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Today’s football recommendation analysis score forecast Bologna VS Lazio La Palmas VS Atletico Madrid

In the 11th round of Italian first-class football league, Bologna played against Lazio at home. Bologna’s scoring efficiency is good this season, but there are many draws. In the last round, Sassuolo was tied, and all the away games were tied this season. Bologna has been unbeaten in the last 9 games, with 3 wins and 6 draws, and all three victories were won at home. Lazio beat Fiorentina 1-0 in the league on Tuesday morning, and Inmobile scored a 90-minute penalty to help the Biancocelesti score all three points. At present, Lazio has won three consecutive victories in the league, while 2 wins and 3 losses in the away game, and defeated Sassuolo as a guest to end the two-game losing streak in the away game. This season, the Biancocelesti’s attack is average, with only 13 goals scored in 10 rounds and 12 goals conceded.

Lazio won 1 win and 1 draw against Bologna last season and remained unbeaten. However, in four consecutive seasons, Lazio only scored 2 draws and 2 losses without winning, and even failed to score in the last three games. The data of this game is insufficient for Lazio’s support. After all, as a traditional strong team in the league, the tie is not easy to overestimate when its reputation and status are dominant.

Therefore, the home team, Boluo, is always in Asia, and it is expected that the match will be more exciting than the match 1 midfielder. The right pair is in charge. The performance in the field is stable and has the strength advantage, while Lazio needs to show better performance in the away game to continue its unbeaten record.

Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. In the last five rounds, he scored a total of 12 goals, averaging 2.4 goals per game. The quality of the team’s defense is very high, and he lost 6 goals in the past five rounds. French striker Gleizman scored 7 goals, and Morata scored 6 goals, which was the main scorer of the team. At present, Victor vitolo, Depe, Mandawa, etc. in the team are plagued by injuries or absent from the game. Atletico’s players can always adapt to different competition environments and play well. Their tactical flexibility and adaptability enable them to always have an advantage in away games.

To sum up, I think Atletico Madrid will win on the road. Although we know that the away game is full of challenges, Atletico’s strength, experience and tactical flexibility all indicate that they will win this victory. I believe they will show their advantages in the competition and finally win.

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, 800 per capita, easy to play, hurry to collect!

The three cheapest tourist destinations in China, with a per capita income of less than 800, can be easily played. Here are the introduction of the Raiders, and collect them quickly!

It takes about 40 minutes to drive from downtown Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake. Starting from the bus station or railway station in the center of Hangzhou, you can take a long-distance bus or train to Qiandao Lake, which takes about 1 hour, and the fare is about 20-30 yuan.

Qiandao Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in Hangzhou, which consists of many islands and clear lakes. It is a paradise for photography and hiking, and there are also many outdoor activities such as rafting and rock climbing. The ticket price of Qiandao Lake is 90 yuan/person, including tickets for cruise ships and islands.

In Qiandao Lake, visitors can visit various natural and cultural landscapes. For example, the beautiful mountain scenery of Range Rover in Mei Feng, the white wall tiles of Longshan Island, the romantic atmosphere of Moonlight Island, the fishermen’s culture of Yule Island, the ascent of Huangshan Peak and the karst landform of Xianshan Peninsula.

In the process of playing, tourists can also experience various tourism activities. Among them, rafting and cable cars are the most popular. Drifting usually takes from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, and cable car sightseeing may take from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. These prices may also change according to seasons and travel companies.

In addition, hangingbridgeOutdoor activities such as rock climbing are also popular, allowing tourists to challenge themselves and release pressure while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains.

While enjoying the beautiful scenery and activities, tourists can also taste all kinds of delicious food. Due to the excellent water quality of Qiandao Lake, the local area is rich in all kinds of fresh aquatic products, so the food is mainly fish flavor. Whether steamed, braised or made into soup, the fish in Qiandao Lake are memorable.

In addition, the local chickens, ducks and various green vegetables here are also delicious foods that can’t be missed. Visitors can taste these delicious dishes in local restaurants or night markets.

Shaxi ancient town: Free, located in Jianchuan County, near Dali City. The environment here is comfortable and suitable for experiencing a slow-paced life. The infrastructure in the ancient town is relatively complete, including a book bar, a pub, a coffee shop, etc. You can feel the life of the aborigines.

DaliFree of charge, with a strong historical and cultural background, you can feel the local lively morning market in Nanmen vegetable market or the local people’s life in Beimen vegetable market. There are many food stalls in the ancient city, where you can taste all kinds of special foods.

