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Samsung admitted that the previous adjustment was wrong, and the Galaxy Note 20 series and S20 FE mobile phone updates are still monthly.

IT House reported on April 5 that Samsung Electronics recently adjusted its product update push plan to reduce the frequency of security updates for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series mobile phones, from monthly to quarterly (once every three months).

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra have been on the market for four years, so it is understandable to reduce the push frequency of security updates.

but Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 FE were released six months later than the above three models.Therefore, adjusting the push frequency has made many users feel puzzled and dissatisfied. The revised updated equipment list is attached to IT House as follows:

Samsung then updated its product page, saying it was a mistake.The update frequency of the above four models will continue to maintain the monthly rhythm and will get the security update in April.

Of the ten best spy war dramas, Secret and Great can only rank sixth, and the top five are well deserved.

After the ending of "Hidden and Great", the endings of various characters in the play caused a wave of topics, and even small characters such as section chief Kong and secretary Fang were pulled out by the audience to discuss who was smarter and had a better ending. No matter from the audience rating or topic popularity, Hidden and Great is one of the best spy war dramas this year.

In addition to Hidden and Great, this year, many spy war dramas such as Chance, Aim, Man in the Game, Qiu Chan, etc. were broadcast. When a number of TV dramas of the same type are broadcast together, it is always inevitable to be "evaluated" together. In terms of word-of-mouth and popularity, "The Man in the Bureau" is at the bottom. Although there are Pan Yueming’s name blessings, Zhao Da’s support and Zray’s leading role, the endless plot bugs and chaotic narrative logic still make the opening of the play abandoned. Even the audience who especially like spy dramas can’t help but vomit the "divine logic" of the plot. Such a level of spy war drama simply can’t enter the list of excellent spy war dramas.

The popularity of "Aiming" is relatively high. After all, the drama sells well. The third cooperation between Huang Xuan and Yang Caiyu, Michael Chen’s transformation as the villain, the powerful actors Wang Longzheng and Yao Anlian joined in, and the director 500 is also a director with relatively high popularity this year. The theme is also novel, telling the peak confrontation between two snipers.

The powerful cast and creative team eventually lost to the poor ability of the screenwriter, not only the protagonist could not be established, but even the most basic idea of events was untenable. Don’t say that compared with the previous excellent spy war dramas, even in several spy war dramas broadcast this year, "Aiming" is not excellent, but it can only be said that it is slightly better than "The Man in the Bureau". If word of mouth is put aside, "Aiming" barely ranks tenth only by popularity. After all, people’s ratings are still good.

If aiming can rank tenth, odds can rank ninth. Supposedly, The Chance is not as popular as The Aim, but it is better in narrative and word of mouth. After all, it is a series produced by Liu Yunlong, the godfather of spy war. Although the overall quality of the series is not as good as Kite and Plot Plot Plot, there are still fewer bugs, which is better than the narrative of The Aim and The Player.

Eighth: The Peace Hotel, perhaps many fans of spy war dramas don’t agree with the author’s ranking, and think that the Peace Hotel is not so good. There are many reversals in the plot that are a bit "reversal" and "reversal". For example, Dou Shixiao’s transformation is a bit unexpected, and there is a lack of corresponding bedding in front, but the hidden line in the play has given a weak hint, which is not far-fetched.

The biggest surprise of the play lies in the roles of the hero and heroine. Chen Jiaying, played by Chen Shu, is amazing in both face value and IQ. This kind of heroine is better than many "Bai Lianhua" and "silly white sweet" heroines, which is very enjoyable to watch, and Wang Dading, who is both good and evil, plays cool humor and inserts comedy factors into the exciting plot. It is very beautiful and fun. This kind of spy war drama is excellent.

Seventh: Cliff. The author is not very optimistic about this drama, but overall, the plot stands, the actors perform well, and the seventh place should be a good ranking.

The sixth is "Hidden and Great", which is the best achievement in this year’s spy war drama. As the title implies, the characters in the play are all ordinary people in that era, male patrons Yao Dong and high flyers of Soochow University. They joined the police station with beautiful ideals, but they were excluded everywhere. Later, they were led by Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe, underground members of the Communist Party of China, joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) and gradually grew into excellent revolutionary fighters.

