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100,000-class SUV king explodes! Is the wheelbase of this Geely 2.0T new car comparable to Highlander?

Recently, according to the latest declaration information given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Geely Haoyue L completed the declaration. The new car has made great changes in appearance, and the brand-new air intake grille is more domineering; In terms of power, a brand-new 2.0T engine has been installed. Compared with the 1.8T engine of the current Haoyue model, the maximum output power has been improved.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the information of the declaration map, it is possible that the new car will be named-Haoyue L, and 7-seat layout is available.

Learn about new cars in one minute:

1. The straight waterfall air intake grille is domineering.

2. The wheelbase and body size are further increased.

3. The maximum power of refitting 2.0T engine is 160kW.

Geely Haoyue L hasn’t changed much in appearance, but it has become more masculine and tough with the new style grille and the blessing of the back surround.

The front face of the new car adopts a brand-new straight waterfall air intake grille, and the internal details are decorated with several thick chrome trim strips; The upper part of the front middle net is connected with the slender headlights on both sides with a thick decorative strip, which makes the whole front face of the new car simpler, and highlights its domineering side with the blessing of the thick chrome decorative strip.

Coming to the side of the car body, the car body part follows the simple design style of the current model Geely Haoyue, and the depression treatment camp at the wheel eyebrow creates a certain sense of strength for it.

The tail is designed with a penetrating taillight. Compared with the Geely Haoyue model, which uses a horizontal chrome trim to create a visual illusion of false penetration, this time Haoyue L brings a real penetrating design, which is connected by light strips and is more recognizable. At the same time, it also changed into a brand-new rear enclosure style, adopted the exhaust layout of both sides, and the thick exhaust decorative strip further strengthened its tough image.

It is worth mentioning that the tail logo of the new car is "Haoyue L", and it is expected that the new car will be named Geely Haoyue L.

Since the logo of "L" is added, the body size of the new car will inevitably change. According to the application information given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the long height of the new car is 4860*1910*1770(1840)mm and the wheelbase is 2825mm. Compared with Geely Haoyue, the body size and wheelbase have been significantly improved, and it is expected to be reflected in space.

In terms of power, Geely Haoyue L is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and the most intuitive change is reflected in the power. Compared with Geely Haoyue’s 1.8T engine, the maximum power is increased by 25kW (160kW).

According to the engine model JLH-4G20TDJ, it can be known that this engine is consistent with the 2.0T engine on Geely Xingyue L, which means that Geely Haoyue L will probably use the same power system, and it is expected that the traditional system will be equipped with a 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox.

Geely Haoyue L Positioning is a medium-sized SUV. According to Geely Haoyue’s guide price range of 10.36-14.26 million yuan, the competing products it faces will be Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS, Ford Lingrui and other models.

Chery Automobile-Tiggo 8 PLUS

Guide price: 124,900-169,900 yuan.

Jiangling Ford-Lingrui

Guide price: 139,800-169,800 yuan.

Emgrand L, Bo Yue L, Xing Yue L … No matter which model, in recent years, Geely Automobile has been continuously optimizing and perfecting its own product system to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness through the "plus L" treatment. Geely Haoyue L is no exception, through a more refined appearance and equipped with a more mature and advanced powertrain, to enhance its competitive advantage. It is simple, but useful, to use all available resources to enhance one’s own advantages!

Let online celebrity Highway Be Applauded and Seated —— Observation on the Opening of Duku Highway in Xinjiang

  Guangming Daily reporter Villi Shangjie

  In summer, Qiaoerma Castle Peak in Nileke County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, is like Dai, full of green. On the morning of June 10th, the opening ceremony of Duku Highway, known as "the most beautiful highway in China", was held here. More than a thousand self-driving cars from all over the country set out from all over the Duku Highway to visit this "most beautiful highway" and the beautiful scenery along the way.

  Duku Highway crosses Tianshan Mountain from dushanzi area, Karamay City to Kuqa City, with a total length of more than 560 kilometers.

  How can this road, which only runs for five months a year, attract tourists from all over the world? How to create a richer and more diverse travel experience for tourists? How does online celebrity Highway Keep Tourists’ Heart? The reporter interviewed this.

  The scenery along Duku Highway is pleasant. Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Hall

  1 Stimulate the effect of tourist business cards

  Viewed from the sky, Duku Highway runs through the middle section of Tianshan Mountain like a dragon, connecting the north and south of Tianshan Mountain in series. The scenery along the highway is picturesque and dizzying.

  Walking on this road, you can "see the four seasons in one day and different days in ten miles". All the way, through the Red Gorge, the Dragon Pond, the forest and the meadow, the four seasons alternate, which is beautiful.

  At the opening ceremony, Deng Chunhua, a 61-year-old tourist from Hubei, could not hide his inner excitement. Since 2020, she has been driving with her husband "two people and one car" for three consecutive years. She said that she couldn’t get enough of the unique natural scenery along the Duku Highway. Last year, she didn’t go all the way because of the mudslide. This year, she made special arrangements early and waited for the official passage of this day.

  People often say that the most beautiful scenery is on the road. Xinjiang tourist business card — — This is especially true for Duku Highway.

  On the Duku road trip guide map, the beautiful scenery along the route is dotted: starting from dushanzi area, all the way through Dushanzi Grand Canyon and Baili Gallery — — Tamboura, air grassland — — Nalati grassland, nine bends and eighteen bends — — Bayinbuluke and the Pearl of Tianshan Mountains — — Large and small Longchi, Kuqa Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, one road allows tourists to enjoy most of the fine scenery in the north and south.

  Gobi, grassland, lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons … … The photos of various landscapes along the way have aroused the admiration of tourists and tourism practitioners. Song Bo, the person in charge of the enterprise engaged in tourism management, said that this "most beautiful highway", which spans more than 560 kilometers and runs through the northern and southern Xinjiang, "contracted" 80% of the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang and brought a steady stream of passengers. His company has opened six RV camps in Xinjiang.

  Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, whether the Duku Highway can be opened to traffic as scheduled this year and whether foreign tourists can enter Xinjiang smoothly has become a problem that Song Bo has been worried about. You know, this highway is only open for five months a year, and there will be a lot of losses if it is delayed for one day.

