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The water is too deep, and this Volvo XC60, which is 40,000 lower than the market price, exposes the cheating tricks of used car dealers.

Hello, everyone, I’m Guangyao, the inspector of the car inspector. Although I look good, I’m an old driver who has repaired cars. Now I’m a used car inspector of the car inspector. It’s my duty to avoid everyone’s car purchase risks. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection.

Old drivers all know that the policy of restricting the relocation of used cars in the National Five-Year Plan has been liberalized, and the nationwide circulation has immediately formed a scale. For consumers, the convenience of buying cars in different places has been greatly improved! However, Guangyao reminds everyone that buying second-hand cars in different places is particularly easy to be pitted. Everyone should be cautious. Before looking at the car, hold the money bag tightly, and don’t give it out easily until you know the exact condition of the car, otherwise you may fall into the double torture of money and spirit! We have encountered too many such cases, so I will pick one out here to share with you, hoping to learn from it!

In other words, a good brother from Nanchang photographed a used car in Ningbo in a live broadcast room. In November 2018, 19 Volvo XC60 (parameter picture) four-wheel drive Zhiyuan version was licensed, and the market price was 200,000-210,000. As long as the live broadcast room was more than 180,000, the anchor said that the car had changed its front mouth, but it sold very cheaply. After the live broadcast room, there was no such price! My good brother thought, it’s not unacceptable to say anything before, so he paid a deposit of 10 thousand in advance and took the preferential places first! But eldest brother still has a little distrust of car dealers, so he entrusted Guangyao to do a comprehensive test!

Good brother himself was not present, and we kept online communication. When Guangyao heard him talk about the price, he had doubts. Can you get a discount of 30,000-40,000 yuan by changing the front set? I won’t believe Guangyao. It is estimated that the main structure of the car body should be damaged! Look at the real car! According to the address provided by the eldest brother, Guangyao came to the garage where the vehicle was located. Tell the car dealer what he came for, but the car dealer is also honest, saying that the front of the car hit and the airbag was blown up. See for yourself the rest! Guangyao took the car keys and started testing!

Car model: 2019 T5 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan Edition

Factory date: October, 2018

Apparent mileage: 75784KM

Official guidance: 421,900

Car dealer’s quotation: 185,800 yuan

Just look at the appearance, the color is still good! Since it is a set of front mouth, the front bumper must have been disassembled and replaced, and the inspection is indeed true. There are paint marks on the corners, and the details are rough, which is obviously not the original process!

The front cover is painted evenly on the whole surface, and then the inside is opened. At first glance, the fixing screws have no traces of turning off the paint, but don’t be confused by the surface phenomenon. If you look closely, you can find that the surface of the screws is painted, and the bottom circle has obvious displacement, which means that the screws must have been removed! Moreover, some holes on the inside of the cover are rough in workmanship and the color inside is wrong, indicating that the front cover has also been replaced!

Needless to say, the water tank frame, radiator, fan and headlights have not been replaced. Let’s focus on whether the structural parts have been moved!

The paint thickness of the left fender skeleton was measured, and the data came to 647μm, which is sheet metal shaping! The outer leaf iron sheet should also be reimbursed! Injury to the structural parts, this is not a simple front mouth set, it should be an accident car!

Look at the right fender skeleton again. Although the thickness of the paint on it is in the normal standard, the solder joints below are all redone through the gap observation. This is cutting and welding! It’s worse than the left!

Moreover, the thickness of the paint on the right shock absorber tower top is not quite right, which is much higher than that on the left, but the area is not large. It must have been painted, which should be related to the accident ahead!

Looking down at the right front longitudinal beam, although the deformation trace is not too obvious, it can still be seen with the naked eye! Seeing this situation, Guangyao probably knows what this XC60 is about! It’s not just a set of front mouths, it’s already a national standard major accident car! Take a small notebook and write it down first, and then see if there is any more damage under the chassis!

The engine was not damaged, and no traces of oil leakage were found. The intake manifold was just disassembled, probably by cleaning carbon deposits, and the problem was not serious!

The pawl screw is still in the original factory appearance, so it can be seen that the engine has not been hoisted and maintained. If the mileage is really more than 70,000, there will be basically nothing wrong with the engine and gearbox! It’s not time to break down!

After measuring the paint surface along the left, I quickly walked around and found that except for the original paint on the roof, none of the other places ran away, including the rear of the car! Partial sheet metal scraping putty, of course, this is also expected!

When entering the car, Volvo’s interior feels low-key and honest, less dazzling, but the materials and workmanship are more exquisite. In order to make the car have no odor, it is basically environmentally friendly materials, and the owner is practical!

First, look at the color of the interior, which depends on observing the main driver’s seat, door handle, steering wheel, window button, air conditioning button, accelerator brake pedal, gear handle, etc., which are often used at ordinary times. By comprehensive comparison, the overall wear and tear of the interior is not very serious, basically in line with the current mileage!

There is little difference between the mileage read by Obd computer and the meter, and the results obtained by running the average speed of conversion of time with the engine are basically the same, and the vehicle really has no meter adjustment!