Xia Jicheng, as a "god" figure in the play, has been unanimously loved and recognized by the audience. Even Wang Longzheng, who plays Xia Jicheng, has made a hit with this role. It can be seen that a good cast can always bring good popularity to the actors. On the other hand, the characters that make the audience like can certainly attract the audience to follow the drama all the time.

In addition, the warm and beautiful tone and relaxed and natural narrative of the drama make people feel indescribable and comfortable while chasing the drama. It is amazing that the spy war drama can still be filmed like this, and the rhythm is not so exciting, but there is always an inexplicable attraction that draws you to watch. This dramatic tension is well worth playing with. The high popularity and high reputation of the play also show the success of the play.

The top five spy war dramas are Assassination, Before Dawn, Pretender, Latent and Kite, which have stood the test of time and deserve to be ranked first.

Of course, this is just the author’s opinion. I believe everyone has their own standards in mind. You can leave a message and discuss it together! Text/Xi Mei

How to learn English? This article is thorough.

Recently, a video of a speech by Zheng Qiang, a professor at Zhejiang University, became popular on the Internet. In the speech, Professor Zheng Qiang pointed out: "In the past 20 years, we have over-exaggerated the weight of English in children’s growth education, and the wrong learning method has consumed a lot of valuable time of outstanding students, which is a manifestation of cultural self-confidence." This remark triggered a discussion among netizens, and many netizens said that "English is useless" and "English should withdraw from the college entrance examination".
From primary school to university, English has been with children in China, but few can really learn English well. Therefore, the discussion about whether English is useful or not and whether English should quit the college entrance examination has never been interrupted.
Returning to Professor Zheng Qiang’s point of view, it is not difficult to find that what he attacked was not English learning, but the wrong English learning method. He thinks that the wrong English learning method has delayed a large number of excellent students’ precious time.
This is what really needs reflection: how to learn English?
Why do you want to learn English
First of all, let’s think about the purpose of learning English: why should we learn English?
It is to use English for cross-border and cross-cultural communication, and to easily use English to read and absorb rich achievements and nutrients of human humanities, history and culture.
Starting from this goal, it is not difficult to find that if we set a standard for learning English well, the most direct thing is whether we can communicate with foreigners without barriers and whether we can read original English books and information without barriers.
English "Cowboy" succeeds in The Secret Behind.
In 2014, China Education Radio broadcasted such an exclusive interview: an ordinary 8-year-old boy spent four years writing 200,000 words of English novels at the age of 12, with almost zero starting point in English. His experience of English transformation and growth attracted the attention of the whole English teaching community.
The child’s name is Xiao Bowen, and his mother is Professor Cao Wen from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Professor Cao Wen said:
"His English enlightenment began when he was eight years old. He likes the feeling of snuggling up to me and listening to me tell him stories. I told him a story in English for three months, and then he could slowly start reading independently. With the combination of massive listening and reading, he has a very good starting point. "
"He is so happy, so without design, so unconsciously, he never remembers words, never recites texts, has no grammatical concepts, and has no real learning, but he has achieved positive results."
"And I’m still teaching a group of English majors over the age of 18 intensive reading and grammar. I hope they can write a 4,000-word English undergraduate thesis in four years!"
This incident made Professor Cao Wen very emotional: "Children’s English is not taught, it subverts my understanding of English learning, from just staring at textbooks to believing in the power of massive listening and interesting reading."
Coincidentally, in 2016, Anhui Business Daily reported that a 9-year-old boy from a township had been exposed to English since he was 6 years old. In just three years, he was familiar with college English textbooks, and his oral communication was very fluent. He could translate while speaking, and English teachers were afraid to ask him questions in class.
His experience has subverted many people’s cognition of English learning.
The 9-year-old child named Chen Shengjie comes from Baitafan Primary School in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province. It is understood that Chen Shengjie was exposed to English by his father, Mr. Chen, around the age of 6.
Mr. Chen said that the reason why his son Chen Shengjie reached the present English level was entirely accumulated by reading, listening and speaking more.
Mr. Chen mentioned that reading more is the key to improving English. When reading, you don’t have to pick words and grammar. The difficulty of reading can be improved little by little according to your child’s level. While reading, try to let your child express himself in English as much as possible. When the child can accumulate "barrier-free reading" and "barrier-free listening and speaking", he will naturally understand grammar.
Through the above two stories, it is not difficult to find that there are two key points for two children to become English "cattle" children: listening more and reading more.
Many people also know the benefits of listening and reading a lot to English, but they face many obstacles in real implementation:
Where can I find such a large amount of original English materials?
How to choose the original English materials suitable for your own level?
What is the appropriate amount of materials?
How to realize seamless docking of materials and systematic natural listening and reading?
What if parents don’t have the energy or ability to coach their children for bandu?
What if a single family can’t afford to buy English original materials because of the lack of channels and huge cost?
In the face of these problems, although everyone realizes the importance of listening and reading, it is difficult to implement, and finally it becomes a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water, which is beyond reach.
iEnglishPut forward the overall solution to master English simply and efficiently.
IEnglish class mother tongue English learning and training system, aiming at the obstacles faced by massive English listening and reading, puts forward the overall solution of English learning.
The iEnglish native English learning and training system selects nearly 20,000 original English books, massive pictures, audio and video, etc., and guides children to carry out massive comprehensible input and output training, so as to easily acquire English unconsciously.
The native English learning and training system of iEnglish can be regarded as a mobile electronic library. The system selects a large number of high-quality original English materials, all of which are classic contents used by students in English-speaking countries, including picture books, stories, novels, pictures, audio and video, etc., to restore the complex scenes of real English environment and meet the learning needs of children of different ages.
Solve the problem of difficulty level through intelligent push
Just like learning to play basketball and calligraphy, the level needs to be gradually improved in stages. According to the needs of non-native English students for listening, reading and learning English, the iEnglish native English learning and training system sets a grading system of 150 levels from easy to difficult. By evaluating learners’ English foundation, accurately matching the difficulty level, and intelligently pushing the content with suitable difficulty according to factors such as the mastery level, 80% of the content can be effectively understood, and new content can be supplemented, and at the same time, it is smoother and smoother when upgrading, realizing the personalized learning of each student and ensuring the learning effect.
Hundreds of foreign teachers solve listening and pronunciation problems.
In the mother tongue environment, due to age, region, gender and other factors, everyone’s pronunciation is different. In order to better simulate the real English listening environment, the system has hundreds of English native speakers, male and female, old and young, to avoid children’s dependence on a single accent and better train their listening.
Through hundreds of foreign teachers’ bandu and pronunciation correction, the problems that parents are not allowed to speak and can’t coach their children are solved, thus naturally cultivating a pure English accent.
Learning reports keep parents informed of their learning situation at any time.
Compared with training courses and one-on-one foreign teachers, it is impossible to know the progress and effect of children’s learning in time. In order to help parents better understand and master the progress and effect of children’s learning, the iEnglish mother tongue English learning and training system is equipped with a mobile phone parent terminal, so that children’s learning data and status can be synchronized in real time, and the system automatically analyzes learning records and forms reports, so that parents can easily help students.
iEnglishThe effect has been widely verified, and the English learning problem has been really solved.
Since 2016, the learning effect of iEnglish has been widely verified: four-year-old children have achieved synchronization with American seven-year-old children’s reading ability in three years; Seven-year-old children with zero foundation passed the Cambridge PET exam in three years (similar to the difficulty of Chinese college entrance examination); 10-year-old children with a certain foundation passed the FCE level (equivalent to IELTS 6.0) in two years; Students in Grade Two got more than 130 points in the college entrance examination after more than 400 days of study. Officially, because iEnglish far exceeds parents’ expectations, it has become an "artifact" in English learning. More and more parents realize that solving English learning problems requires changing traditional English learning methods. Now hundreds of thousands of children are using iEnglish to solve English learning problems.
IEnglish makes English learning return to the essence, so as to achieve the goal of barrier-free communication with foreigners and obstacles to reading original English books and information.
So that every child can use English for cross-border and cross-cultural communication, and can easily use English to read and absorb rich achievements and nutrients of human humanities, history and culture.
For children’s English learning, we can’t take the old road and waste their precious time on mechanically rigid memorizing words and learning grammar. We need to let go of our inherent thinking, give up the fixed mode of learning only textbooks and start a new method of English learning.
The overall solution proposed by iEnglish-like mother tongue English learning and training system is such a brand-new, simple and efficient new English learning method. It starts from the underlying logic of language learning, and directly attacks the problems in China children’s English learning and parents’ pain points, and finally completely solves the English learning problems.
I believe that in the near future, there will be fewer and fewer seminars on English learning, because more and more students are using iEnglish to overcome English learning problems!