  "We will create all convenient conditions for tourists entering Xinjiang, and help the development of tourism enterprises through various measures such as lowering, returning, slowing down, awarding and supplementing." The words of the relevant person in charge of the Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Office gave Song Bo a "reassurance".

  Five prefectures (cities) along the Duku Highway have also made great efforts to organize and arrange a series of colorful cultural feasts, such as Akon singing, grassland Nadam, Qiuci mural exhibition, dream lighting festival, tent camping festival, bonfire food festival, etc., so that tourists have more expectations for travel besides driving.

   2 linkage to do "corridor economy"

  Speaking of the changes that Duku Highway has brought to tourism and life, Nurguli Alabek, the head of Tekes County Zhaile Ecological B&B Park, seems to have endless words.

  "Today’s rural tourism has developed from a farmhouse to a high-end homestay. My homestay has invested more than 3 million yuan, focusing on ethnic customs. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, I can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan every year, which is much better than doing other businesses. " Nurguli Alabek told reporters.

  In the eyes of local people, Duku Highway is not only a landscape road, but also a happy road. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of the traffic arteries in the northern and southern Xinjiang, but also looks like a winding river, which transports a steady stream of tourists along the route and makes people living here feel the vitality brought by the tourism economy. In the tourist season of 2019, this road carries a maximum of 20,000 self-driving cars per day.

  North village, Agger Township, Kuqa City is the first stop for Duku Highway to enter southern Xinjiang. Since last year, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, north village has invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the village’s tourism facilities, increased amusement projects, and formed a new rural tourism model of "village committee+company+farmer", which has become the punching point of online celebrity. Nowadays, the villagers have eaten tourist meals, and the collective income of the village has also increased from less than 50,000 yuan in 2020 to 350,000 yuan in 2021.

  Yan Naimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, said that in recent years, various states (cities) along the Duku Highway have continuously improved supporting services such as sightseeing stops, signage systems, service areas and parking areas, accelerated the construction of self-driving camps and improved supporting facilities. Around Xinjiang, exquisite tourist scenic roads and go on road trip routes have been built around scenic roads such as G217, G219 and S101, which has promoted the construction of tourist node cities, tourist towns and characteristic tourist villages along the way, and the "corridor economy" linked by transportation and tourism has become increasingly popular.

  Only by constantly improving the infrastructure can online celebrity’s highways become more popular. In 2019, Xinjiang Transportation Department started the highway disease treatment and service quality improvement project in the Duku section of G217 line, and in 2020, it started the second phase of the Duku highway improvement project. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xinjiang will continue to build the cultural and tourist destination of the Silk Road in southern Xinjiang, the Tianshan tourism industrial belt and the rural tourism destination, and scenic roads such as Duku Highway will play a role in it.

   3 improve the service extension chain

  With the rapid development of tourism industry and the promotion of information wave, tourists’ demand for personalized tourism is increasingly strong, especially with the change of tourism market structure and travel mode, tourists put forward higher requirements for intelligent customized services and the integration and sharing of public information in tourist destinations.

  In order to improve the tourist experience, Xinjiang insists on paying equal attention to sightseeing and leisure tourism products. The latest statistics show that there are 73 self-driving caravan camps under construction and planned in Xinjiang, and 48 camps are in operation; There are 3,217 travel agents operating self-driving travel products in Xinjiang on major online travel agency platforms in China, and there are more than 600 brands of self-driving travel products, among which 30% are self-driving travel products with the theme of hotel accommodation, travel photography service and discovering the countryside.

  In addition to enriching the tourism experience, how to improve the service and extend the chain in the development of online celebrity highway has also become a key issue for Xinjiang tourism departments to think about.

  "We should rely on the highway network, take key scenic spots and scenic spots with development potential as key nodes, and promote high standards, high levels and high quality ‘ Transportation+Tourism ’ Comprehensive development system. " Yan Naimin said that Duku Highway is a representative highway of Xinjiang landscape, and it is also a beautiful business card for Xinjiang tourism. Xinjiang will further build the most beautiful self-driving highway brand in China, integrate the tourism resources in the areas along the route, improve the regional tourism system, jointly promote the healthy development of go on road trip, a single-depot highway, and create a more attractive tourist landscape for tourists.

The starting price is about 120,000, and BYD Qin L officially appeared.

At the Beijing Auto Show, BYD’s brand-new model, Qin L, was officially unveiled. The car was positioned between Han and Han, and adopted a brand-new interior and exterior design language. It is reported that it will be equipped with a fifth-generation DM hybrid system.

Sports design

Yan value modeling is a highlight of Qin L. The interior of the large-size air intake grille is decorated with lattice chrome trim, which has a strong sense of movement. The black trim above connects the long and narrow headlight groups on both sides, which is similar to the model. There are ventilation slots on both sides of the grille, which adds a sense of layering.

However, the new car does not adopt the popular hidden door handle, but the traditional shape. The slip-back body is more dynamic, and the internal shape of the penetrating structure is somewhat similar to BYD Han’s "Chinese knot". In addition, the design of the airflow diffuser of the lower bumper has a good sense of movement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790 mm. A lap bigger than Qin PLUS, positioning a B-class sedan.

The interior design is more concise.

Entering the car, the biggest feeling of the new car is that it is more concise. The floating central control panel is adopted. According to different configurations, the high-equipped model is a 15.6-inch central control panel, and the low-equipped model is a 12.8-inch central control panel, and equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system.

In addition, Qin L adopts a newly designed three-spoke D-shaped steering wheel and an 8.8-inch embedded instrument panel, and the auxiliary instrument panel is equipped with a 15W mobile phone for wireless charging. The design of shift lever area is consistent with that of Song L and other models.

Brand-new insertion and mixing system

In terms of power, it is reported that Qin L will be equipped with the fifth-generation DM hybrid system. The power system consists of a 1.5-liter engine and a motor. According to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the maximum power of the engine is 74kW, and the driving motor is available in two options: 120kW and 160kW.


If BYD uses Qin PLUS to seize the A-class car market, then Qin L, as a B-class car, will seize the mid-class car market with BYD Han. After all, the mid-class car market is still dominated by joint venture models such as Camry, Accord and Teana.

