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What about BYD Tang DMi Champion Edition?

On the track of new energy vehicles, the competition is unprecedented, and the "involution" is quite serious. Each manufacturer has made use of their own strengths, making new energy vehicles blossom in recent years, which is unprecedented in prosperity. The iterative speed of technology and products is quite fast. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, there is only a small change in a few years. In the era of new energy vehicles, I can’t wait to launch a heavy technology every other year. It is in this context that China’s new energy vehicles have achieved unprecedented development.

BYD has become a well-deserved leader in the field of new energy vehicles. It is the earliest automobile enterprise in China to enter the field of new energy vehicles, and it is also the automobile enterprise with the most complete technical reserves and the richest product matrix. In the past 2022, BYD’s annual sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 1.86 million, and both hybrid and pure electric products were welcomed by the market unprecedentedly.

As the earliest product released by BYD, Tang has been well received by the market since its listing. With the iteration of BYD technology, BYD’s latest generation of Tang DMi Champion Edition was released last month, and it received favorable comments from consumers after its release. What about Tang DMi Champion Edition?

First of all, from the appearance, the biggest highlight is the newly added glacier blue color matching, which is also my favorite color, giving people a fresh feeling, which is not available in previous models; In addition, some changes have taken place in the rim style of the champion version, and the tire specification has been upgraded from 245/45 R20 to 255/50 R20, which can also make the tire grip stronger; The chassis of the champion version is also a brand-new upgrade. The whole vehicle adopts aluminum alloy multi-link suspension structure and is equipped with FSD variable damping system, which allows vehicles to easily pass through even on bumpy roads and enhance the driving experience. Finally, the fast charge power and discharge function of the vehicle are improved a lot compared with the previous models. The maximum discharge power can reach 6.6kw, the maximum fast charge power can reach 40kw (previously 25kw), and it takes only 22 minutes to charge 30%-80%.

I believe that with the release of the champion version of Tang DMi, BYD will definitely bring more and more surprises to the market.

The "drama essence" company behind "Cang Lan Ji"

Author | Weinika

Editor | Li Chunhui

The drama powder of the three ancient dolls in the summer file fell into a heated debate about the ranking. But no matter what criteria you use,From the perspective of publicity, Freesia is the best and richest.

There are only 90 Weibo hot searches in the long broadcast cycle of 56 episodes of "Splendid Star"; Also divided into two parts, 59 episodes of "Aquilaria Resina", 116 hot searches in Weibo; But "Freesia Tactics" has not been broadcast yet, so far it has reached 131 hot searches in Weibo.

The image comes from the hot search engine, and the data ends on August 27th.

The gap in Tik Tok’s hot list is even wider. From the second day of its broadcast, Freesia has been on the hot list, with an average of 5 hot list topics per day and up to 10 hot list topics per day. And "brilliant star" has never been on a hot list. Although Aquilaria Resinatum is on the list almost every day, the number is small, 1-4, and not all of them are positive topics.

It is clear at a glance that the cost of the publication of Canglan strategics is plentiful. It is needless to say that its broadcasting platform, iQiyi, is now open source and thrifty, and its consistent announcement strategy. Why is the film so exciting? It has to be said that the magical company behind "Freesia", which was established only four years ago, suddenly became popular-stellar gravity.

The general impression it gives the people who eat melons is that the boss, Wang Yixi, is very skillful, and he always replies to fans or publishes small essays. For example, he cries on the high-speed rail when he hears that the heat is breaking through. The impression given to insiders is that they are rich and know nothing else.

Nowadays, because of the discussion of freesia, many drama fans begin to hope that the gravity of stars will inherit the mantle of ancient dolls. In their view, Tang people declined from brain drain, and Zhouyi declined from the break of capital chain. The stellar gravity found the behind-the-scenes team of the Tang people, and the boss was a rich second generation who was not short of money, so he completely filled the shortcomings.

Is this really the case?

A producer who knows rice circles better than "Yu Ma"

Wang Yixu, the boss of Stellar Gravitation, Yu Zheng, the boss of Entertainment Film and Television, Liu Ning, the vice president of Perfect World, and Yang Xiaopei, the boss of Xixi Film, were honored as "Four Fine Producers" by netizens for their frequent essays and responses to netizens.

But after careful study, Wang Yixu is actually different from other producers. Most producers are keen to tell about the difficulty of the production process in order to win the sympathy of the audience; Or a online celebrity posture that wants to make a debut and constantly expresses itself. For example, Zheng Zheng often takes his own selfie after losing weight successfully. However, Yu Zheng’s essays are not all self-expression. To be honest, he is sometimes regarded as a reasonable guest who exposes the situation of the industry.

