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What about BYD Tang DMi Champion Edition?

On the track of new energy vehicles, the competition is unprecedented, and the "involution" is quite serious. Each manufacturer has made use of their own strengths, making new energy vehicles blossom in recent years, which is unprecedented in prosperity. The iterative speed of technology and products is quite fast. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, there is only a small change in a few years. In the era of new energy vehicles, I can’t wait to launch a heavy technology every other year. It is in this context that China’s new energy vehicles have achieved unprecedented development.

BYD has become a well-deserved leader in the field of new energy vehicles. It is the earliest automobile enterprise in China to enter the field of new energy vehicles, and it is also the automobile enterprise with the most complete technical reserves and the richest product matrix. In the past 2022, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 1.86 million, and both hybrid and pure electric products were welcomed by the market unprecedentedly.

As the earliest product released by BYD, Tang has been well received by the market since its listing. With the iteration of BYD technology, BYD’s latest generation of Tang DMi Champion Edition was released last month, and it received favorable comments from consumers after its release. What about Tang DMi Champion Edition?

First of all, from the appearance, the biggest highlight is the newly added glacier blue color matching, which is also my favorite color, giving people a fresh feeling, which is not available in previous models; In addition, some changes have taken place in the rim style of the champion version, and the tire specification has been upgraded from 245/45 R20 to 255/50 R20, which can also make the tire grip stronger; The chassis of the champion version is also a brand-new upgrade. The whole vehicle adopts aluminum alloy multi-link suspension structure and is equipped with FSD variable damping system, which allows vehicles to easily pass through even on bumpy roads and enhance the driving experience. Finally, the fast charge power and discharge function of the vehicle are improved a lot compared with the previous models. The maximum discharge power can reach 6.6kw, the maximum fast charge power can reach 40kw (previously 25kw), and it takes only 22 minutes to charge 30%-80%.

I believe that with the release of the champion version of Tang DMi, BYD will definitely bring more and more surprises to the market.

The story behind "Cloud Supervisor"! Let party flag fly in the front line of the war "epidemic"

  Upon receiving the call from the Party organization of China Construction and Installation Group, they immediately packed their bags and drove across the province to Wuhan — — The construction sites of two specialized hospitals, Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain.

  Wearing reflective vests and gloves, helmets and masks, they became the operators of "fork sauce", "vomit mud sauce" and "blue forget machine" in the eyes of "cloud supervisor" At this moment, let’s also enlarge the perspective of "cloud supervisor" — — In those dusty corners, every frontline builder who bravely goes retrograde and fights day and night is an "anti-epidemic star".

  Assemble! Party member commandos are the most beautiful retrograde.

  Blue power, condensed under party flag. On January 28th, the first batch of aid construction teams arrived at the construction site in Thunder God Mountain hospital, Wuhan, and fought all night for 12 hours to complete the work of cleaning the grass roots, laying "two cloths and one membrane" and installing drainage pipes. Then, they concentrated their forces to complete the installation of water and electricity in 14 wards and toilets. At present, we are fully cooperating with the mechanical and electrical installation work in the box-type board room. The second batch of construction support teams also arrived at the site on January 29th. After one night, by the morning of January 30th, 30 board houses were all painted and "formed in batches" at the Thunder God Mountain hospital construction site, and the tasks of prefabrication and installation of 14 wards, toilets, 7 buffer rooms and more than 200 meters of drainage pipes in the east area were all completed. Under the condition of ensuring the construction period of Raytheon Mountain, China Construction Installation dispatched more than 50 people to support the construction of Vulcan Mountain. On January 31, most of the prefabricated houses in Vulcan Mountain Hospital were built. Under the leadership of party member Commando of China Construction Installation, 2,600 sections of iron air ducts were transported, and 235 split air conditioners were unloaded one after another. The processing and manufacture of air ducts and the installation of PVC air ducts were planned to be completed in one day.

  The fighting time is only ten days. In order to build miracles and hopes for Wuhan, the "sea of people tactics" is essential. With the emergency of the epidemic and the return home during the Spring Festival, where do the workers come from?

  Su Hong is one of the assemblers of this campaign. On the second day of the beginning of the year, Su Hong, who lives in Taizhou, received the mobilization of China Construction and Installation, and went to Wuhan overnight without hesitation, regardless of the retention of his loved ones. "It is the responsibility of a Communist party member to respond to the call of the party organization and go to Wuhan to support the construction of epidemic prevention and control!"

