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Peier’s outdoor debut Shenzhen COSP International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully.

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16th, 2024, COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Peier Outdoor also emerged in this exhibition, and defined the concept of "outdoor mobile home" with an innovative attitude, which was very popular.

In this COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Products Exhibition, nearly 400 outdoor head and waist enterprises gathered together, with distinctive product features and strong lineup. This also reflects that the outdoor industry, like a shot in the arm, stimulates the vitality of the economy and surrounding industries under the overall economic downturn.

We learned at the scene that the outdoor exhibition area of Guangdong Peier was bursting with popularity and crowded with people. As an enterprise with a number of patented technologies and advocating a brand-new concept of outdoor life, they have unveiled six series of products, including tent series, temperature control series, energy series, sleeping series, washing series and outdoor kitchen series, turning camping equipment into an outdoor mobile home. Their products are novel in design, and their patented fabrics are unique in the industry.

The first show of scientific and technological innovation invites outdoor people to go to mountains and seas together.

There are two main products on the exhibition site of Peier: mini villa and classic B&B tent, both of which are novel in shape and full of black technology. We learned at the scene that these two tents are air-conditioned tents, and they all use patented technology cloth to achieve thermal insulation effect. At the same time, it is used together with the outdoor air conditioner of Peier temperature control series products, so that every user who experiences it is full of praise. Feel the nature outdoors and enjoy the comfort of home at the same time, which is what Peier people have been trying to do.

In addition, the ingenuity of Peier’s outdoor camping equipment is reflected in all aspects, including exquisite and lovely children’s tents, lightweight and advanced outdoor toilets, blackened and fierce cassette ovens, waterproof and high-value camping lights, etc. Not only beautiful, but also practical practitioners.

Peier people strive for perfection, CCTV live interview

The partner of Peier Outdoor is an industrialist, who embodies the spirit of Excellence in every detail of the product. We have our own high standards for quality control and product innovation. From research and development to production to sales, it is a layer-by-layer selection. Peier goes forward in the outdoors and is committed to delivering high-quality outdoor equipment products to everyone who loves the outdoors.

Miss Li, a live experience user, said, "It’s the first time I’ve heard of a tent with air conditioning. I must come and experience it."

At the scene, Mr. Yang said after experiencing the omelet table, "After looking at the table and outdoor chairs for so long, this table is the strongest. Do you sell this table?" Wait for a series of favorable comments.

On-site activities of the exhibition are crowded with people.

During the three-day exhibition, the outdoor booth of Peier attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff at the scene always enthusiastically and patiently guided and explained. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits in this exhibition are fully displayed under the explanation of Peier staff. On-site professional visitors and exhibitors have shown strong cooperation intention after they have a certain understanding of the products.

Through the appearance of this exhibition, we have reason to believe that Peier Technology will contribute to the prosperity and development of outdoor camping industry with a more mature and professional attitude.

Lying at home for three years, not working, 0 socializing: Why don’t young people want to go to work?