And Weibo, who is in Wang Yixu’s list, mistakenly thinks that Hard Candy has clicked into some big powder Weibo.He doesn’t look much like a producer. He doesn’t have any self-expression, but more like a fan operator.

For a drama project, from shooting to broadcasting, he constantly released various photos taken without watermark, and constantly drew prizes for fans who forwarded photos, and often forwarded fans’ second-generation videos, comic books and so on. In addition to "Freesia Tactics", YCY and Ding Yuxi’s "Lucky at Seven o’clock", which has not yet been broadcast, are also being reprinted wildly by Wang Yixu.

This kind of high-frequency fan interaction has made the series warm up in the starring powder circle and the core drama powder circle before it started broadcasting. I have to say that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles and uses it for the promotion of dramas.

Esther Yu and Dylan were suspected of quarreling in the live broadcast of "Freesia", but neither side responded afterwards. However, Wang Yixu responded positively to fans that Wang Hedi had "coaxed" Esther Yu, and they often quarreled. As soon as this word came out, the cp powder in a group of plays could not stop hitting the real cp.

Even the drama attracted less investment, and Wang Yixu did not forget to affirm the efforts of fans. Wang Yizhen called "black spots" (black powder, I really didn’t see any producer directly use this kind of rice circle language) to make "Canglan tactic", which was not optimistic at first. Later, due to the efforts of fans, the data records of the same type of members of iQiyi were constantly refreshed.

Isn’t this the most familiar powder abuse routine for Xiufen? Telling the helpless story that the project is not optimistic creates an illusion that "my brother only has fans", thus enhancing the stickiness and initiative of fans.

In fact, Wang Yixu’s skillful marketing of rice circles was first applied to SNH48 whitehairpin, the star of the play, during the period of "Chasing the Ball", and he bought 1,000 numbers for whitehairpin to play the list and vote in the general election, but he failed to bring a red drama series successfully.

When the IP drama "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker" of Guoman was played, Wang Yizhen was even more perfect.Netizens’ first impressions of the play are: xx appeared on the Internet, xx denied it, and then Wang Yizhen personally refuted the rumor or responded ambiguously to the rumor.Obviously, it is not a super IP, but it gives the whole story of who will play the little dragon girl and who will play Lin Daiyu more than ten years ago.

Male starring candidates from JC-T, Li Xian, Chen Xiao, Cheng Yi to Liu Yuning, slipped through the first-line niche; Liu Shishi, Angelababy and Ni Ni were chosen as the leading actresses in Yang Mi.I slipped through 85 flowers, as if half the entertainment circle were competing for the role of the play.

Later, Yang Mi and Simon joined the group "The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Moon Red", which was thought to be settled. Who knows that the rumors about Liu Shishi’s acting are still going on, and Wang Yixu replied to a private letter from netizens that there will be no change in the selection of Huaizhu. Although he didn’t name names, Liu Shishi, who was sealed by many fans, will still star in The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Bamboo Industry.

A new generation of Tang people?

In Weibo, Wang Yixu mentioned that he had watched the dramas of the Tang Dynasty since he was a child, which immediately triggered many netizens’ discussion about using stellar gravity to mark the Tang Dynasty. So, does this young company, which is only 4 years old, really have the potential to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty?

Judging from the layout of the original star gravity, it is obviously not focused on Xianxia ancient dolls.In 2018, the star gravity, which entered the industry for the first time, invested a lot of literary films.. Including "A Cloud Made of a Rain in the Wind" directed by Lou Ye, "The Poet" starring Song Jia and Zhu Yawen, and "Punch Mom" starring Tan Zhuo. These movies have a high probability of losing money.

Only the film "Get My Brother Away" which cooperated with Wanda made a small profit. However, in 2020, Stellar Gravity and Wanda still have a contract dispute lawsuit without public ruling, which shows that Stellar Gravity is not going well in the film field.

In 2019, the sand sculpture drama "Once upon a time, there was a Lingjian Mountain" was a small reputation and popularity, and the focus of stellar gravity seemed to turn to the field of TV dramas. The play of stellar gravity is no different from that of most film and television companies. From buying IP and hoarding IP to signing authors, screenwriters, directors and actors, it involves the development of the whole industry chain.