  "Will ‘ Catch ’ Less than people? " Gu Jianbing, the commander-in-chief of China Construction’s installation of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder God Mountain hospital electromechanical engineering, was vaguely worried.

  "Send the troops to me!" Su Hong, the labor team leader of Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, lived up to his mission and quickly mobilized the resources at hand. In just one hour, he received "invitation letters" from three labor teams.

  In order to ensure efficiency, we decided to collect workers from around Wuhan. "Where is the most difficult place? It’s not that the workers are afraid of difficulties, but that there are too many people signing up. We have to open a certificate one by one to help them come to the construction site! " Su Hong is emotional.

  One side is in trouble, and all sides come to the rescue. After the city is closed, Wuhan is inconvenient to get in and out. To this end, Su Hong issued a construction site requisition certificate, and the workers took the certificate to the villages and towns to stamp, then went to the medical examination, and then went to the traffic police brigade to get a pass to reach the construction site.

  With such strict checks at all levels, 72 comrades-in-arms took the lead in arriving at the construction front line in Wuhan within half a day. Up to now, 123 installation and construction workers of China Construction have been assembled quickly at the construction sites of Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain, and the follow-up support force is increasing.

  Break! Fighting day and night, no rework.

  Race against the epidemic, to be fast, but also to "work quickly and do fine work."

  The two specialized hospitals have large areas, many functional areas, and the electromechanical installation technology is different from that of ordinary buildings. Diffusively laying cables and connecting water supply and drainage pipelines are all construction difficulties. Especially at night, the lighting is limited. In order to connect the water pipe under the box of the board room, the workers need to lie across the I-shaped steel bracket and concentrate on their work in the cramped space, which is extremely hard.

  Even so, the wisdom of flexibility is still common in the urgent construction process. For example, the construction workers skillfully wire the pipes in the extremely limited ceiling space, which not only delays the important ventilation function, but also raises the ceiling height to make the patients live more comfortably; Based on the construction experience of Huoshenshan Hospital, Thunder God Mountain hospital improved the original way of connecting steel plates with anchors, and connected PVC pipes with hot melt, which improved the construction efficiency of this link by more than 30%.

  Strictly control the quality and put an end to any mistakes. Every time a process is done well, the workers should check themselves first. Within one hour, the team leader and technicians will follow up and check the pass. Step by step is not only a baton, but also a spell.

  "Two shifts, 24-hour wheel rotation. However, since the high-intensity construction, there has not been a rework incident in the installation of China Construction! " Zhang Yongfeng, technical director of China Construction Installation Thunder God Mountain hospital Project, was full of bloodshot eyes after working all night. Tam Hao, who rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for emergency support, had a lunch break at noon, so that he had a little time to report his wife’s safety.

  Charge! Selfless persistence under the guidance of party flag.

  At the moment, party flag is shining in the front line of the epidemic prevention struggle. At 9: 00 on January 29th, Gu Jianbing, Party branch secretary and executive director of China Construction and Installation Beijing Company, and his party arrived in Thunder God Mountain hospital from Beijing. They quickly held a meeting to arrange the construction tasks until 2: 00 a.m., and then went to the site early in the morning to dock with many parties and implement the deployment construction plan. After eating lunch in a hurry, they rushed to Huoshenshan Hospital for operational command. After many days of fighting, as a cadre in party member, Gu Jianbing’s eyes were red, and his mustache crept up the corner of his mouth. "This battle, must win! This is an important moment for party member cadres to practice their initial mission and show their responsibility! Also take care of everyone’s health! " Gu Jianbing still remembers the entrustment of Tian Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of CSCEC before he left.

  More than 300 calls a day, and two mobile phones are out of power for half a day with the help of charging treasure. More than 30,000 steps of exercise is the "Wuhan rhythm" of Gu Jianbing, a pioneer in party member.

  "The country is in danger and the people are in need. As party member, we must rush!" Zhao Bing, deputy secretary of the Party branch of China Construction Installation Beijing Company, also rushed to the front line to play the role of "coordinator" on the construction site. At this time, party member Commandos installed by China Construction Corporation are still growing. They are playing an exemplary and leading role in party member, shouldering heavy responsibilities and ensuring the efficient and high-quality completion of construction tasks.