YunheyiFree, this is the best place to eat, walk and have afternoon tea in Dali in the past year, with green grass, children’s play area and so on, and you can play with your children all day.

ErhaiFree, well worth visiting. You can try cycling or carpooling around Erhai Lake to enjoy the natural scenery along the way. You can also go for a walk in Haishu Park and feel the beauty of nature.

Silent Zhao’ anFree, a beautiful fleshy temple with a beautiful environment. You can experience the quiet environment and beautiful succulents here.

GyejoksanAdult 50 yuan/person, parking fee is 5 yuan/car; If you like to be close to nature, you can go to Jizu Mountain, a famous Buddhist mountain, where you can experience the charm of Buddhist culture in natural scenery.

Emei Mountain is one of the famous Buddhist mountains in China, which is famous for its steep mountain, long history and rich cultural background. Many Buddhist buildings and cultural relics are preserved here, which is a good place for worship and sightseeing.

The ticket price of Emei Mountain is 185 yuan/person, including Jinding, Wannian Temple, Xixiangchi Scenic Resort and other scenic spots. If you choose to take the ropeway, you have to pay the ropeway fee.

SheshenyaThis place is very suitable for encountering the wonders of Buddha’s light. Buddha’s light has existed in Emei Mountain for more than 1900 years. When people stand on the Jinding with their backs to the sun, and there are clouds in front of them, sometimes they will see a colorful halo with red outside and purple inside on the front and bottom canopy, which is very magical.

Jiu Lao Xian Fu: This is the collective name of Xianfeng Temple and Jiulao Cavern. The cave is 4 meters high and 1,500 meters long, and it is a karst cave. Bats are swarming in the cave, and the swarms of swallows are noisy. You can enjoy the natural carved karst shapes on the cave wall and ceiling, dazzling stalagmites, stone pillars and stone flowers, etc. It is one of the ideal destinations for tourists to explore.

HongchunpingHongchunping is located at the foot of Tianfengchi, with an altitude of 1,120 meters. It is named after three ancient trees of Toona sinensis outside the temple.

Emei monkey areaHere, you can take photos with the monkey.

These tourist destinations are rich in natural and cultural landscapes, and are good places for photography, hiking, worship, study and sightseeing. With a budget of 800, you can find your favorite travel methods and activities here. Collect it quickly and arrange a relaxing trip!

How can China football rush out of Asia? These strategies are worth collecting.

# How can China Football Rush Out of Asia # China Football Rush Out of Asia, first of all, we need to examine our strengths and weaknesses, find out the fundamental problems that hinder development, and then formulate comprehensive and reasonable strategies.

Our advantages are: huge football population, strong football atmosphere and increasingly perfect football infrastructure. However, our disadvantages are equally obvious: low technical level, poor management and insufficient experience in international competitions.

To solve these problems, we put forward the following strategies:

Improve the technical level: improve the technical level of players through a large-scale youth training program. Learn from the experience of foreign excellent football schools, establish a number of high-level football schools and provide professional training and guidance.

Strengthen management: improve the management mechanism of clubs and national teams, introduce professional sports management talents, learn international advanced management experience, and make management more scientific and efficient.

Increase international competition experience: By participating in various international competitions, increase players’ competition experience and improve their psychological quality and coping ability. At the same time, it can also let the world know more about China football and increase our international influence.

Cultivate football culture: promote football culture in the whole society, so that more people can understand, love and participate in football. Through holding football matches, carrying out football training camps and other activities, we will cultivate more teenagers’ interest in football.

Do a good job in training young people: attach importance to the training of young people, provide professional coaches and facilities, and provide a good growth environment for young players. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the moral education of teenagers and cultivate players with excellent quality.

Attracting excellent foreign aid: On the premise of meeting the requirements, attract some excellent foreign aid to play in China, bring their experience and skills to China players, and promote the development of football in China.

Strengthen the contact with FIFA: By strengthening the contact and communication with FIFA, we can understand the development trend and dynamics of international football and learn the advanced international management experience and technology. At the same time, we can also use the platform of FIFA to promote China football and increase the international influence of China football.

Establish a scientific selection mechanism: establish a scientific selection mechanism to select young players with potential from all over the country and provide professional training and guidance. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the diversified development of players, attract players from different backgrounds to play in China, and enrich the cultural connotation of China football.