Vote "War or Peace" in 2024? Lai Qingde’s "independence" pit is bottomless, which is the biggest source of war in the Taiwan Strait!

Once the Taiwan Province Strait is confronted with each other because of "Taiwan independence" or external interference and intervention, Taiwan Province, the treasure island, will become a battlefield of war, and the people living in this land will be trapped and turned into "cannon fodder". This is the basic logical judgment of public opinion on the influence of "Taiwan independence" on the trend of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The results of many polls on the island also show that the mainstream public opinion agrees with this judgment more than 50%.
On January 13th next year, Taiwan Province will vote for a new leader. Facing the retrogression and countercurrent of cross-strait relations under the DPP’s ruling for many years, the Taiwan Province Strait has been shrouded in a green haze. The election in early 2024 will determine whether the future of Taiwan Province people can shine under the sunshine of peace.
Is it war or peace? The mainland has repeatedly called for the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots to make correct choices at critical moments. There are still about 30 days left before the election. Despite all the old routines and tricks, such as smearing rival candidates and spreading rumors about the mainland’s "intervention" in the Taiwan election, the poll of Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, the "independent combination" launched by the Democratic Progressive Party, has continued to decline, and the gap with Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang of the Kuomintang of China has been within the error range.
It is shameless to cling to "Taiwan independence" and "going to China"! (Painter: Nuowan)
Digging the "independence" pit is too deep to arouse doubts, and the United States advises to rely on "freezing independence"
Since entering the election, Lai Qingde, who calls himself a "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", has tried to downplay his label of "Taiwan independence", tried to get close to Tsai Ing-Wen’s vague line on cross-strait policy, and used a set of untenable logic of "preparing for war to avoid war" to muddle through.
However, since entering politics, Lai has dug himself a bottomless "independence" pit, and suddenly and deliberately changed. Obviously, smart non-green voters in Taiwan Province will not be fooled. According to the island polls of different institutions and different periods, Lai’s support can only be circled on the basic disk of green camp, which is firmly suppressed by this ceiling.
An out-and-out "Taiwan independence worker" and an out-and-out "troublemaker." Lai Qingde has been named by the Taiwan Affairs Office many times. It is said that three American scholars who have deep ties with the DPP recently jointly wrote an article urging Lai Qingde, who is also the party chairman, to consider freezing the so-called "Taiwan independence party program". The United States released unusual signals at a delicate moment before the election, which aroused public concern on the island, indicating that Biden’s government was worried that the ingrained "Taiwan independence" ideology would become the most uncontrollable time bomb in the Taiwan Strait.
Lai Qingde, on the other hand, avoided talking about freezing the "Taiwan independence party program", but continued to advocate the rotten stalk of "the United States supports Taiwan Province". US President Biden has made it clear more than once that he does not support "Taiwan Province independence". At the recent regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson, also pointed out that Lai Qingde dared not mention that the United States clearly indicated that it did not support "Taiwan independence", and could only do something out of context to deceive people and defraud votes.
"Root-searching, soul-breaking" and "cultural Taiwan independence" become "cultural orphans"
Recently, a video of a Chinese teacher from a well-known girls’ school in Taiwan Province denouncing the "shamelessness" of the "China-oriented" curriculum on the island became popular, and Taiwan Province therefore set off another round of public opinion "counterattack" against the DPP for years. There is criticism from public opinion that this female teacher has hit a sore point with the "Taiwan independence" DPP government. "Shameless" means "de-China" and "Taiwan independence".
The DPP’s so-called "Taiwan independence" argument is based on the "cultural Taiwan independence" route of "de-China" on the island. Cutting off cross-strait cultural ties and shaping a so-called "Taiwan Province’s main culture" are the evil ways of "digging into the roots", "pulling out the bones" and "breaking the soul", which has plunged young people in Taiwan Province into cultural confusion and pushed Taiwan Province to the edge of the so-called "cultural orphan" and "historical orphan".
Zhu Fenglian also said at the above-mentioned press conference that it must be pointed out that any act of "de-China" cannot change the Chinese cultural identity and the Chinese national identity deeply rooted in Taiwan Province society, and cannot separate the historical ties between the two sides of the strait and the blood ties between compatriots on both sides of the strait. The DPP authorities’ forgetting their ancestors will surely meet with stronger opposition from compatriots on both sides of the strait.
Make the right choice and use votes to sweep away the source of peace in the Taiwan Strait.
Both the "Taiwan independence party program" and the "Taiwan independence curriculum program" derived from it are the bane to change the status quo that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China and lead the Taiwan Strait to a dangerous war. Choosing Lai Qingde means choosing a blind alley of "Taiwan independence". The mainland has repeatedly called for "I hope that the broad masses of Taiwan Province compatriots will understand the general trend and make a correct choice at a critical moment", that is, they do not want the election results next year to run counter to the track of peaceful development of cross-strait relations.
Peace is in the best interests of the people of Taiwan Province. It is the right choice to sweep away the scourge of peace in the Taiwan Strait, let the "peace saboteurs" step down and create a vast space for compatriots on both sides of the strait to seek, protect and share peace. (Text/Yan Xintai, this article does not represent the view of China Taiwan Province Network)