  "This Spring Festival, although I can’t go back to my hometown in Jiangsu, I still receive the warmth of my hometown in Wuhan." Gu Jianbing said that the timely entry of materials and materials is one of the key guarantees for the construction progress, and the logistics during the Spring Festival is really inconvenient. At the critical moment, a Jiangsu enterprise that has cooperated for many years expressed its willingness to donate a batch of rubber and plastic insulation materials in time.

  "My feelings for Wuhan are unusual." Today, Gu Jianbing is calm and sophisticated in the command of two specialized hospitals. He recalled that in 1998, when he was young, he just walked out of the university gate and joined China Construction Group, which coincided with the flood control in Wuhan. "It was raining cats and dogs, and we all put the rainproof striped cloth under our bodies and lay on the Yangtze River dam to fight the river. That kind of hard work and concerted efforts is unforgettable. The initial intention does not change, and today our fighting spirit to overcome the epidemic is still high! "

  Gathered under the party flag, charge in the first line. The horn of the battle has sounded, and everyone feels no fear at all. They wait for no time and wait for no one, and they are full of enthusiasm. In the cold winter, the frontline of the fight against the "epidemic" shines with the responsibility of the central enterprises, the forceful oath of party member and the heart of all the front-line strugglers. (Wei Wei Hong Yan)

Keep the sunshine in your heart and send the warmth like spring to the hearts of the masses.

  "Spring, son … … Hang in there and stand up … … Spring will definitely stand up … …” Wang Chunchun in the emergency room has stopped breathing, and his father, who is nearly eighty years old, is still mumbling.

  In the first line of anti-epidemic, I fought continuously and went deep into the jurisdiction for more than 20 days without stopping. On February 11th, Wang Chunchun, the fourth-level police chief of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, Heilongjiang Province, who has been sticking to his post for more than 20 days, collapsed in his post because of overwork when he was performing the task of sealing and controlling in the community. He was only 32 years old and died unfortunately after being rescued.

  On February 16th, Zhao Kezhi, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, signed an order to posthumously award Wang Chunchun the title of second-class hero of the national public security system.

  At most, check more than 2,500 clues a day.

  Since joining the public security work in December 2014, Wang Chunchun has served as a member of the patrol special police detachment of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau and a member of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch. He is currently the fourth-level sheriff and deputy director of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau. In 2016, he was awarded by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. In 2017 and 2018, he won personal third-class merit for two consecutive years. In 2017, he was rated as an outstanding civil servant.

  "Wang Chunchun is the representative of the police who fought in the front line of epidemic prevention in Qiqihar City. Their spirit of selfless dedication and selfless dedication is awe-inspiring." Gao Deyi, deputy mayor of Qiqihar City and director of the Public Security Bureau, said.

Wang Chunchun was in the process of sealing and controlling before his death. (data picture)

  In 2019, Wang Chunchun, who has been a police officer for five years, became the fourth-level police chief and deputy director of the new site police station of Tiefeng Branch of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, and was responsible for eight communities including Shangpin Park and Jingxin Garden in the jurisdiction of the new site police station. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Wang Chunchun was mainly responsible for the inspection of about 200 buildings in eight communities. The front-line police force is tight. Wang Chunchun has to be on a 24-hour regular shift every three days. He usually has to shoulder the duties of a deputy shift and patrol the "nine small" places in his jurisdiction.

  During the epidemic period, every day, different units will push a large number of personnel information to the police station for verification and landing. The information provided is only the name and ID number, and one person’s information will correspond to multiple phone numbers. The police need to call one by one to ask about the household registration, time, purpose, residence, action track, peers, trains, fever symptoms and other information. When not out of the field, Wang Chunchun has been sitting in front of the computer in the office, checking information one by one, and tirelessly repeating "check — — Call — — At most, more than 2,500 clues have to be checked in one day.

  On one occasion, when Cui Hongyu, an auxiliary police officer, assisted Wang Chunchun to verify the information, he was upset by various negative emotions of the people on the phone, but Wang Chunchun took the phone and carefully and patiently verified it, without any confusion.