The accident at the front of the car is not small. According to Volvo’s safety factor, the main driver’s airbag and seat belt will definitely trigger protection! Observe that the fixing screw of the seat belt has indeed been removed, but the manufacturing date conforms to the original assembly procedure. It is estimated that the locking mechanism inside has been repaired, and the original seat belt has not been changed! The airbag is better distinguished, the skin on the surface is obviously newer than the steering wheel, and the disassembly hole is also punctured!

The main driver’s seat has been removed, whether it was accidentally removed or for other reasons, there is no way to guarantee this! However, it is certain that there is no trace of sediment residue in the harness at the bottom of the seat! Combined with the steering column, threshold gap, under the carpet and other positions, Guangyao confirmed that there is no water soaking in the vehicle!

I thought the function buttons should be in good condition and effective, but I didn’t expect a light switch to fail! If this is repaired, it is estimated that the assembly will have to be replaced!

Finally, the detection of the chassis, which is also our most important project, has disappeared, leaving the engine and gearbox exposed! It is estimated that the fender was reimbursed by the front accident!

The fixing screw of the engine oil pan has been removed, and the color of the oil pan is obviously relatively new. It may be that the bottom is cracked and damaged, and it has been repaired and replaced, but as far as this problem is concerned, it is not serious!

There is nothing wrong with the gearbox oil pan, which is neither disassembled nor deformed! This 8AT gearbox is well matched with the 2.0T engine!

This is the point. Do you know where this is? This is the lower part of the top of the damping tower with high paint thickness. From below, it can be clearly seen that this piece is made up and has been cut and welded! This position is the same as the right front longitudinal beam, as long as there are deformation, cutting, welding, folding and other conditions, it can be directly designated as a major accident car!

The situation of the lower longitudinal beam is not much better, and the deformed position has not been corrected and maintained! It may be that the deformation is not large, so the repairman does not care!

There was another unexpected discovery under the chassis. The inner plate of the left rear fender was cut and welded. It seems that this XC60 has an accident in more than one place! Although the accident here is nothing compared with the previous one, it is also a big flaw! You must give feedback to customers! That’s why we should insist on detecting the chassis, because this position is not on the chassis, and we can’t see it at all!

There is no suspense in the conclusion of this XC60, a major accident car! I called my good brother to report the car condition. My good brother couldn’t believe it. Although I made preparations that the car condition didn’t meet expectations, it was too different! The front fender skeleton is cut, the rear fender inner panel is cut, the shock absorber seat is cut, and the longitudinal beam is deformed. This is not a sword stuck in the heart of the good brother, but four swords! Good brother, let Guangyao report the car inspection as soon as possible, so that he can return the car and refund the deposit!

But the deposit is not so easy to refund, and the car dealer has a hundred reasons to refuse you! Good brother tried to find the other party’s theory several times without a result, and went to the live broadcast room to complain and was blacked out! I thought I found a cheap one, but I didn’t expect it to be a protracted war! Big brother still has his own business to take care of, which makes him physically and mentally haggard! So, if you see a particularly cheap used car, you really need to keep your eyes open!

The fans nodded to show that they understood! Ok, that’s all for today’s testing sharing. I’m a used car testing technician from the car inspector. Like it, like it, and spray it if you don’t like it. I repair cars more, study less, and write poorly. Please bear with me. Car inspector, I would like to be your friend who knows cars best!

Melon and fruit fragrance | Xichang colorful fresh fruits in early summer "get together" listed sweet and sour and delicious "eat enough"

If the season has a "taste", then the early summer in Xichang should be "fruity", playful, lively, sweet and sour.

With the coming of summer in Xichang, colorful fresh fruits are on the market. Cherry, loquat, mango, grape, bayberry, watermelon, mangosteen … red, yellow, orange, purple, green and blue … are colorful "visual enjoyment" in the eyes, and sour and sweet "taste bud stimulation" in the entrance.

Xichang is located in the subtropical region of 27 north latitude, with abundant sunshine. The fresh fruits with colorful seasons are a gift from nature to Xichang people. The fruits produced here are rich in aroma and sweetness, and all kinds of fruits are dazzling. It is a veritable "hometown of fruits".

Especially in May and June, Xichang people’s "fruit baskets" are more abundant, and a wide variety of delicate and charming fruits add romance and sentiment to Xichang’s summer. Whether it’s red bayberry as sweet and sour as first love, watermelon to quench your thirst, or blueberry and cherries with bursting juice … In the summer season, fruits in Xichang are listed one by one, vowing to leave a sweet aftertaste on the tip of your tongue.

At this time, whether it is in the streets, farmers’ markets or fruit wholesale markets, a dazzling array of seasonal fresh fruits will always arouse your love for life.

In the fruit wholesale market of Chuncheng Road, the reporter saw that in front of each booth were summer scenery pictures of "red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple", and all kinds of fruits were "competing for fresh flowers", which attracted many tourists to "try early".

Ms. Yang from Dazhou said:

"Xichang has many kinds of fruits, good moisture and good taste. Every time I come here for business or tourism, I will pick some from the market and send them back to my family and friends to feel this’ sweetness’ together. Especially in summer, fruits are very rich, and you have an appetite when you look at them. "

Mr. Leng, a vendor who has been engaged in fruit business in the fruit wholesale market for more than 40 years, told the reporter: "Xichang keeps fresh fruits all year round, and the most comprehensive and watery categories are May and June, with dozens of seasonal fruits. Now the blueberries in Xichang are about to go on the market, bayberry and grapes have just been listed, cherries, mangoes, mangosteen and durian are all listed one after another, and the whole market has a complete range of fruits. "

Shiyan launched a special food safety inspection of the "Group Annual Banquet" before the festival.