Rina, a fashion magazine expert, was amazed: at the age of 43, she dressed elegantly and intellectually, which made people unforgettable.

This article is about 2900 words, and the reading time is 4 minutes.

Disclaimer: This article is original by Zhipu.

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Wen/Zhi Pu


In the fashion world, there are always some people who stand out with their unique tastes and elegant clothes. Today, we will introduce a fashion magazine expert, Rina. Rina, a graphic model, is a high-profile Japanese fashion figure. Friends who have read fashion magazines may be familiar with this model. Her dress style makes people linger, and her elegant and decent temperament left a deep impression.

Rina was born in Brazil Rina1980. She is 172cm tall and her real name is Carina Fujita. At the age of seventeen, Rina moved to Japan with her family. Her father is a Brazilian of Japanese descent, while her mother is a Brazilian beauty of Italian descent. After winning a Japanese-Brazilian beauty contest, Rina became the exclusive model of the high-profile fashion magazine JJ.

Since her debut at the age of 19, she has appeared in various fashion magazines many times. Her sunny smile and perfect figure ratio have quickly become popular in Japanese fashion circles. Coupled with her passionate Latin American personality, she can easily control any style of clothing. In the past 23 years, rina has changed from a young girl to a mature woman. We have witnessed her growth and changes together, and everyone’s love for her has become the biggest driving force for her progress. Now 43 years old, she is unforgettable with her elegant and intellectual style.

Rina’s wearing skills

"Color matching:

"Color is the key to fashion. If you know how to use color, you can create amazing clothes." -Karl Lagerfeld

Rina uses colors freely and is good at creating them through color matching.Elegant atmosphere. She prefers to useNeutral colorAnd soft colors such asBeige, gray, white and light pinkAnd so on, these colors can not only highlight hertemperament, also appearsElegant and intellectual.

Rina’s color worldIt’s like a delicate picture, and she usesNeutral colors and soft colorsFor the drawing board, describe your own uniqueFashion style. These colors seem to have a kind ofcharm, can show her inner temperament perfectly, emitting a kind ofElegant and intellectualThe light.

She is good at using it.Contrast and collocation of colorsTINT, which seems unremarkable, is unique.Fashion sense.For example, she often chooses a beige one.Long skirt or gray plaid overskirt., with a gray or black belt and yellow high heels, and then with a black handbag, through the colorClever use,Make the overall shape look bothbriefandFull of details.

This keen sense of color andClever useLet Rina be in the fashion world.hoist one’s own unique banner―develop a school of one’s own. Her dressing skills not only filled her with herself.Confidence and charm,It also provides fans withLearn and use for referenceThe opportunity.

If you want to improve your ownColor matchingSkills, you might as well pay more attention to Rina’s wearing and learn from it.inspiration. You will find that the right color matching can not only improve youroutward appearanceCan better show your inner self.Temperament and unique charm.

"Style selection:

Rina wears more clothes.Simple-orientedShe is good at showing in simplicity.Taste and temperament.For example, she often chooses long skirts with simple lines and slim ones.Suit jacketAnd fitDressAnd so on, these styles not only appearDecentIt can also highlight her body advantage.