  Wang Chunchun knows that as a people’s policeman, it is his duty and mission to curb the spread of the epidemic, safeguard the country’s political security and social stability, and protect the lives and health of the people. On January 23, he sent his wife and 16-month-old son to his mother-in-law in Zhaozhou, Daqing, and set foot on the front line of the war "epidemic". From that day on, he didn’t go home for more than 20 days and always worked in the police station. "So I have no worries. Please rest assured that I will do all the competent work. " He said to the director Zhang Tiejun.

  On the New Year’s Eve, the community aunt sent a steaming bowl of jiaozi to Wang Chunchun in the police car: "Son, eat jiaozi wrapped in aunt’s bag, just like the New Year’s Eve dinner that mom made for you." Wang Chunchun ate jiaozi, thinking of her old mother who was ill in bed at home and her father’s bony back. Wang Chunchun said with tears: "Aunt, this is the most fragrant and fragrant jiaozi I have ever eaten in the New Year."

  A versatile worker and a pillar of business.

  In the new construction site police station, Wang Chunchun is recognized as the most capable community policeman and public security policeman. He has a versatile job and is the pillar of his business. Whether in the security and stability work, the special struggle to eliminate evils, or in handling public security cases and basic work at the grassroots level, he is always ahead.

  There is a work log on Wang Chunchun’s desk, which is full of architectural plans of the jurisdiction. Director Zhang Tiejun introduced that every time Wang Chunchun went out to visit, he would take this notebook with him, draw the floor plan of the building, analyze whether there were any potential safety hazards, and eliminate them with the masses in time. There are more than 2,000 households in the area under Wang Chunchun’s jurisdiction. He has been to every household, and the people in the jurisdiction know him. He always rushes to the first place in his work, and he ranks in the top five in the overall situation for three consecutive years.

  The story of Wang Chuntian serving the masses is endless. In August 2018, when Wang Chuntian visited the hardware market in his jurisdiction, some merchants reported that the hardware of the wire box in front of his store was stolen from time to time. Although the loss was not great, he had to find professionals to cut off power for maintenance after each incident, and his daily operations were affected. Despite the hot weather, Wang Chunchun endured mosquito bites during the day and at night. After a week of staying around the clock, he decisively attacked and arrested the suspect when he committed the crime again. On December 16, 2018, when Wang Chunchun visited the community, he learned that the residents on the second floor of Unit 1 in a certain community changed their kitchens privately, which caused the oil smoke to flow to the residents’ homes on the first floor, and there were many disputes for this reason. Wang Chunchun patiently persuaded the two sides to resolve the contradictions and disputes.

  Since joining the public security work, Wang Chunchun has actively participated in reception and on-site mediation for more than 700 times, successfully mediating 387 contradictions and disputes, effectively avoiding more than 200 administrative and criminal cases. Due to outstanding work performance, in September 2019, the "Spring Police Office" named after him was set up in the construction community of the new site police station. From the day the police office was set up, people’s praise never stopped. Whether it is freezing in the cold or windy, this police office named "Spring" can always warm people’s hearts and bloom a flower of harmony between the police and the people.

  "Communist party member only feels when it takes root at the grassroots level."

  In 2019, Wang Chuntiancheng was preparing for party member. After returning home, he hugged his wife tightly and said that this was the most exciting thing since he joined the police. The expression on his face was even happier than being rewarded and commended.

  Wang Chunchun is proud to be a Communist party member, and he always demands himself according to party member’s standards in his work. Especially since the anti-epidemic work was carried out, the temperature in Qiqihar has been low, about MINUS 15 degrees Celsius during the day and as low as MINUS 20 degrees Celsius at night. The icy cold wind has not affected his and his comrades’ inspections.

  After more than 20 days of sticking to the front line of anti-epidemic, Wang Chunchun put the photo of his wife and son in the nearest place of the centrifugal mouth of his pocket on the police uniform. When he was tired and cold, he turned out the photo and took a look, as if he could dispel all the cold and fatigue in an instant and regain his strength.