As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure the food safety of the "Group Year Banquet" during the Spring Festival, on January 19th, Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special law enforcement inspection on food safety for some catering units in the urban area.

In Wudang International Hotel, market supervision and law enforcement officers conducted on-the-spot inspection of the hotel’s license publicity, the layout of dining places and the operation of feeding equipment.

During the inspection of the back kitchen of the hotel, law enforcement officers found that some condiments lacked labels.The site requires immediate rectification..

In the meat cold storage area of the hotel, law enforcement officers carefully checked the purchase channels, storage environment and production date of meat products.

Then,law enforcement officialsCome to the Garden Hotel. In the raw food processing area of the hotel, law enforcement officers found that some processed finished ingredients were not isolated by the "three defenses" facilities, and the site required immediate rectification.

It is understood that before the Spring Festival, the market supervision department of our city will also set up a supervision team to investigate the catering units that received the reunion dinner during the Spring Festival in 2024, and urge the catering units to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety and prevent expired, corrupt and spoiled food from flowing to the dinner table. The catering units with food safety problems will be rectified within a time limit, and the units that refuse to rectify or rectify actively will be dealt with seriously.

Chen Wei, Catering Service Supervision Department of Municipal Market Supervision BureauRemind consumers: In the consumption process of the reunion dinner, try to choose well-qualified businesses, such as those with quantitative classification above Grade A or Grade B for consumption. In the process of consumption, if consumers encounter consumption disputes, they should properly keep the consumption bills and call 12315 in time to protect their rights.


Aauto Quicker Fashion Annual Festival ended 23 years ago, and the number of creators wearing content increased by 65% year on year.

On the evening of January 23rd, the annual Aauto Quicker Fashion Festival came to a successful conclusion next to Fuxian Lake in Yuxi, Yunnan. With the theme of "Flowers in Flowers", the event invited high-quality creators from Aauto Quicker in many fields, such as face value, music, dance, campus, fashion, beauty, parent-child and so on, to gather in the south of Caiyun to review the growth process of fashion in 2023, and to create a youth entertainment and fashion party belonging to Aauto Quicker Laotie, so that ordinary people can define fashion and let every fashion and beauty be seen.

Fashion, dance, beauty, music, facial features, parents and children, and campus dignitaries gathered together.

Multi-domain creators walk together to see every kind of beauty.

Advocated by Aauto Quicker’s values of equality, inclusiveness, truth and goodness, Aauto Quicker’s trendy videos have both a shining pace in the spotlight and an ordinary and simple fashion attitude. This year’s annual fashion festival will turn the traditional red carpet catwalk into a unique "beautifully dressed conference".

Fashion daren fashion grandma Tuan

Colorful flowers make up a beautiful "road of flowers". In addition to @ Shida Beauty, @ Xu Shan, @ Fashion Grandma Group and other head creators, they stepped onto the "busy road" catwalk, and @ Wu Xiaobei, @ 160kg Liuqi and other chubby girls and plus-size girls with little experience on the runway also boldly dressed up their own images and stepped out of different "flowers and flowers".

Beauty cosmetics daren Pangayu

In addition to Aauto Quicker’s fashion, beauty, and parent-child fields, @ Sang Na _, @ Wheat Color _, @ Su Xiaoxiao M, @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun, and others who represent Aauto Quicker’s youth entertainment, are also well-versed, showing the "fashion" and "beauty" belonging to every ordinary Aauto Quicker.

Musicians @ Uncle Sanpin, @ Liu Xuekun

Aauto Quicker Annual Awards Promulgated to Show the Achievements of High-quality Creators

As an important part of this grand ceremony, the promulgation of "Aauto Quicker Award of the Year" can also be described as "letting a hundred flowers blossom". In addition to various wonderful performances such as singing, dancing and musical instruments, outstanding creators from different fields shared their creative experiences in 2023 on the stage, and more than 50 high-quality creators won 16 annual awards for Aauto Quicker Fashion.

Among the media organizations, China International Fashion Week, Fashion Media Group, Ruili Clothing Beauty, Watermelon Beauty, Front Teeth Video, Dayu, Meida Culture, Chengyi Media and other organizations won the "Partner of the Year" award, while other teams won the "Outstanding Beauty Brand of the Year" award, and @ Moshamaner won the "Popular Brand of the Year" award.

Personally, among them, @ 丞京京京京 won the "Fashion Pioneer of the Year" award; @ Lu Xianren won the "Fashion Person of the Year"; @ Xu Shan won the "Most Influential Fashion Person of the Year" award; @ Fashion Grandma Group won the "Silver Age Fashion Award of the Year" award; In the field of youth entertainment, @ Steel Bar Crab won the "Pink Saxophone Full Star" award; @ Xiao Li and @ Datousi won the "Campus Red Man Award of the Year" award; Five high-quality creators, such as @ Su Xiaoxiao and @ Wheat Skin, won the annual influence award; @ Beauty is not the same. Qi Nv, @ Wei Pin Gou ~ Da Mei Li, @ Tu Tu Mama, @ Bin Ge, @ Skin Future, @ Angela and @ Maiteyou won the "Breakthrough Award of the Year".