Establish a perfect professional league system: establish a perfect professional league system to improve the competitive level and appreciation of the league. Increase the publicity and marketing ability of the league, attract more audiences to pay attention to the league, play a "star effect" and let more people love football and participate in the sport, thus increasing the income and attention of the league and providing financial guarantee for the long-term development of the club and the national team.

Strengthen cooperation with the media: Promote football matches and related activities through the media, so that more people can understand and pay attention to China football, improve the popularity and influence of China football, and at the same time, use the power of the media to promote the importance of football culture and youth training, so that more people can understand and support the development of China football.

In short, China football needs the joint efforts and support of the whole society, from the government to the clubs, from coaches to players, from teenagers to professional leagues, in order to achieve this goal, we believe that as long as we make concerted efforts in Qi Xin, China football will certainly be able to rush out of Asia and go global!

The last straw! Apply for a transaction! Resolutely leave the stag

How long has it been since you heard Ibaka’s name? At present, he is still a free agent and nobody cares! Recently, Ibaka talked about the situation in the Bucks last season in an interview. He is still very dissatisfied: "I don’t want more playing time when I leave the Bucks. What I want is communication. You should tell me in advance whether I will play or not."

Ibaka pointed the finger at coach Buden holzer: "Before joining Bucks, the coach told me that I wouldn’t have much playing time. I know that, and I will be ready to play. When Dallo and Portis were injured, you refused to let me play.When they came back from injury, you suddenly called me on, and I hadn’t played for three weeks."

Ibaka went on to say, "Will you fight or not? Have no communication with me beforehand! I can’t stand this, I can’t stand it, apply for a transaction. " In the offseason in 2022, Ibaka signed the Bucks for $2.91 million a year.I haven’t played since January 4 this year. On February 10th, Ibaka was sent to the Pacers by the Bucks and was immediately laid off.

In the 2022-23 season, Ibaka played only 16 games in the Bucks, averaging 11.6 minutes per game.Only got 4.1 points and 2.8 rebounds, with three hit rates: 48.1%, 33.3% and 61.5%.On January 11th, the reporter asked Ibaka, "What role did Coach Buden ask you to play in the team?" Ibaka replied, "Which coach? I have no comment. "

Ibaka also compared Tyrone Lu with Buden holzer: "I was not like this when I was on the Clippers (2021-22 season), and I respected Lu’s guidance very much.He will call me in the morning and say that he will give young people more opportunities this week, and I will answer no problem at all. No matter what happens, Tyrone Lu will communicate with me in advance."

In fact, Ibaka’s appeal is also very simple: let me know in advance whether I am allowed to play or not. Obviously, Buden didn’t do it. He probably felt that Ibaka was dispensable in the team and didn’t give the veteran enough respect. Last season’s regular season, although the Bucks ranked first in the league, Buden still finished class in May this year.

Ibaka was born on September 18th, 1989, and will turn 34 next month. The free market has been open for more than a month, and the big lists of each team are almost full. It is difficult for Ibaka to return to the NBA. Ibaka’s total salary in his career exceeds 140 million US dollars, and he can enjoy life completely. He has frequently attended fashion activities in the last six months.

Ibaka signed two big contracts in his career:In 2012, Thunder was renewed for $48 million in four years; In 2017, the Raptors were renewed for $65 million in three years.In the 2018-19 season and 2019-20 season, he averaged 15+8 in the regular field for two consecutive years, which is worthy of an annual salary of 20 million! The entire NBA career averaged 12.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocks!

Ibaka won the blocked shot twice in the regular season and was selected as the best defensive team for a while three times! During the thunder, he was a blocking machine!3.7 blocks per game in 2011-12, 3 blocks per game in 2012-13 and 2.7 blocks per game in 2013-14.In 2014, Ibaka fought with injuries, which was a turning point in his career.

Ibaka should have had a better career! That thunder has also become the regret of many fans.

Another old rocket general! A CBA team is contacting this Russian super scorer?

According to Russian basketball journalist Artem Komarov, Alexey Shved, a former NBA player, talked about his possible future in an interview with teammate Viktor Pavlenko. Sheved said that he is on the verge of leaving CSKA Moscow, and he has received some offers from teams in the European Basketball League and China, including the Greek giant Olympiakos, who performed well in the European Basketball League last season.