  On the evening of January 27th, Wang Chunchun originally made an appointment with his parents to go home and have a look, but someone in the Shangpin owners’ group of the park in the jurisdiction sent a photo, saying that there was a private car with Hubei license that had never been seen before in the garage of the community, out of fear of the epidemic, the owners’ group exploded in an instant, and they were all worried about whether someone had come back from Hubei to hide their whereabouts. Wang Chunchun immediately took the initiative to investigate. After a night’s investigation, he learned that the owner of the car was in Hubei Province and originally planned to return to Qiqihar in April. The car has been in Qiqihar City. He immediately contacted the person in charge of the community and gave accurate information back to the owner, which promptly eliminated the panic of the people in the jurisdiction and gave the people a "reassuring". The next morning, Wang Chunchun started a new job and never went home again.

  For more than 20 days, Wang Chunchun had almost no rest. He is busy checking whether there are any privately operated shops in the jurisdiction, persuading residents who have to go out for a walk to go home quickly, checking the clues of people returning to Qiqihar from other places, and promoting the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control … … … Every day, Wang Chuntian will inspect the key communities within his jurisdiction at least once.

  "I feel distressed when I look at the child’s working state in spring. During the time when I worked together, I saw the duty and mission of a policeman in him, and I also saw the initial intention and belief of preparing party member. He set a benchmark for all our staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. " Sister Hui Fen, deputy secretary of Muhai Community who works with Wang Chunchun, said.

  Because of his good writing style, the sub-bureau asked Wang Chunchun to work in the office several times, but he didn’t agree. He always felt that only at the grassroots level could he exercise himself and temper himself.

  "The Communist party member took root at the grassroots level. This time, I saw that all walks of life were at the forefront of party member. Through this anti-epidemic, I really felt the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist party member." Wang Chunchun said to his good friend Han Qi.

  At noon on February 11th, Wang Chunchun received a phone call from Dong Lina, the head of a community in his jurisdiction, and agreed to work together to resolve conflicts, targeting several elderly people who have opinions on epidemic prevention and isolation. At that time, Wang Chunchun suddenly felt a little unwell. Without saying anything, he and the auxiliary police Cui Hongyu rushed to the community. "Sister Dong, which building are we going to?" At 14: 54, Wang Chuntian stopped the police car to meet Dong Lina. However, as soon as the voice just fell, he fainted. Cui Hongyu immediately called 120. At about 15 o’clock, Wang Chunchun was taken to a nearby hospital, and his father was later taken to the hospital by the police. However, despite all efforts, Wang Chunchun still failed to get out of the emergency room … …

  On Wang Chunchun’s desk, there was a box of yogurt and an orange quietly, which was sent by the community resident Lang Dajie on the morning of Wang Chunchun’s sacrifice. Before he could eat it in spring, the work log with the floor plan of the area was spread out, and the police uniforms were neatly hung in the closet … … Everything looks the same as usual, but only the policeman Wang Chunchun, who is always sunny, is missing.

The Best Lifestyle: Immersion Life

In life, there is such an immersive happiness, which seems to accelerate the passage of time:

When doing some things, such as sitting by the sea quietly watching the sea, concentrating on reading a book, cooking favorite food seriously …

This kind of immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fulfillment gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

"Out of control" life will consume people’s mood.

The quality of life often depends on one’s ability to control consciousness.

In this world, unpleasant things often happen. I used to think that I was disappointed that my efforts were fruitless because I was not lucky enough and my ability was not strong enough. Later I realized:

Excessive internal friction is trapping us in an out-of-control life.

If you are always entangled in all kinds of unknown anxieties, you will eventually be unable to concentrate on your daily work and life, leading to out of control.

The way to relieve pain is to spend time on the right things.

Buffett once shared an investment viewpoint.

He said that in some areas, he resolutely refused to invest because he lacked understanding and could not control it.

Life is the same, wasting energy on unnecessary things will only make people impetuous and consume our attention.

Leave the limited time to the thing you love most, and you can get unlimited happiness.

A focused life is a great wisdom.

There are many things you can do in your life, but what is really important is to stay focused.

Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", devoted himself to cultivating excellent hybrid rice all his life and made remarkable achievements, which not only filled the stomachs of China people, but also had a far-reaching influence in the world.

Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

Wang Yangming once put forward a method: "the power of refinement."

The so-called "Jingyi" means focusing on the present.

If a person wants to succeed in a certain field, he needs to gather all his efforts and do it to the extreme.

Only by focusing can we constantly break through ourselves and pursue the limit wholeheartedly without being biased by other things.

Whether a person succeeds or not does not depend on how much he chooses, but on staying focused and deeply ploughing.