The content of dozens of award-winning high-quality creators is just like the theme of this grand ceremony, which is colorful and varied, including professional fashion sharing and humorous parent-child interaction; There are both the frozen goddess group and the dream-chasing uncle. It has truly influenced and promoted the aesthetic concepts of more users from the show to the field in a more grounded form.

Wu Rina (left), head of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, presented awards to the winners.

In an interview with the media, Wu Rina, the director of Aauto Quicker Trend Life Content Center, pointed out that the creator who won the annual honor not only grew up with Aauto Quicker, but also had his own unique characteristics, which recorded the real life of ordinary people, and was therefore deeply loved by the old irons. Aauto Quicker is willing to embrace those creators who are not limited by age and geographical factors and have their own characteristics. In the future, it will continue to pay attention to creators with Aauto Quicker community characteristics, create a more perfect service system for creators, and launch more activities with Aauto Quicker community mentality to help creators grow and develop better in Aauto Quicker.

In 2023, the search volume of "military coats" increased by 768% year-on-year

At this fashion festival, Aauto Quicker released the 2023 Aauto Quicker Fashion Beauty White Paper. According to the white paper, in 2023, there were more than 500,000 creators under the category of fashion+beauty in Aauto Quicker, among which the number of fashion wear content creators increased by 65% year-on-year, and the number of e-commerce live broadcasts broke through 10 million was as high as 800+; "Body tolerance, the rise of national tide, nostalgic fashion, durability and charm explosion" have become the five major trends of fashion wear in Aauto Quicker in 2023. Among them, the search volume of "plus size girl" increased by 79% year-on-year. Aauto Quicker creators and users bravely refused anxiety and became "girls who are not defined by size" and found that "self-confidence is beauty"; The search volume of "new Chinese style" increased by 142% year-on-year, and the search volume of "domestic products" increased by 138% year-on-year. Through the integration and innovation of tradition and modernity, Aauto Quicker creators planted flowers and made domestic products. The search volume of "military coat" increased by 76.8% year-on-year, and more classics and fireworks were presented on the platform of Aauto Quicker. The classic sense of the era such as military coat and northeast big flower was once again popular, redefining fashion; The search volume of "cost-effectiveness" increased by 88% and the search volume of "contrast" increased by 246% year-on-year, which means that the content creation in the field of fashion and beauty in Aauto Quicker has become more "rolled", not only rolling techniques and skills, but also rolling creativity, focusing on contrast, variety and high cost-effectiveness.

2024 traffic realization policy continues to escort outstanding creators.

"Thanks to each other’s two-way trip this year, we have this splendid gathering." Zhang Lanlan, the head of Aauto Quicker Author’s Business and Liquidation Center, said at the ceremony that Aauto Quicker Fashion has always been committed to let every ordinary person use his own voice to interpret diverse fashion concepts and see the beauty of fashion in different fields and different possibilities.

Zhang Lanlan also focused on commercial realization in 2024. She believes that Aauto Quicker Fashion’s first service user is Aauto Quicker Laotie, and at the same time, it will tilt more resources to the authors who are willing to take the initiative to operate in Aauto Quicker, encourage creators to interact more and create better original content, and Aauto Quicker will continue to provide rich and sustainable ways for high-quality creators to realize their cash.

Yin Chao, the head of Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment Business, shared the status and prospect of youth entertainment business from three aspects: content ecology, creators and activities. According to him, at present, the youth entertainment business covering dance, music, face value and campus has 3 million+creators, of which 50% are young creators aged 18-30, with a daily publishing volume of 2 million+and an average daily consumption of more than 15 billion, which has become the backbone of Aauto Quicker’s creative ecology, and also reflects the positive yearning of the old iron people for a better life. In terms of activities, Aauto Quicker Youth Entertainment launched a number of special IP activities in 2023, such as Aauto Quicker Country Super Bowl, Campus Short Video Creation Competition, and Dialect Mai Ba Competition, which provided more stages for Aauto Quicker creators to show themselves.

Looking forward to 2024, Yin Chao mentioned that the existing rights and interests will be focused and integrated, and a more targeted and greater creator support plan will be carried out for key content tracks such as campuses, regional cities and featured content, providing creators with tens of billions of flows and recording Lao Tie’s most real interest content with the creators.

Return to the origin of life, fashion need not be deliberate | Shanghai Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2024

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

Yearly Plan Spring/Summer 2024 series "Walking by Heart" depicts the diverse faces of contemporary women’s rich inner world through simple and exquisite modernist design. This season continues the brand’s neat and bright style, and at the same time achieves a high degree of unity in color, fabric and tailoring, and outlines a coherent and dynamic outline like flowing water.

Choose natural and elegant low saturation colors, such as soft fog gray, turquoise, and moonlight white, which are fresh and quiet. The seemingly fuzzy and soft-focus tone sets off the simplicity and neatness in the cutting language. The casual combination of denim trousers and T-shirts interprets pragmatic aesthetics in a simple and elegant style. Signboard items such as vests, long skirts and windbreakers can be stacked and matched, or they can be presented alone, creating a rich sense of hierarchy.

