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2023 Chengdu International Auto Show: large-scale, high-standard, popular and effective.

The 2023 Chengdu International Auto Show is not only a hearty car buying feast, but also a diverse festival carnival, and it is also a dedication performance of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market". ……
Guests bring rain, and rainy days bring wealth.
August 25th, 2023. Western China International Expo City. The 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition was grandly opened in the intermittent autumn rain.

After three years of epidemic and the growing voice of "consumption degradation", the automobile market urgently needs a "happy rain" to boost market confidence, promote automobile consumption and release industrial vitality.
As the largest auto show in the west, Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition has long been not only a platform for major manufacturers to display new cars and new technologies, but also a weather vane and compass for automobile consumption in the west.
Therefore, at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, we not only saw the gathering of 129 world-renowned automobile brands including German, American, legal, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, but also saw the influx of senior executives of major automobile brands. The importance of Chengdu Auto Show can be seen.

The figures are undoubtedly the best explanation: on the first day of the opening ceremony, Chengdu Auto Show held 66 new car conferences, and unveiled 68 first-time models, including 26 world-first models, 31 national first-time models and 11 regional first-time models; More than 3,400 media and 9,900 journalists were present.
"This is the Chengdu Auto Show with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the largest number of participating brands I have ever seen. The status and value of Chengdu Auto Show are becoming more and more prominent. " At the "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" on the opening day of the auto show, Liu Xiaoyong, president of Auto Watch magazine, one of the organizers of the forum, said with deep feelings.

The "2023 China Auto Pioneer Forum" with the theme of "Hot AI" has been widely participated and praised by people from all walks of life in government, manufacturers, industry and media. The forum conducted in-depth discussions on how the new technological revolution represented by AI will reshape the ecology of the automobile industry and how to empower automobile marketing, leaving a colorful color for the 26th Chengdu International Auto Show with a cross-disciplinary ideological confrontation and wisdom collision.
There are many new cars, media like clouds, pioneer forums and high-level gatherings ….. It cannot be said that this year’s Chengdu Auto Show is very "international". But you think this is all the highlights of this year’s auto show, and you are wrong.
In addition to the exhibition hall of nearly 200,000 square meters in the West International Expo City, the Chengdu Auto Show has already extended the "booth" to a broader space in the city.
This is a scene that can only be seen at Chengdu Auto Show: on the opening day, many classic cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley took "Running through Rongcheng" as the theme, and from Sanhe Classic Car Museum to Xibo City via Tianfu Avenue, passers-by all stopped to watch and share their passion.

Not only that, this year’s auto show also brought an auto show aesthetic party in conjunction with Wangfujing Department Store, and built a small red book Cheyouhui chengdu railway station in conjunction with Xiaohongshu. The fashion aesthetics kept playing, and the car was modified to the end.
In addition, the online promotion of the auto show is also synchronized, creating a wonderful night-to-night live broadcast of the auto show, deeply combining with Sichuan observation and leading a large number of talented anchors to broadcast the grand event of the auto show in real time, and showing the charm of the auto show in all directions. There is also a car model billboard on the Tik Tok platform, which can call your favorite car model with one click, and fully ignite the public’s enthusiasm for watching and playing cars.
In fact, this is not the most exciting. It has always been a habit of Chengdu people to buy a car at the auto show, because cars are more polite and affordable. This year, in order to maximize the sales of participating brands, the organizing Committee of the auto show is even more "unprecedented ‘ Money ’ For example, the activity of "the highest cash prize of 49,999 yuan for car purchase" was launched, one per day. At the same time, there are also five cash gifts of 4999 yuan and many trendy digital gifts of hundreds to thousands of yuan every day.

There is a real boldness in the big hand. This means that the ten-day auto show, just a lottery, the auto show organizing Committee will send more than one million.
In the conspicuous position of this year’s investment promotion manual of Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition, a sentence is written: "Enjoy Rongcheng, promote industry, strengthen economy and control the future". The seemingly simple 12 words mean the mission of Chengdu Auto Show for many years.
Ms. Yang Huilan, general manager of Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Center, said: "This year, in addition to upgrading the auto show, we also shoulder the heavy responsibility of boosting market confidence and driving the recovery of industrial kinetic energy. How to attract more consumers to the scene and help exhibitors sell cars is the top priority of our work. "
This year’s Chengdu International Auto Show will not disappoint car buyers. In addition to the car purchase gift prepared by the organizing Committee of the auto show, the organizing Committee also specially joined forces with major automobile manufacturers to jointly bring the biggest discount for car buyers to buy cars at the reserve price. At the same time, in order to reassure consumers, the organizing Committee also selected nearly 100 popular models in conjunction with more than 20 mainstream brands to provide in-depth test drive services for car buyers at the auto show.

