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Huawei’s unmanned parking service video exposure, how strong is the intelligent driving of Zhijie S7?

According to the official announcement, Zhijie S7, the first pure electric car in Huawei’s smart car selection business, has exceeded 10,000 units in three days of pre-sale. The popularity of the new car is quite high, but after all, it has not been tested on the spot. Perhaps everyone is constantly worried about the strength of the intelligent S7, especially the intelligent driving that is known as "far ahead".

Recently, however, a real video about unmanned parking service in the parking lot of Zhijie S7 appeared on the Internet. Because it is not a formal functional test, this video is only used as a reference to evaluate the assisted driving ability of Zhijie S7. Today, let’s take a look at the leopard in the tube through video to see how strong Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is.

As a model featuring "intelligent driving", the intelligent driving ability of Zhijie S7 affects the hearts of many netizens. Combined with the current video of Zhijie S7 in the parking lot, it is not difficult to find that Zhijie S7 still has some dry goods at the level of assisted driving.

The video content includes one-button automatic parking, reversing to avoid passing cars, pedestrian avoidance, roaming to find parking spaces, automatic rearview mirror parking, real-time viewing/control of APP, one-button calling and other functions. In some links, Zhijie S7 shows amazing performance. For example, when passing cars, vehicles will automatically identify the lane width. If only one lane is allowed, vehicles will stop or even reverse. Where two lanes are allowed to pass, Zhijie S7 will do its part and go through decisively, and the whole logical judgment is very clear.

In addition, in the part of one-button calling function test, Zhijie S7 is parked in the multi-storey parking lot, and it calls Zhijie S7 to find someone through APP. Zhijie S7 is quite reliable in the whole route planning. Compared with many car companies in the industry who rely on accurate map navigation to find people, it has indeed improved a lot.

To tell the truth, in the automobile industry, as early as the era of fuel vehicles, many car companies, including joint venture car companies, have used their brains to use the parking lot, but there are not many car companies that can actually be widely used, and most of them have become a gimmick. As a model with intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving ability, Zhijie S7 has perfect functions and scenes of unmanned parking, and the driving logic of the vehicle has a complete loop. Looking at the whole automobile circle, Zhijie S7 has absolute hard power to compete with Tucki, Tesla and other car companies that focus on intelligent driving.

On the other hand, the development of intelligent assisted driving can not only rely on the research and development and testing of car companies, but also rely on the continuous use of car owners in the process of use, and car companies continue to optimize solutions to further promote the development of intelligent assisted driving. But at this stage, the vast majority of consumers are only interested in intelligent assisted driving, but it is rare to really apply intelligent assisted driving boldly, which is largely due to their own safety considerations. The development of intelligent driving technology is still lacking.

Combined with other aspects, Zhijie S7 adopts a very streamlined design, a closed grille, a sharp shovel and a low-lying body, and the overall visual feeling is biased towards young sports. The size of the whole vehicle has reached 4971/1963/1461mm and the wheelbase is 2950mm, which is a conventional C-class car in the new energy automobile industry.

Intellectual S7 can see Huawei’s shadow in many places. On the one hand, Zhijie S7 is equipped with HarmonyOS system developed by Huawei, so that the car system of Zhijie S7 can be interconnected with Huawei mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals. On the other hand, the motor system and chassis of Zhijie S7 all adopt Huawei’s technology. According to the application data and official data of the new car, the maximum endurance of Zhijie S7 can reach 800+ kilometers, and the acceleration of the most powerful four-wheel drive version is 3.3s, which is a little faster than Porsche’s Taycan.

Generally speaking, the logic of Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system is still very clear, and the ability of pre-judgment even exceeds that of many old drivers. Of course, as a part of the advanced intelligent driving system, parking and driving in the parking lot is only a small fragment of the whole intelligent driving test. In other car scenes, how will Zhijie S7 behave? It is worth looking forward to! Welcome to pay attention to "car territory without borders", leave a message in the comment area below and share your views.

Can you call nearly a thousand robots every day to promote innovation or harassment?