Rina’s way of wearing is fully demonstrated.Simple but not simpleofStyle charm. She knows that fashion is not blindly pursuing grandiosity and trends, but showing individuals in simplicity.Taste and temperament.

Simple linesLong skirts, slim suits and fitted dresses, these seemingly ordinary items have a different sense of fashion in Rina’s skillful hands. She is good at passing delicateTailoring and uniquenessofDesign,Make these styles different, not only showDecentTemperament, and cleverly highlights her.Body advantage.

"Fashion is constantly changing, but simplicity will never go out of fashion."Rina’sWear philosophyTell us that simplicity does not mean simplicity. In simplicity, we can show our uniqueness.Taste and temperament. no matter whatSimple linesLong skirt, or cultivate one’s moralitySuit jacketOr a fitted dress, as long as it is properly matched, it can emit.Charming charm.

"Accessories embellishment:

Rina pays great attention to itaccessoryThe choice and collocation of. She often uses somedelicateNecklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are used to embellish the overall shape, making it more attractive to wear.Sense of hierarchy and fashion.At the same time, she is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts to enhance the details of the overall shape.

"Accessories are the soul of fashion. They can make your clothes more personalized and attractive." Rina knows the importance of accessories in wearing, and she is good at improving the overall shape through clever accessories collocation.Fashion sense and details.

Exquisite accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the finishing touch of Rina’s wearing. She is good at choosing accessories that complement each other with clothing and skillfully integrating them into the overall shape, which is neither too cumbersome nor unique.Taste and temperament.

At the same time, Rina is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts.Promote the overall modelingThe details. She often chooses one.elegantThe silk scarf is tied around the neck or wrist, or the belt is skillfully integrated into trousers or skirts. Through the embellishment of these small accessories, the overall shape is made.More exquisite and unique.

From Rina’s accessories, we can learn how to wear them.Clever use of accessories.Choosing the right accessories can not only improve the overall shapeFashion sense, can show more personal.Taste and temperament.Let’s learn Rina’s accessories matching skills together and embellish our own fashion style with details!

"temperament display:

Rina’s wearing is not just superficial.Style and color matchingIn fact, pay more attention to the display of temperament. She always keeps it.elegantHer posture and confident smile make people feel her.Charm from the inside out.

Rina’s way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes charm.charm. She not only pays attention to the choice of styles and the collocation of colors, but also pays attention to the display of temperament.

Whenever she appears in public, she always keeps it.Elegant posture and confident smile. Her steps are calm and firm, and every movement shows.Elegant temperament. Her smile is as warm as sunshine, which makes people feel her charm from the inside out.

Her dress is not only the collocation of clothes and accessories, but also the right one.Self emotionThe expression of. Every single item is like a note, and a song is composed on her body.A moving melody. What she wears is not justfashionThe choice, but also the attitude and personality of life.

"Fashion is fleeting, but temperament lasts forever."Rina’s wearing philosophy tells us that fashion is not only an external pursuit, but also an internal one.temperamentThe display of. Elegant posture and confident smile make her stand in the crowd.Stand out.Her way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes.Charming charm.Let’s learn from Rina and show our own with elegant temperament.Unique charm!

Cultivate your own aesthetics:

Have it like RinaUnique taste, we need to constantlyCultivate one’s own aesthetics. Pay more attentionFashion informationWatch the fashion show andFashion magazineDraw inspiration from it and cultivate your ownAesthetics.

"Aesthetics needs to be cultivated. Only by constantly learning and trying can we find our own unique taste."To have a unique taste like Rina, we need to constantly cultivate our own aesthetics.

Fashion information, fashion shows and fashion magazines are about fashion.Important way.By reading fashion information, we can know the latest.Fashion trends and fashion elements, so as to broaden their horizons, improve the fashionSensitivity.Watching the fashion show allows us to appreciate the creativity and unique perspectives of designers and inspire our own.Creative inspiration. And fashion magazines provide us with a wealth of.Fashion knowledge and collocation skills,Help us cultivate our ownTaste and aestheticsView

In the process of cultivating aesthetics, we should also pay attention toInner cultivation. Reading, travel, artAppreciation and other activities can help us.Broaden one’s horizons, broaden one’s thinking,So as to better understandFashion and art, improve their own.Aesthetic level.