Not only that, in addition to striving for more and greater benefits for car buyers, this year’s Chengdu International Auto Show has also made great efforts to benefit the people and facilitate the people: the auto show site has not only added a number of consulting services, maternal and child lounges, large luggage storage, infirmary and other humanized services, but also equipped with free drinking points, mobile phone charging piles and other infrastructure; In the parking area and outdoor square outside the exhibition hall, there are "free bus shuttle bus" and "free battery car ferry" for seamless connection, which can be described as the service to consumers’ hearts.
Large scale, high specification, popular and good effect. This is undoubtedly the emerging advantage and charm of this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, which is both international and full of fireworks. The two complement each other, just like a window opened to the world. Through this window, the world will not only see a hearty car-buying feast and a multi-faceted festival carnival, but also a show of "Chengdu has achieved its dreams and achieved its market".
From now until September 3rd, the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition will continue to be staged in the West China International Expo City. If you want to feel how "enjoying Rongcheng intelligently and seeing the future" works, you may wish to check in. (Qin Tongzi)

[US stocks in 2022 investment strategy]: Can the bull market of US stocks continue?

  Looking ahead at the end of 2021, the S&P 500 index has nearly doubled in the past three years, with an annualized rate of return of 27%. However, Deutsche Bank’s survey of more than 750 investors around the world shows that about 20% expect the S&P 500 index to have negative returns next year, with an average increase of only 4.2%.

  Can the bull market of US stocks continue, and what risks will it face? What kind of opportunities are there?

  US stocks as a whole: three elements or building a structural market

  1. Corporate profit growth slowed down.

  According to the Morgan Stanley report, in the first three quarters of this year, the earnings per share of S&P 500 companies increased by over 67%, far higher than the average of 6% from 2001 to 2020. UBS predicts that the profit growth rate of S&P 500 companies may significantly slow down to 10% in 2022.

  2. Tightening liquidity

  () It is believed that the most relaxed point of global liquidity has passed. With the beginning of Taper by the Federal Reserve and the marginal tightening by the central banks of other major overseas economies, global liquidity began to enter a tightening cycle.

  3. Valuation regression

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, after the completion of taper by the Federal Reserve, the dynamic PE of US stocks will gradually return from the current high of 21.4 times to the historical average of 18 times since 2015. It is expected that the US stock market will present a structural market next year.

  In the face of many challenges, we sorted out the views of investment banks and listed the US stock sector and its key words worthy of attention in 2022.

  New energy: the inflection point of new energy vehicles in the United States+the installed capacity of scenery has increased greatly

  On November 19th, the US House of Representatives passed the Biden administration’s $1.75 trillion stimulus bill, of which about $550 billion will be used in the new energy industry, and the tax credits in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic wind power and energy storage industries will be fully increased.

  CICC believes that the US new energy vehicle market has been in a "depression" in the global market for a long time due to the previous weak policies, few high-quality vehicles and weak industrial chain. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States from 1 to 1-3Q21 was only 3.7%, which was significantly lower than that in China and Europe (13.5% and 17.3%). However, with the continuous promotion and strengthening of the Biden administration’s new energy vehicle policy and the acceleration of the electrification transformation of local car companies, the development of new energy vehicles in the United States will usher in an inflection point.

  In terms of photovoltaic wind power, with the increasing momentum of energy transformation, the newly installed capacity of American scenery is expected to set a new record in 2022.

  According to the survey report of Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence Company, it is estimated that 44GW of utility-scale photovoltaic projects will be put into operation in the United States in 2022, nearly twice the estimated new installed capacity of 23GW in 2021. At the same time, it is estimated that the newly installed capacity of wind power in the United States will reach 27GW in 2022, significantly exceeding the highest annual record of 16GW set in 2020.