Source: Business Insight
The punk in the world I recently experienced is a young man who has been lying dead at home for three years.
I lay dead at home for three years, tied to my bed, and didn’t go out more than 500 meters in Fiona Fang. I only went to supermarkets and small shops downstairs to replenish food.
In the past three years, he has no job, socializes, rents a room of eight square meters, eats a mountain of snacks and instant noodles, drinks three or four tons of cola, and his only companion is a mobile phone. He has watched more than 100 large-scale series.
What supports his corpse life is savings, flowers, online loans and credit cards from all walks of life. ….
For a while, there were quite a lot of people who were lying dead. Some of them were lying dead for two years, from 280 kg to 180 kg, and their desires were lost, and they could not feel the joys and sorrows.
Some people are slightly better. Although they are lying dead, they earn 300 yuan a day, 100 yuan for staying in hotels, 100 yuan for smoking, surfing the Internet in eat areca and eating in 100 yuan.
Some people have been lying dead for two years, owing 50 thousand, taking their girlfriends and ready to go out to work.
I remember, KnowYourself sent an article to analyze the unique "squatting clan" phenomenon in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
"This group of people is highly educated, unemployed, neither bloody nor struggling. They rent houses in first-tier cities, can’t go home, can’t stay, and do nothing all day."
The "squatting clan" is the product of this era. They fully verified the sentence "Efforts may not be successful, but it is really comfortable not to work hard".
I think, if it’s a wolf-like 996 enterprise, they will say lightly when they see the above "people lying dead and squatting". They are simply wasting their lives.
But when I see them, I will only think that they are really brave and really punk.
Speaking of it, I am also a "squatter". I haven’t been to work for more than a year. I tried to go to work in the middle, but I will run away in less than a day. My daily life is to stay in the rental house, sleep at dawn, get up at dark, and stay indoors for half a month at the longest.
The only difference with them is that I spent most of my time at home wondering how to make money, never giving up making money, and even more reluctant to give up socializing and turn myself into a real marginal person.
I spent a year in prison, reviewing and reflecting, but more often, I just felt so cool that I flew, and I didn’t have to fight the morning and evening peaks, and I didn’t have to see annoying leaders and colleagues, so I lived a super peace every day.
But what I really hate is work, and what I escape from is life?
Actually, it’s not. On the contrary, I love working more at home. What I hate is just going to work. As the Round Table School said, we just hate the environment and timetable under the organization, and it feels like a trapped animal.
Of course, squatting people like us, based on the society, are annoying anyway.
I will be accused of not working hard, not struggling, and living in vain. I have been squatting for a year, and many enthusiastic friends and former colleagues have come to introduce my work. Every time, the reason can’t escape: "If you go on like this, it will be abolished. You should return to the mainstream society."
Sometimes, our choice is not a way of life, but rather a kind of violation and resistance. As long as you don’t struggle, you will become a monster and waste in the eyes of normal people, so you are doomed to be forgotten and marginalized.
I can’t help it. The concept of "struggling all my life" is becoming popular among our young people. If anyone doesn’t abide by it, he is not worthy of being a young man in the 21st century, and is doomed to live only in a rented house.
The schedule of "Tsinghua Xueba", which was hotly searched some time ago, shows that there is almost no entertainment in their day.
Go to bed at 1 am, get up at 6 am every day, wash and eat breakfast for 40 minutes, and start a planned study at 6: 40. The time from 9 pm to 1 am is fully arranged.
In this regard, the official said: it is difficult to learn like this and not to be a tyrant.
Others directly say, "People who are better than you work harder than you." The subtext is: "What do you have that Bilian doesn’t struggle for? 」
Not long after this incident, many universities began to imitate it.
I think that since students can’t be self-disciplined, it’s simply mandatory: no sleeping in, and no one can be on the dormitory bed after nine o’clock.
The university was originally a free and inclusive place, but now it has been wrapped up in layers and turned into a wolf university.
To put it bluntly, they were forced to struggle every day, go to bed early and get up early when they should be naive and romantic.
With all due respect, why is society so cruel to young people like me?
At the beginning of junior high school, I vaguely remember that my family said that it would be easy to get into key days.
Initial promotion: getting into the key points is equal to half the threshold of entering the university.
Gao Shengda: It’s really easy to go to college after the college entrance examination, so you can play at will.