From Rina, we can see her love and pursuit of fashion. She constantly draws inspiration and cultivates her ownAesthetics,Eventually formed its own unique style. Like Rina, let’s constantly cultivate our own aesthetics and find our own by paying attention to fashion information, watching fashion shows and fashion magazines.Unique taste!

Rina’s wearing style, like a fashion textbook, shows us how to integrate elegance and intellectuality into everyday clothes through clever collocation and mastery of details. Her dress not only makes us feel the charm of fashion, but also inspires our yearning and pursuit for a better life.

Let’s learn from Rina’s wisdom, study and practice constantly, and strive to improve our aesthetics and clothing. Let’s become elegant and intellectual people like her, decorate our lives with fashion, and express our feelings and attitudes with clothes. In this process, we will find that the original elegant and intellectual dress is not an unreachable dream, but a reality within reach.

Welcome to leave a message to discuss all the questions about wearing.

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Original Gao Hongbo was elected as the new head of the Football Association? Name: Not elected, in charge of youth training, Sun Wen in charge of women’s football!

Original title: Gao Hongbo was elected as the new head of the Football Association? Name: Not elected, in charge of youth training, Sun Wen in charge of women’s football!

Gao Hongbo, the name has been widely known in the football field in China. As an excellent coach, his team has made remarkable achievements in the international arena for many times. But the glory behind it is his love for football, courage to challenge and persistent pursuit of success.

Gao Hongbo’s football career began when he was a teenager. As a talented player, his performance on the court always attracts people’s attention. However, his real talent lies in his understanding of football and insight into the game. This makes him soon be considered as a future coach material.

Gao Hongbo’s coaching career began in domestic clubs. Here, he showed his excellent tactical vision and ability to cultivate players. His team has a distinctive style, good at controlling the ball and attacking quickly, which also won him the title of "representative of offensive football".

Gao Hongbo’s takeover of the China national team was an important turning point in his career. Faced with numerous challenges and pressures, he did not flinch, but insisted on his football philosophy and led the team out of a distinctive development path. Under his leadership, the China team has achieved good results in many international competitions, among which the most talked about is that he led the men’s U15 team to beat the Japanese team in the East Asian Cup to win the championship.

In addition to the success of the national team, Gao Hongbo’s emphasis on youth training is also praised by people. He believes that a strong youth training system is the cornerstone of the long-term development of football in China. Therefore, he invested a lot of energy in the field of youth training, hoping to cultivate more talents for China football.

Gao Hongbo’s football career is full of challenges and glories. His success is not only because of his talent and hard work, but also because of his love for football and persistent pursuit of his dreams. He is the pride of China football and all football fans.

Recently, the personnel changes of the Football Association have attracted the attention of the majority of fans. Although many fans expect Gao Hongbo to become the new head of the Football Association, in fact, Gao Hongbo is not interested in this position, and he is more willing to devote his energy to the youth training and the league. Ran Xiongfei revealed that Song Kai, the former director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, may become the new head of the Football Association. In addition, Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of women’s national team and echelon, while Sun Jihai may become the new executive committee of the Football Association.

The personnel adjustment of the Football Association is very important for the future development of football in China. The new team needs to have clear goals and strategies to ensure that China football can achieve better results in the international arena.

Gao Hongbo’s emphasis on youth training once again emphasized the core position of youth training in football development. A strong youth training system can transport a large number of talents for the national team and ensure the sustainable development of football in China.

Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of women’s national team and echelon, which means that women’s football will face new challenges and opportunities. How to ensure the sustainable development of women’s football is a problem that Sun Wen and the whole Football Association need to think about.

The recent personnel changes of China Football Association have aroused widespread concern. Many fans expect Gao Hongbo to be the new head of the Football Association, but Gao Hongbo is not interested. He is more willing to devote his energy to youth training and league matches, which once again emphasizes the importance of youth training in football development. During Gao Hongbo’s coaching career, he faced not only the opponents in the competition, but also the doubts and pressures from outside. Whenever the China team is in trouble and the result of the game is not satisfactory, there are voices questioning his coaching ability. However, Gao Hongbo never gave up lightly. He always believed in his football philosophy, and believed that only through continuous efforts and innovation can China’s football become brilliant.