Many people behind the scenes have a suffix of "Star Project" in the subtitle of "Freesia Tactics". This "Star Project" is a plan to train new people by stellar gravity, which means that many of these behind-the-scenes teams are self-trained. Including directors Yi Zheng and Qian Jingwu of Freesia, chief screenwriter Liu Xiaolin of the first draft, chief screenwriter Jinjin Bai of the final draft, screenwriter Zhang Li, co-screenwriter Cao Xiaotian, visual effects producer Ye Zi, music director Huang Yi, etc.

Looking through it, the "Star Project" also includes signed writers/screenwriters: Wuzai, Jiulu Feixiang, Taotao Round, Jane Dark, etc. Jiulu Feixiang also has two ancient puppet works "With the Phoenix" and "Protecting the Heart" adapted by other families. Artists’ brokerage is not outstanding. At present, Guo Xiaoting is a bit famous, and Ryan has a contract dispute lawsuit with Stellar Gravity.

In fact, most film and television companies with production ability have a set of their own training teams. The famous midday production system mostly comes from the "Shandong Gang" of Shandong film and television. A stable and efficient production team can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

However, this kind of situation is rarely publicly marked like stellar gravity, and it has a title. The previous person who emphasized his own team was 500.

The arc alliance initiated by 500 includes director Wang Siyang, group B director Song Xiao, screenwriter Yu Xiaoqian, photography director Liu Yingjian, lighting director Sun Jingliang, action director Li Yinghui and so on. They will also add a suffix "A·L·U", which is the abbreviation of "ARC LIGHT UNION" in the subtitle display of "Black Storm".

This approach is equivalent to branding the production team.With the accumulation of word-of-mouth of subsequent works, it can not only cultivate mature behind-the-scenes personnel, but also increase brand value and social status.

However, whether the plan can be successful depends on whether there are successive successful works. Because they are satisfied with "Freesia", the audience who are expecting stellar gravity to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty will have to wait patiently for the broadcast of the next ancient puppet by stellar gravity.

However, stellar gravity can still carry out such deep-pocketed marketing in the case of saving money in the whole industry, and Hard Sugar Jun is inevitably curious about its capital background.

where is the money to come from?

It is rumored in Jianghu that Wang Yixu is a rich second generation "idolize Big Brother".The first company he founded in 2015, Shanghai Renxiang Culture, is mainly engaged in star data analysis and provides fan data algorithm services for video websites.Therefore, it is not surprising that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles.

Wang Yixu’s other background can only be found that he attended the Ivy League University jointly founded by Tencent and cheung kong graduate school of business Chuangchuang Community, and studied Tencent’s business model and cultural and creative industries. Whether the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Wang Yixu or not, Hard Sugar Jun is skeptical.

According to Tianyancha information, Wang Yizhen’s financial situation in 2018-2019 may not be particularly optimistic. There were two cases in which the equity was pledged, and the pledgee was Bank of Beijing Shanghai Branch. Equity pledge refers to the act of pledging the company’s equity as a guarantee. Generally speaking, the major shareholder is short of money or the company is not well managed to pledge the equity.

Zhang Yucheng, another founder of the company, was also pledged in 2018. The biggest change in 2019 is that the investors of financial capital, Wang Zheng, Shi Bo and Tang Yizhen, successively withdrew from Zhang Yucheng’s Wuren film and television culture.

However, Hard Sugar Jun prefers that the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Zhang Yucheng.According to the data of Zhang Yucheng searched on the Internet, he studied in Shenzhen International Exchange College, a famous aristocratic school in Shenzhen. He is a full-time international high school authorized by many foreign institutions, which specializes in training students going abroad. The annual tuition fee is as high as 278,000.

Zhang Yu graduated from University College London with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics and finance, and graduated from Cambridge University with a master’s degree in economics and finance. From 2013 to 2015, he worked in the investment banking department of Huatai United Securities, which ranked in the top five in China.

He should have started his business in 2015 and caught up with Wang Yizhen. The capital operation of stellar gravity is probably handled by Zhang Yucheng. In 2018, there may be some situations in the capital behind the two. But soon in July 2019, stellar gravity introduced the investment of iQiyi.

In August, 2020, Star Gravitation cooperated with Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media to establish Quality Gravitation Culture Media Company. The controlling party behind Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media is Tik Tok’s Quantum Jump Technology.In other words, after the investment of long video investor iQiyi, Stellar Gravity introduced the capital of short video byte system.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Wang Jianjun, the mysterious director of Stellar Gravity. He has the employment information of directors, supervisors and legal persons of 62 companies, among which there are many companies with state-owned background, belonging to China Huadian Group, Jinneng Holding Group and Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group.