And then after entering the university?
Still have to go to bed early and get up early every day, and strive hard to learn from Tsinghua.
Some people will definitely say, sleep less and work harder today, so you can relax after work!
Sorry, at this time, Ma Yun will come out and tell you that the 996 job is a blessing that my generation has repaired.
Liu Qiangdong will tell you that you don’t deserve to be my brother if you don’t struggle.
Young people who die suddenly in the workplace will tell you that fighting all their lives is a fair death.
The above is the life of young people in the 21st century.
In this way, our young people are really miserable. The happy and free time of our life only stays in kindergarten (maybe not yet), and it is always far from happiness.
When you finally see through it and you can choose not to struggle in life, someone will tell you with their ears: a life without hard work and struggle is waste.
It’s not that I hate disapproving of efforts, but that I hate the urgency and anxiety of young people under this atmosphere.
When I was a child, I was forced to learn the laws of the jungle at once;
Mingming didn’t sleep well all his life, and he was accused of not working hard enough;
Obviously, I chose a lifestyle that makes me comfortable, or I was accused of wasting my life.
Think about the "squatters". What are they? It is necessary to be observed with a magnifying glass, because choosing to give up the struggle is considered to be a psychological problem.
I wonder if our times advocate "hard work" so much that everyone seems to be winding up, as if life without hard work is not worth living.
Obviously, some people are lazy by nature and are not interested in anything, but they are forced to make progress by the values of this society and try their best to find goals worth fighting for all their lives.
Chen Danqing, the Round Table School, said: Some people are born uninterested in this world, but they can’t choose to be born. They looked at the world and found nothing to live, so they chose to leave.
There is a real example in Japan. A 56-year-old man has been unemployed at home for a long time because he failed to study at a young age and repeatedly hit a wall when looking for a job, and he has stayed here for 30 years.
After his parents died, he was found starving to death at home.
The body was decomposed when it was found, and the house was full of rubbish.
Many people say that this person deserves it, but I just feel sad when I think that a group of people are living out of place in this shoulder-to-shoulder world.
This kind of tragedy is quite common in Japan, and the day when distance spreads among us is just around the corner.
But if we say that the social atmosphere at this time can be less anxious about selling, and we don’t exaggerate our efforts and squeeze the existence of young people, will they not feel that they are useless and unworthy to live in the world?
Instead, can you face life positively and really find other meanings of your life besides struggle?
I don’t object to the defensive lifestyle of "squatting people" who choose to escape and stay at home.
And those who are superior and advocate hard work and selling anxiety, please shut up, no one is nobler than anyone else.
Hard work is an achievement that everyone can achieve if they are enough, but it takes courage to let go of the secular lifestyle.
Too much emphasis on hard work and selling anxiety will only backfire, trigger the phenomenon of squatting and lead to tragedy.
Please don’t say anything: "Master xx skills, work hard and catch up with your peers with a monthly income of 10 million."
I just want to ask you why you should catch up with your peers. I’m not interested.
Can you just be yourself?
Under the phenomenon of squatting, it is because many people no longer believe in social stability, nor do they believe that success and class leap can be achieved by long-term diligent efforts.
Although we have the right to choose not to work hard and struggle, it is necessary to earn a decent money that will not cause trouble to others and parents.
There are also many young people around me who don’t go to work. Apart from writing articles for the media like me, there are also illustrators, photographers, screenwriters, craftsmen, pastry chefs, and even people who have nothing to do to run errands and walk dogs. ….
In today’s society, there are actually many choices to choose a career freely, work for yourself and not starve to death. Lying in bed waiting for death and bearing huge debts is the greatest support for "hard-working monsters".
The biggest problem of squatting people is that they confuse the concepts of "going to work" and "working".
Those who clamor for not going to work all day may just not want to work. Work has a strong driving force. Chen Danqing said that he didn’t like going to work either, but he could wake up like a bug and work until late at night.
Simply put, work is for others, and work is for yourself.
You don’t have to struggle and work hard, but you must live decently for what you like.
Whether we like it or not, we came here after all. Since we are here, we might as well go out of the rental house and see the sun.