Staying focused and immersed is a great wisdom. When you are seriously involved in one thing, you can get happiness.

Immersive life, starting from these three points.

Only when you decide your own pace can you reap the happiness of enjoying yourself and experience the fun brought by immersive life.

If you want to live an immersive life, you may wish to make changes in the following aspects:

If you want to study, put down your mobile phone, stay away from the internet and concentrate on reading;

If you want to relax, put aside your worries and stop worrying about work or study.

Abandoning distractions and focusing on doing things can not only improve efficiency, but also enjoy the sense of fulfillment brought by the realm of selflessness.

"The antonym of anxiety is concreteness."

It is better to take every step of the moment in a down-to-earth manner than to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss in the imagination of the future.

There is no road to life in vain. Every step is silently accumulating confidence, which can also bring us closer to the ideal distance.

There is a saying: "When the inner time and space becomes smaller, we are easy to panic and move blindly like trapped mice, but in fact we have been living in a bigger time and space."

Enrich your heart by reading and traveling.

Once you find that the world is so big and your heart can become wider, you will no longer be troubled by the outside world.

In this regard, with a peaceful and comfortable attitude, to pursue the life you want.

Everyone is searching.
Immersion life immersion daily immersion housework What does immersion life mean? What are immersion experiences? What is immersion happiness?


Reading for the aged

A good article worth reading

Immersive experience, called "flow" by psychologist Mihaly, is a kind of positive psychological experience, that is, the sense of fullness gained when focusing.

Immersed in the present, satisfaction arises spontaneously, and life becomes more comfortable. This is the immersive life.

Such a lifestyle can not only heal the body and mind, but also be a good way to resist disorderly life.

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Autumn waters are the same as the sky.

Happiness is closer when everything is free.

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Xiaoyuan 198033

For example, focus on cooking when cooking, and focus on farming when farming, and your heart will be very calm.

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Escape nl

Living in the present, living in this moment is an immersive life.

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Tell the truth Lw2zq

The point is that there are no unpleasant things. Very happy.

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Stubborn and lost M0

There is no best in the world, only better. There is no best in the world, only better. A good lifestyle depends on your health and longevity. (Beijing People Branch)

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Opportunities are infinite, but everyone’s time, energy and talent are limited, so if you want to be excellent, you must concentrate.

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Feel the golden heart ball in winter at Wuzu Temple.

I am very focused when playing games. Is this an immersive lifestyle?

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DNP keeps the heart from shedding.

We can never change the world, but the world can’t change me easily.
Loneliness makes us outstanding.
Chuang Tzu wrote a story about Kun Peng in Happy Travel.
Everyone’s pattern is different, and their thoughts and practices will naturally be different. Kun and Xuegui don’t understand the responsibility of Kun Peng, and Kun Peng naturally despises the "freedom" between flying Artemisia.
People are either lonely or vulgar.
Life is a journey from Beiming to Nanming. Your world, they don’t understand.
In this world, many roads can only be walked by one person, and many things can only be done alone.
Instead of losing yourself in the vain excitement, it is better to stick to your heart and be yourself.
In this world, each of us is struggling to walk alone, and few people know how to feel the same.
A soul that can stand loneliness will always be stronger.

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There is no more.

18 life jokes, funny and reasonable!

Source: WeChat WeChat official account "Sanwei Poetry House"

Editor: Ni Jie (intern)

[Disclaimer: This number is the official public welfare account of "Reading for All", and this article is reproduced for the purpose of transmitting more information. Please contact us if the source is mislabeled or suspected of infringing your legitimate rights and interests. We will correct and delete it in time, thank you. 】

Sports lecture hall: a general inventory of baseball.

General knowledge of baseball

1) Name of the world amateur baseball governing body: The International Baseball Federation is the world amateur baseball governing body. IBA is short for International Baseball Federation.

2) Referees in baseball games: Referees include a referee (ball referee), three base referees and several scorers. The referee is responsible for shouting "ball" or "strike" with the prescribed gestures. The referee of the division judges safety and exit.