It seems that stellar gravity is not only a long and short video, but also a director with such a background. It is not surprising that he has money. However, if you have money, you will have money. If the gravity of the stars can really stably output high-quality ancient dolls, it will benefit the younger generation of viewers. Of course, it is best not to rot.

Guangzhou carries out special activities for automobile consumption, and the maximum subsidy for purchasing qualified automobiles is 5,000 yuan/vehicle.

Viewpoint Network News: Recently, Guangzhou launched the special automobile consumption activity of "Guangdong enjoys buying cars in the New Year and being polite" in 2024.

According to the information from official website of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, individual consumers can enjoy the activity subsidy after purchasing a new non-operating passenger car from January 25th to February 3rd, 2024, completing the registration of the new car, and uploading the new car driving license and other materials. The subsidy target is individual consumers who buy new cars from Guangzhou automobile sales enterprises participating in this activity and complete motor vehicle registration during the activity.

The subsidy standard is divided into two grades. The first file: the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales includes tax of 100,000 yuan (inclusive) to 200,000 yuan (inclusive), and the subsidy is 3,000 yuan/vehicle. The second file: the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales includes tax of more than 200,000 yuan (excluding 200,000 yuan), and the subsidy is 5,000 yuan/vehicle. Applicants are required to complete the subsidy application from January 25th to February 3rd.

It is also known that some automobile brand dealers have also introduced various promotional measures. For example, the Cadillac XT5 clearance discount reached 100,000 yuan; FAW Audi A4L, A6L and Q5L also have cash discounts of 80,000-90,000 yuan for individual models; Faw Toyota imported Crown sportcross dual-engine premium edition with a preferential margin of 80,000 yuan.

This article comes from: Viewpoint. com


After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development made it clear that the regulation was weak and determined to be accountable, 13 cities introduced a new property market policy within 20 days.

  Since July, the central government has repeatedly reiterated the keynote of "housing and housing without speculation" and the goal of "three stability". After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly put forward the accountability of cities where housing prices have risen too fast, the real estate market has ushered in a new wave of regulation.

  According to the incomplete statistics of The Paper, since July 22nd, the Housing and Construction Bureau has emphasized to further implement the main responsibility of the city government, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibility of the provincial government, and resolutely hold the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control, and the housing prices are rising too fast accountable. At present, 13 cities have issued new policies on property market regulation to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  These cities include: Shanghai, Shaoxing, Hefei, Wuxi, Jinan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan, Jinhua, Hangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Quzhou.

  In these cities that have introduced the regulation of the property market, it has become an important content to rectify the intermediary’s standardized operation, introduce the guiding price of second-hand houses, limit business loans, purchase restrictions, sales restrictions and crack down on speculation in school districts.

  Poor regulation and firm accountability

  On July 22nd, the State Council held a teleconference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market. The meeting pointed out that we should attach great importance to the new situation and new problems in real estate work, adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, and do not regard real estate as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, fully implement the long-term real estate mechanism of stabilizing land prices, housing prices and expectations, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  On the same day, the People’s Daily article pointed out that since the beginning of this year, due to various objective factors, coupled with the failure of some cities to fulfill their main responsibilities, the regulation of the real estate market has been relaxed, and the real estate market in some cities has warmed up, and some cities have overheated, which requires urban policies and precise policies to further increase the regulation and supervision of the real estate market. In this regard, Zhang Qiguang, director of the real estate market supervision department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will work with relevant departments to further implement the main responsibilities of urban governments, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibilities of provincial governments, and resolutely hold cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast accountable.

  Subsequently, on July 23rd, eight departments, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, issued the Notice on Continuously Rectifying and Standardizing the Order of the Real Estate Market. The Notice clearly stated that the "policy based on the city" highlighted the key points of rectification, including real estate development, house sale, housing lease and property services. At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that we will strive to achieve a significant improvement in the order of the real estate market in about three years. Violations of laws and regulations have been effectively curbed, the supervision system has been continuously improved, the supervision information system has been basically established, and the work pattern of joint management by departments has gradually taken shape, and the number of complaints from the masses has dropped significantly.