Zhongyin Fashion: It is estimated that the annual net profit in 2023 will be 17 million to 23 million yuan, down 68.82% to 76.95% year-on-year.

Every AI newsletter,Zhongyin Fashion (SZ 300901, closing price: 8.71 yuan) released its performance forecast on the evening of January 29th, and it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 17 million to 23 million yuan in 2023, down 68.82% to 76.95% year-on-year. The main reason for the change in performance was that due to the fluctuation of exchange rate, the company’s exchange income decreased significantly during the reporting period compared with the same period of last year. During the reporting period, the company actively explored the development channels of new retail and new business models in the industrial chain, and added related businesses in the field of e-commerce. Because related businesses are in the initial stage, there are certain losses. At the same time, the company leased two new industrial development bases for the development of new business formats. At present, most of the places are still in the decoration stage, and the rental amortization expenditure is large. During the reporting period, the company launched the employee stock ownership plan, and confirmed the share payment fee in this period.

From January to December, 2022, Zhongyin Fashion’s operating income consisted of: professional technical service industry accounted for 100.0%.

The chairman and general manager of Zhongyin Fashion are Ni Xiuhua, female, 48 years old, with a bachelor’s degree background.

As of press time, Zhongyu Fashion has a market value of 2.1 billion yuan.

1. In the past 30 days, no organization has conducted research on Zhongyin Fashion.

Every headline (nbdtoutiao)-In the face of a maximum sentence of 45 years, well-known rich people pleaded guilty! He’s worth over 54 billion …

(Reporter Zeng Jianhui)

Disclaimer: The contents and data in this article are for reference only, and do not constitute investment advice. Please check before use. Operate accordingly at your own risk.

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From January to New Year’s Eve, what about our festivals and oral folklore?