In addition, combined with the price of Qin PLUS and Han, the starting price of Qin L is expected to be around 120,000, and the price of the main model will be between 120,000 and 150,000, which is likely to become an explosive model.

Cai Zhenhua: The difficulty of foot reform does not hinder confidence to get out of the road of football with China characteristics

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 19 (Reporter Wang Muqing) On the occasion of the second anniversary of China’s football reform, the China Football Association organized an in-depth discussion among people in the football field. Facing the reporter, Cai Zhenhua, president of the Football Association, bluntly said that after the first step of the Overall Plan is basically completed, it will move towards the second step in the future. He said that when China’s football reform enters the deep water area, it will be confident that it can embark on a football road with China characteristics.

  The first step of foot reform has basically completed the goal of moving towards the second step in the future

  On March 8, 2015, the General Office of the State Council officially issued the Overall Plan for Football Reform and Development in China. In the past two years, the development of football in China has gone beyond the level of sports, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, which have been deeply involved in the reform of football in China.

  Li Yuyi, executive deputy director of the State Council Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office and vice chairman of China Football Association, concluded: "‘ Three steps ’ The first step of the strategy has achieved initial results. " The so-called first step is clearly defined in the Master Plan: improving the environment and atmosphere of football development, rationalizing the football management system, formulating the medium-and long-term development plan of football, innovating the football management mode with China characteristics, and forming a pattern of coordinated development of football career and football industry.

  Speaking of this achievement, Cai Zhenhua said: "The first step has been basically completed, and (in the future) it is necessary to move forward to the second step." According to the Plan, the second step includes a substantial increase in the youth football population, the organization and competition level of professional leagues reaching the first class in Asia, the national men’s soccer team being in the forefront of Asia, and the women’s soccer team returning to the ranks of world-class strong teams.

  "No matter the colleagues in the football field, the society and the media, everyone has given great affirmation to the football reform in the past two years. However, the new contradictions of new problems arising in the development process need to be solved one by one. " Cai Zhenhua said, "We are confident that as long as we are on the right track and stick to the football reform, we believe that the hope of football in China will surely emerge. We will work hard to speed up this pace. "

  Football reform has entered the deep water area and is confident of stepping out of the road of football with China characteristics

  Cai Zhenhua said frankly that the reform of football in China is not a certain field, but all-round. At present, 94% of the primary tasks have achieved phased results, which can be copied and popularized. However, when the reform enters the deep water area, the difficulty will surely increase.

  He bluntly pointed out: "From the China Football Association to the local football association to the sports department, this reform is to change your own life, so it is very difficult."

  However, Cai Zhenhua believes that the initial results of the reform will give you confidence in the determination to deepen the reform: "As long as we respect the laws of football development, social development and market development, and learn from the experience of world football powers, we will certainly be able to combine China’s national conditions and embark on a football road with China characteristics."

  In the face of people in the football world, Cai Zhenhua mentioned a lot of exciting information, such as the goal of adding 60,000 football venues in 2020; For example, according to the international football industry accounting for 40% of the sports industry, by 2025, the football industry in China should reach at least 2 trillion yuan. He bluntly said that how to achieve this goal will be an important symbol to measure the success of the reform.

The growth rate of national land sales revenue has accelerated, but third-and fourth-tier cities are still declining.

  The amount of land supply is related to the trend of the property market. According to the latest official data, the national land transfer income has turned from decline to increase, and the total supply of real estate land is approaching the same period last year, but the third-tier cities have fallen sharply.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources, from January to August this year, the national real estate land supply was 82,300 hectares, a slight decrease of 1.6% year-on-year. Judging from the data of real estate land supply in the last three months, although the supply of real estate and residential land in the country decreased year-on-year in the first eight months, the reduction rate narrowed month by month; Among key cities, the supply of real estate and residential land in first-tier cities maintained an increasing trend year-on-year, and the growth rate expanded month by month.

  In terms of cities, real estate and residential land in first-tier cities have increased year-on-year. From January to August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities provided 30,700 hectares of real estate land. The supply of real estate land in the first, second and third tier cities increased by 6.2%, 1.9% and 9.0% respectively, and the supply of residential land increased by 19.6%, 1.4% and 13.6% respectively.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the national land transfer income in the first eight months of this year has exceeded 3.7 trillion yuan, and the year-on-year growth rate is further accelerated than that in July.

  Ministries regulate the land market.

  Throughout the year to date, the domestic land market has gone through several stages from downturn to rapid warming and falling, and the current signs of land market cooling are more obvious.

  According to the data of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, in August this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities in China (corresponding to 70 housing price cities announced by the National Bureau of Statistics) had a total of 1057 land transactions, with a land transaction amount of 250.1 billion yuan, and the land transaction premium rate was only 8%, which was significantly lower than that in previous months. Judging from the land market situation, the recent expectation of tightening financing in the real estate sector gradually affected the land market.

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, believes that, on the whole, the land markets in various places were relatively depressed in January and February this year. With the increase of credit market after the Spring Festival, the financing difficulty of housing enterprises has decreased. In April, the land markets in some cities showed signs of recovery, and the land markets in first-and second-tier cities continued to heat up, with the monthly land transaction amount of more than 300 billion yuan and the premium rate maintained at around 20%.

  Stabilizing land price is an important goal of real estate regulation and control in 2019. The rapid warming of the land market since the second quarter has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, and relevant ministries and commissions have successively taken action.

  In April this year, in order to achieve the goal of city-specific policy and classified regulation, maintain a stable supply of residential land, and guide market expectations, the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a notice requesting that the "five categories" of residential land regulation targets be formulated and implemented in 2019.

  The notice requires that land supply should be stopped in cities above prefecture level, counties (county-level cities) with a population of more than one million, and commodity housing inventory digestion cycle is more than 36 months; For 36 to 18 months, the land supply should be appropriately reduced; For 18~12 months, maintain a flat level of land supply; 12~6 months, to increase land supply; For those less than 6 months, the land supply should be significantly increased and accelerated.

  Another Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, which is responsible for the regulation of the real estate market, also began to warn some cities where land prices and house prices rose too fast in April and May.

  In July, the new policies on real estate trust and overseas financing were introduced continuously, which had a certain impact on the real estate land acquisition policy. Since then, the premium rate of hot land began to decrease. In August, the number of operating land in 70 major cities increased significantly, with a total of 72 cases being the highest in the year.

