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Diaz passionately kissed the AC Milan team emblem after scoring, eager to stay in the team in the future.

AC Milan beat Sampdoria, the vice squad leader who had been demoted in advance, with a score of 5-1 at home in the Serie A at the end of this round. Spanish attacker Diaz not only scored a goal himself, but also sent two wonderful assists to teammates Rafael Leo and Gill respectively. After the game, he was rated as one of the best players in this game by many media.
Diaz also kissed the AC Milan team emblem warmly after the goal, releasing his strong signal to the outside world, and also expressed his strong desire and good feeling to play at the San Siro Stadium in an interview. Although he has only played for AC Milan for three seasons on loan, Diaz has developed a strong sense of belonging to the club and fans, playing more than 120 games and handing over 17 goals and 12 assists.
In fact, the Rossoneri management also hopes to keep this player by buyout, and coach Pioli also thinks that he can play an important role for the team on the offensive end. According to Italian media, Maldini and Ma Sala have planned to meet with Real Madrid executives in the next few days to discuss Diaz’s future. They hope to reduce the buyout clause in the player’s contract, which was originally worth 22 million euros.
However, Diaz, who played well in this game, was also troubled by injuries. In the 70th minute of the second half, he couldn’t persist because of groin discomfort, so he was replaced by Decatur. Players are about to undergo a comprehensive and detailed examination to determine the severity of the injury.
If the situation is not ideal, he may miss the test of AC Milan against Juventus and Verona in the remaining two games of the season, which will also be the key test to determine whether the team can successfully qualify for the Champions League next season. If the Rossoneri do not negotiate with Real Madrid, the match against Sampdoria may be his farewell performance at the San Siro Stadium.

Allegri: Stick to the teaching position of Juventus, 100%.

When talking about his personal future, Juventus coach allegri firmly reiterated his determination to stick to the troubled Bianconeri: "I will stay here, 100%-I still have a contract here. After the expiration of the contract, all decisions will no longer depend on me. " Allegri’s contract runs until the summer of 2025. Meanwhile, Romano said that Juventus are waiting for the green light from Napoli to complete the official appointment of new director Giuntoli.

33 feet hit the door, Taishan Feng is weak and hard to win! Hao Wei was taken to Liaoning for trial for match fixing?

After losing to Sanzhen and Shenhua in the Super Cup and the first round of the league, Taishan team, which returned to home, originally wanted to rebound by pinching Nantong as a "soft persimmon". However, in a game where paper strength and all data are completely crushed, Taishan team is still hard to win!

Sun Zhunhao’s clearance action and direction were inexplicable. Shi Ke "couldn’t dodge" and stopped the ball directly to his opponent. Wang Dalei was hit by a small door. Taishan team lost an inexplicable ball in a very inexplicable way. But looking at the whole game, Nantong had almost no chance except for this gift from Taishan team; On the other hand, Taishan team’s possession rate is 75%, and 33 shots are shot! Such data is enough to show that the Taishan team is not without opportunities; However, there is only one goal in the 33-foot shot, which also shows that the Taishan team is suffering from the weakness of the front.

The reason why Taishan team is weak is related to the fact that Creissent is still suspended; It has something to do with Tianyu Guo’s sleepwalking since he returned from studying abroad. Although he scored a goal in this game, Fellaini, who will be 36 years old in a few months, is gradually declining. However, behind the weakness of Taishan team, it is also related to tactical arrangements.

In the past three years, if the Super League in 2020 is under the special competition system, the competitive level has maintained a high level; Then from 2021, abnormal schedule, abnormal competition system, large-scale unpaid wages and withdrawal; When the Football Association regards the league as a task to cope with, many clubs also choose to mix!A league full of a large number of "mixed-up" teams, the overall rhythm is very slow; However, the Taishan team coached by Hao Wei in recent years has developed the habit of passing and controlling under the slow pace.

Both sides are slow, of course, there is no problem with the slow pace of transmission and control in Taishan; However, the home and away games have been fully restored in the new season, and the fans have returned to the stadium. In addition, the problem of wage arrears of many clubs has been solved or alleviated in a large area. This year, many teams have been beaten with a shot of chicken blood on the stadium, and the rhythm of many teams has been brought up again. On the other hand, Taishan team, at the beginning of the season, is still kicking the ball slowly. In the Super Bowl, they met three towns that took the initiative to speed up and grab high positions, and they all struggled to get the ball in the middle and back court; In the first two rounds of the league, Shenhua and Nantong, who took the initiative to recycle and fight back, met, and the Taishan team’s attack only started to move forward slowly when all the other teams stood still. When it comes to positional warfare, it is not only the cross but also the cross. . .

The pace is slow, and many core players are in poor condition. Now the Taishan team has already encountered a lot of trouble at the beginning of the season.Accompanied by troubles, the Taishan team is still in a huge unknown.