  BlackRock pointed out that the world is currently transforming into a more sustainable aspect, ahead of schedule. The investment in sustainability has undergone a structural change, and related assets will highlight the advantages of return on investment in the next few years.

  Energy, real estate and finance: safe-haven sectors under the strongest inflation in 40 years

  The CPI of the United States in November increased by 6.8% year-on-year, the highest since June 1982. Excluding food and energy prices, the so-called core CPI rose by 0.5% from the previous month and 4.9% from the same period of last year, the biggest increase since mid-1991.

  Bank of America strategists believe that under the influence of high inflation, the current real profit rate of the S&P 500 index is negative, which indicates the downside risk of the market. Taking history as a mirror, there have been bear markets in the first four times in history when the real profit rate of the S&P 500 is negative. Investors are advised to seek safety in anti-inflation sectors such as energy, finance and real estate.

  According to the analysis of CITIC Securities, under the background that the U.S. economic recovery continues in the first half of next year and inflation remains high, energy, raw materials and other sectors will benefit from the expansion of the scissors gap between PPI and CPI, and EPS (net profit per share) and gross profit margin of individual stocks are also expected to show an upward trend. In addition, after the Federal Reserve lifted the restrictions on bank stock repurchase and dividend distribution on June 30 this year, the repurchase amount of American financial companies has returned to the level of $16 billion per month before the epidemic, which will support the valuation and ROE (return on net assets) of the industry.

  Internet technology: liquidity tightening risk vs structural opportunities for technological innovation

  In December, the Federal Reserve will double the rate of bond purchase, and the bitmap shows that it will raise interest rates three times next year. Many analysts believe that tight monetary policy will pose a threat to the high valuation sector. The current P/E ratio of Nasdaq 100, a cluster of technology stocks, is about 30, which is 21.4 times higher than that of the broader S&P 500.

  The Deutsche Bank report pointed out that inflation may be the main reason for most interest rate hike cycles in the United States. There is a "strong and consistent" negative correlation between the P/E ratio of US stocks and inflation ―― that is, under the high inflation environment, the valuation (PE) of US stocks tends to decline.

  In view of the fact that the United States is under the worst inflationary pressure in 40 years, it may be comparable to the 1980s when the Federal Reserve was forced to raise interest rates due to the same inflationary pressure. During the two interest rate hike cycles in the 1980s, the P/E ratio of US stocks both fell ―― but it does not mean that the stock market fell across the board. In fact, the strong profit growth of US stock companies in these two periods made the S&P 500 index record a range increase of 8% and 23% respectively.

  It can be seen that even if the Fed raises interest rates under the pressure of high inflation, it does not mean "the end of the world" for US stocks. The key is whether individual companies can offset the negative impact of interest rate hike on valuation with strong performance growth. During this period, it is difficult to cash in the growth rate of performance, but companies with high valuations may face challenges.

  According to Bloomberg’s unanimous forecast, the overall expenditure scale of information technology companies in the S&P 500 stocks is expected to be 110.8 billion US dollars in 2022, with a year-on-year growth rate of 24.3%, which is the largest since the statistics in 2015. Whether it is soft technology or hard technology, capital expenditure is obviously positive.

  Industrial Securities pointed out that FAANGs and other technology leaders focused on the direction of capital expenditure, including new energy vehicles, Metauniverse, digital currency, self-driving cars, AR/VR, cloud services, digital media and so on. Next year, the slowdown of US economic growth will weaken the kinetic energy of the overall profit improvement of US stocks and restrict the performance of the index. However, the structural highlights of the American economy in 2022, especially scientific and technological innovation, deserve attention.

  Semiconductor: high valuation+supply and demand reversal risk accumulation

  The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX Index), which includes chip manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD, has increased by 36% this year, with an increase of more than 50% in the previous two years and a cumulative return of 250% in three years. The current dynamic PE of SOX index is 6.3 times, but its 10-year average is only 3.6 times.

  This year, the global wave of Internet of Things and car electrification, and the instability of the supply chain caused by repeated epidemics have caused an unprecedented shortage of chips in almost all industries. Although the shortage of automobile chips remains to be solved, the demand for semiconductors in other fields may have tended to weaken. According to industry data, the growth of global chip sales slowed down for the third consecutive month in October and has fallen back to the level of May this year.