  "The land market, like the property market, is only allowed to appear in Xiaoyangchun, but not in summer. Once the land market is overheated, the possibility of upgrading the policy is not ruled out. " Zhang Dawei said that since August, the land market has entered a stage of rapid fever reduction.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate, the data of land acquisition by real estate enterprises also showed a significant decline. In August, the land acquisition by major real estate enterprises decreased significantly. Only eight domestic enterprises acquired more than 5 billion yuan, the highest of which was Vanke’s 15 billion yuan, followed by Poly’s 9.2 billion yuan, Jinmao’s 6.8 billion yuan, Sun Hung Kai’s 6.6 billion yuan and China Resources’ 6.4 billion yuan.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, also believes that in the second quarter of this year, the central government paid great attention to the overheating of land prices in some cities, and the policy fundamentals were tightened again, especially the tightening characteristics of the financing market were the most obvious, which made it more rational for real estate enterprises to purchase land in the third quarter.

  Third-and fourth-tier cities have obviously cooled down.

  In recent years, the regional characteristics of China property market have become more and more obvious, the trend of the real estate market has been divided, and the pricing of non-quality land by housing enterprises has been lowered. But the competition for high-quality cities and high-quality land is still fierce. Although the regulation policies of first-and second-tier cities are strict, for housing enterprises, in order to increase sales, they will still concentrate on land acquisition.

  While the first-and second-tier land markets maintain a high degree of heat, the land markets in third-and fourth-tier cities show signs of falling back. According to some statistics, since 2019, the land market in third-and fourth-tier cities has not performed as well as last year due to the tightening of shed reform scale and the early overdraft of some demand.

  According to the data of the aforementioned Ministry of Natural Resources, the supply of real estate land in third-tier cities decreased by 9.0% from January to August this year, and the supply of residential land decreased by 13.6%.

  Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute’s latest issue of "China Baicheng Homestead Transaction Report" shows that from January to September 2019, the transaction area of residential land in 64 third-and fourth-tier cities was 144.88 million square meters, down 7.1% year-on-year. Compared with the trend of first-and second-tier cities, the cooling characteristics of the homestead market in third-and fourth-tier cities are obvious. At the beginning of the past two months, the cumulative homestead transaction area has continued to expand year-on-year, further reflecting the characteristics of market cooling.

  Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said that from January to August, due to the influence of policy control and market expectations, the growth curve of related land purchases declined slightly, which fully reflected the cooling trend of the homestead transaction market. From the structural point of view, the cooling trend of third-and fourth-tier cities is more obvious, which is related to the problem that such cities are facing inventory backlog again.

  "From the reason, the current residential transaction market in third-and fourth-tier cities has cooled down and is facing the pressure of destocking again, which will dampen the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to replenish homesteads; At the same time, it also affected the capital withdrawal of housing enterprises and continued land purchase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  The growth rate of land sales revenue accelerated.

  The stabilization of real estate land supply at the national level has also affected the change of land transfer income.

  Since April this year, the Ministry of Finance has no longer disclosed the specific amount of revenue from the transfer of state-owned land use rights in the monthly financial revenue and expenditure, but only released the year-on-year changes. Judging from the data of the past few months, the land transfer income has achieved year-on-year growth in July after experiencing a decline at the beginning of the year, and it showed an accelerated growth trend in August.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, from January to August this year, the national land transfer income increased by 4.2% year-on-year. From January to July this year, it was a year-on-year increase of 3.1%.

  In the first eight months of 2018, the income from the transfer of state-owned land use rights was 3.7 trillion yuan. In 2018, it reached 6,509.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the total amount reached a record high.

  At the beginning of this year, due to the "worry" that the land market started in the second half of 2018 was cold and the phenomenon of land auction increased, many places also lowered their land transfer income expectations this year when preparing the government fund income budget for 2019.

  Yan Yuejin said that the current control of stable land prices is very strict. Recently, some hot cities have also actively carried out major inspections of the banking system. One of the contents is to check whether there are illegal funds entering the land purchase market.

  "It is expected that the residential land market will be characterized by cooling in September, especially considering that the current financial pressure of housing enterprises has begun to increase, so it is expected that housing enterprises will be conservative and tend to be rational. Of course, we need to look at September ‘ General drop+targeted cuts to required reserve ratios ’ The effect of policy. If the activity of residential transactions increases significantly, the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to subscribe for residential land in the fourth quarter may increase. " Yan Yuejin said.

  From 2011 to 2018, the national land transfer income was 3,316.6 billion yuan, 2,842.2 billion yuan, 4,125 billion yuan, 4,294 billion yuan, 3,254.7 billion yuan, 3,745.7 billion yuan, 5,205.9 billion yuan and 6,509.6 billion yuan respectively.

  There are still four months before the end of the year. If the current situation can be maintained, the income from land sales in 2019 is expected to exceed 6 trillion yuan again.

How did the National Open University exam come?

The undergraduate course of National Open University is recognized by the state. The undergraduate course of the National Open University is the undergraduate course of the Open University, including the undergraduate course of the National Open University and the undergraduate course of the open universities in various provinces and regions. It is an open education and a series of national education. So how did the National Open University exam come? If you have any doubts about this aspect of the National Open University, you can take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. Written test

Some courses in the Open University may arrange traditional written tests, and candidates need to take the tests at the designated time and place, and complete multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and short-answer questions on the test paper.

2. Online examination

With the development of technology, more and more open universities switch their examination methods to online examination. Candidates can log in to the online examination system within a specified period of time and complete the examination of the corresponding subjects. Online exams may take the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answers, etc., which are subject to the provisions of the Open University.

3. Practical assessment

Some professional open university courses may also involve practical assessment, such as experimental operation, demonstration, field trip and so on.

4. Paper report/homework

Some courses may require students to submit reports or assignments to assess students’ ability to understand, analyze and apply the course content.

1. Have People’s Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have good conduct and professional ethics.

2. Persons with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school and technical school) and above.

3. At least 18 years old, in good health, with the basic learning ability needed to complete their studies.

4. Meet the requirements for applying for majors offered by the National Open University.

The above is related to the National Open University, and candidates can take it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about China Open University, such as registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the China Education Online Channel of China Open University.

