the whole world knows that Saudi Arabia has no competitors. Australia, which was originally considering a joint bid with New Zealand or Indonesia, announced its abandonment on the deadline and turned to bid for the 2029 World Club Cup. There is only one bid for the 2034 World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Although the right to host the World Cup will not be decided until the end of next year, there is no suspense now. Saudi Arabia became a "single bidder" for the 2034 World Cup.

FIFA President infantino issued a statement on November 1st, announcing that the 2034 World Cup would be held in Saudi Arabia, just as he had previously confirmed that the six countries would host the 2030 World Cup. Saudi Arabia announced its comprehensive plan to bid for the 2034 World Cup just 65 minutes after the official announcement of FIFA. Infantino’s operation this time is exactly the same as Blatter’s bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Even, infantino is more out of line than Blatter: Blatter had to go through the voting process of multi-party bidding at least that year, and infantino directly persuaded other bidders through behind-the-scenes mediation, turning the bidding into a mere formality.

The behind-the-scenes operation of the right to host two consecutive World Cups began on October 4th. Most of the 211 presidents of FIFA’s football associations who originally had the right to vote did not know that someone had made a decision for them. The World Cup bidding process, which should have been voted at the end of next year, has been artificially accelerated, and it is entirely through the mediation of FIFA executives with the bidding parties. According to an anonymous executive, this is only a "quite elegant solution", but it is an undisguised behind-the-scenes transaction. Like FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA executives "presented" the World Cup to the most generous countries to FIFA.

On October 4th, FIFA suddenly announced that October 31st was the last deadline to put forward the intention to bid for the 2034 World Cup. Because the time is too short, the possibility of other bidders being shortlisted is almost ruled out. When Australia hesitated to bid with which country, infantino also tried to persuade Australia to give up. He made a speech to the presidents of AFC’s associations, hoping that AFC would "unite to prepare for the 2034 World Cup", and the implication was clear at a glance. The FIFA Council, composed of 37 football associations, decided in advance the host countries of the 2030 and 2034 World Cups, and the latter should have been submitted to the FIFA General Assembly at the end of next year for voting by 211 football associations.

FIFA violated its own rules of the game, making the FIFA General Assembly’s vote on the right to host the World Cup a decoration. After Blatter’s corruption scandal, infantino made a more transparent and open commitment, and the voting for the right to host the World Cup was expanded from the Executive Committee (24 members) to all members (211 members). However, in June 2023, when many bidders were ready, FIFA suddenly postponed the bidding process for the 2030 World Cup. Infantino used this time to complete behind-the-scenes mediation: the Centennial World Cup merged with two bidders to host in six countries, and the 2034 World Cup was locked in Saudi Arabia.

How the bidders for two consecutive World Cups compromised, who participated in the negotiations, and why the bidding process for the 2034 World Cup suddenly accelerated are unknown. Negotiations have been carried out in a small scope since this summer, and even the Chilean Football Association, one of the South American joint bidders for the 2030 World Cup, has been excluded from the negotiations. It was not until FIFA officials announced that South America would host three World Cup group matches that the Chilean Football Association realized that it had been "abandoned".

However, the bid for the 2026 World Cup strictly abides by the bidding and voting process established by FIFA. Including the initial screening, it is determined that at most three bidders will enter the final bidding process, and all FIFA Football Associations will vote to decide the organizers. Behind-the-scenes mediation in the bid for the 2030 and 2034 World Cups is exactly the same as the host selection model of the summer Olympic Games in recent years. The International Olympic Committee has turned the competitors who bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games into a win-win situation: Paris and Los Angeles won the right to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games respectively, so as to avoid making the bid a high elimination rate bid that "produces more losers and wastes more and more bidding funds".

Infantino, president of FIFA, also said that the early determination of the organizers can ensure the internal harmony and rotation principle of continental FIFA, and also provide a more controllable and strategic choice in business and operation. The media will question the close relationship between infantino and Saudi Arabia, which may lead to injustice and corruption. However, in addition to rigid political criticism, many sports observers also believe that the 48-team World Cup has caused the host country’s hosting cost to surge, and behind-the-scenes mediation has locked in bidders with more willingness to host and economic strength, which is a more efficient way for FIFA and countries with bidding intentions to generate higher commercial returns. In short, today’s World Cup bid is basically a process, completely behind-the-scenes negotiations.

The 2027 and 2031 Women’s World Cups may also produce the host country in this way. South Africa, Brazil and the United States/Mexico will bid for the 2027 Women’s World Cup, and the United States/Mexico will be awarded the right to host the 2031 Women’s World Cup, so as to reduce the failure cost of the bidders and improve the commercial return. It is likely that the World Cup will no longer be a bid, but the host country will be decided through "negotiation".

Tommy Tam refused to interview! Following James’s attack on the crotch, the golden sentence: the jewel in the crown.

The series G3 between the Lakers and the Grizzlies ended, and the Lakers withstood the crazy impact of the last quarter of the Grizzlies and won. In this campaign, Morant of Grizzlies came back with 45 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists, and at the last moment, he was injured again. James scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, with his hands buttoned and his back buckled. The 38-year-old James still played like a peak. At the same time, James was attacked by his old enemy Dillon Brooks in the second half. Fortunately, the problem was not serious, and the latter was expelled by a direct second-class malicious foul.

After the game, Tommy Tam, as one of the parties, refused to be interviewed. He was asked by a reporter and replied:"I won’t talk to you."

Grizzlies coach Jenkins said:"The referee made a penalty."

Tommy Tam didn’t give an interview. After the game, James talked about his opponent’s expulsion and his attack on the crotch, and then made a golden sentence, throwing out the jewel in the crown, saying:"Just try to stand up, protect the jewel in my crown and move on to the next round."