Cover journalist Li Yuxin
"The sound of firecrackers is one year old, and the spring breeze warms Tu Su." When I heard that this poem began to appear frequently, it goes without saying that the pace of the Lunar New Year is not far away. Looking forward to it for a year, the Spring Festival, which belongs to the most grand traditional festival of China people, is just around the corner.
In the old days, there was a proverb in Chengdu, which was called "carrots are sweet and sweet, and it is necessary to celebrate the New Year when you see them." In fact, for the old Chengdu people, the "New Year" clock has already rung when they enter the twelfth lunar month, that is, the twelfth lunar month. For more than a month before and after the Spring Festival, ordinary people spent it in an atmosphere full of rich flavor of the year and lively joy. From the Laba Festival on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, to the "small year" on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, and then to the 24th of the twelfth lunar month, "it took Chengdu people more than a month to finish the New Year, and the content of the Spring Festival was very rich." In the description of folklore expert Liu Xiaochang, the joyful and lively flavor of the year seems to reverberate through time and space.
Folk expert Liu Xiaochang
Don’t blame strict and strict, spring and winter pay in the first month.
Slight cold January 5 (the third day of the twelfth lunar month)
Slight cold, the penultimate solar term among the 24 solar terms, is also the fifth solar term in winter. According to "twenty-four solar term", "On the December Festival, the cold at the beginning of the month is still small, so the clouds are big." It shows that slight cold means cold air accumulated for a long time, which means that the weather is cold but not yet extreme. Like great cold, slight summer heat, great summer heat and summer heat, it is a solar term indicating the change of temperature.
The arrival of the slight cold solar terms also means that the coldest time of the year has arrived. According to Liu Xiaochang, as far as Chengdu is concerned, the temperature in the mild cold season is actually lower than that in the severe cold season. "Therefore, there is a saying that a slight cold is better than a great cold. However, whether it is cold or not in the slight cold season in Chengdu does not depend on the solar terms. What is important is to see whether the cold air is strong. "
In this season, walking in the streets and lanes of Chengdu, I suddenly smell a touch of dark fragrance. Don’t doubt that this is the wintersweet that is proudly open and fragrant in the cold winter. "In the slight cold season, Chengdu can be described as a fragrant city." At this time, flower farmers from Gaodianzi in the eastern suburbs, Flower Zhaobi and Baihuatan in the western suburbs, Phoenix Mountain in the northern suburbs and other places, carrying flower baskets and pushing floats, peddling wintersweet along the street …
"For thousands of years, Chengdu people have loved plum blossoms." Liu Xiaochang said that during the Southern Song Dynasty, the poet Lu You lived in Chengdu and wrote a poem "Plum Blossom Jueju", in which he wrote, "When I traveled to the west of Jincheng City, I was drunk for plum blossoms. Twenty miles of incense, Qingyang Palace to Huanhuaxi ". It can be seen that at that time, Chengdu people loved plum blossoms.
The wind and the meaning of the twelfth lunar month have been in spring, and when it is scattered, it has passed my neighbor.
January 10th of Laba Festival (the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month)
Labazhou (Tuyuan Network)
When it comes to Laba Festival, the first thing that comes to mind is naturally the warm and delicious Laba porridge that night. In Liu Xiaochang’s description, the "New Year" of Chengdu people in the old days began from Laba Festival, which is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. "In the old days, on the day of Laba Festival, every household in Chengdu cooked Laba porridge, sacrificed ancestors and had family reunion. Everyone in the family eats a bowl of Laba porridge and presents it to relatives and friends to celebrate the family in this form. "
Laba porridge, also known as "seven treasures and five flavors porridge", "Buddha porridge" and "everyone’s rice", is a kind of porridge made of various ingredients. As early as the Song Dynasty, there were written records about Laba porridge. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Wu Zimu’s "Meng Liang Lu" contained: "On the eighth day of this month, the temple was called Laba. Temples such as Dasha have five-flavor porridge called Laba porridge. " Therefore, the history of drinking Laba porridge has been thousands of years.
Liu Xiaochang said that the ingredients of Laba porridge are exquisite. The ingredients for cooking Laba porridge are mostly cereals such as rice, glutinous rice, coix seed and millet, as well as beans such as red beans, soybeans, rice beans, mung beans and kidney beans, or cooked with dried fruits such as red dates, peanuts, coix seed, lotus seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, longan, ginkgo and almonds. "This pot of porridge is very rich in ingredients. In fact, there are far more than eight kinds. How to cook it depends mainly on the family’s family scenery and the income."
The old snow has not disappeared yet, and the new snow has a family.
January 20th of the Great Cold (the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month)