  5 cities were interviewed

  As soon as the voice of "Resolutely hold accountable the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast ….." fell, five cities with significantly rising housing prices were interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  On July 29th, Ni Hong, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, interviewed the responsible comrades of five cities, namely Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou, and demanded that the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council be resolutely implemented, that the house be used for living, not for speculation, that the real estate be not used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, that the city’s main responsibility be effectively fulfilled, and that, in view of the new situations and problems in the real estate market in the first half of the year, the regulation and supervision should be strengthened to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  In the first half of this year, the sales price of new commercial housing and the price of residential land in these five cities increased too fast, and the market expectation was unstable, which aroused widespread concern in society. At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced that Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou will be included in the list of key cities for real estate market monitoring.

  After the interview, late at night on August 2, Jinhua City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued the Notice on Further Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in our City, becoming the first city to introduce property market regulation after being interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  The "Notice" clearly implements ten aspects, such as residential sales restriction, notarized lottery sales, and requirements for strengthening second-hand residential price supervision, strengthening financial supervision, strictly renaming management, and implementing the main responsibility.

  According to the Notice, newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing purchased in Jinhua City (Wucheng District, Jinyi New District < jindong district > and the whole area of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, the same below) can only be listed and traded after obtaining the Property Ownership Certificate for three years. The confirmation time of obtaining the Property Right Certificate is based on the issuing time of the Property Right Certificate.

  At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that the dynamic monitoring of the listing price of second-hand houses should be strengthened, and houses with obviously abnormal listing prices should be removed in time. In Jinhua city, we will launch a pilot project to release the transaction reference price of second-hand housing in hot areas, and timely promote and implement the application of the transaction reference price in finance and credit.

  Eight cities have implemented the reference price of second-hand housing transactions.

  It is worth mentioning that, in the industry’s view, the promotion of the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions has become the most important policy in the second-hand housing market this year, further embodying the orientation of all-round supervision of real estate.

  In order to cope with the chaotic listing price of the second-hand housing market and some owners’ "holding the group to raise prices", more and more cities began to control the price of the second-hand housing market, and explored the establishment of a reference price release mechanism for second-hand housing to curb the spread of the "virtual fire" in the property market.

  In addition to Jinhua mentioned above, according to the incomplete statistics of The Paper (www.thepaper.cn), eight cities in China, namely, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Xi ‘an, Shaoxing, Wuxi and Dongguan, have proposed to implement the reference price system for second-hand housing.

  In addition to the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions, since the beginning of this year, some key cities have also introduced various kinds of regulation and supervision measures to promote the stability of second-hand housing prices and market expectations.

  According to the incomplete statistics of Yiju Research Institute, at least nine cities in China have focused on regulating and controlling the price of second-hand housing, which involves cracking down on the behavior of owners to drive up housing prices, establishing a mechanism for releasing information on second-hand housing prices, and increasing the verification of price information.

  For the prospect of 2021, the Blue Book of Real Estate 2021 jointly issued by the Institute of Ecological Civilization of China Academy of Social Sciences, China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Association points out that the real estate industry is still the ballast stone and stabilizer of China’s economy. Real estate financial supervision will continue to be strengthened, and the tone of policy regulation will continue to be "stable", and the regulatory policies will be more refined and complete. The development of the leasing market has been further enhanced by the policy. Affected by the global monetary easing and low interest rate policy, the real estate market will face greater upward pressure in 2021. The market risk is increasing, the differentiation trend is becoming increasingly obvious, the real estate industry is facing a reshuffle, and the tightening of policy regulation will also curb the market overheating impulse.

Yunnan hosts the 5th International Students’ Cultural Exchange Week.

Original title: The 5th International Student Cultural Exchange Week was held in our province.

Recently, the 5th International Students’ Cultural Exchange Week in Yunnan Province was held in Kunming and Yuxi.

The theme of this exchange week is "Youth without Borders Developing to the Future", and 60 teachers and students from 19 countries participated in five universities: Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, Dali University and Yuxi Normal University. The campers visited Yunnan Provincial Museum, yunnan military academy, Dounan Flower Shooting Center, Yuxi Happy Town, Chengjiang Fossil Land Natural Museum, Mafang Village, Fuxian Lake, and other places to experience the charm of Yunnan’s excellent traditional culture and the achievements of rural revitalization, national unity, scientific and technological innovation and ecological civilization.

Through cultural exchange, campers have a deeper understanding of "there is a life called Yunnan" Li Hongchang, a Myanmar student at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that this activity gave him a more comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding of China and Yunnan, and he would learn more about China culture during his next study abroad. Tai Longkang, an international student from Laos in Yunnan University, said that after returning to school, he will be a folk messenger to promote friendly exchanges between China and Laos.