  Hocktan, CEO of Broadcom, a chip maker, also said in the conference call in the fourth quarter that some areas of the semiconductor market were "a bit too hot".

  According to the assessment of CITIC Securities, as a typical cyclical industry, the global PC sales volume is expected to basically peak in 2021, and the data center hardware uplink cycle will peak in 2022Q2. Considering the marginal weakening of downstream demand (PC, server, smart phone, etc.) next year and the continuous release of new semiconductor production capacity, it is judged that the risk of supply and demand reversal in the industry is accumulating.

  Aviation: North American aviation industry is expected to turn losses+epidemic concerns ease

  According to the latest forecast given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in October, it is estimated that the expected loss of the whole industry in 2021 is 51.8 billion US dollars, which is 63% lower than the net loss of 137.7 billion US dollars in 2020. It is estimated that the loss will drop to 11.6 billion US dollars in 2022, and it is expected to turn losses into profits in 2023.

  In terms of regions, IATA expects airlines in North America to take the lead in restoring profitability in 2022. It is estimated that airlines in this region will achieve a profit of 9.9 billion US dollars in 2022, which is the only region in the world to turn losses into profits next year.

  Guoyuan International believes that the most difficult period of the global aviation industry has passed, and the passenger volume and profitability are on the track of recovery. The resilience of domestic aviation market demand is still strong, and the gradual relaxation of international routes in the future is a high probability event. It is suggested to reverse the layout of airlines, airports and aviation information targets.

  Strategists in JPMorgan Chase said that although COVID-19 variants (such as Delta and Omicron) have repeatedly caused epidemics in various countries, if people’s natural immunity, vaccine-acquired immunity, significantly reduced mortality and specific drugs are gradually emerging, the epidemic will not be the primary risk next year.

The growth rate of national land sales revenue has accelerated, but third-and fourth-tier cities are still declining.

  The amount of land supply is related to the trend of the property market. According to the latest official data, the national land transfer income has turned from decline to increase, and the total supply of real estate land is approaching the same period last year, but the third-tier cities have fallen sharply.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources, from January to August this year, the national real estate land supply was 82,300 hectares, a slight decrease of 1.6% year-on-year. Judging from the data of real estate land supply in the last three months, although the supply of real estate and residential land in the country decreased year-on-year in the first eight months, the reduction rate narrowed month by month; Among key cities, the supply of real estate and residential land in first-tier cities maintained an increasing trend year-on-year, and the growth rate expanded month by month.

  In terms of cities, real estate and residential land in first-tier cities have increased year-on-year. From January to August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities provided 30,700 hectares of real estate land. The supply of real estate land in the first, second and third tier cities increased by 6.2%, 1.9% and 9.0% respectively, and the supply of residential land increased by 19.6%, 1.4% and 13.6% respectively.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the national land transfer income in the first eight months of this year has exceeded 3.7 trillion yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate is further accelerated than that in July.

  Ministries regulate the land market.

  Throughout the year to date, the domestic land market has gone through several stages from downturn to rapid warming and falling, and the current signs of land market cooling are more obvious.

  According to the data of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, in August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities in China (corresponding to 70 housing price cities announced by the National Bureau of Statistics) had a total of 1057 land transactions, with a land transaction amount of 250.1 billion yuan, and the land transaction premium rate was only 8%, which was significantly lower than that in previous months. Judging from the land market situation, the recent expectation of tightening financing in the real estate sector gradually affected the land market.

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, believes that, on the whole, the land markets in various places were relatively depressed in January and February this year. With the increase of credit market after the Spring Festival, the financing difficulty of housing enterprises has decreased. In April, the land markets in some cities showed signs of recovery, and the land markets in first-and second-tier cities continued to heat up, with the monthly land transaction amount of more than 300 billion yuan and the premium rate maintained at around 20%.

  Stabilizing land price is an important goal of real estate regulation and control in 2019. The rapid warming of the land market since the second quarter has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, and relevant ministries and commissions have successively taken action.

  In April this year, in order to achieve the goal of city-specific policy and classified regulation, maintain a stable supply of residential land, and guide market expectations, the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a notice requesting that the "five categories" of residential land regulation targets be formulated and implemented in 2019.