As the folk saying goes, "A slight cold and a great cold, there is no wind and it is cold" and "A slight cold and a great cold, and it is cold in a ball". It can be seen that in the severe cold season, the weather has been extremely cold. Because of the severe cold solar terms, it is generally in the period of "March 9th".
In ancient times, there was no accurate weather forecast, and people passed it on from mouth to mouth, and invented a folk method to calculate the dates of cold days and warm flowers in spring, called "Counting Nine". According to the folk algorithm, the number nine is counted from the date of the 24 solar terms "Winter Solstice", and every nine days is counted as a "nine", and so on. Generally speaking, "March 9th" is the coldest time in a year. There is a saying that "3949, pigs and dogs freeze to death". When you count to nine "nine days", that is, when you count to 9981 days, it will be deep in spring and warm in the day.
The Great Cold is the last of the 24 solar terms. After the severe cold, it will be beginning of spring, and people will usher in the solar cycle of the new year. Because the New Year’s Day is just around beginning of spring, the new year’s flavor is getting stronger when the cold comes. As a result, the customs of the great cold solar terms are mostly related to the Lunar New Year. People "sweep the dust" and "paste the windows", get rid of old cloth and new ones, clean up and wait for the arrival of the new year. At the same time, we should also "go to the market" to buy La Worship supplies and buy new year’s goods.
In addition to the spring thunder in the dark, the snow is not over yet.
Off-year January 2526 (Lunar December 23-24)
As soon as the new year arrives, people are busy sweeping dust and offering sacrifices to stoves. Off-year has always been regarded as the beginning of a "busy year". Due to the different customs in the north and south, the days called "off-year" are different, usually on the 23rd or 24th of the twelfth lunar month. "On the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, Chengdu people shouted off-year, and on this night, Master Kitchen God was sent to heaven. Every household in Chengdu has to offer sacrifices to the kitchen stove, that is, to the kitchen god. " Liu Xiaochang said.
Yao Wenhan in Qing Dynasty’s Celebration of the New Year’s Eve
Folk sacrificial stoves originated from the ancient custom of worshipping fire. The kitchen god’s duty is to take charge of the kitchen fire and manage the diet. Later, it was expanded to investigate the good and evil in the world, so as to reduce good and evil. The Ci of Sacrificing a Kitchen by Fan Chengda in the Song Dynasty: "According to the ancient legend, on the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, the kitchen ruler spoke to the sky … and sent you to the Tianmen to get drunk. Don’t go back to the clouds, begging for profit from the market."
"According to folklore, the kitchen god of every household in the past was sent to earth by the Jade Emperor to protect and observe the good and evil of this family. Seeing how many good deeds and evil deeds this family has done in this year, Kitchen God should remember them one by one. On the night of the twenty-third day of the twelfth lunar month, the Kitchen God will go to heaven and tell the Jade Emperor what this family has done in the past year, so as to bring misfortune and happiness. " Liu Xiaochang said, therefore, it is especially necessary to be cautious on this day, especially to warn your own dolls not to swear, so as not to be unclear.
The roar of firecrackers, the old one year has passed; The warm spring breeze came to the new year, and people drank happily the newly brewed tu su wine.
January 31st, New Year’s Eve (29th day of the twelfth lunar month)
When New Year’s Eve arrives, it means that the old year is over and the new year is replaced. Because New Year’s Eve often falls on the 29th or 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, it is also called New Year’s Eve. But this year’s New Year’s Eve, not on New Year’s Eve. As early as more than ten days ago, the topic # Spring Festival in 2022 has no 30th anniversary # on the hot search. According to astronomical experts, this is mainly related to the "Shuowangyue". The change of the moon is called a Shuowangyue once a week, with an average period of 29.5 days. It happens that the twelfth lunar month is a small moon in 2022, so there is no 30. But experts say that as long as the first day of the first month is still there, the night before is New Year’s Eve.
Qing Leng Mei’s "Spring Scene"
On New Year’s Eve, the most important thing for China families is the reunion dinner. For the old Chengdu people, it is no exception. "In fact, since the twelfth lunar month, every household in Chengdu has begun to prepare. Even people who have no money should try their best to cut a few kilograms of fresh meat and make some bacon to hang on the stove. Some people are very capable, making their own cakes, steaming rice cakes and making candy. " Liu Xiaochang described it.
"A meal to send the old age, spicy fresh food miscellaneous a few feast. Happy to be in the sky, a family size and reunion. " In the past, there was a Zhuzhi poem written in Chengdu, which is a true portrayal of the Chengdu People’s League Year. Of course, besides the reunion dinner, there are many traditional customs on New Year’s Eve, such as offering sacrifices to ancestors, putting up Spring Festival couplets, hanging New Year pictures in stick grilles, guarding the old age, and giving lucky money … The heads of families sit around a table and watch the children happily receive the red envelopes. The New Year’s Eve on the table is full of red couplets and window grilles. For Chinese people, a year’s hard work should be for the reunion and warmth of this moment.