Born in December 1988, Sheved is 34 years old, with a height of 198cm and a weight of 85kg. He is a draft loser in the 2010 NBA Draft. However, with his outstanding performance in CSKA Moscow in the 2011-12 season, he got a contract from Minnesota Timberwolves in the summer of 2012. Sheved’s performance in the Timberwolves in the first season was actually not bad, but in the second season, with the decrease of playing time, his performance also declined to some extent. The Timberwolves also sent Sheved to the Philadelphia 76ers in the summer of 2014. Shortly after the start of the regular season, Sheved was sent to the Houston Rockets by the 76ers and then sent to the new york Knicks by the rockets.

In the summer of 2015, after the contract with the Knicks expired, Sheved did not get a contract from other NBA teams, and he had to return to Europe to play. However, in Europe, he has become a top scorer. He has won the scoring champion of the European League twice, the scoring champion of the European Basketball League once and the scoring champion of the VTB League twice. He is one of the best pitchers in Europe and has excellent scoring ability.

However, after all, Sheved is a veteran who will be 35 years old in a few months, and with his status and position in the European arena, he also needs to pay a lot of wages to sign him. Then the question comes, will there really be a CBA team to offer a big contract for this Russian veteran and sign him?

Can humans really live forever?

Human beings’ longing for eternal life has a long history, and different cultures and religions have their longing and pursuit for eternal life. However, so far, whether human beings can live forever is still an unknown mystery. Starting with the problems of biological cells, genes and mechanical soaring, this paper discusses whether human beings can live forever and the possible ways to live forever.

1. Biological cells: Are there "immortal cells"?

The human body is composed of cells, and in the process of cell division, growth, aging and death, human beings are getting old, sick and dying. If we can find an "immortal cell", can human beings achieve eternal life?

In fact, no real "immortal cells" have been found yet. However, scientists have discovered a cell with certain "immortal" characteristics-cancer cells. Cancer cells can divide constantly and proliferate indefinitely, but at the same time, they will also destroy healthy tissues and organs, leading to cancer. Therefore, cancer cells are not an ideal way to realize human immortality.

In addition to cancer cells, some organisms also have certain "not old" characteristics. For example, turtles can live to be over 200 years old, and whales can live to be hundreds of years. However, even these creatures will eventually die, but they will live longer than other species.

2. Genes: Is there a "longevity gene"?

In recent years, the development of genetic science has led people to believe that the goal of human immortality may be achieved through gene repair and transformation. In fact, scientists have discovered some genes that may be related to longevity, such as SIRT1, FOXO, mTOR and so on. These genes are involved in important processes such as cell repair and metabolism, and are closely related to the length of life.

For example, scientists found through experiments that by activating SIRT1 gene, the life span of experimental animals can be extended by more than 30%. At the same time, researchers are constantly looking for other genes that may be related to life span, trying to extend human life span through gene editing technology.

However, genetic science is still in the exploratory stage, and the development of related technologies is also facing various difficulties. At the same time, gene editing and repair may also bring some unexpected consequences. Four, other possible ways

In addition to the possible ways mentioned above, there are also some other scientific technologies and theories that may have an impact on human beings’ realization of eternal life.

Stem cell technology

Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into many different cell types, and the development of stem cell technology is considered to be a field with great potential. Scientists are exploring how to use stem cell technology to repair and replace human organs and tissues, thus prolonging life.

cloning technology

The development of cloning technology is also considered as a possible way to achieve immortality. Through cloning technology, human beings can copy an identical individual, thus achieving the goal of eternal life. However, there are still many ethical and moral problems in this technology, such as whether it will lead to human beings becoming commodities and so on.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing technology, and its potential has attracted people’s extensive attention. Through artificial intelligence, human beings can better understand their own life process and mechanism, discover new treatment methods and drugs, and thus prolong their life.

For example, artificial intelligence can help doctors predict the disease risk and treatment effect of patients more accurately, thus improving the treatment efficiency and success rate. At the same time, artificial intelligence can also help scientists analyze and understand life science data faster, thus accelerating the development of new drugs.

However, artificial intelligence technology is still in the stage of continuous development, and more research and exploration are needed.

V. Conclusion

Although the realization of immortality is still an unknown mystery, the continuous development and breakthrough of science and technology make us full of expectations and hopes for the future. From biological cells, genes, mechanical soaring, stem cell technology, cloning technology, artificial intelligence and many other fields, human beings have been looking for possible ways to live forever.

However, we also need to maintain a cautious and awe-inspiring attitude, and consider its possible impact and consequences while exploring and studying. We need to seriously think about how to balance scientific and technological progress and moral norms and find a suitable balance point. Only in this way can we explore better.