Although until now, there are still many people who are willing to believe in the so-called "family reasons" for Hao Wei’s absence.Hao Wei’s mother was really sick, but obviously her mother’s illness was not the direct cause of her cell phone being turned off for three consecutive days. Hao Wei was called away by the Liaoning task force at noon on the 19th!

Before this wave of "arrogant" action in China football, one hand was anti-corruption and the other hand was gambling; Hubei Task Force, which is in charge of anti-corruption, took Li Tie first, and took many Football Association officials and club officials along the line of Li Tie. The Liaoning task force is responsible for gambling. It has not only taken many players before, but also found some players to assist in the investigation. The players who were previously called to assist in the investigation only cooperated with the task force in the local area to understand the situation. And those players with conclusive evidence involved will be taken to Liaoning. Chen Xing, a former international, made it clear in the live broadcast two days ago that Hao Wei had been taken to Liaoning!Being taken to Liaoning for trial actually shows that Hao Wei is not as simple as assisting in the investigation, and he is likely to be involved in gambling and match-fixing.

It is not difficult to guess the number of times that problems may occur during Hao Wei’s term of office; For the first time in the history of the Super League, the 3-0 lead was turned over by the other side at half-time. It happened that Hao Wei led the team for 20 years and lost to Chongqing in the first round of qualifying! Even though some media who knew Hao Wei very well at that time found out that qualifying was irrelevant and Hao Wei tried a new style of play for the FA Cup, the secret behind the most incredible reversal in the history of the Chinese Super League may be revealed this time.

When Hao Wei was taken away, Fabio temporarily exercised the right of acting head coach. But Fabio is a chief teaching assistant who is good at training and analyzing opponents; It’s just that Fabio’s "defects" in management determine that Li Xiaopeng will come back when he is not suitable to be the head coach of Taishan Team.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

A battle of the peak! Wang Chuqin narrowly beat the South Korean valiant soldier 3-2, and the game was brilliant.

In the men’s singles quarter-final of WTT Macau Championship, China table tennis player Wang Chuqin confronted Han Ping-pong expert Zhang Yuzhen, which was a great contest. Both of them are tough players, and this duel is definitely a wonderful duel.

At first, they didn’t meet any formidable opponents. Carlson and Carlberg were both defeated by Zhang Yuzhen. Wang Chuqin defeated Gacini and falk successively.

The two men have played four times before, three of which were won by Wang Chuqin, so he kept pressing the other side to fight.

The two men met again and the battle was fierce. This will be the most exciting event after the opening of WTT Macau Championship. Both of them performed well. Wang Chuqin finally turned the tables with 3:2. However, Zhang Yuzhen performed well, and many difficult serves were solved by him. Although at a disadvantage, Zhang Yuzhen did not stop there, but persevered in catching up. In one game, Zhang Yuzhen won, and in the other, it was a pity to lose. Zhang Yuzhen’s indomitable fighting spirit is a model for athletes to never give up.

In the first set, Zhang Yuzhen quickly found her place, leading by 6:2. Wang Chuqin scored three times in a row in the game to narrow the score. Zhang Yuzhen also scored four times in a row, and finally won a game at 10:5. Wang Chuqin was very tenacious, scoring four points in a row in the game, which narrowed the score gap. Zhang Yuzhen’s first line was successful. He won the first set 11-9. Wang Chuqin lost in the first game, but he also put great pressure on the other side.

In the second game, Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was like dreaming. His serve rate and catch rate were very low. With a score of nine to zero, Wang Chuqin is nowhere in sight. Zhang Yuzhen finally found her state and won three points, which narrowed the gap. Such a huge gap, where Wang Chuqin will let him have any chance of winning. Wang Chuqin fought to the death, got two heads in a row and won the game 11-3.

In the third game, Wang Chuqin continued to play well and won 3-0. But at 6:3, Zhang Yuzhen pulled back a city with five goals. Wang Chuqin also scored in succession and finally won a game with 10:8. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Wang Chuqin relaxed a little and was pulled back by Zhang Yuzhen twice in a row. The two played inextricably. After several draws, Zhang Yuzhen won the set at 15:13 and defeated Wang Chuqin with a big score of 2:1.

In the fourth game, Wang Chuqin opened with a beautiful 4-0. Zhang Yuzhen tied the score gap with 8:4. This time, Wang Chuqin didn’t let his advantage slip away in vain, and won the game directly by 11 to 8. 2:2。

In the fifth game, the two men tied one to one. The two teams played against each other between more than ten boards. Wang Chuqin scored a beautiful goal. That goal had a great impact on Zhang Yuzhen’s self-esteem. Wang Chuqin scored goals in succession, expanding the score to seven to one. Under the score of 9:2, Zhang Yuzhen persistently scored four points in a row. Wang Chuqin scored the final blow and won the game at 10:6. Zhang Yuzhen must catch up with four more points to have a chance of winning. This is a very difficult thing, and there is no room for any mistakes. Just one point, Zhang Yuzhen lost her confidence. Wang Chuqin won the fifth set with a score of 11:7.