After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development made it clear that the regulation was weak and determined to be accountable, 13 cities introduced a new property market policy within 20 days.

  Since July, the central government has repeatedly reiterated the keynote of "housing and housing without speculation" and the goal of "three stability". After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly put forward the accountability of cities where housing prices have risen too fast, the real estate market has ushered in a new wave of regulation.

  According to the incomplete statistics of The Paper, since July 22nd, the Housing and Construction Bureau has emphasized to further implement the main responsibility of the city government, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibility of the provincial government, and resolutely hold the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control, and the housing prices are rising too fast accountable. At present, 13 cities have issued new policies on property market regulation to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  These cities include: Shanghai, Shaoxing, Hefei, Wuxi, Jinan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan, Jinhua, Hangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Quzhou.

  In these cities that have introduced the regulation of the property market, it has become an important content to rectify the intermediary’s standardized operation, introduce the guiding price of second-hand houses, limit business loans, purchase restrictions, sales restrictions and crack down on speculation in school districts.

  Poor regulation and firm accountability

  On July 22nd, the State Council held a teleconference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market. The meeting pointed out that we should attach great importance to the new situation and new problems in real estate work, adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, and do not regard real estate as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, fully implement the long-term real estate mechanism of stabilizing land prices, housing prices and expectations, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  On the same day, the People’s Daily article pointed out that since the beginning of this year, due to various objective factors, coupled with the failure of some cities to fulfill their main responsibilities, the regulation of the real estate market has been relaxed, and the real estate market in some cities has warmed up, and some cities have overheated, which requires urban policies and precise policies to further increase the regulation and supervision of the real estate market. In this regard, Zhang Qiguang, director of the real estate market supervision department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will work with relevant departments to further implement the main responsibilities of urban governments, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibilities of provincial governments, and resolutely hold cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast accountable.

  Subsequently, on July 23rd, eight departments, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, issued the Notice on Continuously Rectifying and Standardizing the Order of the Real Estate Market. The Notice clearly stated that the "policy based on the city" highlighted the key points of rectification, including real estate development, house sale, housing lease and property services. At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that we will strive to achieve a significant improvement in the order of the real estate market in about three years. Violations of laws and regulations have been effectively curbed, the supervision system has been continuously improved, the supervision information system has been basically established, and the work pattern of joint management by departments has gradually taken shape, and the number of complaints from the masses has dropped significantly.

  5 cities were interviewed

  As soon as the voice of "Resolutely hold accountable the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast ….." fell, five cities with significantly rising housing prices were interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  On July 29th, Ni Hong, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, interviewed the responsible comrades of five cities, namely Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou, and demanded that the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council be resolutely implemented, that the house be used for living, not for speculation, that the real estate be not used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, that the city’s main responsibility be effectively fulfilled, and that, in view of the new situations and problems in the real estate market in the first half of the year, the regulation and supervision should be strengthened to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  In the first half of this year, the sales price of new commercial housing and the price of residential land in these five cities increased too fast, and the market expectation was unstable, which aroused widespread concern in society. At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced that Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou will be included in the list of key cities for real estate market monitoring.

  After the interview, late at night on August 2, Jinhua City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued the Notice on Further Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in our City, becoming the first city to introduce property market regulation after being interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  The "Notice" clearly implements ten aspects, such as residential sales restriction, notarized lottery sales, and requirements for strengthening second-hand residential price supervision, strengthening financial supervision, strictly renaming management, and implementing the main responsibility.

  According to the Notice, newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing purchased in Jinhua City (Wucheng District, Jinyi New District < jindong district > and the whole area of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, the same below) can only be listed and traded after obtaining the Property Ownership Certificate for three years. The confirmation time of obtaining the Property Right Certificate is based on the issuing time of the Property Right Certificate.

  At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that the dynamic monitoring of the listing price of second-hand houses should be strengthened, and houses with obviously abnormal listing prices should be removed in time. In Jinhua city, we will launch a pilot project to release the transaction reference price of second-hand housing in hot areas, and timely promote and implement the application of the transaction reference price in finance and credit.

  Eight cities have implemented the reference price of second-hand housing transactions.

  It is worth mentioning that, in the industry’s view, the promotion of the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions has become the most important policy in the second-hand housing market this year, further embodying the orientation of all-round supervision of real estate.

  In order to cope with the chaotic listing price of the second-hand housing market and some owners’ "holding the group to raise prices", more and more cities began to control the price of the second-hand housing market, and explored the establishment of a reference price release mechanism for second-hand housing to curb the spread of the "virtual fire" in the property market.

  In addition to Jinhua mentioned above, according to the incomplete statistics of The Paper (www.thepaper.cn), eight cities in China, namely, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Xi ‘an, Shaoxing, Wuxi and Dongguan, have proposed to implement the reference price system for second-hand housing.

  In addition to the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions, since the beginning of this year, some key cities have also introduced various kinds of regulation and supervision measures to promote the stability of second-hand housing prices and market expectations.

  According to the incomplete statistics of Yiju Research Institute, at least nine cities in China have focused on regulating and controlling the price of second-hand housing, which involves cracking down on the behavior of owners to drive up housing prices, establishing a mechanism for releasing information on second-hand housing prices, and increasing the verification of price information.

  For the prospect of 2021, the Blue Book of Real Estate 2021 jointly issued by the Institute of Ecological Civilization of China Academy of Social Sciences, China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Association points out that the real estate industry is still the ballast stone and stabilizer of China’s economy. Real estate financial supervision will continue to be strengthened, and the tone of policy regulation will continue to be "stable", and the regulatory policies will be more refined and complete. The development of the leasing market has been further enhanced by the policy. Affected by the global monetary easing and low interest rate policy, the real estate market will face greater upward pressure in 2021. The market risk is increasing, the differentiation trend is becoming increasingly obvious, the real estate industry is facing a reshuffle, and the tightening of policy regulation will also curb the market overheating impulse.

Five suggestions for buying a car in 2024

There are 33 days left in 2023, and in the coming year of 2024, many friends should have the demand of buying a car for the first time, changing it and increasing it. The picture shows that the car has summed up five suggestions for buying a car in 2024 based on the current development trend of the automobile industry and personal judgment.