  The notice requires that land supply should be stopped in cities above prefecture level, counties (county-level cities) with a population of more than one million, and commodity housing inventory digestion cycle is more than 36 months; For 36 to 18 months, the land supply should be appropriately reduced; For 18~12 months, maintain a flat level of land supply; 12~6 months, to increase land supply; For those less than 6 months, the land supply should be significantly increased and accelerated.

  Another Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which is responsible for the regulation of the real estate market, also began to warn some cities where land prices and house prices rose too fast in April and May.

  In July, the new policies on real estate trust and overseas financing were introduced continuously, which had a certain impact on the real estate land acquisition policy. Since then, the premium rate of hot land began to decrease. In August, the number of operating land in 70 major cities increased significantly, with a total of 72 cases being the highest in the year.

  "The land market, like the property market, is only allowed to appear in Xiaoyangchun, but not in summer. Once the land market is overheated, the possibility of upgrading the policy is not ruled out. " Zhang Dawei said that since August, the land market has entered a stage of rapid fever reduction.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate, the data of land acquisition by real estate enterprises also showed a significant decline. In August, the land acquisition by major real estate enterprises decreased significantly. Only eight domestic enterprises acquired more than 5 billion yuan, the highest of which was Vanke’s 15 billion yuan, followed by Poly’s 9.2 billion yuan, Jinmao’s 6.8 billion yuan, Sun Hung Kai’s 6.6 billion yuan and China Resources’ 6.4 billion yuan.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, also believes that in the second quarter of this year, the central government paid great attention to the overheating of land prices in some cities, and the policy fundamentals were tightened again, especially the tightening characteristics of the financing market were the most obvious, which made it more rational for real estate enterprises to purchase land in the third quarter.

  Third-and fourth-tier cities have obviously cooled down.

  In recent years, the regional characteristics of China property market have become more and more obvious, the trend of the real estate market has been divided, and the pricing of non-quality land by housing enterprises has been lowered. But the competition for high-quality cities and high-quality land is still fierce. Although the regulation policies of first-and second-tier cities are strict, for housing enterprises, in order to increase sales, they will still concentrate on land acquisition.

  While the first-and second-tier land markets maintain a high degree of heat, the land markets in third-and fourth-tier cities show signs of falling back. According to some statistics, since 2019, the land market in third-and fourth-tier cities has not performed as well as last year due to the tightening of shed reform scale and the early overdraft of some demand.

  According to the data of the aforementioned Ministry of Natural Resources, the supply of real estate land in third-tier cities decreased by 9.0% from January to August this year, and the supply of residential land decreased by 13.6%.

  Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute’s latest issue of "China Baicheng Homestead Transaction Report" shows that from January to September 2019, the transaction area of residential land in 64 third-and fourth-tier cities was 144.88 million square meters, down 7.1% year-on-year. Compared with the trend of first-and second-tier cities, the cooling characteristics of the homestead market in third-and fourth-tier cities are obvious. At the beginning of the past two months, the cumulative homestead transaction area has continued to expand year-on-year, further reflecting the characteristics of market cooling.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said that from January to August, due to the influence of policy control and market expectations, the growth curve of related land purchases declined slightly, which fully reflected the cooling trend of the homestead transaction market. From the structural point of view, the cooling trend of third-and fourth-tier cities is more obvious, which is related to the problem that such cities are facing inventory backlog again.

  "From the reason, the current residential transaction market in third-and fourth-tier cities has cooled down and is facing the pressure of destocking again, which will dampen the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to replenish homesteads; At the same time, it also affected the capital withdrawal of housing enterprises and continued land purchase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  The growth rate of land sales revenue accelerated.

  The stabilization of real estate land supply at the national level has also affected the change of land transfer income.

  Since April this year, the Ministry of Finance has no longer disclosed the specific amount of revenue from the transfer of state-owned land use rights in the monthly financial revenue and expenditure, but only released the year-on-year changes. Judging from the data of the past few months, the land transfer income has achieved year-on-year growth in July after experiencing a decline at the beginning of the year, and it showed an accelerated growth trend in August.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, from January to August this year, the national land transfer income increased by 4.2% year-on-year. From January to July this year, it was a year-on-year increase of 3.1%.