3) Composition of baseball team: A baseball team consists of 9 players. In fact, a team can have 20 players, but only 9 players can play. There is no limit to the number of substitutes. But the substitute can’t play for the second time)

4) Specification of baseball field: In short, the field is divided into infield and outfield. The infield is square. There is a base on the four corners, and the infield is also called "square". The infield is surrounded by two borderlines between the in-bound area and the out-of-bounds area and two other sides of the out-of-bounds area. [The infield is square, two sides of which are adjacent to the outfield (which belongs to the inside area) and the other two sides are adjacent to the outside area.

5) What kind of ball the batter hits is called a home run: A home run is when the batter can hit a ball that runs all bases and returns to home. Most home runs fly out of the fence from the infield.

6) Basic personal skills of baseball players: Basic personal skills include: hitting, throwing, defending, passing accurately, running and stealing bases.

7) How the pitcher throws the ball: You can use various methods of holding the ball, such as curve ball, slider ball, knuckle ball and fastball.

8) The essentials of successful hitting: The most important thing is the standing posture, backward pull, extension, swing, hitting the ball and subsequent actions.

9) What are the defensive positions in baseball games? Baseball defensive positions include pitcher, receiver, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder.

In the 28th football picture, China women’s football team reversed South Korea to win the championship, and Manchester City derby Owen was the winner.

In the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup, after falling behind 0: 2 in the first half, Tang Jiali and Zhang Linyan scored tenaciously to equalize the score. Xiao Yuyi scored the winner in injury time. China women’s football team won 3-2, and stood on the top of Asia again after 16 years, and was crowned the ninth Asian Cup champion.

The ball is coming, beautiful! Xiao yuyi.

In 2009, Premier League Manchester United took the seat at Old Trafford, which ushered in the challenge of Manchester City, the city’s sworn enemy. This is a contest in which Tevez turns his back on his enemy and throws himself into the city, plus controversial penalties, midfield lore and other dramatic exciting elements of football. With Owen’s stoppage time goal, Manchester United beat Manchester City 4-3, and was later selected as "the best game in the Premier League in 20 years" by Premier League officials, which is far behind Manchester United today.

In the 2006 World Cup, Argentina swept Montenegro 6-0. Cambiaso, who came off the bench, took over Crespo and tapped his heel to expand his lead. You should know that this ball is a team cooperation that has been scored by a total of 24 wonderful passes, which is a classic in the history of the World Cup.

Fenerbahce and his arch-rival Besiktas met in the Turkish Cup. In the match, Van Persie had an argument with the opposing defender Tossici, and his slightly exaggerated actions led to the latter being sent off, which angered the fans at home and began to insult Van Persie. Then Van Persie scored a goal that sealed the victory for the team. After the goal, Van Persie made a provocative celebration in front of Besiktas captain Ozyakup. After the game, the Turkish Football Association suspended the two men respectively. Football name picture (28).

Epic deal, the Lakers offer Harden 5 for 1.

5 for 1, Harden will join the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, according to American media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers made a deal negotiation with the management of the 76ers. They are willing to offer Hakimura, Vincent, Vanderbilt and Russell, as well as the second round of draft picks to get Harden, and the 76ers are also evaluating the deal, and it is expected that a consensus will be reached soon.

After the Premier League Manchester United lost to Seville, Tenghahe planned to streamline the lineup, and many people were afraid to leave the team in the summer window.

Will Manchester United start a big purge after losing to Seville?

The Athletic: Tenghahe plans to streamline the lineup and increase the transfer budget of Summer Window.

Mirror: Tenghahe became ruthless in this summer window, allowing 13 players from Manchester United’s first team to leave.

Mailonline: Manchester United’s summer window will become ruthless, allowing 17 players to leave, including Maguire, Fred and Marchal.

The so-called big cleaning, is it more than the players who left last summer window? Last summer, Manchester United left six players, including Bogba, Ma Diqi, Lingard, Mata, Pereira and cavani, and rented three players, including Bailly, Telles and Henderson, which means that the first team of Manchester United was downsized by nine players. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the team before the World Cup, Manchester United left ten players.

If Manchester United really want to carry out a big cleaning in the summer window, the premise is that the transfer budget is sufficient, otherwise there are not many people in the first team of Manchester United, and of course it is not excluded to promote youth players. Manchester United summer window will not leave so many people. The so-called permission for some people to leave should include Bailly, Telles, Henderson and other rented players, plus players whose contracts have expired, such as Touanzebe, Phil Jones and Munji. There may not be too many players for the first team to sell.