First, new energy sources are preferred, and pure fuel vehicles are not recommended.

Many people may be reluctant to accept the fact that pure fuel vehicles are declining, but the fact is that fuel vehicles are accelerating to withdraw from the historical stage, at least in China. According to the monthly report of the Association, the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles has reached 38% in October 2023, and in January this year, the market penetration rate of new energy was still 25.7%. Compared with the same period of last year, the penetration rate of new energy market increased by 7.8% in October.

In terms of sales volume, of the 2.03 million new cars sold in October 2023, 770,000 were new energy vehicles, and the remaining 1.26 million were pure fuel vehicles. This comparison really shows that fuel vehicles are still difficult to hide the king’s demeanor, but if we compare the growth rate in the same period, it means that pure fuel vehicles are showing signs of decline-in November, the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 38% year-on-year, while the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by -2.1%. In January, which was hit hardest by new energy, the sales of pure fuel vehicles increased by an astonishing -44.5% year-on-year.

It is not difficult to see that the pure fuel vehicle is going downhill as a whole, and there is no possibility of any return to life. In 2024, pure fuel vehicles, especially those below 200,000, will disappear faster. The newly listed consumer-grade vehicles are basically plug-in, extended-range or pure electric vehicles, and new pure fuel vehicles will be limited to joint venture brands and a few performance vehicles. For most consumers, accepting new energy sources may become the norm, because there are really not many pure fuel new cars to choose from.

In addition, it is still about wallets. 2024 is the penultimate year of new energy purchase tax exemption, and by 2026, new energy purchase tax will not be completely exempted. So, get on the bus when you get on, don’t hesitate, the later the fuel car changes, the greater the loss. You may not believe me, but the second-hand car association will give you lessons.

Second, program extension and multi-gear plug-in hybrid priority program extension

It is not yet clear who can laugh at the end between the extended program and the plug-in hybrid, but in the coming and foreseeable year of 2024, the extended program is undoubtedly the better solution.

Extended programs are often ridiculed as backward technology, but the answer given by the market is not the case. The sales volume of new energy terminals in October 2023 showed that the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles in October was 159,000, and the sales volume of extended-range vehicles in the same period was 72,200, with a year-on-year increase of 211%. No matter what industry it is, "joining if you can’t beat it" is an eternal road. At first, you only wanted to extend your journey. Now Deep Blue, Wenjie, Zero Run, Lantu and even BYD have all joined the ranks of extending your journey. Only Tucki and Weilai are the independent new energy brands that firmly adhere to the pure circuit line, and the sales of the latter have reached the "not very good" range.

At the same time, the self-owned brands that adhere to the multi-gear plug-in hybrid technology route are also uncomfortable. How many of the 159,000 plug-in new cars are BYD’s single-gear plug-in, I think you have a good idea.

Undoubtedly, in the coming year of 2024, with the continuous decline in the price of raw materials for batteries, there will be more and more extended-range models for large batteries. A very simple question, when the extended pure electric mileage comes to about 350 kilometers, what are the advantages of plug-in hybrid models with 55 kilometers and 120 kilometers of pure electric battery life? Not to mention the multi-speed plug-in hybrid vehicle with complex technology and easy failure.

Third, the conditions allow priority to choose the smart driving version.

Nowadays, the development speed of new cars is really fast, and electrification is accompanied by intelligence. Of course, the intelligence here is not a disappearing gear handle and an increasingly large central control screen, but an increasingly advanced auxiliary driving function. When quite a few people are not used to giving the throttle to the adaptive cruise system, the tram has entered the stage of giving the steering wheel to the auxiliary driving system.

Then the two-day video of Smart World S7 and Ideal Unmanned parking service shows us to some extent the normal state of parking in the basements of first-and second-tier cities after two or three years-the basements of big shopping malls are full of cars with drivers who have no one to find their own parking spaces, and in most cases, they may be better and more courteous than human drivers.

Intelligent driving is not limited to unmanned parking service, but also point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, most car companies’ intelligent driving schemes are still in semi-closed road environment such as expressway/urban expressway, which is only the initial stage of pilot assistance. The higher level is the navigation assistance of complex urban roads, and the foreseeable ultimate goal is the point-to-point navigation assistance. At present, the intelligent driving technology of some car companies has actually reached the point-to-point level of navigation assistance, but the policies, regulations and road environmental conditions have not yet reached the practical level. In the future, with the improvement of regulations and urban infrastructure, point-to-point navigation assistance will no longer be a scene unique to science fiction films.

In the coming year of 2024, most trams with a price of more than 150,000 yuan should provide a smart driving version, which usually uses the suffix of MAX or I, and the price is usually about 20,000 yuan more expensive than the ordinary version. At the same time, there may be a new trend that all new cars have the redundancy of intelligent driving hardware. If you want to open the intelligent driving function in the future, you only need to purchase the service and push the intelligent driving function through OTA.

Therefore, considering the change cycle of 5-6 years, if you buy a tram next year, it is recommended to give priority to the intelligent driving version. If conditions do not permit, try to choose a model with intelligent driving hardware redundancy that can be upgraded through OTA, so that you can upgrade to the intelligent driving version at any time when future conditions permit. The intelligent driving era will not be too far away.

Fourth, independent brand new energy gives priority to big manufacturers and their sub-brands.

Needless to say, in recent years, new energy sources of independent brands have emerged in an endless stream, and many of them are short-lived. The latter are basically "new forces" without endorsement from big manufacturers. Other things aside, just by fighting the price war, the big manufacturers will persist longer than the new forces, and the after-sales and supply chain of the big manufacturers will be more complete, at least there will be no crisis in the car machine.

At the same time, the self-owned brand new energy sub-brands are actually doing very well, and the level of adjustment is inevitable, but at least the hardware is full, and more than 200,000 double wishbone air suspensions are arranged for you. The same price can be given priority.

Fifth, buy early and enjoy the discount for buying late.

This is applicable at any time, because the development of science and technology is a process of continuous innovation and progress, and everyone may be backstab. For example, when you are still immersed in the expectation and joy of waiting for your car to be transported to the delivery center, the APP highlights the push of the smart driving version of the same model.