  In the first eight months of 2018, the income from the transfer of state-owned land use rights was 3.7 trillion yuan. In 2018, it reached 6,509.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the total amount reached a record high.

  At the beginning of this year, due to the "worry" that the land market started in the second half of 2018 was cold and the phenomenon of land auction increased, many places also lowered their land transfer income expectations this year when preparing the government fund income budget for 2019.

  Yan Yuejin said that the current control of stable land prices is very strict. Recently, some hot cities have also actively carried out major inspections of the banking system. One of the contents is to check whether there are illegal funds entering the land purchase market.

  "It is expected that the residential land market will be characterized by cooling in September, especially considering that the current financial pressure of housing enterprises has begun to increase, so it is expected that housing enterprises will be conservative and tend to be rational. Of course, we need to look at September ‘ General drop+targeted cuts to required reserve ratios ’ The effect of policy. If the activity of residential transactions increases significantly, the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to subscribe for residential land in the fourth quarter may increase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  From 2011 to 2018, the national land transfer income was 3,316.6 billion yuan, 2,842.2 billion yuan, 4,125 billion yuan, 4,294 billion yuan, 3,254.7 billion yuan, 3,745.7 billion yuan, 5,205.9 billion yuan and 6,509.6 billion yuan respectively.

  There are still four months before the end of the year. If the current situation can be maintained, the income from land sales in 2019 is expected to exceed 6 trillion yuan again.

On New Year’s Eve, Guangzhou’s household registration window opened normally! Click to view more office arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

The reporter learned from the Press Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau that according to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the Spring Festival holiday will be closed from February 10th to February 17th, 2024 (from the first day of the lunar calendar to the eighth day of the lunar calendar), and the city’s household registration window will be closed to the outside world, during which only the "urgent business" account cancellation business will be accepted (appointment-free).
Among them, on February 3 (Saturday), February 4 (Sunday), February 9 (New Year’s Eve) and February 18 (Sunday), the public can make an appointment to attend the household administration business (office hours are 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00).
Guangzhou police reminded that during the holiday period, the online household registration room of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau normally accepts the online household registration and resident ID card business. Eligible citizens can log on to the WeChat WeChat official account of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and enter the household registration service interface through the menu of "Government Service"-"Household Administration"-"More", in which the relevant information can be found in the "Service Matters" column. Citizens who meet the conditions for self-service of resident identity cards can also choose to go to the nearest self-service card machine for resident identity cards.
Text | Reporter Min Min Correspondent Gong Xinwen

The Best Lifestyle: Immersion Life

In life, there is such an immersive happiness, which seems to accelerate the passage of time:

When doing some things, such as sitting by the sea quietly watching the sea, concentrating on reading a book, cooking favorite food seriously …

This kind of immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fulfillment gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

"Out of control" life will consume people’s mood.

The quality of life often depends on one’s ability to control consciousness.

In this world, unpleasant things often happen. I used to think that I was disappointed that my efforts were fruitless because I was not lucky enough and my ability was not strong enough. Later I realized:

Excessive internal friction is trapping us in an out-of-control life.

If you are always entangled in all kinds of unknown anxieties, you will eventually be unable to concentrate on your daily work and life, leading to out of control.

The way to relieve pain is to spend time on the right things.

Buffett once shared an investment viewpoint.

He said that in some areas, he resolutely refused to invest because he lacked understanding and could not control it.

Life is the same, wasting energy on unnecessary things will only make people impetuous and consume our attention.

Leave the limited time to the thing you love most, and you can get unlimited happiness.

A focused life is a great wisdom.

There are many things you can do in your life, but what is really important is to stay focused.

Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", devoted himself to cultivating excellent hybrid rice all his life and made remarkable achievements, which not only filled the stomachs of China people, but also had a far-reaching influence in the world.

Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

Wang Yangming once put forward a method: "the power of refinement."

The so-called "Jingyi" means focusing on the present.

If a person wants to succeed in a certain field, he needs to gather all his efforts and do it to the extreme.

Only by focusing can we constantly break through ourselves and pursue the limit wholeheartedly without being biased by other things.

Whether a person succeeds or not does not depend on how much he chooses, but on staying focused and deeply ploughing.

Staying focused and immersed is a great wisdom. When you are seriously involved in one thing, you can get happiness.

Immersive life, starting from these three points.