  "Sir, buy a house?" "Sister, is there a need to learn English recently?" … … In the era of mobile communication, being harassed by sales calls has become an annoyance that many people have experienced. Recently, many readers who have suffered from harassing phone calls have found that various sales companies seem to have updated their technology, and it seems that the "harassing phone calls" they receive are not from real people.

  A survey by Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that at present, there have been softwares that use artificial intelligence to replace real-life customer service for telemarketing. According to the software developer, using AI to make sales calls can not only make the sound no different from real people, but also greatly improve the efficiency. "You can dial 800 to 1000 calls every day, which is 4 to 5 times that of traditional labor." Many netizens therefore expressed concern: if the cost is low and the efficiency is high, will the frequency of receiving "harassing calls" be higher and higher?


  The "robot" called to sell the phone.

  Many people worry about being harassed.

  At the end of November, Mr. Su received a "special" sales call. He introduced that there was nothing special about this real estate sales call at the beginning. "I just asked me if I had a need to buy a house when I came up. After being rejected, I still insisted on knowing it first." But soon, Mr. Su found that something was wrong with the caller. "Whatever I say, he is ‘ You don’t have to answer so quickly. There must be a house suitable for you here ’ This sentence feels like a robot. "

  Similar to Mr. Su, Zhang Lin (a pseudonym), a college student internship in Beijing, has often received sales calls from robots in recent days. "Yes ‘ Male ’ Yes ‘ Female ’ I couldn’t hear the difference from the real person in the voice. After I asked a few questions, the other party didn’t reply at all. I just kept talking on my own and made me realize: Hey, it seems that I have received a phone call from a robot. " Zhang Lin said that he felt a little fresh when he received a call from the robot at first, but later he felt a little annoyed. "Unlike a real person, he will hang up after being rejected. The robot will always say that it is not easy to politely refuse, and it can only hang up directly. " In addition, Zhang Lin is also worried that telemarketing will be more efficient after using "robots". Will the frequency of receiving "harassing calls" increase? "In recent days, at least three times a day, there are people who sell houses, learn English, and ask if they want loans. I feel that the frequency is much higher than before, and it is too late to rely on blackening."

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there are not a few netizens who recently broke the news on social networks that they received sales calls from "robots". Some netizens joked, "Now even harassing calls can’t be received by real people." However, more people are still worried and dissatisfied with this phenomenon: "There is no sincerity at all, and there is nowhere to say it, and the number of harassment is increasing."






  According to the customer service staff, at present, an AI-controlled telephone line can make 800 to 1000 calls every day, which is 4 to 5 times as efficient as traditional manpower. In terms of cost, each line costs 2,500 yuan per quarter, 4,000 yuan per half year and 6,800 yuan per year, including supporting services such as assisting voice optimization and recording, a dedicated customer service and two technical engineers to follow up at any time. According to him, AI is only responsible for making phone calls, making initial communication with customers, selecting customers with purchase intentions and making records. As for which numbers to dial, users need to enter them in advance, and the R&D party does not provide relevant data. "AI will rank customers, and interested guests need the user to arrange staff to follow up." The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that in the telephone recording model provided by the other party, how AI replies is actually based on the keyword triggering mechanism. As long as a specific keyword is recognized, AI will reply to the voice that has been recorded in advance. Where is the intelligence? In this regard, the customer service staff said that the system has its own learning function.


  AI for selling telephone calls

  Technological progress or the source of trouble?

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there are not a few AI automatic dialing systems that have been launched on the market. Most systems focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency. The customer service staff of an AI automatic dialing system said that compared with the operation mode of the traditional telephone sales industry, the use of AI can make up for the common problems of real-life sales, such as "difficulty in follow-up, high training cost, quick employee turnover, and emotional instability caused by repetitive monotonous work". He said that in addition to telemarketing, the AI system is also suitable for questionnaire survey, customer care, identity authentication and after-sales service. However, he also admits that the industries that use the system the most at present are real estate, financial institutions, education and training institutions and other areas where telephone sales are relatively concentrated.