At this time, you should learn to comfort yourself that "buy early and enjoy the discount when you buy late". In the new energy era, new cars come out faster than mobile phones. No matter when you buy a car, there are always better and more advanced models on the market, and the models that can afford and meet your needs are the most suitable. In short, the best scenery is always in the distance, and it is wonderful to learn to enjoy the present.

Domestic beauty products have grown more than 10 times in the sea. Who are the brands running in front?

Reporter | Wu Rong

Edit | Yun Huiyun

At the end of last year, we reported that with more and more domestic beauty products eyeing overseas markets, 2021 will be a crucial year for brands to "go out to sea".

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, in the first three quarters of 2020, the export volume of cosmetics in China was 752,500 tons, with an export value of US$ 3.139 billion, surpassing the export volume of cosmetics in 2018 and 2019, with the latter two being US$ 2.5 billion and US$ 2.774 billion respectively.

At present, the pace of domestic beauty brands going out to sea is still accelerating. According to the recently released data of "2021 Beauty Industry Trend Insight Report" released by CBNData First Financial Data Center and Tmall Golden Makeup Award, domestic beauty products have increased by more than 10 times.

Compared with the past, in recent years, in the wave of domestic beauty products going to sea, there are more new brands, including Perfect Diary, Flower West, Flower Know and ZEESEA Color.

Different brands will choose their countries and channels according to their own characteristics, so as to better explore the possibility of overseas development.

The perfect diary will focus on the southeast Asian market. In April, 2020, Perfect Diary was launched in overseas official website, with Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Thai and other languages, and supported payment in US dollars, Singapore dollars and other currencies.

In addition to sales in official website, brands will also use other channel platforms. At present, including Perfect Diary and Hua Xizi, they all go out to sea with the help of Tmall. Another make-up brand, Laqi colorkey, has settled in Shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.

There are also offline channels.

At the end of 2018, Mary Daijia entered eight countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore through the Sephora channel; Hua Zhiming has also settled in Japan’s offline beauty collection stores, including more than 300 cosme.

ZEESEA Zise also told the interface news that in addition to international e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, the brand has also settled in Matsumoto Kiyomizu, Japan’s largest cosmeceutical chain. Up to now, it has covered nearly 2,000 Matsumoto Kiyomizu stores. More than a year after its launch, its sales in Japan reached nearly 10 billion yen. According to the plan, ZEESEA Zise will reach 7,000 offline sales points in Japan by the end of 2021.

Perfect Diary, ZEESEA Zise and Ke Laqi colorkey all started in Guangzhou. Previously, we discussed in the article "Revealing the Domestic Beauty Base: Over 70% of them come from Guangzhou, and they should be positive with big brands". The relatively mature beauty industry chain, daily chemical experience and talent pool have created many phenomenal domestic beauty brands for Guangzhou. In fact, these are also important reasons for supporting the new domestic beauty products to go out.

In addition, with the development of online shopping, the progress of logistics and other infrastructure, and China’s rapid recovery from the epidemic, China’s beauty brand has attracted more attention overseas this year.

However, judging from the performance of brands at sea, it is not without challenges.

How to localize is a big problem.

Most domestic beauty brands go to sea, and the main position is generally the Southeast Asian market. However, there are more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia, and different countries have their own religious beliefs. The differences in consumer preferences are not small. It is not easy to localize products.

Nancy, CEO of Baizui Cuisine, who started planning to go to Southeast Asia in 2020, said in an interview with the media that people in different countries have different skin conditions and demands. Take sunscreen products as an example. Consumers in Southeast Asia use sunscreen to resist aging, which is not the same as the starting point for most consumers in China to prevent sunburn. In addition, in Muslim countries such as Indonesia, the policy requires that beauty products must meet halal certification.

The relevant person in charge of Hua Xizi’s public relations also admitted in an interview with Interface News that a very important challenge of China’s brand globalization is the difference in language system and communication mode. Other countries and regions are very different from China in culture, language and customs. Hua Xizi has no idea about their acceptance of China beauty cosmetics and China culture, so she needs to do a lot of pre-promotion work.

Compared with the Southeast Asian market, users in developed countries such as the United States and Japan are more mature in the use habits, discrimination and aesthetic level of cosmetics, and the standards for choosing brands are more stringent. This will undoubtedly put forward more tests for China beauty brands that set their focus on the sea as developed countries.

For example, ZEESEA has focused its overseas development on Japan and the United States, and Judy, the head of its new overseas retail, described the course of brand going out to sea in the past year as a process of "fighting monsters and upgrading". "The laws and regulations of each country are different, and Japan and the United States have their own laws and regulations. We have no teachers, no objects to learn, and we can’t avoid risks. We can only cross the river by feeling the stones. "

In terms of product selection, it is impossible to copy domestic explosives overseas, and brands need to re-develop products and adjust production lines. For example, Hua Xizi’s star color number in China is positive red, but when it is sold in the Japanese market, the color number is also "do as the Romans do", and the popular caramel maple leaf color, peach color and raspberry red are selected as the main colors.

In addition, considering the comprehensive cost, the pricing of products listed overseas is also higher than that of domestic products.

Hua Xizi’s lipstick product "Tongxin Lock Lipstick", which sells for 219 yuan in China, sells for 6,129 yen (equivalent to 371 yuan) in Amazon, Japan, which exceeds the price of Chanel lipstick in Amazon, Japan, which is 5,270 yen (equivalent to 315 yuan) in the same period.

According to Hua Xizi’s statistics, overseas pricing may be 1.7 times the domestic price. This pricing strategy takes into account the comprehensive costs of tariffs, logistics, services and operations. Similarly, the selling prices of international brands in China are also priced in a similar way.

"Due to the impact of the epidemic, the vitality of some foreign industries has not yet recovered. The next three to five years will be a good opportunity for domestic brands to enter overseas markets, especially cosmetics brands." Hu Qimu, a senior researcher at the digital economy think tank, told the interface news. Although the layout of developed countries is full of challenges, mature markets and mature users can prove brand value and operational ability more quickly. If the layout is made earlier, it will have a first-Mover advantage by breaking the circle of products and operations.