This season, a large number of environmentally friendly natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk and linen, wool, etc., are used to balance practicality and shaping style. Through the comfort of fabric touch, we can create a confident and stretched wearing experience and promote a more independent clothing consciousness. YEARLY PLAN always pursues the concept of "year-round wardrobe" and provides consumers with lasting and effective choices with high-quality production.

Simple but rich, consistent and firm, YEARLY PLAN provides modern women with the possibility of finding themselves with an inclusive attitude. This is a journey of thinking, and it is also a practice towards more free and independent fashion expression.

Tommy Zhong’s spring/summer 2024 series reconstructs the subconscious prototype-the image of a free woman running in the summer jungle. Designers draw inspiration from Yuan Ye where flowers are blooming, and capture the moment when the sun pours down and the colors flow with the running figure. Lightweight and comfortable fabric texture and flowing and graceful tailoring release women’s vitality and self-confidence.

This season, a large number of natural fabrics, such as silk organza, are used, showing a comfortable feel as smooth as gypsum and as refreshing as a breeze. The exclusive development of woven fabric and three-dimensional printing endows clothing with unique texture and level like oil painting: just like the jumping green in Monet’s works, and like the smart white with hazy water vapor. Pure and hazy colors and flowing picture aesthetics naturally arouse the emotional resonance of the viewer.

This series provides a free and free portrayal for women. See through the collocation of tulle and corset, the movement of slit long skirt, unrestrained silhouette, soft waist collapse and asymmetric design can all improve comfort. TOMMY ZHONG uses the running of Yuan Ye in summer to show the confidence and autonomy of contemporary women. She can stride forward, stop and watch, and have a free dialogue with herself and the world. Through the clever use of colors, fabrics and tailoring, designers outline a vibrant and tense fashion portrayal, showing the true self of women from the inside out.

The designer brand Jiasheng’s latest spring/summer 2024 collection, with the theme of "Not old enough", interprets the beauty of old age from a unique perspective and discusses the relationship between clothing and age. Inspired by the old people living in the city, Jiasheng used a playful technique to integrate their time traces and life details into the design.

This series uses faded colors and worn prints to show the texture of articles fading and aging over time. Elements in the life of the elderly, such as keychains, reading glasses and bags, have also become fashion embellishments. The sense of relaxation of fabric comes down in one continuous line with oriental aesthetics, and bamboo mat printing and simple silhouette set off each other. Inspired by the overlapping layers of the elderly, the designer tried to splice the double neckline with the fabric to create a sense of humor.

Bright yellow-green and light blue, with retro stripes and plaid, the collision of colors has enhanced the vitality of this mix. Stage installations and performances are also accompanied by "Lao", and the audience can interact with the sand hammer performance.

Students pay attention to the beauty of old age from the perspective of students, hoping to bring more comfortable and relaxed experience through design. This is an attempt to interpret Chinese aesthetics with contemporary artistic techniques, which makes people embrace old age with a broader mind.

Badminton is not popular in Europe and America? The answer is somewhat unexpected.

Xinhua News Agency, Suzhou, May 16th Question: Badminton is not popular in Europe and America? The answer is somewhat unexpected.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Ji Ye, Ding Wenxian, Wang Hengzhi and Xu Shihao

Badminton originated in Europe, but the athletic field has been "ruled" by Asian players for many years. At the Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Championship in Suzhou in 2023, except for Denmark, which has the men’s singles Olympic champion Arceloró, other European and American teams still find it hard to win in the face of Asian powers.

Although there are occasional successes, most European and American players can only play a supporting role in badminton. Is this sport still popular in Europe and America? When the reporter threw this question to the European and American players participating in this competition, he got some unexpected answers.

"I feel that badminton is the first sport in France." The French women’s singles player Hugh’s answer surprised the reporter. The world’s No.55 player lost 0-2 to Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in the women’s singles match in the group match on the 15th, and the French team also lost two games in a row in the group match, leaving early.

Although the national team has a poor record, Hugh said: "Many people in our country are playing badminton. Although the level is not high, the sport is widely carried out at the club level." She explained that due to media reports, commercial investment and other reasons, football is undoubtedly the largest sports industry in their country, but in terms of participation, badminton is the first sport in France.

England’s men’s doubles team Ryan/Wendy defeated South Korea in the 15th match, but England still lost to South Korea with a total score of 1:4, and they also lost two games in a row in Group D with France.

Ryan/Wendy and Hutt feel the same way. They said that in England, the public participation of badminton can rank second in all events. "More than 1 million people in Britain play badminton more than once a week, because it is easy to play badminton, as long as there is an open space."

However, they also said that according to the scale of the industry, badminton can only rank tenth in sports in England. Badminton is not regarded as a competitive sport in England, and people play badminton with an entertaining attitude. Moreover, badminton can’t make professional players make a lot of money, and most young people will still choose sports with mature industries such as football. Badminton events are not highly exposed here, and football matches are shown on TV every week.

On the competitive level, Danish badminton has the strongest overall strength in Europe, with the emergence of the current president of the World Badminton Federation and Olympic champion Larsson, Gade, one of the "four kings" of badminton, and Ansailong, a gold medalist in the Olympic and World Championships. In 2016, the Danish team also won the Thomas Cup, which represents the highest honor of the world badminton men’s team for the first time. This is the first time that the Thomas Cup has been won by a team outside Asia.