  Some practitioners have suggested that the cost of making a phone call by AI is about 20 cents, which is greatly reduced compared with manpower, so it may bring about great changes in the field of telephone sales. However, there are also voices that sales calls have become the main source of harassment that plagues contemporary people, and rashly using AI can only aggravate troubles.

  On December 7th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted the customer service of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom about whether harassing calls can be intercepted in advance, and learned that at present, except for the "white list" service that can be opened by China Mobile, other operators can’t block harassing calls in advance. According to the customer service staff of China Unicom and China Telecom, if users encounter harassing calls, they can use the blackening function of the mobile phone system to avoid being harassed again. The "white list" service provided by mobile means that except for the phone in the "white list" of users, other phones need to be authenticated before they can be dialed, so as to avoid receiving harassing calls from the machine. In addition, regarding whether a telephone line can make unlimited external calls every day, all three operators said that there is no limit to the number of calls to the line every day. In other words, as long as AI can dial in time, it can use a phone number to dial out indefinitely.


  "harassing phone calls" are suspected of violating personal privacy

  It is the user who infringes, not AI.

  On December 7, the reporter of Beiqing Daily interviewed Judge Roman of Chaoyang Court on the question of whether netizens will aggravate the proliferation of "harassing calls" when AI enters the telemarketing field. Judge Roman said that for "harassing phone calls", there is bound to be an infringement of personal privacy. "If the phone call is offered by myself, there will definitely be no harassment. But the current situation is that many times people have received various sales calls without knowing how their phones were leaked. " Judge Roman said that according to the relevant laws, the contact information provided by users to businesses should be limited to specific services. However, in real life, many businesses will use users’ phones for other purposes in order to promote them later, and their behavior has been suspected of infringing on personal privacy.

  As for the role of AI in it, Judge Roman said: "It is people, not technology. Before AI, there were a lot of harassing calls, and AI just provided another way to achieve it. " She suggested that users can choose to call the police after frequent telephone harassment, and the police will investigate the source of harassing calls. "Personally, it may be difficult to trace the source of harassing calls."

  Text/reporter Kong Lingqi

Does life lie in exercise or rest? Investigated 100,000 people, and the research gave the answer.

Lao Li is 65 years old this year. Since his retirement, his life has been very comfortable and his diet is healthy. But in his wife’s view, he has a very bad habit-that is, he doesn’t like sports.

Every time my wife wants to drag him to do morning exercises, she will be pushed off by him in every way. One minute, she says, "Life lies in rest. What if I get injured in sports?" Another minute, she says, "Look at the tortoise crawling so slowly, but its life span is so long." My wife is very helpless about this.

Is the exercise for the elderly good or not? Does life lie in exercise or rest?

A new study published by the School of Public Health of Harvard University in the United States in the American Heart Association analyzes two large-scale prospective studies, involving the mortality poems and medical records of 100,000 adults, and has been followed up for 30 years. The final result found that:

  • Do 2-4 times the recommended amount of exercise per week, with the lowest risk of death.;
  • 15-300 minutes of strenuous exercise every week can reduce the risk of death by 21%-23%;
  • 300-600 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week can reduce the risk of death by 26-31%.

Besides, persisting in exercise can not only reduce the risk of death and prolong life, but also play an anti-cancer role.

A study published in the National Journal of Cancer in 2022 found that when individuals persist in moderate-intensity aerobic exercise several times a week, more anticancer molecules can be released in the body, which can inhibit abnormal cells, promote DNA repair and have a positive effect on inhibiting the occurrence of cancer.

Recently, the video of an 80-year-old teacher on the Internet who is still playing basketball flexibly in colleges and universities was praised. Many netizens said that it would be nice if they were still so flexible when they were 80 …

When people are old, there is always a feeling that they are unable to do their job. Their athletic ability will weaken with age, and it may even be related to the speed of life decline.

A research team led by French scholar Benjamin Landray, published in the British Medical Journal, shows that,Once a person is over 65 years old, his athletic ability will get worse and worse.Subsequently, the risk of death has also increased, and from the first 10 years of death, there will be signs of decline in sports ability.