Only when you decide your own pace can you reap the happiness of enjoying yourself and experience the fun brought by immersive life.

If you want to live an immersive life, you may wish to make changes in the following aspects:

If you want to study, put down your mobile phone, stay away from the internet and concentrate on reading;

If you want to relax, put aside your worries and stop worrying about work or study.

Abandoning distractions and focusing on doing things can not only improve efficiency, but also enjoy the sense of fulfillment brought by the realm of selflessness.

"The antonym of anxiety is concreteness."

It is better to take every step of the moment in a down-to-earth manner than to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss in the imagination of the future.

There is no road to life in vain. Every step is silently accumulating confidence, which can also bring us closer to the ideal distance.

There is a saying: "When the inner time and space becomes smaller, we are easy to panic and move blindly like trapped mice, but in fact we have been living in a bigger time and space."

Enrich your heart by reading and traveling.

Once you find that the world is so big and your heart can become wider, you will no longer be troubled by the outside world.

In this regard, with a peaceful and comfortable attitude, to pursue the life you want.

Everyone is searching.
Immersion life immersion daily immersion housework What does immersion life mean? What are immersion experiences? What is immersion happiness?


Reading for the aged

A good article worth reading

Immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a kind of positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fullness gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

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Autumn waters are the same as the sky.

Happiness is closer when everything is free.

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Xiaoyuan 198033

For example, focus on cooking when cooking, and focus on farming when farming, and your heart will be very calm.

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Escape nl

Living in the present, living in this moment is an immersive life.

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Tell the truth Lw2zq

The point is that there are no unpleasant things. Very happy.

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Stubborn and lost M0

There is no best in the world, only better. There is no best in the world, only better. A good lifestyle depends on your health and longevity. (Beijing People Branch)

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Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

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Feel the golden heart ball in winter at Wuzu Temple.

I am very focused when playing games. Is this an immersive lifestyle?

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DNP keeps the heart from shedding.

We can never change the world, but the world can’t change me easily.
Loneliness makes us outstanding.
Chuang Tzu wrote a story about Kun Peng in Happy Travel.
Everyone’s pattern is different, and their thoughts and practices will naturally be different. Kun and Xuegui don’t understand the responsibility of Kun Peng, and Kun Peng naturally despises the "freedom" between flying Artemisia.
People are either lonely or vulgar.
Life is a journey from Beiming to Nanming. Your world, they don’t understand.
In this world, many roads can only be walked by one person, and many things can only be done alone.
Instead of losing yourself in the vain excitement, it is better to stick to your heart and be yourself.
In this world, each of us is struggling to walk alone, and few people know how to feel the same.
A soul that can stand loneliness will always be stronger.

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There is no more.

What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

I always can’t tell the difference between sweat steaming and sauna, I don’t think there is any difference between the two, so what is the difference between sweat steaming and sauna? Which is better, steam or sauna?
First, the principle is different
Sweat steaming mainly uses the energy field formed by the negative ions, far-infrared rays, and micro-currents released by tourmaline to act on the human body and stimulate the body to generate heat energy; while sauna uses high-temperature water vapor to act on the skin from the outside and conduct heat into the body. .

Second, the temperature is different
The steaming temperature is around 42-45 degrees Celsius, and the scientific steaming time is 40-60 minutes. People will not feel suffocated during the sweating process, and the breathing will be very smooth; the sauna temperature can reach 60-70 degrees Celsius, when the human body can only stay 5-10 minutes, if the time is too long, you will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath.

  1. Perspiration effect
    The sweat discharged by the steaming has no sweat smell, which will make the human skin smooth, which can have the benefits of beauty, body beauty, and disease conditioning. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to shower within 6 hours after the steaming, as the shower will detract from the health care of the steaming. The sweat is sticky and has a smell of sweat, and it is necessary to take a bath after the sauna to remove the smell of sweat.
  2. Operation method
    Sweat steaming is through physical conditions such as far infrared rays, negative ions, expanding substances and trace elements to expand the pores of the human body in a high temperature manner, discharge toxic substances in the body, and achieve the effect of health care; while the sauna uses steam to make the deep skin heat effect under high temperature conditions. , and then achieve the effect of expelling toxins in the body through the pores that are enlarged under high temperature.