With the approach of the Paris Olympic Games, France has begun to "have ideas" in sports. Rivas, the coach who trained Marin, the women’s singles champion of Rio Olympic Games, was invited to be the coach of the French team. France has also set up a support institution named "National Institute of Sports, Profession and Performance" for the national team, and is equipped with experts in psychology, nutrition and medicine. The coaching team can analyze according to all kinds of data and information to help athletes train individually.

In Rivas’ view, the French team will gradually become a strong force in European badminton, and will launch an impact on the Danish team in the future. To become a world power, it needs long-term planning and perseverance. "The goal of French badminton in the future is to become the top five or seven in the world."

Compared with the above countries and regions, the popularity of badminton in Germany is not very high. Fabian, a German men’s singles player who participated in this competition, told reporters that badminton is a minority sport in Germany. Few people play badminton in schools, and the media attention is relatively low. In Australia, Canada and other places, the development of badminton still depends on the efforts of Chinese players.

Sports lecture hall: a general inventory of baseball.

General knowledge of baseball

1) Name of the world amateur baseball governing body: The International Baseball Federation is the world amateur baseball governing body. IBA is short for International Baseball Federation.

2) Referees in baseball games: Referees include a referee (ball referee), three base referees and several scorers. The referee is responsible for shouting "ball" or "strike" with the prescribed gestures. The referee of the division judges safety and exit.

3) Composition of baseball team: A baseball team consists of 9 players. In fact, a team can have 20 players, but only 9 players can play. There is no limit to the number of substitutes. But the substitute can’t play for the second time)

4) Specification of baseball field: In short, the field is divided into infield and outfield. The infield is square. There is a base on the four corners, and the infield is also called "square". The infield is surrounded by two borderlines between the in-bound area and the out-of-bounds area and two other sides of the out-of-bounds area. [The infield is square, two sides of which are adjacent to the outfield (which belongs to the inside area) and the other two sides are adjacent to the outside area.

5) What kind of ball the batter hits is called a home run: A home run is when the batter can hit a ball that runs all bases and returns to home. Most home runs fly out of the fence from the infield.

6) Basic personal skills of baseball players: Basic personal skills include: hitting, throwing, defending, passing accurately, running and stealing bases.

7) How the pitcher throws the ball: You can use various methods of holding the ball, such as curve ball, slider ball, knuckle ball and fastball.

8) The essentials of successful hitting: The most important thing is the standing posture, backward pull, extension, swing, hitting the ball and subsequent actions.

9) What are the defensive positions in baseball games? Baseball defensive positions include pitcher, receiver, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder.

Open the fig leaf of "high-priced domestic beauty": from the light of domestic products to the "price assassin", is the way out for head players such as Polaiya to become "all-round fighters" in the f

In recent years, the new brand of beauty that has been popular on the internet has been inseparable from the label of "domestic products" at the beginning of its debut. It is not only suitable for Chinese skin, but also relatively low in price, and can be used as a cheap substitute for big brands. However, 79 yuan’s Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil sent Li Jiaqi to the forefront. Netizen said that although it doesn’t sound too expensive, the eyebrow pencil weighs only 0.08 grams.The price per gram is more expensive than gold.. So,Hua Xizi has become the latest currency unit on the Internet.There is a ridicule that "the exclusive monetary unit of migrant workers: 1 flower west =79 yuan".

With the continuous fermentation of Li Jiaqi’s remarks in the live broadcast room, the cost performance of some domestic beauty products has been pushed to the forefront. After a media reporter counted more than 30 eyebrow pencil products of 19 makeup brands on the market, the results showed that the price per gram of eyebrow pencil of 14 brands exceeded that of 100 yuan, and the eyebrow pencil products of Mao Geping ranked first among the domestic makeup brands, with the price per gram reaching 1,222.2 yuan. Even if the unit price is not mentioned,There is still a hidden trend behind this-cheap domestic makeup products are getting smaller and smaller.. Insiders pointed out that in the past, small weight was the advantage of domestic products, and consumers also had a good impression on small weight. Because the iteration rate of cheap domestic cosmetics is high, for consumers, the trial and error cost of small grams of products is low. However, when the cheap domestic make-up products are getting smaller and smaller, consumers’ feelings are:On the surface, the price advantage within 100 yuan has been maintained, but in fact it is a disguised price increase..

However, there is another voice on social media that it is unfair to look at the price per gram. Some people suggest that the cost of cosmetics is not only the internal material, but also the packaging design, etc. "We can’t rudely take gram weight as the basis of price comparison", "Overall parity is also parity.”。 Another practitioner said that although it is not wrong to calculate directly according to the figures, cosmetics can’t be completely calculated like this, because many local brands almost never trade at the original price, and these pricing are illusory. "You will see discounts in many brands all the year round. In the live broadcast room, some of them are buy one get one free, even buy one get two free, and there are other complimentary items. And such pricing combined with large discounts,In order to stimulate consumers to buy.. "

From the Light of Domestic Products to the "Price Assassin": "Abnormal Marketing" Behind Small Grams

From being praised as "good quality and low price" in the past to being repeatedly questioned as high price now, when did the change of domestic beauty products happen? Insiders pointed out that,The price increase began when Internet brands began to seize the share of offline brands.. In the past, the adjectives’ good quality and low price’ and’ cheap big bowl’ all referred to domestic products, such as Nature Hall and Baique Ling. As more and more Internet brands begin to advertise with the help of KOL and platforms, everything will be different. Some insiders also bluntly said,The rise of live e-commerce has actually disrupted the price system of domestic beauty products. To some extent, this is also one of the big backgrounds of the general price increase of domestic products..