His tenacity and perseverance also deeply influenced his players. Under his leadership, China’s players have not only improved their skills, but also exercised their psychological quality. He always encourages players to have confidence, dare to show themselves in the game, not afraid of failure, and have no regrets as long as they work hard.

Besides taking the game seriously, Gao Hongbo treats the players as his own children. He cares about the growth and development of every player, not only giving them guidance on the court, but also giving them care and help in life. This profound friendship between teachers and students also makes the players respect and trust him more.

Generally speaking, Gao Hongbo is not only an excellent coach, but also an excellent life mentor. With his own experience and wisdom, he has trained outstanding players from generation to generation for China football and laid a solid foundation for the future of China football.

Ran Xiongfei’s report mentioned that Song Kai, the former director of Liaoning Sports Bureau, may become the new head of the Football Association. This news has also attracted the attention of many fans. Song Kai’s appointment means that the Football Association will face new development opportunities and challenges.

At the same time, Sun Wen will be responsible for the construction of the women’s national team and echelon. This is an important decision, because women’s football has faced many challenges in recent years. Sun Wen’s appointment means that the women’s football team will have the opportunity to usher in new development.

And Sun Jihai may become the new executive committee of the Football Association. His recent outstanding performance in youth training has also added points to his position in the Football Association.

Generally speaking, the new team of the Football Association will face many challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. We expect them to lead China football to new heights.

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[A little information] GIF 丨 Gill wears a hat to pass Leo, Milan 5.

Milan circle

At 2:45 am on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 36th round of Serie A in 2022-23, AC Milan played against Sampdoria at the San Siro Stadium. In the first half, Diaz made a double assist, and Leo and Gill broke the goal successively. Quagliarella scored the first goal of the season, and Leo made a penalty hit by Gill. In the second half, Tonali assisted Dias to score, Leo assisted, and Gill wore a hat. In the end, AC Milan scored 5-1 at Sampdoria.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 9th minute, Diaz picked the ball, and Leo got a single-handed shot. He chose to push it with his right foot, and Ravaglia could do nothing about it. AC Milan beat Sampdoria 1-0.

In the 20th minute, Zanoli broke into the restricted area on the right, and then sent an inverted triangle pass, followed by Quagliarella who took advantage of the opportunity to attack the goal, Sampdoria 1-1AC Milan.

In the 23rd minute, AC Milan took a corner kick, and the tactical corner kick was sent out quickly. Diaz got the ball and sent it across. Gill headed the goal and AC Milan scored 2-1 at Sampdoria.

In the 27th minute, Leo was knocked down by Gunter in the restricted area. The referee whistled for a penalty and Gunter got a yellow card.

In the 29th minute, Gill hit a penalty kick and AC Milan beat Sampdoria 3-1.

In the 63rd minute, Tonali received a cross from his teammate and broke into the restricted area. Diaz pushed the goal in front of the door and AC Milan scored 4-1 at Sampdoria.

In the 68th minute, Leo sent a cross from the left. After Gill stopped the ball, he still scored it under the defense of the opponent. AC Milan scored 5-1 at Sampdoria.

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the 5th minute, mesias tried to shoot with his left foot after cutting from the right, and the ball missed the far post.

In the eighth minute, the Special Olympics fell to the ground in the restricted area, and the referee did not express it.

In the 33rd minute, Tonali made a cross from the right, Gill threw his head at the goal, Ravaglia saved the ball, Milan got the ball back, and then krunic shot wide.

In the 51st minute, Quagliarella sent a 45-degree cross from the left, and Layrisse missed the volley.

In the 61st minute, Calabria made a cross from the right, and then Gill’s header was confiscated by Ravaglia.

In the 61st minute, Gaby received a ball from his teammates, and his left foot shot was saved by Maignan.

In the 79th minute, Salma Coles hit the door outside, and the ball was blocked by the defender and crossed the baseline.

When there was no injury time in the second half, the whole game ended, and AC Milan 5-1 Sampdoria.

Milan starting: 16- Maignan, 2- Calabria, 28- Jiafu, 23- Tomori (81′ 24- Kyar), 19- Special Olympics (82′ 5- Barlow-Toure), 8- Tonali (81′ 32- Pobega), 33- krunic, 30.

Milan substitutes: 1- Tata Rusanu, 83- mirante, 20- Kalulu, 46- Gabilla, 7- Adelie, 14- Bakayoko.