Judging whether a person is aging generally includes four sports indicators, namely:

Walking speedIf the walking speed of the elderly is lower than 0.6 m/s, the risk of death will increase;

Grip strengthThe risk of death from cardiovascular disease will increase by 17% for every 5 kg drop in grip strength;

Standing ability: The elderly have difficulty in standing, which indicates that the muscle decline is serious;

daily life: daily activities such as dressing, cooking and going to the toilet are limited, indicating that muscle mass is decreasing sharply.

Some middle-aged and elderly people may think that "rest is better than exercise" when they get old. Is this really the case? Many studies have found that after the age of 60, the elderly who insist on exercising can reap the following benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of dementia

A team of Ding Qian, a neurologist at Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, has conducted a study on the relationship between physical exercise and dementia risk in conjunction with multi-country and multi-research teams.

The results show that people who exercise for 3.1-6.0 hours/week have a 38% lower risk of dementia than those who don’t exercise.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

A large-scale study of more than 1 million people in South Korea found that with the increase of age, the risk of cardiovascular disease decreased by 11%. That is, maintaining moderate exercise can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Increase bone density

According to some surveys, elderly people who play Tai Chi for a long time have a lower risk of suffering from spinal osteoporosis than those who don’t exercise much.

Regular exercise can improve bone blood circulation, enhance substance metabolism, prevent muscle atrophy, and help the elderly to prevent arthritis.

4, improve the digestion and absorption function

The digestive function of the elderly is weakened, and if the exercise is insufficient, the appetite will become very little, leading to a vicious circle of difficulty in digestion and absorption.

Moderate exercise can consume excess calories, stimulate the body to "get hungry", and at the same time promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve digestion and absorption function.

The benefits of exercise are self-evident, but not all exercises are suitable for the elderly. Some excessive and intense exercises will damage the cardiovascular system or joints. So what kind of exercise is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people?

  • "The best sport in the world": walking

Academician Zhong Nanshan once said that walking is the best sport in the world. A set of data from the World Health Organization is also, that is,Walking for more than 4 hours a week for the elderly can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by 69%..

For the elderly, various functions of the body decline, and walking exercise is suitable for most people. China Dietary Guidelines also recommend that it is more appropriate to walk more than 6,000 steps a day.

Don’t walk too much for patients with obesity and arthritis and weak physical fitness.Keep proper walking exercise.

matters need attentionThe elderly should not exercise for more than one hour. Because of the weakening of body balance, it is best to avoid walking sideways, backwards and slopes during exercise.

  • "the most life-prolonging sport": playing ball

A study published by the National Cancer Institute in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity found that,The sport that can help middle-aged and elderly people live longer is playing ball..

When playing ball, it is not only a simple swing, but also mobilizes the muscles of the whole body; When chasing the ball, you need strength such as legs and cervical vertebrae; When watching the ball, you will also exercise your eyesight, and running and jumping will also help you lose fat, and whether it is singles or doubles, it will give people a sense of participation and enhance communication.

matters need attentionBefore playing ball, you should be prepared to exercise and stretch the heel, ankle and other easily injured parts. Playing ball for too little time is easy to cause arthritis. Therefore, pay attention to controlling time and stretching and relaxing joints after exercise.

No matter what kind of exercise, as long as you move, it is better than lying and sitting. For middle-aged and elderly people, it is necessary to pay more attention to weekly exercise and choose appropriate, moderate and timely exercise to prolong life.


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Domestic beauty products have grown more than 10 times in the sea. Who are the brands running in front?

Reporter | Wu Rong

Edit | Yun Huiyun

At the end of last year, we reported that with more and more domestic beauty products eyeing overseas markets, 2021 will be a crucial year for brands to "go out to sea".

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, in the first three quarters of 2020, the export volume of cosmetics in China was 752,500 tons, with an export value of US$ 3.139 billion, surpassing the export volume of cosmetics in 2018 and 2019, with the latter two being US$ 2.5 billion and US$ 2.774 billion respectively.