Taboos for playing badminton

It’s best to serve in tandem, with the server as far as possible, and pay attention to the other side of your serve, because the opponent may return you a ball gently, but you may not be able to return it in time; Your opponent may also return a high and far ball to you, so your partner should take care of the back, echo from beginning to end, and take care of the front and back.

It’s best to defend with one left and one right, otherwise it’s hard for you to take care of both sides, especially when your opponent slams hard, and you don’t have time to react at all, especially your backhand direction. Generally, this place is a bit like a dead end.

Seize the opportunity and smash it vigorously. Don’t leave any room for the opponent to fight back and recover. The smash must be as fast and as low as possible. Otherwise, if your smash is unsuccessful, it will give the opponent a chance. Others can return it to you gently, and then the ball falls on the net, and you can’t catch it because of jumping.

Learn to make a diversion in tandem, and you can also make fake moves when playing badminton. When playing badminton, try to hit the dead corner, make a diversion as much as possible, and leave and right for a while, which is also consuming the opponent’s physical strength.

When you play doubles, you must cooperate well with your friends. Remember that this is teamwork, unity can win, and it is difficult for one person to win. Cooperation can also enhance the friendship between you and your friends and exercise team ability.

Badminton is more about exercise, including physical training and technical training, so you can run more and exercise more and exercise your reaction ability. In short, badminton is a sport that exercises your body, reaction and endurance, which is very suitable for everyone, especially those who are weak.


Don’t overdo it the first time, or your arms and body will feel sore the next day. Remember not to overdo it.

"Football Commentary Conference" was launched to find different young people.

  I am afraid that only those who love football will understand and love football. What kind of ability do you need to be a football commentator? How can I become a football commentator? There are often such discussions on the internet, but it is limited to this. The public’s explanation of football still stays in the TV era.

  Nowadays, in the era of Internet, everyone is holding a commentary microphone, and everyone can explain the football match and make a sound for loving football. In the year of the 2018 World Cup, PP Sports made great efforts to create the Football Commentary Conference, and selected excellent football commentators through competitions. The birth of this program made these young people who love football commentary stand on the stage to realize their dreams, and also made the commentary break away from the football game for the first time and become the protagonist.

  Every era has its own cultural characteristics. The once neat and single mainstream youth culture has gradually disappeared, and diverse youth cultures with individuality and differences as the main features have sprung up, such as secondary culture and teasing culture, in which every young person can find his own recognized cultural values. It is precisely because of this that today’s young people are more willing to express themselves differently from others, so football commentary should also be diversified. Football Commentary Conference is a platform to show diverse youth cultures with variety shows as the carrier and football culture as the support.

  National "Hot Search" Looking for Different Youth

  "rustic youth", "Buddhist youth" and "empty nest youth" have been labeled with more and more different identities. In the Football Commentary Conference, these young people will appear in front of the camera as "loving football". They are practitioners from all walks of life, including anchors, hosts, students, doctors, and even crosstalk performers and storytellers.

  Players skillfully combine their own life experiences, cultural values and football commentary to form their own unique commentary style, which provides unlimited possibilities for the style of football commentary. The public may hear a teasing explanation through the program, a modern explanation of China’s traditional flavor, and a cute explanation of online celebrity’s anchor … Each explanation more or less represents a contemporary youth culture.

  These players, who have different styles but love unity, all come from the eight-month hard search of the program group of Football Interpretation Conference. The program group hopes that this is not only to select excellent football commentators, but also to let the public know the hard work and persistent love behind the football commentary industry through the program.

  In order to make the contestants’ explanations more free and true, the program fully respects the contestants’ wishes and will not interfere too much during the filming process. At the same time, the panoramic shooting method without dead ends is adopted to record the dribs and drabs of the players outside the stage. Many players are still preparing for the war in the early hours of the morning, and some players are still arguing about the content of the competition because of their explanations. And the stories behind these programs will also be presented to the audience.

  Compared with other sports variety shows, the link setting of Football Commentary Conference strives to provide more space for young players to play freely. For example, the first phase of the 150-to-60 competition, which will be broadcast on April 18th, has adopted a brand-new form. Players stand in the center of the stage and use a three-minute talk show to express their "joys and sorrows" about football. They don’t know who will decide whether they will be promoted, eliminated or yet to be determined, and they don’t know what the criteria are. Everything is unknown. In fact, a group of instructors composed of Huang Jianxiang, Han Qiaosheng and Dong Lu, who explain the golden coffee, has been sitting in a hidden box to observe the performance of the players through one-way glass.

  Mentors also admit that apart from the most basic professionalism, there will be no fixed standards, just hoping to see more styles of football commentary. During the recording process, some players are really amazing.

  Strong resources to build a broader platform

  The rapid iteration of media technology has greatly broadened the platform for people to show themselves. From the earliest square speech to radio broadcast, from TV broadcast to live webcast, the expansion of the platform means the expansion of audience and the enhancement of influence. At present, PP Sports behind the Football Commentary Conference has rich copyright resources and related self-made programs in five major leagues in Europe, such as the Champions League, the Super League and the AFC Champions League. Through the interactive experience of mobile, PC and OTT platforms, it provides users with the ultimate sports content and experience by using graphics and texts, short videos and live broadcasts.