In fact, the raw materials and production technology of cosmetics only account for a small part of its cost. However, for the new domestic beauty brands that spend a lot of money on marketing,Often dubbed "working for KOL". Guojin Securities Research Institute has combed how the cosmetics industry chain distributes profits. A cosmetic, the brand takes most of the gross profit, and when it reaches the sales channel, it will be divided into a big slice. For the new domestic brands that started online, KOL, such as anchors and grass bloggers, must be given quite high profits. People in the industry bluntly say that, after all, high-priced cosmetics,More expensive in brand premium, marketing and sales. After these expenses are added, products with a cost of several dollars can sell for hundreds of dollars..

Overall, analysts said,There are only three ways to increase the price of domestic beauty products: product upgrading, "taking the opportunity" to increase the price; The discount is reduced and the hand price is increased; Directly push high-priced products or product lines.. Polaiya is a "typical" price increase by upgrading. According to the relevant research report of Ping An Securities Research Institute, in February 2020, the company launched Ruby Essence 1.0 at a price of 249 yuan /30ml, with an average 8.3 yuan per ml. In February, 2021, Ruby Essence 2.0 came out at a price of 279 yuan /30ml, with an average increase of 12.48% per milliliter of 9.3 yuan. At the same time, there are also brands that raise prices in disguise by reducing discounts. Some insiders said that consumers are very sensitive to the price of brands that have a certain popularity or often appear in the live broadcast room of the head anchor. Therefore, brands generally do not directly raise prices.Instead, the cost is reduced by reducing discounts, reducing/changing gifts, etc., or indirectly increasing the terminal price..

Finally, it is the "ultimate magic weapon" of price increase: directly pushing high-priced product lines. Considering that most domestic products are started by soliciting customers at low prices, they want to open up new high-end customers without incurring spit.Opening a separate high-end line is the best choice.. Among this kind of players, analysts pointed out that the typical ones are the high-end product line AOXMED launched by Betani, and the cutting-edge brands that directly locate the high-end, such as Chapter 14 and Wenmo.

In addition, with the rapid outbreak of the domestic cosmetics market and the increasingly fierce competition, it is obvious that consumers can’t be retained by marketing alone, and the general OEM model of domestic cosmetics has also led to many problems such as product homogeneity and poor quality control. Only products that are really easy to use can retain consumers. As a result, domestic makeup brands have made great efforts in research and development. Analysts said that several head make-up brands have also invested a lot of money in R&D. From the marketing war to the R&D war, domestic make-up began to adhere to the "long-term doctrine" and went to the second half.Facing the increasingly complex market environment, self-built factories have become a key step for domestic cosmetics brands to seek "transformation", but it is not easy to build a complete and efficient supply chain.This means that the brand has changed from a light asset model to a heavy asset operation, with high cost, long payback period and various problems in production management, all of which need to be dealt with by enterprises one by one. Even so, for domestic makeup brands, the transformation is imminent.Only by producing and developing products with better quality can we retain consumers with more mature minds and finally break through..

Head players stage "ranking" to chase the future market or only accept "all-round fighters"

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first half of 2023, the total retail sales of cosmetics in China increased by 8.6% year-on-year to 207.1 billion yuan, which is more than the total retail sales of cosmetics in 2015. The rapid expansion of the market has made China the largest overseas market for international beauty groups, and also allowed many local beauty companies to taste the fruits of victory. But,It is impossible for any industry to stay in a high-speed growth environment all the time.. Some analysts said that although the development of the industry has matured, consumer demand has always been difficult to meet expectations. After experiencing a rush from 0 to 1, local beauty began to slow down and enter a cyclical adjustment.

In addition,Domestic beauty companies began to stage a ranking chase.The scale of head enterprises continues to grow, but the gap is narrowing. According to the revenue scale of the semi-annual report, shanghai jahwa, which owns many skin care brands such as Yuze and herborist, still ranks first with 3.629 billion yuan. At the same time, the latest revenue of Polaiya, a latecomer, reached 3.627 billion yuan, only 2 million yuan behind shanghai jahwa. Huaxi Bio, on the other hand, bit behind with a scale of 3.076 billion yuan. Betani’s 2.368 billion yuan is not far from Shuiyang’s 2.29 billion yuan.

Analysts pointed out that domestic beauty companies that have gained market share in the past few years,Began to scramble to get out of the comfort zone. Huaxi Bio, Polaiya, shanghai jahwa and other track head players make new decisions at this crossroads. In the short-term interests and long-term benefits, the latter is chosen to seek a more stable chassis to confront possible opportunities and shocks. Under the background that the domestic consumption market is still in the recovery stage and the traditional cosmetics giants still firmly grasp the advantages of the industry,High-margin products have also become a "breakthrough" weapon for domestic beauty products..