At present, the pace of domestic beauty brands going out to sea is still accelerating. According to the recently released data of "2021 Beauty Industry Trend Insight Report" released by CBNData First Financial Data Center and Tmall Golden Makeup Award, domestic beauty products have increased by more than 10 times.

Compared with the past, in recent years, in the wave of domestic beauty products going to sea, there are more new brands, including Perfect Diary, Flower West, Flower Know and ZEESEA Color.

Different brands will choose their countries and channels according to their own characteristics, so as to better explore the possibility of overseas development.

The perfect diary will focus on the southeast Asian market. In April, 2020, Perfect Diary was launched in overseas official website, with Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Thai and other languages, and supported payment in US dollars, Singapore dollars and other currencies.

In addition to sales in official website, brands will also use other channel platforms. At present, including Perfect Diary and Hua Xizi, they all go out to sea with the help of Tmall. Another make-up brand, Laqi colorkey, has settled in Shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.

There are also offline channels.

At the end of 2018, Mary Daijia entered eight countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore through the Sephora channel; Hua Zhiming has also settled in Japan’s offline beauty collection stores, including more than 300 cosme.

ZEESEA Zise also told the interface news that in addition to international e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, the brand has also settled in Matsumoto Kiyomizu, Japan’s largest cosmeceutical chain. Up to now, it has covered nearly 2,000 Matsumoto Kiyomizu stores. More than a year after its launch, its sales in Japan reached nearly 10 billion yen. According to the plan, ZEESEA Zise will reach 7,000 offline sales points in Japan by the end of 2021.

Perfect Diary, ZEESEA Zise and Ke Laqi colorkey all started in Guangzhou. Previously, we discussed in the article "Revealing the Domestic Beauty Base: Over 70% of them come from Guangzhou, and they should be positive with big brands". The relatively mature beauty industry chain, daily chemical experience and talent pool have created many phenomenal domestic beauty brands for Guangzhou. In fact, these are also important reasons for supporting the new domestic beauty products to go out.

In addition, with the development of online shopping, the progress of logistics and other infrastructure, and China’s rapid recovery from the epidemic, China’s beauty brand has attracted more attention overseas this year.

However, judging from the performance of brands at sea, it is not without challenges.

How to localize is a big problem.

Most domestic beauty brands go to sea, and the main position is generally the Southeast Asian market. However, there are more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia, and different countries have their own religious beliefs. The differences in consumer preferences are not small. It is not easy to localize products.

Nancy, CEO of Baizui Cuisine, who started planning to go to Southeast Asia in 2020, said in an interview with the media that people in different countries have different skin conditions and demands. Take sunscreen products as an example. Consumers in Southeast Asia use sunscreen to resist aging, which is not the same as the starting point for most consumers in China to prevent sunburn. In addition, in Muslim countries such as Indonesia, the policy requires that beauty products must meet halal certification.

The relevant person in charge of Hua Xizi’s public relations also admitted in an interview with Interface News that a very important challenge of China’s brand globalization is the difference in language system and communication mode. Other countries and regions are very different from China in culture, language and customs. Hua Xizi has no idea about their acceptance of China beauty cosmetics and China culture, so she needs to do a lot of pre-promotion work.

Compared with the Southeast Asian market, users in developed countries such as the United States and Japan are more mature in the use habits, discrimination and aesthetic level of cosmetics, and the standards for choosing brands are more stringent. This will undoubtedly put forward more tests for China beauty brands that set their focus on the sea as developed countries.

For example, ZEESEA has focused its overseas development on Japan and the United States, and Judy, the head of its new overseas retail, described the course of brand going out to sea in the past year as a process of "fighting monsters and upgrading". "The laws and regulations of each country are different, and Japan and the United States have their own laws and regulations. We have no teachers, no objects to learn, and we can’t avoid risks. We can only cross the river by feeling the stones. "

In terms of product selection, it is impossible to copy domestic explosives overseas, and brands need to re-develop products and adjust production lines. For example, Hua Xizi’s star color number in China is positive red, but when it is sold in the Japanese market, the color number is also "do as the Romans do", and the popular caramel maple leaf color, peach color and raspberry red are selected as the main colors.