  The champion of the Football Interpretation Conference will directly sign a contract with PP Sports. The powerful event resources of PP Sports mean a broader expression platform for the participating players. In fact, in the process of program production, it is also organically combined with these superior resources. For example, if there is a major football match during the recording of the program, the innovative mode of "live broadcast of top-level matches+real-time production" will be adopted, and players will walk into the live broadcast room of PP Sports for live commentary, which is also part of the competition of program players. This model changes the previous "propositional" routine and directly tests the professional skills of the players. This open link design not only increases the difficulty of the competition, but also gives players more space for self-expression.

  The new era has its own youth culture, so football commentary should also have its own culture. Football Commentary Conference has become the trend vane of youth culture by accurately grasping youth culture and taking football commentary as the carrier.

[A little information] GIF 丨 Gill wears a hat to pass Leo, Milan 5.

Milan circle

At 2:45 am on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 36th round of Serie A in 2022-23, AC Milan played against Sampdoria at the San Siro Stadium. In the first half, Diaz made a double assist, and Leo and Gill broke the goal successively. Quagliarella scored the first goal of the season, and Leo made a penalty hit by Gill. In the second half, Tonali assisted Dias to score, Leo assisted, and Gill wore a hat. In the end, AC Milan scored 5-1 at Sampdoria.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 9th minute, Diaz picked the ball, and Leo got a single-handed shot. He chose to push it with his right foot, and Ravaglia could do nothing about it. AC Milan beat Sampdoria 1-0.

In the 20th minute, Zanoli broke into the restricted area on the right, and then sent an inverted triangle pass, followed by Quagliarella who took advantage of the opportunity to attack the goal, Sampdoria 1-1AC Milan.

In the 23rd minute, AC Milan took a corner kick, and the tactical corner kick was sent out quickly. Diaz got the ball and sent it across. Gill headed the goal and AC Milan scored 2-1 at Sampdoria.

In the 27th minute, Leo was knocked down by Gunter in the restricted area. The referee whistled for a penalty and Gunter got a yellow card.

In the 29th minute, Gill hit a penalty kick and AC Milan beat Sampdoria 3-1.

In the 63rd minute, Tonali received a cross from his teammate and broke into the restricted area. Diaz pushed the goal in front of the door and AC Milan scored 4-1 at Sampdoria.

In the 68th minute, Leo sent a cross from the left. After Gill stopped the ball, he still scored it under the defense of the opponent. AC Milan scored 5-1 at Sampdoria.

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the 5th minute, mesias tried to shoot with his left foot after cutting from the right, and the ball missed the far post.

In the eighth minute, the Special Olympics fell to the ground in the restricted area, and the referee did not express it.

In the 33rd minute, Tonali made a cross from the right, Gill threw his head at the goal, Ravaglia saved the ball, Milan got the ball back, and then krunic shot wide.

In the 51st minute, Quagliarella sent a 45-degree cross from the left, and Layrisse missed the volley.

In the 61st minute, Calabria made a cross from the right, and then Gill’s header was confiscated by Ravaglia.

In the 61st minute, Gaby received a ball from his teammates, and his left foot shot was saved by Maignan.

In the 79th minute, Salma Coles hit the door outside, and the ball was blocked by the defender and crossed the baseline.

When there was no injury time in the second half, the whole game ended, and AC Milan 5-1 Sampdoria.

Milan starting: 16- Maignan, 2- Calabria, 28- Jiafu, 23- Tomori (81′ 24- Kyar), 19- Special Olympics (82′ 5- Barlow-Toure), 8- Tonali (81′ 32- Pobega), 33- krunic, 30.

Milan substitutes: 1- Tata Rusanu, 83- mirante, 20- Kalulu, 46- Gabilla, 7- Adelie, 14- Bakayoko.