Shanghai jahwa said in the semi-annual report that since the second quarter, the company has adjusted its business strategy and increased the investment in brand fees.Skin care products with high gross profit and rapid development have achieved recovery growth, which has promoted the structural optimization of gross profit margin.And digested the pressure brought by overseas business. Polaiya said that during the reporting period, the company wasContinue to consolidate the "big single product strategy", focusing on the three family series of Shuangkang, Ruby and Yuanli.

Obviously, under the impetus of these head enterprises,The cosmetics market in 2023 is opening a "hardcore war" of speed and strength.. Enterprises are faced with a comprehensive test of hematopoietic capacity, channel capacity and independent scientific research capacity. The upper limit of an enterprise’s development will no longer be determined by the longboard, but by its comprehensive strength. According to analysts, it can be seen from the interim report that China cosmetics enterprises are constantly refreshing their performance in each other’s "involution", forming a benign industry competition environment. But in the future cosmetics market,The future market may only accept "all-round fighters"In order to go to a broader world stage and compete with international beauty giants.

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Beat Cape Verde! China men’s basketball team started the journey of Trentino Cup, and Cui Yongxi showed his super strength!

The Italian Trentino Cup officially kicked off, and the China men’s basketball team ushered in its first opponent, the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team, which beat Nigeria to the World Cup. There are four teams participating in the Trentino Cup, namely China, Italy, Cape Verde and Turkey. The winner of the first day will compete for the title in the final the next day. Unfortunately, China men’s basketball team was unable to send player Li Kaier in this national team debut.

In the end, the China men’s basketball team defeated the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team with an impressive score of 86-66, and will also face the winner between Italy and Turkey.

Cui Yongxi played in the game for 16 minutes and 52 seconds. His shooting percentage was as high as 8 of 9, and his 3-pointers were 2 of 3. He contributed 18 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist, showing his comprehensive offensive ability. Fang Shuo also performed well, scoring 11 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds. In addition, Zhang Zhenlin contributed 10 points and 2 rebounds, Wang Zhelin and qi zhou scored 9 points and 8 points respectively, and Hu Jinqiu and Zhu Junlong also contributed 8 points and 6 points respectively. In addition, players such as Zhao Jiwei, Zhao Rui and Fu Hao also added firepower to the China men’s basketball team.

In this game, the China men’s basketball team has made remarkable progress on the offensive end. First of all, they used more pick-and-roll tactics, providing more choices and moving space for the team. Secondly, players create more opportunities and empty spaces in the basket by running without the ball. Finally, the team has also improved the passing and flowing of the ball, which can make better use of space and realize the transfer of the ball and teamwork.

Generally speaking, China men’s basketball team won a remarkable victory in the first match of the Italian Trentino Cup. The excellent performance of players such as Cui Yongxi and the overall offensive improvement of the team left a deep impression on people. We are full of expectations for the performance of the China men’s basketball team in the next game, and believe that they can continue to show their outstanding strength and bring more glory to the basketball cause in China. Come on, China Men’s Basketball Team!

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The latest news of CBA! Wang Shouqiang became the coach of Fujian, Huo Nan became the coach, and the veteran of Guangdong returned.

In CBA, Wang Shouqiang is regarded as a legendary player. After all, there is little news since he retired. However, Fujian Men’s Basketball Team officially announced that Wang Shouqiang officially joined the team as a coach to assist Zhu Shilong. For the Liaoning men’s basketball player in the future, it is really unexpected to return to CBA as a coach after many years.

As a former manager of Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan had poor performance in the team period, and he also left the CBA last summer. According to the latest news, Huo Nan became the coach of Guizhou Team in Super League Three, and his first show also led the team to victory.

Guangdong Hongyuan’s coaching team has been adjusted a lot in recent seasons, but the veteran Taylor has never given up. Although he has received invitations from other teams, the veteran has decided to return in the new season and give Du Feng the greatest help.

Most of the first CBA players in Liaoning men’s basketball team have become coaches. In recent seasons, Wu Qinglong, Li Xiaoyong, Wu Naiqun, Zheng Yonggang, Jie Jun and others have all worked in CBA teams, but as an important player in Liaoning men’s basketball team at that time, Wang Shouqiang has disappeared from fans’ sight for a long time.

However, in the new season, Wang Shouqiang also returned to CBA as the coach of Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, which surprised many media people. After all, Wang Shouqiang has left China basketball for many years and only coached in the echelon before.

Huo Nan can be said to be an all-round talent in basketball in China. He has been a coach, a boss and a popular commentator. After leaving Nanjing Tongxi, Huo Nan’s exposure was not high, and he often commented on the competition. However, he now has a new identity, that is, the coach of the Guizhou team in the Super Three League.

In the latest Super Triathlon, Huo Nan made his debut and led the team to win the game. For Huo Nan, he expressed his hope to help promote Guizhou basketball and cultivate more three-person basketball talents.

In this offseason, Guangdong Hongyuan continued to adjust the coaching team. Former CBA referee Wei Guoliang joined as an assistant coach, and veteran Taylor also completed the contract renewal and officially returned to the team.

As the technical coach of Guangdong Hongyuan during the championship period, Taylor was recognized by Zhu Fangyu and Du Feng. After last season, the contract between the two sides expired. It is understood that several CBA teams sent invitations to Taylor, but Taylor finally chose to return to Guangdong Hongyuan!