Finally, Wang Chuqin defeated Zhang Yuzhen with a 3:2 victory and advanced to the semi-finals. This is a really exciting competition. Wang Chuqin’s victory was amazing, and Zhang Yuzhen’s performance was also excellent. Zhang Yuzhen’s body is extremely flexible. Some very difficult goals, he can turn them into victory. Zhang Yuzhen’s performance is undoubtedly the peak.

In an interview after the game, Wang Chuqin also spoke highly of Zhang Yuzhen. In his view, Zhang Yuzhen is a strong contestant, and there have been fights between them. This time, although Wang Chuqin was in a hurry, he won by luck.

The next game is the confrontation between Wang Chuqin and Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe. Wang Chuqin believes it will be a tough battle, and Zhang Benzhihe has made rapid progress in the last two years. He won’t carry his own burden on his shoulders and fight this semi-final battle well.

The match between Fan Zhendong and lebrun, and the match between Malone and Holguet. These two projects are great and interesting.

Tevez revealed that he hated Sir Alex Ferguson and informed him to move to Manchester City before the Champions League final! Revenge on Manchester United and renege

Argentine star Carlos Tevez, nicknamed "The Beast", is an enhanced version of Wehorst, who can score goals and catch up with his own bottom line from the front line. However, because of the transfer, he finally fell out with Sir Alex Ferguson, and even raised the slogan "Sir Alex Ferguson rests in peace" after moving to Manchester City. Even now that he has retired, the 39-year-old Tevez still resents the way Sir Alex treated him at Manchester United.

Tevez was loaned to Manchester United in 2007, during which he performed well, scoring 34 goals in various competitions and winning two Premier League titles and the Champions League trophy. However, Tevez did not complete the permanent transfer to the Red Devils. In 2009, he joined rival Manchester City, where he spent the next four seasons. Tevez insists that Sir Alex Ferguson was the reason for his decision to move to Manchester City.

The Argentine Beast stressed that he wanted to stay at Old Trafford, but Sir Alex made a false promise to him. Manchester United didn’t buy him out, so he didn’t hesitate when he received the invitation from Manchester City. "I don’t need to think too much, because I am angry with Ferguson. Tevez told ESPN, "As a coach, he is a phenomenon. He has been teaching at a club like Manchester United for so long, but something happened between me and him. 」

Tevez explained in detail: "I was loaned to Manchester United, and finally he told me:" Manchester United will buy you out, but I will bring Berbatov. Don’t worry, I brought him in to compete fairly with you. We will talk to your agent and reach an agreement on the contract and transfer. But in the end, they didn’t call the broker, and nothing happened. Time is running out. They began to want to lower my price. Every time I play, I perform, and the fans shout names. This is a year-long digestion process. 」

According to Tevez, before the 2009 Champions League final, he told Sir Alex Ferguson that he would join Manchester City as a revenge for United’s reneging on their words in the past year. "I have more or less accepted Sheikh Mansour’s proposal. After the final, I will take a private jet to meet him in Abu Dhabi with my family and solve the contract problem with Manchester City. All this happened before Manchester United’s Champions League final," Tevez added. "The day before the Champions League final against Barcelona, I told him that I would join Manchester City. 」

Tevez started 18 games in the Premier League that season and scored 5 goals, which he was not satisfied with. In that Champions League final, Sir Alex Ferguson finally arranged for him to play as a substitute in the second half, playing 20 minutes earlier than Berbatov, but neither of them played a role. Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0. "Ferguson kept saying that he was going to buy me that season, and then he brought in Berbatov and didn’t let me play in the league. "The beast vomited.

Tevez then added: "It was like a dagger for him to tell him before the final that I was going to join Manchester City. But it is also true for me, because I love Manchester United. But for me, he didn’t keep his promise for a whole year, and he made me miserable. It hurts me a lot because I love Manchester United. I like playing football at Old Trafford. Playing football there is like a bomb explosion. It gives me that feeling. Then the chief came, and they told me that they wanted me to be the standard bearer of Manchester City. He showed me the blueprint for the future, just like the club is today. 」

After the official transfer of Tevez, Manchester City released a controversial advertisement in the local area, in which Tevez opened his arms and the poster read "Welcome to Manchester". Tevez later made 148 appearances for Manchester City, scored 73 goals and assisted 35 times, which helped the team win the Premier League and the FA Cup. However, his time with the Blue Moon also ended in a broken relationship because of falling out with coach Mancini.