It is understood that the cultural exchange week for overseas students in Yunnan Province has been successfully held for five times, aiming at building a learning exchange platform for young students at home and abroad, spreading culture, enhancing friendship and promoting the communication between the people. There are more than 80 countries of international students, and the number exceeds 10,000.

The event was hosted by Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yunnan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Yuxi Municipal Government, Yunnan Youth Federation and Yunnan Student Federation.

The picture shows the campers experiencing the making of non-legacy handmade kites. (Reporter Deng Qingwen)

Rina, a fashion magazine expert, was amazed: at the age of 43, she dressed elegantly and intellectually, which made people unforgettable.

This article is about 2900 words, and the reading time is 4 minutes.

Disclaimer: This article is original by Zhipu.

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Wen/Zhi Pu


In the fashion world, there are always some people who stand out with their unique tastes and elegant clothes. Today, we will introduce a fashion magazine expert, Rina. Rina, a graphic model, is a high-profile Japanese fashion figure. Friends who have read fashion magazines may be familiar with this model. Her dress style makes people linger, and her elegant and decent temperament left a deep impression.

Rina was born in Brazil Rina1980. She is 172cm tall and her real name is Carina Fujita. At the age of seventeen, Rina moved to Japan with her family. Her father is a Brazilian of Japanese descent, while her mother is a Brazilian beauty of Italian descent. After winning a Japanese-Brazilian beauty contest, Rina became the exclusive model of the high-profile fashion magazine JJ.

Since her debut at the age of 19, she has appeared in various fashion magazines many times. Her sunny smile and perfect figure ratio have quickly become popular in Japanese fashion circles. Coupled with her passionate Latin American personality, she can easily control any style of clothing. In the past 23 years, rina has changed from a young girl to a mature woman. We have witnessed her growth and changes together, and everyone’s love for her has become the biggest driving force for her progress. Now 43 years old, she is unforgettable with her elegant and intellectual style.

Rina’s wearing skills

"Color matching:

"Color is the key to fashion. If you know how to use color, you can create amazing clothes." -Karl Lagerfeld

Rina uses colors freely and is good at creating them through color matching.Elegant atmosphere. She prefers to useNeutral colorAnd soft colors such asBeige, gray, white and light pinkAnd so on, these colors can not only highlight hertemperament, also appearsElegant and intellectual.

Rina’s color worldIt’s like a delicate picture, and she usesNeutral colors and soft colorsFor the drawing board, describe your own uniqueFashion style. These colors seem to have a kind ofcharm, can show her inner temperament perfectly, emitting a kind ofElegant and intellectualThe light.

She is good at using it.Contrast and collocation of colorsTINT, which seems unremarkable, is unique.Fashion sense.For example, she often chooses a beige one.Long skirt or gray plaid overskirt., with a gray or black belt and yellow high heels, and then with a black handbag, through the colorClever use,Make the overall shape look bothbriefandFull of details.

This keen sense of color andClever useLet Rina be in the fashion world.hoist one’s own unique banner―develop a school of one’s own. Her dressing skills not only filled her with herself.Confidence and charm,It also provides fans withLearn and use for referenceThe opportunity.

If you want to improve your ownColor matchingSkills, you might as well pay more attention to Rina’s wearing and learn from it.inspiration. You will find that the right color matching can not only improve youroutward appearanceCan better show your inner self.Temperament and unique charm.

"Style selection:

Rina wears more clothes.Simple-orientedShe is good at showing in simplicity.Taste and temperament.For example, she often chooses long skirts with simple lines and slim ones.Suit jacketAnd fitDressAnd so on, these styles not only appearDecentIt can also highlight her body advantage.

Rina’s way of wearing is fully demonstrated.Simple but not simpleofStyle charm. She knows that fashion is not blindly pursuing grandiosity and trends, but showing individuals in simplicity.Taste and temperament.

Simple linesLong skirts, slim suits and fitted dresses, these seemingly ordinary items have a different sense of fashion in Rina’s skillful hands. She is good at passing delicateTailoring and uniquenessofDesign,Make these styles different, not only showDecentTemperament, and cleverly highlights her.Body advantage.

"Fashion is constantly changing, but simplicity will never go out of fashion."Rina’sWear philosophyTell us that simplicity does not mean simplicity. In simplicity, we can show our uniqueness.Taste and temperament. no matter whatSimple linesLong skirt, or cultivate one’s moralitySuit jacketOr a fitted dress, as long as it is properly matched, it can emit.Charming charm.