In addition, considering the comprehensive cost, the pricing of products listed overseas is also higher than that of domestic products.

Hua Xizi’s lipstick product "Tongxin Lock Lipstick", which sells for 219 yuan in China, sells for 6,129 yen (equivalent to 371 yuan) in Amazon, Japan, which exceeds the price of Chanel lipstick in Amazon, Japan, which is 5,270 yen (equivalent to 315 yuan) in the same period.

According to Hua Xizi’s statistics, overseas pricing may be 1.7 times the domestic price. This pricing strategy takes into account the comprehensive costs of tariffs, logistics, services and operations. Similarly, the selling prices of international brands in China are also priced in a similar way.

"Due to the impact of the epidemic, the vitality of some foreign industries has not yet recovered. The next three to five years will be a good opportunity for domestic brands to enter overseas markets, especially cosmetics brands." Hu Qimu, a senior researcher at the digital economy think tank, told the interface news. Although the layout of developed countries is full of challenges, mature markets and mature users can prove brand value and operational ability more quickly. If the layout is made earlier, it will have a first-Mover advantage by breaking the circle of products and operations.

Considering that the rise of cutting-edge domestic beauty brands is still in its infancy, the beauty market is fiercely competitive, and the number of self-built supply chains is small, and most of them rely on supply chain problems such as OEM, how to improve product strength will become the key to the success of these brands. If the product quality cannot be recognized, and there is not enough high repurchase rate, user loyalty and recommendation support, going out to sea may only become simply brushing China elements to find a sense of existence.

5-19 Manchester United cleaned the first shot of the lineup, and Phil Jones left the team this summer.

In fact, Phil Jones has been injured almost every season, but he has never been peddled by the club, nor has he left the team because of the expiration of his contract. Manchester United could have chosen to renew Jones’ contract for one year, but due to his injury record, General Fei will end his 12-year career in the Red Devils this summer. As early as the beginning of this year, Tenghage revealed in an interview that since he took over Manchester United in May, Phil Jones had not completed a training. It was not until the press conference of Manchester United against Bournemouth that Tenghage said: "He saw Phil Jones training for 20 minutes in training, which is his first training this year!"

Cold sweat! James was hit in the crotch, and Tommy Tam expelled him directly. Public opinion hotly debated that it was too dirty.

In the first round of the NBA playoffs in the West, the Lakers played Grizzlies at home and Morant came back. This was the third game of the series. Before that, the two sides tied 1-1, with the Lakers leading by 29 points at most in the first half and 16 points at the end of the first half. At the beginning of the third quarter, Dillon Brooks, who constantly challenged James, was expelled because he hit James in the crotch.

At the beginning of the third quarter, James attacked with the ball and dribbled the ball behind the backcourt. Tommy Tam came up with one hand and reached the crotch. James fell to the ground in great pain and stood up with a cold sweat. The referee went to watch the replay. Tommy Tam fouled in the second degree and was expelled directly. The Lakers fans cheered at the scene and James got a chance to make two free throws.

Brooks felt very wronged after being expelled. This is the sixth time in his career and the second time in his playoff career. Public opinion hotly debated that Dillon Brooks was too dirty. It was understandable to provoke James with words before. Now it is really unacceptable to face James, who is 38 years old, and it is reasonable to be expelled. There are also many fans calling for an additional ban on Tommy Tam.

This scene is also reminiscent of G3 of 76ers VS Nets. Harden also made an action to hit his opponent. At that time, Harden was blown for a second-class malicious foul and was expelled directly. Unlike Harden, the offensive end didn’t pay attention to hitting his opponent O ‘Neill. This time Dillon Brooks was maliciously hit and was directly expelled.

Fortunately, James was not affected, and his hands were buckled afterwards, which was quite domineering. I also hope that similar fouls will not occur. Players should pay attention to their own behavior and ensure that neither themselves nor their opponents will foul.