Considering that the rise of cutting-edge domestic beauty brands is still in its infancy, the beauty market is fiercely competitive, and the number of self-built supply chains is small, and most of them rely on supply chain problems such as OEM, how to improve product strength will become the key to the success of these brands. If the product quality cannot be recognized, and there is not enough high repurchase rate, user loyalty and recommendation support, going out to sea may only become simply brushing China elements to find a sense of existence.

The Lakers are firmly committed to the post-James era. After the continuous show operation, it is both now and in the future.

After Anthony Davis’ early contract renewal window was opened, Lakers President Pelinka immediately put a three-year $186 million maximum salary contract in front of Davis. Davis readily accepted and tied his peak period to the Lakers completely.

For Davis, who has hidden dangers of injury, renewing his contract in advance adds security to his future. In the next five seasons, Davis’ total salary will reach $270 million, of which the average annual salary of the new contract for three years will be $62 million, breaking the record set by Jay Brown not long ago.

For the Lakers, this is a key part of Pelinka’s layout for the post-James era.

The 38-year-old James has player options in the offseason in 2024, and his choices are very diverse. After keeping Austin Reeves, Yasunari and Vincent on 3-4 year contracts, the Lakers renewed their contracts with Davis in advance. No matter how James chooses in the future, the Lakers can ensure that they have Davis and depth, and there is still room to chase other big-name stars in the free market.

Ironically, after the Lakers won the championship season, when it was most necessary to be steady and strive for progress, Pelinka chose to be aggressive. Coupled with the injuries of James and Davis, the Lakers wasted more than two years.

Before the trading deadline in 2023, Pelinka finally completed the "blocking operation" and successfully corrected the error. In the offseason, Pelinka learned a lesson this time and stopped rushing forward. Pelinka’s series of operations show that the Lakers are not only striving to win in the present, but also planning for the post-James era. After all, James will be 39 years old at the end of December and will have the player option in the summer of 2024.

In the draft, the Lakers chose Jaron Hood Schifino with No.17 and Maxwell Lewis with No.40.. Together with last year’s No.35 show, Christie, the Lakers hoarded three potential new stars under the age of 22.

In the free market, the Lakers gave Bacamura $51 million for three years, gave Reeves $56 million for four years, and hired the Heat to introduce Vincent for three years $33 million. All three of them are in the long-term planning of the Lakers. Russell signed a 1+1 contract, and whether he is in the long-term planning is still unknown.

Vanderbilt has not renewed its contract in advance, but from September 7, local time until June 30, 2024, Vanderbilt is eligible to sign an early renewal contract of up to four years and 75 million US dollars. Considering Vanderbilt’s age and characteristics, it is highly possible for him to renew his contract in advance.

Three new stars have good potential, and four of them are high-quality puzzles, so the depth of the Lakers now and in the future is guaranteed. The next step is to establish the leader of the post-James era. Davis is the undisputed star of the Lakers.

Last season, the world has seen the horror of Davis, who plays center. In the regular season, he averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds and 2 blocks, and his shooting percentage was a career high of 56.3%. In the playoffs, Davis has shortcomings, but the data of averaging 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds and 3.1 blocks per game is still scary enough, especially his defensive performance.

Buha, a reporter with The Athletic Lakers team, also believes that James’ career is running out, whether the fans are willing to accept it or not, and the Lakers need to make plans early. Whether James retires or leaves the Lakers for other teams in the future, Davis will be the facade of the Lakers’ new era, and he will also be the key for the Lakers to attract other superstars to join.

Aside from the Lakers’ backing in Los Angeles, there is room for salary in the future. Davis’s top defensive ability and offensive ability without the ball make him compatible with any outside star. In the era of Jamey, Davis also proved that he was willing to accept the role of the second master.

The only thing that can affect Davis’ prospects is injuries, but the hidden dangers of injuries have to be looked at separately. It is true that Davis’ attendance is not high, but since the 2016-17 season, Davis has played 400 games. In the same period, Joel Embiid only played 394 games, Curry only played 387 games, Owen only played 362 games and Durant only played 345 games. When Davis’ team entered the playoffs, except for the 2021 playoffs, Davis’ attendance and performance were almost impeccable, and he was absolutely reliable in big scenes.

In addition, regarding Davis’ injury, both Pelinka and Ricky Paul believe that Davis’ injury frequency is more due to his bad luck, and they both believe that Davis’ luck will turn.

Earlier, Paul said: "Davis’s experience in the past two years is very strange. Other players hit his knee and injured him. He stepped on his opponent’s foot when he landed, and he pulled his hamstring or groin before. Any athlete engaged in sports may encounter these injuries, but the outside world described it as if Davis was injured as soon as he played."

Pelinka didn’t expect Davis to avoid injury only by transshipment. He was also trying to help Davis reduce the risk of injury. He signed center Hayes and compared Hayes with Dwight Howard and McKee in the championship season. Pelinka is still planning to sign another center to further lighten Davis’ burden. In the new season, Davis will probably still play as the starting center, but according to the opponent’s counterpoint, the Lakers will be flexible, instead of locking Davis in the fifth position 99% of the time like last season.

The Lakers’ early renewal of Davis is also releasing two signals.

In the Bath family era, the Lakers were a team famous for being kind to the heroes. From Jerry West, Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, James and Davis, the Lakers gave enough respect and treatment to the heroes. "Human touch" is the label of the Lakers, and it is also their strategy to recruit superstars to join.

In recent years, the operation of the Lakers has always been inseparable from Paul, a super agent. James is undoubtedly Paul’s most heavyweight customer. Even if James retires in the future, the Lakers will not give up Paul’s line. After all, Paul still holds stars such as Garland and Zach Lavin. Davis renewed his contract in advance, and Vanderbilt (whose agent is also Paul) is likely to renew his contract in advance. In the next few years, the line between the Lakers and Paul will not be broken.

Overall, this is an offseason that can satisfy the Lakers. What should be left is left, and what should be renewed in advance is also signed, and most of the contracts are signed at reasonable prices. The Lakers have both the present and the future, and the remaining problems caused by operational mistakes in 2021 will be basically solved.

In the new season, the Lakers can rely on their depth to help James and Davis reduce their burdens and strive for a better regular season ranking. As for whether the Lakers can compete for the championship in the new season and in the future, it depends on whether Davis can improve attendance, get back the feel of jump shot and really carry the banner.