"Accessories embellishment:

Rina pays great attention to itaccessoryThe choice and collocation of. She often uses somedelicateNecklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are used to embellish the overall shape, making it more attractive to wear.Sense of hierarchy and fashion.At the same time, she is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts to enhance the details of the overall shape.

"Accessories are the soul of fashion. They can make your clothes more personalized and attractive." Rina knows the importance of accessories in wearing, and she is good at improving the overall shape through clever accessories collocation.Fashion sense and details.

Exquisite accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the finishing touch of Rina’s wearing. She is good at choosing accessories that complement each other with clothing and skillfully integrating them into the overall shape, which is neither too cumbersome nor unique.Taste and temperament.

At the same time, Rina is also good at using small accessories such as scarves and belts.Promote the overall modelingThe details. She often chooses one.elegantThe silk scarf is tied around the neck or wrist, or the belt is skillfully integrated into trousers or skirts. Through the embellishment of these small accessories, the overall shape is made.More exquisite and unique.

From Rina’s accessories, we can learn how to wear them.Clever use of accessories.Choosing the right accessories can not only improve the overall shapeFashion sense, can show more personal.Taste and temperament.Let’s learn Rina’s accessories matching skills together and embellish our own fashion style with details!

"temperament display:

Rina’s wearing is not just superficial.Style and color matchingIn fact, pay more attention to the display of temperament. She always keeps it.elegantHer posture and confident smile make people feel her.Charm from the inside out.

Rina’s way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes charm.charm. She not only pays attention to the choice of styles and the collocation of colors, but also pays attention to the display of temperament.

Whenever she appears in public, she always keeps it.Elegant posture and confident smile. Her steps are calm and firm, and every movement shows.Elegant temperament. Her smile is as warm as sunshine, which makes people feel her charm from the inside out.

Her dress is not only the collocation of clothes and accessories, but also the right one.Self emotionThe expression of. Every single item is like a note, and a song is composed on her body.A moving melody. What she wears is not justfashionThe choice, but also the attitude and personality of life.

"Fashion is fleeting, but temperament lasts forever."Rina’s wearing philosophy tells us that fashion is not only an external pursuit, but also an internal one.temperamentThe display of. Elegant posture and confident smile make her stand in the crowd.Stand out.Her way of dressing, like an elegant dancer, dances on the fashion stage, and every movement exudes.Charming charm.Let’s learn from Rina and show our own with elegant temperament.Unique charm!

Cultivate your own aesthetics:

Have it like RinaUnique taste, we need to constantlyCultivate one’s own aesthetics. Pay more attentionFashion informationWatch the fashion show andFashion magazineDraw inspiration from it and cultivate your ownAesthetics.

"Aesthetics needs to be cultivated. Only by constantly learning and trying can we find our own unique taste."To have a unique taste like Rina, we need to constantly cultivate our own aesthetics.

Fashion information, fashion shows and fashion magazines are about fashion.Important way.By reading fashion information, we can know the latest.Fashion trends and fashion elements, so as to broaden their horizons, improve the fashionSensitivity.Watching the fashion show allows us to appreciate the creativity and unique perspectives of designers and inspire our own.Creative inspiration. And fashion magazines provide us with a wealth of.Fashion knowledge and collocation skills,Help us cultivate our ownTaste and aestheticsView

In the process of cultivating aesthetics, we should also pay attention toInner cultivation. Reading, travel, artAppreciation and other activities can help us.Broaden one’s horizons, broaden one’s thinking,So as to better understandFashion and art, improve their own.Aesthetic level.

From Rina, we can see her love and pursuit of fashion. She constantly draws inspiration and cultivates her ownAesthetics,Eventually formed its own unique style. Like Rina, let’s constantly cultivate our own aesthetics and find our own by paying attention to fashion information, watching fashion shows and fashion magazines.Unique taste!

Rina’s wearing style, like a fashion textbook, shows us how to integrate elegance and intellectuality into everyday clothes through clever collocation and mastery of details. Her dress not only makes us feel the charm of fashion, but also inspires our yearning and pursuit for a better life.

Let’s learn from Rina’s wisdom, study and practice constantly, and strive to improve our aesthetics and clothing. Let’s become elegant and intellectual people like her, decorate our lives with fashion, and express our feelings and attitudes with clothes. In this process, we will find that the original elegant and intellectual dress is not an unreachable dream, but a reality within reach.

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Curry is not the greatest shooter.