James’ remarks also sparked heated discussion. Obviously, Tommy Tam hit the sensitive part of James’ crotch, and after the game, James compared it to "the jewel in the crown", which was really interesting. There are also many fans poking fun at James, who can smash anywhere, but not "the jewel in the crown".

In this case, Tommy Tam’s behavior is really dirty, which is different from Harden’s unconscious hitting his opponent and being expelled. This time, Tommy Tam’s action was too big when defending, which directly made James fall to the ground in pain. After he got up, he was sweating, and the action was really big. In addition, Tommy Tam was the player that Lakers fans didn’t like the most, so after Tommy Tam was expelled, Lakers fans cheered one after another.

Tommy Tam is also a famous villain in NBA. He has been expelled six times in his career, including twice in the playoffs. He is the first player in the history of Grizzlies to be expelled many times in the playoffs. He makes a lot of small moves in defense and likes to provoke opponents, which is really not liked by more people.

Guoping needs attention! Malone was so worried that he was lucky to win, praising the 19-year-old dark horse for his great progress.

Guoping needs attention! Malone had a lingering fear, calling it lucky to win, and praised the 19-year-old dark horse for its great progress. In the WTT Macau Championship in 2023, Wang Chuqin and Malone successively defeated their opponents in the semi-finals, successfully joined the men’s singles finals, and Guoping locked the championship and runner-up. After the game, Malone was full of praise for French 19-year-old Alex in an interview, calling himself lucky.

In the men’s singles semi-final, Wang Chuqin took the lead in playing against Japan’s core Zhang Benzhihe. Originally, everyone thought that the game would be fierce, but the actual situation was that Wang Chuqin easily defeated Zhang Benzhihe 4-0 and took the lead in advancing to the final.

Then Malone, the winner of the Grand Slam of Table Tennis, came out at the finale and played against Alex, a 19-year-old French teenager. This was their first match. Alex beat top seed Fan Zhendong in the previous match, so this match attracted a lot of attention. After the start of the game, Malone took the lead in 4-1, but then Alex tied 5-5, but Malone quickly stabilized the situation and won the first game with 11-8. In the second game, the competition between the two men in the first half was still fierce. When the score was 7-7, Malone made a mistake, and Alex scored 4 points and pulled back the game with 11-7. Alex led by 8-4, then Malone fired all the way, scored 7 points in a row, and won the game by 11-8. In the fifth game, Malone finished the reversal in the backward situation, and finally sealed the victory by 11-8, thus winning by 4-1.

After the game, Malone summed up the game in an interview. Malone’s first remark was that he was a little scared. Later, Malone said that Alex had made great progress in the past two years and his world ranking had also improved greatly. This was the first time to play against him, and I felt particularly great pressure, especially in the last two games, which were very difficult to win and finally won by luck. From Malone’s statement, it is not difficult to see that he was surprised by Alex’s performance. Perhaps he didn’t think that Alex could play like this before the game. Fortunately, Malone had rich experience in the competition and withstood the impact of Alex. Before Fan Zhendong was out of the game, he was probably not prepared. I hope the table tennis coaching staff can pay attention to Alex. In addition, Malone also talked about the final against Wang Chuqin. Malone said that he lost to Wang Chuqin several times last year, and this time he hoped that he could prepare in the best state.

Many fans also expressed their views on this: "Alex and Malone lost in experience!" Malone is the most experienced player in active service, no one! Fan Zhendong lost to Alex and relaxed after leading, giving Alex a chance and the last luck. " "I see it this way. Fan Zhendong is a master of attack, but he may lose when his physical strength drops and his attack is not smooth. Malone is both offensive and defensive. When his attack is blocked, he can use defense to limit his opponent’s play to win." "Malone’s experience makes Alex unable to exert his own backhand advantage, which is the key to Malone’s victory. On the other hand, Fan Zhendong doesn’t understand the change of placement, and his tactics are simple and his strength is insufficient. This is the difference between the two!" "The French rising star served strangely and played fiercely. Fortunately, Malone was experienced, played steadily and beat him 4-1 with excellent skills." This article was originally written by Xiao Lizi. Please don’t copy or carry it. # Hundreds of teams #

Google AI research: a step further from 1000 language models

When Microsoft and Google fight over whose artificial intelligence chat robot is better, this is not the only purpose of machine learning and language model. In addition to the rumored plan to showcase more than 20 products driven by artificial intelligence in this year’s annual I/O event, Google is moving towards the goal of establishing an artificial intelligence language model that supports 1000 different languages. In an update released on Monday, Google shared more information about the Universal Speech Model (USM), which it described as a "critical first step" to achieve its goal.

Last November, the company announced its plan to create a language model supporting 1000 most commonly used languages around the world, and also disclosed its USM model. Google describes USM as "the most advanced speech model series", which has 2 billion parameters and is trained in 12 million hours of speech and 28 billion sentences in more than 300 languages. YouTube has used USM to generate closed captions, and it also supports automatic speech recognition (ASR). This can automatically detect and translate languages, including English, Mandarin, Amharic, Cebu, Assam and so on.

Now, Google says USM supports more than 100 languages, and will be used as a "foundation" to build a wider system. Meta is developing a similar artificial intelligence translation tool, which is still in its early stage. You can read more about USM and how it works in research papers published by Google.

One goal of this technology may be to be able to detect and provide real-time translation in augmented reality glasses, just like the concept demonstrated by Google in I/O activities last year, right in front of your eyes. However, this technology seems to be a little far away, and Google’s wrong expression of Arabic during the I/O conference proves how easy it is to make mistakes.