Looking at this title alone, it is estimated that it will attract a large number of people’s refutation, and even the siege of Curry fans. Because, since Curry was born and succeeded, when it comes to the greatest shooter in history, many people will say it is the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry.

There is no doubt that Curry’s epoch-making unparalleled archery and his series of shocking performances and achievements make him deserve to be considered by many people. Curry is the strongest and greatest shooter in history, no one, no doubt! But in fact, Curry should not be defined as a shooter, even if the word greatest is added in front, it is still not suitable. Not because he is not qualified to be the greatest shooter, but because his performance has already surpassed the realm of a shooter.

Let’s see, what was the previous definition of a shooter? Of course, most of his scores come from shooting, and he often shoots at fixed points, or throws after catching the ball, even if there are not many jump shots. Why? Because most shooters used to rely on people to feed the ball, and their function was relatively simple, that is, shooting. Besides, they didn’t do much work. Therefore, in fact, the shooter is not valued by everyone. Even if there are Ray Allen and Miller, they are also not among the top players. In short, their independent attack with the ball is not strong enough, their performance is limited, and their influence on the game is limited. Of course, this is relatively top-notch.

Curry, on the other hand, is completely different. He broke people’s inherent impression of the shooter. He not only has the advantages of traditional shooters, but also has many weaknesses that traditional shooters don’t have, or lack. He can drive the game by holding the ball himself, and his independent scoring ability is super strong, and his scoring explosive power is also historical. His deterrent power to the opponent’s team can start from half-time. His influence on the game and the team, his dribbling ability, field vision and scoring skills all made him rise to the discussion of the greatest players in history.

And the achievements he has made in leading the team have made him no longer in the ranks of shooters. All-vote MVP, four championships, and his influence on the basketball game have brought about changes that have promoted him to the ranks of the greatest players. So, stop saying that Curry is a shooter, even the greatest.

Manchester City won the Premier League three times in a row! The club took a group photo to celebrate, expressing Guashuai: You can always trust this man, and people will send a message to celebrate:

On May 21st, Beijing time, Arsenal lost away to Nottingham Forest, and Manchester City won the league championship three games ahead of schedule. At this point, Blue Moon has won the Premier League three times in a row. In the past six seasons, Manchester City won five Premier League titles, creating the Blue Moon Dynasty in the English arena. In addition, Manchester City won the 9th top English league title in team history and the 7th Premier League title in team history.

After winning the championship, Manchester City Club officially exposed the family photo of winning the championship and shared the joy with the fans.

He also made a number of post-match celebration videos and deeply expressed Guardiola, "Yes, you can always trust this man!"

Manchester City people also updated social media to celebrate the championship moment.

Gundogan: Champion! ! ! ! It’s incredible to win the Premier League championship for three consecutive cities and five times in six years. I’m proud to be the captain of this world-class team!

De Braune: Champion!

Walker: Premier League champion!

Rubendias: Well done, brothers!

Ak: Champion! I am proud that everyone involved has made amazing achievements!

Mahrez: There is a trophy won through hard work! Congratulations to everyone who fought for it.

Google AI research: a step further from 1000 language models

When Microsoft and Google fight over whose artificial intelligence chat robot is better, this is not the only purpose of machine learning and language model. In addition to the rumored plan to showcase more than 20 products driven by artificial intelligence in this year’s annual I/O event, Google is moving towards the goal of establishing an artificial intelligence language model that supports 1000 different languages. In an update released on Monday, Google shared more information about the Universal Speech Model (USM), which it described as a "critical first step" to achieve its goal.

Last November, the company announced its plan to create a language model supporting 1000 most commonly used languages around the world, and also disclosed its USM model. Google describes USM as "the most advanced speech model series", which has 2 billion parameters and is trained in 12 million hours of speech and 28 billion sentences in more than 300 languages. YouTube has used USM to generate closed captions, and it also supports automatic speech recognition (ASR). This can automatically detect and translate languages, including English, Mandarin, Amharic, Cebu, Assam and so on.

Now, Google says USM supports more than 100 languages, and will be used as a "foundation" to build a wider system. Meta is developing a similar artificial intelligence translation tool, which is still in its early stage. You can read more about USM and how it works in research papers published by Google.

One goal of this technology may be to be able to detect and provide real-time translation in augmented reality glasses, just like the concept demonstrated by Google in I/O activities last year, right in front of your eyes. However, this technology seems to be a little far away, and Google’s wrong expression of Arabic during the I/O conference proves how easy it is to make mistakes.